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The Artist Bloc Podcast

The Artist Bloc Podcast

By The Artist Bloc LLC
The Artist Bloc Podcast is a show for artreprenuers, a person who is or aspires to be an artist and an entrepreneur. This platform is dedicated to helping those who have chosen this path, gain practical knowledge to assist in propelling their career.
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Transitioning from Artist to Artprenuer with Sunny Gravely Foushee
1. As an artist, we trend to focus on creating while neglecting the business side.  In today's society, it's important for artists to shifting their mindset to that of an entrepreneur in order to ensure a successful and profitable career in this industry.   Today's guest, Sunny Gravely Foushee, is a renowned visual artist, who specializes in painting and collage art.  A true artpreneur, in addition to traveling the world selling art, she is the co-founder of The Artist Bloc and the Executive Director of TAB Arts Center Non-profit.  A graduate of both Howard University and Pratt Institute, on this episode, Sunny shares lessons, personal experiences and tips on what it takes to become a full time artpreneuer.   In this episode we cover: - The Importance of an Art Manager - How to travel and make money - Pricing your work - Shifting your mindset - 5 steps for becoming an artpreneur - The difference between a fine artist and a commercial artist   Follow Sunny on Instagram @sgravelyogartist and follow us @theartistbloc.  Let us know what you think of this episode and who you would like to have on the show Located in Greensboro, NC, The Artist Bloc is an arts venue dedicated towards cultivating the arts by providing a platform for artists consisting of performance, networking, entrepreneurial and educational opportunities. TAB Artist Center Nonprofit 501 (c)(3) is dedicated to using the arts as a vehicle for providing education, infusing culture and inspiring fun.  Their intergenerational programs are deigned to empower artist and the community by making creative energy accessible to the masses and bringing art to the community 
October 1, 2020