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That's Some Crazy Sh*t with Kelly & James

That's Some Crazy Sh*t with Kelly & James

By Kelly Morgan & James Baez
Life is crazy. Shit happens! Come join Kelly & James as they discuss That's Some Crazy Shit!
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That's Some Crazy Shit - Spiritual Teacher Sadhu Da S4 E12

That's Some Crazy Sh*t with Kelly & James

That's Some Crazy Shit - Spiritual Teacher Sadhu Da S4 E12

That's Some Crazy Sh*t with Kelly & James

That's Some Crazy Shit S5 E3 - Author Rocko Paolo
What do you do if your coworker starts to get emails from a Sumerian God? If you're  Rocko Paolo you write a book, Damu Chronicles: Emails with a Sumerian God and them come on Thats Some Crazy Shit. Rocko is an accomplished songwriter, screenplay writer, director & author. He has garnered awards for his original works as a prolific artist. As an author he has written a non fiction travel novel, a children book & a non fiction account about email exchanges with an entity. He continues to create new works in music & print.  About Rocko Paolo Rocko Paolo is an award winning songwriter, filmmaker and author. He has a prolific approach to storytelling that creates a varied catalog of original material.
January 15, 2022
That's Some Crazy Shit - S5 E2 - Jayne Sanders Master scientific hand analyst & conversational storyteller
$397 special price is Using a unique and highly accurate neuroscience technology as my core assessment tool (FORBES wrote an article about me and the accuracy of this work), I will help you achieve that inspired purpose, joy, and meaning you crave in your life and work. Talking to Jayne was an honor.  If you want to take advantage of a special offer for our listeners use the link above. Keep your minds open people.
January 08, 2022
That's Some Crazy Shit - S5 E1 Dane Dormio Martial Artist and Spiritual Coach
Join James and Kelly as they discuss with Dane how adding the mental aspect of martial arts along with a mental hygiene routine into your lives to gain more clarity in becoming more spiritual.    MindBody Mastery Academy Become A Martial Artist In Your Own Life Develop Self Awareness & Self Discipline Improve Your Energy, Focus, Vision, & Motivation Enjoy Physical, Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual Health, Wellness, & Fitness Break Through Your Limitations Achieve Your Life Goals
January 01, 2022
That's Some Crazy Shit - Certified High Performance Coach - Kim Spencer S4 E13
Being a Entrepreneur is some real crazy shit, scary shit, life-changing shit! We sit with Kim Spencer, Certified high performance coach, bestselling writer, health junkie, freedom-lover, wife + momma, & unsinkable optimist. We love her energy and her nuggets of great information to for anyone to apply to their business or personal life! Learn more about Kim and how she can help you take yourself to the next level More about Kim I believe in miracles, Manolos, and that there is power + profit in mistakes. A born-n-raised Valley Girl, powered by green juice, Italian espresso, and gallons of glitter, I am proud to have helped hundreds of leaders build their empire, breakthrough their body barriers, revolutionize their relationships, and rewrite their stories of self-sabotage into a story of success, in all areas of their life.
December 04, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit - Spiritual Teacher Sadhu Da S4 E12
Can we all agree that exorcisms are crazy shit and scary shit!   Today we sat down with spiritual teacher Sadhu Dah. We talked about his experiences with exorcisms and how and why he offers this service. Definitely up there on the That's Some Crazy, (spook/scary) Shit! If you wanna hear some crazy shit and stories for Sadhu Dah - this is a don't miss episode! You can learn more about Sadhu Dah - Magus and Spiritual Teacher Sadhu Dah is a student of the Theravada lineage under Master Pong Sak and Master Thanaphol Pakdee, he has years of experience and training with inner door secrets of Thai Buddhist Magick. After the Sadhu Dah became a Mophi in Theravada tradition he then had the privilege of studying under Rinpoches and Lamas from the Bonpo Tibetan lineage where he became a Lama through initiation. In continued learning he is now a formal student in the Mao Shan sect of Taoism under High Priest Yong in Malaysia. With careful practice and plenty of devotion, Sadhu Dah became a High Priest in a Wiccan Coven, he studied under Jeffery Deuel in Norse Magic, became a Master Hypnotist under the guidance of the Shambala Institute. A passionate practitioner in Fook Yuen Chaun and a Sechem Level Reiki Master among many other titles. Through a love of learning and a studious approach, Sadhu Dah has undergone the ritual rites and testings of many traditions and customs.
November 27, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit - Author/Hospice Chaplain Don Mulford S4 E11
Today we chatted with Author/Hospice Chaplain Don Mulford. Don has published book called Matchbooks in the Tunnel: How God and others solved my impossible problem. Don shares his journey to being diagnosed with cancer and journey to becoming cured.  More about Don Don Mulford is cured of cancer, which was not supposed to happen. As a minister, chaplain, attorney, and mediator, he has experienced the spiritual and practical. Now he has experienced the miraculous. He lives by the coast in California where he loves to take walks and cycle by the beach, and otherwise hang out with his lovely wife. He plans to write more about the God Who does the impossible and makes it exciting.
November 20, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit - Author Joseph Holmes S4 E10
In this podcast we sit down with Author Joseph Holmes. Joseph has written a wonderful book of poems that he says come from Mary Magdalene. His book Loving Yourself Wealthy Vol. 3 The Power of Angels is available on Amazon. Joseph shares his experiences on how to he came to write the books and other stories.  If you doubt angels exist you may want to listen! More about Joseph Joseph is the Amazon international bestselling author of the Loving Yourself Wealthy series. Joseph's life begins twelve days before Christmas. He was known as "the boy who is going to go places," only to see that prophecy forestalled by a series of childhood molestations. Before becoming a channel for Mary Magdalene, Joseph lived many different lives. He lived through years of depression, romanced suicide, underwent the inhumane therapy of electric shock treatment, suffered the indignity of suppressing his own sexuality, met the real "devil," flirted with jail time, and finally learned to forgive the past, release the future and just show up every day with love and faith.
November 13, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit - Crystal Expert - Vivien Schapera S4 E8
Get ready for some more real crazy shit. Vivien Schapera is back!   The first time we spoke with Vivien we learned more about her being a World Renowned Crystal Healing Expert! She have a technique where she heals with the crystals called Crystal Surgery. To learn more about Crystal Surgery listen to our first show with Vivine Season 3 - Episode 6 We were so intrigued that we invited her back to take a deeper dive into crystals. We discuss crystals and spirt guides, pendulums and crystals and chakras. If you are interested in crystals be it a beginner or expert -  If crystals are your jam - we got you! Now matter what - we can say That's Some Crazy Shit! To learn more about Vivien and her healing technique visit More about Vivien Vivien has worked in private practice, as a Teacher and Energy Healer, since 1983 Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Vivien moved to the USA in 1991. She obtained her degrees in Psychology at the University of Cape Town (M.A. 1984) and completed her training in the Alexander Technique at the Constructive Teaching Center in London (Certified 1983.) In addition to these academic pursuits, Vivien studied martial arts, achieving a 4th degree black belt in Taekwondo; with past lives author, Brian Weiss, and with crystal author, Melody.
November 06, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit - Dowsing Expert/Author Charlie Sheldon S4 E9
Listen today as we speak with Author/Dowsing Expert Charlie Sheldon.  What is Dowsing? The dictionary states: a technique for searching for underground water, minerals, or anything invisible, by observing the motion of a pointer (traditionally a forked stick, now often paired bent wires) or the changes in direction of a pendulum, supposedly in response to unseen influences." a dowsing rod" Charlies says it is searching for water with stick. We think it's some crazy shit! Listen today as we chat with Charlie Sheldon Author of book series Strong Heart, Adrift and Totem -  And Expert person who can find water with a stick! More about Charlie Charlie Sheldon was raised in New England, went to sea as a commercial fisherman, became a bureaucrat, was retired, then returned to sea as a merchant sailor. When he is ashore he writes, cooks, cleans house, and hikes in Olympic National Park. He loves sea stories told in the foc'sle when well offshore, just as he loves tales before a campfire deep in the woods. There's nothing better, nothing, than a story well told.
October 30, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit S4 E7 - Shelly Nicholas, Founder of the International Hypnosis Federation
Hypnosis is crazy shit! We had to find out more - was it real or fake. We went to an expert - Dr. Shelly Nicholas, Founder of the International Hypnosis Federation - Shelly is pretty amazing and has  appeared on hundreds of radio and TV shows: ABC, NBC, BBC, Freemantal, Oxygen, Gaia, Letterman, Donahue, The Other Side, Good Morning Australia; L.A. Times, First Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, London Daily News, the National Enquirer. She has written 25 books - available at • "WIN: Coaching Guide For Yourself and Others"​ • "HYPNOSIS; Put a Smile On Your Face and Money In Your Pocket"​ (also in Russian) • "NLP (NeuroLinguisticPsychology) Made Easy" • "DENIAL IS NOT A RIVER IN EGYPT: Overcome Addiction, Compulsion and Fear • "TIME TRAVEL; The Do-It-Yourself Past Life Journey Handbook"​ • "SEARCH FOR COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS, Hypnosis Einstein Would Love"​ • "Stockwell's HYPNOSIS DICTIONARY SCRIPT BOOK"​ (download Amazon) • "Stockwell's GREAT SHAPE HYPNOSIS Instructor's book"​ • "Stockwell's STAGE HYPNOSIS MADE EASY"​ • "STORYTELLING 101" • "THE SECRETS OF HYPNOTIZING WOMEN"​ (with McGill) • "THE MYSTERIES OF (Magnificent) YOU!"​ (download Amazon) • "THRIVE: Medical Hypnosis For Yourself and Others • "Insides Out"​ • "Sex & Other Touchy Subjects"​ • "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Everything"​ (with McGill) • "AUTOMATIC WRITING & HIEROSCRIPTING; Tap Unlimited Wisdom and Guidance"​ • "PAIN: STOP 'OW' NOW!"​ • "McGill's HYPNOTHERAPY ENCYCLOPEDIA" (Contributing Editor) • "Stockwell's HYPNOSIS History, Mystery & Mastery" • "ME: Artful Living Deck" • "SELF HYPNOSIS: Do it! Teach it! • "MINDFULNESS MADE EASY (310) 541-4844 or e-mail
October 23, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit S4 E6 - Author Wayne McFarland
Life is crazy shit. Enter Author Wayne McFarland and his wonderful memoir Tales From the Day - A collection of 19 humorous, moving, and often heart-pounding stories. Yeah, this is a memoir of sorts, if shark fishing in one’s underwear, roping a bear, getting drunk with your Grandfather, or losing ten grand at the Hollywood Sign is a memoir. The Day Johnny Cash Hit On My Wife is on the roster as well, for the only name drop in all the stories. There’s also a thing about getting shot in Arkansas and a road trip with a monkey. I can’t deny these were life shaping events, but truth be told they all happened under the heading of “oops.” Oops is just code for That's Some Crazy Shit!
October 16, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit S4 E5 - Death To Do List - Debbie Pepin
What's the one thing we all have in common? We are all going to die. It is inevitable. Crazy shit So why not talk about wishes and plan to make things easier on us and our loved ones? It's time to talk about death and plan. We went to expert Debbie Pepin to help us talk about and understand end of life planning. She was a wonderful website and helps you plan and helps make the conversation a little bit easier Begin your end of life planning by reflecting on death and removing fears Think about the purpose of your life and write your own obituary Complete basic legal paperwork and share secrets that will be needed Share your wishes and plans for end of life with loved ones Talk with loved ones about their end of life plans
October 09, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit - S4 E4 - Energy Healer Debbie Anderson
We've said it before - energy is some crazy shit. The idea that everything vibrates and has a frequency not only crazy, but fantastic. But we needed more information. We consultant an expert -  Debbie Anderson Energy Healer. If you are looking to learn more about energy and vibration - this episode is for you. You can learn more about Debbie at Born in England, Debbie is a natural healer who has worked in the magical sphere of spirituality all of her life, bringing forth many modalities that have manifested and evolved along the way.  She has been insightfully using Tarot decks and giving intuitive spiritual readings for over 30 years in the UK, Canada, US and Australia.  She now lives in Ontario, Canada. As a Clairvoyant Medium her abilities have opened her to many mystical communications, including the creation of Vibrational Energy, which she defines as being “gifted” to her from spirit. The Vibrational Healing Energy is a “hands on” healing technique which applies the gentlest touch of one vibration with another by way of communicating with the body, mind & soul, allowing the “self” to create an individual energy pattern to live and heal by.  This led her to the creation of her many healing Products & Services. Debbie is a writer, healer, medium, mother, daughter, wife, grandmother, friend and ever evolving spiritual vibrational being. Everything has a vibration which interconnects with itself. Every living thing vibrates and becomes at one with its surroundings.  EVERYTHING we know is of life.  Life in vibration with the earth is the basis of everything – energy, light, and sound - all of one source.   Connecting with the highest vibrations our energy releases and reconnects with the universal flow of life on Earth. It is the song of the “ancients”, their way of communicating with everything that exists on the Earth plane. As one vibration interconnects with another, it changes, shifts, to create different waves of energy - emitting vortexes of new connections with the universe. As one vibration spirals downwards another creates a spinning swirl of energy pushing, forcing it upwards.  Each connects with the other and reconnects to itself. The Earth’s energy is vibrating!  You are VIBRATING!
October 02, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit - S4 E 3 - Multi-Gifted Marilyn Redmond
Marilyn says she should be dead. She has had over 12 near dear death experiences. Crazy shit right? That's not all - she also see angels, channels, and so much more. We sat with Marilyn and she shared her experiences and why we can say without a doubt That's Some Crazy Shit About Marilyn Marilyn Redmond was born in Seattle, WA and graduated from Western Washington University. She has three years of graduate work including the University of Washington. And is a retired school teacher. She is a candidate for a doctorate degree. She was ordained as a spiritual minister to do spiritual counseling along with instruction in healing, regression, past life therapy, and other related spiritual training. She continues to actively participate in courses and researches cutting edge information to help her clients. Currently, she is channeling Ascended Masters, Archangels, and your family members that have passed over to the other side. Marilyn uses ground-breaking techniques as a Therapeutic Hypnosis for healing the root or origin of your problems, which removes the symptoms and heals the circumstances. Marilyn is multi-talented and wishes to share all her abilities with everyone: Holistic Health and Healing Complimentary Medicine Flower Essences Practitioner Qigong Therapeutic Hypnosis Releases Negative Energy & Entities Counseling Dyslexia Past Life & Regression Therapy Empowerment & Self-Esteem Relationships Domestic Violence Addictions & the Family Educational Excellence Teaching & Workshops Spiritual & Metaphysical Channeling Ascended Masters & Archangels Psychic & Tarot Readings Inspirational Art-Portraits (angels, pets, and family members) & commissions
September 25, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit S4 E2 - Energy Healer, Intuitive, Speaker, Teacher, International Best Selling Author Marla Goldberg
Do you have a Covid-19 hangover? Are you ready to clear that old energy! This is the episode for you. Today we sit down with Marla Goldberrg! We learn her journey to becoming an intuitive and she even gave us techniques to clear old energy and not alarm our neighbors!  More about Marla Marla is an Energy Healer, Intuitive, Speaker, Teacher, International Best Selling Author, and Host of Guided Spirit Conversations podcast. Her mission and purpose in life is to inspire, motivate and educate her clients and all that she connects with through her books and podcast, through the use of her tools and techniques to help them enhance or shift their life circumstances. Marla began her spiritual journey during a very difficult time in her life she was forced to evaluate her choices and what direction her life was taking. During this time of evaluation, she serendipitously met her first teacher at a women’s conference.  As Marla sat through her presentation, she resonated with everything that she said. By the time her talk was completed Marla knew that she would be attending her school. During her three years of attendance at Inner Focus Mystery School, she was trained in 14 different healing techniques.  Following my graduation of Inner Focus, she continued her education by learning additional techniques.  To date, Marla has been trained in over 20 healing modalities. In addition to her practice with clients, Marla is a contributing author in 2 best selling books, one becoming an International best seller.  She has also authored her first solo writing endeavor: My F*cking Long Journey to Loving Myself: A Guide to a Shorter Path.  Marla also host a podcast, Guided Spirit Conversations.
September 18, 2021
Happy 1st Anniversary! Did someone say Crazy shit Road Trip! - S4 E1
HAPPY ANNIVERISARY!  WE ARE 1 YEAR OLD! Thank you for listening for the past year! We appreciate you!  Thank you to all of our guests who shared their crazy shit!  We are back with Season 4 and our 1st anniversary! What better way to kick off a Season but with road trip.  We headed down to Sedona, AZ and met up with the "Psychic Avengers" aka Dr. Traci Moreno and Pasquale from Free Spirit Coaching and Psychological Services - We experienced our first Crystal Reiki Healing and talked about the Ego & Intuition - how to tell the difference.  You can learn more about Pasquale at the Missed out on past episodes? Visit 
September 11, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit S3 E14- Season Finale - Racism is Crazy Shit!
We made it Season 3 Finale! Thanks to everyone for listening! We appreciate you!  Racism is crazy shit. It can be difficult to explain, understand, imagine or discuss. In our season finale we decide to share our experiences in dealing with racism. It doesn't matter the color of your skin, this episode is for anyone who rather try to understand our differences, than hate because we are different. Either way.....That's Some Crazy Shit  We are taking break and will be back in September for Season 4!
July 31, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit S3 E13 - Dr. Teresa Cody & Platelet Rich Plasma
Have your heard the phrase "healer heal thyself"? Have you heard of PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma? You have it, its in your body and it can literally heal you. Sound like some crazy shit? It is!  Today we speak with Author Dr. Teresa Cody. Dr. Cody is a dentist by trade, but has opened a wellness center called C & C Wellness She offer PRP to help heal backs, knees, hands and more! To help spread the word Dr. Cody wrote a wonderful book about Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) titled YOU HEALING YOU! More about the book Everyone HAs THIS PRICELESS GIFT --- BUT most NEVER DISCOVER IT! Come learn how each and every one of us has a miracle at our fingertips…… Coursing through your bloodstream is a miraculous golden healing liquid called Platelet Rich Plasma [PRP, for short]. PRP contains all the healing factors your body uses to heal. Using this knowledge, we can concentrate this priceless blood component and reintroduce it into your body to heal injuries or as an esthetic treatment. Learn how your own body holds the key to healing. It truly is “you healing you”.
July 24, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit S3 E12 - John Russell Psychic Medium
We love psychic mediums. We believe their gift to be nothing short of phenomenal!  Today meet Biker, Psychic Medium & Author John Russell. He stops by to chat about seeing spirits, communicating with the dead and being a psychic biker. All we know it That's Some Crazy Shit! If you would like to have a phone reading with John please visit More about John John Russell has been a professional psychic for 50 years. He is a Psychic/Psychic Reader, a Medium, a Certified T.A.R.O.T. Master, a Paranormal Investigator, and now a published Author. Internationally known, he has provided psychic readings for clients in over 40 countries.
July 17, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit S3 E11 - Bigfoot Investigator/Animal Photographer Jason Kenzie
Do you believe in Bigfoot? We sit down with Bigfoot investigator Jason Kenzie!  In his first document Searching for Sasquatch Jason ventures into the deep dark forests of British Columbia Canada searching for the legendary creature known as Sasquatch. See the trailer \for chapter two searching for Sasquatch: The Watchers  You can also see more of Jason's adventures on this YouTube Channel 
July 10, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit S3 E10 - Comics, Bourbon & Cigars - Lincoln Chinnery
Crazy shit doesn't always have to be paranormal, it can Comics, Bourbon & Cigars - when all three are put together it makes for great conversation and crazy shit. Today we sit down with Lincoln Chinnery -Comic, Bourbon & Cigar expert. We get his perspective on comics, what bourbon to drink and choosing the perfect cigar!
July 03, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit S3 E9 - Nasyim Segal - The Numerology Coach
Numerology is definitely Some Crazy Shit. Today we sat down with Nasyim Segal the Numerology Coach and discuss how she pairs numerology with the science of coaching to help people. She has clients all over the world. If you are interested in connecting with Nasyim visit Nasyim is a Master Numerologist and certified ICF ACC Coach with multiple specialty certifications in brain-based neuroscience coaching. Her coaching style offers a radically different approach which incorporates a whole mind, body, and spirit integration. Her programs are based on modern and ancient sciences and are highly effective.
June 26, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit S3 E8 - Tony Russo
Cults are crazy shit! What's even crazier if that cult is online.....yes we said online. Sherry Shriner was the leader of an online cult that believed Satan disguised himself as Jesus and and tricked the world loving and worshiping him. The cult believes that demonic, alien reptiles were sent by Satan to take over the world. We found someone who wrote a book about it!  Our guest Author Tony Russo joins us to discuss his book Dragged into the Light: Truthers, Reptilians, Super Soldiers, and Death Inside an Online Cult. He discuss the cult, his book and how he came upon this crazy story! For more information visit More about Tony Tony Russo From the first time he created a biographical sketch from source material, Tony Russo was interested in telling stories about people’s everyday lives. As a journalist, he specializes in profiles and feature stories that connect people with their community and culture.  To augment to his work in community journalism, Tony began producing independent podcasts in 2007. He produced podcasts on beer, local news, and writing, always with a focus on the individual’s relationship to their place and time.  In 2017 he earned the honor of writing and hosting This Is War, a narrative podcast about the combat veteran experience. In more than fifty interviews with American veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan over the course of the next two years, Tony wrote biographical narratives tracing the careers of men and women who had their lives changed in service to their country. Each story was astounding all on its own, providing snapshots of our country and culture at multiple times and places over the decade-plus conflict. Tony coveted the chance to tell a story like Dragged Into the Light, which brings together questions about history, religion, politics, and popular culture and investigates how they played out in these real-life circumstances when two realities collide. Sherry Shriner, her cult, and the insidious and violent nature of the conspiracy theory culture showed him that while truth may have inherent value, as a commodity it’s pretty much worthless. In his research he crossed paths with a documentary team from VICE that also was investigating Sherry Shriner. In 2021, he was featured in their series The Devil You Know, Season 2. Tony lives on Maryland’s Eastern Shore with his wife and the only one of his four daughters who hasn’t moved out. Together they keep their dog and cats comfortable.
June 19, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit - S3 E7 - Melissa Kitto - Angel Guidance Coach
Are you ready to connect with your higher self? Are you ready to communicate with angels? Sound like crazy shit? It is but good crazy shit. Today we chatted it up with Melissa Kitto, Angel Guidance Coach. Her passion is helping other connect with their angels and higher self. She talks about listening to voice in your head gives us a great quick technique to help connect. We know That's Some Crazy Shit! We also do a round of Random Bullshit - should "natural women" be referred to as Birthing People? Wait...WTF?  To learn more about Melissa -visit Melissa Kitto, the “Angel Guidance Coach” is dedicated to empowering spiritual seekers worldwide to develop a constant and direct communication with their own team of spiritual helpers.
June 12, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit - S3 E6 World Renowned Crystal Healing Expert - Vivien Schapera
Get ready for some real crazy shit - ever heard of Crystal Surgery? We hadn't either until we met up Vivien Schapera. Vivien is World Renowned Crystal Healing Expert! She have a technique where she heals with the crystals. She calls it Crystal Surgery. She discusses her techniques, success stories and how you to can learn to heal with crystals. If crystals are your jam - we got you!  Now matter what - we can say That's Some Crazy Shit! To learn more about Vivien and her healing technique visit More about Vivien Vivien has worked in private practice, as a Teacher and Energy Healer, since 1983 Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Vivien moved to the USA in 1991. She obtained her degrees in Psychology at the University of Cape Town (M.A. 1984) and completed her training in the Alexander Technique at the Constructive Teaching Center in London (Certified 1983.) In addition to these academic pursuits, Vivien studied martial arts, achieving a 4th degree black belt in Taekwondo; with past lives author, Brian Weiss, and with crystal author, Melody 
June 05, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit S3 E5 - Rev Corbie
Have you ever been scammed by a "psychic"? Have you paid to have a curse removed? If so then help is on the way! Rev. Corbie is a professional psychic medium who has been in business for the last 40 years. She wrote a book to help you spot phony psychics titled "The Psychic Yellow Brick Road" Today she shares her stories and explains to us why what she does in crazy shit!  To connect with Rev. Corbie visit her website  More about Rev. Corbie “God gives all of us what we need for a life filled with miracles and joy. My own life has shown me that as long as our hearts are open, whole, and aligned with Spirit, anything is possible. If I can share that blessing with others, then I’m doing things right. And it never hurts to bring laughter on the path with you! I have been on the mystic’s path for almost 50 years, searching out new and gentler ways to bring peace and harmony to body, mind and soul. I am a Certified Tarot Master, Certified Professional Tarot Reader, professional Psychic Medium, past life specialist and Ordained Minister.
May 29, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit - S3 E4 - The Psychic Avengers aka Free Spirit Coaching & Psychological Services
Meet the Psychic Avengers - really known as Free Spirit Coaching & Psychological Services, located in Cave Creek, AZ. We call them the Psychic Avengers because they blend general therapy with spiritual services, such as Reiki and Astrology. Now That's Some Crazy Shit!  To today's team is  Traci Moreno, PsyD Psychologist;  Pasquale, Spiritual Coach, Astrologer, Intuitive Guide & Owner of The Peaceful Sage Niki Gonzales, Mindful Movement Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master More about Free Spirit Coaching & Psychological Services AZ LOCATION 5335 E. Lone Mountain Rd. Cave Creek, AZ 85331 Phone : 480-220-0020 Email: Our vision is to work with the WHOLE person-mentally, emotionally, spiritually & physically. One person cannot do this all, which is why Free Spirit teamed up with other practitioners who specialize in these specific areas of healing. Each of our practitioners bring something special to the team: Individual Coaching Couples & Family Coaching Equine Coaching Animal Energy Healing Spiritual Coaching Outdoor Yoga Sound & Crystal Healing Guided Meditation Reiki & Chakra Balancing Astrology & Intuitive Readings Full Moon & New Moon Ceremonies Thai Massage Therapy Workshops & Retreats Private Parties Home & Office Clearings and more... ALL IN AN OUTDOOR OR COMFORTABLE INDOOR SETTING
May 22, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit - S3 E3 - Intuitive Tarot and Oracle Card Reader Dauna Needom
Our minds were blown when we sat down with intuitive Tarot and Oracle Card Reader Dauna Needom. She share her crazy stories about her gift as a psychic and things she has experienced. Dauan has read cards for almost 35 years. If you are interested in having a reading we highly recommend Dauna! To connect with her visit Dauna is also an author and fellow podcast. To find all her social media links, podcast and books visit: More about Dauna I'm a New Orleans native who has made her home in the NW Burbs of Chicago. I knew I was 'special' around the age of seven as I had prophetic dreams and knew certain things before they happened, which can be strange for a kid. I'm a licensed Minister and have been reading Intuitive Tarot professionally for almost thirty-five years. I currently offer intuitive Tarot and Oracle Card Readings. However, while doing readings I've had moments of mediumship as well as tuning into a client empathically. I've read at numerous Psychic Fairs as well as Special Events at Elgin Community College, Hyatt New Year's Eve Event in Lisle, TheosoFest in Wheaton, Recharge: Spark Your Mind Body & Spirit in both Woodstock and McHenry, IL as well as numerous Private Parties.
May 15, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit S3 E2 - w/Guest Jo Figueras - Akashic Soul Blueprint Reader
Akashic Record can be deemed as crazy shit. It is the universal record of everything that ever was and ever will be....crazy shit, right? What's even more crazier is that you can tap into the Akashic record and learn about your past, present and future! To help us learn more about this we sat down with Akashic Soul Blueprint Reader Jo Figueras. She was great and did reading for both of us! All we can say is That's Some Crazy Shit! Don't take our word - tune in and listen  This is don't miss episode and yes, as always That's Some Crazy Shit More about Jo: The founder of Woke Studio and The Woke Akashic, Jo Figueras is an Akashic Soul Blueprint Reader, an Intuitive Development Coach, and an Artisan Jewelry Designer who incorporates numerology and astrology in the design of custom jewelry pieces for her clients. Jo has worked as a professional reader since 2014, but has been working with her abilities in conjunction with divination for over 25 years. As a teacher, she offers a large catalogue of metaphysical and holistic classes & workshops via both online and in-person platforms, with a focus on empowering Intuitives and Empaths to develop and strengthen their abilities. After leaving the corporate world of Marketing and Public Relations where she was a certified event planner, Jo opened her studio space to hosting and organizing metaphysical events, gallery readings, meditations and healing retreats. ————————————————————————- Find all my links here (FB, Insta, etc.):
May 08, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit S3 E1 - Comic Book Heroes Need Comic Book Villains
We're back! Welcome to Season 3.  Comic books are crazy. Heroes need villains. Because everyone seem to focus on the heros, we decided to talk about our favorite villians. Comic book movies generate tons of money and have fans all over the world. We can all agree that the Marvel Universe franchise movies made a huge impact on fans and the anthology of the characters. We discuss our favorite villians and talk junk food in random bullshit.  Crazier shit....we got a website email: email:
May 01, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit S2 E13 - Frequencies, Sounds & Vibrations - Last Episode Season 3
What is the deal with 432 hz frequency in music? Did the ancients use sound to move objects? Can certain frequencies heal the mind and body?  For the last episode of Season 2 we take on frequencies, sounds and vibrations. One thing we know for sure - That's Some Crazy Shit! Check out our website Email us
April 03, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit S2 E12 - Psychic Medium & Metaphysical Coach June Ahern
This episode We sit down with psychic medium and metaphysical coach June Ahern. We cover everything from what happens when you die, June's  experiences working with the police on murder cases and not only is James' house a portal, he has pilgrim ghost in his house! To learn more about June and attend her monthly Zoom meetings visit and  June Ahern authored four books and is a Metaphysical Coach. A film based on one of he murder cases (read in he  book, How to Talk With Spirits:Seances•Mediums•Ghost Hunts,) is scheduled to begin production summer of 2021.
March 27, 2021
That' Some Crazy Shit - S2 E11- Musician Scott Howard
In this episode meet musician Scott Howard as he discusses his 432 HZ music and frequencies. Listen as we play his new song Timelines In Our Minds. This is an episode you don't want to miss.  For more on Scott Howard  The music of Scott Howard has been streamed over 12 million times, mustering a large following of dedicated “Ascended Fans” around the globe. His latest EP “The Language of Clouds,” released in May 2020, received worldwide critical acclaim. Music journalist Matt Herman writes “[Scott] is in his element, putting out a virtuosic vision in the middle of an emerging sonic windstorm, and never showing even the slightest hesitance in his execution.” The album is accompanied by an eBook, which contains a compilation of photographs taken over the 5 years of Scott’s Awakening. A NEW GENRE of music in 432 Hz helps raise the frequency of a human race near the finish. Scott Howard’s new concert film, “World Ascension Tour (A Lightworker’s Journey) Live at Village Studios in 432 Hz...” presents this reality as a gift of healing, love & hope in a new path experience. A 5D concert of firsts, journey into the hidden in-between spirit realm of Source. A concert film of the 21st Century provides the gift of beginning your very own journey & disclosure of truths. The lightworker, the dreamer, and the ascended man himself Scott Howard, with his band, delivers the ultimate virtual concert experience. The mind-blowing performance unleashed with visually breathtaking spectacles is a must-see. Available now on Amazon Prime.A NEW GENRE of music in 432 Hz helps raise the frequency of a human race near the finish. Scott Howard’s new concert film, “World Ascension Tour (A Lightworker’s Journey) Live at Village Studios in 432 Hz...” presents this reality as a gift of healing, love & hope in a new path experience. A 5D concert of firsts, journey into the hidden in-between spirit realm of Source. A concert film of the 21st Century provides the gift of beginning your very own journey & disclosure of truths. The lightworker, the dreamer, and the ascended man himself Scott Howard, with his band, delivers the ultimate virtual concert experience. The mind-blowing performance unleashed with visually breathtaking spectacles is a must-see. Available now on Amazon Prime.
March 20, 2021
-That's Some Crazy Shit S2 E10 - David Mitchell
In this episode we speak with psychic medium David Mitchell. David tell us about his gift to tell the future and to speak with those who have passed on. He is able to do reading by phone or in person. His abilities and accuracy can be deemed as That's Some Crazy Shit! To book a reading with David either by phone or in person text 385-285-9854  He is on Facebook:
March 13, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit S2 E9 - Joy Elaine
Links for Joy Elaine:  Author Website: Serenity Vibration Healing: Joy Elaine is a Level Four Practitioner and an Animal Healing Practitioner of SVH (Serenity Vibration Healing® and Enlightenment Technique). She credits this energy modality with being instrumental in assisting her to bring forth the information in the Joy Chronicles. In the late 1990’s she began experimenting with different forms of energy work including: Reiki, past life regression, Akashic record reading, Shamanism, Angelic Healing and others. In 2003 she became aware of SVH and immediately began learning and practicing this modality. The information for this series of books began coming to her in February of 2014. She graduated magna cum laude from Indiana State University and has a master’s degree in music from the University of Illinois. She has taught public school music (orchestra) and currently plays violin and viola professionally in Bloomington, Indiana. In 1991, an exploration of companies involved in the area of nutrition and wellness led her to become a representative of Shaklee Corporation. The philosophy of that company, Creating Healthier Lives, upheld and continues to match her desire to lead a healthy life. During that period of time she also became involved in bodybuilding and competed in several shows in northern Illinois. She is a hobbyist orchid grower and loves to travel to shows around the country to add to her collection. She is excited to reveal the information in this series of books and hopes that it will assist you to become aware of and step through one of the many doorways leading to your own magical future.
March 06, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit with special guest Molle Hess - S2 E8
In this episode we had the pleasure of speaking with Molle Hess. She shared with us stories of her growing up in a haunted house and other paranormal activities. Her daughter Candy joined in and shared her experiences of her grandparents haunted house.  More about Molle I grew up in Taylorsville Utah.   My childhood home was full of three sister, mom and dad and one ghost.  Our ghost was part of living and growing up. I graduated  from Westminster College with a  teaching degree in Secondary Ed.  Biology.   Throughout my 46 years of teaching, I let my students experience the knowledge of the unexplainable.   I introduced my students to my ghost.   We talked about their experiences, and found many students had strange experiences to share. Many things on Earth can not be explained.  We all need to show a wiliness to listen and explore.
February 27, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit S2 E7 - Special Guest - Alain Nu - The Man Who Knows
Join us as we talk with Alain Nu - The Man Who Knows Alain Nu website - See Alain online: The Forum Theater Throughout his entire life, Alain Nu, The Man Who Knows, has been looking at life with an unusual perspective and doing amazing things. Starting at a very early age, with interests in uncanny phenomena, hypnosis, eastern mysticism and illusions, Alain realized for himself a fantastic world of possibilities and interesting explorations. Always trying to understand the line between what is real and what is not, what is possible and what is impossible, Alain Nu now challenges you to explore how we are all strangely connected through a mysterious energy which he then demonstrates with amazing accuracy! His audiences all share a common sense of awe, exclaiming: “I don’t know how to explain that;” “No way, no way;” and “I don’t believe in magic. But, I saw it happen. And, I believe what I saw.” Headlining at casinos and theaters all over the world, and as a regular at Caesars Palace Las Vegas for four years, The Man Who Knows is at the top of his performance game. Alain Nu is “the modest explorer, the gracious and kind tour guide leading the audience into investigations and ultimately mysterious realms,” says Donn Murphy, Ph.D., Executive Director of The National Theatre. “It works beautifully…with electric energy, enormous imagination and warm appeal.” Between January and May of 2014, Alain was an honored guest-headliner performing as the premier mind-reader in Norwegian Cruise Line’s brand new specially designed, Illusionarium Theater, which showcases the world’s most amazing talent. The show began January of 2014, with its maiden voyage on-board NCL’s ‘The Getaway,’ their latest model luxury ocean liner. Heading first, from Germany to Amsterdam, then to Superbowl XXLVIII in New York, and then finally to the Caribbean, where it docked between Miami, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, and the Bahamas. In his four-part television series, “The Mysterious World of Alain Nu,” he is seen dazzling the minds of on-the-street audiences all over America with a powerful and creative collection of stunts and feats that defies mental perception. In his book, Picture Your ESP! Reveal Your Hidden Powers with The Nu ESP Test, which was ranked #1 in Hot New Releases in ESP on, Alain Nu shows us how we all potentially have a surprisingly accurate intuition of our own that seems to defy rational understanding. How does he do it? While Alain Nu is reluctant to reveal his especially sensitive powers, he acknowledges that his uncanny effects incorporate elements of probability, psychology, suggestion, professional techniques and good timing. First, and most importantly, he considers himself an entertainer. So, what is it that Alain Nu knows? “I know that each of us has a super hidden potential that is real,” he says. But is it possible for us to develop these super powers? “I think that answer lies in our ability to dream,” says Alain Nu.
February 20, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit - S2 E6 Paranormal Expert/Author/Professor Bruce Solheim
Join us as we talk to Dr. Bruce about his paranormal experiences. Bruce has written 3 books based on his true paranormal experiences, Timeless, Timeless Deja Vu and Timeless Trinity. We can definitely say his experiences = crazy shit! Links to Bruce's book Bruce Olav Solheim was born on September 3, 1958, in Seattle, Washington, to hard-working Norwegian immi­grant parents, Asbjørn and Olaug Solheim. Bruce was the first per­son in his family to go to college. He served for six years in the US Army as a jail guard and later as a hel­icopter pilot. He earned his PhD in history from Bowling Green State University in 1993. Bruce is currently a distinguished professor of history at Citrus College in Glendora, California. He also served as a Fulbright professor in 2003 at the University of Tromsø in northern Norway. He teaches a paranormal personal history course at Citrus College. Dr. Solheim is an associate member of the Parapsychological Association, and a member of CERO, and MUFON. Bruce founded the Veterans Program at Citrus College and co-founded, with Manuel Martinez and Ginger De Villa-Rose, the Boots to Books transition course—the first college course in the United States designed specifically for recently returned veterans. He has published eight books, one comic book, and has written ten plays, two of which have been produced. Bruce is married to Ginger, the girl of his dreams, who is a professional helicopter pilot and certified flight instructor. He has  four wonderful children: Bjørn, Byron, Caitlin, and Leif. He also has two precious grandsons, Liam and Wesley. Bruce, his brother, and his nephew still own the family home in Åse, Norway, two hundred miles above the Arctic Circle
February 13, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit S2 E5 - James' Crazy Paranormal Shit
Join us as we talk Egyptian finds, Kelly vs Scrabble Go Bots, and James reveals some of his own personal paranormal experiences. Does he actually live in a haunted house?  That's Some Crazy Shit! 
February 06, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit S2 E4 - Animal Mutilations
What takes down a 2,000 pound bull, surgical removes it's organs and leaves not one trace of blood?  We don't know either, but we do know That's Some Crazy Shit.  Listen as we talk about crazy shit in the news, animal mutilations and James finally reveals the real reason we do the podcast.
January 30, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit S2 E3 - Men In Black
We can all agree 2020 can be defined as the year of crazy shit. Listen as Kelly & James recap the crazy shit that went down 2020 and  Men in Black.  What do you think.......Are the Men in Black a covert cover up of UFOs and aliens or just folklore? We ask the question - Does the Men in Black exist? 
January 23, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit S2 E2 - Paranormal Ranches
In this episode, Kelly & James talk about the strange and creepy occurrences at Stardust and SkinWalker Ranch.  They also call out the crazy shit of the storming of the US Capital, getting a trophy for just showing up, and why the Godfather is the best movie in the entire world.  Connect with us: email: Facebook Instagram YouTube Twitter
January 16, 2021
That's Some Crazy Shit - S2 E1
Happy New Year! Season Two ya'll! We're back and ready for Season 2. We kick it off literally talking about the study of crazy shit! We can all agree medicine is some crazy shit. We can all agree that gastroenterology is the study of crazy shit - literally.   So why not get an expert to chime in on this one? We did! Join Kelly & James as they talk medicine with pediatric gastroenterologist Dr. Paul Tran Dr. Paul Tran grew up on the East Coast in Maryland and most of his childhood was dominated by a career as a competitive figure skater. His family moved to Colorado Springs when he was in high school, partly to train for skating.  He retired from skating and went to Duke University where he majored in Classical Civilizations. After graduation, he completed a Masters in Physiology at the University of Cincinnati before going to medical school in Denver at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.   He then moved to Dallas for three years to complete a residency in Pediatrics at the University of Texas Southwestern.  Now back in Denver, Dr. Tran currently completing a Fellowship in Pediatric Gastroenterology at the University of Colorado and Children’s Hospital Colorado. In the near future,  he hopes to continue his professional career with a focus on medical education and advanced endoscopy.
January 09, 2021
That's Some Crazy Sh*t - Episode 12
Is the Queen of England a reptilian overlord? Are Reptilians real? 12,000 Million Americans say Yes! We don't know if they are real or not, but what we do know  That's Some Crazy Shit. Join us as we talk about reptilians and why it's some crazy shit
November 30, 2020
That's Some Crazy Shit - Episode 11
We can't tell you why acupuncture works, we think it's crazy shit - but our expert guest Chris Shiflett can!   About Chris -  Chris was educated at the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Colorado’s first and oldest Chinese medicine school and an Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine accredited university. He received a Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the highest degree offered at the school, and is a Nationally Board Certified Diplomate of Oriental Medicine in acupuncture and herbal medicine therapies by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Christopher holds a Clean Needle Certification from the Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Christopher also holds a Bachelor of Science in Integrative Therapeutic Practices from Metropolitan State University in Denver, a program that emphasizes a strong western science background with a broad and extensive knowledge of the medical field as a whole, including allopathic, alternative, and complementary therapies.
November 22, 2020
That's Some Crazy Shit - Episode 10
What you should do if a mermaid kidnaps a member of your family? Why is Bob Dylan famous? We'll tell you on this episode of That's Some Crazy Shit as we hash out superstitions and deals with the devil! 
November 14, 2020
That's Some Crazy Sh*t - Episode 9
Crop Circles + Crazy shit that falls out of sky + The Electoral College Explained = That's Some Crazy Shit!  We are looking for guests for Season 2!  Psychics Fortune Tellers Mediums Witches Ghost Hunters Those who have seen a ghost/house haunted Bigfoot encounter UFO encounter Paranormal encounter and the list goes on...... If you have a crazy experience or want to share/talk about it email us at
November 07, 2020
That's Some Crazy Shit - Episode 8
 Okay, so we can't turn it into a werewolf or put a magic spell on your ex, but we can tell you about Werewolves and magic.  Join us, Kelly & James, as we hash out crazy shit about werewolves and magic.   We are looking for guests for season 2 starting in January. If you want to come on the show and chat it up about your crazy shit experiences, we'd love to talk to you.  Email us at thatssomecrazyshitpodcast@gmail!
November 02, 2020
That's Some Crazy Sh*t - Episode 7
Did you know that every state has an Urban Legend? Did you know the difference between a spell and a curse? How do you break a curse?  Listen to Kelly and James talk about Urban Legend and Curses in this next installment of That's Some Crazy Shit! *****We want you! We are looking for guests for Season 2! If you have had a paranormal experience or someone who practices magic, or who is psychic or has experienced some crazy shit,  we would love to have you as a guest on our show. ***** Email us at 
October 24, 2020
That's Some Crazy Sh*t - Episode 6 -
Do you know anyone who sees ghosts? We do! Come listen as we chat it up with our special guest who sees ghosts!  Oh yeah, we will also chat about the Tarot and other crazy shit.  Join us!
October 18, 2020
That's Some Crazy Sh*t - Episode 5
Those two are witches! Well not really, but come listen to Kelly and James take on Witches and Haunted Places on this week's episode of That's Some Crazy Shit! 
October 10, 2020
That's Some Crazy Sh*t - Episode 4
October is the month for scary and strange and Kelly and James are at it again - this episode they take on Vampires and Missing People from National Parks. How ever you slice or dice it  - it's some crazy sh*t!   Join us the entire month of October for our creepy Halloween-themed shows!
October 05, 2020
That's Some Crazy Shit - Episode 3
Are there really flying humanoids? Do women have wet dreams? Wanna found out? Check out the newest episode of That's Some Crazy Shit with Kelly & James and their first guest ever Chef Bella B! 
September 27, 2020
That's Some Crazy Shit
What do lake monsters and meditation have in common? Absolutely nothing, but Kelly and James take on both in this episode of That's Some Crazy Shit! 
September 20, 2020
That's Some Crazy Sh*t!
Welcome! That's Some Crazy Shit is a podcast that we hope will inspire you to want to learn and open you mind to all of the crazy shit in the world! 
September 13, 2020