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By Ridge Cresswell
Host Ridge Cresswell sits down with writers, poets, artists, and other creative people that seeks to explore the motivations they have for the work they do. Come explore the wilds of someone else's mind with us. We think you'll love it.
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MK Foster: By Any Other Name...


Deirdre Fagan: The Grief Eater
Host Ridge Cresswell sits down with poet, author and scholar Dr. Deirdre Fagan to discuss widowhood, grief, love, and creativity--among other things. You can find out more about Deirdre Fagan, her book of poetry Have Love and her upcoming book of short stories The Grief Eater, at her website,, or follow her on twitter @DrDeirdreFagan. Catch up with the show on Twitter @TGICast for more on guests, our weekly zoom readings, and all things TGI. 
September 21, 2020
Antonio Lopez: Poetry, Politics, and Place
Recently host Ridge Cresswell sat down with poet, scholar and East Palo Alto, CA City Council candidate Antonio Lopez to discuss his roots in the Bay Area, his love of language and poetry, and the ways he is seeking to use his education to address systemic issues in his community. To find out more about or donate to Antonio's campaign, go to  Catch up with the show on Twitter @TGICast for all things TGI, and come check out our weekly Zoom reading series, at 8PM Eastern each Friday evening. 
September 09, 2020
Lawrence Ypil Part 2: The Experiment Of The Tropics
Today host Ridge Cresswell returns, having fought off laryngitis, with the second part of his conversation with the poet and essayist Lawrence Ypil. The two discuss (among other things) Lawrence's book, The Experiment Of The Tropics, which was inspired by photographs from the US occupation of the Philippines in the first half of the 20th century. Other topics include: how colonialism is like a love affair, deficits in American history education, and Lawrence's imagined ideal conditions for poetry writing.  For more information about the show, the weekly Zoom readings and hangouts, and all things TGI, head on over to Twitter and find us @TGICast
September 03, 2020
Lawrence Ypil Part 1: Cebu to St Louis
Today host Ridge Cresswell sits down with poet and essayist Lawrence Ypil, to discuss his origins as a writer in the Philippines, his move to the US for two MFAs, and his relationship to language. Next week, the conversation will continue with more on Ypil's recent work on material culture, colonialism, and a host of other topics.  For more information on the podcast and the weekly Zoom reading series, catch up with the show on Twitter @TGICast
August 17, 2020
Nandini Bhattacharya: Archaeology of the Self
After surviving the delay and inconvenience of a power outage due to Hurricane Isaias, host Ridge Cresswell returns to speak to Nandini Bhattacharya, author of the upcoming novel Love's Garden, out 10/27/20 from Aubade Publishing. The two speak about her journey from critical theorist to author, the intersections between therapy and art, and the historical context that proved to be a key component of the novel.  You can preorder Love's Garden at You can find out more about Nandini Bhattacharya at and read her blog at For more information, follow the show on Twitter @TGICast
August 10, 2020
Juan Pablo Mobili: Making The World Hospitable
Today host Ridge Cresswell sits down with poet Juan Pablo Mobili, and they discuss his origins in Buenos Aires, Argentina, what he means when he says poetry helps him to make the world hospitable, and the other side of his life in executive coaching and leadership development.  Juan can be found on twitter @JuanMobili And you can join the TGI community on Zoom, every Friday evening from 7-10, with a reading from 8-9. For details, see our Twitter page @TGICast
July 31, 2020
Jason Villemez: Writers and Rights
Today host Ridge Cresswell sits down for a conversation with author and journalist Jason Villemez, for a discussion about LGBTQ rights, influences, and how hard it can be to write about sexuality.  You can find more about Jason at his website here and follow him on Twitter.  For more information, Follow the show on Twitter @TGICast
July 24, 2020
MK Foster: By Any Other Name...
Host Ridge Cresswell sits down with poet and self-proclaimed renaissance nerd MK Foster. They talk about bullying, her name, teachers, and all the experiences she accrued on her journey to now. For more information on MK Foster, you can visit her website Reach out to the show on Twitter @TGICast
July 17, 2020
David James Poissant: Lake Life
Today host Ridge Cresswell is joined by David James Poissant, author of the newly released novel Lake Life, from Simon and Schuster. They discuss early influences, finding one's voice, and the process of publishing. For more information on David James Poissant, see his website here, or follow him on Twitter at @djpoissant. 
July 10, 2020
Yalie Kamara: A Brief Biography of My Name
Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Great Indoors podcast!  This week, host Ridge Cresswell is joined by Yalie Kamara, a poet, researcher and educator currently based at the University of Cincinnati. They talk about Yalie's background, names, history, and education. The discussion is fabulous. For more information on Yalie, you can visit her website at  To keep up with the show, follow us on Twitter here. Thanks and take care! 
July 03, 2020