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Device Spoofing, Uncovering a Massive Attribution Fraud Scheme and More with Garrett MacDonald, EVP Sales @ Kochava

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By Thalamus
Tune in to the Thalamus Mobile Performance Advertising Podcast, where we interview Mobile Growth Marketers, Performance Advertising Experts, & User Acquisition Managers; they share their best kept secrets on how to scale mobile advertising campaigns, while keeping acquisition costs low.

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More places to listen

Blackhat, Affiliates, and Experimental Budgets w/Trevor Laehy, Director of Growth Marketing @ AnchorFree
Trevor Laehy discusses how to find pockets of inventory that works with your brand, and work to scale that up with various models, in terms of budget and pricing strategy to payout structures (agency fee vs CPI/CPA payouts).  He started at Yume in the video ad tech space and saw mobile getting bigger so went to Fetch and learned the mechanics of UA.  From there he now helps lead AnchorFree's growth and specializes in experimental budgets and new traffic source opportunities like influencers (YouTube, Twitch, Snapchat).  Hear his biggest pet peeves (rebrokering, click-spamming, broken data) along with the rest of his UA secrets.
June 17, 2019
Blackbox UA to $100M in Revenue, Nebojsa Radovic - Director of Performance Marketing @ N3TWORK
Nebojsa Radovic, Director of Performance Marketing, officially announcing the launch of the Scale Platform, a suite of tools that programmatically builds ad creatives, constructs ad campaigns, automates the optimization of those campaigns, and generates meaningful user segmentation and behavioral insights, for use by 3rd-party app developers.  Nebo came from the infamous Machine Zone UA team and Nordeus where he helped manage hundreds of millions of installs and now scaling N3twork to over $100M in revenue (2018).  Learn from Nebo as he discusses their publishing tools and how they partner with upcoming titles providing them resources, funds and UA tools to help them scale a user base. And he provides good tips on designing and making use of playables to funnel in higher LTV and ROI spending users, influencer strategies and channels used.
June 10, 2019
Crypto, Misinformation and Channel Diversification: Coinbase's James Peng, Head of Performance Marketing on Scaling Cryptocurrency Trading to the Masses
In this weeks podcast, we hear from one of the leading gurus in the mobile marketing industry today: James Peng, who currently heads Performance Marketing for Coinbase and previously lead Match Group (Tinder, OKCupid) and Storm8 (gaming).  Prior to his work in mobile growth, he was an investment banker focused on M&A restructuring. Learn how to navgate and market a product in an ever changing climate surrounding crypto, by dealing with misinformation, utility aspects and plain old education messaging for the user.  How are channels and publishers treating crypto today and where James spends his time (crafting messages and talking to the right partners) and most importantly - his budgets (social, affiliates, and direct pubs).  Hear his thoughts on incrementally in attribution vs direct and current sentiments on self-attributing platforms and their constraints and inhibiting factors.  Last but not least, top challenges facing the mobile industry today: 1/ attribution and understanding customer journey 2/ navigating fraud and transparency of sources 3/ channel diversification.
June 3, 2019
Gamifying Utility Apps to Increase Retention and More with Hubert Yee: PSafe's Senior Growth Marketing Manager
In this weeks podcast, we hear from PSafe's Senior Growth Marketing Manager - Hubert Yee, on growing a utility app's userbase whilst managing to keep retention high and fraud low.  Hubert started in web-based and downloadable games, worked at Machine Zone, Warner Brothers and Kingsoft. Learn how he ties in analytics extracts and surfaces data points to make smarter decisions and what data correlates with more subscriptions - ultimately leading to smarter buys.  From gamifying a utility product to creating retention toolsets (push notifications, reminders), he talks about their biggest challenges and how to market and increase organics in their biggest market (Brazil). Discover some new ideas to bring back to your own marketing strategy!
May 27, 2019
Device Spoofing, Uncovering a Massive Attribution Fraud Scheme and More with Garrett MacDonald, EVP Sales @ Kochava
Garrett MacDonald, the face of Kochava - one of the largest and completely bootstrapped mobile attribution platforms - talks about what's coming and their most recent product launches not just in mobile attribution but web, CTV, connected cars to IOT devices.  He got his start in mobile ad tech at StrikeAd, one of the first mobile DSPs to market, and then led efforts at Airpush and finally lands in the attribution realm as it heats up.  Learn how Kochava's unified audience platform can help planning your campaign, targeting an audience, activating and measuring feedback loop and then optimizing that for a better LTV user base. He talks about the changes from becoming attribution to becoming a holistic measurement company for all devices and the uncovering and breaking a massive fraud scheme (Google-validated!) where apps and clicks were being dynamically spawned to claim attribution.  Hear all this and more from their new enterprise fraud product to new tech launching to prevent device spoofing and stitching together users across devices. An epic episode on all things attribution!
May 20, 2019
How to Spend $1B on Google:'s Chuck Nguyen on Growth Marketing
Chuck Nguyen, Director of Growth Marketing @ Hired, joins us in this episode to share his latest work, tools and knowledge for spearheading growth for the #1 technical hiring platform in market today.  He got his start at Google 15 years ago in a marketing coordinator role and grew his career managing SEM/SEO and paid display media for Eat24 (acquired by Yelp) to Doordash and then Touch of Modern.  His biggest and favorite channels: search and social; his two newest love affairs: Reddit and Podcasts/Influencers. Chuck talks about how to develop a media plan, what variables are tracked and accounted for (hint: a low-medium-high analysis broken out by date, channel, market, seasonality, segments, landing pages, and don't forget your opt-out clauses!).  Find out more about the ever changing landscape, his go-to tools to use. when to stop spending in Google and mobiles biggest challenges to come.
May 13, 2019
Driving in the Fast Lane: Turo’s Adam Miller on Managing Growth For The World's Largest Car Sharing Marketplace
Adam Miller, Head of User Acquisition for Turo, talks about his current efforts in scaling growth for the worlds largest car sharing marketplace.  From the Agency world to Mobile and Travel UA, he gets knee deep in strategies, that you too can implement in your own marketing methodology.  Learn how he’s scaling his largest paid channels (Social and Search), how to think holistically about your marketing mix and utilizing some newer methods such as influencers/podcasts down to analog TV.  Last but not least, Adam touches upon setting up a growing UA team and tools needed to get the job done. What’s a ‘carculator’? Find out in the latest episode, click Play now!
May 5, 2019
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