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Empowering the growth of freelancers, our mission is to provide a resource that bridges the gap between creativity and success. Interviewing thought leaders from all aspects of the film industry, we gain unique perspectives on growing a business and creating a life of freedom.

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E28 - The Art of Non-Conformity [Ft. Tiff Tyler]

The Ambitious Filmmaker

E28 - The Art of Non-Conformity [Ft. Tiff Tyler]

The Ambitious Filmmaker

E67 - Just Ask [Ft. Sydney Lawson]
Our Season 3 Finale! Our last interview of the year is with Cinematographer Sydney Lawson. With Sydney we talk about building your creative team and how that keeps your business and passions healthy. In that vein we explore Niching down into a part of the industry you actually enjoy, and how your team should be doing the same. Sydney discusses the power of Mentorship and how pivotal it is to your success as a business. From all of us here at The Ambitious Filmmaker Network, we wish you a Happy Holidays and promise that the new year means new content and another season here at the AF Podcast!
December 17, 2021
E66 - Do the Work [Ft. Jeromy Laux]
Have you lost yourself in Hustle culture, grinding away but still feeling completely empty inside. Then listen in as we talk with Founder of Laux Creative, Jeromy Laux, as we take a deep dive into the mental health aspect of constantly grinding and within that the internal motivations behind it. We talk Mental Health and its importance as Entrepreneurs as we get honest with the things we've overcome and are still working through. All of this leads to getting tactical as Jeromy talks about how he positioned his video business to be scalable and how you can shift your mindset to be happier and more successful as a video business owner.
December 10, 2021
E65 - Grit N' Grind [Ft. Chandonae Baskin]
If someone you looked up to told you that you just don't have what it takes to succeed...would you listen? That happened with Director Chandonae Baskin and it's been a fuel for her to be relentless in getting what she wants. Now she's on retainer with a stock footage site, has companies reaching out to her to create content for them, and all the while creating short films and diving into her first feature. We talk about being relentless and the importance of establishing your brand. We talk set experiences and overcoming the fears of the process. We talk about the power of making the firm choice of being what you want and doing what you want to do. Chan brings a great energy to this episode and some solid wisdom.
November 19, 2021
E64 - Do the Damn Thing [Ft. Anita Kwan]
Have you "Come Out" in your business? What exactly does this mean? Find out as we talk with founder of Reel Hoot Productions, Anita Kwan. With Anita we talk about the power of cultivating connections and not being afraid to ask for help when you need it. Why we need to be authentically ourselves to create the best work possible, and how that helps us find our ideal clients. Anita walks us through her journey of how she found her way to being confident in who she is and how this is continually opening bigger and better doors.
November 12, 2021
E63 - Extreme Ownership [Ft. John Zambrana]
A broken leg, a boss turning their back on you, and pulling in no money...What do you do? If you're today's guest, commercial director John Zambrana, you leave and start your own company. John shoots straight with us about his humble origins as we learn about adding extra value to your clients to secure repeat business. We get candid about when you should "Fire" bad clients and the power you have as a video business owner. John talks to us about extreme ownership and the importance of getting a Mentor to grow a successful video business.
November 05, 2021
E62 - Failure is an Option (Ft. Tommy Guta)
Our latest guest, Tommy Guta, has a booming Product Video business and a massive TikTok following. But what did it take for him to get here? Dropping out of college, twice, and two failed production companies. But Tommy dives into where those production companies went wrong and how he pivoted those failures into the success he is reaping today. We talk about the expectations of both ourselves and the people who know us, we talk about the necessary credentials to becoming a filmmaker and we get real candid about the necessity of Film School.
October 29, 2021
E61 - No Better Time [Ft. Heather/Fellow Filmmaker]
This episode is chalked full of great wisdom and insights from our friend Heather, founder of the Fellow Filmmaker YouTube channel. Heather talks about her journey from hobbyist creative in 9-5s to the events that pushed her to finally pursue her dream of being a full-time filmmaker. Heather talks with us about the constraints of time in life and the importance of getting after what you want. She teaches us about her "The Answer is Already No" philosophy and how that empowers us as creatives in the industry. Heather talks about some of the best ways to reach out to the creators who inspire you and how you can forge a working relationship with them while being authentic to where you are in your own journey. She even shows us her Failure Journal and talks about how we can convert failures into success. We had so much fun recording this episode and will definitely be bringing Heather back for a second round.
October 15, 2021
E60 - Top of Mind is First in Line [Ft. Danny Greene]
In this episode we talk sales with Content Marketer and host of The Top Brand Builders podcast, Danny Greene. WIth Danny we dive into cultivating leadership and self confidence as you enter the freelance space. We talk goals and the sacrifices required to achieve them. Danny even gives us his top sales tips to help you close more projects and get more clients.
July 16, 2021
E59 - 3 Keys to Finding Mentorship
Having a hard time finding a Mentor? Don't think you need one? Think again and listen in as we take a deep dive into the top 3 Keystones to finding the perfect Mentor. Within that we explore our own personal experiences in the search for mentorship, the various levels where you can find it, and how you can start giving back as a mentor yourself right now where you're at! We even fill you in on our new streaming platform and how Mentorship is a key element within it, and we're giving away a free lifetime membership to one lucky listener so tune in and found out how it can be yours today!
July 02, 2021
E58 - R-E-S-P-E-C-T [Ft. Josh Emerick]
Find out what it means to you! Self Respect is a foundational element to growing and maintaining a successful video business. How can you expect clients to respect you if you don't respect yourself? We take a deep dive into the elements of self-respect with our friend and fellow filmmaker Josh Emerick. Going through real world examples we talk through steps you can take when dealing with respect issues and mindset approaches to handling situations in a way that optimize finding a good resolution to conflict....and what to do when you can't. GIVEAWAY: Josh is giving away one of his Theal Producer Packs to help organize and optimize your video business systems! Find out how to get it by listening in to our latest episode!
June 25, 2021
E57 - Power in Perspective [Ft. Karen Masumoto]
Our Action Sports streaks continues in this episode as we get Gnar Gnar with Tokyo based filmmaker Karen Masumoto. With Karen we dive into the power and importance of cultural perspective in filmmaking, with Karen sharing what she's learned as a female filmmaker and the community she wants to build and stories she wants to share. We dive into the pitching process and some mindset requirements to keep moving forward toward the coveted "green light". We round off this powerful conversation with an open dialogue on imposter syndrome and ways you can start overcoming this crutch to the creative process.
June 04, 2021
E56 - Choisissez Votre Aventure [Ft. Maxime Moulin]
Choose your adventure! We take a leap with France based Action Sports filmmaker Maxime Moulin. With Max we dive into the importance of building a solid team of people you work with often and how to create the best product possible. We explore niche and how you showcase yourself to attract more clients within (and outside of) your specialty. Max opens up about his personal struggles as a freelancer and how he navigates those obstacles to keep moving forward.
May 28, 2021
E55 - Collaborate to Create [Ft. Nate Lee]
Surfs up with our latest guest, founder of Leeward Productions, Nate Lee! With Nate we dive into the power of perception in our business and how that helps your network grow, and we stay in the network vein as we explore the importance of ensuring you are keeping a fresh and growing network versus letting it get stale. Nate talks about overcoming himself as he carves his way in the industry and talks about his philosophies about how no matter how far up the ladder we go no one really knows what they're doing. We talks about embracing the no and pursuing your passions while following Nate's origins in the surfing world to his 5-year stint at GoPro and how all of that set him up to create a successful career as a freelance filmmaker.
May 21, 2021
E54 - Ride Up Grades [Ft. Armin Korsos]
Don't buy upgrades, ride up grades! What does that mean exactly?! Find out with today's guest, founder of Caymanite Productions, Armin Korsos. With Armin we dive into the all too common desire of gear lust, and we explore how often a filmmaker actually needs to upgrade their gear. Armin dives into the power of first impressions and how they can expand your network long after meeting somebody. We talk about community over competition within the film industry, and how we can always be helping each other get to the next level.
May 14, 2021
E53 - Be Audacious [Ft. Owen Video]
Have you been fired from every job you've ever worked? Would you rather be working 80 hours a week for yourself than 20 for someone else? If so, you'd be in good company with this episodes guest, founder of The Video Marketing School and YouTube Entrepreneur, Owen Video. With Owen learn about how he built a multi-6figure video business, and it starts with him going door-to-door selling his services for $20. We chat about the power of Authenticity, and what that really means versus many common misconceptions. Owen dives into personal and emotional development, and even tells us some of his top book recommendations. All of this and so much more!
May 07, 2021
E52 - Steps to the Summit [Ft. Ryan Koral]
Community is the key to everything, and we bring in the founder of Studio Sherpas, Ryan Koral to talk about that and oh so much more! We explore Core Values and creating alignment when seeking clients. The importance of being open to trying new things when you're starting in your journey to find your true passions. Ryan talks about being true to yourself and being extra careful about maintained authenticity as you look at and aspire to be like the competition. Ryan even provides a free online workshop about helping you establish budgets with your clients, the link to that can be found by clicking here!
April 30, 2021
E51 - Plant the Tree [Ft. Kris San]
Power to the Creator! We chat with Creative Entrepreneur, Filmmaker, and all around cool person Kris San. With Kris we dive into her background in E-Commerce and the valuable lessons she learned from that time to build a successful video business. We discuss the power of Niche and its place in establishing a career you love. Kris passes along some tips and techniques to help you find or strengthen your purpose in life and business. Kris even talks about her new apparel company Merch for Creators!
April 16, 2021
E50 - Sticks & Carrots [Ft. Rebecca Rapple]
Are your motivations sticks or carrots? Wondering what that means? Join us as we chat with entrepreneur and founder of NineDot Studio, Rebecca Rapple. With Rebecca we dive deep into the power of trust when developing client relationships as well as your creative team. Rebecca talks about the differences between B2B and B2C sales and how that impacts strategy deployment as a creative entrepreneur. We take a look at Rebecca's philosophies on hiring and how she develops her project prices. Rebecca even gives all our listeners access to a tool she utilizes to maintain her life and career goals organized and on track! The link to that can be found here! This episode is chalked full of wisdom that any filmmaker can take something from.
April 09, 2021
E49 - Fear is Fuel [Ft. Steve Serrano]
How can fear HELP you in your career? Find out as we interview filmmaking creative and founder of SES Images, Steve Serrano. Steve dives into how he's converted fear into a fuel that propels him forward toward success in the creative realm. We dig deep into overcoming criticism and leverage that with the power of network. Steve discusses his philosophies on the universal nature of art in all it's forms and mediums. We even talk about the power of failure and its place in creating a life of success.
April 02, 2021
E48 - With the Grain [Ft. Josh Miller]
In this episode we interview DP and founder of Be Alpha Media, Josh Miller. We dive into strategies for negotiating rates and budgets for his projects and the importance of getting hands on experience as soon as possible. Josh talks about the power of relationships and how they can help or hurt your business. We even get a taste of his "Doomsday Prepper" philosophy when talking about networking and why we as filmmakers need to become masters at pivoting when it comes to your career.
March 26, 2021
E47 - Stay Hungry [Ft. Mike Clum]
You do NOT want to miss this jam packed episode with founder of Clum Creative, Mike Clum. Mike dives into his whirlwind story of how he used his last $100 to build a multi-million dollar production company on the national scale. He breaks down his top way of acquiring clients and selling his company's video services and discusses the roles of sales in growing a sustainable video business. We chat about the true value of money when doing what you love while building a career and we hear it all uncensored, unfiltered, and straight from Mike's mouth to your ears.
March 19, 2021
E46 - Ambitious Filmmaker Roundtable
Coming at you straight from our Ambitious Filmmaker Virtual Summit, we catch up with 5 of our former Podcast guests as we take a deep dive into video business strategy and tips. Listen in as Tiff Tyler, Robert Teegarden, Bryant Walker, Trent Erwin, and Josh Emerick relay their personal experience and leverage their collective knowledge to give you a peek into what it takes to grow and sustain a healthy film business!
March 12, 2021
E45 - Fitness for Business [Ft. Justin Romeyn]
In this episode we chat with filmmaking entrepreneur Justin Romeyn. With Justin we chat about how important harnessing the business side of your skillsets is when it comes to selling your creative services. Justin tells us what the most important skillsets to bring to any set, and what he looks for when bringing interns into his company. We discuss building brand equity, and if you’re not seeing results some self reflective prompts you can use to get yourself back on track. As always, we close this episode with Justin’s top piece of advice to filmmakers looking to make a career in this industry.
March 05, 2021
E44 - Sounds of Storytelling [Ft. Ricardo Ramirez]
In this episode we catch up with talented musician and filmmaker Ricardo Ramirez of Richy Films. We dive into Ricardo's musical origins and how filmmaking went from a networking tool to a successful career and business. We dive into the importance of leading with value when establishing new relationships and why leaning into your passions creates happier clients. Ricardo talks about how he forged a connection with Casey Neistat through our tried and true approach of Brand Building. All of this and more!
February 26, 2021
E43 - Just Show Up [Ft. Thomas Prettyman]
We interview filmmaker Thomas Prettyman and dive straight into many of our favorite topics in The Video Community! Building brand equity takes center stage while Thomas talks about leveraging your free time with "Future Earnings Potential". We talk about how being a cool person who is easy to work with beats being the best in the business every time, and how gear can get in the way of creating the work that inspires you. Thomas gives us his perspective on the hustle and grind culture, and we discuss how sometimes the best way to be creative is to appreciate the creativity of others.
February 19, 2021
E42 - Be True To Yourself [Ft. Josiah Moore]
We had the pleasure of meeting up with filmmaker and all-around cool guy Josiah Moore. Not only does Josiah create some spectacular work in the music video and narrative space, he has a lot of insight and wisdom for any creative looking to move into the full-time freelance space. With Josiah we talk about some of his top tips when you're debating about making the freelance jump and how to know when you're ready. We discuss being true to yourself when it comes to social media and the type of work you create, and we even learn Josiah's philosophies on why Instagram is Tinder for filmmakers. 
February 12, 2021
E41 - In Living Color [Ft. Jake Pierrelee]
We explore a new area of the film industry in this episode with Colorist Jake Pierrelee. With Jake we dive into pushing outside your comfort zone and how we all need to be learning new things daily to stay sharp with our creativity. Social media is discussed and why authenticity with your art makes for a better career than pleasing the almighty algorithm. Jake also talks with us about how he manages his time between his YouTube channel, career, and even being a DP when he can.
February 05, 2021
E40 - Kill Your Darlings [Ft. Aidan Minton]
What do clay pots have to do with becoming a better filmmaker? Find out as we interview up-and-coming filmmaker Aidan Minton. With Aidan we discuss silencing the inner critic to keep pushing out consistent content. How we can learn from our failures to become more successful filmmakers. Aidan also drops some truth on why we shouldn't be comparing ourselves with other creatives, no matter our level of experience. We even get the inside scoop on how he became the social content creator for Social House and toured with Ariana Grande.
January 29, 2021
E39 - Suck A Little Less [Ft. Andrew Jones]
Consistent innovation and growth is crucial to the success of any business, but this applies to your personal life as well. We dive into this and more with the founder of Deity Microphones, Andrew Jones. With Andrew we dive into the Willy Wonka origins of the Deity Microphone empire and his personal philosophy of serving the filmmakers that slip through the cracks with the "sleeping giants" of our industry. In that vein we have an open dialogue on overcoming the Plateau of complacency and Andrew shares some of his tips and techniques on successful Networking, and how bright pink shoes can be an asset to your  success.
January 22, 2021
E38 - The Intangibles [Ft. Trent Erwin]
It's all about the Intangibles! We take a deep dive into what that means with filmmaking entrepreneur Trent Erwin. Trent takes an honest look at work life balance and how he manages both as a husband and father. We also discuss social media and what impact it really has on the growth of your video business. Trent talks about enthusiasm and how it not only drives your success but helps score more business.
January 15, 2021
E37 - In Flux [Ft. Brad Fugere]
We catch up with Brad Fugere, founder of Flux. With Brad we dive into the importance of viewing your career in filmmaking as a business and not treating it as a hobby. We discuss financial literacy and getting entrepreneurial with your money no matter what the economy looks like. Looking into the pursuit of passion Brad talks with us about its importance in avoiding burnout and ensuring longevity in your business.
December 04, 2020
E36 - Results & Co-Signs [Ft. Bryant Walker]
An action packed episode filled to the brim with great conversation and wisdom shared by filmmaker Bryant Walker, founder of Reel Results Marketing. We dive deep into the importance of working with transformational businesses that add value to their communities. Bryant talks about how he built his 6-Figure video business by using principles he learned from his time working a corporate job. Bryant even digs into his earliest filmmaking days, creating viral scooter trick videos for YouTube.
November 20, 2020
E35 - Idealist or Realist? [Ft. Molly Mickley Mayne]
We sit down with Filmmaker Molly Mickley Mayne and dive into the importance of Community and how it makes all the difference in how you create and what you create. We discuss the balance between being an idealist and a realist when it comes to starting a new project, and and why both are important to success. Molly also talks about how the best thing we can do as filmmakers and creatives is get out of our own way and find our own way forward.
November 06, 2020
E34 - Content Not Complacent [Ft. Alex Boydston]
We sit down with Filmmaker Alex Boydston and dive into the importance of trying out different Niches to find the one that fits your interest as a filmmaker. How keeping your Passion alive as a creative means finding contentment in your work while avoiding complacency and stagnation. Alex also goes into why being honest with what you want out of life makes all the difference in how you grow your video business.
October 30, 2020
E33 - The Curtains Must Go [Ft. Frankie Cerquetti]
We chat with the owner of Baltimore based production company Storia Studio and Co-Founder of the Baltimore Filmmakers Networking Instagram Page Frankie Cerquetti. With Frankie we dive into the power of mentorship and how it strengthens the video community as a whole. Why you need to be a good boss to yourself when growing and scaling your video business. We also talk about why you need to be making the work you want clients to be hiring you to make!
October 23, 2020
E32 - How to Scale a Video Business [Ft. Den Lennie]
This episode is PACKED with wisdom from filmmaker and fellow Video Business Coach Den Lennie. With Den we explore some of the best approaches to scaling a video business, from email marketing to some mindset ideas to ensure you're using your gifts in the most potent way possible. We dive into Niching down to scale up revenue, email marketing to stay relevant with past clients, and so much more. This is an episode you DO NOT want to miss!
October 09, 2020
E31 - We Are Creators [Ft. Alex Young]
Freelance Filmmaker and content creator Alex Young goes over his philosophies on ad creation and what it takes to convert an engaged audience. We dive into how to "Steal like an Artist" when it comes to developing your aesthetic as a creative. Alex discusses his film origins during his 365 vlog challenge and how that expedited the learning process while allowing him to start taking clients as a freelance filmmaker.
October 02, 2020
E30 - You Can't Skip the Montage [Ft. Jake Colletta]
We're all just one montage away from being amazing at anything, right? If only life worked that way. We chat with Director of Photography Jake Colletta about the importance of mentorship when it comes to developing your place in the film industry. How commercial work can be just as cinematic as a Hollywood movie. With Jake we also dive into how failure is one of the most powerful tools for growth. 
September 25, 2020
E29 - Go Pro [Ft. Levi Thompson]
We chat with Photographer and aspiring filmmaker Levi Thompson on his transition from the typical 9-5 to a career as a freelancer. Along the way we dive into how important it is to experiment with different types of video early on so you can establish your niche. Why building your portfolio around your passion creates better work. We wrap up the episode with how crucial it is to have a solid support structure while establishing yourself in the industry.
September 18, 2020
E28 - The Art of Non-Conformity [Ft. Tiff Tyler]
We bring Tiff Tyler into the studio to share her powerful journey from employee to freelance filmmaker and how she built some amazing experiences from working with the WNBA to leading the video team at Lewis Howes'  The School of Greatness. Tiff dives into the art of non-conformity when building your dreams and measuring your capabilities. We explore the tweaks and pivots you'll experience along the way as you work toward your ultimate goals. We also discuss how the female perspective is not only unique, but necessary as the film industry moves forward in diversity and equality. This episode is chalked full of amazing mindset conversations and is one you definitely don't want to miss!
September 11, 2020
E27 - Flying with Fincky [Ft. Benoit Finck]
Benoit Finck, better known as Fincky on his YouTube Channel, is one of the pioneers of the growing FPV Drone Industry. With Fincky we dive into the origins of FPV Drone piloting and its cinematic rise in the future of filmmaking. We discuss the power in harnessing personal projects when attracting clients. We also explore the impact of innovation on a consumer level and how it reshapes the film industry as a whole.
September 04, 2020
E26 - Take the Gamble [Ft. Tom Munaco]
We're taking a look into the journey of Expert Wedding Filmmaker Tom Munaco of Munaco Pictures. We explore his journey from filming Haunted Houses for pocket change to his trial-by-fire first job in the wedding industry and how that prepared him to start his own wedding business that has been profitable every year since it's inception. Follow along and learn about the essential soft skills that develop you into a filmmaker people want to work with, and even how Professional Wrestling is similar to the wedding industry.
August 28, 2020
E25 - Commitment is King [Ft. Scott Handel]
We interview Scott Handel, founder of OhioHD one of the biggest production and rental houses in the Midwest. With Scott we dive into the evolution and changes of the film industry over the last 20 years. We discuss the single (but most important) thing between free work and spec work, and why commitment is king whether you're getting paid or not.
August 14, 2020
E24 - The Concierge Filmmaker
What does it mean to be the Concierge Filmmaker? Listen in as we discuss how to take that extra step to move on from just being a video expert and leveling up into the concierge filmmaker.
July 24, 2020
E23 - Tactical: 5 Ways to Grow Your Video Business
Time to get tactical! We cover 5 strategies that can grow your Video Business, no matter what the economy looks like. These are strategies we have used and have helped sustain and grow business time and time again!
June 26, 2020
E22 - Let Yourself Fly [Ft. Ross Theisen]
Creativity takes on many forms, and with the innovations of the film industry anyone can create anything they set their mind to. We chat with Director Ross Theisen as he discusses his philosophies on the opportunities available to anyone anywhere on their film journey. Ross talks about his "Be, Do, Have" mentality that helps shift mindset towards creation and his multiple avenues of creative fulfillment that all fuel each other to help make him a better director and filmmaker.
June 19, 2020
E21 - Export Every Day [Ft. Robert Teegarden]
We have educator and content creator Robert Teegarden join us today to talk about the importance of slogging through the bad work to discover the good. We dive into the social responsibilities as filmmakers and storytellers. There's even some discussion on how musicians seem to smoothly transition into the video industry. #ExportEveryDay
June 12, 2020
E20 - The Power of 100 No's (PPS#10 Ft. Vince Lundi)
You want to create music videos and you've reached out to over 100 bands..They all said "No". Do you push on or do you give up? We bring Music Video director Vince Lundi into the studio to talk about his rocky early start into the business, and how he used the power of 100 No's to fuel his ambition to be a successful filmmaker no matter what. We also explore financial freedom while building a business and our thoughts on the future of film school.
June 05, 2020
E19 - Telling Stories (PPS#9 Ft. Luke Carmichael)
Filmmakers are storytellers, not just in our work but in our own lives as well. Luke Carmichael, founder of ALC Productions, joins us in the studio to talk about how his journalism background shaped his love of documentary filmmaking. We discuss how doing complimentary work leads to making more money and connections, and Luke tells us what is our most unique filmmaker origin story to date!
May 29, 2020
E18 - Making & Maintaining Relationships (Pandemic Pivot Series #8)
Filmmaking is a service based industry, that means that relationships are one of the essential pieces of the successful business puzzle. In this episode we dive into ways you can begin forging new relationships with clients you want to work with and how you can maintain a healthy and growing relationship with your current client list.
May 22, 2020
E17 - Building Balance (PPS#7 Ft. Josh Emerick)
What's better, pushing yourself at a 10 until you burn out, or maintaining a 5-6 consistently? We explore this with filmmaking entrepreneur Josh Emerick. With Josh we also explore the business side of your passions, how organization and efficient administrative systems allow you to be more creative, and why balance is a major component in achieving greater success.
May 15, 2020
E16 - Shop Local (PPS#6 Ft. Kevin Deskins)
We get a fresh take on the current tweaks and pivots of the industry from Kevin Deskins, a Marketing Director for Ohio based gear rental and purchase shop Midwest Photo. Kevin goes into the how and why of forging authentic connections and relationships when it comes to growing a business and integrating into the local community. We compare and contrast shopping local versus purchasing with bigger companies online, and the innovative and unstoppable urge of the creative itch.
May 08, 2020
E15 - The Strange Road of Passion (PPS#5 Ft. Mikey Liesner & Kyle Stoner)
Passion is a long and winding road, and sometimes it can get a little strange. We bring on Mikey Liesner and Kyle Stoner, Co-Founders of the immersive live-streaming company The Strange Road, to cover their journey from recording live concerts to creating multi-day live streams for conferences around the globe. The guys dive into how they niched down into the paranormal and how to adapt passions to create work you enjoy while providing a service to those that need it. We even dive a little into conspiracy theory.
May 01, 2020
E14 - Hire Yourself (PPS#4 Ft. Nathan William)
Clients not hiring right now? Hire yourself! We dive into pivoting your creativity with the founder of FrameWork Visuals, Nathan William. Nathan talks with us about how creating projects you love markets yourself to your ideal clients and how he's utilizing his pandemic downtime to shift his entrepreneurial and filmmaking knowledge into growing an urban farming business with his fledgling company We go over the importance of creativity and how crucial it is for success in the industry.
April 24, 2020
E13 - Empowering Limitations (PPS#3 Ft. David Kronmiller & Jennifer McLean)
Do limitations hold you back or do they create and opportunity for artistic growth? We explore this with our dynamic filmmaking duo David Kronmiller and Jennifer McLean. This married couple got their start in the film industry during the financial crisis of 2008, and they share their experience and how losing their jobs set the stage to create a web-series turned feature film. This episode is jammed packed with wisdom from a team who has found a way to thrive in the unknown, so give a listen and take notes as you embark on your own creative journey during this global pandemic. Interested in seeing their feature Boris and the Bomb? Check it out on Amazon Prime! Stay updated on their future projects through their production company FishEyedLensy!
April 16, 2020
E12 - Buy Back Your Day (Pandemic Pivot Series #2)
You are what you repeatedly do. That means that habits and routines are more important than ever before to not only keep status quo but to keep pushing forward and growing. The boys dive into some tactics you can start implementing immediately to buy back your morning, and in turn buy back your day and over the long-term your life. Stay home, stay safe, stay hustling.
April 08, 2020
E11 - Level Up In Your Down Time (Pandemic Pivot Series #1)
What a time to start a second season! The perfect time for all the filmmakers looking for some answers on how to adapt and innovate in this uncertain climate we find ourselves in. The boys rally together some outreach ideas to certain clientele that are still operating under the current conditions, go over 4-Techniques to shifting the mindset to growth and positivity, and Mark even reads out his template that he's using to continue to forge relationships to establish new business, even right now. The Ambitious Filmmaker Podcast is back, and the party is just getting started!
April 02, 2020
E10 - Finding Your Alignment [Feat. Dr. Tim Zittle]
Never settle in any aspect of your life. This is the theme of this week's episode as we talk with Dr. Tim Zittle, founder of multiple successful Chiropractic Practices around the country. Dr. Tim goes into the mental health aspect of being a business owner, how success does not equate to happiness and how we need to live our lives at 100%. We discuss the failure narrative society has created and re-define it as a sense of empowerment for the filmmaker and entrepreneur. Touching upon relationships, we learn the importance of surrounding yourself with positive influencers and mentors as you take risks in growing your business and finding your greatness. Remember, everyone is in your life for either a season, a reason, or a lifetime. Learning to know the difference makes all the difference. Want to be part of the conversation? Join our community at
September 04, 2019
E9 - Show Me You Can Do It [Ft. Dwight Heckelman]
"The good news about this business is no one cares about your credentials. The bad news is that no one cares about your credentials." Wise words from this week's guest Dwight Heckelman, founder of GrooveU. We learn the secret sauce (or lack thereof...) for going against the grain when carving a better path in your profession. Dwight showcases the importance for stripping away your Plan B and finding a way to make your dream work (and how possible that is). The guys talk about the internal compass of entrepreneurship and how  problem solving needs to be incorporated into your daily practice as a filmmaker and creative! Interested in learning more about GrooveU? Check it out here: Want to be part of the conversation? Join our community at
August 28, 2019
E8 - Rumschpringe [Ft. Dilara Casey]
Rumschpringe [Rum-Shpringuh], a time when someone begins their soul search and explores the world . This isn't limited to an individual, but their business and career as well! We meet up with Dilara Casey, a woman who has carved out a unique path to find her way to the life she wants to lead. Listen in as we discuss how the unconventional leads to your biggest growths as well as the importance of moving forward even as you take time to assess your core desires in life and business. Want to be part of the conversation? Join our community at
August 21, 2019
E7 - Consistent Authenticity [Ft. Heather Parady]
In this episode we have special guest Heather Parady, founder of the Content Lab and host of the Unconventional Leaders Podcast, in the studio to talk with us about the impact of creating authentic content. We dive into the importance of consistency and how it builds trust with your audience while fueling your inner creative beast! Touching upon the future of "Influencer Culture" we explore how perfect it is to be imperfect when it comes to being relatable and how failure builds toward a life of success. Heather even generously offers up a free Content Lab membership! Want to be more consistent with your content creation? Join the Content Lab over at Want to be part of the conversation? Join our community at
August 14, 2019
E6 - Winning Friends and Influencing People [Part I]
We embark on the first part of an ongoing journey to dissect Dale Carnegie's famous How to Win Friends and Influence People, starting with his opening section on the "Fundamental Techniques in Handling People". We cover the top three principles that create the cornerstone of establishing long lasting and prosperous relationships with not only your clients but friends and family as well. Cross referenced with examples relevant to the video industry, this is a must listen for anyone looking to grow their network, business, and client list! Want to be part of the conversation? Join our community at
August 07, 2019
E5 - Eyes and Ears of Freelancing [Ft. Jay Clouse]
In this episode we have special guest Jay Clouse, founder of Unreal Collective and Freelancing School, in the studio to discuss the importance of building your own path as a Freelancer. Jay teaches us his E.Y.E.S. and E.A.R.S. method of creating clients and Connectors in your Network. We explore "calculated risk" and how creating for yourself boosts your value and makes you more appealing to work with. There's even some talk of Jay becoming Caleb's new best friend and offers up a special discount for anyone interested in joining his Freelancing School program! Interested in joining Jay's Freelancing school? Check it out here: Want to be part of the conversation? Join our community at
July 25, 2019
E4 - Contract Clarity
Protecting yourself and putting your client at ease, just two of the benefits of having a contract! "Legaleze" is its own language and it can be hard to know what clauses  you need to ensure your bases are covered! We go into our top recommendations and even provide a Contract Template Guide for you at the link below! For legal purposes we have to disclaim that we are not giving you any legal advice, these are just our tried and true recommendations! Contract Guide: Want to be part of the conversation? Join our community at
July 17, 2019
E3 - The Ideal Network
As we wrap up our exploration into Networking, we discuss the top ten "types" of people you want to surround yourself with in order to create a well-balanced and prosperous community. Want to be part of the conversation? Join our community at
July 10, 2019
E2 - Net Worth of Network
In this first segment of our two-part networking series, we dive into the theory of the "Net worth of Network". We discuss the unique advantages of having a network, becoming the "super-connector", help you assess the health of your current network, and teach strategies that will help implement a positive networking mindset. Want to be part of the conversation? Join our community at
July 03, 2019
E1 - Community is the Cornerstone
In this pilot of episode of The Ambitious Filmmaker, we meet the three co-founders of the The Video Community and discuss the current state of freelancing while learning the benefits of community and the pitfalls of lacking one. Join our community at
June 21, 2019