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Thanks Coach

Thanks Coach

By Darnell Samuels
"Thanks Coach" is a docu-series podcast that takes you through the life lessons of players I have coached, people I have played with who are now coaches, and people who have coached me. You will hear stories of defeat, injury, overcoming the odds and more!

Each interviewee has been instrumental in developing an elite brand of basketball that has strengthened the Canadian talent pool and proven it to be the best kept secret in all of basketball.
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I sat down with Tristan Barrocks the "Digital Storyteller" to discuss what went in to season 1 of "Thanks Coach" and expectations for season 2..
July 9, 2020
TC 11 - Coach Nicky: Nicky Knows
In this episode of "Thanks Coach" I caught up with Coach Nicky who gave me my first dose of reality, and I finally got the chance to thank him. We discussed: -How his coaching style has changed over the past 30 years -Cutting players then and now -His coaching influences -The name game
May 24, 2020
TC 10 - Coach Danny: Butterfly Effect
In this episode of "Thanks Coach", I got to clear the air with my former high school basketball coach Danny Hamilton.  We discussed:  -I quit! -Competitive practices -Basketball burn out -Empirical data over emotions -Cutting good players
May 15, 2020
TC 09 - Coach Alvin: Noel SZN
In this week’s episode, I sit down with Coach Alvin Noel. He is my former house league coach in 1996 and we also coached rep. basketball together at Kingdom Athletics. He is the founder NBA collective and today we discuss: -The influence of Malton in his development   -"I don't F*** around"  -Parenting children to be hard workers  -How to achieve low turnover in your basketball program
May 2, 2020
TC 08 - Coach Phil: Dying Breed
On this episode, I sit down with the infamous coach Phil Johnson. Remember back in episode 06 when Anthony and Oneil couldn't walk for a week after practice? Well, we can thank this man! He taught me many things. He helped me build my confidence, resolve, and the "dog" mentality I have now. This week's episode will discuss: -When coach Phil made me cry -Coach Phil's confrontation with Elvis -Broken homes -Pain is love
April 25, 2020
TC 07 - Coach Sean and Maurice: Coaching Women
Darnell sits down with Sean Douglas and Maurice Smith, Sheridan Bruins basketball stars and the  current coaches for the Sheridan Bruins women's basketball team.  -Maurice tells his side of the story on why he stop playing for Coach Josh -Coaching Women in the "Me Too" era -Darnell swore at his mom -Darrell Barnswell "The Street Ball Legend"
April 18, 2020
TC 06 - Coaches Oneil and Anthony : Bad Boys!
Darnell sits down with former teammates Coaches Oneil Hibbert and Anthony Alexis from his 1999 Brampton Blue Devil team. We talked about the life lessons learned getting in to trouble on the road. -Orange peel incident -Montreal house party -Grad-night betrayal -Who put lotion in Josh's shoes? -Lost in Connecticut
April 10, 2020
TC 05 - Coach Sefton: Pro Hooper
Darnell sits down with childhood friend Sefton Barrett who played professional basketball overseas for 12 years and is now the GM, Head Coach and skill development coach for Northwest Hoops.  -Fight for a free ride -Central Michigan -Life over seas -Growing up watching mom and dad hoop -The "it" factor
April 3, 2020
TC 04 - Coach Manny: Prep School?
Darnell catches up with his former player  from his 2004 house league team Manny Dosanjh. The last time Darnell saw man he was 8 years old, now Manny is the associate Head Coach at Orangeville Prep, the most successful after prep school in the country. -Manny learning from Coach Darnell -Orangeville Prep -Is your kid a dog? -A coaches connections -Coaches coaching coaches
March 27, 2020
TC O3 - Coach Justin: True Glory
Darnell chops it up with former player from his Kingdom Athletics program in 2006. Coach Justin Alliman is now an on court skills development coach with the Raptors 905 team. We discussed... -Justins book " Before My Glory" -Forgiving coaches that do you greezy -Trip to India and the pursuit of happiness -Prepare for blessings before you get them -Dreamchaserzzz!
March 19, 2020
TC 02 - Coach Shavar: Boxing Out
Darnell catches up with former player and his current boxing coach  Shavar Henery. Who played for Darnells 2001 Brampton Blaze 16 and under rep team. The guys discussed... -Blaze Days -Remembering Tyrell -Shavar under control -Post Fight Interview -Losing Well
March 13, 2020
TC 01 - Coach Freddy: Bench Marks
Darnell gets it in with Coach Freddy Appiah one of his players from his 2001 Brampton Blaze 16 and under rep team to discuss -Blaze Days -Freddy's Nightmare -Border Security -Ball Is Life TO O.G. -Coaching and Daddy issues
March 5, 2020
TC 00 - Coach Darnell: Thanks Coach
Darnell sits down with his wife Tyra to discuss the who what when why of thanks coach. -Love & Basketball -What is Thanks Coach? -Darnell's coaching history -The Boy Crises -Work out with wifey
March 5, 2020