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What story is the world not getting?

Hi! I'm The Story Whisperer. I'm here to help humans connect through the power of true stories and universal wisdom.

Got a story that's ripe to empower and inspire? Ready to release it to those who truly need it, and write yourself a powerful new story? That's aloud.

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words w/ Life Coach Colin C. Thompson

That's Aloud!

Actions Speak Louder Than Words w/ Life Coach Colin C. Thompson

That's Aloud!

The Child Who Just Wanted to Play w/ Aleksandra Pinteric
Bravery isn't always running headlong into battle or slaying a dragon. Sometimes bravery is staying loyal to your joy, despite all the voices--internal and external--telling you not to. Aleksandra Pinteric, aka Alex Pin, helps children and adults alike to take charge of their emotional wellness and bravely choose joy, even when their "badger" is acting up, and on today's episode, she's here to help you do the same! HIGHLIGHT REEL: 0:55 - Story power 1:20 - How to teach kids about energy and emotional wellness 2:00 - "Mommy, there's a voice inside me telling me I'm not a good boy." 3:30 - "You're like a devil." 6:00 - Self-programming 8:50 - Everyone has a badger 16:20 - The girl who just wanted to play like other kids 19:15 - It's okay to wish 22:30 - Help your flower bloom 22:50 - Honesty 26:20 - Alex's ideal life 27:10 - It's gonna be a great breakfast! 31:40 - Faith & trust 32:00 - Bravery 3:20 - Surrender Watch it on video!
October 15, 2020
Be Intense About Your Healing w/ Amy Rahe
Imposter syndrome is one thing, but what if your entire personality felt inauthentic? Like your whole life was a masquerade, and you could never be completely honest with anyone around you, even the people you know would understand? That's what this week's guest, Amy Rahe, felt like up until recently. Listen as she shares the dark secrets of her past, the ongoing struggles of her present, and the glorious, light-filled space that is her future. HIGHLIGHT REEL: 5:30 - The cover story 7:10 - Incarceration (not recommended) 10:30 - Personality imposter syndrome 11:15 - "You don't belong anywhere good." 12:45 - Heroin addiction (REALLY not recommended) 14:00 - The universe will conspire to help you change once you realize that's what needs to happen 17:50 - EMDR Therapy and the mind/body connection 21:20 - The release 25:28 - Be stubborn and self-full about your healing process 26:40 - A new journey: Amy's next chapter Watch it on video!
October 8, 2020
Stories are Magic
"Why do you do what you do? What was the inspiration behind it?" I get asked these questions a lot, so I decided to go ahead and answer them, Story Whisperer style. This bonus episode is a throwback to my season one storytelling format, a narrative form "about me" for the podcast, and a fun foray into my mischievous past as a compulsive exaggerator. Oh, and to celebrate the spookiest season of all, there's a little witchcraft, a lot of magic, and even an inter-dimensional portal involved. Enjoy!
October 3, 2020
Keeping Joy at the Core of Success w/ Syed S. Karhani
You are one commitment away from the life you truly want--a life that is successful by YOUR definition, and nobody else's; a life that brings you joy, happiness, and all of your core desired feelings. But the first step is, of course, the hardest. Today's guest, Syed S. Karhani, is here to share with you what that first step is, and why so many of us struggle with it.  HIGHLIGHT REEL: 0:40 - Success is not success without happiness 3:00 - The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte 4:50 - Fear of weakness, fear of authority, fear of self 8:50 - Believing is seeing 9:15 - The Indian Training Company 12:00 - The secret to success 14:00 - Cultural bias in context 21:15 - We are the hero of our own story--and the villain, and everything else  23:50 - Is there a "real you"? 24:55 - The first step to changing your life 25:45 - Imposter syndrome & the mentality of The Fool 31:10 - The key to relationship success 33:40 - Interrogating cultural norms & standards 40:40 - Thrive where you're at 43:45 - 1 commitment away Watch it on video!
October 1, 2020
Holy Synchronicity! - Season 3 Teaser-Trailer
Have you ever had one of those moments where you feel the final puzzle piece fall into place, and suddenly, BAM! There's the full picture, in all its technicolor glory? That's what happened when I decided to to take things one step further in season three and help people tell the next chapter of their story, the story that's going to take them exactly where they want to be. I hoped it would kick things up a notch, but I could never have imagined where it would take me, and my guests -- even in just the first few episodes! Listen to find out why I'm convinced that I've discovered the missing ingredient that's going to take me, That's Aloud, and all of you, dear listeners, to the next level. 
September 24, 2020
Flip the Script on Generational Patterns w/ Dawn Long
How do you break the cycle of generational abuse? Dawn Long, host of the Unstoppable Leadership podcast, is here to help you let the skeletons out of your family closet, find forgiveness, be a beacon of light for others, and know that you are loved.   I hope you enjoy this, the final episode of season 2. Please come back October 1st to find out how I'm taking story coaching one step further in season 3! Highlight Reel 1:20 - Christmastown USA  2:10 - Shame thrives in darkness  4:30 - Science of the mind  5:30 - They were only 8 years old 6:00 - Perpetuating the generational pattern of abuse  10:00 - Telling your story turns the tide  13:00 - The problem with locking up sick people  18:30 - How to reduce crime  22:50 - The road to here  24:55 - Judge not  28:00 - Finding forgiveness  31:00 - You are loved, and deserve love  36:00 - Follow the trail of breadcrumbs back to YOU Watch it on video!
September 17, 2020
Things That Keep You Up At Night w/ Joel Nest
We all have different gifts. Some have the gift of empathy, and other have the gift of objectivity. Today's guest, Joel Nest, host of the Ruck Up and Debunking Conspiracy Theories podcasts, has the latter. If he didn't, there's no way he could do what he does as a security contractor working in some of the world's most dangerous places.  Highlight Reel: 1:30 - Survival as recreation 4:00 - Finding himself 8:00 - Becoming a paramilitary security contractor 11:00 - Feeling more at home abroad 11:30 - The African boy 14:50 - The problem with well-meaning white people 15:30 - Why security? 19:10 - Joe's moral code 20:40 - Making the impossible choices 29:00 - Mental control 32:00 - Learning to put your oxygen mask on first 37:00 - Emotional responsibility  42:40 - The gift of detachment Watch it on video:
September 10, 2020
Becoming a Mermaid w/ Arien Smith
Trauma is powerful stuff. It does strange and surprising things to our memories, and can help us discover abilities we didn't know we had until we needed them. Trauma, however, is not a radioactive spider. It doesn't actually *give* us these superpowers, it merely sets the stage for us to discover them. Listen as Arien Smith, founder of Uncover Your Joy, shares a story so incredible even he has trouble wrapping his brain around it (a very common feeling among survivors), and offers insight after actionable insight for survivors who are ready to become thrivers. Highlight Reel: 2:00 - The parts of the story Arien rarely tells, and why 2:50 - Sex trafficking is happening right under your nose 5:00 - Confronting the weird shit 6:00 - The magical realism of trauma processing 12:00 - Trauma bonding, codependence, & addiction 16:00 - If it weren't for your maturity, none of this would have happened 19:00 - Existing for someone else's pleasure 19:15 - Near Death Experiences and grieving for yourself 24:00 - Maybe I'll become a mermaid 25:25 - Superpowers & trauma 35:00 - You don't have to recapture every memory to heal 36:00 - Validate your experience  48:00 - You will find your path through this Watch it on video!
September 3, 2020
You Have No Power Over Me w/ Janine Purdy-Salmon
Have you ever gotten back in touch with an old friend from high school, only to discover that the two of you had lived eerily parallel lives? That's what happened to Janine and I when she read my book, Melting Ivory, and decided it was time to share the story not even her family has heard.  Highlight Reel: 0:50 - If the trolls hate it, you know you've made it 6:00 - Daddy issues 8:30 - Giving back by working as a trauma counselor 9:10 - Janine's dream: to be a doctor 12:15 - The green-eyed monster 13:03 - Pregnant at 17 17:30 - Verbal abuse 17:10 - The second child arrives 19:50 - Stockholm syndrome 22:50 - I just don't care anymore 24:50 - That's gonna be me 25:45 - You have no power over me 28:20 - Don't hurt mommy! 30:30 - Rediscovering yourself 33:00 - Sunlight: the best disinfectant 35:45 - Letting go of the anger 40:00 - You can't fix anyone, and no one can fix you 42:00 - Avoiding the double-down 46:30 - Nobody else gets a vote 49:20 - No one is ever stuck Watch it on video!
August 27, 2020
Wanted All Along w/ Unique'Ka
Picture this: you grew up in foster care after your father gave you away, telling you your mother never wanted you and she had no living family. But just LAST WEEK, you learned that it was all a lie. You were wanted all along. That's what happened to today's guest, Unique'Ka, queen of self-reinvention and author of The Glow Up. Listen to hear her incredible journey from outcast to leader. Highlight Reel: 1:05 - Unique'Ka's terrible and wonderful discovery 2:00 - Family re-found 3:20 - The Documentary: The Glow-Up 4:00 - The mother of all searches 5:00 - An outcast 5:30 - A sense of belonging 6:00 - She didn't know her own story 6:40 - Discovering she was wanted all along 7:40 - Self-transformation 8:30 - Practicing forgiveness 9:30 - The thing Unique'Ka has a hard time forgiving 11:30 - How do you get to forgiveness? 12:00 - Wanting answers 12:45 - You can't go skipping steps 13:40 - Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die 14:40 - Don't lose hope 16:00 - The power of sharing your story 17:15 - Tools for self-reinvention 17:30 - Mindset and paradigm shifts 20:00 - If it's not working for you, change it! 21:45 - The fast cash trap 27:00 - You can succeed from right where you're at. Start now!
August 20, 2020
The Only Way Out is Through w/ Yannick Taylor
It's hard enough growing up black in this country. But layer on top of that being born into a body that doesn't reflect your gender identity or sexual orientation, and you've got yourself a recipe for a heaping helping of shame and blame. So it's no wonder Yannick Taylor, a.k.a. The Priestess (@CWTPriestess), found it challenging to speak out or find help when she found herself in an abusive relationship. To save you the same heartache she suffered, she's sharing her most actionable tips, tricks, and tools for working through the emotional hurricane of leaving an abusive relationship and the recovery process that follows.  Highlight Reel: 0:40 - Conversations with the priestess 3:30 - Multidimensional code switching  5:00 - When "the one" has a dark side 6:00 - The one-two punch of shame and blame 8:30 - The emotional cut is the deepest 10:45 - In the eye of the storm 12:15 - The mind/body connection 13:30 - Coping tools for PTSD 15:30 - Tryna scare 'em off 18:00 - When to disclose medical info 20:00 - Taking off the (metaphorical) mask 21:30 - The main message: don't let your feelings hold you back from doing the right thing 22:20 - The best breakup conversation is NO breakup conversation 23:45 - Don't complain, don't explain 26:00 - The difference between a boundary and an ultimatum 27:45 - The cycle of justification 29:45 - You gotta get a new game 31:00 - Find your closure alone 32:00 - Good grief 36:00 - Get curious, get compassionate 37:00 - Creating a self-care routine that works for YOU
August 13, 2020
Leap and the Universe Will Catch You w/ Dr. Denise Ritter-Berardini
It takes two to stay, but only one to walk away. Dr. Denise Ritter-Berardini, voice and performance coach and podcast hostess, learned this lesson the hard way when she packed up her kids and drove away from her first husband, a closeted alcoholic who drank away their family home. Listen to her incredible story of faith, family, and resilience, and get inspired to take your own leap of faith. As long as you're doing it for the right reasons, the universe WILL catch you. Highlight Reel: 1:15 - Why podcasts are wonderful 1:50 - Life with a closeted alcoholic 2:30 - The preacher's daughter, all grown up 3:00 - The truth will set you free 3:30 - Why we tell ourselves a "safer story" than the truth 4:00 - How have you hid this for so long? 4:30 - Children are often our wake-up call 6:15 - You're not staying "for the kids" 9:30 - Losing it all to gain freedom 10:40 - The big nudge from the universe 12:20 - "Camping" in the van 12:50 - The big reveal 14:12 - The universe knows what it's doing 24:25 - The moment we let go of what we think we want is the moment we get what we need 30:30 - Making the choice to walk away 34:00 - The danger of enabling (aka managing) someone else's addiction 37:00 - The escalation of abuse 38:40 - How to prevent the double-down when supporting someone in an abusive situation 40:20 - Take the leap; the universe will catch you!
August 6, 2020
Tune Into Your Own Frequency w/ Justin Rambo
In today's world, we are constantly bombarded by media. We spend our downtime consuming other people's creative and intellectual output, from entertainment to social media to subtle advertising we're of which we're only peripherally aware. The messages we receive from outside ourselves can often convince us that our inner voice is wrong, or irrelevant, or simply not worth listening to, and what we really need is to do more, achieve more, and consume more. Today's guest, Justin Rambo of Versatile Success, took a wild leap of faith and decided to Turn Down the Noise of the outside world to hear his own inner voice. The result was nothing short of transformative.  Highlight Reel: 2:30 - Going deeper on Justin's core story 3:55 - 1st grade, where the judgment begins 7:30 - The turning point for Justin 9:10 - The "aha" moment 10:30 - The ongoing fallout of feeling inferior 11:00 - Turning down the noise 14:25 - Getting to flow 16:40 - Embracing neurodiversity: different ways of thinking, learning, and being 23:10 - How the fear of inferiority keeps us from being ourselves 23:50 - Why withholding your gifts is the most selfish thing you can do 27:00 - Do what scares you 29:00 - Start from where you are, and stop comparing your journey  34:40 - The art of the re-frame 42:00 - Justin's mantra 46:45 - The main message: get to know yourself! Watch it on video!
July 30, 2020
Speaking Out for Silenced Service Members w/ April Joy Brand
The murder of military specialist and sexual assault victim Vanessa Guillen has finally cast a spotlight on what has long been the secret shame of the U.S. Military: rampant sexual assault, and ubiquitous cover-ups. Inspired by Vanessa's story, more and more victims are coming forward to speak their truth and reclaim their power. Today's guest, April Joy Brand, speaks out not only on her own behalf, but on behalf of all the military service members who are still being actively silenced, suppressed, ignored, and overlooked.  Highlight Reel: 1:00 - The ubiquity of sexual assault in the military 4:00 - How the military machine discourages victims from speaking out and seeking justice 9:20 - #IAmVanessaGuillen 11:00 - When bullets are treated better than female service members 13:30 - How to be an advocate for yourself and others 17:00 - Some scary stats 18:00 - Educate before you punish 22:00 - Moving toward compassionate victim interviews 30:00 - When you're a hammer, everything looks like a nail: the problem of police being in charge of victim advocacy 37:30 - How to show victims you have their back 38:00 - Reward people for doing the right thing 38:50 - Self-reflection as a prerequisite for growth Watch it on video!
July 23, 2020
Exposing Gynecological History w/ Jada "JC" Brazil
Sometimes the stories that need to be told belong to those who cannot speak for themselves. This week's guest, Jada "JC" Brazil, shares the horrific history behind modern Gynecology, sharing the untold stories of the women whose bodies were used, without their consent, and without anesthesia, as test subjects in the sadistic "medical" experiments of real-life mad doctors J. Marion Sims and Carl Clauberg.  Grab a drink, friends. You'll need it. 
July 16, 2020
Don't Should On Yourself w/ Tbird Luv
This week the incredible Tbird Luv ( is here to help you let go of the expectations that hold you back from finding your why, connecting with your joy, and doing the work that needs to be done to create a better world. Prepare to get fired up and launch yourself headlong into a passion project you didn't know you had until this moment. Highlight Reel: 1:44 - The narrative TBird is NOT engaging in 3:30 - What would love do? 5:00 - What you can do RIGHT NOW to make the world a better place 7:15 - How TBird discovered her purpose 15:00 - An exercise in self-compassion 18:25 - You are not for everyone (and that's great) 21:00 - There's nothing more whole than a broken heart 25:20 - Keep every boundary you need to keep, and break every boundary that needs to be broken 35:30 - The relationship between joy and love 42:00 - Find your WHY Watch it on video!
July 9, 2020
Your Pain Is Your Superpower w/ Best-Selling Author Sara Weiss
Sara Weiss, a.k.a. Sass Boss, is the best-selling author of (Not) Born This Way, and refuses to be defined by the box the world keeps trying to put her in. This episode is just non-stop truth bombs and hard-earned wisdom, y'all. Enjoy! 0:50 - The label 4:50 - You hold the magic pen to write your life with 5:30 - Your pain is your superpower 7:30 - Pain avoidance is growth avoidance 8:00 - The worst thing that ever happened to you is the worst thing. Period. 13:00 - Teaching your kids a growth mindset 18:10 - We all operate perfectly. We just need the right recipe. 29:00 - The power of "try this instead" 30:00 - Relationships are everything 37:00 - Opportunity is everywhere 46:00 - Change your perspective, change your life 52:00 - Make friends with your demons
July 2, 2020
Talk To Someone Different Than You w/ Punam Saxena
Open dialogue is one of the most powerful tools we have to forge connections across barriers of all kinds and enhance human understanding, empathy, and cooperation. Punam Saxena, host of the edu-me podcast, shares her experience as an Indian woman growing up in the deep South in the 1970's, and offers practical tips on how to engage people who are different from you in a productive exchange. Spoiler alert: do your research ahead of time! Don't expect people of color to educate you on issues that affect their communities.  Highlight Reel: 3:45 - There is no secret. You just do the work. 4:50 - The story Punam has only recently felt comfortable enough to tell 7:00 - The human need to belong 14:00 - Miss Impression, People Appeaser 17:00 - Be the best version of yourself 31:30 - It's not "immigrants." It's brown people. 33:00 - Diversity isn't just about race 34:00 - Don't judge a book by it's cover 38:20 - Love one another, and love God. The end. 41:00 - Practical tips for productive open dialogue with people who are different from you Watch the video!
June 25, 2020
Actions Speak Louder Than Words w/ Life Coach Colin C. Thompson
"If we [BIPOC] could have won this battle alone, we would have by now." - Life Coach Colin C. Thompson: Your support is needed. But the time for talking is past. Now is the time to take action. And please, if you don't already, start listening to podcasts by Black people, and especially Black women. It's time for us white folx to sit down, shut up, listen, and learn: HIGHLIGHT REEL: 2:30 - What everyone needs to know right now 7:00 - The dreaded talk every parent of a black child has to give: how not to get killed by cops 8:00 - Is our system broken? Or is it functioning as intended? 9:30 - Why the George Floyd footage hit America so hard 15:00 - The power of white guilt 16:30 - The story every BIPOC has a version of 27:00 - COPS, Live PD, and subliminal programming 29:00 - What the Black Lives Matter protests have accomplished and what's next 33:30 - Shifting the balance of power by filming white entitlement, manipulation, and brutality 40:20 - Where to start 48:30 - Colin's coaching journey
June 18, 2020
Every Experience Is a Gift w/ Kate Emerald
Everything you experience in life, no matter how painful or difficult, has a gift for you. It may take a while before you can recognize that gift, but there are no exceptions. That's the message Kate Emerald, founder of Life of Emerald and Global Healing Movement 2020 is so committed to spreading that, in this episode, she shares a story she has never before told publicly: the story of the most painful experience of her life, and the incredible gift it ultimately brought her.  HIGHLIGHT REEL: 1:30 - Where it all started: 2009 4:00 - Kate discovers that ghosts are real 6:40 - Kate gets called the c-word (crazy) by someone she thought she could trust 9:40 - An angel appears 11:30 - Kate is institutionalized against her will 15:00 - The phoenix rises  17:30 - Kate takes her power back 20:00 - Death is just a deadline so we can get our work done here on Earth 22:40 - Spirituality is REAL 24:28 - Kate's message to younger Kate 25:00 - You are not your experience 27:30 - Not everyone can handle the truth 29:45 - You are the only authority on you 38:00 - Kate discovers her true gift
June 11, 2020
In Her Own Frame: Giving Voice To Victorine w/ author Drema Drudge
You know her as the model from Manet's Olympia, and so many other works of art. But did you know that Victorine Meurent was also a celebrated painter? When author Drema Drudge learned that Victorine was more than just a model, she set out to give voice to this creative visionary so that her legacy would no longer be defined entirely by her image as seen through the eyes of men. And while Drema inspires us to give voice to the voiceless, Victorine reminds us of the importance of living in our own frame, lest we end up living in someone else's.  HIGHLIGHT REEL: 1:30 - Victorine Meurent, more than a model 9:00 - Drema's connection to Victorine  10:00 - Get your woo out! 12:00 - All art is collaborative 14:20 - The importance of editing 16:40 - Drema's advice for those who want to write creative non-fiction / historical fiction 20:00 - What artists want 21:30 - How to stop living in someone else's frame 23:00 - Why it's 100% okay to be excited to share your work with the world 24:00 - Where to find Victorine & Drema
June 4, 2020
Broken Pieces Tell Amazing Stories, W/ Daniel Bruce Levin
Every moment of every day, we have direct access to pure grace, boundless love, and ecstatic joy. We can choose to feel, flowing through us, the energy of creation itself. And yet, so often we do not. Why?  On this week's podcast, my new best friend Daniel Bruce Levin, author of The Mosaic, and host of The Mosaic podcast, not only answers this question, he offers practical guidance on what to do about it. With the help of some friends he's met along the way (the shaman, the Rabbi, the street artist, the trash man, the gardener, the businessman, the homeless man, and more), he drops some of the most gripping stories and profoundly beautiful insights I've ever had the pleasure of recording.  HIGHLIGHT REEL: 1:20 - Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone  2:00 - A tumultuous and beautiful life 3:30 - The one thing EVERYONE wants 11:00 - The magic of masculine and feminine energies in balance 11:50 - The beauty of the blind spot 14:00 - Why we don't just live in a state of grace 24/7 16:00 - How to make room for new energy within yourself 17:50 - A free meditation: The Trash Man 22:40 - What do you do when your work is in service to others, but there are no others? 30:30 - The story of The Gardener  41:00 - Wherever you go, there you are 41:40 - The beauty of the ordinary 43:00 - Meeting The Keeper of The Mosaic 55:00 - A story that will change your life if you let it! Watch the video:
May 28, 2020
Faith, Hope, and Boundaries With Rene Schultz
What would you do if, after dedicating your life to the teachings of Jesus Christ to help cope with childhood physical and sexual abuse, you were excommunicated from your church? Would you, perhaps, develop an addiction or two? Literally claw your own face off? Struggle against a daily urge to end your own life? Understandable. But would you then befriend a psychotic 15 year old girl who tried to murder her mother and, through that unlikely relationship, discover your own self worth? Would you develop your own system to heal from all those layers of trauma and create healthy boundaries for yourself? And would you start teaching that system to suicidal teens, chronic cheaters, addicts, and anyone else who could use a solid sense of self-worth? You would if you were this week's guest, Rene Schultz. To learn more, find Rene on IG: @thatwickedsmahtchick. Highlight Reel: 3:45 Excommunicated! 9:00 Rene hits rock bottom and learns to stop handing people her worth on a silver platter 10:30 Rene discovers that mentoring others can help her heal 12:00 Some tools for healing from trauma and addiction 20:00 Tips on shaping a memoir 21:00 Rene's memoir "Imagine If I Looked Like Me": healing from dysmorphia and low self-image 25:50 Boundaries are FOR you, not against you 26:45 The Respect Test: are they relationship material? 31:00 How the cycle of abuse perpetuates itself, and how to put a stop to it
May 21, 2020
There's Always an Alternative w/ Scott Manduck
What would you do if your spouse was seriously ill, and mainstream medicine was failing them at every turn? If you're anything like this week's guest, Scott Manduck, you'd turn every stone until you got at the root cause and found a viable alternative treatment. Scott's commitment to helping his wife heal and the incredible discoveries they made along the way will BLOW YOUR FREAKING MINDS, yogis. Learn more about Scott and the technology he discovered at, and use the promo code "aloud20" to give it a go at a 20% discount.  Highlight Reel: 4:00 The root cause - how our teeth affect our bodies 7:00 The limitations of Western medicine 10:30 Synchronicity: TFW the doctor from the documentary you just watched randomly walks into the office where you happen to be 13:00 The story of Essential Vibes 14:00 The Schumann Resonances 15:00 EMFs, 5G, and how they're affecting our bodies 20:20 How to stop a runny nose using essential oils 24:00 My best friend's chronic illness story 29:00 The Autoimmune Solution by Amy Myers, MD 30:00 Weaning off of high oxalate foods 50:00 What it feels like to find that thing that you know is going to make a massive impact 51:00 How to start healing and take your life back
May 14, 2020
Melting Ivory: Life Happens For You, Not To You
Every so often I realize there's a story *I'm* still not telling. This one was a bit of a doozy. It's taken me two decades and a whole lot of help from my support network to get enough distance on this epic survival story to be able to share it with the world. Melting Ivory chronicles my adventures as a naive Fulbright scholar studying theatre in a country on the brink of civil war, and the far more dangerous romance that resulted.  In this bonus episode, I offer a sneak preview of this true tale of personal and political upheaval, love, loss, and liberation.  Now available on Kindle, or in paperback. 
May 7, 2020
Nourishing Change With Suzanne Carpenter
If you've ever been made to feel like you're taking up too much space, this is the episode for you. Nutritional wellness and conscious eating coach Suzanne Carpenter shares the hero's journey that showed her that change is possible: all you have to do is start. Find out more about Suzanne's "Suz On your Shoulder" (SOS) program to clear up food confusion for good, and sign up for a free 7-day trial on her website: Highlight Reel: 3:00 A quiet eating disorder 8:40 Why extreme diets don't work 10:20 Comparison kills (and mansplaining sucks) 14:00 A handy trick for sloughing off unsolicited commentary 19:00 The secret to success: get comfortable with discomfort, and do the scary thing 24:40 How to build a healthy plate 39:00 Just start! 41ish: BONUS! All about eating your feelings
May 7, 2020
Dance In The Rain w/ Jagrit Sandhu
Have you ever changed the right thing, but for the wrong reasons? Transformed your outsides, only to realize it was your insides that actually needed to change? Sheltered from the storm when you should have been dancing in the rain? Listen to find out what happened when this week's guest, Jag Sandhu, host of the International Connection Podcast, made the decision to stop trying to live up to the expectations of random weeds that popped up around him, and start cultivating a garden of like-minded, positive people instead.  Learn more and listen to Jag's inspiring and delightful podcast at  Highlight Reel: 2:30 Why you should aim to be the dumbest person in the room 4:10 What happens when you change your outsides without changing your insides 11:00 Why relationships are everything 12:50 Can you overcome introversion? 15:20 Measure your life in fun 16:40 People only throw stones at trees that bear fruit (so if the haters are after you, you're doing something right!) 18:00 Jag's life-changing decision 23:00 How to get and keep a mentor 29:50 The GEMS method for navigating difficult conversations 37:30 Jag's #1 tool for mental wellness
April 30, 2020
How To Be "On" With Honesty w/ Kimberley Milousis, Canadian doTERRA Founder
How do you win at Pac-Man? You stop playing the game.  Kimberley Milousis is at the top of her game. But for a self-proclaimed growth-addict like her, there's no such thing as "done." Kimberley knows the next level is to start showing her vulnerable side to her team. Together we navigate how to do just that without drowning in insecurity, making anyone else responsible for her feelings, or taking personal drama as an excuse not to show up for those who need her.  Highlight Reel: 3:40 Who cheers for the cheerleaders? The fraud complex is forreal, y'all. 8:50 Why ask why? Accepting what is. 9:40 Interrupting the shame cycle 12:00 How to win at the game of life 18:00 How vulnerability begets empathy 21:30 Learning to be "on" with honesty 23:00 Pursue healing - even a great heart surgeon can't perform heart surgery on themself 27:00 What a strength really is (spoiler: it's not just something you're good at) 30:00 The far-reaching impacts of self-talk 33:00 Abundance: it's not about the money 39:20 "Life More Abundantly," Kimberley's holistic abundance course:
April 23, 2020
Speaker for the Dead w/ Kristy Sumner
They say dead men tell no tales. But is that really true? This week's guest, Kristy Sumner of Soul Sisters Paranormal, challenges that notion by inviting the spirits of the departed to communicate their untold tales to the world. Her riveting stories of close encounters with the not-quite-crossed-over kind will warm your heart, chill your spine, and make you want to watch some of her amazing videos at !
April 16, 2020
Welcome to the Spectrum w/ Emily Wise
Everyone thinks a little differently, but for some folks that difference is... rather pronounced. This week's guest always knew she was not quite in sync with the world around her, but only got an explanation after her daughter was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome a.k.a. Autism Spectrum Disorder. In this episode, you'll learn: - Common "isms" of folks on the spectrum - How to be a great ally - What to do if you think you might be on the spectrum too! Also, be sure to check out Emily's podcast, Bad Clients:
April 9, 2020
Awakening Authenticity w/ Chris Owl
If a god from a religion you know next to nothing about came to you in person to tell you to change your life, would you do it? That's exactly what happened to this week's guest, Chris Owl, host of the belief-expanding podcast "Behind the Grid" and co-founder of Essential Vibes ( And this conversation, y'all? Oh. My. Ganesh. Prepare to have your mind blown, and to learn: - A meditation to increase cooperation between the two hemispheres of the brain, offered to Chris by the guardian angel he conjured out of sheer boredom while deep in meditation @ 15:25 - The value of authenticity and making peace with being a work in progress @ 36:00 - An exercise to help you stay in alignment with your values (taught to me by real-life angel Amarynn Marya Rose) @ 37:57 - The proper (ritual) use of alcohol @ 1:00:14 And so much more. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed recording it!
April 2, 2020
How Not to Be a Bully w/ Erika Roddick
This is Erika Roddick. She's a beautiful, vibrant, single woman who also happens to have alopecia, an autoimmune condition that makes her hairless from head to toe. Despite her confident demeanor, she is deeply affected (as we all are) by the nasty comments, horrified stares, and insensitive behavior of those she comes into contact with. Bullying, as it turns out, isn't just for school kids any more. But happily Erika is here to help us all out with some highly actionable tips on how to treat those who are different from us. Learn more at:
March 26, 2020
The Forgotten Art of Grief w/ Best-Selling Author Ali Zakarya
If your book hit the best seller list, as did Ali Zakarya's book "The Forgotten Art of Happiness - 52 Ideas That Will Change Your Life," you'd be pretty happy, right? But what if, on the same day your book was published, your beloved father had a stroke? That's exactly what happened to this week's guest, and he quickly discovered that emotions like sadness, grief, and fear often end up on the cutting room floor of public life so that nobody knew he was suffering. As Ali puts it: "It's not as happy as it looks." Buy the book here:
March 19, 2020
Come Out Of Hiding W/Out Breaking Quarantine!
On this bonus episode of That's Aloud, fan favorite Willow Bradner (The Accidental Psychic) and I offer tips on:  - Staying aligned, pushing boundaries, and living out loud, despite all the pressure (within and without) to stay in hiding (2:50)  - Staying sane and handling triggers in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic (13:00)  - How to get the most out of your social media socializing (17:05) Love one another fiercely (from a safe distance)! Watch the video!
March 18, 2020
Your Story Starts Here w/ Jodi Borrelli
Just about all of us know someone who’s been affected by the opioid crisis. Maybe someone you care about. Maybe you. Either way, the infamous “Ulta Thief,” Jodi Borrelli, is here to spread hope by sharing her remarkable story of recovery and rebirth.  In this episode, you will learn how to:  - Help a loved one through recovery (without enabling addictive behavior)  - Create a new story for yourself that’s NOT about addiction or trauma  - Start where you’re at, have gratitude for what IS, and focus on what’s in front of you  - Find a new groove, and a new game to enjoy!
March 12, 2020
Straight Up Give Yourself Grace w/ Brandee Melcher
We’re all a bit off-center, but for this week’s guest, that crookedness was quite literal, right up until she realized she didn’t have to hold onto that story any more. Brandee’s incredible story of triumph over childhood abuse reminds us to be kind not only to each other, but to ourselves, and to the wounded inner children we all carry around with us.
March 5, 2020
Overcoming addiction: the mind-body connection w/ James Hamilton Healy
Truth always comes from within. But it can be awfully hard to hear that truth when it's being drowned out by the pangs of addiction. There are plenty of great tools and programs out there to help you overcome addictive patterns, but there is no magic bullet, no one-size-fits-all solution that works for everyone, every time. Some folks find sobriety in a twelve step group, others on a yoga mat or in a wood shop. This week's guest, James Hamilton Healy, is a storyteller who believes in the mind-body connection, and whose recovery story doesn't quite fit the standard narrative.
February 27, 2020
Why Doesn't Love Stay? w/ Stephanie Scherr
In honor of Valentine's Day, my dear friend Stephanie and I tackle the age-old question: Why doesn't love stay? Have you ever been with someone and thought you had a great thing going, only to have them suddenly and inexplicably pull the plug? Have you ever been madly in love with someone and then a couple of years later realize the pilot light of your passion has flickered out? Then this episode is for you!
February 20, 2020
The Midlife Renaissance with Sarah Goodenough
Buying a sports car might get you through a midlife crisis, but it won't get you a midlife renaissance. For a new lease on life in middle age, you're going to need to let go of all the external expectations you've been trying to live up to, and finally start being the person you were always meant to be. For this week's guest, that meant destroying everything she had built up to then. But guess what? It was still worth it.
February 14, 2020
Aria Part 2: The Worst Thing I've Ever Done
By popular demand, Miss Aria Vita is back with another confession, and this time it's the VERY WORST THING she has ever done in all her eight years of life.  In this episode, you and your kiddos will learn:  - Why there's no such thing as "getting away with it"  - Why it's better to confess *before* you have to  - Why making mischief is often more fun in theory than in practice  - How to move on from a friendship that is hurting your integrity... and so much more!
February 6, 2020
Anne And I, Take Two
Sometimes it takes a person you've never met to show you who you are. In honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day (Jan 27th), I re-recorded one of my favorite pieces from season one: Anne and I. It's important to me to do justice to Anne and her legacy, and it was a great opportunity to take stock of how far I've come since that first recording.
January 30, 2020
Court Rundell: what if I took nothing seriously?
What would you do if, in the midst of the deepest, darkest depression of your life, plagued by several overlapping illnesses, you started planning out your suicide only to be interrupted by a dead relative telling you "Sorry, you can't die yet because your mission on Earth is not yet complete"? Would you embrace the absurdity of it all and start doing standup comedy? You would if you were the incredible Court Rundell. Learn more at  Highlight Reel:  5:54 - Not to be polarizing, but like, ghosts are forreal, m'kay?  14:35 - You can't call in sick from being a mom  18:25 - Love is always the answer  18:48 - That time Court's ghost brother-in-law saved her life  28:37 - "You've lived six lives in this lifetime. You have to get through this because you have a mission. You're here for a purpose. And if you kill yourself, you're just going to have to do it all over again."  33:25 - Postpartum can last way longer than you realize  36:35 - "Sleep deprivation is proven to make you insane."  44:18 - Laugher isn't just the best medicine, it's a great diagnostic tool, too  57:24 - The epiphany: "What if I took nothing seriously anymore?"
January 20, 2020
Tools for Mental Wellness w/ Shara Sandusky
What do you do when you're in the grips of a downward emotional spiral? How do you confront the collateral damage post-freakout? What does self-care for mental wellness look like when you've been diagnosed with something as scary-sounding as Borderline Personality Disorder? Get the answers on today's episode, or ask Miss Shara herself at You are not alone!  Highlight Reel:  11:08 - What it means to be in "wise mind," and how to get and stay there  14:38 - Why you shouldn't believe everything you think  15:45 - What you resist, persists: radical acceptance as a tool for wellness  18:39 - Finding your reason to change  20:00 - Why it's 100% OK to let relationships end  21:51 - Self care is not cute  24:00 - The Inventory: a powerful tool for self-empowerment and self-responsibility  25:36 - The meaning of life and why middle age is awesome  26:18 - Therapy as medicine  28:57 - A new, more intuitive way to set goals  33:02 - The key to having "the wisdom to know the difference"  35:29 - A simple trick to transform negative self-talk into radical self-acceptance
January 9, 2020
Blair Hopkins, East Village Widow
Author, podcaster, and cheerful nihilist Blair Hopkins navigates grief recovery against the booze-fueled backdrop of Manhattan's East Village. Listen as she wrestles with such universal themes as artistic insecurity (aka The Fraud Complex), dissociation in times of crisis, and the importance of empathy and humor.  Highlight Reel:  2:50 - Bar Widows of the East Village  8:52 - Comparison and imposter syndrome: the doom of all artists  11:30 - Stop collecting underpants (aka procrastinating)  12:57 - What it's like to be a widow magnet  14:46 - How 12 step culture taught Blair how NOT to tell a story  16:04 - What it was like to lose Shane (her partner who died)  24:40 - What denial really looks like  27:29 - The virtues of nihilism as a coping mechanism  28:20 - How tragedy amps up empathy  29:31 - Everyone is doing their best with the resources they have  37:14 - None of us are okay. And that's okay.  37:37 - The meaning of life  42:15 - An exercise to help you break through writer's block
January 2, 2020
Know Your Worth w/ Lori Rosolowsky
Advocating for yourself can be hard. This week Lori Rosoloswky of Open Sky Artists and I discuss the challenges of getting fair compensation, especially as women in the arts, and why it's so much easier to advocate for others than for ourselves.  Highlight reel:  2:32 - Lori shares her untold story of getting shot down the first time she asked for a raise, and how that affected her sense of self-worth.  12:33 - Adrienne shares *her* untold story of being asked by a boss "What do you REALLY want to do?" and having to confront the true answer.  16:59 - Why it's so much easier to advocate for, and negotiate on behalf of, someone other than ourselves.  23:05 - How to deal with push-back on compensation in client negotiations and stay grounded in your worthiness.  31:36 - Handling the haters is a lifelong battle, but you've got this.
December 26, 2019
Tell the Truth First, Before it Gets Worse w/ Aria Vita MacIain
"Tell the truth first, before it gets worse." This is one of the many remarkable insights my wise-beyond-her-years 8-year-old daughter Aria comes up with in the course of this fun, kid-friendly episode of That's Aloud. Aria's adventures in make-believe and her sincere efforts to come clean to her friends are as relatable as they are touching. Listen to this one with your whole family!  Highlight Reel:  2:39 - Aria's confession  3:17 - Things get out of hand  7:10 - Aria comes clean  8:11 - Aria's epiphany: tell them first, before it gets worse  10:17 - The difference between objective truth and emotional truth  11:59 - Taking your own advice is hard  13:52 - How to come clean to someone you care about  16:52 - Intimacy, vulnerability, courage, bravery, and how to find a true friend
December 19, 2019
Your Goals are Valid, with Stacey Sorgen
Have you ever felt pressured to look a certain way, work out a certain way, or adopt fitness goals that weren't really yours? Have you ever been made to feel like your body needs to be modified in order to be acceptable? This week's guest, Stacey Sorgen, is the antidote to all that bullshit. Learn more about Stacey and her ground-breaking gym at  Highlight Reel:  1:42 - Stacey's message to the mainstream wellness and fitness community: healthy isn't about the way you look  5:25 - Stacey opens up about a humiliating visit to a big-box gym that inspired her to create a new kind of gym  8:15 - Stacey calls bullshit on the idea that you have to look a certain way to be a personal trainer  13:39 - Stacey helps a woman with rheumatoid arthritis reach her fitness goals  18:32 - Stacey's recipe for consistency in fitness training  22:18 - The importance of intuition as a trainer, teacher, or coach
December 12, 2019
Willow Bradner, the Accidental Psychic
This week's guest has the rare gift of being completely hilarious and mind-blowingly insightful at the same time. Listen as I help Willow, aka the accidental psychic, navigate her origin story and her message for entrepreneurs: you are your own savior! Find out more at  Highlight Reel:  1:32 - Willow discovers her psychic abilities by accident (on her wedding night)!  5:10 - Willow decides to use her powers to help entrepreneurs (aka True Spiritual Badasses), not just "dial up for the dead."  6:54 - The importance of authenticity in life and business  10:09 - Everybody else's way is not your way  14:44 - Intuitive living requires A LOT of patience, but it's so worth it  21:01 - Going from solopreneuring to SOULopreneuring: don't forget to collaborate!  31:02 - How to avoid gurus and stay in your power
December 5, 2019
Won to Watch Teaser-Trailer
Welcome to the future resistance! A mysterious woman named Won (played by Courtney A. Walsh) has just killed the president. Professor of Abnormal Psychology, Alana McLain (played by me, Adrienne MacIain), has gained exclusive access to Won for a psychological profile of this cold-blooded killer. But as the interviews progress, the distinctions between interviewer and interviewee, sanity and madness, and safety and danger, become irretrievably blurred. What is treason? What is justice? And who watches the watchers? The first episode of this riveting audio drama drops Tuesday December 3rd, subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!
November 30, 2019
Won to Watch, Courtney A. Walsh
Kicking off season 2 is a true spiritual warrior princess: Courtney A. Walsh. Listen as I help the author of Dear Human clarify her next project: our upcoming podcast collaboration, Won to Watch. Learn more about Courtney at
November 28, 2019
Season 2 Teaser Trailer
How do you begin to tell your truth? What is your story and who is it for? Adrienne, aka The Story Whisperer, is here to help you find answers to all your story-related questions. Listen in as she helps badass entrepreneurs, artists, and individuals of all ages find their authentic voice and give shape to their most important stories.
November 13, 2019
The Misadventures of Mrs Fishbaum
Meet the crazy creation who kept me sane while wading through low milk supply and postpartum depression: Mrs. Fishbaum. You can find more photos and vignettes on my website, And don't forget to subscribe! Season 2 drops on Thanksgiving 2019.
November 10, 2019
Our Stepfather's Footsteps
One ghost story, told from three different perspectives: mine, and those of my two sisters. 
October 25, 2019
The Devil is in the Details
We all have talents, and shortcomings. I, for example, am really good at telling funny stories about my atrocious baking skills. Warning: do not drink milk while listening to this one. Even if you're eating cake.
September 17, 2019
Miss Impression: People Appeaser
I am the worst kind of people-pleaser. I'm a downright people-appeaser. But I've learned, over time, how to handle the haters. #MessedUpMemoirs
September 6, 2019
Autobiographicover 2: Me And A Knife
The second of my autobiographicovers finds me on the kitchen floor, my life threatened by a knife-wielding maniac (aka my first husband).  But I hadn't seen Barbados, so I... [what's the past tense of must?] get out of this.
September 6, 2019
Autobiographicover 1: Shit My Rapist Said
What is an autobiographicover, you ask? Listen, and find out!
September 6, 2019
Authenticity; How I Stopped Doing Stuff I Suck At
If you've ever felt like your unique gifts and talents are not valued in this world, this is the episode for you. Spoiler alert: you are valuable. Exactly as you are. You just need to stop doing stuff you suck at! #UnsolicitedAdvice #MessedUpMemoirs 
September 3, 2019
Food Gratitude; How Switzerland Saved My Ass
How is Swiss cheese like a religious experience? They're both holy and can change your life if you let them.  This is the story of how a trip to Switzerland helped me recover from an eating disorder and changed my relationship with food, for good. #MessedUpMemoirs #UnsolicitedAdvice 
September 3, 2019
Anne And I
Sometimes it takes someone you've never met to show you who you are. #MessedUpMemoirs
September 3, 2019
How I Got Into College
How does a gal with craptastic grades in high school end up graduating from a prestigious liberal arts college (almost) debt-free? Listen to find out! #MessedUpMemoirs #UnsolicitedAdvice
September 3, 2019
Stuff I Leave Off My Resume Part 2
Not attractive enough to be a cocktail waitress, but too attractive to be a belly dancer, apparently. Is there a chart somewhere I can consult to determine the appropriate career path for my level of attractiveness? #MessedUpMemoirs
September 3, 2019
Stuff I Leave Off My Resume Part 1
The stuff that ends up on the cutting room floor is often where the best stories lurk: The odd jobs so odd we don't bring them up in mixed company. #MessedUpMemoirs
September 3, 2019
That's Aloud Podcast Intro
Hi, I'm Adrienne. I tell the stories they told me not to talk about. I hope they make you laugh. And cry. And laugh so hard you cry. And above all I hope they inspire you to live out loud. Because dammit, that's aloud.
August 29, 2019