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The After 30 Podcast

The After 30 Podcast

By Tabitha & Anis
Entrepreneurs Tabitha Vallierie and Anis Alibhai discuss all the ish that goes on in your 30’s (and beyond) in an honest, relatable, and open way. They want you to laugh, maybe learn, and reflect on your experiences and perspective as it relates to the topic at hand. So grab a drink, get comfy, and saddle up for a good time with friends as they dissect everything from relationships, careers, social behaviour, children, making new friends, and way way more.
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67. Sex in the Pandemic w/ Dr. Jess

The After 30 Podcast

119. Starting a New Career in Your 30's w/ Michi NY
We're pulling from the vault this week and going back to our TENTH episode with Michelle Watson, the Founder and CEO of Athletic Apparel brand, Michi NY.  She tells us how she ditched her career in corporate finance and advertising to create a brand unlike anything else on the market, fashion-forward sophisticated women's athletic wear that's Canadian made, eco-friendly, sustainable and sexy. We hope you love it! xx Anis + Tabs --  Episode Sponsor: Onderbroeks Luxury Robes and Loungewear - Ethically sourced fabrics, handmade in Ontario, get 15% off with code: AFTER30 at Support our work on Patreon at
September 17, 2021
118. How to Respond in a Crisis - 9/11 in Gander, NF
On September 11, 2001, at 9:26 a.m. the FAA shut down its airspace. More than 4,000 planes were forced to land. Flights coming from Europe were grounded in Canada. And so 38 planes containing 6,579 passengers and crew members, 11 dogs, nine cats and two endangered apes were diverted to Gander, Newfoundland. This small town on an island at the edge of Atlantic (population: 9,651) with a giant heart quickly sprung into action. Suddenly over the course of five days, Gander’s population exploded. Community buildings were transformed into shelters. The town called on its citizens for help for anything they could do. And they delivered! Diane Davis was one of the incredible teachers responsible for managing the influx of passengers. Gander at the time, provided food, shelter and helped anyone who was stranded to get what they needed. She also inspired one of the main characters in the extraordinary musical Come From Away. Diane talks to us about the thousands of people deplaned in Gander and how they made extraordinary connections with the community who shared their hospitality, and taught the world about our capacity to give during times of crisis. Episode Sponsor: Onderbroeks Luxury Robes and Loungewear Ethically sourced fabrics, handmade in Ontario, get 15% off with code: AFTER30 at
September 10, 2021
117. Advice to Your 30 & 40yo Selves
We have a super funny and fruitful chat with the former CEO of Harlem Globetrotters, Kurt Schneider, and former president of TEDMED, Jon Ellenthal (among many other things). Now in their mid 50's, Kurt & Jon, reflect on how crucial a good environment is for any company to be truly sustainable, healthy and successful, the power of lighting up the room, how the busyness of life changes as we go through different stages, and they serve up some of the best advise we've heard about what they would tell their younger selves (hint, stop trying to control the narrative, you don't know shit, and lighten up).  This one is not to be missed, it's witty, funny, and PACKED with the kind of advice that you'd love to get from your funny, massively successful uncle over a night of gin martinis.   We hope you love it!  xoxox  Anis & Tabs   -- Support our work on Patreon at   -- Check out Jon & Kurts Podcast SMART DRIVEL - the definitive podcast for ambiguous topics. Kurt Schneider and Jon Ellenthal promise the drivel, hope for the smart, and probe anything or answer any burning questions or get to the bottom of things. They're more like two guys with a mic exploring different topics, and twenty minutes of a conversation you will want to be a part of.  Follow Smart Drivel on Instagram  -- ABOUT KURT  Kurt Schneider is the former CEO of the Harlem Globetrotters (NBD), where he rejuvenated the iconic brand and introduced the organization to a new generation of fans around the world. Since leaving the Globetrotters in 2016, Kurt founded 4D Brands and co-founded Harrumph Entertainment. Previously, he was EVP and Chief Marketing Officer for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), and an Executive at Disney and Fox.  He loves key lime pie.  ABOUT JON Jon Ellenthal has 30 years of experience building and leading early-stage companies with transformational business models to positions of industry leadership. He is ALSO currently a Sr. Advisor to the Chairman (NBD) for ApiJect Systems America, a public benefit corporation dedicated to making injectable medicines safe and available for everyone. He is Co-Founder and Board Member of The Upside Travel Company, the latest travel innovation from Priceline founder Jay Walker. Previously, Jon served as the CEO of Walker Digital and is the Founding Patron and former President of TEDMED. Earlier, Jon was the CEO of Synapse Group, Inc. He hates it when people from other floors come to his floor to use the bathroom.
September 03, 2021
116. Making Big Decisions When You're Not Aligned w Your Partner
It's gonna happen, you're after 30 and a proper adult, a BIG decision is bound to show up where you're not immediately and instinctively aligned with your partner - a big job, a big move, a big change in your family dynamic. Que the tension.  Today we debate the good and bad about discussing such major decisions with friends and family, and the emotional (or helpful) roller coaster that can ensue. We chat about how crucial it is to get clarity on what YOU want amongst honouring your collective goals, how much we think identifying your values plays a key role, and we share what's worked for us navigating a crunchy situation like this.  We hope you love it!  xoxox Anis & Tabs -- Episode Sponsors:  She's Birdie - personal safety alarms. Get 10% off at Poseidn 3D Cocktails. Get 10% off with code: AFTER30 at
August 27, 2021
115. Lessons in Leadership (When Running Your Own Company)
With us today is the founder of one of Australia’s most impressive brands, Sage x Clare. Phoebe Bell started the wildly successful bohemian homewares company 8 years ago and now, thanks to organic growth, following “a lot of intuition and gut instincts about where to go with the business”, and surrounding herself with the right people, Phoebe is leading a multimillion-dollar business with products in over 250 retailers around the world. We get into Phoebe's journey with leadership, starting from the beginning as a founder-led business and not thinking about leadership too much in the first 5 years being "in the trenches" with the team, to seeing when a shift in leadership had to occur when things went wrong. Phoebe gets vulnerable and shares her missteps in leadership along the way, and how she's navigated keeping a team's morale up in the last 2 years amid the pandemic. Phoebe's approach is so calm, emotionally contained, and solutions focused that even listening to her approach will settle your nerves.   We hope you love it. We loved recording it.  xoxox Anis + Tabs Use code AFTER30 for 15% off at Consider supporting our work on Patreon! Find us at: -- Episode Sponsors She's Birdie - personal safety alarms. Get 10% off at Poseidn 3D Cocktails. Get 10% off with code: AFTER30 at DNA Heath Kits by DNA PowerInc. Receive $50 off with code “After 30” at
August 20, 2021
114. Elevating Your Home & Work Space
Today, we're talking about Elevating Your Home & Work Space - our homes are everything to us at this stage in our lives, and especially in the last year and a half. They’re often our biggest purchase, our sanctuary, our keepers of memories, and a reflection of who we have become and continue to grow into. Many of us shifted our spending money in the last year and a half from experiences to things which could fill up our homes, or maybe you moved entirely to a new home with more space, or maybe you’re not able to move and you’re feeling frustrated or uninspired with the space you have, and maybe this pandemic time has helped you gain clarity on what’s most important to you. We focus today on all of the above with guest Gloria Song-Foster, founder of White Dahlia Design. Gloria believes your home should reflect the life you want and the person you are. We chat about how to integrate home design to help with your mental health, your family relationships and creativity, how to maximize small spaces (it’s her favourite challenge) and she’ll give us some tips on how to incorporate a more permanent but flexible home office space (or multiple) since a partial work from home situation might be the way of the future. We hope you love the pod! Also! White Dahlia Design is offering 10% off on all design packages with code “after30” at xoxoxo  Anis + Tabs  We love creating this podcast SO much. Consider supporting us on Patreon at: -- Guest Bio: As a minority and female entrepreneur, Gloria's business White Dahlia Design is built on the mission to help people live a "well designed life" - meaning your space should elevate the way you live. White Dahlia Design streamlines the design process utilizing VR and an efficient digital platform. From the initial consult meeting with one of their designers, the White Dahlia team sources décor and furniture options within a pre-determined style and budget to then includes your choices in a 3D rendering turned around in just 7-days. Once approved, the selected items are ordered and sent directly to your front door.   Find the team's work at:  Follow White Dahlia Design on IG @whitedahliadesign Get your ebook to create the perfect gallery wall at: -- Episode Sponsors: She's Birdie - personal safety alarms. Get 10% off at Poseidn 3D Cocktails. Get 10% off with code: AFTER30 at DNA Heath Kits by DNA PowerInc. Receive $50 off with code “After 30” at
August 13, 2021
113. Daring to Make an Unconventional Family Decision
We chat with Jennifer Fils-Aime, the founder and owner of NWA Boutique in Montreal. It's interesting because Jennifer has made some unconventional and daring decisions in her family life which has given her the perspective she’s needed to build a life for herself which is unique and purpose filled. We’ll chat about her decision to create an unconventional arrangement at home - as a mother working through a separation but still wanting to grow the family. And instead of focusing on societal judgements and self-doubt - she’s sticking true to this decision so she can be truly happy. And we discuss how this arrangement is actually so aligned with the current state of affairs of the world i.e. there is no such thing as a convention. Use code AFTER30 for 15% off! We hope you love the ep! xoxox Anis + Tabs Consider supporting our work on Patreon! Find us at: -- Episode Sponsors She's Birdie - personal safety alarms. Get 10% off at Poseidn 3D Cocktails. Get 10% off with code: AFTER30 at DNA Heath Kits by DNA PowerInc. Receive $50 off with code “After 30” at
August 06, 2021
112. Modern Day Etiquette
What does etiquette even mean today!? Our world is culturally diverse and dynamic, and so highly digital and casual - hardly anyone seems to abide by the rules and standards of "traditional etiquette" today. So does that matter? Should we care? What should we still be making sure we know and do?  We chat with etiquette expert Karen Cleveland about how etiquette has changed, what etiquette is appropriate today in various settings like dinner parties, corporate functions, dating and new baby life, why the heart of etiquette is still effing important, and what we can do to pay attention to our ever demanding environment and varied cultural contexts. A few of our favourite moments: Use etiquette to legitimize how you feel? 4:09 Why etiquette doesn’t matter until it does. 7:02 Why small talk matters. 8:16 Digital etiquette. 12:18 Raising kids in the digital world and why the internet can be fiction. 15:24 Etiquette as a value system. 17:05 Hosting a dinner party. 17:20 End your party with a wingwoman. 20:00 How to send someone your condolences. 23:56 Baby showers. 26:21 Breaking down barriers in baby/wedding showers. 27:38 Dating. 31:16 Differences in culture. 35:00 We hope you love the ep! xoxox Anis + Tabs  Consider supporting our work on Patreon! Find us at: -- Episode Sponsors She's Birdie - personal safety alarms. Get 10% off at Poseidn 3D Cocktails. Get 10% off with code: AFTER30 at DNA Heath Kits by DNA PowerInc. Receive $50 off with code “After 30” at
July 30, 2021
111. Starting New in Your 40's w/ Tania Richardson
In this show we’re constantly picking apart the assumptions, stereotypes, and unrealistic or outdated expectations that society places on us - and today we’re getting laser focused on one of the common ones that befalls us as we get into our 40’s - the story that we’re somehow done. That getting off our current path, particularly our career one, and building an altogether new one is somehow not ideal at this age.   We have Tania Richardson help us pick-apart why that's the dumbest story ever. She started her lifestyle brand, Hey Lady, in her 40’s after seeing a major gap in the market in brands speaking directly to her - a strong, proud, and ambitious 40 year old woman. Tania amassed a fan following after appearing on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and we discuss why starting something new in your 40’s is actually the best time ever, what holds most people back, and why you have to keep an eye on (and out) for the younger generations. Hope you love it! xx Tabs + Anis -- Episode Sponsors She's Birdie - personal safety alarms. Get 10% off at
July 23, 2021
110. Upcycling Food Waste & Sustainability
Today, we discuss Upcycling Food Waste & Sustainability with TJ Galiardi, the Co-Founder and CMO of Outcast Foods, a Canadian sustainable food tech company that makes beautiful food out of ugly produce. As a former NHL forward, playing with the Colorado Avalanche, San Jose Sharks, and Calgary Flames, TJ’s career took an unexpected turn when he had the ability to bring a dehydration technology solution to the food and agriculture industry that would ease food insecurities and lower the carbon footprint of the food supply chain. He’s quickly become one of the young leaders in food and agriculture with his unique outlook on sustainability, and we’re finding out today how he’s done it, why it’s so needed, and how we can get involved and lower our own carbon footprint.  We hope you love the ep!  xoxox  Anis + Tabs  --  Guest Bio: A former NHL forward, TJ has quickly become one of the young leaders in food and agriculture with his unique outlook on sustainability. TJ has been a guest lecturer on food waste at Rice University, a speaker at the Tuck School of Business, and an active angel investor and real estate developer for 10 years. Check out Outcast Foods at:, follow them on IG @outcastmission  -- Episode Sponsor: Poseidn 3D Cocktails Make yourself a Grapefruit & Basil G and T, Peach Margarita, or a Tiki Mai Tai with Poseidn 3D printed cocktail bases. Get 10% off with code: AFTER30 at
July 16, 2021
109. Mindset Shifts for Dating & Relationships W/ Dr. Carla Marie Manly
We have Dr. Carla Marie Manly with us today, a clinical psychologist and author who recently released the book Date Smart that’s a must-read for Millenial daters focusing on how to date strong, fearlessly, and smart. Even if you’re in a committed relationship, this book highlights the key elements of what constitutes the foundation of strong, healthy relationships. It’s a no-nonsense guide that takes the guesswork out of dating with the latest research, real-life examples, and 33 vital mindset shifts. We chat about what some of those mindset shifts are, how to increase your awareness to red flags, and how to foster empowered communication, boundaries, and realistic expectations. We hope you love it!  xx Tabs + Anis Guest Bio: Dr. Carla Marie Manly, a practicing clinical psychologist, author, and speaker, uses a mindfulness-based approach that is rooted in neurobiology. Dr. Manly's passion is helping others discover joy, balance, and optimal wellness from the inside out.    |     @drcarlamanly --- Episode Sponsor: Kitcaster: Podcast Booking Agency books your podcast appearances. Visit to check it out and sign-up! 
July 09, 2021
108.5 Special: Women Lifting Women w/ The Afterglow Podcast
We did a cross-pod with the incredible entrepreneurs Julie and Liz, who host The Afterglow Podcast, and we had SUCH a good time!  Known for their conversations related to lifting women up and breaking out of societal expectations on their podcast The Afterglow Podcast, we sit down and chat podcasts, friendship, the pandemic, finding clarity, and sustaining creativity.  Julie and Liz know that the best life is happening now and are inspired to create a community of women passionate and committed to a future beyond limits, of passion, self-expression, and fulfillment. With a good dose of fun and laughter, they explore everything from nutrition to career to parenting to relationships.  We hope you enjoy the ep! xoxox  Anis and Tabs Guest Bio: Julie + Liz started their first business in their forties. After staying home to raise their kids and support their husband’s careers, they swept the dust off their dreams and opened a yoga studio in Toronto, Canada. In 3.5 years they grew the studio into a thriving community hub, planning for almost everything except a global pandemic.  @theafterglowpodcastofficial   | -- Episode Sponsor:  This episode is sponsored by DNA PowerInc where you can get your DNA Tested to receive lifelong vital information about the keys to your best health. Receive $50 off with code “After 30” at
July 08, 2021
108. Meditation to Calm the Overwhelm of Change
Don't get us wrong, the world opening up right now is GREAT. We love it, we are so here for it, we are 2 seconds from hugging every single person walking down the street. BUT we also know that shifting how we've been living for 16+ months can feel overwhelming too, on top of already probably feeling hella burnout. So we’re pulling in Ashley Wray to help us with a very practical and centuries old tool to help us calm our hearts and minds in this time of yet again, change.  Ashley is the founder and CEO of Mala Collective, who works with artisans from Bali to Nepal to create products to support a mindfulness and meditation practice. Ashley aims to make meditation and mindfulness more accessible and fun and we’re chatting today about how to do just that. How meditation and taking space fr yourself to manage any feels of anxiety could be exactly the tool that you need.  **Use code AFTER30 for 20% off anything at **We have a giveaway for a Mala Collective Ivory & Gold Woven Meditation Cushion Set ✨ + 2 passes to their Monthly Meditation night. Enter on our instagram on THIS POST, contest closes Sunday June 27th!  Hope you love it!  xx Tabs + Anis -- Episode Sponsors She's Birdie - personal safety alarms. Get 10% off at
June 25, 2021
107. Fatherhood Today - From After 30 Dads
Today, we celebrate three exceptional After 30 Dads - Nahid, Sean, and Chris. We interview each of them on how they show up differently for their kids, and the challenges they experience as modern fathers. We hope you love it and Happy Father's Day Weekend!    xoxo   Anis & Tabs  -- Episode Sponsors Mini Mioche - sustainable, locally made baby and kids basics and essentials. Get 15% off with code "Afterthirty" at  She's Birdie - personal safety alarms. Get 10% off at DNA PowerInc. - Get your own DNA tested for better insights into your health. Get $50 off with code “After 30” at
June 18, 2021
106. When a Parent Comes Out - An Interview w/ Tabs
We wanted to honour Pride month in a special way, and Tab’s sharing her own lived experience of her Mother's coming out journey - that today is a story of compassion, acceptance and love - felt right. Tabs shares the impact it had on her to be a child of a 3-in-1 family dynamic shift: divorce (as that's often associated with a parent coming out), seeing your parent in a new relationship, and that new relationship being a same sex one. She shares how she found out, the process to acceptance and support and how it impacted her relationship with her husband now. We discuss what it means to be sexually fluid, why communication is so vital, and the ultimate beauty and power that lies in following your truth.  We hope you enjoy! xx Tabs + Anis
June 11, 2021
105. Our DNA Results
Part II to Eating For Your DNA with Dr. Lois Nahirney, where she explained DNA Health testing and the insights it can provide about your genetic make-up so you can make better decisions about your diet, fitness and health. We both got tested after that episode and in today's chat Dr. Lois takes us through the results! It gave us the opportunity to ask many of your burning questions and allowed us to better understand what the 200 page reports say so we can make empowered decisions about our inputs and live a longer life. We weren't surprised with some sections, but then a few key things will impact how we live and choose to eat going forward - like Tab's low tolerance for handling a high meat protein diet, or Anis's zero tolerance for salt. Woah.  We also discovered our genetic likelihood for Alzheimers and Depression among others, and what kinds of workouts we're best suited to. There's SO much in these reports that break down into 4 sections: diet, health, brain and fitness, they take ~2-4 weeks (depending on the timing of when you send in your test) and Dr. Lois will walk you through the results in a post-consultation too.  To be able to access a personalised proactive health test like this in our modern world is truly a gift and we hope you take it for yourself and your family too! To get your own DNA tested - receive $50 off with code “After 30” at  We hope you love it! xoxo Anis & Tabs
June 04, 2021
104. How to Determine Your Values w/ Sarah Gibbons
Dunno 'bout you, but we've found it can be an intimidating exercise to land on our leading values. We've come to believe that knowing them, and then living by them can be one of the greatest things that we can do to make life easier, more graceful, and integrous - particularly when it comes to making tough decisions. In this ep we're joined by leading Success Coach, Sarah Gibbons, who on-air coaches on how to determine them. Sarah works with prominent Creative Executives and Entrepreneurs in the Arts & Entertainment Industry in LA and specialises in helping them thrive at the intersection of creativity and impact, and she's a pro at helping people gain clarity on their values. We chat about how crucial it is to structure and create a life around your leading values, how to make decisions in-line with them, and how to learn to lead from your heart instead of your head.  *Grab a pen and paper and a quiet space for yourself for this one** Included in this ep is a guided exercise that can help you too.  We hope you love it.  xx Tabs + Anis - Follow Sarah Gibbons at @sarahgibbonsco or - Access Sarah's How to Determine Your Values Guide at ---- Episode Sponsor:  DNAPower Inc - Test your DNA with the DNA Health Kits and use code "after30" here to receieve $50 off on your totalPower or totalPower Connect Kits at
May 28, 2021
103. Caring For Your Holy Hole
Coined from CBC’s Working Moms, we’re talking about the skin of the vulvar region. When it comes to the vagina, we know things go in it, and can come out of it. Beyond that, we don’t really talk about it (which is a whole other conversation) and probably don’t even think about the fact that the area around the vagina is all skin. Dr. Jen Newell join us, Naturopathic Doctor and founder of Connected Health & Skin. Dr. Newell’s clinic focuses on skin health and is committed to helping her clients resolve frustrating skin issues and reclaim their inner glow. We’ll discuss how we don’t see the vaginal area as skin in the first place, get into talking about the skin itself, the misconceptions around it, what happens to vaginal skin as we get older, and what we can do to take care of this often not spoken about zone. We hope you love it! xxo Anis & Tabs Follow Dr. Newell on IG @connectedhealthandskin -- Sponsors:  She's Birdie - personal safety alarm, get 10% off at DNA Power Health Kits - test your DNA and unlock answers about your diet, health, fitness and brain DNA. Get $50 off with the code ‘after30’ on totalPower or totalPower Connect kits at
May 21, 2021
102. Navigating Conflict in Relationships w/ Dr. Solomon
Alexandra Solomon is the legendary clinical psychologist, author and speaker, specialising in families, marriage, and relationships. Featured in O Magazine, The Atlantic, Vogue, and presenting on the Todays Show, the United States Military Academy at West Point, Microsoft, and The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), Dr. Solomon has spent the last two decades becoming one of today’s most trusted voices in the world of relationships. She's passionate about translating cutting-edge research and clinical wisdom into practical tools people can use to bring awareness, curiosity, and authenticity to their relationships and we get into ALL of it. We cut right to the juicy stuff asking Dr. Solomon how we get past our own stuff in an argument, how to take turns, how to effectively acknowledge the other person, and how to ensure your self-awareness is at the forefront of the conflict.  We hope you love it! xx Tabs + Anis Dr. Alexandra Solomon on instagram @dr.alexandra.solomon or get in touch with her at -- Episode Partner: Use code "AFTER" for 15% off at clean beauty brand Province Apothecary at
May 14, 2021
101.5 The Mother's Day Special
In this special mini-episode we chat with our beautiful mamas and ask them what they love about us, how our relationships have evolved as we've gotten older, and for some nuggets of wisdom for our future selves. We know Mother’s Day has its many nuances and we can be mothers in all kinds of arenas, so however you choose to honour your Mother's Day, we honour it with you, and wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day! We hope you enjoy this episode!  xo Anis + Tabs
May 09, 2021
101. Amping Up Your Wine Confidence
Welcome to Season 3!!! We open up a bottle (or 2) of New Zealand Sauv Blanc, celebrate International Sauvignon Blanc Day and talk about Amping Up Your Wine Confidence with wine influencer Angela Aiello. Also known as “Super Wine Girl”, Angela has been changing the world of wine for the past 20 years by democratizing it and making it more accessible. We talk about how we're all feeling about incorporating pleasure into our lives, taking the snobbiness out of drinking wine, the 5 steps to knowing more about the wine in your glass, and how to drink wine with our food. We hope you enjoy the first of Season 3!! xoxo Anis + Tabs  -- Angela Aiello is a TV host for CTV Morning Live, CHCH Morning Live and hosts her own show “The Juice”. She’s celebrated as One of The Most Inspiring Power60, and Angela has interviewed chefs, sommeliers and celebrities like John Malkovich, Christine Cushing, Priyanka Chopra, and Max Riedel (she even hosted Nelson Mandela’s Daughter and granddaughter in her wine cave when their wines launched in Ontario). Angela currently has an on-going campaign that highlights #WinesThatGiveBack and also sits on the Board of Directors for Femmes du Vin, a not-for-profit organization that supports women in the wine trade. She’s helped thousands of people learn about wine in a non-pretentious, yet educational way.  Find Angela on IG @superwinegirl. Angela is currently running Wine School to Europe in a 3-part tasting series starting May 20th. Find out more here. -- Sponsor: Get 15% off on your Province Apothecary order with code: AFTER
May 07, 2021
100. That Time We Made 100 Episodes!
Gah! Our 100th!! With 50 episodes before a pandemic and 50 in one, we reflect back on our 2 year podcast journey thus far. Our favourite moments, which guests made us nervous, and what we've learned. Most of all we are so grateful to every single one of you who have supported us, listened to us, shared us and reviewed us (yes even that off-color one about Anis). We LOVE you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts! xo Tabs + Anis -- Episode Partner: We've partnered with Province Apothecary to bring you a 15% discount with code: "AFTER" Small-batch, holistic, sustainable, clean beauty brand with 100% active plant-based ingredients. Province Apothecary’s mission is to create pure, effective skincare products that benefit even the most sensitive skin complexions. From invigorating and balancing toners to custom face serums (the best) and radiant bath and body oils, Province Apothecary’s best-selling products are expertly formulated, blended to awaken the face and body. Proudly Canadian, vegan, cruelty-free and green business certified, visit them online today at Free shipping on orders over $35.
April 30, 2021
99. Why it's Time to Overhaul Weddings
"Women have rewritten every part of our lives, except how we marry. We’re still getting hitched in much the same way that generations before us have, albeit with the added modern pressures of having it be Instagram-perfect.” We chat with Michelle Bilodeau and Karen Cleveland, co-authors of The New Wedding Book: A Guide to Ditching All The Rules, which dropped 3 days ago in Canada. We talk about how you can drop the ball on your authenticity, budgeting, and priorities when you're planning for your big day and how "traditions" aren't really traditions. Michelle and Karen give us some tangible tips on keeping communication at the forefront, thinking about everyone to make events more inclusive and accessible, and sticking true to what's meaningful for your wedding. This ep is packed, we hope you love it! xoxo  Anis and Tabs Get your copy of: The New Wedding Book: A Guide to Ditching All The Rules wherever you get your books! Michelle Bilodeau is a writer and editor. Her work has appeared in CBC Life, Refinery29, Fashion, the Kit, Flare, and Canadian Living. She is also a green beauty expert on The Social. Michelle lives in Toronto. Karen Cleveland has contributed to the New York Times, Weddingbells, Today’s Bride, Fashion, the Kit, Huffington Post, the Toronto Star, and the National Post. She lives in Toronto, as well. -- Episode Partner: We've partnered with Province Apothecary to bring you a 15% discount with code: "AFTER" Small-batch, holistic, sustainable, clean beauty brand with 100% active plant-based ingredients. Province Apothecary’s mission is to create pure, effective skincare products that benefit even the most sensitive skin complexions. From invigorating and balancing toners to custom face serums (the best) and radiant bath and body oils, Province Apothecary’s best-selling products are expertly formulated, blended to awaken the face and body. Proudly Canadian, vegan, cruelty-free and green business certified, visit them online today at Free shipping on orders over $35.
April 23, 2021
98. Navigating Awkward Money Conversations w/ Broke Millennial
Erin Lowry, author of the BROKE MILLENNIAL series and millennial personal finance expert, joins us to chat through real-life awkward money situations we undoubtedly have been in, or will be in. Erin explains the four Money scripts® (our unconscious beliefs about money that are rooted in our childhood that ultimately shape our financial health) and we touch on managing value differences therefore spending behaviours with friends, how to ask for more money at work or find out what colleagues or pears are earning, prenups and even what to say when your bridezilla is breaking your bank account. Grab Erin's latest book Broke Millennial Talks Money: Scripts, Stories and Advice to Navigate Awkward Financial Conversations wherever books are sold.  @brokemillennialblog We hope you love it!  xx Tabs + Anis -- Sponsors: Use code "lockdown" at checkout for 15% of our After30 Lockdown Love Notes (Set) at Use code "After30" for 15% of $150 off AWE Contract Kits or Contract Templates at or HERE.
April 16, 2021
97. Meditate With Us
Sometimes there are no words. This is one such time. We're going into a lockdown again in Ontario and bringing you a much needed pod to calm the nerves and slow down. We’ll let our minds wander with intention, we'll take you through the meditation with the hope of bringing you some peace and calm into your evening. It hasn't been easy for anyone, let's hold the space for each other.  We hope you love it.  This meditation is from the book: Yoga Nidra, by Swami Satyananda Saraswati.  Music: Christopher B. from Awaken Music Productions This episode is sponsored by The After 30 Podcast (wink wink) - check out their cards to send to your cuties here! 
April 09, 2021
96. How It Always Starts with Your Gut
ROAD TRIP! Today we take you back to biology and down the digestive track with Nora de Bora, a Holistic Preconception Planning Coach. We find out why there's been so much hot research around gut health the last number of years, what happens as we get older and what we need to do to reverse any damage we did in our 20's, the effect of gut health on our hormones *and fertility* and we chat about tuning into your body and paying attention to the signals when you're not feeling too hot. Nora schools us on our foods journey from the esophagus, to the stomach, liver, small intestines, and large intestines and gives us tips for specific foods and vitamins for each of these crucial organs. Get your notebooks, this one is fibrous.   Hope you love it!  xoxox Anis & Tabs  P.S. Back in lockdown amirite?? Send your cuties a card to let them know you're thinking of them for round 5678 of lockdown (in Ontario anyway). We have the sweetest love notes and birthday cards available for purchase here! -- Nora DeBora is a Preconception Health Coach, Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga Instructor who helps women prepare their bodies for pregnancy and have a healthy baby after 30. Through her signature program, Holistic Pregnancy Prep, she teaches women how to naturally achieve their best health before pregnancy so that their mind and body are in the most optimal state to get pregnant when they are ready. Take your Gut Health Audit here, learn how to naturally preserve and optimize fertility at and find her on IG @naturally_nora.
April 02, 2021
95. What You Should & Shouldn't Do in Your 30's+
At this point in our lives, we know we aught to reject many societal "shoulds".  What we “should” have, where we “should” be at in our careers, what we “should” look like, that we "should" be married with kids, with the suburb house - we don't subscribe to most of that crap. Instead, today we focus on the other, less talked about “shoulds” and "should nots". The ones that foster empowerment, self-love, fulfilment, and freedom. The actions, behaviours and practices that we "should" be in at this point in our lives that make us better people, friends, partners, professionals, and (maybe) parents. We break it down to money, self, body, work, and social situations. So so good.  Hope you love it.  xx Tabs + Anis P.S. Another thing you "should" do is send your friends a cute-ass card to let them know you're thinking of them. Get 'em here.
March 25, 2021
94. Eating For Your DNA
Do you know if you ACTUALLY shouldn't eat carbs? Do you know if that Vitamin B supplement is better for you than that Probiotic? Did you know that taking a DNA health test is actually incredibly accessible?! A simple swab of the saliva from your cheek can be sent to a lab in Canada and come back with a 200 page report giving you insight into what parts of your DNA are weaker so you can renew and revitalize the DNA embedded in your cells to make improvements in your health and live longer. A process that was previously reserved for University biology labs, is now being made accessible by companies like dnaPower Inc. out of Vancouver, Canada.  We chat with President and CEO of dnaPower Inc, Dr. Lois Nahirney, about what these tests are actually telling us, and how you can adjust your diet, vitamin intake, and even your fitness behaviour to match your genetic makeup and what you actually need more or less of. We chat about how the body works on a cellular level to understand that you have the power through the influences you put on and in your bodies to course correct for diseases, weight fluctuations, energy levels, and optimal health. We learn how vital this personalised information is as the food we consume is becoming less nutritious, the benefits of finding this information out early for your kids, and how Dr Lois herself (and countless other people they've worked with) have uncovered health issues through these DNA Health tests that doctors and specialists were not effectively diagnosing.  Simply put, these tests can be a game changer for your health, happiness and can help you live longer. And you only take it once! We've taken ours and we'll be doing a follow-up episode in a few months where Dr. Lois will take us through our results on air!  Grab your DNA test here with code "after30" and get $50 off on your totalPower or totalPower Connect Product.  We hope you love it, xx Tabs + Anis Follow us @theafter30podcast for more!
March 19, 2021
93. A Transcendent After 30 Near Death Experience
We switch things up a bit this week and talk with Ginette Biro, a Medium, Cosmic Channeler, Educator and Kinesiologist about her personal near death experience and account of going to the other side. She describes in vivid detail what she saw, how it happened, and the kinds of choices she was able to make about her life in the here and now. We discuss why being more comfortable talking about and contemplating death will help us live greater lives now, and how to find your purpose even if you haven't had a transcendent experienced. Interesting, triggering, and/or soothing this is a good one to listen to with curiosity and exploration. Let us know what you think!  P.S. Send your friends and loved ones a little reminder that you're thinking about them with our custom made After 30 cards here! xx Tabs + Anis -- Ginette's recently published book, Avalon to Aurora, details her near-death experience and the lessons divinely imparted to her to help the reader live a life full of joy, love and purpose on earth. Ginette is a gifted cosmic channeler of 12 dimensions, and one of the few mediums that has had a near-death experience that allowed her to directly experience the other side. Learn more about her work or get in touch with Ginette here.
March 12, 2021
92. Hair & Scalp Health in Your 30's+
Our hair get's thinner, dryer and flatter as we get older - it's just SCIENCE. But we still wanna do everything we can to slow the process. Answer: scalp health. Our guest today is celebrity hair stylist and founder of Pomme Salon and Pommeshell, Nicole Pidherny, who makes it her mission to educate her clients about the "why" behind hair care and scalp health. We learn why the skin on our head it's the source of all good hair (looking at you thinning hair), we chat postpartum hair, green hair care, if supplements like biotin really work (spoiler), hair after chemotherapy, and we get into all the things you might be feeling right now a year into the pandemic (don't box dye). We also gush HARD over Nicole's genius hairbrush invention, The Pomme Brush, and we're sharing the love with you! Use code "AFTER3020" for 20% off your Pomme Brush here! Trust us, you'll see 70% less hair in your brush and get a legit scalp massage. Swoon.  We hope you enjoy the ep as much as we loved making it!  xoxo A&T  -- Gooseberry Prints are limited edition fine art photography prints of rescued animals and storybook settings designed for nurseries and homes with heart. They're created using archival quality inks and with only 50 or fewer of each available. Use code “AFTER20” for 20% off!! 
March 05, 2021
91. One Year Into a Pandemic
We're one year into the global pandemic and the waves and troughs of fatigue are familiar AF. We’re in a race to normalcy and in the Northern Hemisphere anyway, we’re in the dead of winter with even less ability to pull in the things that give us joy and self-care. In this ep we have a heart-to-heart on all the feels we've been experiencing over the past year, we recap our roses, Anis pulls from her psychotherapy expertise and explains why what we're feeling rn is trauma, and we indulge ourselves on what we can't wait for post-pandemic.  Also, we created some cute cards inspired by what we'd love to receive and send you all right now! Check 'em out here! We hope you love it.  xx Tabs + Anis Photo by Daniel J. Schwarz on Unsplash
February 26, 2021
90. Everything is Gravy, Until it’s Not: What You Need to Know About Legal Contracts
Business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers - listen up!!! This episode is for you. We chat with Darielle Teitelbaum, a corporate lawyer and the founder of AWE Legal and AWE contracts to find out everything we need to be thinking about for our legal needs. It becomes so clear through our conversation with Darielle, that so many of us are not properly set-up with the right policies to cover our liabilities but ALSO to protect our time, our rights, and even our financial opportunities. This episode gives you the vocabulary to be able to have the right conversations with your clients, and a clear roadmap for the contracts you should have in your back pocket. We talk about what the pandemic exposed for many business in their cancellations/refund policies & what you need to include now (*note why the pandemic is not considered force majeure). We dive into IP and the many complications and existing rights surrounding IP, privacy policies including with kids online classes, and what side hustlers should be thinking about too. Also we talk about the tomato feta drama, obviously.   One of the best things about this conversation is that it's accessible. Darielle created AWE contracts during COVID specifically to service small businesses that are often underserved by the cost-prohibitive and lengthy process of individually drafted contracts. They've taken all the guess-work out by offering all of the relevant contracts required to operate your business, and they include the essential contracts you need or may need in the future as you grow, tailored to your industry.   Srsly this is the way to go if you’re an entrepreneur and want to be sure you’ve got all the bases covered from the start, we're so excited to connect you to them. Get your Contract Kit here. ( xoxo Tabs + Anis  -- **The content of this episode is provided for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal or other professional advice or an opinion of any kind.
February 19, 2021
89. Get Your Pleasure On w/ Goody Howard *explicit warning*
Just in time for Love Day, we're getting intimate with sexuality educator, intimacy consultant, and HIV activist Goody Howard. We chat about normalizing pleasure, how to create more sensuality in your everyday life (which therefore leads to far more pleasure in sex), and what to do if you're just not feelin' it. Goody also keeps us cool on what's happening in sex toys, how to create new erogenous zones, and she explains how many types of orgasms there are (guaranteed there's more than you think). Explicit warning in effect, you might blush, but you're also welcome.  Happy Valentines Day! xoxo Tabs + Anis
February 12, 2021
88. Cultivating Creativity in Your 30's+
We chat with Sarah Schwab, founder and president of Content Creation Coach, author of the bestselling book “Content That Dances”, and host of the podcast 'Inspired and Amused' about what creativity looks like as we get older. How it's so common for life to take over as adults, leaving your connection to creativity and hobbies be a thing of your childhood past that we no longer dedicate time for. We chat about how to get into the creative flow, the importance of business and leadership allowing for additional time and space for creative exploration, and how to reconnect or get inspired to things that light you up.  Enjoy! xoxox T & A -- Sarah Schwab is known for her expertise in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs create a strategy and develop consistent, compelling content that builds connections and engagement, leading to growth. She has created hundreds of blog articles, produced teleseminars, webinars, videos, e-books, and more. Aside from entrepreneurship and content creation, her personal creative passion is in dance; you’ll often find her at her local studio and at ballroom dance competitions. Sarah is the host of podcast Inspired and aMused, a podcast which tells stories of ordinary people who make space to have a creative passion in their life. Use code "AFTER30 " for 15% off at & follow Graydon Skin Care on IG @graydonskincare. As always, follow our journey on @theafter30podcast, check out our cute 2020 Quarantine Love Notes. Episode Cover Art: Colossal
February 05, 2021
87. Expert v Generalist - The Debate
Inspired by one of our favourite reads Range, Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialised World by David Epstein we debate the + & -'s of being a generalist versus an expert in your career, particularly as we advance and gain additional experience, knowledge, and connection to ourselves. Which path are you taking? Is one better than the other? We seem to make the case for the generalist, but we admit some of that comes from a deep jealousy of epidemiologists.  At the end of the day, don't feel behind.  We hope you love it.  xoxo Tabs + Anis
January 29, 2021
86. Healing Your Relationship w/ Food
Dr. Sabina Singwell, food + body image coach and founder of The School of Bitchcraft, joins us to discuss how we identify what our existing relationship is with food, how we can re-direct it if it's not serving us, and brings a refreshingly relaxed approach to using food as a coping mechanism (hello pandemic). Also includes how to teach your children to build a healthy relationship with food, the importance of allowing pleasure, and Sabina coaches Tabs on her relationship with chocolate.  We hope you love it.  xoxo Tabs + Anis -- Founder of The School of Bitchrcraft, Dr Sabina McAllister Singwell is a food and body coach, writer, social scientist, and your feminist big sister. She’s a one-woman, judgement-free zone on a mission to help women and non-binary folks create a deep well of self-trust, access supreme self-confidence and find ease in their own bodies. 
January 22, 2021
85. Show Me the Money P3: Financially Empowering Women w/ The Rebel Mama
In Part 3 of this Show Me The Money Series - we have returning guests Nikita Stanley and Aleks Jassem of The Rebel Mama. Facilitated by the release of their new book, Get Your Shit Together: The Rebel Mama’s Handbook For Financially Empowered Moms, we pulled out the otherwise snooze worthy or often mansplained topics of finance that they cover in the book in a refreshing and approachable way. We cover things like wills, insurance, understanding marketing algorithms, and ultimately, how to get in the driver's seat of your financial future.  Join us on @theafter30podcast and leave us a voice note ANYTIME! We love hearing from you! xoxo Tabs + Anis
January 15, 2021
84. Show Me The Money P2 - Explaining Alternative Investments w Joseph Buaron
What they are, why they’re interesting, and how we can learn more about alternative investments. Joseph Buaron, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of GoPeer,  walks us through alternative investments in simple terms. We cover financial literacy and why thats so important for ALL of us in our 30's, if alternative investments are right for us, and how you can get involved.  Joseph is a seasoned developer with over two-decades of related experience as a programmer, solutions architect, DevOps engineer, entrepreneur, and investor. Before co-founding goPeer, Joseph worked as the CTO for a corporation that was acquired by Unilever, and was responsible for directing the IT, Digital Marketing and Consumer Support divisions. Before that, he worked to scale a thriving FinTech start-up, with a focus on payment industry regulatory compliance and data security. Check out GoPeer's work, or follow them on IG As always, follow our journey on IG @theafter30podcast
January 11, 2021
83. Show Me The Money P1: Getting Financially Naked With Your Partner w/ Stephanie Wolfe
In our first episode for 2021 we're kicking off with a 3 part money series because we want you to be rich, and to not feel bad about your holiday money hangover. There's also A LOT to talk about with money right now, our spending did who knows what in 2020, the gender pay gap widened even more, meanwhile we're adults and still have to figure out how to manage that house/car/keep our business alive/pay for kids and actually make sure we save and invest. So we're talking about money from three angles over the next week and a half.  Today we're joined by Stephanie Wolfe who’s the founder of Wolfe Collective Wealth, Inc. a financial coaching company that helps ambitious women bring their financial goals to life. In this episode we focus on how to get financially naked with your significant other. How to talk about money if you're newly dating or married, what you do if it's getting tense, and how to get more comfortable having the money chats in social settings . Included are some helpful tips on how to practice mindful spending and what percentage of your net income should go where.  Tune in on Monday for Part 2 - Alternative Investments with Joseph Barron.  Join us on @theafter30podcast and leave us a voice note ANYTIME! We love hearing from you!  xoxo Tabs + Anis
January 08, 2021
82. How We Stay Friends
We discuss how we’ve successfully produced 82 episodes and managed to make our friendship and working relationship stronger in the process. We chat about whats worked, what hasn't and what we've learned about ourselves along the way. Oh and we pull in our mutual friend, Krystal, who's responsible for introducing us, to quiz us on who knows who best. It's a cutie.  xoxo Tabs + Anis
December 18, 2020
81. The Barrel Effect w/ Meghan Telpner
Best-selling author, speaker, nutritionist and founder of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, Meghan Telpner joins us to break down the Barrel Effect: the analogy that our body and life is a vessel with a finite amount of space, it spills over if there’s too much in it. With the holidays approaching in the most uncertain year we’ve ever experienced in our lifetimes, we’re about to overflow OR we've been overflowing thrice over for 10 months. Meghan helps us handle our overflowing barrels, and how we can make space in it. Small Biz Shoutout   Founder Shannon Whelan joins us to tell us about her business: Euclid Farms, a Torontonian small-scale urban flower farm and floral studio. They grow chemical-free cut flowers from May to November, support other local growers, and import when necessary. They are 100% flower foam-free, recycle vases as much as possible, and continue to work to reduce  use of plastic with every arrangement and bouquet they create. Follow them on IG @euclidfarms Get 15% off of fresh flowers with code: AFTER30.  As always, follow our journey on @theafter30podcast. We've recently launched holiday and birthday cards, check our instagram for more details!
December 11, 2020
80. Overcoming Overwhelm: Running a Business & Being a Parent in the Pandemic
Our guest today is the founder of Totum Women, mother of 3, and attorney Erin Erenberg. Erin runs Totum Women, a motherhood brand that centers around supporting modern mothers through this crazy parenting journey, but in a way that keeps the woman at the centre of the story and as close to herself feeling as whole as she can. Erin has had more of rough go this year than most of us, with her oldest son, George, being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the beginning of the pandemic, her husband being diagnosed with COVID, home schooling, and termite induced renovations all while trying to keep (and grow) her own business. Erin’s resilience and ability to gracefully step out of the overwhelm to search for self-improvement, to listen and learn, and to focus on what’s most important is astonishing. We’re going to chat about what tools best work for her to not let ALL OF THE THINGS completely take over. Follow @totumwomen on IG and join them for their next Totum Talk on How to De-Stress the Holidays happening on December 9th. Partner: Big Life Journal (@biglifejournal) - Illustrated & Guided Journals Helping Kids, Tweens & Teens Build Self-Esteem & Resiliency. Packed With Stories, Poems, Quotes, Illustrations & Writing Prompts. Get the special growth mindset journals or one of their popular printable kits and witness the positive change in your children! -- Small Business Shout-out: Window Workout offers a workout with a professional from the comfort of your home, through the safety of your window. Their expert fitness instructors offer custom instruction through their bluetooth headphones and you can listen through the speakerphone on your phone. Classes are available to individuals, families or groups living in nursing homes and community homes. Window Workout believes in the healing power of exercise, and that there is no such thing as bad weather. Instructors arrive dressed warm enough to confidently guide you through your workout as if they were in your home with you. All you need is a window we can workout in front of, a phone, and a willingness to sweat and smile! -- Follow us on @theafter30podcast and connect any time with episode ideas or how you're feeling about life after 30! xx A + T
December 04, 2020
79. How to Speak Your Non-Love Language
You likely have a general understanding of the 5 Love Languages: quality time, acts of service, giving or receiving gifts, physical touch, and acts of affirmation. But what about working through the ish when you and your partner don't speak the same love language?? We chat with returning guest and relationship expert Jelena Vulic, a psychotherapist  who works with individuals and couples wishing to explore and strengthen their relationships. Jelena tells us more about the tensions that rise when we don’t speak the same love language, and give us some pointers on how we can communicate in a love language that's not our own. -- Small Business Shout-out:  Hanji Gifts (@hanjigifts) offers a wide variety of giftware, papers, stationery, craft supplies, accessories and cards, all carefully picked out for the highest quality and innovative design. Hanji Gifts are both imported from South Korea and handmade locally in Toronto. Hanji Gifts are proud of providing local and South Korean artists the opportunity to share their creations with the world.  Get 20% OFF with code "After30" -- Follow us on @theafter30podcast and connect any time with episode ideas or how you're feeling about life after 30!  xx A + T
November 27, 2020
78. A Pandemic Pregnancy w/ Award Winning Shannon Ella & Steven Lee Olsen
We’re joined by country music and industry award winning couple Shannon Ella & Steven Lee Olsen for a convo we never thought we'd have - having a pandemic pregnancy. Shannon is the host of radio show Pure Country and she’s recently picked up the 2020 Country Personality of the Year Award and Industry Person of the Year Award while casually growing a baby. NBD. Steven is an artist and songwriter, with songs like "Can't not" and "Raised by a Good Time" and co-writing songs like @KeithUrban's double-platinum hit “Blue Ain’t Your Color” (which earned a CMA, Grammy noms and a ton of other accolades). Also NBD. This impressive and incredibly sweet duo have had a wild ride this year (even more than most of us) kicking it off with getting married in the backyard of their Nashville, Tennessee home, and experiencing their first-time pregnancy, in a pandemic, on both sides of the border. We’re getting right into the ups, downs, and in-betweens of what it’s been like to have a pandemic pregnancy.  -- SHANNON ELLA (Country Personality of the Year CCMA // Industry Person of the Year CMAO) is the host of nationally syndicated midday radio show on Bell Media's Pure Country. This show airs across Canada on 13 different iHeartRadio stations from Ontario, to B.C, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. It features exclusive interviews with the top country stars in Canada and the U.S., such as Shania Twain, Rascal Flatts, Maren Morris and Dan + Shay plus behind the scenes looks at the biggest events in country music from festivals, award shows and tours across North America. Shannon is also the host of the country music outlet Complete Country which has a strong online and social presence through interviews and games with country stars. STEVEN LEE OLSEN Since moving to Nashville in 2004, Olsen has worked tirelessly, honing his craft as an artist and songwriter, and all the hard work has paid off impressively. Olsen co-wrote Keith Urban’s double-platinum hit “Blue Ain’t Your Color” – which in 2017 was named the NSAI Song of the Year and crowned “Single of the Year” at the CMA Awards, in addition to being nominated for “Best Country Song” and “Best Country Solo Performance” at the 59th Grammy Awards, and “Song of the Year” at the ACM Awards. He also penned Kip Moore’s #1 hit “More Girls Like You” and co-wrote Dallas Smith’s Platinum #1 hit “Drop” as well as numerous cuts for other stars including Garth Brooks, Billy Currington, Rascal Flatts, The Judds, Emerson Drive and more. Partner: Big Life Journal (@biglifejournal) - Illustrated & Guided Journals Helping Kids, Tweens & Teens Build Self-Esteem & Resiliency. Packed With Stories, Poems, Quotes, Illustrations & Writing Prompts. Get the special growth mindset journals or one of their popular printable kits and witness the positive change in your children! Visit for the Black Friday Sale starting Friday, Nov 20 for BOGO 50% off  Small Business Shout-out: Sip Well Do Good: "Socially responsible sipping: If you’re going to make a celebratory purchase, why not make an impact with it?" @sipwelldogood is a platform for small businesses, non profits, and regular people doing good things. Share your story!  Music:  "Raised by a Good Time" co-written and recorded by Steven Lee Olsen.
November 20, 2020
77. How to Take A Social Distanced Vacation
We’re all missing our vacation time, our weekend trips, or a few weeks away to escape our regular routines. Many of us have had holidays this year that have been cancelled, and we’ve realized how much those imminent trips that we plan regularly give us life and a sense of excitement for something to look forward to - the experiences and energy that we get from learning about new cultures, places, foods, nature, wildlife, whatever your travel style. 2020 has hit our suitcases hard and most of us haven't been venturing far from home. We have with us today Tamara Elliot, founder of  Globe Guide, a hub of savvy travel advice for extraordinary adventures from the ground up. Starting it from a simple passion project travel blog  to the mega brand it is today with over 28k followers, countless travel writing awards, and regularly featured in media like Flare, Lonely Planet, Breakfast Television, Global News, and countless others. Tamara will help us determine where to go to feel safe, what we should look for in accommodations and  transportation, and give us some tips on how we can still salvage our vacation time in 2020. Show Notes:  As part of our Small Business Initiative, we're featuring Honey & Rye, a small online clothing boutique, highlighting Canadian brands. Honey & Rye steer away from fast fashion and carry good quality pieces to fill your closet staples with low environmental impact. Follow them on IG @shophoneyandrye. Receive a 15% discount off your purchase with code AFTER30. 
November 13, 2020
76. Halloween in a Pandemic - From the Kids
Its 2020, need we say more?! For this sweet, short episode, we talk to the kids and get their take on Halloween this year.  Happy Halloween! Show Notes:  Our Small Business Initiative focuses on incredible, small, local businesses that need your support, business and love. CeeCee joins us from Dapper Style Mint, a personal and creative styling service beyond fashion. Dapper Style Mint is community driven, supports local, and is global impact minded. Follow them on IG Get 15% off with code AFTER30 for expert advice on your style makeover, wardrobe refresh, special event styling, creative styling, pro-closet organizing, or style on speed-dial. Offer valid till December 31, 2020.  Music by: WaveToys - Royalty Free Background Music For Videos
October 30, 2020
75. Infertility Support Series - Part 2: The Body, Endocrine Disruptors
Our 2nd ep in the infertility support series, we have Michelle Strong, co-founder of myMindBodyBaby guiding us through the importance of the body while trying to conceive. Specifically focusing on endocrine disruptors, living a chemical-free lifestyle, and hormonal health. myMindBodyBaby is an online infertility mind & body support hub offering fertility-focused meal plans, infertility-treatment specific exercise guides & mental well-being tools. Michelle Strong - nutritionist and bestselling author - and Lyndsey Clabby, MBA certified fitness instructor and Patient Advocate for Fertility Matters Canada, founded myMindBodyBaby after both going through struggles to conceive. They quickly bonded over their shared experiences and leaned on exercise, good nutrition, natural supplementation and various stress relieving practices to empower themselves and take back some control, ultimately paving the way to create myMindBodyBaby to help other women lean on a trusted resource and find answers too. Find them on IG @mymindbodybaby Get 30% off any program offerings from MyMindBodyBaby with code: after30. -- Episode Partners: Mini Mioche (or @minimioche) is our true go-to for baby and kids basics and essentials. Handmade in Toronto, sustainable, incredible quality and adorable as hell. Enjoy 15% off your order with code "Afterthirty". Sekai Beauty Bar is the first business in our small business initiative, focusing on incredible, small, local business that need your support, business, and love. Enjoy 20% off their laser hair removal so you can have no more hairy quarantines - code "After30" And as always, Follow-us @theafter30podcast and get in touch! We love hearing from you!  A + T ---
October 23, 2020
74. Infertility Support Series - Part I: The Mind
In part 1 of a 2 part series on infertility support, we have co-founders of myMindBodyBaby Lyndsey Clabby & Michelle Strong to discuss the realistic toll fertility treatments take on the mind, the science-based evidence of the role your mental health plays on conception, and tips on how best manage your mental muscle. Show Notes: myMindBodyBaby is an online infertility mind & body support hub offering fertility-focused meal plans, infertility-treatment specific exercise guides & mental well-being tools. Michelle Strong - nutritionist and bestselling author - and Lyndsey Clabby, MBA certified fitness instructor and Patient Advocate for Fertility Matters Canada, founded myMindBodyBaby after both going through struggles to conceive. They quickly bonded over their shared experiences and leaned on exercise, good nutrition, natural supplementation and various stress relieving practices to empower themselves and take back some control, ultimately paving the way to create myMindBodyBaby to help other women lean on a trusted resource and find answers too. Find them on IG @mymindbodybaby Get 30% off any program offerings from MyMindBodyBaby with code: after30. May the Long Time Sun lyrics: May the long time sun shine upon you All love surround you And the pure light within you Guide your way on x3 -- Episode Partner: Mini Mioche (or @minimioche) is our true go-to for baby and kids basics and essentials. Handmade in Toronto, sustainable, incredible quality and adorable as hell. Enjoy 15% off your order with code "Afterthirty". And as always, Follow-us @theafter30podcast
October 16, 2020
73. Transforming Your Skin After 30 - A Peak into K-Beauty
We chat with Althea Johnson, founder of Propr Lifestyle, online K-beauty store based in Toronto. A trip to Seoul, Korea for Althea turned into an exploration of the Korean skincare traditions, technologies, and advances from the Asian perspective of skincare routines. In search for solutions to help with her own severe cystic acne, eczema and sensitive skin, she discovered result-oriented techniques and products to help alleviate her issues and concerns. Althea’s work has been featured in The Kit and The Globe and Mail, and she’ll give us advice about all the things we can do to take care of our skin as we age. Show Notes: Althea is a Toronto based skincare and lifestyle blogger from London, England. She left her corporate job in Pharmaceutical Sales to grow Propr Lifestyle into the community that it is today. Althea started this business to share her experience and growing knowledge with those who have similar skin issues and want to learn more about how Korean skincare can improve their skin’s appearance. She believes that a personalized Kbeauty skincare routine can lead to glowing, clearer skin that retains elasticity.  The online store offers award-winning Korean skincare products that combine plant-based ingredients with state-of-the-art technology and are suitable for sensitive skin types including eczema. The products are parabens-free, sulphate-free and synthetic-free. Propr Lifestyle can be found at: , and the retail store is located at 458 Ossington Avenue in Toronto. Follow them on IG @proprlifestyle As always, follow us on @theafter30podcast Partner: Use code: AFTER30 for 15% OFF in store and online! 
October 09, 2020
72. Making Big Decisions In Difficult Times
What requires decision making right now? We chat through some of the big decisions we're facing. witnessing, and reading about. We take you through our process of decision making with the ongoing pandemic, raise the questions around the decision making, and speak to the multi-faceted dimensions of this moment.  REFERENCES: Real Estate ⅓ of adults active in Ontario real estate industry the pandemic has changed what they want in their next home. 30 % of participants said they wanted a bigger home with more space and 19 % said they wanted access to more outdoor space. “COVID has really turned the market towards suburban living in a much more profound sense,” Mr. Boekelman said. “Longer term, people are commuting less and they’re working from home and so the term ‘live-work housing’ is now really the norm, whereas previously it was considered unique in terms of marketing and zoning permissions. Families: One legacy of the pandemic may be less judgment of the child-free. "When it comes to the impact of COVID-19 on fertility intentions, what we're seeing all over the world is that people are choosing, in large part, to delay, defer or just not have a child or additional children at this time." "Throughout history, spikes in mortality owing to events such as wars, famines, and pandemics were followed by changes in fertility, resulting in fewer births in the short term and by recuperation in subsequent years." Relationships Divorces have increased during the coronavirus pandemic and lawyers are expecting more But the COVID-19 pandemic has created an environment for divorce that is much worse than he has seen during prior economic crises, he said. Shulman says his firm has seen a 40-per cent increase in inquiries about divorce since the pandemic began. “Those economic pressures, with people losing their jobs, their businesses…this uncertainty is adding significant stress on relationships that have already been strained before COVID, but this brings it to a new level,” he said. Episode Partner: Mini Mioche (or @minimioche) is our true go-to for baby and kids basics and essentials. Handmade in Toronto, sustainable, incredible quality and adorable as hell. Enjoy  15% off your order with code "Afterthirty". Follow-us at @theafter30podcast
October 02, 2020
71. Mothering in 2020
“We all MUST remember that the people who created these rules, suggestions and standard for child-rearing and motherhood were NOT RAISING A BABY DURING A PANDEMIC + CIVIL RIGHTS CRISIS + ECONOMIC CRISIS all at once” (nsfmg) We chat with the fabulous founders of The Rebel Mama, Nikita Stanley and Aleksandra Jassem on what it's been like to be a mother in 2020 and what we can do to get through the latter half. (*Hint, cannabis - legal in Canada now*). But also agility, calmness and community.  Show Notes: In 2014, the two unlikely moms combined their talents and mutual distaste for the typical mommy rhetoric and created The Rebel Mama(.com). Adored by cool moms the world over, the smart and edgy online publication creates a safe and judgement-free space that’s known for its celebration of both individuality and authenticity. Between the two of them, Aleks and Nikita are mamas to three kids, a dog, and a cat. They reside in Toronto, Canada and survive (almost) exclusively on peanut butter sandwiches, Napolitano pizza, and coffee. So much coffee. “The Handbook for (Cool) Moms” is available now on Amazon, Indigo, and Barnes & Noble. Episode Partner: Mini Mioche (or @minimioche) is our true go-to for baby and kids basics and essentials. Handmade in Toronto, sustainable, incredible quality and adorable as hell. Enjoy  15% off your order with code "Afterthirty".
September 25, 2020
70. Growing Laterally in Your 30's
We talk about growth - not upward growth, but lateral growth. Our 30’s are often a time when opportunities arise, particularly in our career. We typically expect to strategize for the next rung on the ladder in our current field, get a promotion, grow our businesses, and amplify goals - upward growth in a field that we know deeply, feels like the only existing direction. But what if we’re actually feeling a pull to something different? What if we recognize the value of our experience, and we know our passions better, and we actually see the importance of growing laterally in a specific context or environment? We have a tricky balance of learning how to put years of practical experience in place, with still not (or ever?!) being “senior” enough to not learn a new way. With us today is Sarah Stockdale, author, speaker, and Founder & CEO of Growclass, an online growth marketing training school. Sarah’s chats with us about why NOW is the perfect time to learn more and grow laterally. Show Notes: Sarah Stockdale is the Founder and CEO of Growclass, a 6 week online growth marketing training program taught by experts in their field. She’s an author, speaker, and coach. Enrollment is now open, classes start on September 14. Follow her company Growclass on IG handle @growclass Sarah’s  Bio: Sarah is an entrepreneur, coach, speaker, startup growth marketer, and innovation professional. She is the Founder and CEO of Growclass, an online growth marketing training company. She is the author of: We Need To Talk About This, a popular blog and newsletter for millennial women, a guest tech expert for CBC, and CTV, and a TEDx speaker. She frequently speaks at universities, events and conferences across North America. Sarah has spent her career working on early stage technology startups, starting as a foundational team member of Wave, a Canadian financial technology giant. More recently, she led the International Community Growth team at the San Francisco payments startup, Tilt, which was acquired by Airbnb in 2017. Sarah coaches businesses and individuals to achieve incredible growth. About Growclass: Growclass is Canada’s first Growth Marketing Training Program. Growclass works with incredible marketing professionals to help its students become fully skilled growth marketers. Growclass’ portfolio includes training for businesses and individuals to help level up their talent and ensure they’re on the cutting edge of growth marketing trends and best practice. Training is offered in person in Toronto, Ontario. To sign up, enrolment is now open. Follow Growclass on IG @growclass As always follow along on @theafter30podcast
September 18, 2020
69. Mindfulness in Kids
As children around the world have been returning to school in the last few weeks (or more) stress levels have been high as parents, teachers and kids have tried to navigate the ever changing pandemic landscape. It felt more important than ever to hone in on a topic that could be a respite, give parents and children alike something in their toolbox to better cope with the strange realities around them for this back-to-school season. In this episode, we discuss what mindfulness means for kids, why it’s so important, and how we can encourage it in our children, teens and young adults. Show Notes: Lorena Dolinar is an author, mother, and registered psychotherapist. She holds an honours degree from the University of Toronto in psychology, as well as an addictions diploma from Georgian College. She has worked as a substance use therapist for over seventeen years. She has also been trained in mindfulness, and she teaches this skill to youth accessing counselling services. Her work reflects her deep concern for kids growing up in today’s fast-paced and uncertain world, as well as her dedication to helping others. She believes that mindfulness is an effective starting point for regaining a sense of calm and control and improving daily functioning. “Mikey Discovers His Superpower” is her first book. She currently lives in Oakville, Ontario, with her husband and two children, as well as the family’s miniature pinscher, Bella. Partner: Our Toronto go-to for our beauty needs: Sekai Nail & Beauty Bar. Use code AFTER30 for 10% off at Sekai. ( As always, follow us at @theafter30podcast.
September 11, 2020
68. A Prelude to Sleep - Yoga Nidra
We all understand the true value of sleep. Not enough of it, and its effect cascades onto our mood, memory, and concentration. Enough of it, and life through the lens of rest looks and feels more peaceful. We can experience better moods, stress reduction, and an increase in self compassion. The good thing - we can catch up on sleep. So here we are, asking you to take a moment and set some time aside for the duration of this podcast. Yoga Nidra means sleep with a trace of awareness. It is a state of mind in between wakefulness and dream. When you practice Yoga Nidra, you are opening the deeper phases of your mind. It is a powerful technique in which you can learn to relax consciously. The term Yoga Nidra is derived from two Sanskrit words; yoga- meaning union or one-pointed awareness, and nidra which means sleep. In Yoga Nidra, the state of relaxation is reached by turning inwards, away from outer experiences.  Show Notes:  We pulled our reading from the book Yoga Nidra, adapted by Swami Satyananda Saraswati from the traditional tantric practice of nyasa. The book explains the theory of Yoga Nidra in both yogic and scientific terms and includes class transcriptions of the practice. It also presents the various applications of this versatile technique, which has been used for deep relaxation in stress management and therapy, to enhance the learning process in education, to harmonize the deeper unconscious and awaken inner potential, and as a meditative technique. Buy your copy here. This episode is inspired by our friends at The Get Sleepy Podcast, who create sleep inducing bedtime stories.  The music for this episode is by Chris Collins,"  As always, follow us on @theafter30podcast
September 04, 2020
67. Sex in the Pandemic w/ Dr. Jess
Intimacy and pleasure have taken on a new meaning in the last while. It’s commonly joked about that couples are either having a lot more sex right now with all of the closeness and the extra time, or couples are are sick of each other, exhausted and sex has become a unicorn -  that thing that’s beautiful and doesn’t exist. With us today is Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, AKA Dr. Jess. We'll discuss the layered emotions we've all been feeling during this time, its effect on intimacy, and what we can do about it.  Show Notes: Jess O’Reilly began working as a sexuality counsellor in 2001 and she has never looked back! Her PhD studies involved the development of training programs in sex education for teachers and her education and undergraduate degrees focused on equity and sexual diversity. Her training includes courses in counselling skills, healthy relationships, resolving sexual concerns, sex education, clinical sexology, sexual development, sex and disability, group therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Alongside her academic and television credits, Dr. Jess is also an accomplished author with three best-selling titles. Her latest, The New Sex Bible, has received rave reviews from professionals and clients alike and her first book Hot Sex Tips,Tricks and Licks is in its fourth print! Look for her monthly column in Post City or catch her on Tuesday mornings on Global TV’s The Morning Show, Wednesdays on 102.1 The Edge and Saturdays on PlayboyTV. Dr. Jess’ work experience includes contracts with school boards, social services agencies, community health organizations and private corporations. A sought-after speaker, her sessions always attract a full-house at conferences and entertainment events alike. You’ll find her advice weekly in the likes of Women’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Cosmopolitan, SELF, Showtime and The Movie Network.  Dr. Jess also has her own podcast, Sex with Dr. Jess, where she shares tips on how to enhance your sexual life to improve the quality of your relationships. She interviews guests with questions ranging from how to deal with jealousy to getting down in the bedroom, as well as hosting thought-provoking episodes centered around compatibility and strengthening relationships. Dr. Jess recently released a book: The Ultimate Guide to Seduction and Foreplay - a guide to giving and receiving, teasing and pleasing for the best possible rewards, no matter how you define them. Follow Dr. Jess on IG @sexwithdrjess Partner: Our Toronto go-to for our beauty needs: Sekai Nail & Beauty Bar Use code AFTER30 for 10% off at Sekai. ( As always, follow us at @theafter30podcast
August 28, 2020
66. From the Vault: Cultivating Acceptance
We're pulling from the vault! There isn't a better time than now to think about "Cultivating Acceptance"? Way back, we chatted with Nina Purewal,  co-author of bestseller Let That Shit Go and discussed acceptance, its benefits when we cultivate it, and some tips on how to get to a "super peaceful headspace." Show Notes: Unfiltered Mindfulness recently launched the Let That Shit Go Masterclass: a 3-month online course to calm the mind and reduce stressors. Buy the course here. Follow them on IG @unfiltered_mindfulness Partner: Our Toronto go-to for our beauty needs: Sekai Nail & Beauty Bar Use code AFTER30 for 10% off at Sekai. ( As always, follow us at @theafter30podcast
August 21, 2020
65. Choosing a Childless Life
Parenthood was once thought to be inevitable — a destiny — for healthy fertile adults. However, global trends, millennial pressures, and other common themes are causing more adults to choose to not have children. We’re bringing in the incredible human Claudia Erban, who’s a Law Clerk by day, certified fitness instructor at Sweat & Tonic in Toronto by night, and the creator of @urban.meets.erban on IG. Claudia bravely agreed to come on the show to discuss this topic, and we say bravely because we know how many sensitivities are woven into this conversation, particularly for those that want children and struggle to have them. At the end of the day, we all have the right to choose; we'll dig into Claudia’s personal take on choosing a childless life. Claudia Erban is a Law Clerk by day and certified fitness instructor at Sweat & Tonic in Toronto by night. Follow her on IG @urban.meets.erban.  Supporting Articles: Today Notes: The number of babies born in the U.S. last year fell to the lowest level in 32 years, with younger women especially having fewer kids. Americans are now having fewer children than it takes to replace the population, a trend mirrored in other countries. Some examples from the article: Cost of living and having a baby Desire for autonomy, spontaneity, freedom and the ability to travel. Many child-free people want to focus on the relationships they already have Yes, we’re missing out on something, but so are parents, we’re all missing out on something else Vogue The global fertility rate has been cut in half since 1950 Children are bad for the planet - One study out of Sweden found that having one fewer child per family can save nearly 60 tons of carbon-equivalent emissions a year. An increase in female breadwinners around the world has left many reluctant to leave jobs There are many different ways to create a family A 2016 study published in the American Journal of Sociology looked at families in 22 countries and found that having children makes people significantly less happy compared to people who don’t have kids, a phenomenon researchers dubbed the “parenting happiness gap” Partner:  Sekai Nail & Beauty Bar - High quality services, reasonably priced, great ambience, our go-to for our beauty needs. Use code AFTER30 for 10% off ( -- As always, follow us on IG @theafter30podcast
August 14, 2020
64. Are We There Yet?
Perfect for the high achievers that live in the "do-achieve" cycle, for anyone trying to make decisions that align with their values, and for all of us wanting to feel like we've actually arrived in our life.  -- Back for round 2 of a meta life talk, we chat with one of our favourite guests: Leisse Wilcox.  We’re reading the books, listening to the podcasts, doing all the things we need to do to seek fulfilment, find purpose and strive for that feeling of wholeness, and yet, at some point in our 30’s (and many other times in our lives), we may feel like we’re not getting to where we want to be. The impending questions: “Am I there yet?  What does the destination feel like and why does it feel like I’m not there yet?” sets a tone in our minds that makes us feel like we may not be getting it right. So Leisse Wilcox, Transformational Mindset and Success Coach, is back - to us about these nagging questions. We’ll get to the crux of what it feels like to have arrived, look around, sigh, and feel the deep gratitude that is more available to us than we know and understand. Show Notes: Leisse's new book "To Call Myself Beloved" launches August 11 on @amazon Find Leisse at, follow her on instagram @leissewilcox Leisse is a transformational mindset success coach. She walks with women on the journey to become the version of themselves they just can’t stop dreaming about. Leisse’s first book: To Call Myself Beloved,  is now available for pre-order. Her podcast “To Call Myself Beloved” is a place to find clarity in what you want, confidence in who you are, and the courage to stay true to both – all while driving to work or at home doing the dishes. As always, follow us @theafter30podcast
August 07, 2020
63. What's Making Us Laugh RN
We're keeping it light today. Times have been incredibly challenging; we’ve been living under lockdown for 5+ months for us in Toronto and while things are opening up for us today in Toronto, the truth is, cases are rising everywhere and there’s no denying that this virus ain't going away for a little bit. Our lives of working from home, not seeing our friends and family as much as we used to and not travelling to our favourite dreamy destinations is just not in the cards for a bit. So today we’re keeping it light because we all need it! We’re focusing on what's making us laugh - we'll discuss what we’re pulling into our lives to bring in some lightness, laughter, and joy.   Partner: Pur-Oils - 100% natural, Made in Canada small batch skincare free of toxins, parabens and synthetic perfumes. Use code AFTER30 for 20% off at Pur-Oils. ( As always, follow us at @theafter30podcast
July 31, 2020
62. From the Vault - Friendship in Your 30's
We're going back in the vault and pulling our very first episode up "Friendship in your 30's - Making New Ones & Letting Others Go". It's such a rich conversation that’s just as relevant today as it was a year and a half ago. Enjoy! Partner: Pur-Oils - 100% natural, Made in Canada small batch skincare free of toxins, parabens and synthetic perfumes.  Use code AFTER30 for 20% off at Pur-Oils. ( As always, follow us at @theafter30podcast
July 24, 2020
61. Your Attachment Style
Relationship expert Jelena Vulic returns to the podcast with a deeper dive into our attachment styles, based on The Attachment Theory. We'll discuss the different attachment styles, the most common ones and recognizing our own styles. We'll talk about how we can use these styles as opportunities to become more secure in our relationships with everyone in our lives. Jelena gives dating advice and affirms that there is always great potential in recognizing our styles when dating - and accountability is key. In other words, understanding attachment styles can be liberating! Show Notes: Jelena Vulic is a psychotherapist whose practice is located in Toronto, ON. Her clients include individuals and couples, looking to strengthen their relationships.  Partner: Pur-Oils is a locally made, all natural skincare line that sources every single ingredient from Mother Nature, and is parabens, chemical and toxin free. For the month of July, get 20% off with the code AFTER30 at
July 17, 2020
60. Learning From Our Friends
Today's episode is about learning from our friends. Our very first episode when we started this podcast was about friendships in our 30’s, making new ones and letting others go. Now, 60 episodes down, we’re circling back and focusing specifically on what we learn from these gorgeous relationships. We'll unpack how we learn from our friends now, how our friends inspire us, and what our friends give us as we age, grow, and change.  Partner:  20% off Pur-Oils for the month of July 2020. Pur-Oils is a Canadian-made, all natural, small-batch skincare line that believes that the purity of the creams and tonics we put on our skin are just as important as the purity of the food we put in our body.  Code: AFTER30 for 20% off
July 10, 2020
59. Relationship Rescue
In this ep we’re talking about our relationship with our partners and how they’ve been impacted during the pandemic. The past four months might have been the most challenging time for your relationship, the best time for your relationship, or anywhere in between. As the world starts to ease restrictions and open up, our relationships with our significant other will adjust once again. Bringing some expertise to the table is Jelena Vulic, a psychotherapist who works with individuals and couples wishing to explore and strengthen their relationships. We’ll discuss how our relationships were challenged or enriched in this time, and how we’re going to emerge into the world to create or sustain connection with our loved ones. Resources: Jelena Vulic is a psychotherapist who has experience working with couples and individuals who wish to explore and strengthen their relationships. Her article for the podcast: 3 Tips for More Effective Communication can be found here. 
June 26, 2020
58. Burnout
Burnout is real as hell, and with a pandemic surrounding us, burnout has become even more commonplace with the lines blurred between family and home life, less social engagements and opportunities to do things we enjoy, and having to perform too many jobs at one time (parenting/teaching/working/cooking/cleaning).  With us for this episode is Martha Switzer, co-founder of Sprout, a wellness platform for organisations that establish healthy lifestyle habits. We discuss ways we can identify burnout, the role of digital platforms in the cause and solution to burnout, what we can do about it (ding ding ding), and what organisations are currently doing, and hopefully will continue to do after this pandemic passes, for employee wellbeing.  Additional Resources: Martha Switzer is the co-founder of Sprout, a wellness platform for organizations to help them embrace wellbeing by identifying & rewarding healthy behaviours. Visit to learn more of follow at @sproutatwork.  - A Story of Burnout from Sprout
June 19, 2020
57. Normalizing Loneliness
Loneliness is normal, although it might not feel so. Through changes in career, relationships, starting something new, getting to know your own self and your values, or going through difficult times, we have all experienced it. And yet we run from it because it's uncomfortable. On this episode Bavly Kost, a Spiritual Care Practitioner and Registered Psychotherapist, walks us through signs of loneliness, social pain, and what we can do to work through it.  Episode Notes: Bavly is a full-time practitioner at the Scarborough Health Network. He has a degree in History, Religious Studies, a Bachelor of Education, a Masters in Theology, and a Master of Pastoral Studies with a focus in Spiritual Care & Psychotherapy.He provides social, emotional and spiritual health care to facilitate wellbeing for patients, families, and staff. He works to emphasize and promote the importance of spiritual care, and co-chairs the Perinatal Bereavement Committee, which focuses on providing grief and emotional support for mothers, family members and staff. Resources:  CNN: 30% of Teens Breakup via Text Message  Campaign To End Loneliness Coronavirus: A Loneliness Epidemic? Dr. Vivek Murthy writes about the importance of human connection in his book: "Together"
June 12, 2020
56. How to Ally
In light of recent events over the last week, allyship in relation to race has received increased attention, and although the conversation is difficult, it needs to be had. Even though there’s been criticism about jumping into allyship just because of current events, the truth is, we’re always learning and any time is the right time to ally. We each have an opportunity to engage in the conversation even though it can be filled with fear or be uncomfortable to talk about, so we’re here today to discuss what it means to engage in longterm allyship, and how you can be anti-racist and inclusive. With us today is Jenna Tenn Yuk - a writer, speaker, facilitator and performer. As a writer for publications like The Huffington Post and Ottawa Citizen, Jenna has been featured on CTV and CBC, and spoken at TEDx and The Walrus Talks. As a leader in conversations on the intersections of sexuality, faith, and race, Jenna specializes in speaking on being LGBTQ+ and Christian, equity and inclusion, and empowering people to express their stories through embracing their multiple identities. Episode Notes: ** Update on the episode: In the episode we talk about black people being 20 times more likely to be killed by Toronto police than white people. Correction: Black people are 20 times more likely to be involved in a fatal shooting by the police. OHRC findings here. Jenna is a writer for several publications, including The Huffington Post, Ottawa Citizen, and has been featured on CTV and CBC. Jenna has spoken nationally at the Walrus Talks, TEDx, Parliament Hill and numerous conferences, engaging diverse audiences through personal storytelling and spoken word. Read more Follow Jenna: @jennatennyuk RESOURCES: HBR: Women of Color Get Less Support at Work. Here’s How Managers Can Change That  YouTube vid on privilege FOR ADDITIONAL RESOURCES, CLICK HERE Episode art by: @mongequentin
June 05, 2020
55. Raising Little Readers
Teaching little ones about stories and dedicated reading time gives children the tools to express themselves, the opportunity to learns things in the world they might not directly experience, and to ideally make them better communicators and ideators. We chat with Nicole de Nobriga, a children's picture book author and mom of two little readers, about how we can approach reading and storytime with our little ones to make it engaging and fun, and why it’s so damn good for all us.  Show Notes:  Nicole is a published children’s book author, former Marketing executive, and mother of 2. Her most recent book; Tate's Big Birthday, is part of the Tate's Tales Series that can be dowloaded on: or follow her @nicole_de_nobriga As always, follow us along on Instagram @theafter30podcast or send us an email
May 29, 2020
54. Learned Behaviours In Self Isolation
We are living in a moment - one that we're never going to forget, one we hope never to experience again in our lifetimes. This period of self-isolation has called on the part of us which has had to adapt and shift our behaviour on a daily basis. It's been full of learning and growth for the entire globe in a variety of ways, and how all our learnings will play out is yet to be seen and known.  Episode Notes We check-in on week 10 or 11 of self-isolation and specifically hone in on our learned behaviours during this time. We'll explore what we’ve discovered about ourselves, what we’ve adopted or started to do during the pandemic, and chat about what we want to maintain after this period is over.  As always, follow us along on Instagram @theafter30podcast or send us an email at
May 22, 2020
53. Understanding Different Personalities - The Enneagram
Our 30's are a time where we become far more interested in learning about ourselves than we did in our 20's. Self -awareness becomes an integral part of our learning. The more we learn about ourselves, the better off we are in our relationships and at work. In other words, self-awareness lends us the opportunity to expand, transform, and grow. Show Notes The Enneagram of Personality is a model of the human psyche that’s principally understood and taught as a typology of nine interconnected personality types. It’s become popular among self-help, personal growth movements, therapists, teachers and psychologists. On board with us is Kristi Rowles, an Enneagram expert who will help us to understand more. Kristi has a Masters in Mental Health Therapy and is a Certified Enneagram Coach. Using the Enneagram, she helps individuals and couples discover, understand and transform who they are so they can live their most free and fulfilling lives. She also works with organizations and executive leadership teams to elevate each team member’s gifts and build a culture of innovation, creativity and appreciation. Resources You can find Kristi Rowles on Instagram @kristirowles & @fullandfreeenneagram, email her at, or visit her website ( for incredible resources on finding out more about your Enneagram. She's also just launched  the new membership program theFAM, a coaching platform and community where you can receive additional information about your enneagram, practical growth tips and experiments to try regularly to cultivate more joy.  As always, follow us along on instagram @theafter30podcast or send us an email at
May 15, 2020
52. Fertility and The Whole Person - A Doctor's Perspective
Our 30’s are often our most pressured, desired, and common time to have children. The journey is an incomparable experience that can be filled with hope, beauty, discomfort, loss, purpose, and hopefully love and a joy like none other. Our focus today is on understanding what’s going on in our bodies in that overused “clock is ticking” metaphor and on a journey with so many elements out of our control, what we do have control over. Episode Notes Dr. Meivys Garcia, an IVF doctor assistant medical director at Markham Fertility Center gives us the facts to help us better understand infertility. With a medical resumé and list of awards that’s intimidating to read out, Meivys was also an IVF patient herself while being an IVF doctor - which she indicates was a humbling and grounding experience. She knows that infertility never leaves you if you’ve experienced it,  she knows that science isn’t everything, and she knows you have to look at the whole person when considering thier IVF journey. Resources 1) Online course from @freshinsighthealth is for individuals and couples navigating a diagnosis of infertility and includes 5 modules delivered live each week. Register anytime here. 2) 7 Myths about Conception from Dr. Meivys Garcia's blog here. Or visit the rest of her website for other incredible resources. or @dr.meivys.garcia. As always, follow us along on instagram @theafter30podcast or send us an email at
May 08, 2020
51. The Opportunity in a Career Pause
As our first episode in season 2, we wanted to kick off with a topic that's often experienced in our 30's and potentially amplified during the pandemic - a career "pause". Before the pandemic hit we could experience the pause for mat leave/paternal leave, pivoting our career, moving cities, starting a new business, or getting laid off, and now in the middle of the pandemic, many of us are experiencing the unrequested break.  We chat with Allison Venditti, a Career Coach & HR Expert about what we CAN do during this time. Allison knows this space well, having spent over a decade in Human Resources, coaching and consulting in a super niche specialty as a return to work expert. She's interviewed over 2000 applicants for jobs, coached individuals into more senior roles, new careers, 40K salary increases and starting new businesses and she walks us through going back to work, what to do during the pandemic, and her thoughts on whether or not this will fundamentally change the way we work. Visit Allison's website to learn more!
May 01, 2020
(Special Bonus Ep) Season 1 Highlights
We wrap up Season 1 by reflecting back on our favorite moments, memorable guests and what we learned along the way. THANK YOU for an incredible first year of The After 30 Podcast. ❤️
April 24, 2020
50. Why We Have to Stretch Now
As our FINAL episode for Season 1, today's episode is about our bodies. Specifically our joints and muscles, and how as we get older we seem to get increasingly creekier and need to stretch WAY more. Legit. To tell us what is actually going on to cause this is Dr. Glenn Paul Uy. Dr. Uy is the co-owner of Ossington Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in Toronto and is a full-body certified ART® provider and is a registered Acupuncturist with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario. Dr. Glenn's focus lies in the treatment and prevention of physical injuries, integrating techniques such as Active Release Technique®, acupuncture, spinal manipulation, and exercise rehabilitation. He uses functional movement assessments to find the root of the problem and address the underlying causes. Follow us along on Instagram @theafter30podcast or send us an email at
April 17, 2020
49. Understanding Sleep & How to Maximize it
We know sleep is crucial for our health, and that with consistent, deep sleep, we function better and with more mental clarity. But our 30's often come with a lot of disruptions in our sleep: children, long work hours; then add to it that we're in the middle of a pandemic, and our sleep is likely drastically impacted. Our routines are off, our stresses are high, and we either have much more time and in theory could be getting a lot more sleep, or we have less time and our sleep is compromised. With us is Jillian Dowling, a certified sleep consultant and owner of Sleep Wise, a holistic sleep solutions provider to talk to us about why sleep is important, and what we can do to improve it. Follow us along on Instagram @theafter30podcast or send us an email at
April 10, 2020
48. How We're Managing During the Pandemic
Moving through week 3 of self-isolation, finding inner peace, positivity, calmness, and frankly sanity, can be a new dance everyday. We've been lobbying tips to each other each day on how we can do so - so we thought we'd bring it to you! Today we'll share what we're each doing in our routines, some great resources we've found, and what's helping us get through this time. Follow us along on Instagram @theafter30podcast or send us an email at
April 03, 2020
47. Your Mindset - Inside Out v Outside In
We are living in a moment in history - we are social distancing, by ourselves, or with the people we live with. Whatever our individual situations, we're living in a different world and we're adjusting and creating a new way of living for the time being. We're also bombarded with information that's changing everyday and it's an ongoing challenge to keep our mindset from falling into overwhelm, sadness, or anxiety - which is normal, by the way. With us today is Wendy Thomas, an individual and corporate mindset coach who helps people redirect thought patterns and behaviours to help target, clarify, and achieve their greatest selves. Wendy's here to talk to us about replenishing our thoughts with hope and courage by living from the inside out vs. living from the outside in. Follow us along on Instagram @theafter30podcast or send us an email at
March 27, 2020
46. Understanding the Types of Love
Being in the middle of a pandemic has gotten our thoughts and feelings going at maximum speed. Love is on our mind. Life after 30 for us has become about living in community, having stable and long term relationships, thinking about our children and their future, about our elders and keeping them safe, about vulnerable people, wanting justice, needing safety for our careers and income. There's a ton of caring going around right now, and we'd like to beam that out into the world with this episode. We'll walk through The 8 types of love according to the Ancient Greeks and we'll talk about The Five Love Languages from Gary Chapman.
March 20, 2020
45. Take a Break From the News & Focus on You - Pivoting Your Career W/ Carey Dillen
With so much changing around COVID-19 this week, we want to provide a mental break and consciously direct your attention back to YOU and your personal growth, evolution, and success. Our show is dedicated to contemplating experiences that you might be going through as you age to give you a sense of support, understanding, and perspective - so very "big picture". We always aim to take a look from 1000 feet back to consider longer term and bigger picture why we're feeling a certain way or what we can do about it. So we should do the same thing here with what's going on in the world right now. There's so much fear, confusion, and attention on COVID-19, and although we both believe it is our individual civic responsibility to stay informed and take actions with the things we can control, we also believe having balance, and thinking about the impact on our mental health is just as important. As content creators in times like these, we see it as our responsibility to either add to the conversation or intentionally distract from it, so that's what today is. Take the next 30 minutes for yourself and reflect on something you might have been thinking about weeks before this pandemic hit, and you'll be thinking about after we get through it.  Show Notes Today we're talking about pivoting. We all seem to experience it - the feeling of needing to pivot our careers and life trajectory in this decade. At first, it might seem like this is the decade to do the opposite; settle down, start a family, buy a house, become more and more experienced and settled in our careers. The combination of knowing ourselves just that little bit better mixed with the realization that our life is ours to control and we don't want to waste it doing things we don't love, we see far more people change careers and start new businesses in their 30's to go down a completely different path than they were previously marching down. Here to chat with us about created that shift is Carey Dillen, the President of Canada's largest network of yoga studios, YYOGA. Carey started with her CPA designation heading straight for a lucrative successful career in corporate finance, and after a number of great years she pivoted her career to something she felt more passionate and connected to. Among many other things, she was part of the core team that made the Vancouver 2010 Olympics happen, before coming to YYOGA and implementing the strongest female leadership team the company has ever seen while expanding across the country. She's a force to be reckoned with and an inspiration to anyone looking to climb their way through the corporate world with intention, passion, and no fear. Follow us along on Instagram @theafter30podcast or send us an email at
March 13, 2020
44. Impact - on ourselves, others, and the things we don't see
Not to be overdramatic but everything you do has an impact. Everything. What you eat, the tone of voice you speak to your kids in, the plastic bag you use for your groceries (no longer NYC!). We breakdown why we're thinking more about the impact our choices are having on ourselves, those around us, and the things we don't even see. Follow us along on Instagram @theafter30podcast or send us an email at
March 06, 2020
43. Identifying What You're Best At
We all feel it. We've been in our careers for 10+ years by this point - we have experience, know ourselves better, maybe seen more of the world, started a family, and thinking, "So I'm doing what now with my life?" Even for those that are lucky enough to be in a professional field that they're content with, we seem to all experience some level doubt if we're in the very best field for our goals, skill sets, and passions. Half the battle can be getting clear on what we're really good at, and, if it can actually generate a living. With us today is Tristan Wright, a small business maven based in Australia, who successfully combined a business and a passion to grow a profitable enterprise with his first business, Seight, a cycling clothing company. After experiencing some personal hardships in his late 20's, it force Tristan to reconsider his career path, and he's now helping other businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals figure out how to do the very same thing. Get your notebooks ready. Follow us along on Instagram @theafter30podcast or send us an email at
February 28, 2020
42. When Your Friends Move to the Suburbs
A decision many of us face in our as we get older - moving to the suburbs. The shift of mindset into putting our roots down and being in our forever space requires a decision, "Are we or aren't we?" Subsequently, these changes have an inadvertent effect on our friendships. Whether we are moving or they are, we talk about situational and geographic convenience, adjusting expectations, the new notion of traveling to see friends, changes in lifestyle, and the priority of making and continuing to build on friendships for our future. Follow us along on Instagram @theafter30podcast or send us an email at
February 21, 2020
41. Never Too Old For Huge Goals
We're leaning heavily into the very typical and very real opportunity for setting goals. The C.S. Lewis quote: "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream" comes to mind here. As we grow, thoughts of what we CANNOT tend to take precedence over the things we CAN. We can often think to ourselves, "I'm too old for this, Is this even realistic?, or I don't know how to do that." With us today is 6-time marathon runner Tom Howie, who started running races in his 30's. Tom ran his first marathon when he was 35 and he's here to talk to us about what fuels him to run, how he's challenged himself, and how creating and achieving a goal has no age-stamp. Follow us along on instagram @theafter30podcast or send us an email at
February 14, 2020
40. Taking a Beat
Welcome back! Today's episode is about about taking a beat, stopping for a moment, or taking a pause. January takes a minute to settle into - with a personal year end review etched into our memory, we've got changes we want to make in our lives - and with some 300 odd days on the horizon, we've got this want/need to speed things up. After some reflection and many (many) conversations, we've discovered, what we REALLY want, is to slow it down. This convo is about what's resonating with us as we develop our goals for the year, and that is, to take a beat. Follow us along on instagram @theafter30podcast or send us an email at
February 07, 2020
39. Leaving Your 30's
We're talking about leaving our 30's and turning the big 4-0. We're effectively using today to celebrate Anis, because she's turning 40 in a few day so I (Tabs) want to get her perspective on how she's feeling about all of it. Show Notes:  As always, follow us @theafter30podcast
December 20, 2019
38. Getting Fancy w/o Overdrawing
Gearing up for the holiday season, its hard not to notice that being in our 30's is synonymous with having a calendar filled with work, charity, and family events that require us to get fancy. As Tom Ford puts it, " dressing well is a form of good manners." In a world of click to buy, our wallets take a hit during festive times - so the question arises - how do we get fancy without overdrawing, keep our wallets intact, and be well-mannered? We sit with Julie Buczkowski and Angela Pastor, the brilliant minds and visionaries behind The Fitzroy - Dress Rental Magic inToronto. They talk to us about offering an alternative way to access one-wear pieces. By sharing and reusing outfits we spend less, get fancier, and stay cute. Follow us along on Instagram @theafter30podcast or send us an email at
December 13, 2019
37. Health Series Part 3 - Your Hair in Your 30's
We talk about our hair, what's changing, why, and what, if anything, we can do about it. With us today is stylist Hayley Bloomfield who runs her own salon, H & Co. in Toronto. As a British hairdresser who has been in the industry internationally for over 29 years, Hayley's wisdom is well beyond her years, and she has literally seen it all. Follow us along on Instagram @theafter30podcast or send us an email at
November 29, 2019
36. Health Series Part 2 - Your Teeth in Your 30's
Today we're talking about teeth. Which might not seem like the most stimulating arena, but it's important. Our mouth is the gateway to our bodies and we should be giving it the same love, care and attention that we do with our skin, our physiques and our mental health. We have Dr. Andrea Gelinas to tell us all the things going on inside our mouths, and she is, without a doubt, one of Toronto's leading visionaries and changemakers. She has disrupted the dentistry industry by creating Gelinas Dental that looks more like a salon or very cool boutique than the typical dentist office, which is all part of her master plan to change the way we think about going to the dentist.
November 22, 2019
35. Health Series Part 1 - Your Nervous System in Your 30's
We discuss our cherished yet often discounted nervous system in Part 1 of our 3-Part Health Series. With us is Dr. Maureen Borghoff, a Network Spinal Analysis and certified Chiropractic lifestyle and wellness practitioner. Dr. Maureen has extensive education in nutrition, supplementation, Koren Specific Technique, and bioenergetic medicine. We chat about our changing nervous system, the implications these changes can have on our body as we get older, and how we can care for it in a work driven and sleep deprived world.
November 15, 2019
34. Budgeting as New Parents
Whether it's a first child, second, third, or tenth - whether the nugget is planned or unplanned, or whether you're independently wealthy and can dole out extra funds like Oprah, children cost money and no matter how you look at it, they require a shift in our finances. Here to talk to us about the things we should be considering is the incredible Shannon Le Simmons. She's the coolest financial planner you'll ever meet, a best selling author and mother of two. Having started her own company New School of Finance, she's the resident financial expert on CBC Metro Morning, the Globe and Mail, and The Marilyn Denis Show. Shannon speaks to us about the moving parts in our financial lives when we're about to undertake one of the largest responsibilities of our lives.
November 08, 2019
33. How to Adult
Our 30's comes with more responsibility - maybe we feel young and carefree at heart BUT - we have adulty things to do, people that rely on us, bills to pay, and results to deliver - so we're breaking down some tips on how to do that. With us is bonafide real-life adult that describes herself as a professional human, Leisse Wilcox, who helps women find clarity in what they want, confidence in who they are, and the courage to stay true to both. She's a brand therapist, passionate speaker, writer, coach, podcast host and mom of three and her intention is to guide people to come home to themselves, giving them permission to live, - authentically.
November 01, 2019
32. Regret Free Living
Inspired by Bronnie Ware's incredible work in exploring the most common regrets of the dying, we talk about treating our past with love, honouring our hearts' needs, working less, expressing ourselves, staying connected to our loved ones, and allowing ourselves to be happier. This episode is about our take on living and creating a regret free life in our 30's.
October 25, 2019
31. Buying Real Estate
Our 30's come with some huge decisions, and one of the biggest is the decision to purchase real estate. This can be overwhelming, expensive as all hell, but one of the greatest accomplishments and feel good things we can do for ourselves and our families. Our guest is Laura Stewart, the Director of Sales and Marketing for REC, and we discuss the why's, the why not's, and the things we should consider before signing that very very large cheque.
October 18, 2019
30. Why Voting Matters
Our 30's come with a better understanding of policy, and how our lives are shaped by it. That said, we realize how important it is for us to get involved, because if we don't, we lose out on our opportunity to facilitate change. This episode, sweet listeners, is about civic action. With us today is Amanda Alvaro, a political commentator on CBC's Power and Politics. As a former adviser to several Ministers, Premiers, and Prime Minister, Amanda has worked as a political strategist, analyst, marketer and communications expert for nearly 15 years, most recently the Trudeau campaign in 2015. She is the co-founder of award winning PR firm Pomp and Circumstance, founder of Artbound, a charity that develops art programs in countries all over the world, AND she sits on the board for Rethink Breast Cancer and Canadian Art. Today will be a non-partisan discussion and our aim is to bring to your attention the upcoming Canadian Federal Election on October 21 - and what you can do to make an informed vote.
October 11, 2019
29. Your Year in Money
In today's episode we have a returning guest - our resident money expert, Jordan Schwann. Jordan is a Portfolio Manager for a boutique Investment Management firm in Toronto, and we had him on a few months ago in Episode 14 Get Your Shit Together Financially. He talked to us about savings and the importance of paying attention to it. Jordan walks us through your year in money. Throughout the calendar year, there are various deadlines that we should all know about with regards to our personal finances and he's going to explain what they are, why we should care (i.e. to maximize money in your jeans), and how we can properly prepare. Follow us along on Instagram @theafter30podcast or send us an email at
October 04, 2019
28. Growing Your Business Baby w/ Misfit Studios
We chat with one of Toronto's leading entrepreneurs and culture creators, Amber Joliat, who founded the unique and covetable, Misfit Studios, over ten years ago. She talks to us about her experience in evolving a seedling of an idea about creating a home to cultivate the transformative power of free movement from a tiny tattoo parlour in Parkdale to the two location, fan-obsessed, lifestyle institution it has become today.
September 27, 2019
27. Dating in Your 30''s
In today's episode, we discuss dating in our 30's, and loving it! We chat with Natalia Juarez, breakup coach and dating strategist. Featured on Good Morning America, GQ, VICE, The Guardian and The Wall Street Journal, Natalia is the founder of Lovistics, a company that focuses on coaching for breakups and divorce, re-coupling, strategic dating, and online dating makeovers. We learn some tips on how to empower ourselves in search of a partner, having healthy break ups, and finding the bright side inside the shadows of love.
September 20, 2019
26. Why You Aren't Achieving Your Goals
In today's episode, we get real about why we're not actually achieving our goals. Our guest today is the formidable and successful entrepreneur Devon Brooks, who first co-founded Blo Blow Dry Bar when she was only 21, a company that went on to span four countries, with 100+ locations, and has collaborated with international mega-brands like Mattel, TopShop, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Devon has now JUST launched her latest company, Sphere, the first mobile app to connect coaches and clients through a seamless, online ecosystem. Born from her own frustrations with a lack of accessibility and exceptional technology in the coaching space, Devon wanted the Sphere app to connect best-fit coaches and clients and handle everything from booking, to having sessions and tracking progress. Given Sphere's mission to support and elevate the collective consciousness, Devon is here to talk to us today about why we get stuck in achieving our goals, and how achieving them contributes to the consciousness of greatness.
September 13, 2019
25. Dressing for Your Body Type
In this episode we chat with expert Suzanne Colmer, who runs "Your Shop Girl", a style and image consulting business in Toronto. They specialize in closet cleanses and educational shopping experiences. What she knows best is how to develop a wardrobe that you actually use 100% of. Suzanne marries the art of dressing with the science of it, and she'll explain to us that irrespective of trends, there are some key things we need to know about optimally dressing for our colouring and our body shape.
August 29, 2019
24. What its Really Like Being a News Anchor and Reporter
In this month's "Hey, What Do You Do?" series, we chat with the incredible Priya Sam - news reporter for Global TV's "Global News Morning". Priya tells us more about the parts of being a news anchor and reporter that we, as viewers, never get a glimpse of. We cover life behind the scenes, developing a story with tight deadlines, the not-so glam side of investigative journalism, harnessing curiosity, and giving social justice issues a voice.
August 23, 2019
23. To Botox or Not to Botox
With us today is Linda Marie Murphy, the spa director of Clarity Med Spa in Toronto. With more than 20 years of experience in delivering medical aesthetics, Linda talks to us about botox, laser treatments, carbon facials, microneedling, photofacials, microdermabrasion, and more. Follow us along on Instagram @theafter30podcast or send us an email at
August 16, 2019
22. (In)Fertility Part 2 - 6 Tips for Coping with IVF
With us again is Shannon Carr, founder of Lighthouse Fertility & IVF Coaching, Fertile Body Method Practitioner and IVF veteran, and on the Advisory Council of Fertility Matters Canada. This time we discuss the emotional and mental facets behind the struggle, how she can help as a fertility and IVF Coach, and some helpful tips on how to nurture yourself through IVF.
August 09, 2019
21. (In)Fertility Part 1 - The Road to IVF
In this 2 part series on (in)Fertility, we sit down with Shannon Carr, the founder of Lighthouse Fertility Clinic and on the board for Fertility Matters Canada as she takes us through her raw account of her own difficult family building journey. Shannon conceived her twins on her 5th IVF transfer, and now as a fertility Coach and Advocate she is helping spread awareness and support for those struggling to conceive.
August 02, 2019
20. When is Enough, Enough?
We discuss how to establish when enough is enough. What's enough success, enough time on social media, enough parenting, enough creativity, enough clothes... In a world of unlimited possibilities, how do you know when to stop? How much is enough?
July 26, 2019
19. Cultivating Acceptance
In this episode we talk about Acceptance with Nina Purewal, co-author of bestseller Let That Sh*t Go. Acceptance can manifest in small ways, and in big ways. We discuss what acceptance can do for stress and anxiety, and why its so important for a "super peaceful headspace". Follow us along on Instagram @theafter30podcast or send us an email at
July 19, 2019
18. Learning About Meditation
Our guest, Talib Hussein, is a meditation teacher in Toronto who's been practicing for over 15 years. He explains a few different styles of meditation and tells us why we can all benefit from the practice.
July 12, 2019
17. Bonus Episode - Alternative Sources of Protein. Approach w Caution.
We talk about entomophagy - the consumption of insects by humans - practiced by 2 billion people around the world, but only recently capturing the attention of the media, research institutions and chefs in the western world. It's also captured our attention because not only are we hyper tuned into the next superfood that can keep us feeling sprightly, but as we get older we're increasingly interested in issues pertaining to the environment and future generations' security, and what we can do about it.
July 05, 2019
16. Navigating Patience
We discuss patience in two parts; the things we were patient with in our younger years for which we have lost patience in our 30's, and 2) the things we need to learn more patience for as we get older.
June 28, 2019
15. Building a Career for a Cause - Conservation
In our second episode of the "What Do You Do?" series, we chat with Dr. Shivani Bhalla, Founder and executive Director of Ewaso Lions, an organization dedicated to conserving lions and other large carnivores by promoting coexistence between people and wildlife in Samburu, Kenya. Born and raised in Kenya, Dr. Bhalla is an Environmental Scientist, and has her PhD in Zoology from Oxford University. Dr. Bhalla talks daily life in Samburu, to counting lions in their habitat, and her love for her work in conservation ecology.
June 14, 2019
14. Get Your Act Together - Financially
At this stage in our life, we should be getting serious about building a nest egg for our retirement. Sometimes it doesn't work out the way we plan it, our financial vision becomes hazy with our day to day life, or we simply don't know how and how much we should actually be setting aside. We sit down with Tabs' husband, Jordan Schwann - Portfolio Manager for a boutique investment management firm in Toronto, as he lends us his immense knowledge on the subject.
June 07, 2019
13. Building a Non-Empire
We chat with the founder of Embiria, Palak Loizides, who has the refreshing ambition to build a successful business SLOWLY. We discuss doing work that fulfils you, building a business that is financially successful but still allows you to maintain balance and not drain your time or energy piggy bank.
May 31, 2019
12. (mini) How You Describe Yourself
In our human interactions, we communicate specifically through our own contexts and perspectives. In this convo, we discuss the JoHari Window - a technique that helps people better understand their relationship with themselves and others.
May 24, 2019
11. The Road to Becoming Self Employed
Guest Serena Rogers, founder of Curata Beauty and aesthetics consulting firm Nika Consulting Inc., talks to us about her decade+ long journey to becoming self-employed.
May 17, 2019
10. Starting a New Career in Your 30's - Michi NY
In the first of our "What Do You Do?" series, we chat with founder of luxury performance label Michi NY, Michelle Watson. She tells us how she ditched her career in corporate finance and advertising to create a brand unlike anything else on the market, fashion-forward sophisticated women's athletic wear that's Canadian made, eco-friendly, sustainable and sexy.
May 10, 2019
9. Going Back to School in Your 30's - an interview with Anis
Going back to school later in life requires more grit AND tenacity. We talk cont-ed with Anis, and listen in on her experience of going back to school and finding purpose, managing time, and relearning how to learn. Follow us along on Instagram @theafter30podcast or send us an email at
May 03, 2019
8. How to be the Boss - lululemon
Our Guest, Britt Kidd, is an Area Director for lululemon and recent graduate of the Stanford Executive Program. lululemon is known for their unique and incredibly effective approach to leadership, and they are self-described as being a people development organisation first and foremost. Britt is well seasoned in the art of leadership and she gives us the good good on how best to navigate this world of people management.
April 26, 2019
7. What Gets Our Time
At this stage in our careers and as we've been receiving promotions, gaining experience, and realising successes, we've been moving up the ladder, making many elements of our jobs more macro, strategic, or high level. What comes with this is no longer having the time to follow every idea, task, or proverbial crumb to fruition like maybe we used to. So how do we back off? How do we choose what deserves our energy and what can wait or maybe not even get our energy at all anymore? When we have the ability to do many things well, how do we choose what to be really amazing at?
April 12, 2019
6. How We Approach Career Differently in Our 30's - From a Sound Creator
We chat with Dashen Naidoo, a sound creator with multiple award wins and nominations in 'The Shape of Water', 'The Breadwinner', 'The Expanse', 'The Pinkertons', and many others. We pick his brain on how he approaches work differently now, and what's unique about being in a creative industry.
April 05, 2019
5. Life After Babies - an interview with Tabs
Anis interviews Tabs on her postpartum journey and all the incredible learnings she's experienced about herself along the way. Follow us along on Instagram @theafter30podcast or send us an email at
March 29, 2019
4. Turning 30 - With an Aussie Wellness Maven
We chat with Sarah Holloway, a Melbourne-based lawyer turned co-founder of green tea empire Matcha Maiden and Matcha Mylkbar, and host of the Seize the Yay Podcast. Not only do we want to pick her brain on how to turn a side hustle into a wildly successful full-time gig; we want to check-in on how she's feeling about turning 30!
March 22, 2019
3. The Rise of the Skincare Routine
In this episode, we exchange our takes on the morning and nighttime skincare routine. Enter disclaimer: We are by no means dermatologists or skincare professionals. BUT - we've had to up our skincare game in our 30's, and our morning and nighttime routines have progressively gotten way more important, enjoyable, and ahem, expensive.
March 15, 2019
2. Tackling Forgiveness in your 30's
We sit with down best-selling authors Nina Purewal and Kate Petriw of "Let That *** Go", a witty, real, and directly actionable book about mindfulness that wants you to stop sweating the small stuff. We were particularly drawn to their take on forgiveness; why this topic seems to get more important with age, tips on how to practice forgiveness, and why this is a mountain worth climbing.
March 08, 2019
1. Friendship in your 30's - Making New Ones and Letting Others Go
Our 30's is a time of letting friendships go and reinventing ourselves to make new ones. Listen to our take on what we've done to enrich our lives with new friends and let go of the meh relationships. Follow us along on Instagram @theafter30podcast or send us an email at
February 28, 2019
Trailer - This is How We Do It
In this trailer, we touch on some of the notions, issues, and topics you can expect in the show. Follow us along on Instagram @theafter30podcast or send us an email at
February 12, 2019