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That's My Story

That's My Story

By That's My Story
For ages, we humans have always got inspired by stories. Stories play a crucial role in our life as it's instilled in our upbringing. Stories were traditionally used to inspire, educate, and make us a better version of ourselves. The best examples of this are the story of Ramayana, Mahabharata, Krishna, Shiva, and many more, who were brought to us in childhood to teach us values, right and wrong. And we still remember them, don't we? That's the power of stories!
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Vicky Roy | Documentary Photographer | Inspirational | Rags to Riches | Nupur Kaudan | Salaam Baalak
Ever wondered what could be the odds for a street ragpicker to transform into an ace Photographer delivering lectures at Harvard, White House, and the headquarters of the likes of Google, Facebook, etc.? This journey has been beautifully narrated by Mr. Vicky Roy in this talk where he shares the importance of zeal and dedication over people's base desires and the euphoria of success over the chains of mere expectations.    Not always a  road less taken will be tough, but the unknown challenges it would have would make it really difficult, as you may be the first one discovering them. Shakespeare said, a prize won too easily reduces its worth and it is true to date. Rooted in deep human values of dedication, sincerity, patience, and the zeal to discover one's own self, and not giving up along the way, are just a few things to define what this gentleman achieved by his sheer commitment to make things work for himself despite all odds. Giving up on hope is easy, but holding on to it when everything seems lost is what makes us stronger and Vicky has proven it again and again. His sheer will and courage and a good heart became the ingredients for his present, which could have been lost in the darkness of reality had he not made and stayed with the right choices he was making or correcting his wrong ones as he was moving forward. He is a brilliant example to look up to when one wants to emphasize the role of hard work and human effort without which Destiny or Luck would appear to be nothing but irrational and speculative. identifying what satisfies one's desires and then leaving no stone unturned to make things a reality, eventually attracts the grace from all the forces of Nature too. Clinging on to hope in the darkest of times and seeing a silver lining in the rainy days, became his magic wand to change his reality both literally and figuratively.    This story of Mr. Vicky Roy is no different from the storyline of Oscar-winning "Slumdog Millionaire" with some more real and hard effects which made this more inspiring and touching at the same time. Today he is an internationally acclaimed photographer applauded for his work under the name "Street Dream" and has also featured in Forbes' 2016 list of Asia 30 under 30. He is all about how we are the sole owners and makers of our own destiny and if we want to make it BIG no one can STOP US. Vicky ran away from his village in West Bengal at a very young age to New Delhi, where he found solace in the Salaam Baalak Trust. It was there that he developed an interest in photography. Post this he learned the art at Triveni Kala Sangam and apprenticed under famous artist Mr. Ajay Mann. In 2007, his first solo exhibition, "Street Dream" was sponsored by the British High Commission. In 2008, he was selected by the US-based Maybach Foundation to photo document the reconstruction of the World Trade Center. Mr. Vicky was also awarded a fellowship at MIT in 2014, post his monograph titled "Home Street Home". He says:" If you want to do something in your life then you will always have to work hard; there is no shortcut to success. If you want to make your dreams come true, keep an eye on them. By fleeing the fears of obstacles, you will never succeed."    To know more about Vicky or to get in touch with him, visit:   Facebook: Instagram: Website: Twitter:
April 5, 2021
Mr. Dana Crider | Keen Mussoorie | Agents of Change | Waste Management | Ms. Nupur Kaudan | That's My Story
69 years old Mr. Dana Crider, an ex mathematician from Woodstock School, Mussoorie is running a waste management service in Mussoorie by the name of Keen, Mussoorie.    In his endeavor to clean up his city and educate people on better segregation, disposal, recycling, and treatment of waste, Mr. Crider has invested his life savings into Keen. Despite facing several challenges, both operational and financial, Mr. Crider was able to tie up with local municipal bodies of Mussoorie and carry on with his endeavor efficiently.    Even during the COVID-19 and lockdown in the Country, his waste collection team, who he also likes to call waste warriors, continued to carry on their duties diligently in order to ensure the cleanliness in and around Mussorie.   Mr. Crider's story is a great source of inspiration and learning for all of us to understand the importance of proper waste management and the impact it can have on the environment and planet if not treated or managed well in time.   To, reach out to Keen or Mr. Dana Crider, refer to the links below:   Instagram - Facebook - Website - Email -  Phone - +91-98370 37536   #recycle #environment #climatechange #reuse #sustainable #sustainability #gogreen #recycling #ecofriendly #waste #zerowaste #plastic #savetheplanet #pollution #nature #trash #eco #plasticfree #earth #green #ocean #plasticpollution #time #water #garbage #noplastic #upcycle #conservation #life #art
March 24, 2021
Agents Of Change | Mr. Pankaj Gupta | Devdoot Food Bank | Mr. Prateek Kapoor | That's My Story
'One day while I was going to my shop in Sadar Bazar in Gurgaon, I noticed a few kids, who were also ragpickers, picking up thrown away and spoiled fruits from the garbage, cleaning it up and eating the same to satisfy their hunger. After seeing that something inside pinched me so hard that for the next few days I was mentally disturbed and was in deep thoughts as to what I can do in my capacity to help these children and many others in similar situations.'   This is the story of Mr. Pankaj Gupta, from Gurgaon, Haryana who after witnessing such a bad state of affairs for a basic necessity like food, decided to do something about it, to the best of his capacity.   This gave birth to Devdoot Food Bank, a community kitchen, which today provides healthy and nutritious food to the needy people in and around them. Today, Devdoot is serving food to more than 1000 people on daily basis through multiple means and mediums. Not just that, during the lockdown they adopted 700 labor families (2800 people) and took care of all of their needs including three meals daily.   Let's hear more about Devdoot Food Bank, the idea, operations, the COVID chapter, and much more directly from Mr. Pankaj Gupta, Founder of this NGO.   To get in touch with Mr. Pankaj Gupta, refer to the links below:   Facebook Profile:  Facebook Page:  YouTube Channel:  Twitter:  Instagram Page:  Website:
March 9, 2021
Agents Of Change | Mr. Azad Pankaj | The Blue & Green Hope | Mr. Prateek Kapoor | That's My Story
Mr. Azad Pankaj from Rewari, Haryana has taken a step towards making the planet a greener and better place to live in for everyone. As it's said, the change starts from home, and thus Mr. Pankaj has started a nursery with a capacity of 100,000 saplings to provide these saplings free of cost to anyone who wishes to do a plantation drive in their locality/neighborhood or society. Through his NGO, The Blue & Green Hope, he also spreads awareness and educates people on water conservation, tree plantation, and environmental sustainability.   Let's hear the story of Mr. Azad Pankaj directly from his mouth.    To get in touch with Mr. Azad Pankaj, refer to the links below:   Facebook Profile:  Facebook Page:  LinkedIn Profile: Twitter:  Instagram Page:  Website:
March 9, 2021
Entrepreneurial Talks | She Talks | Ms. Kiran Kalra | The Coveted | Ms. Nupur Kaudan | That's My Story
After being a housewife for about 20 years, Kiran's itch to do something got her to Coveted. A close friend without any questions asked decided to be one of her partners on this journey. They decided to bring in international brands that were good but not available in India. A lot of research went into this & a lot of emails went back & forth between them & the brands that were a little apprehensive about who represented them outside their turf.    Once Kiran and her partner were able to convince them about us, she traveled to meet them personally. This was for her satisfaction, though it wasn’t required. Yes, the whole business was built & set up through technology. Meeting them was just a formality & something she did to convince herself that she was dealing with strong parties. And of course to build a personal connection which she thought was important. Coveted is close to three years old now. Their plan was to first build a solid brand. A brand that people look up to & want to own. A brand that resonates with quality, great products & customer delight. They believe “work hard, do a good job & money will follow”. She would like to safely say, they are now a brand people who know of & aspire to own.    Kiran also believes in empowering women. Be it through fashion or any which way. Coveted annually hosts the WEW (women empowering women awards) to appreciate & felicitate women doing very well in different fields. Be it corporate, cinema, Police, etc.    Coveted also got reusable sanitary pads made and distributed the same during the COVID situation amongst women stuck in containment zones and in slums. And they are continuing to do that.    You can reach out to Kiran or The Coveted through the following links:  Facebook -  LinkedIn Profile -  Instagram Profile -  Instagram Page -  Website -
February 3, 2021
Inspirational Talks | Ms. Ekta Bhyan | Indian Para Athlete | Spinal Injury | Nupur Kaudan | That's My Story
Meet Ms. Ekta Bhyan, an Indian Para-athlete and a gold medalist for Indian in Club Throw. After a terrible accident in 2003, Ekta's life took a 360-degree turn, and the nine months spent in hospital was like a new birth for her as she had to learn to live her life in a completely new way being in a wheelchair and losing her complete lower as well as partial upper limbs mobility.   Find out in this video, how did Ekta survive those thought times, what sort of physical and mental support she had from her family and friends, who stood by, and how some tried to pull her down. Listen to this inspirational story of Ekta who didn't let anything come in her way and despite her special abilities, she not only left her mark in education but also through her determination and discipline also secured her position in the civil services exam, making a livelihood for her through a full-time job and ultimately becoming the pride of the nation through Para-Athletics.   You can also reach out to Ekta through -   LinkedIn Profile - Instagram Page -
February 3, 2021
Passion Talks | Harshvardhan Joshi | Mountaineer | Ironman | Mt. Everest | Nupur Kaudan | That's My Story
Meet Harshvardhan Joshi, 24 years old outdoor professional. An IT Engineer by education, and an endurance athlete by passion. Most of the time you would find Harsh climbing mountains in the Himalayas if not skiing, kayaking, or spending time with his cats. Harsh started working when he was 15. Just to be independent and enhance his passion for technology, he’d assemble and sell computers around Mumbai.   Until 2016 Harsh's plan was to do M.S in the US. But with his journeys in the Himalayas, he realized that he doesn't want to be in technology all his life. Then he started preparing for my MBA in Marketing, appeared for many entrances, and did well in a few to secure my admission in some of the premier B-Schools in India, to ultimately take a call letting Everest be his M.B.A as that will help him learn more practical life lessons.   Through Everest, he wants to test his limits and inspire the masses that if he can do it, so can anyone. With his endeavor, he wishes to reach many more people and inspire them. It makes him really happy when someone reads his story and goes for a run. He is also doing this because of his love for climbing. He wants to show the world that we don’t need to live in excess anymore. While climbing Mt. Everest he is trying to create awareness about sustainable development. He has decided to promote the use of solar energy in the most versatile places on earth and set an example to make conscious choices to create a carbon offset in the future. By scaling Everest with the bare minimum, using solar power and just the essentials, he wishes to motivate the world to transform. Transform into efficient caring individuals, become the force that nurtures our nature. He believes that we have the power and he is going to demonstrate it.    He needs a minimum of 50,000 USD to climb Mt. Everest, even in the most minimal manner. The permits and Nepal government fees themselves come to over 10 lakhs. He has created a campaign named Sangharsh Mission Mt. Everest - which is Harsh’s ‘sangharsh’ to reach from 0 feet to 29,029 feet - the highest point on earth. He has developed a fundraising website using which he has already raised 18.5 lac rupees, which is around 50% of his goal. He is trying to connect with potential sponsors, donors, brands, corporates, and foundations. He believes it is difficult, but nothing good comes easy and he is enjoying the journey thoroughly. He is sure that it is going to work out and he needs your help NOW! He considers himself fortunate that many feel inspired by his story and are motivated to donate to my campaign, which keeps him going.   With only three months to go, we kindly request our viewers to go through Harsh's website once, witness his journey and passion to climb Everest, and participate in fundraising, if you like. Link -   You can also reach out to Harsh through -   Facebook Profile -  Facebook Page -  LinkedIn Profile -  LinkedIn Page -  Instagram Page -  Website -
February 3, 2021
Humanitarian Talks | Animal Welfare | Furry Angels | Ayushi Sharma | Nupur Kaudan | That's My Story
Story of a young girl who at an age of 18 started taking care of stray animals as her own and now not just looks after the feeding of more than 100 dogs and cows but also their health and welfare. Ayushi Sharma has taken up the welfare of the stray animals around her as her full-time profession and has the full support and a rock-solid team in form of her family who not only just stands with her in each decision of hers but also actively participates and supports in this cause of hers.   Watch this Humanitarian Talks by That's My Stroy where Ms. Nupur Kaudan speaks with Ms. Ayushi to dig deep into their story of how she started with this cause of hers, how her day to day looks like, and what are her future plans.   To get in touch with FurrAngels, follow the links below -    Website - Facebook - LinkedIn - Instagram -
February 3, 2021
Entrepreneurial Talks | Couplepreneur | WedHaven | Rishika & Navam | Nupur Kaudan | That's My Story
Story of two engineers who after witnessing behind the scenes chaos in their own as well as several other weddings realized that in order to make the wedding a 'perfect event to attend' for the guests, the hosts themselves get under huge stress while managing the expectation os everyone, that they themselves forget to enjoy the wedding. For them, it merely gets an event to make others happy, which again gets subjective.    Rishika & Navam took this into their hands and decided to solve this problem through the use of technology with the motive of making weddings fun for everyone!    Watch this Entrepreneurial Talks by That's My Stroy where Ms. Nupur Kaudan speaks with Ms. Rishika & Mr. Navam from WedHaven to dig deep into their story of how they went about developing this one of a kind wedding management app, their journey to date, and the road ahead for them.   To get in touch with WedHaven, follow the links below -    Android App - App Store (iPhone) - Website - Facebook - LinkedIn - Instagram -
February 3, 2021
Entrepreneurial Talk with Ms. Meghna Joshi, Founder, SWAN Livelihood
Ms. Meghna Joshi, a social entrepreneur by profession, an artist by heart, and an ardent nature lover who loves birdwatching and trekking. Today, she talks about her journey and inspiration behind her recently launched start-up 'SWAN Livelihood', a start-up based in Delhi that focuses on up-skilling the youthful workforce through innovative training and counseling sessions.   Know what led her to start this company, the concept, funding, fight for existence during Covid-19 lockdown and how they evolved themselves. Have a look to know more.   If you would like to cover your story too, fill up your o details here and we would get back to you:
November 2, 2020