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The 3 Torah's

The 3 Torah's

By Robert Randall
A show examining the Three versions, 2 Hebrew and 1 Greek translations of the five books of Moses. Hidden within the pages of these books we will discover a secret fourth Torah that is transformational towards one's spiritual walk with the God of Israel. Prepare to examine humanities creation, purpose and destiny in a new and fresh way.
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The Sapphire Mitzvot (Ten Commandments)
We are presented with a curious understanding that Sapphire was most likely the stone used in the creation of the Ten Commandments. Gd day wrote the first set, Moses wrote the second set. Seems likely Moses would need to stay up in the mountain forty days and forty nights to chisel such a hard rock, the second hardest to diamond. The inference that this is Sapphire comes from an earlier chapter in Exodus. the only other known gemstone carved with sacred writings is carved in green emerald
August 20, 2020
Samaritan Torah Genesis 1 - Created in El's Image and Form
Unique in the six days of creation is day six.  The Samaritan Torah says we are created in the image and form of God whom they call "Shemaah" or "Eloooowwem".  Examining the BIble we see that indeed, prior to mans disobedience of Gods one commandment which gave dominion to the enemy to Eusurpe deceifully we were like the Angels "Benai elohim" in hebrew.  Jesus/Yeshua confirms that in the Olam Habah - The world to come, his kingdom we will be like the Angels neither marrying or being given in Marriage.  We also discover insights through the commentary from the poets and sages of the Samaritans and their beliefs about Angels in the Torah.  
August 20, 2020
Introduction to the Greek Septuagint (LXX)
The most controversial of the 3 Torah's.  This text while the most copied has performed the exact opposite of its Hebrew cousins of the Samaritan and Massoretic Text from a singular copy into a mass of distribution in various forms.  Church fathers from Orogin and Theadotian to Eusebius make there parallel translations, creating the fabric of Christian superiority of Hellenism, if not the Greek as a New and improved text from the Hebrew.  With that development it is most closely related to the Samaritan Pentateuch and the three least accurate New Covenant manuscripts of Codex Alexandrious, Sinaticus, and Vaticanus.  
October 28, 2019
Introduction to the Israelite Samaritan Pentateuch
Our Second introduction examines the oldest Torah, the Samaritan Pentateuch, that is curiously written in a square Paleo-Hebrew Script.  A rich history, the Samaritans are the forgotten and heavily smeared "Catholics" of Judaism for vast beliefs in Angels and some psuedo pagan practices.  The textual compilation of Torah's is discussed, along with the academic views between the Samaritan and Masoretic translations.  With over 6,000 differences between both Hebraic texts we are certain to encounter a unique Torah from an Israelite tribe that is largely forgotten and vanishing.  
October 12, 2019
Introduction to the Masoretic Torah
We begin our introduction to the 3 Torah's starting with the Traditional or "Masoretic" Text.  The text published by orthodox Judaism from the JPS (Jewish Publication Society).  In the process we will discover the history of the oldest Babylonian Hebrew texts, the useful method of textual criticism, and in the process of the podcast, unintentionally discover a useful website called "The Mechanical Torah" translation that allows non hebrew readers to read Anglicized Hebrew and the English side by side.  
October 12, 2019