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The Backbench

The Backbench

By Carter Wickham and Jonas Dein
Edinburgh Political Union's weekly political podcast hosted by Carter Wickham and Jonas Dein. Reach out to us on our Instagram @BackbenchPod, or on Facebook at
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Scottish Parliamentary Election Hustings
Join the Backbench for student-centric hustings in the run-up to the 2021 Scottish Parliamentary Elections. Hosted by Carter Wickham and Jonas Dein this debate tackles a series of important student questions such as mental health, drug policy and disability policy. Participants: Angus Roberston - SNP Carole Ford - Liberal Democrats Kate Nevens - Green Miles Briggs - Conservatives Sarah Boyack - Labour
April 19, 2021
Interview w/Sir Desmond Swayne MP and Dr Mark Hellowell
What more prominent topic could there be then lockdown itself?   Sir Desmond Swayne TD VR has been an outspoken activist of the government's COVID-19 response. In recent weeks he's been accused of being an 'anti-vaxx supporter' or accusing the government of 'manipulating the numbers.' With the help of health expert Dr Mark Hellowell, we take a step back and examine - what actually has been the pros and cons of the government response to the pandemic? Check out more at 
March 22, 2021
Interview w/Ian Murray MP and Daniel Kenealy
Today's radio show discusses an increasingly pressing issue: Scottish independence. Featuring Labour MP Ian Murray and Edinburgh University constitutional expert, Daniel Kenealy, we interrogate whether Labour have a plan to prevent the breakup of the Union.
March 6, 2021
Interview w/ Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP and Jan Eichhorn
This week's Backbench combines features both expert and elected.   Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle and Senior Academic Lecturer at Edinburgh, Jan Eichhorn, meet to discuss Labour's economic strategy.  We cover economy, COVID, Brexit, and the important 'what next for Labour' question.   Listen below on Spotify. Available on your favourite streaming platform!
February 14, 2021
The Backbench - Interview w/Sir Lindsey Hoyle
On this episode of the Backbench, Jonas and Carter interview the Speaker of the House Commons, Sir Lindsey Hoyle. We talk to the Speaker about the effects of Covid-19 on his role, partisanship and the US Capital Insurrection. Check out our blog on 
February 3, 2021
Backbench Trailer
2021 is starting off the right way with a relaunch of Edinburgh Political Union's podcast; The Backbench. Join Carter Wickham and Jonas Dein throughout the year as they interview academics, politicians and students, discuss current political affairs and explore the significance of world events! Check us out on for our new student blog. 
January 18, 2021
Looking abroad!
We cover the US primary, British cabinet foibles, the Israeli elections and the riots in Delhi.
March 18, 2020
Catching up with the world!
We triumphantly return, and try to catch up on everything we missed.
March 7, 2020
Manifestos, Latin America update, and explaining impeachment - Nov 24 2019
We cover the new Manifestos from everyone EXCEPT the Tories, Bolivian chaos, Chilean human rights abuses, the Iranian internet blackout, and the American impeachment process! Join us for a good chat and review of this week in politics.
November 24, 2019
Lord Farage, Bolivia, another Spanish election, and the US is still crazy - 17 Nov 2019
We cover the electoral surrender of the Brexit Party, and what's happening in Bolivia, Spain, Romania, Cameroon, and the US! Whew is that a lot of stuff. Enjoy!
November 17, 2019
A Festive Election, Protests, and Bye Bye Beto! - November 10th 2019
We cover the General Election set for December 12, international protests in Chile, Lebanon, Iraq, and Hong Kong, and a whistle stop tour of the US democratic primary!
November 10, 2019