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That’s On Period!

That’s On Period!

By That’s On Period!
Let's talk periods! Andrea Rix and Yasi Henderson, co-founders of the Period Poverty Project in San Diego, CA, debunk the social stigma around menstruation by discussing all things period-related. Menstruation should not be a taboo subject, and that's on period!
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Episode 05: Three Generations!
Let’s take a journey through three different periods of periods! Today, Andrea interviews three generations of menstruators: Yasi, her mother, and her grandmother. Tune in to hear what it was like to have a period back in the ‘50s, some family period stories, and the importance of how we teach the next generation about menstruation.
June 9, 2021
Episode 04: Girl Talk #1
Welcome to the first episode of our newest series – Girl Talk! Today, Andrea and Yasi are joined by their dear friend (and PPP’s Director of Operations) Alex, a swimmer/water polo player with many aquatic period stories to share. They talk about getting your first period earlier than everyone else, hiding your products (tampon up the sleeve trick), telling guys that you’re on your period, and learning to take pride in menstruation. Enjoy!
April 19, 2021
Episode 03: Menstrual Myths
In this episode, Andrea and Yasi talk about the ten most common myths surrounding menstruation! They discuss everything from syncing up to attracting sharks in the ocean, sharing funny stories and working to clear up some harmful misinformation in the process.
March 31, 2021
Episode 02: Guy Talk #1
Welcome back! Today, Jack and Parviz join us for the first episode of our new series – Guy Talk! Tune in to hear what they know about periods, what type of menstruator they would be, and what questions they have about periods.
March 6, 2021
Episode 01: Welcome to That's On Period!
Welcome to That’s On Period! In our very first episode, Yasi and Andrea welcome you to the podcast by diving right into a couple of their own period stories. The common theme is the unforgettable experience of inserting a tampon for the first time… gone wrong! We hope you enjoy!
February 16, 2021