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All Things Blood Flow Restriction w/ Nicholas Rolnick

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The Alinea Life Podcast exists as a conversational platform to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of healthcare. Created by two physical therapists who want to see positive growth in a broken system, we hope to be a public resource that breaks through the hazy noise of the internet.

We interview experts in their respected fields, as well as the athletes and patients, on their experiences with healthcare.

'Alinea' literally translates to 'a new line,' and we hope to provide a new, conversational, resource that is forward facing to the public, educational, and evidence based.
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More places to listen

Life & Performance Solutions with Tim Gabbett, PhD
In this episode we have a chat with Dr. Tim Gabbett, a sport scientist, Strength and Conditioning Coach [S&C], high performance consultant, and researcher who is well known in the rehab and strength world for his work in Work Load Management. There are TONS of fantastic podcast episodes that Tim has been on talking about the research that he has done, but we wanted to take a bit of a different approach and talk about how Tim’s experiences in the S&C world isnot so different from the profession of health care. Simplified – we are all trying to make humans better. We hope this episode gives you insight to just that! Follow @gabbetttim on IG, Tim Gabbett on FB, or check out his website for more content! NOTE: If you're new here BPS refers to the Biopsychosocial Model of Healthcare, we did not dig into matter of fact explanations here, but if you need a deeper explanation -- Refer to Episode 2! For questions, comments, concerns, or collaboration, contact us at:
March 8, 2019
Nursing & Fitness with David Kemp, BSN, RN, Student FNP
We ‘collectively’ needed a break, but we’re back now. This week we reignite our conversations on health care with long time friend and fitness connoisseur David Kemp. David is an experienced Registered Nurse pursuing his degree as a Nurse Practitioner. He’s a long time friend of the hosts and enjoys crushing double unders and deadlifts, raising rescue pups, and singing along to “The Greatest Showman” with his lovely wife when he’s not keeping people alive in the hospital! For more exercise checkout @dkchampionoftheworld on the IG. For questions, comments, concerns, or collaboration, contact us at:   
January 12, 2019
Strength in Rehab with Zach Long, DPT, SCS
This week’s episode is the of the #MusingsTour2018 episodes! It ended in Charlotte, NC, with Zach Long. Zach is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and creator of The Barbell Physio. He’s a teacher, lecturer, lifter, and fantastic host! William got the change to hangout with him in the clinic for a day followed by a lifting session in the unprecedented Barbell Physio garage. We hope you enjoy! Check out @thebarbellphysio on Instagram and Facebook, or for more content! For questions, comments, concerns, or collaboration, contact us at:
October 28, 2018
Strong Body, Strong Mind with Melanie Hudson, SPT
This week’s episode hailed from Christiansburg, VA, during the #MusingsTour2018 with Melanie Hudson, a Student Physical Therapist. Melanie is a student who is extremely passionate about the current evidence on how to manage and empower patients in todays day in age. She has found a niche in strength training and hopes to use her platform to help the public sift through the good and bad information that exists on the internet. Check out @oreosandsquats on Instagram for fitness, wellness, food, and modern physical therapy education related content. For questions, comments, concerns, or collaboration, contact us at:
October 20, 2018
Women in Health Care with Dr. Steph Allen, PT, DPT, OCS
This week’s episode is the last episode from Boston, MA, from the #MusingsTour2018 with Dr. Steph Allen of The Level Up Initiative and Boston PT and Wellness. As a physical therapist interested in injury risk reduction with ACL tears and running overuse injuries, gender norms, and the promotion of what women have to offer in the profession of healthcare, Dr. Allen’s passion is brightly evident in this episode, enjoy! Check out @stephallen.dpt & @thelevelupinitiative on Instagram or for more dope content! For questions, comments, concerns, or collaboration, contact us at:  
October 13, 2018
Leveling Up with Dr. Zak Gabor PT, DPT, CSCS
The #MusingsTour2018 has two episodes left from Boston, MA, with Dr. Zak Gabor of The Level Up Initiative and Boston PT and Wellness. In this episode you can expect Zak’s passion for patient values, medical narratives, and doing the right thing always to come through REAL strong. Because Zak is the shout out king – s/o to Zak for letting me stay at his place the whole time I was in Boston! Check out @simplestrengthphysio & @thelevelupinitiative on Instagram or for more dope content! For questions, comments, concerns, or collaboration, contact us at:
October 6, 2018
The Overhead Athlete with Mike Reinold, DPT, ATC, CSCS
The #MusingsTour2018 continues in Boston, MA, with Mike Reinold of Champion PT. Mike is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, an Athletic trainer, and strength coach. Over the past 10+ years he has treated hundreds of overhead athletes, most of which being baseball players ranging from youth to professional caliber. Check out @mikereinold on Instagram or for more great content! For questions, comments, concerns, or collaboration, contact us at:
September 29, 2018
Doing Fitness Pain Free with Dr. Dan Pope, PT, DPT, CSCS
The #MusingsTour2018 continues with Dan Pope from Champion PT in Boston, MA. Dan is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, treats a lot of fitness and conventional athletes, is a Power Monkey Fitness coach, and is a self-proclaimed meathead. His background in collegiate sports, strongman, and CrossFit have taken him to where he is today. Check out @fitnesspainfree on Instagram, Fitness Pain Free on Facebook, or for more great content from Dan! For questions, comments, concerns, or collaboration, contact us at:
September 22, 2018
How to Survive The Bataan Death March with James Bollich
We take a break this week from the #MusingsTour2018 to interview James Bollich on his experiences as a 3.5 year Prisoner of War under the Japanese army during World War II after surviving The Bataan Death march after the Armed Forces fell in The Phillipines. Mr. James’ rewards are extensive, including but not limited to: the Pres. Unit Citation –Bronze Star Medal – Purple Heart Medal – POW Medal – American Campaign Medal – WW II Victory Medal – Philippine President’s Badge – Philippine Defense Medal – Philippine Liberation Medal – Philippine Independence Medal – and most recently the Congressional Gold Medal of Honor (the highest honor awarded to a citizen). He’s 97, still drives, and only uses a walking stick. We hope this episode lends perspective to how to deal with pain & suffering in a way that leads to perseverance. Purchase the book we discussed here: For questions, comments, concerns, or collaboration, contact us at:
September 15, 2018
All Things Blood Flow Restriction w/ Nicholas Rolnick
We continue the #MusingsTour2018 with the second episode recorded in NYC with DPT Nicholas Rolnick of The Human Performance Mechanic and The BFR Pros. Have you heard of Blood Flow Restriction? Seen it on ESPN? The media? Meat head bros with bands around their arms at the gym? Well this guy is a walking encyclopedia of BFR knowledge and he’s here to share it with you! Old, young, injured, non-injured, performance based, rehab based – BFR can be used in all of these areas. Listen for more great insight! You can follow Nich @thehumanperformancemechanic for more easy to follow illustrations about the benefits of BFR. For questions, comments, concerns, or collaboration, contact us at:
September 7, 2018
Branding & Healthcare with Andy Chen, SPT
The #MusingsTour2018 continues this week from The Big Apple with rockstar Physical Therapy Student, Andy Chen. Andy is a second year student who has a passion for educating the masses, sifting through B.S. on the internet, and practicing what he preaches. Sounds like our kinda guy, eh? In this episode Joey Zoom’d in with William & Andy to discuss Andy’s goals with creating his own brand – EMBRK Lifestyle – and trail blazing his own career path as a future DPT. We discuss Cajun Heritage, problems that students may encounter on clinical rotations or as fresh newgrads, and how to handle failure; as well as to learn from them! Follow Andy for well done, though provoking, and evidence based content on Instagram @embrklifestyle. For questions, comments, concerns, or collaboration, contact us at:
August 31, 2018
Cultivating Fitness w/ Dr.'s Ryan Smith & Nick Bracciante
The #MusingsTour2018 continues at Recharge HoCo CrossFit where I met with DPT’s Ryan Smith, co-owner, physio, and coach at Recharge – and Nick Bracciante of Effort Rx and The Knowbodies Podcast. In this episode we delve into a lot of “why’s” surrounding the world of Physical Therapy and Fitness and how the two have become both complimentary and divided. We discussed simple strategies for decision making, choosing the medical professional right for you, kipping pull-ups, and how most physical therapists are epic failures at teaching the squat. The subject matter in this one is heavily related to physical therapy and fitness, but Nick subtly bridges the conversation to using sound logic in most of life’s instances. Follow Ryan on IG at @ryansmith.dpt or @rechargexfit and Nick @nickbracciante. Check out their websites are and for more great content. For questions, comments, concerns, or collaboration, contact us at:
August 24, 2018
Strength Coach Meets Therapy w/ Dr. Teddy Willsey DPT, CSCS
This week we resume episodes from the #MusingsTour2018 where William shadowed and podcasted with Dr. Teddy Willsey, the GOAT and engineer of bridging the gap between strength and conditioning and physical rehab. In this episode you will hear about how Teddy almost didn’t become a Physical Therapist, his advice to up and coming go-getter therapists, some golden nuggets on treating a pulled hamstring, Instagram algorithms, and the evidence on agility ladders. Teddy has dedicated his career to providing solid, positive information to the public. His passion is evident. And, he’s an overall great human with an eclectic taste in shoewear. If you aren’t already, follow @strengthcoachtherapy on Instagram, or check out his fresh new website For questions, comments, concerns, or collaboration, contact us at:
August 17, 2018
A DPT, Mechanical Engineer, & Future MD Walk into a Basement
This week we take a break from the #MusingsTour2018 episodes to share an excellent conversation that was had in my friend’s-aunt’s-basement in Madison, Wisconsin, from this past week at the 2018 CrossFit Games. In this episode my longtime friends and training partners Chad Becnel and Clint LeBlanc sit down over a couple of beers to chat about fitness, the dangers of being an uninformed healthcare consumer, and corporate wellness. Chad is currently a 3rd year dual Medical and MBA student at Tulane University, while Clint is a mechanical engineer at a plant in Baton Rouge, LA. I found the dichotomy of healthcare and industrial backgrounds to be simply bridged by how general fitness (in this case CrossFit) and education can solve many of the problems we discussed here. Oh…and also therapeutic gunning. You can follow Chad & Clint on IG @belmont_garage & @clebl66 for more things fitnessy. For questions, comments, concerns, or collaboration, contact us at:
August 10, 2018
Daring to Be Bad with Jacob Manley DPT, MS, LATC, CSCS
Episode 3 hails from Winchester, Virginia, where I made the second stop of the Musings Tour 2018 to do some strongman activities, eat, and podcast with Jacob Manley. For the first twenty minutes or so Jake and I get into the ins and outs of what led him to co-host his own podcast The Movement Docs, as well as a healthy dosage of pop culture references because we’re both huge nerds. Afterwards we discussed fears that have surround his life as a dilated cardiomyopathy patient (don’t worry we get into exactly what that means in the podcast), what it’s like to have a pacemaker and be an amateur strongman competitor, patient empathy, family struggles, and how each have shaped his scope of how he treats and communicates with patients.
August 3, 2018
Bone-on-Bone vs Movement Optimism w/ Dr. Adam McCluskey DPT
The first leg of the #MusingsTour2018 kicked off in Raleigh, NC, with William interviewing Dr. Adam McCluskey, PT, DPT, CES, while Jared tuned in from Austin, TX. This was the first of many stops up and down the east coast. For step by step moments – check out the highlighted story on IG @docmills.dpt. In this episode we talk about the importance of how diagnoses are given to patients, how most joint-related diagnoses do not mean you should stop moving, and the ins and outs of an all inclusive evaluation. Bone-on-Bone is a flippant way of referring to knee osteoarthritis and its process. It is important to not that many individuals with "severe knee arthritis" do not report symptoms of pain. One diagnosis does not tell the whole story. For more great content from Dr. Adam follow him on Instagram @theptinitiative OR check out his very sheik and modern website at For questions, comments, concerns, or collaboration, contact us at:
July 27, 2018
A New Line of Podcasts
Meet the Co-Founders of The Collective that sparked this podcast, Dr.'s of Physical Therapy William Mills & Joey Rosi, alongside special guest, recurring co-host, and soon to be DPT, Jared Aguilar. What can you expect this episode? A break down of what you can expect from us in the future, and an origin story of how we came to be. For questions, comments, concerns, or collaboration, contact us at:
July 20, 2018
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