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The Agile Truth

The Agile Truth

By - part of IBM iX
Welcome to The Agile Truth: a podcast by - part of IBM iX! This is your weekly 5-minute chunk of honest agile experiences made by our digital experts at IBM iX. Every episode of our podcast deals with a different agile topic, but the mission stays the same: To provide you with the most valuable insights for your work as an agilist.
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Roles and titles on teams
Usually, there are three defined roles in Scrum Teams: Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Development Team. Although implementing further roles contradicts this approach, it can be beneficial. Listen to today's episode to learn which extra-role we added!
July 23, 2021
How to keep & deepen the relationship with stakeholders
The interpersonal interaction between all parties in any project impacts the workflow as well as the results. Without trust, seamless cooperation, and clear communication, success is hardly possible. Find out how to keep and deepen the relationship between all stakeholders in today's episode!
July 16, 2021
How to win a new client’s trust
Keeping the agility in projects high while minimizing the client's fear of losing control. How to win a client's trust with this approach? That's the topic of our third episode of The Agile Truth.
July 9, 2021
Clearing up stakeholders' misconceptions about sprint velocity
Many people think of sprint velocity as a performance indicator. Others assume the more story points the better the team. Myths or truth? Let's clear up some common misconceptions about sprint velocity!
July 2, 2021
What happens when a client does not want to go agile with us?
Agility is still on everyone's lips. But what happens when a client does not want to break with stagnant processes? Find out how we combined known processes with the agile mindset in our podcast The Agile Truth!
June 25, 2021