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Class Dismissed…

Class Dismissed…

By Mike Watson
In around 20 mins a week - I’ll try to share some quick ideas and stories from the classroo.
My thoughts and advice especially aimed at Trainee, Student, SCITT and ECT teachers in particular.
Expect a wide range of themes with a smattering of Outdoor Learning and stuff for experienced teachers too.
Basically… teachery educationy malarkey!
I'm happy to take suggestions for episode content - Contact @WatsEd on Twitter.
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Class Dismissed… (Episode 9) The Quangle Wangle’s Hat
The Quangle Wangle's Hat is a story/poem by Edward Lear - it describes a bizarre hat worn by a strange creature...  As teachers, we wear lots of bizarre hats and some of us are quite strange creatures!  So, in this week’s episode, I will share thoughts, ideas and suggestions for Class Management - tips to keep your classroom engaged and learning.
October 01, 2022
Class Dismissed… (Episode 8) How to know what they don’t know… the assessment conundrum
Getting Assessment of children’s learning right is a one of the biggest challenges teachers new and old face everyday - this week I share some ideas of what effective assessment practices might look like and some quick ideas for Assessment for Learning (A4L)
September 26, 2022
Class Dismissed… (Episode 1) Mindset maketh the Teacher
18 mins of tips and thoughts about ways to approach the 1st few days in your 1st class and how to carry it forward - marking/relationships/priorities/organisation and more!
September 21, 2022
Class Dismissed… (Episode 7) 4 Phrases - No More No Less
Fed up of repeating yourself? Tired of waiting? Want to get and keep attention? Here are my 4 phrases to help you make that happen.
September 20, 2022
Class Dismissed… (Episode 6) It Takes Two
Term is underway… so, if you are are beginning ITT or the ECT years, what should your mentor/mentee relationship feel like and how can you get the best from each other?
September 14, 2022
Class Dismissed… (Episode 5) To Ability Group, or Not to Ability Group? That is the question…
**Warning** It’s a long one! When you arrange a seating plan… what should it look like? Should children have groups? Should they move places? Should HA and LA pupils work separately or together? It’s a divisive topic - here’s my thoughts on the matter
September 05, 2022
Class Dismissed… (Episode 4) Your number’s up!
What should be on a wall to support maths in your class? Purpose, Practicality and Psimple! (I know, leave me alone!)
August 30, 2022
Class Dismissed… (Episode 3) Telling Tales
Telling stories to and sharing stories with your class should be high on your list of priorities - whether you teach in Nursery, Year 6 or anywhere in between! Here’s why…
August 23, 2022
Class Dismissed… (Episode 2) - The Parent Trap!
How to build a positive working relationship with parents. Top tips to build a team that works together!
August 17, 2022