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That Green Tea

That Green Tea

By That Green Tea
Two Episodes Weekly. Posts and transcripts will be available on

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S1E2: Season Your Food
Have you ever wondered why things don’t look or feel right? Let your ancestors guide your salt hand. Song: Be Sweet - Japanese Breakfast
February 11, 2022
S1E4: A Black Woman Once Said
Trust me. It was said. And if anybody says different you proved my point. Spin Wellness & Yoga is brought to you by Ajoke Ibrahim, the owner and Yoga Instructor with over 500 HRS in Yoga Training. Contact her on Twitter @cloudspin_ and
February 11, 2022
S1E3: I am from ✨Everywhere✨
If I had a coin for every time I get asked where I’m from, I wouldn’t need to hustle this podcast 🥲
February 04, 2022
S1E1: Are You Not Tiyaaad?
My tiyaad and your tiyaad are not the same, mine was molded in the pits.
January 28, 2022