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The Book Editor Show

The Book Editor Show

By Clark Chamberlain
The Book Editor Show is a weekly podcast hosted by Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley. Each show looks at one area of novel editing that an author can easily implement into their editing process.
Shows have guest editors, explore different creative storytelling fields, and give you the knowledge to build a better book.
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Editing Your Subplot or B Story
As we continue our exploration of plot we examine the Subplot also called the B Story. We look at the importance of subplot and give examples from books that aren't Harry Potter! We also share an easy method to check if your subplot actually matters and how to fix it or cut it entirely.  Don't forget to visit to learn how outlines can help you Write Faster, Gain Readers, and Crush Doubt.
October 30, 2019
Plot versus Story Structure
We tried once before and the twisted knot of plot versus story structure was too much to be undone. Today we do it right! If you want to writer faster, gain readers, and crush doubt check out Ironclad Outline, the original and still the best outline process. Today you can make Ironclad Outline part of your process for only $150 visit 
October 23, 2019
Of Struggle the Return and Onward
Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley are back discussing what it's like to live in a car for a year, returning to school, and where the show will be going next.
October 16, 2019
Editing Your Life Story and Negative Self Talk
What could you do if you eliminated your negative self talk? How much more could you write and publish if you weren't being held back by limiting beliefs? Editing story isn't limited to the words on a page, you have the power to edit your life story. When you edit your life story you will find new creative strength you never knew you had. Listen to take more control of your life and your creative work.
July 15, 2018
Choosing the Right Point of View
How to choose the right point of view for your story. POV is the ultimate storyteller, and an expert storyteller will choose which parts to emphasis or even leave out depending on both the audience and the story being told. From Clark Chamberlain's breakout course Advanced Novel Writing with Harry Potter, you will learn all about 1st person, 2nd person, and 3rd person plus how to match past or present tense to the POV. To listen to the rest of this top rated course got to:
March 08, 2018
How to Edit 1st Act with Thor Ragnarok
Why does the first act of Thor Ragnarok work? What lessons can you learn to edit your own work? How to use elements in your story world to make fans love you, and what you need to do to take it all away from your powerful protagonist. Want to make your first act better? Use an Ironclad Outline as your first stop in developmental editing:
March 01, 2018
Special Edition Why Does Wonder Woman Act 1 Work
Why does the new movie Wonder Woman work? Is it Gal Gadot? Is it the special effects? Maybe, just maybe it's because the story is so solid. Join Clark Chamberlain as he explores act 1 of the new Wonder Woman film. Spoiler alert!
September 10, 2017
Developmental Editing What It Is And Why You Need It
Welcome to the Book Editor Show, today I’ll be talking about developmental editing, what is and why you need it. And introducing Ironclad Outlines by Clark Chamberlain.
August 31, 2017
Collaboration and Editing in a Storyverse
Fiction Vortex's David Mark Brown and Michael C Cluff join Clark Chamberlain to discuss their writing collaboration and what it's like to edit in a storyverse. Get 50% off Clark's new course: Advanced Novel Writing with Harry Potter. Use the coupon TBESFAN2017 at checkout.
May 19, 2017
February 06, 2017
Get Published in 2017
Are you ready to take that next step in your writing life? Are you ready to make 2017 the year you get published? Then you're in the right spot.  Today Clark and Peter discuss what you should consider when submitting to agents and publishers, what the current publishing trends are, and how to leverage professional ethics to get a foot in the door. Please click here and sign up for the full webinar Get Published in 2017
January 01, 2017
Edit your Setting to Create Horror
Peter Turley is Back!!! Learn to edit your setting into one filled with terror that will keep your reader up all night. Choose powerful words that conjure images. Grab secrets from the silver screen to use on the page. Make the most of the new year with our 30 day challenge!
December 20, 2016
Sacrifice and Killing Characters
What is the best type of sacrifice a character can make? When does it work to kill of a character, including your protagonist? How is the best way to leverage these emotional acts to connect with the reader? Find out this an more today with Clark Chamberlain.
December 16, 2016
Editing your Book with the Power of Three
Three is the magic number. We can see the number represented through life and story. Today Clark Chamberlain leads you through an easy to use method to take the power of three and edit your work. From character relationships, try/fail cycles, additional problems, and even protagonist choice you can see how powerful the use of three will be in your book.
November 14, 2016
3 Easy Exercises to Edit your World Building
Have you finished your fantasy manuscript or maybe you've finally decided to write your space odyssey for NaNoWriMo or you want to put the final touches on your present day story that takes place in the strange land of Idaho whichever the case these tools will help you sort through your world building. Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley give you three exercises that will help you edit your world building masterpiece in ways you hadn't thought of before. Writership's Leslie Watts created these exercises for part of the World Building Bible Journal. Take a vacation with the Orcs or witness the secular founding of your world's first civilization these exercises keep you thinking and re-framing what is important for the reader or author to know. Clark and Peter are testing their membership site and need some help. The first 50 friends of the Book Editor Show will get Clark's premier course on writing, a $99 value, FREE! Just give feedback on what is and isn't working
November 04, 2016
Making Monsters a World Building Bible Creature Feature
Making Monsters: a World Building Bible Creature Feature.  We're talking all about monsters, creatures and aliens. How you can make yours unique by examining the world they live in and turning an old idea on its head. This is part one in our world building bible month to get you ready for NaNoWriMo. Also check out for more world building you can use in your manuscript.
October 17, 2016
Editing Past and Present Tense 1st Person POV
Does it matter if you use flashbacks in 1st person present tense? Do you know who your POV character is telling the story to in past tense? Would you like to add two new effective techniques to your writer's toolkit? Did you ever notice the dwarf in Jane Austin's books? Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley teach you how to look at storyteller and tense to assist you in editing your 1st person POV manuscript.
September 29, 2016
4 Tips to Edit Nonfiction
Have you finished your nonfiction manuscript? Ready to polish it up before you publish? Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley have 4 tips that will set you on the right path, get your nonfiction book ready, and keep you out of legal trouble.
September 22, 2016
The Rebirth - 7 Basic Plots
Here's a blast from the past! I was teaching class the other day and found out that Peter and I never released the final episode on the Seven Basic Plots by Christopher Booker. This episode is all about The Rebirth. Rebirth is all about the main character making a huge change in their life. Although dynamic change may be a subplot in many stories in The Rebirth plot it is the main focus.
September 16, 2016
Editing Short Stories for Publication
Short stories are an excellent road to traditional publication, but only if you understand how to give the publisher what they want. On this show we'll give you clear methods to improve your short stories and that you can put to work today. Join Clark Chamberlain and guest host Leslie Watts as they guide you through the editing waters of the short story.
August 31, 2016
Edit and Understand your Characters Desire and How to Abuse Them
Clark Chamberlain is joined by Writership's Leslie Watts. They discuss what character desire is, how to use and abuse it, when desire changes in the story, being true to desire, when desire and plot clash, and how to edit each situation.
August 25, 2016
Raise the Stakes: Edit your Manuscript to be a Page Turner
If you want to have readers continuing to turn the page they need to have a reason. Raising the stakes in your manuscript will give them that reason. Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley give you clear ways to increase the problems for your characters and plot.
August 18, 2016
Book Review of Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass
Are you looking for a great book to help you edit your manuscript? Want to take the reading world by storm? Then check out this review of Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass. One of the important elements you'll find in this book is connecting with your reader at an emotional level. Click here to download a worksheet to help you.
August 12, 2016
Editing Point of View
Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley discuss how to edit the major Point of View styles: including 1st person, 3rd limited, and 3rd omniscient. Learn what to keep and what to change in your POV and deliver a smooth reading experience.
August 04, 2016
Editing Fantasy 3 Elements you Must include
Every genre brings a unique aspect to editing. Fantasy is no different. From plot types, extensive world building, character arcs, and much more. Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley look at the three elements each fantasy author must pay attention to in their editing process.
July 28, 2016
Editing Thrillers 3 Elements you Must Include
No matter what sub-genre of thriller you write there are three elements that must be found in your work to make it a success. Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley share what those three elements are and how to edit them in your thriller manuscript.
July 22, 2016
Script Editing with Jacob Larch
Join us today as we look at the world of screenwriting with Jacob Larch.
July 07, 2016
How to Amp Up your First 20 Pages for Submission
In today's show Peter Turley and Leslie Watts discuss how to make your first 20 pages showcase the best of your work. If you've wondered what the do's and dont's are for those first crucial pages, this is not a show to miss!
June 30, 2016
Writing and Editing Dialogue with Leslie Watts
Writing and editing dialogue is a tricky business! But fear not, we're here to help wrestle those words into line. Join Peter Turley and Leslie Watts as they discuss what to avoid when writing dialogue and give you some great tips on how to write compelling dialogue that lives and breathes. For Leslie's Quick Sheet on Punctuating Dialogue head to
June 23, 2016
Journaling for Writers
Can taking the time to journal really help boost your creativity, help you be more productive, and find contentment in your life? Find out on today's show. Don't forget this is your last chance to grab Punch them in the Gut: Writing Fiction with Emotional Impact for 90% off! The best $10 dollar investment you can make for your writing.
June 16, 2016
Self Editing for Writers by Browne and King a Review
Self-editing is an important skill for writers and authors of every level. It will never replace having a great editor work on your book with you, but it will make you more proficient and should save you money. Today we review Self-Editing for Writers by Renni Browne and Dave King. Is this the right book for you? How can it help you fix the common problems and help you tackle the complex issues of editing in your work? Today's show is brought to you by Punch them in the Gut: Writing Fiction with Emotional Impact. Get 90% off when you take the course today for only $10. by clicking this link:
June 09, 2016
Joanna Penn Shares her Process for Excellently Edited Books
Joanna Penn discusses what it takes to be successful in the publishing industry today and the future to come, and what an important role editors play in that success. This was an excellent show. Both Peter and I are grateful to have such an incredible thought leader in our industry take the time to share her philosophies with us. Listen to this episode; you’ll be glad you did.
June 02, 2016
Worldbuilding 3 Pitfalls to Avoid
Today we are sharing three of the biggest pitfalls to avoid when worldbuilding. We will also talk about how worldbuilding isn't just for sci-fi and fantasy genres.
May 26, 2016
7 Tips to Strengthen Setting
We're bringing you 7 actionable tips to make your setting the best it can be. No more mismatched character and place, how to stop dumping setting on your reader in the first paragraph, and much much more.
May 19, 2016
Review: Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell
Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley review Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell. In this review you'll learn some of the gems found in this book, how to put them to work for you and why this book should be on your shelf.
May 12, 2016
90 Day Professional Challenge
Peter and I have made a 90 day challenge to take the book editor from sporadic to dependable. We'll walk you through how we're doing this and how you can put it to work for your professional writing life.
May 05, 2016
Proofreading Tips for Self-Editing and Publication
What is proofreading? How is proofreading different than line editing? How can you use proofreading to improve your own work? Does software exist that works?Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley will answer these questions and more on this episode of the Book Editor Show. Also drop by the website to win sweet books on editing:
April 22, 2016
Q&A Killing Main Characters, Writing Synopsis, Which Book First
We get questions from time to time that make great topics for shows, we also get questions that need to be answered but don't need an entire show. Today we are doing our first Q&A show. We are looking at: How To Write a Synopsis killing Main Characters Deciding Which Book to Write First We hope you enjoy and if you have a question you wanted answered please ask us at
April 15, 2016
Partnerships with Editors and Authors
Today Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley discuss the importance of understanding the roles authors and editors agree to when working together.  What should you expect from an editor? How should you treat authors? What about deadlines? Is the editor always right? We want your feedback on the show, did we miss anything?
April 08, 2016
Editing for Mystery Tension and Conflict
When your story is absent of these three elements your story can fall flat. Learn how to use them and edit them into your work.
March 23, 2016
Generating Ideas and Finding the Gems among the Rocks
Today on the Book Editor Show, Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley give you the tools you need to generate the best idea for your story, and how to drop story lines that aren't working in your book.
February 10, 2016
Developmental and Structural Editing with Leslie Watts
Join Clark Chamberlain, Peter Turley and their special guest editor Leslie Watts as they examine the importance of Developmental Editing. They'll give you insights into how to use it right and if your not using Developmental Editing why you should.
February 02, 2016
The Boys are Back
Catching up and sharing what's been going on over the past two months. Also, Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley share their plans for 2016, book projects, teaching and a brand new course on editing! Click here to check out Peter's Udemy class Change your Life: Powerful Steps to Personal Transformation. And click here to take a look at Clark's course Punch them in the Gut: Writing Fiction with Emotional Impact. And grab a copy of Hank Hudson for free! Amazon Apple Nook Kobo
January 23, 2016
How You Can Write a Novel in 30 days
A special audio share from a class Clark Chamberlain recently taught on how to write a novel in just 30 days. Get the handout here at
November 16, 2015
10 Tips for NaNoWriMo Survival
It's that crazy time of year again when writers from all over the world start feverishly putting words to paper. The goal: 50,000 word novel by the end of November.Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley have put together their 10 best survival tips so that you can get through November intact. #nanowrimo #amwriting #nanotips
November 04, 2015
Critique Groups and Beta Readers with M. Todd Gallowglas
If you edit by yourself the chance of missing plot holes and errors goes up. But taking every idea for change that is suggested isn't the best idea either. Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley talk with author M. Todd Gallowglas about how to get the most from your critique groups and beta readers and if writing groups are worthwhile.
October 29, 2015
Editing the Short Story with Gregory Norris
Have you ever wanted to dive into the world of short stories? Feel like the short stories you've written just aren't standing out? Want to give your short story the best possible edit? Then join Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley as they talk to the master of the short story, Gregory Norris.
October 14, 2015
Tragedy: the Seven Basic Plots
The seven basic plots, part six, the tragedy. What should be included? What can be cut? Why isn't it used more? What is the right audience?Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley talk about all this and more.
October 01, 2015
the Comedy - Editing the 7 Basic Plots
Today Clark Chamberlain and Perter Turley continue their series on Booker's Seven Basic Plots. The Comedy will be familiar to anyone who has ever seen a romantic comedy. Comedy isn't always about jokes. It lets you open up difficult subjects and dig deep into the problems of a person's life. See how best to tackle editing this type of plot and if it fits your latest work.
August 25, 2015
Voyage and Return - Editing the 7 Basic Plots
Today Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley take a look at the Voyage and Return. This magical plot will take readers to a world of amazement and place them head to head against an unseen evil. Is it the plot of your book? Find out if it is and how you can edit it it to perfection.
August 18, 2015
The Quest - Editing the 7 Basic Plots - Episode 31
Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley show you how to edit the seven core plots from Christopher Booker's book the Seven Basic Plots. This episode they will be examining the quest. What do you need to include, what are the main elements, what can you change or combine?
August 13, 2015
Rags to Riches - Editing the 7 Basic Plots - Episode 030
Continuing in our seven part series on editing the basic plots. Today we are looking at the Rags to Riches story. Learn if this is the plot of your book, what elements should be contained and how to pace the story.
August 06, 2015
Overcoming the Monster - Editing the 7 Basic plots Episode 029
Starting a seven part series on editing the Seven Basic Plots by Christopher Booker. In part one Clark Chamberlain and Perter Turley examine Overcoming the Monster.  Learn if your story fits into this major plot family, if it does how to make it unique and yet feel familiar to readers. Learn what is needed and what to leave out.
July 31, 2015
Adding a New Chapter to your Finished Draft - Episode 028
You know you need to write a new chapter for your book, but what should you be looking for? Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley take you through the process of connecting together your new chapter so it connects with the rest of your book
July 24, 2015
Episode 027 - Find Beta Readers and the right way to use their feedback
Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley teach you all about how to find beta readers, and how to use their feedback in editing your work.
July 17, 2015
Episode 26 - Live Edit of the Wind Hath Heirs part 3
Clark Chamberlain and the always impressive Peter Turley tackle the third part of live edits for Robert Hawkwood’s YA novel, the Wind Hath Heirs. Clark shows how to use the “bookend” method to move the story forward while Peter demonstrates taking lists of things and turning it into emotional feeling for the character. A big thank you again to Robert Hawkwood for letting us edit his work on air. Email us with your work you’d like editied:
July 10, 2015
Editing Comics - Episode 25
The grammatic duo will be talking with Joshua Crowther, of Jay Crow Comics, all about his third issue of Super. What it takes to create comics and how his current Kickstarter is the most over-funded comic in the sites history.If you've ever wanted to see the inner workings of comics, you don't want to miss this.
June 25, 2015
Live Editing Part 2 - Episode 24
In this episode Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley continue with part two of editing Robert Hawkwood’s YA story, The Wind Hath Heirs. They concentrate on adding more emotion, feathering in description in action and bringing forth a fitting ending for the Brockodile!
June 20, 2015
Live Editing - Episode 23
In a first for the show, a brave author has taken the grammatical duo up on editing their work live on air. Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley take a crack at Robert Hawkwood’s YA story, The Wind Hath Heirs. In part one of three, they go through the chapters part by part, examining how the story flows and sounds. They pose questions on what they as a reader are experiencing and give suggestions in making the work better. This is where Build a Better Book comes from. A great episode to get a handle on where to start your own editing. Follow along at
May 27, 2015
Catching Up and Random Word Choice - Episode 22
It’s been a few weeks since we last heard from our grammatic duo. Today they catch up on writing, editing and random word choices. Join Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley for 30 minutes of editing entertainment.
May 21, 2015
Keeping Motivated while Editing - Episode 21
Is your draft still need more work but you just can't find the motivation to do it? Have you ever felt you couldn't stand to edit one more word? This is your show. Learn practical ways to stay motivated or find new motivation to go back and get your editing done.
April 23, 2015
Series Editing with Bryan Cohen - Episode 20
From idea to publication in only 90 days? Is it possible? Bryan Cohen released his first fiction book, Ted Saves the World,  in July of 2014. Today he is about to release his fourth. Join Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley as the discuss with Bryan the mindset and tools needed to edit  a running series and how to get it done on a tight release schedule. Bryan shares his week by week schedule from idea to publication.   This is one podcast you don’t want to miss.
April 08, 2015
Line Editing with Ariel Waite - Episode 019
From when to use an adverb to knowing how formal to take your language, line editing can be overwhelming but it doesn't have to be. Join Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley as they talk with line editor Ariel Waite and get the inside scoop on how to make the best use of each line and create the best book possible.
April 01, 2015
Author Voice with Cindy Bennett - Episode 018
In school you learn to write by all the rules. The rules of style and the rules of your instructor. All these rules can bury an author's voice. Cindy Bennett gives you the inside information on how to bring that voice back out so you're not lost in a crowd of monotone.
March 25, 2015
Non Fiction Editing with Dennis Nappi II - Episode 017
This week join special guest Dennis Nappi II, author of, Service, A Soldier's Journey. Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley talk with Dennis about the difficulties of Non-Fiction editing and delivering the right message.
March 18, 2015
7 Plot Editing Tips - Episode 016
Part four of four in the editing tips series. Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley discuss seven actionable Plot Tips you can put right to work. These tips include:   Pacing Tension and Mystery Endings Perspective change Exposition Chapter starts and ends Plot structures
March 12, 2015
6 Character Editing Tips- Episode 015
Continuing with part three of the four part series on editing tips. This week Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley give you six great tips that you can use right now to edit your book for tighter character development and emotional arc.
March 01, 2015
7 Line Editing Tips - Episode 014
Is passive voice driving you mad? Are adverbs running wild through your pages? Does it feel like it will never end? Line editing doesn't have to be a daunting task. Take each of the seven tips presented by Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley and put them to work today. This is the second in a four part series on editing tips. the Book Editor Show
February 20, 2015
7 Book Editing Tips - 013
Take action today to strengthen your work with 7 these book editing tips.  This is the first in a four part series on editing tips. These have been designed to make it easy for you to put them right into action. Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley give you seven actionable tips that you can put to work today.
February 09, 2015
Substantive Book Editing - Episode 012
Are your beta readers coming back with reports of holes in your story? Are there areas where logic seems to vanish?Learn how to do Substantive Book Editing and make all those troubles go away.Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley discuss the merits of Substantive Book Editing and how it can be used to fix the plot holes and connect your story together so readers never feel at a loss for what just happened.
February 02, 2015
Choosing the Right Book Editor Episode 011
A good editor will help you place the punctuation, a great editor will help you tell the best story possible. Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley help you know what to look for when seeking out an editor and guide you around the pitfalls that will end up costing you time, money and reader confidence.
January 30, 2015
Editing with Scenes and Sequels - Episode 010
Writing your novel using scenes is being thrown around the web on a regular basis. What does it mean and where did it come from? in 1965 Dwight Swain wrote a book, Techniques of the Selling Writer. The fact that people pull from this today is a good sign that it contains some good information. Well, at least one nugget. Scenes and Sequels.  Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley will teach you how to incorporate this simple technique into your editing toolbox. It will help you make fast sense of your structure and show you what is dead weight.
January 23, 2015
Emotional Character Arcs Episode 009
An emotional character arc is the best way to connect your reader to your story. In episode 009 you will learn how to build these the right way for the greatest impact. Join Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley as they dig deep into the core of your protagonist.
January 13, 2015
Editing your Second Draft
You've finished your first draft, now what? First drafts are often clunky and feel overwhelming to tackle. But just finishing it means you had the drive to write an entire novel. The second draft is where the real fun begins.  In Episode 008 you will learn how to tackle the second draft by using techniques that will cut out months of spinning your editing wheels. Have a real plan and get to work on making great art.
January 07, 2015
Word Choice - Episode 007
Words can give your writing multiple meaning or just lay there flat. It's up to you to make sure the words are the best choice possible. In Episode 007 Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley give you the tools to make better word choices. They discuss what words to use to instantly put a picture into someones mind without saying too much.Learn to re-write a sentence for maximum impact and where those should reside in your novel.Novel editing doesn't have to be hard if you bring the right tools to the job.
January 03, 2015
Increase Mystery and Tension in your Novel episode 006
Every story needs to keep the reader engaged. Two ways to do this is through mystery and tension. On episode 006 Clark Chamberlain talks with long time editor Tristi Pinkston on ways to add the right about of mystery and tension to your novel.
December 31, 2014
The Book Editor Show Episode 005 All About Chapters
Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley dissect the meaning of a chapter. They will look at what it can include, how to assemble it, getting chapters to cue in readers and how to use chapters to tell mini-stories.
December 20, 2014
The Book Editor Show Episode 004 Character Development
Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley show you how to build a better character. Understand the roles characters can play in a novel and how to get the most out of them. Learn techniques to improve your characters for readers to connect with. Develop believable character arcs for your main characters while making memorable minor characters.
December 20, 2014
The Book Editor Show Episode 003 Pacing
Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley discus the art of pacing. Learn how to structure dialogue, paragraphs and sentences for better reader engagement.
December 20, 2014
The Book Editor Show Episode 002 Structure and Plot
Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley explain the basics of structuring your novel by examining the common and uncommon methods of plot design. Learn how to:   Start your story at the optimal moment Build tension and excitement Create islands for readers to recuperate  Increase your writing productivity through plot
December 20, 2014
The Book Editor Show Episode 001 Point of View
In this episode Clark Chamberlain and Peter Turley have a point of view discussion with editor Rebecca Blevins.  They discuss the elements of 1st, 2nd and 3rd, go into detail on 1st person protagonist description, delve into deep POV and help you pick the best POV for each scene.
December 18, 2014