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That’s Deep Podcast

That’s Deep Podcast

By Naomi + Riley Harrington
Welcome to the That’s Deep Podcast! Join our millennial husband & wife hosts, Riley and Naomi (podcasters and coaches), a team of multi-passionate professionals who have a love for helping creatives release limiting beliefs and build the confidence they need to take action on their life's dreams, through Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), learning about Myers-Briggs Personality Types, emotional intelligence, and spiritual growth. Instagram: @naomicourtneycoaching
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How to Use Myers-Briggs Personality Types to Improve Your Family Relationships
“One thing that I would never change about myself is my sensitivity.” “It’s been a journey because I grew up thinking my sensitivity was a flaw…” This was one of the many valuable insights that was shared by Sandra, our latest podcast guest on the That’s Deep Podcast. Sandra Etherington is a mother of two, an Enneagram 1, INFJ, and an MBTI and MMTIC Certified Family Type Practitioner who currently lives in Bend, Oregon. She also runs a podcast, called Family Personalities. She uses the Myers-Briggs Personality Type System (MBTI) to help type parents and their kids, so that they can better understand each other, have more compassion for one another, parent more effectively, and work in harmony with their spouse. MBTI has been a big part of helping her understand her sensitivity in all aspects (strengths and weaknesses). What she most loves about herself as a parent, partner, and friend is her ability to step into what's really happening with other people’s emotions and have deep empathy. Without her sensitivity, her super power wouldn’t be there. I appreciate her efforts to start changing the narrative around sensitivity and being sensitive. She is a sensitive mother who encourages us to see our sensitivities as a gift and not a weakness. Listen to the episode to learn helpful tips on parenting kids of different personality types! We also talk about how to manage your energy as an introverted mother and we break down how you can use MBTI to help enhance your family relationships. You’ll absolutely want to bookmark and save this episode if you’re a parent who’s looking to improve their relationship with their children, if you work with children and want to work with them more effectively and compassionately, or if you’re looking to improve your relationship with your spouse. To connect with Sandra on Instagram: To listen to the Family Personalities Podcast: To connect with Naomi on Instagram: To book a private coaching session or personal email reading with Naomi, please visit:
August 19, 2020
There's No Easy Button in Online Business: Are you Selling Dreams or Real Transformations?
Are you an aspiring entrepreneur, online business owner, or coach? You and I both know that the online industry is flooded with coaches, consultants, and strategists who promise you the sun, moon, and stars, right? We can’t open our social media accounts without hearing phrases like, “Quit your 9-5 and live the laptop lifestyle,” or “Scale your business to six figures!” The buzzwords go on and on, and everyone ends up sounding like carbon copies of one another. That’s not you though. You’re built with authenticity, evidence-based measures, and honesty about which transformations you can actually bring your clients through. You’re unique and different from the rest, and intend on standing out beyond the crowd of copy cats and mimickers. You’re not here to sell pipe dreams and you definitely aren’t a snake-oil saleswoman. You actually want to provide life-changing transformations for your clients, based on real results that are measurable and vetted against proven frameworks, right? Whether that’s in their business, relationships, health/fitness, or mindset. But you spend your nights awake, wondering how you’re ever going to start a business amongst all of the noise online. You want to know the best avenue to take as a brand new coach and you’re curious about how to monetize your business. Real talk, you also want to know the reason behind why you’re having a hard time attracting your first paid (and aligned) clients. “It has never been my goal to sell dreams on the internet,” says our latest podcast guest, Kyshira Moffett, an INFJ, award-winning serial entrepreneur, brand strategist, MBA, podcast host, and author who specializes in helping ambitious women entrepreneurs package their expertise, brand their influence, and monetize their online presence. Of course, because this is a mindset podcast, we touch on the importance of making internal shifts (the mindset shifts) needed to become a thriving and abundant business owner. We talk about letting go of “overworked and underpaid” narrative, setting boundaries, busting self-limiting beliefs, navigating money mindset, learning about the law of attraction and the power of visualization, and the importance of vibrations when it comes to manifesting your desires. You’ll want to bookmark and save this episode for your business resources, because you won’t want to miss out on all of Kyshira’s golden nuggets of business wisdom. Tune-in to learn more about the importance of having a signature offer, speaking your customers language, leveraging video content, how to message your brand and services, and how to position yourself online. To connect with Kyshira on Instagram: To connect with Naomi on Instagram: To book a personal reading or coaching session, please visit:
August 12, 2020
What Fear Can Teach Us: Finding Forgiveness and Compassion
Fear. We all feel it. But what can we actually learn from it? Tune-in to our latest podcast episode to find out! It was an honor to have Charles Woolfork back on the That’s Deep Podcast for Season 3! He is a hypnotherapist, mindset coach, motivational speaker, and a mental and emotional healer. In this episode, it was a party of three intuitive types (an INFJ, ENFP, and ENFJ)! It was so refreshing to have my husband Riley back on the show with me to co-host this insightful second interview with Charles. Join us in this episode as we talk about surviving Hurricane Douglas in Hawaii, how he’s been dealing with everything that’s been going on in the world with the pandemic and the racial justice movements, what he’s learned from processing fear, and how to do mental and emotional release. It’s all mindset work folks! We hear about what Charles feels like his inner child needed in terms of love, processing the death of his brother, how he handled being let go from his previous job with grace, and how he realized that finding love will bring out the baggage in you (you know, the work that’s still left to be done within you). Tune-in to hear how he used the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique of mental and emotional release to bring himself to a place of abundance and prosperity in his relationships. To connect with Charles on Instagram: To connect with Naomi on Instagram: To book a personal reading or coaching session, please visit: 
August 5, 2020
How Introverts and INFJs Can Use Personality Types to Grow In Their Career and Relationships
Are you an introvert or an extravert? As an introvert and an INFJ, I know that introverts are often misunderstood. But the question is… if you’re an introvert, do you think that there is too much focus on the idea on how “nobody gets you,” or how you’re “so misunderstood?” I’m gonna need your opinion on this one folks. As introverts, are we lacking room for growth if we’re only focusing on how misunderstood we are? If you’re an INFJ (or you know one), you know that being present can be tough. Not to mention feeling easily overwhelmed, especially when there’s a lot of sensory information coming in at us quickly? And oh boy, not to mention how tricky it can feel for us to take concrete action on our visions in the concrete world? As introverts, you know that the feeling of going into the external world is not always naturally comfortable for us. You have your perfect vision in mind, right? But you also have to do the tough part, which is going into the external world to make sure your inner visions come to fruition. If you’re an INFJ, you’ve probably also heard that we’re the rarest personality type on the planet. Well, not anymore! And you’d be surprised to find out that the rarest type is now actually an extraverted personality type (yes, I’m talking to you ENTJs!). In this episode, we dive into everything Myers-Briggs with our guest expert, Leslie McDaniel! We talk about the definition of being an introvert and an INFJ personality type. If you’re an INFJ, I have exciting news, because one of your biggest superpower strengths is your ability to anticipate future implications, especially around people. You’re a boss at perspective thinking and metacognition (ya know? Thinking about thinking. Which also probably explains why we’re in our own heads so often!) Want more juicy personality type information? Well you’re in for a treat, because Leslie McDaniel is a Certified Professional Coach, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Practitioner, Personality Hacker Certified Profiler, and an Enneagram Accredited Practitioner. If you’re planning on catching up on this episode at a later time (because life, right?), then I’ll leave you with some of the most helpful tips for you as an INFJ: Be kind to yourself: INFJs are so hard on themselves and have very high expectations. Perfectionism is one of their biggest struggles. I mean, you know how it feels to not feel good enough, right? Acknowledge the work that you have done (and the work that you haven’t done - but respond in kindness with that): We can easily discount all of the progress that we’ve already made. Not an INFJ? I got you! There’s still helpful bite-sized tips for you on this episode if you’re any of the other personality types. Let’s think about Personality Hacker’s FIRM Model, which is another indicator for type, and tells us what the different personality types are fixated on (listed below): EP Types: Freedom IJ Types: Invulnerability IP Types: Rightness EJ Types: Management Can you relate? Comment with your personality type below and tell us what you think! To connect with Leslie: Follow her on Instagram: Visit her website: To connect with Naomi: Follow her on Instagram: Visit her website:
July 14, 2020
Mercury in Retrograde and Manifestation Advice From an Intuitive Empath and Psychic Medium
To kick off season 3, I brought back my dear friend Stephanie Jameson to the show and it was so refreshing to have her back on That’s Deep Podcast for a second time! Having her back on the show was a no brainer after working with her for the last year and making huge transformations and fun fact, her episode was the most listened to episode on the podcast, throughout all of the entire seasons! If you haven’t heard that episode yet, be sure to listen to Season 1, Episode 8 of the That’s Deep Podcast Titled “Choosing Love over Fear with an Intuitive Empath and Psychic Medium. Here’s a little background on Stephanie. She is an intuitive empath, psychic medium, certified reiki master, and author of The Happy Empaths Workbook and The Happy Empath’s Little Book of Affirmations. While we recorded this around the new moon eclipse, we’ve just survived the full moon eclipse this past week. Phew! How are you feeling after all of that heightened energy? Did you know that Mercury is in retrograde right now (all about reflecting and reassessing) and (as well as many other planets like Pluto (soul transformation), Saturn (the resolution of karma and past lessons), Venus (deep heart healing, loving yourself, and honoring yourself - just went direct), Jupiter (serious spiritual truth seeking, teaching us on what we need to master around our spiritual path - when it goes direct in Sept., we’re all going to get a little reward or bonus for all of our hard work that we’ve been doing since doing), Neptune (seeing things clearly, moving past illusions)). This is a massive time for growth across the planet! So stay tuned to hear more about the astrological updates, empath advice, energy tips, manifestation, and more around the different types of psychic abilities that people typically have. In this episode, she gives us a sneak peak into what her new book is all about, which revolves around some amazing affirmations for resetting and reprogramming your mindset for sensitives. She also just manifested a new car for herself (a Mercedes) and did this through quantum manifesting. We talk a little bit about manifestation and how much emotions are involved in the process. She’s a huge believer in the LOA. She practiced gratitude for things that haven showed up in the physical world but she knows is on her way to her. She also started a manifesting course, which will help you manifest your desires by mastering your emotions, believing you're worthy, choosing love over fear daily, and owning your own power. To book a session or connect with Stephanie: Visit her website: Follow her on Instagram: To book a session or connect with Naomi: Visit her website: Follow her on Instagram:
July 9, 2020
Perspectives from a Multi-Racial Mother, Educator, and Multi-Passionate Artist, Milli Moto
Did you know that by 2060, the multi-racial population will TRIPLE? This powerful statistic was shared by our most recent podcast interview guest, Milli Moto. It was truly an honor and an absolute dream come true having Milli Moto on the That’s Deep Podcast! Milli is a mother, actress, multi-media artist, recording artist, and educator from Los Angeles, California. She’s been a role-model for me and someone that I’ve always looked up to and it’s a blessing to have been able to connect with her for the show. Milli started off in the entertainment industry from a young age and you might’ve even seen her on tv shows like Key and Peele or Jane the Virgin. She’s been in movies like Think Like a Man Too and maybe you’ve even seen her on the Emmy nominated digital series, Pillow Talk. She’s also done stunt work for television series like Homecoming, with Janelle Monae and Scream Queens to name a few. Milli is multi-passionate and she is a singer and rapper as well. She’s also a part of an extremely musically talented family and we get to hear the background story about her song “Mood” and how she sang the vocals on the track (although many thought it was her niece Jhene Aiko!). She graduated from USC with a Master’s Degree in Teaching (English). She’s taught middle and high school before, but at this time, she’s trying to merge the entertainment world and multiculturalism by educating future creators, directors, producers, and actors/actresses with her background in education. She’s an ISFJ in the Myers-Briggs Personality Type System and we spoke about being an introvert and managing our energetic reserves, where she shares her need for alone time, and how we get recharged by being alone. We also talked about how she’s balancing her career, current studies as a student, and being a super-mom, all at the same time. We spoke about how becoming a mother changed and transformed her life in the best ways possible. We also talked about her devotion to send her daughter to Japanese school to learn the language and how it holds a deeper meaning for her, where she shares her heartfelt story about her father. Be sure to tune-in to this special episode, because we also had a valuable conversation on her experience being a multiethnic and multi-racial woman with what’s going on with the Black Lives Matter and other anti-racist initiatives happening right now in our world. Milli has been such a leading example for me as a mixed woman and I love her perspective on this topic, where we talk about how we need more empathy in the collective at this moment in time. Join us for this deep conversation! To connect with Milli, follow her on Instagram You can find more of Milli’s content at: To connect with Naomi, follow her on Instagram To book a personal life coaching session with Naomi, please visit:
July 1, 2020
Protecting Your Energy as an Introvert and Empath: Tips from a Gen-X Storyteller, Coach, and Badassery Advocate
It was an honor to have Jae Hermann on the show! She is a GenX storyteller, coach, writer, copy editor, podcaster, and badassery advocate. Jae overcame breast implant illness, which for years had robbed her of her health, identity, and creative voice. Now, she’s a multi-passionate empath who helps women and Gen-X gals tap into their power where she guides them to give themselves permission to share their own unique stories through the power of storytelling. We began our conversation with having a discussion around what’s been happening with Black Lives Matter and other anti-racist initiatives happening after George Floyd’s murder. We spoke about what it’s like to experience the weight of the pandemic on top of what’s happening in our black community right now. We also spoke about what it means to be an introvert, and how it doesn’t mean that you're shy, anti-social, or don’t want to connect with people. As introverts, we discussed our love for solitude and being easily drained by the energy of other people. Join in on our conversation as we explain it in terms of energy input and output. Jae and I also talked about being INFJs and how this type uses logic in their lives (as a feeling type). We talked about the importance of using our intuition in decision making as an introvert, INFJ, and empath and how our personality type is naturally drawn to creating deeper connections with others, rather than just having the surface conversations. You’ll want to check our conversation out around developing a balance between intuition and logic. My favorite part of the segment was when we spoke about being empaths, and being aware of and managing energy, boundaries, and protection. It’s easy to become overwhelmed as an empath, so it’s important to check in with your heart and to be aware with what’s yours vs. what isn’t in terms of energy. Jae shares a useful tool for protecting your energy as an empath and introvert, and reminds us that nothing is wrong with us as sensitives, and how it’s a gift. Tune-in to the episode to hear more about being mindful and aware of your energy reserves, how to recognize your own power, and how you can use the power of storytelling to empower others! You can connect with Jae at
June 18, 2020
The Importance of Finding Your Tribe as an Introvert, Intuitive, Feeler, and HSP.
It was an honor to have Jas Hothi on the That’s Deep Podcast! Jas is an introvert + multi-passionate creative. He runs INF club, a newsletter + community for INFPs + INFJs. He also tutors virtually (#remote) and is self-publishing his 1st book, the indie author (#indie). Work aside, he enjoys reading, watching sports, Winnie-the-Pooh, nourishing conversations and - of course - freedom (#INFP). He’s from the UK and has a passion for wanting to help people grow, learn, and be their best selves. Jas shares his story of the journey (both spiritual and business). He brings us through his journey of being a highly-focused academic student, to finding himself dropping out of university a few times, to ending up in recruitment for financial services. Things came to a head when he got employee of the year and realizing that he should be happier than he was. This was the moment he knew he needed to do something). Something just wasn’t right. He dove into reading about being an introvert and highly sensitive person (HSP), which co-occurred while he was on his his spiritual awakening path and while he was bringing himself into alignment. Right now he’s in the best spot he’s ever been in. We talk about his experience as being INFP type in the Myers-Briggs personality type system, being an HSP, and an Empath. (You’ll want to listen in for his tips on managing energy as an introvert and HSP). Jas drives the message home of the importance of community and finding your people or “tribe” as an intuitive personality type (I.e., Finding other Ns). Community brought him feelings of feeling less alone and weird, self acceptance, understanding, healing, and growth. We also talked about the importance of understanding and following your intuition. The only person who has all of the answers is you. There is no one else like you and only you have the answers. If you're intuitive, you probably need to do work that you care about. You probably desire to have the freedom to do what you want, in your own way. Tune in for more on Jas, his story, and his insights as an introverted intuitive feeler.
May 19, 2020
How to Build Self-Worth From Within: Taking Personal Accountability
It was a blast having Maria Grande on the That’s Deep Podcast! We recorded this episode last week during the super full moon (the super pink moon, the brightest moon of the year), so you know we had to talk about full moon rituals, crystals, moon water, and all the things woo! Maria is an ENFP, a mother and wife, a personal power speaker, and a coach. She grew up in South Philly and now she lives in South Jersey. She is also the host of her podcast, Worth In Progress, where she shares her journey of going through the self-worth process. She also hosts live events on personal development and has a girls empowerment series as well. Exciting news! She’s also currently working on writing her book. She teaches personal accountability and I love that Maria said, “What you do with your energy is your responsibility.” She teaches people about self-worth and how to unlearn the conditioning and patterns that don’t serve them. It all comes down to mindset work. She shares that she can be an over thinker, and how she used to tell herself that she wasn’t good enough, and how she held herself back with her limiting beliefs. She’s got a hold on her mindset now, but she mentions that it never stops and you have to consistently check in on your mindset. We dive deep into her personal story, where Maria shares that her 20s were the heart of her pain. She shares that if she could tell her 21-year old self anything, she would tell her that she’s already enough, she can be anything she chooses to be, and being different is a gift. Now she knows that she doesn’t have to fit a mold or pretend to be somebody. Everything that she’s been through has contributed to who she is today. If there’s one huge takeaway that you get from this episode with Maria, you’ll learn that it’s ok to not be positive all the time and that we as humans just need to embrace and laugh at the dark side, and not stay there. Just allow it and move on. Tune-in to the episode to learn more about how to foster self-worth from within! You can connect with Maria on: Instagram: Her website: Her podcast:
April 13, 2020
Having Faith Over Fear as a Recovering People Pleaser
Have you ever asked the universe for a sign and received it? Our most recent guest shares her story of how this happened to her and how it led to many shifts happening in her life. It was such an honor having Leah Carrillo Rivera as a guest on the That’s Deep Podcast! She is an INFJ, a mother of two, wife, life coach, and the creator behind the Serenity Journal Planner. She helps parents and teachers learn valuable life skills so they can teach their kids/students through coaching, workshops, and more. Leah is a registered nurse who resigned from her pediatric nursing job of seven years at a Children’s Hospital in her city due to health issues and to protect the health of her baby. Now she’s a life coach and she also does business coaching for new nurse entrepreneurs with her husband! Leah is a very spiritual person and she was very open about her faith in God and asking for signs from the universe. In this episode, we hear Leah’s personal story where she got very sick three years ago and was put on bedrest. The doctors didn’t understand why and she was on 20 meds and 15 supplements just to feel normal. It was because of this that she turned to holistic healing. When she turned 28, she finally threw her box of medications away. She also shared that her husband (also a nurse) had gotten attacked by his patient in the past and has been on disability ever since. Because of these life changing experiences, she knew how hard it might be to get pregnant. However, this past year she and her husband decided to try and have another baby. Leah noticed that every time she went back in to work, she noticed she would get her symptoms back. So, she and her husband made the decision that if she were to get pregnant, she would leave her job. And guess what? She found out that she was pregnant, that same week! At that point, she sent in her resignation letter within the following week or two and the rest was history! In this episode, we wear our mom hats and talk about how we’ll do anything for our kids, even though we may not do anything for ourselves and our own health. Sometimes it takes something as big as a pregnancy to really take care of your physical and emotional health. Leah also shares her story of going through bouts of anxiety and depression. It was hard for her to understand how all of a sudden she got sick. One day she had a dream that the reason that she was sick was that she didn’t love or take care of herself and she woke up crying. She then realized that she was taking care of everyone else before herself. As a recovering people pleaser, she realized that if she wants to be a good mom and nurse, then she needs to take care of herself and love herself first. This has become something she wants to teach her family and kids. This story is one that I know a lot of people can relate to here in the That’s Deep Podcast Community. Tune-in to the episode to learn more! You can connect with Leah in the following ways: On IG: Online: On YouTube:
April 1, 2020
How To Start Your Online Business and Attract Dream Clients
It was an absolute honor to have Monja Meyer on the That’s Deep Podcast! Monja is an ENFP in the Myers-Briggs Personality Type System and an intuitive marketing and business coach who helps aspiring entrepreneurs start their online business and attract their dream clients with organic marketing. She also helps her clients with the mindset aspect of building an online business as well! It was a pleasure to get to know Monja on a deeper and more personal level. She is from Germany, however, she has lived all over the world! She’s been living in Scotland for the past five years and she still works her corporate 9-5 while she scales her online coaching business into her full-time career. We talk about her well-known “bathroom coaching sessions”, the ENFP personality type, and how she is a city girl at heart and her love for going to cafes, strolling around, and going to little shops. Monja shares her story about how she started and scaled her online coaching business and we get to know what her podcast, The Imperfect Entrepreneurs, is all about. She also talks about how she used to do perfectionist coaching (helping others to work through self-sabotage). Monja shares how, “You can give your client all of the strategy, but without the mindset work, self-sabotage can come up and you may not be using the strategies that you’ve learned.” Have you ever felt like you needed someone to be your accountability partner and guide you through something that you’re struggling with? Someone who can help you make a major transformation (ex. Going from point A to point B in your online business)? In this episode, we learn that coaching is more future and goal focused. With a coach, you have someone who is consistently there giving you structure and support in moving forward with your goals. One of our favorite things that we touched on is the problem with trying to do it all by yourself in your business (AKA going the route of consuming all of the free content and listening to all of the podcasts, reading all of the books, and downloading tons of freebies). If you’re already an online coach (in any industry) or you’re an aspiring coach, you’re gonna love this episode because we talk about the three reasons why people aren’t buying from you. We talk about how important building authentic relationships are, solving one specific problem, believing in yourself, and how your messaging about your offer impacts your sales. Are you helping others solve problems? Tune-in to the episode for more! You can connect with Monja on: Instagram: @monja_meyer Her Website: Her Podcast: ***For 1:1 Coaching or Oracle Card Readings with Naomi: Website:, DM us on Instagram @thatsdeeppodcast
February 26, 2020
Balancing Feminine and Masculine Energy as an Intuitive Blogging and Business Coach
It was an absolute honor to interview Darya Knysh on the That’s Deep Podcast! She is an INTP in the Myers-Briggs Personality Type System and an intuitive blogging and business coach who helps creatives tell powerful stories and helps them to make money through blogging so they can live a life of freedom. We get to know Darya on a more personal level, where she shares her story of being born in Ukraine and moving over to the U.S. when she was 4-years old. She talks about getting back to that creative person that she was as a kid, how she learned that the things that make her unique were actually her unique superpowers. And when she started to own that, she started to grow in her business. We also get to hear about her next big adventure, which is her going on a month-long solo-trip to Bali. As an INTP, Darya is a lover of learning about the brain, and also has an interest in personal development and Myers-Briggs, and in this episode we dive deeper into the cognitive functions behind this personality type. Darya also drops some major value and insight into blogging, coaching, and entrepreneurship. Initially, she wanted to be a scientist but she decided to pivot because she wanted the freedom to travel the world and to create the life of her dreams without having to answer to anyone else She shares her story of how she started off as a travel blogger, and how she started to gain traction and make money from it. After she having a monetized blog figured out, people started reaching out to her on instagram and she began doing coaching from her DMs. From this point, she absolutely fell in love with intuitive business building alongside blogging and now she’s started her blog coaching business last May. Right now, Darya is working on balancing the feminine and masculine energy within her business, balancing the “being” and the “doing.” In this episode, she defines what intuition is and we also talk about the importance of slowing down and resting as an entrepreneur. She said, “The rest is the work sometimes,” “If you don’t pick a day to rest, your body will pick it for you.” She shares that life isn’t about being as productive as possible and that we have to do the deep work in the creative work instead of just stressing out about producing. To connect with Darya: Instagram: The Wild Creative Blog (Waitlist): The Wild Creative Community Facebook Group: ***For 1:1 Coaching or Oracle Card Readings with Naomi:
February 19, 2020
Building Your Like, Trust, and Know Factor in Online Marketing
It was an honor and a pleasure to interview Britney Gardner on this episode of the That's Deep Podcast. Britney is a Brand Strategist, Brand Photographer and also the creator and host of her Podcast, The Know, Like & Trust Show. On this episode we dive into Britney's life, from growing up in California to making a big move to New York. Going to college then taking the big leap to starting her own Wedding Photography business. We also discuss Britney's personality type, which is an INTJ and what it's like with an extroverted husband. But we can't forget Britney's business side as a Brand Strategist and some advice for the entrepreneur. Listen for more of Britney's story and awesome info! You can connect with Britney: Instagram: @iambritneygardner Online: Podcast: Know, Like & Trust Show
February 13, 2020
Improving Your Money Mindset and Navigating Loss With Resilience
It was truly an honor to have Melissa Martin on the That’s Deep Podcast. She is an INFJ, the co-founder of Ladies Aligned, the host of The Boldly Courageous Podcast, a certified money mindset coach, and a wealth and business strategist. Melissa empowers high performing female entrepreneurs to elevate their business and their money mindset. In this episode, we get really deep and we get to hear her story of her sister passing away from Leukemia when she was 26. Because her sister had accomplished so much at a young age, it reminds her that everyday is a gift and no matter how challenging something feels and how much courage you might need to speak her truth or show up as yourself, it’ll never require as much courage as facing your own death. It’s one of those things that never goes away, but it’s given her a lot of perspective on what it takes to be courageous in life. In this episode, Melissa also shares her personal childhood story of growing up in a farmhouse in Upstate New York, where she often felt like a “hand-me-down” kid. We get to hear her story of how she judged herself a lot against her peers and how it piqued her fascination with money and drove her to want to be successful. Back in 2012, she was number one on her sales team making 6-figures, and her company completely eliminated her team. She shares her story of getting laid off and ending up being over 6-figures in debt and thinking about filing for bankruptcy. She fills us in on her story of how getting fired from her corporate career in financial service management led her to being introduced to network marketing, which then led her to entrepreneurship. In 2019, she lost all of her income again. In a matter of two months. Over 6-figures of debt and really struggling financially. But her mindset is different this time around and she’s asking herself “What am I meant to learn?” “What am I missing?” We talk about how Melissa is shifting her attention to money management just as much as she does with money mindset. She also shares the breakthroughs that she had this year. She’s going to let her soul be as big as it wants. We talk about releasing self-limiting beliefs such as “my bigness makes other people small,” or “My light can’t be too bright.” We talk about the importance of celebrating others just as much as you celebrate yourself. Tune-in to hear more! Melissa is truly resilient, inspiring, and courageous. P.S. You’ll get the inside story on how she recently found herself taking a helicopter to dinner one evening in Los Angeles. You can connect with Melissa on:  Instagram: @themelissamartin Online: To take the TypeFinder Personality Test on Truity:
February 4, 2020
Embracing Change as a Single Mother and a Living Kidney Donor
It was an absolute honor to interview Kylie Wright our latest episode of the That’s Deep Podcast! She is an INFJ, a mother of two, an entrepreneur, the owner and founder of the Royal Bowtique, and she’s currently working on being certified as an IIN Health Coach. She’s originally from Texas, but she’s currently in Arizona working as a small business owner and coaching clients in health and nutrition while she gets certified as an IIN coach. Kylie started her business 10 years ago, right around the time that she started having kids. She shares her story of being a young mom, starting a business, and going through a divorce. Now she’s walking into a new phase of life as a single mom and she’s working on embodying change (in a new career industry and as a single parent). She said, “You never see the rainbow without the rain,” and we talked about how life is always evolving. In this episode, we cover everything on motherhood, moving through life’s challenges, being an entrepreneur, and pivoting in her business and joining the health coaching industry. Being an INFJ and a Cancer, she mentioned that she is shy, quiet, and reserved until you get to know her (this INFJ can totally relate!). Kylie embodies so much strength and resilience and she is a true inspiration, as she is also living kidney donor. Tune-in to hear her personal story about how she saved her sister’s life. The main thing that stuck out after connecting with Kylie was how much she embraced the feeling of gratitude for all the highs and lows in life. She talks about how she’s so grateful for her past, because it’s what brought her to where she is now. To take the TypeFinder Personality Test on Truity: To get to know Kylie and her story better, tune-in to the episode for more! You can connect with her on: Instagram: @kyliemichellewright The Royal Bowtique:
January 29, 2020
Behind the Scenes of Building a Million-Dollar Business
It was an honor and a blast to have Natalie Rogers on the That’s Deep Podcast! She is the CEO and founder of the Klassy Network and an entrepreneur at heart. She is an ESFJ in the Myers-Briggs Personality Type System and on this episode she shares her story about how she’s gone from starting her first business when she was a senior in highschool to now, being the CEO and founder of a million-dollar e-commerce business. Thank you Natalie for being on the show! We dive into the following topics: Getting to know Natalie better, on a personal level (0:00-22:02): Getting caught up with the details of her upcoming wedding, what she was like as a child, what she wishes people knew more about her, and the most important piece of advice that she’d give to 16-year old Natalie if she could. Personality Types (22:02-32:41): Find out what Natalie’s Myers-Briggs Personality Type is, how type can be used as a tool in your personal development, relationships, and career, learn the dichotomies in personality types (ex. Introversion vs Extraversion), and hear 10 fun facts about the ESFJ personality type. Working with family (32:55-35:36): Hear what it’s like working with family, building a lifestyle where you can spend more time with your family and friends, and get tips on how to effectively work with family in your business. Finding your tribe (35:38-38:57): Natalie shares her story of becoming friends with thought leaders such as Amanda Bucci and Isabella Guava, collaborating and becoming biz besties, and gives us some great tips on how to find your tribe. Klassy Network (38:58-44:54): Learn how it all started with Natalie launching her blue-light blocking glasses, to now growing her business into being more than just a blue light glasses company. Hear how she plans to put out additional products that will serve the same woman, who is an ambitious woman who’s got big goals, but cares about fashion, looking stylish, and who wants to feel good. How it feels to hit the milestone of being a million dollar company (44:54-46:19) Mindset, self-care, and additional business tips (46:19-End) One of the biggest takeaways that I’ve learned from Natalie through this podcast interview was her thoughts on the importance of being yourself. She said, “Be yourself, don’t dim your light. Don’t worry about being too much for people.” Mic. Drop. Tune-in for more! You can connect with Natalie on: Her website: Instagram: @itsnatalierogers and @klassynetwork *If you want to grab a pair of Klassy Network blue-light blocking glasses: Resources: Personality Hacker Book by Joel Mark Witt and Antonia Dodge “12 ESFJs Explain The One Thing They Wish Others Would Understand About Their Personality” by Heidi Priebe
January 13, 2020
How To Start and Scale Your Side Gig
In this episode, Naomi had the honor of interviewing Elena Ciccotelli. She’s from New Jersey and she’s been featured on Forbes, NBC 10 Philadelphia, and she is a small business owner, writer, podcaster, and a side hustler, just like you. Elena is an ISFJ in the Myers-Briggs Typology System and she is the creator and host of The Side Gig Central Podcast, where she helps entrepreneurs build their side gig and where she truly believes that your side gig has the power to change your life. Elena shares her story of training to be a professional ballet dancer, to then pivoting and running her own company as a trainer, to now building her side gig as a podcaster while working in her corporate 9-5 job. We also talk about Elena’s podcast, The Side Gig Central Podcast, where she brings on expert interviews to help give her fellow side-giggers actionable tips and advice to win big with their side gigs. She helps us learn more about what a side gig is, tips for finding an aligned sponsor for your podcast, and how she’s monetizing her own podcast. We also talk about her future dreams for the Side Gig Central Podcast and it's potential directions it could go in as far as opportunities go. Like we do in all episodes, we also talk about Myers-Briggs Personality Types and how using type as a tool can help us both in our personal and professional lives. Elena is the first ISFJ to be featured on our podcast and we dive into the dichotomies (ex. Introversion vs. Extraversion), the characteristics of the ISFJ personality type, and personal examples of how her personality type shows up in her everyday life. Tune-in to the episode to learn more about how to build and scale your side gig! To get in touch with Elena, you can find her on: Instagram: @sidegig_central_podcast and @elena_ciccotelli Website: Link to Episode 15 of the Side Gig Central Podcast that we talked about on this episode: ny/
January 6, 2020
Building a Multi-passionate Biz: NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Modeling
In this episode, Naomi had the honor of interviewing Narley Karikari! Narley is from Canada and she’s an ENFP in the Myers-Briggs Typology System, a Certified Life and Success Coach, Mindset Educator, Neuro-Linguistics Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and International Model, who aims to live a life by design, instead of by default. She supports women with their confidence, self-esteem, and helps them work through self-limiting patterns and blocks through learning about subconscious mind and using tools to reprogram it. She shares her story about how she dove into personal development when she was modeling as she had experienced anxiety, fears, and struggles with perfectionism that she had to work through. In this episode, we talk about being a multi-passionate female entrepreneur, where she talks about how she had to move through some old blocks of having the “I can’t be more than one thing” when it came to being a model and a coach. We also talk about the benefits of coaching, the difference between coaching and therapy, and we dive into some relationship, self-love, and self-worth advice. We get the inside scoop from Narley on what Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) is, along with its modalities like TIME Techniques, Hyponisis, and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and how you can use it as a tool to help you in your personal development. For more information, listen to the episode! To get in touch with or work with Narley you can find her on: Instagram: @narleyk Email: Website: *Resources: How to Talk to Your ENFP Partner (Hint: Listen first). Link:
December 28, 2019
Using Human Design to Help You Grow In Your Personal and Professional Life
“Human Design is a system that is based on your exact time, date, and place of birth. It’s what gives us our energetic DNA.” -Erin Claire Jones We want to say a huge thank you and mahalo to Erin Claire Jones for being interviewed on the That’s Deep Podcast! You are truly such a kind, insightful, and inspiring soul. I genuinely had such great time chatting about everything Human Design with you! Erin is a Leadership Coach who specializes in Human Design. She helps leaders and teams to step into their highest potential by offering them a blueprint to how they operate so they can perform at the top of their game (in their personal and professional lives). She’s consulted for startups across the globe and she’s also been featured in Forbes, Nylon Magazine, and Well and Good. In this episode, she shares her story of working in various startups but started to notice that people didn’t quite understand each other and didn’t know how to work/function together. She ended up diving into personal development modalities for her own personal growth, and then she discovered human design in 2015 and the rest was history. When she first started, she felt like nobody was really ready for it. Now, in the last two years she’s had her own practice where she helps individuals and companies to align with their own unique blueprint so that they can perform and operate at their best in their personal and professional lives. Before talking story with Erin, I’ve always thought that I was a projector. But come to find out, I’m actually a generator. Erin said that generators have the energy and the life force to build and make things happen. But the most important part is that they’re deeply lit up by what they’re doing. They are built to design their life and business through their magnetism. Listen to the episode to find out more about your type and all about the basics of Human Design. *LINK IN BIO. *Fun side-note: I just bought my mom a blueprint for Christmas and she is absolutely over the moon! My mom and I are actually business partners as well, and we work on a real estate team together here in Hawaii. I can’t wait to learn more about her energetic DNA so I can be more supportive and honor her unique needs and gifts (as a daughter + biz partner) Thank you Erin for your wisdom and kindness! If you want to find out your type in Human Design, to get in touch or work with Erin: Follow her on Instagram: @erinclairejones Website:
December 22, 2019
Learning The Art of Masculinity
We were so honored to have Johnny Elsasser on our most recent podcast episode. He is an ESTJ in the Myers-Briggs Typology System, a former Special Operations U.S. Army Ranger, former Protective Security Specialist who protected to the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, and Combat Veteran who spent 10 years in and out of the Middle East. He is the founder and host of The Art of Masculinity Podcast. Today, he has a mission to help men everywhere find the courage to be confident in themselves and their masculinity, no matter what society says or preconceived notions are out there in the media. He has a personal mission to shed a light on those tough, strong, alpha-males opening up to those they love and to the world with who they really are, and how they own these vulnerable parts of themselves. Tune-in to the podcast episode to learn more! You can connect with Johnny on Instagram @johnny.elsasser, on his website at, and you can listen to his podcast here:
December 17, 2019
Meditation and Soul-Centered Marketing
In this episode, Naomi had the honor of interviewing Sandy Vo. Sandy is an introvert, an INFP, and an Upstate New York based meditation teacher, self-care practitioner, soul-centered marketing whiz, podcaster, the co-founder of Ladies Aligned, and like she says, a big believer in humans! She’s also engaged to her soulmate and they’re planning her upcoming wedding! She fills us in on what she’s working on in her personal life (refining her boundaries) and in her professional life. We talk about the importance of going inward and creating boundaries as introverts and getting the space we need to fully express ourselves on the outside. She shares her story of when she used to live in Bali as a nomad and how traveling really leads you to rely on and strengthen your intuition. We go over the INFP personality type and how she resonated with the description. Honoring alone time and space individually and as a couple. Sandy is truly such an inspiration and a light and pioneer as a multi-cultural female entrepreneur in the industry. She is truly paving the way for other young female entrepreneurs, of many diverse backgrounds across the globe! Check out the episode for more! If you’re interested in booking a breakthrough session with Sandy you can find out more information at this link: You can also follow Sandy on Instagram: @isandyvo and on her website:
December 9, 2019
Transition From Your 9-5 Job to Start Your Side Hustle
In this episode, Naomi had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Ruby Lee. Ruby is an ENFP in the Myers-Briggs Personality Type System, a former super high corporate achiever turned business coach, multiple 6-figure entrepreneur, international speaker, top charting podcaster, and TV host. She’s been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Amazon Prime Video. Today, she helps coaches earn with ease!  She’s originally from Melbourne, Australia and now she’s traveling the world as a digital nomad! Right now, Ruby, her 3 year-old son, and her husband are in Sofia, Bulgaria, and she is working as a business coach and a LinkedIn Strategist. In this episode, she also shares what she’s currently working on in her business and shares that in December, she and her family are planning on taking some time off to enjoy the holiday season.  Ruby shares what a day-in-the-life looks like for her as a digital nomad and coach, while she travels the world with her family. She also gives us the inside scoop what is most rewarding about traveling the globe with her family, how adventure brings in more creativity to her business, and how being immersed in different cultures around the world brings so much perspective to her and shows her how truly wonderful this world really is.  She also shares her story of how she moved from career coaching to side hustles, and how she found such joy through this because she knew that people were desiring to step into their mission and to show up as their highest-selves. And because it is her passion to help her audience to do the same, by empowering her clients to show up with the confidence that they need to be successful in following that higher purpose, the coaching came really natural.  Ruby also talks about the importance of building an audience. The difficulty of launching a brand on certain social platforms, how she blazed her own trail on LinkedIn and how it is her platform of focus for success, and the importance of being your authentic, silly, joyful self on these platforms. Staying true to your values and who you are, getting real with your audience, and staying consistent are just a few of the tips she’s shared on this podcast episodes! Ruby advises her fellow hustlers to be tenacious, get clarity on what you’re selling, and think about what you’re audience is looking for. We also talked about her spiritual practice and how it’s interweaved within her business.  She shares how powerful the practice of journaling and meditation is, in terms of tapping into that inner voice and your higher self. Ruby tells us how important listening to your inner voice is and shares her story of how she and her husband both used to work a full-time jobs, were always busy and rushing, left with no time together, and finally realizing that this was not the kind of life she wanted to be living. They ultimately asked themselves, “What does that higher version of ourselves want for our lives?” And they asked the universe to open up doors and opportunities. She shared that she asked herself, “What if life didn’t have to be that 9-5?” We touch on how important it is to having a vision and making it happen.  You can find her in the following places for more information!  Her Facebook group: Own Your Hustle  Podcast: Own Your Hustle Podcast  Instagram: @_rubylee_  Website: Link to Ruby’s Cyber Monday Sale:  Resources: Personality Hacker by Joel Mark Witt and Antonia Dodge 10 Things That Excite the ENFP Personality Type Article by Susan Storm:
December 3, 2019
Finding Clarity and Purpose as a Life Coach
In this episode, Riley had the honor of interviewing Cassandra Rosa. She is a transformation coach, speaker, author, and ENFJ from Toronto, Canada. She is also an award-winning speaker and author of the upcoming book, “Now what?” Her passion is focused on helping her clients transform their “now what?” moments into living the life of their dreams with their new found clarity, confidence, game plans, and simple, tangible tools that they have learned. She primarily works with millennials and in this episode, Riley and Cassandra discuss identifying your obstacles, asking for help, taking the leap, and finding your clarity. She shares her story about having her, “now what?” moment in college and how she studied abroad in Europe in Africa and grew her passion and love for mentoring others. She helps people find which path to take, especially when dealing with confusion on which direction to take. We love what Cassandra said when she said, “Once you get over that fear, sky’s the limit!” So be open to opportunities because you can definitely make your dreams a reality! For more, check out the episode and tune-in! To find out more about Cassandra or to work with her, visit her online at You can also find her on Instagram @cassandrarosaa
November 26, 2019
Expanding Your Consciousness through Kundalini Yoga + Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
In this episode, Naomi had the pleasure of interviewing Ella Tsang! Ella is an ENFJ in the Myers-Briggs Personality Type System. She also is the creator of P.S. I’m Ella! She used to work for L’Oréal Canada managing the digital marketing for Maybeline and Essie, and now she is a spiritual life and business coach living in Montreal, Canada. Ella is also a Master NLP, life, and success coach who has a personal mission to empower badass ambitious lightworkers to connect to soul, expand their consciousness, and to manifest their most lit up life and business. In this conversation, we talk about her coaching business and the modalities that she uses within her practice, such as Neurolinguistic programming, Kundalini Yoga, and Energetic Alchemy. We talk about ENFJs and how they make an impact in the world. Ella also shares her personal story with overcoming anxiety, leaving her corporate job, and creating her most lit up life and business as a lightworker. For more information, tune in to the episode! You can find out more about Ella and her coaching services online at, on Instagram @psimella, on YouTube at P.s. I’m Ella, in her Facebook group The Badass Lightworker Tribe, and on her podcast The Badass Lightworker Podcast.
November 19, 2019
Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone as an Introverted Female Entrepreneur
In this episode, Naomi has the pleasure of interviewing Belinda Solis! She’s a mindset coach, business mentor, and INFJ from Miami, Florida. She is passionate about helping female entrepreneurs (specifically, coaches and aspiring coaches) to overcome self-doubt and to start building a business with confidence. She's also an HR Director for a non-profit organization in Miami, where she coaches and trains the leaders in her organization to become better leaders.  She shares her personal story where she hit a point in her life when she was feeling like she wasn’t living up to her full potential. It happened around the same time that she experienced the death of a close family member, and she shares her story about dealing with depression, how she decided that she wanted a change, and how therapy has helped her through it.  We also talk about the struggles of being an introvert and trying to reframe situations to believe that everyone has the best intentions with what they have going on (i.e., reframing things into lessons and taking more perspective).  We talk about how she first started her personal blog and she fills us in about her how she’s building her coaching business while she works with 1:1 clients right now. We were so lucky to get the insider scoop from Belinda on how to get started on Pinterest and it’s benefits for online marketing and business. We also had the chance to talk about her Instagram page, the affirmations she's so well-known for, and her inspirational content. Belinda fills us in on the six principles for success, creating her first mastermind, the benefits of talking business and marketing with like-minded people, and stepping out of your comfort zone, especially as an introvert. We have an insightful conversation about the common fears that come with up-leveling your life, getting out of our own heads, and the need for people to be kinder to themselves.  We also talked about the INFJ personality type, how much structure they need in their lives, and why this type benefits from a daily routine and using schedules in their work in order to maintain clarity and purpose in their work.  Tune-in for more!  You can connect with Belinda on:  Instagram: @thrivewithbelinda  Pinterest: thrivewithbelinda Youtube: *Link to Belinda's IGTV video about Pinterest that we spoke about in this episode: You can also book a free 50 minute clarity call with Belinda if you feel called to work with her! :) *Link to the Truity Type Finder Personality Test (Note: That's Deep is an Affiliate with
November 4, 2019
Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and the Subconscious Mind
We were honored to have Charles Woolfork on the That’s Deep Podcast for an interview. He is an Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Coach, hypnotherapist, mindset coach, motivational speaker, and a mental and emotional healer. He is also an ENFJ in the Myers-Briggs Typology System! Tune into the conversation with Riley and Charles, as they explore the topics of mindset, NLP, overcoming difficult experiences, and stepping into your own power by upleveling your consciousness and using your mind to both benefit and empower you to show up as your best self and live a life that is authentically for you. You can connect with Charles at his website: and on Instagram: Charleswoolfork_ , and by email at:
October 19, 2019
Setting Healthy Boundaries as an Introvert
In this episode, we have the pleasure of interviewing Megan Malone from INFJ Blog. She gives us the scoop on being an author, writer, and digital marketing consultant. She recently left her full-time job to begin her entrepreneurship full-time as a consultant with blogs , where she co-manages different blogs to help them grow in various niches. She also does content development and freelance writing for various personality type sites and blogs. Megan also fills us in on all of the exciting things happening in her life right now, such as her upcoming wedding, her new book, and her new website launching in early 2020 called Purposefully She, where she aims to empower women who are introverted and lack self-confidence. We also get to hear her personal story about how she went from writing poetry and short stories as a kid, to getting involved in journalism in high school, and eventually moving into writing books, blog writing, and content writing. She shares her experience with being introverted, shy, and having social anxiety in her middle school years. In this episode, Megan tells us all about the INFJ personality type and she has a mission to help others understand what it means to be an introvert and an INFJ. She gives us her insight and tips on how to set healthy boundaries and also talks about the 4 types of unhealthy boundary setters (check out her article on her site on How Setting Healthy Boundaries Helps INFJs Grow). We also talk about self-limiting beliefs, and imposter syndrome, and so much more! Tune in to join the conversation! *You can find Megan on Twitter and Instagram @meganmmalone. Check out her website at *We are also so excited to announce that we at That's Deep are now Affiliates with! *To find out what your personality type via the Truity TypeFinder Personality Type Test:
October 7, 2019
Healing From Heartbreak as an Entrepreneur
In this episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing Annabelle Desisto, a podcast host, comedian, and loving cat-mom of 6! She used to write for Joan Rivers and now she hosts her own podcast, Adderall and Compliments.  In this episode we talk about dealing with heartbreak, getting into comedy and podcasting, and looking past people’s past. We also talk about the nostalgic things we miss from the past like Johnny Tsunami, Disney Originals, Bebe, and Fern Gully (deforestation and climate change we being talked about way back in the day). Annabelle shares her story of dropping out of community college, interning for a radio station in Seattle, and moving to LA after going to a Tony Robins event. Annabelle talks about how she learned to thrive on being embraced by being different. We talk about needing to remind ourselves of our big wins when we're feeling really low, not valuing other people's opinion more than you do with your own, and how if you believe in something then it's for you and you need to do! We talked about what we’re releasing for Fall Equinox and what we’re putting out there in regard to intentions for the Super New Moon in Libra. Research Resources: Personality Hacker by Joel Mark Witt and Antonia Dodge and The 16 Personality Types by Dr. AJ Drenth   *You can find Annabelle's Podcast at Adderall and Compliments on Apple Podcasts, at her website:, and on Instagram at: @annabelledesisto. *We are also so excited to announce that we at That's Deep are now Affiliates with! *To find out what your personality type via the Truity TypeFinder Personality Type Test:
September 30, 2019
How to Move Through Loss, Death, and Grief
In this episode, I had the honor of interviewing my younger sister Jaclyn Taylor. This live interview was recorded in-person during our vacation in Orange County, California. She flew in from Texas, I flew in from Hawaii, and we met in LA and drove into the OC to vacation for a couple days. We recorded this on our last day of vacation after spending two days at Disneyland and California Adventure Park and exploring the OC. My sister is an INFP in the Myers-Briggs Personality System. In this episode, she shares her personal story about dropping out of college, tapping into her creativity through drawing, and she she shares more on what she's currently working on in her personal life. We talk about the INFP personality type, how perfectionism and idealistic tendencies can be difficult, and we talk about the shift in family dynamics as a person transitions from childhood to adulthood. We also touch on mental health, emotional limits, safety/awareness, taking things in stride, self-limiting beliefs, and comparison and curated experiences on social media.  She shares her personal story with coping, processing, and moving on from losing both of her parents. In this interview, she states, "Grief is not a straight line" in her perspective on grief. We talk about how powerful it can be to take difficult experiences and shape them into something that empowers you (and eventually others).  On a fun and random sister note, we also talk on the struggles of having a resting bitch face (RBF), how amazing the song Japanese Denim is by Daniel Caesar, and feeling gratitude for being able to come out to California for a much needed vacation and sister trip. Tune in to join us on our conversation!  *Disclaimer: More profanities/curse words were used during this episode (our apologies!) , but you know how it is when sisters get together and do some serious sister/girl talk! Lol. Research Resources: Personality Hacker by Joel Mark Witt and Antonia Dodge and The 16 Personality Types by Dr. AJ Drenth  You can find Jaclyn on Instagram at: @hilyn_x **We are also so excited to announce that we at That's Deep are now Affiliates with! *To find out what your personality type via the Truity TypeFinder Personality Type Test:
September 19, 2019
Overcoming Anxiety through Yoga and Ayurveda
In this episode, Naomi interviews Sonata Yazmeen Beasley, from the Boundless Flow on the That’s Deep Podcast! She is a Yoga Instructor and an Ayurvedic Practitioner in the making. We talk about overcoming anxiety, going on a path of spiritual healing, yoga, and the Ayurvedic lifestyle. We also talk about spiritual bypassing and going into the shadows and doing shadow-work to release the things that are hindering us and the people around us. Sonata fills us in on what she’s working on in her personal life which is surrendering and letting go of the need to want to be in control. We talk about allowing our paths to come as they need to come and staying grounded.  It was such a synchronicity to find out that we also found out that we went to the same middle and high school on the island of Kauai (Kapaa. Go Warriors!). We also found out that we both love Erykah Badu!  In this conscious conversation, Sonata talks about the difference in the culture here in Hawaii as compared to in the mainland in Sacramento and the speed at which life moves. She talks about moving past being stereotyped and being grateful for what the islands have done for her on an emotional growth level. We were most appreciative of Sonata sharing her personal story with anxiety and how she got to the more empowered state that she embodies at this moment in time. We also talk about the things that challenge us and working on building self-worth. Sonata also shares what she’s currently working on in her business and her new coaching program.  Sonata is an ENFJ is the Myers-Briggs Personality Type system, so we also take a dive into the ENFJ personality type beyond her four-letter code.  *If you want to get in touch with Sonata you can find her on: Instagram (@theboundlessflow) and on her website (  *Research Resources: Personality Hacker by Joel Mark Witt and Antonia Dodge and The 16 Personality Types by Dr. AJ Drenth We are also so excited to announce that we at That's Deep are now Affiliates with! *To find out what your personality type via the Truity TypeFinder Personality Type Test:
September 8, 2019
Ayurveda: The Mind + Body Connection
In this episode 10, Naomi interviews Amanda Rogers, an Ayurvedic Fitness Coach, online entrepreneur,  integral team member at her sister and future brother-in-law's e-commerce company, The Klassy Network, a University of Central Florida Alumni, and an ISFP in the Myers-Briggs Personality Type System.   With a background in Exercise Science, Amanda has been in the fitness industry since 2010 and started out as a group fitness coach, where she taught fitness (kickboxing, boot camp, body sculpt). After that she became a trainer and began teaching Body Pump and Body Combat, which then led her to getting a job at Orange Theory fitness as a coach for over 4 years. We get a sneak peek into her personal and business life and get a little history on her journey.  In this episode, we talk everything Ayurveda in this episode! We talk about what she does as an Ayurvedic fitness coach, her program and the upcoming projects that she's working on, the Ayurvedic lifestyle, mind-body types (Dosha), and how her experience on the island of Kauai has changed her life while she lived here for 30 days becoming a certified yoga instructor in an immersive Ayurvedic Lifestyle and yoga certification program.  We also talk about family, working with them in business, and tips on how to better work with family members while you're in business together. We also bring valuable conversations to the table around managing your anxiety, and creative expression. Tune into this episode and you'll find get to join us on our conversation about her diet, her passion for singing, broadway, and performing. We also talk about her passion for ghee, it's benefits, and you can even purchase some ghee from her as well if you're interested in getting a taste for what she calls, "liquid gold!" :) We also dive into Amanda's Personality type, the ISFP, and the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Dichotomies (Introversion vs Extraversion, Intuition vs Sensing, Feeling vs Thinking, and Perceiving Vs. Judging).  Ps. Amanda is a huge reggae fan (she loves The Green too!) Find Amanda on Instagram: @amandakrogers *Research and information gathered from the following resources:  Personality Hacker by Antonia Dodge and Joel Mark Witt My True Type and The 16 Personality Type books by Dr. AJ Drenth
August 23, 2019
Managing Stress, Overwhelm, and Anxiety During Big Life Changes
In this episode, I talk about feeling immense overwhelm, stress, and anxiety during my transition from being a stay-at-home mom to working a full-time job. I talk about perfectionism, idealism, introversion as an INFJ, and what I did to re-frame my mindset and shift my energy into a higher vibration. I talk about meditation, affirmations, the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Kundalini Yoga, goal setting, and so much more!
August 18, 2019
Choosing Love Over Fear with an Intuitive Empath and Psychic Medium
In episode 8, Naomi interviews Intuitive Empath and Psychic Medium Stephanie Jameson. In this episode, we talk everything spirituality, grounding yourself, protecting your energy, trusting your intuition, and dive into psychic abilities. Stephanie fills us in on her story, her abilities, and her passion for helping people as a lightworker. We discuss the power of love energy (hope, Joy, love) and how to choose love over fear, all of the time. We also talk about personality types and Stephanie is an INFJ! Tune in to find out more about the rarest personality type in the world and how it applies to the life of a lightworker, an Intuitive Empath, and Psychic Medium who works as an online empowerment coach. Follow her at: Divinesouljourney (Instagram) and at
August 13, 2019
Mindset and Manifestation Tips
In episode 7, Naomi interviews Kimberley Wenya, a manifestation and mindset coach, who is traveling the world with her boyfriend, living the digital nomad experience, and is truly embodying the term “free spirit.” We talk about her current experience living in Los Angeles, California, traveling the world, making genuine friendships + releasing ones that no longer serve us, and coaching current + aspiring female entrepreneurs who desire to create the life of their dreams. We hear the fun details of her recent trip to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland! (And she’s a proud first timer!) We talk about everything mindset, manifestation, choosing love and positivity over fear, and of course, her personality type! She’s an ENFP in the Myers-Briggs Personality type system and a pure bundle of joy and positivity! We talk about cognitive functions and how using Extraverted Intuition and Introverted plays out in her personal and career life. Tune in for more!
August 9, 2019
Embodying Authenticity as a Business Coach
In episode 6, Naomi interviews Falyn Satterfield, an INTJ, an entrepreneur, an online business coach and consultant, and founder of her own company, Conscious Efflorescence. She helps female entrepreneurs, coaches and influencers to create a brand that is more aligned to their true and authentic selves.  We talk about the importance of being vulnerable, authentic, and real, especially in the online community. We talk about uprise of social media influencers and how to decipher through and pick which ones that are actually worth learning from. We also talk introvert struggles, feeling different, overthinking, and managing energy and emotions. She speaks on being in control of your own emotions and not letting others/external circumstances affect our inner state. We also talk about shifting old patterns of thinking around financial lack and fear around abundance and what it really means to manifest at an energetic and authentic level.  As an INTJ, she uses the same dominant cognitive function, Introverted Intuition (Ni) as our driver process in our cognitive stack and we talk about what it means to use the function and we give you a sneak-peek into the inner wiring of an INTJ entrepreneur. We talk about life changes, feeling overwhelmed during big shifts (C'mon Mercury Retrograde, we need a break! Lol), and how the last month has been a whirlwind energetically. Ps. She's a Virgo sun, Aquarius moon, and Libra rising for all of you astrology junkies who were wondering! :) She helps her clients with masterclasses, 1:1 coaching, and courses. Check her out on Instagram: @consciousefflorescence and at her website:
August 3, 2019
How are you feeling today?
Does anyone ever ask you how you’re feeling? Internally? Join us on another episode of the That’s Deep Podcast where Naomi takes the mic for another solo-session. She talks about being introverted and feeling overwhelmed with huge life changes. The feeling of overwhelm can come with exciting and new life changes, but why do we feel it? Tune in to join the conversation.
July 31, 2019
Is the struggle real?
In this episode, we talk about communication, gratitude, vulnerability, and the importance of surrounding yourself with the right tribe. We also talk about the current popular industry of social media influencers, online life and business coaching, and what it takes to receive credibility in the field from the consumers perspective. We also talk about life struggles. Riley touches on how life, “Ain’t all rainbows and sunshine” and how it can really be tough at times. We talk about how showing your vulnerability will help you grow in the long run. Feel the fear and do it anyway! We also hook you up with two quotes of the day. 💛
July 30, 2019
Get to Know Naomi and How To Use Personality Types for Personal Development
We dive deep under the surface into Personal Development (with a sprinkle of Personality Type) and how it benefits us in an individual and collective way. We also interview Naomi, our co-host and Personal Development Writer.
July 23, 2019
How to Build Self-Confidence
Solo-session with Naomi on the topic of self-confidence. She talks about what it is, where we learned it from in childhood, and how we can build more confidence within our lives right now. Thank you for tuning in! Follow us on Instagram to tune in to our day to day stories, lives, quotes, and insights that we have to share on there! IG: @thatsdeepco
July 22, 2019
Welcome to the That’s Deep Podcast!
Following your dreams: Remembering + reigniting the passion you once had around the word “career,” or “dream job.” We dive deep into what our childhood dreams were, what we’re up to now as millennial adults, and the importance of following your purpose.
July 18, 2019