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That Nerd Lita Podcast

That Nerd Lita Podcast

By Lita Kino
Hi I'm Lita! and I do too many things on the internet. Anime is ma Jam and this podcast exists to cater to my obsession problem. They'll either be solo rambles on what I'm reading, watching, series focus or I'll have a friend join me!
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Belated Mecha March Ft Retro Mecha Podcast
*Nearly been a year since last podcast, sorry if you thought this was dying but most certainly not. This episode was recorded back in March for Mecha March blog event and only got around to putting this out now. I will do an update for next episode of where this podcast is heading in the future.* Episode 5 I am joined by Ian from Retro Mecha Podcast to discuss all things mecha. This has been a long overdue conversation for both of us and it was mighty fascinating listening to Ian's upbringing Ian, dare say you'll discover something new. We dab into retro and current of mecha, I was buzzing the whole time discussing one of my second favourite genre! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Retro Mecha and Anime Podcast Link: Blog: Twitter: 
October 18, 2020
Tachi Is A Karuta Flirter Ft Mechanical Anime Reviews
Fourth episodes of That Nerd Lita I am joined by fellow blogger friend Scott from Mechanical Anime Reviews. He joins me to discuss some of the Fall 2019 seasonal anime Stars Align, No Guns No Life, Ahiru No Sora and Chihayafuru Season 3. We give our first impressions and it's a interesting discussion to what we liked and loved. I may have revealed a non popular anime opinion during this podcast people might grill me over but Scott set up the perfect time for me to address a particular favourite gateway anime. Enjoy and check out scott's stuff down below!! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Scott's Links Blog: Twitter:
November 17, 2019
Uk Blogger Girls Ft A Girl & Her Anime
Third episode of That Nerd Lita Podcast I am joined by fellow blogger friend all the way from UK (my old home) Amelia, A Girl & Her Anime. This was Amelia first time on any podcast and chat together, it was such a joyful time with her. We're not sorry for the amount of laughing that was to be had, things went from our UK favourite foods to Sub V Dub discussion. Of course you get to know Amelia and we delved into the inner workings of being a blogger a little. Hope you enjoy and you can follow Amelia on the links down below!! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Amelia's Links Youtube: Blog: Twitter: ------------------------------------------------------------------
September 27, 2019
That Nerd Lita Podcast | Mamoru Miyano Fangirls Ft Simply Gee
Second episode of That Nerd Lita Podcast I am joined by fellow Aussie Anime/Manga Youtuber extraordinaire, Simply Gee. This was a random basket, I find out Gee is a secret Mamoru fangirl (she fangirls), we discuss anime, our love of Kyoto Animation due to most recent tragedy, manga and much more. Gee is always a joy to have a long conversation with definitely someone you should be following !!   KyoAni Go FundMe:  Kyo Ani Shop:    ------------------------------------------------------------------   Gee's Youtube:  Twitter:  Instagram:   ------------------------------------------------------------------
July 28, 2019
Drink On Irina Ft I Drink And Watch Anime Blog
First episode of That Nerd Lita Podcast I am joined by fellow anime blogger influence Irina from 'I Drink And Watch Anime'. We discuss who would be on our anime squad or mobs, favourite alcohol beverages and the blogging lifestyle. Irina's Blog: For new podcast updates follow me on Twitter: Or my blog:
June 24, 2019
Lita's Little Welcome Intro
If this episode is finally up that means . . . it's finally HAPPENING!! This is a little introduction in what you can expect from this podcast and I just look forward to seeing where things go.  I'm Lita!!, I'm a anime blogger/youtuber and this podcast is another way for me to spout my crazy love of anime. Hope you enjoy my nerdy space !! For new podcast updates follow me on Twitter: Or my blog:
June 21, 2019