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That Dog

That Dog

By Harriet Alexander
'That dog' is a podcast about dogs and the lessons they teach us, from the perspective of those who love them most.
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More than a family pet with Mel Ritterman (Australia)
The old maxim of 'never work with children and animals' doesn't apply in Mel Ritterman's world. In this 'That Dog' story, we meet the gorgeous Cooper, a golden retriever who helped his human re-evaluate and grow in new directions, from career to parenting. Mel runs a successful business in Melbourne, Australia called Cooper and Kids which specialises in creating safe, happy and positive relationships between babies, kids and dogs. During this episode Mel talks honestly and openly about the mistakes she made with Cooper in the beginning and the crucial role he played in how she now works with and supports dogs and families. We delve into ways parents can foster healthier relationships between dogs and children, as well as the often unfair expectations we place on the 'family pet'. This is a must listen episode not just for parents but for anyone who believes dogs deserve to be understood, loved and respected members of the family. Facebook @cooperandkids Instagram @cooperandkids
January 08, 2022
Interspecies empathy with Lisa Tenzin-Dolma (UK)
Can dogs provide a gateway to a richer emotional life? When Skye the lurcher entered the home of Lisa Tenzin-Dolma, he provided her with new depths of understanding of canine communication. Lisa has been an influential force within the dog industry and played a pivotal role in educating future generations of trainers and behaviour consultants. During this conversation we talk about changes in the industry and what they mean for the future of dog training, as well as ways we can build harmonious lives with our dogs. We discuss Skye's rambunctious teenage phase and how he went on to help many other dogs recover from trauma and live better lives. This is a 'that dog' story that celebrates the power of friendship. The International School for Canine Psychology and Behaviour: Association of INTODogs: The Dog Welfare Alliance: International Companion Animal Network:
December 21, 2021
Healing on your own terms with Sindhoor Pangal (India)
Nishi is the quintessential 'that dog'. Her story and the ripple effect it had on those around her can teach us so much about resilience, autonomy and staying afloat when everything falls apart. Sindhoor Pangal is a prominent canine behaviour consultant, canine myotherapist, speaker, author and the director of BHARCS, a global educational organisation based in Bangalore. In this episode she shares the heartbreaks and triumphs of a very special dog and the wisdom she gained from living alongside her. This is a conversation far beyond training which delves into what it means to coexist with dogs and face our traumas together. Instagram @bharcs_education Facebook @bharcs BHARCS: BHARCS blog: Lives of Streeties: Tedx talk:
November 26, 2021
Loving the dog in front of you with Anita Kytomaa (UK)
Anita runs a boutique grooming and pet supplies shop, Woofs to Kittys, which focuses on healthy, natural products and approaches to promote better welfare for dogs. She has lived with many amazing dogs over the years and then...enter Theo. Handsome, determined and a little wild - he threw up a series of challenges that forced Anita to dig deep and support him to become the happy and loving dog he is today. In this episode we talk about perseverance, dealing with frustration, sensory overload and how to stay upright when walking a bucking bronco! Facebook @woofstokittys and Instagram @woofstokittys Pound Dogs For Adoption Limassol, Cyprus
October 25, 2021
Moving beyond ego with Jonas Thulin (Spain)
Gandul is a dog who knows his own mind. Jonas Thulin, who aptly identifies as a canine emotional health advisor over 'trainer', has seen many changes within the dog training industry over the years. In this episode he shares how his views and methods have shifted over time and how Gandul forced him to stop and question his assumptions. We delve into a range of different topics, such as learning how to truly listen to our dogs, trusting their decisions and never underestimating how brilliant they are at reading our emotions. This is an episode from the heart you won't want to miss! English: Facebook @jonasthulin.en and Instagram @jonasthulin_en Spanish: Facebook and Instagram @jonasthulin_es
September 22, 2021
The tenacity of terriers with Winkie Spiers (UK)
In this episode we remember Dennis - a quintessential terrier who was full of zest, attitude and sparkle. London based behaviour consultant Winkie Spiers reflects on her journey from the corporate world to running a successful business and supporting dogs and their humans to live their best lives together. We discuss the ways Dennis shaped Winkie's thinking and how his tenacity inspired her to make big decisions and challenge long held beliefs. If you're after some motivation to kick start your own adventures, this is the episode for you! Instagram @winkiespiers
September 08, 2021
Letting go of expectations with Natasha Bystrova (Latvia)
Meet BJ. He's handsome, wise and has journeyed from the streets of Moscow to a wonderful life in a small town in Latvia. Dog trainer and behaviour consultant Natasha Bystrova tells the amazing story of how bringing a rescue puppy home one dark and cold evening changed her life forever. We talk about letting go of the 'perfect dog' fantasy, the crucial role of environment and its impact on behaviour, as well how freeing it can be to accept your reality. I fell in love with BJ talking to Natasha and I think you will too. Curious Moose: Instagram @curious.moose and Facebook @curious.moose Five freedoms:
August 31, 2021
Becoming your dog's anchor with Sam Walker-Arends (UK)
Meet Reyna. She's a long-limbed beauty with a traumatic past and incredible resilience. In this first ever episode, dog trainer and behaviourist Sam Walker-Arends shares the story of this amazing Galgo Español (Spanish greyhound) and the lessons she's learned from her. She also provides information about introducing a rescue into a multi-dog household and highlights how patient we must be when rehabilitating dogs. Sam is a trustee for the wonderful rescue organisation Project Galgo and we learn more about the work they do and why all Galgos need our support. Sam the Dog Coach: Instagram @samthedogcoach and Facebook @samthedogcoach Youtube: Galgos en Famila: Project Galgo: Instagram @projectgalgo and Facebook @projectgalgo Yo Galgo film:
August 24, 2021
Introducing the 'That Dog' podcast
And we're off! Welcome to the 'That Dog' podcast, in which you'll hear from expert guests around the world as they tell stories about the dogs who have transformed and impacted their lives in a big way. Listen to this short run down for an explanation of what the podcast is all about and what you can look forward to hearing in the future!
August 19, 2021