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The Alicia Show

The Alicia Show

By Alicia Duque
Hi, I'm Alicia a body-positive Mind & Movement coach! AND I'm obsessed with helping women find REAL LIFE SOLUTIONS to help their life feel right! On this podcast, you'll find insightful interviews with some of the world's greatest thought leaders, with lots of laughter and life lessons, and on EVERY Monday short meditations to help keep you mindful & uplift you throughout the chaos of life! Career, relationships, parenting, beauty, lifestyle, you name it, I got you covered! Be sure to hit that subscribe on Youtube and follow on apple podcast Spotify or wherever podcasts can be heard!
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Turning Obstacles into Opportunities!
In this episode of The Alicia Show, we are talking about turning Obstacles into Opportunities! I Zoom with Suaad Ghadban is Canada’s fitness professional of the year (2021). She is a sought-after fitness expert and thought leader known as the 'New Age Fitness Professional' bringing equality, diversity, and inclusion to the fitness industry. 8 years ago, a physiotherapist told Suaad to use mini-bands as rehabilitation for her hip injury, Suaad was so inspired by the bands that she turned the idea into a Ballet inspired booty workout with mini-bands called Hot Booty Ballet™.   Hot Booty Ballet™ is a new, dynamic program that's proven to give you a full-body workout and a perky posterior! Created by celebrity trainer Suaad Ghadban, Hot Booty Ballet™ builds on traditional ballet conditioning principles that Shape, Sculpt, and Stretch your muscles and help you look and feel amazing.  This class stands out in the barre fitness genre due to the integration of resistance training, using Booty Bands, and great music that gets every participant sweating to the beat and coming back for more.   To learn more about Hot Booty Ballet:
May 12, 2022
How to boost your confidence?
Hello everyone and welcome to The Alicia Show! On today's show, we are going to be chatting about how to boost your confidence? Now most of you who follow me know I'm very transparent on the importance of self-confidence. But to dive in deep and expand the conversation I knew I had to find someone we all can gain insight from and who has years of experience in this space!  That is why on today's show I have a very special guest the one and only Plus Size Super Model Confidence and Body Image Coach; Tricia Campbell! Her mission is to empower women worldwide.  Tricia believes as women we must RECLAIM OUR INNER BEAUTY AND UNLEASH OUR UNSHAKEABLE CONFIDENCE. Helping women to achieve their unstoppable confidence. Tricia developed her 90 day Signature Coaching Program called Confidence Queens.  She is an Experienced Professional Technical Fit Model who has modeled for companies such as TARGET, VICTORIA SECRET, VANITY FAIR, and Tricia for the past 7 years and counting has been the Stand-IN Model for Oprah Winfrey!!  With Tricia's tips, you will find ways to unstoppable CONFIDENCE! You won't want to miss this episode!  To get in touch with Tricia after the show: Instagram : @iamtriciacampbell Instagram : @glamourglamour_swimwear swimwearline: You tube : Facebook:
March 16, 2022
E 2. Jan 2022 How to Goal set?
“The Alicia Show” is an entertaining platform, featuring "Self-Love workouts, Self-Growth segments, laugh-out videos and inspiration for your life.   On this very first episode of 2022, Alicia interviews, coach: Diana Scott Sheilds about how to set realistic goals for the new year!   Subscribe here: Lastest here:
February 01, 2022
2021 is here! Expect nothing, appreciate everything!
2021 is here! On this episode we will be exploring how showing gratitude can change your mindset.
January 02, 2021