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The B&P Realm

The B&P Realm

By Bryan Winchell
The B&P Realm is a broad-minded, wide-ranging podcast covering, among other things, personal growth, current events, astrology, music and culture with some comedy thrown in! In addition, the first 40 episodes feature two chapters of me reading my 2015 novel, "The Teacher and the Tree Man."
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Ep. 41: B is for Bringing It All Home in Cancer Season (The Cancer Season Episode)
Today's episode looks at the archetype of Cancer.  As always, I'll do about a 20-minute dive into the archetype, referencing works from astrologers who I've been learning from while adding my own insights, and we'll play some tunes that embody the archetype of Cancer by musicians born during Cancer Season. In addition, today I'll give a behind-the-scenes look at how I choose the songs for this episode and take a brief trip down memory lane where I wax nostalgic about seeing one of our highlighted bands back when they were at the peak of their powers in the late 1990s. Enjoy the show! Time Stamps 0:25 Intro 5:06 The Cancer Archetype Part I 15:28 "Life's an Ocean" by the Verve 21:14 The Cancer Archetype Part II 29:10 "Tranquility Hotel and Casino" by the Arctic Monkeys 33:02 Talking about the Musical Choices of this Show 36:00 The Verve Rocks LA and LA Doesn't Care (A Nostalgic Tale from Fall 1997) 38:12 "Space and Time" by the Verve 43:49 More Yakking About the Music of This Episode and This Series 49:50 "Black Magic Woman" by Santana 55:08 "Flor de Luna (Moonflower)" by Santana 1:00:09 "So It Goes" by the Verve 1:06:21 "Parallels" by Big Thief (And is there more? Listen on...) Media Links My Blog Posts "The Value of 'Safety Third' Vs. The Smothering Mother Archetype" by Bryan Winchell (3/22/2022) "1991: Rock's Last Great Fall" by Bryan Winchell (1/6/2021) Songs Blondie, "The Tide is High" The Arctic Monkeys, "Tranquility Hotel Base & Casino" The Verve, "Life's An Ocean," The Verve, "Space and Time" The Verve, "So It Goes" Santana, "Black Magic Woman" Santana, "Flor de Luna (Moonflower)" Big Thief, "Parallels" If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Email: Patreon:
June 25, 2022
Ep. 40: P is for Feeling Groovy in Gemini Season (The Gemini Season Episode)
In this episode, we'll cover the quirky, playful, communicative nature of the first Air sign of the Zodiac, Gemini. To aid us in this venture, we'll enjoy some music from Geminis Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and Mike Gordon of Phish. For the first time in this series (and we are on our 9th of 12 for those counting), I had to break up the discussion of the archetype because, well, it's the episode about Gemini and Gemini loves to hear itself talk. Still, I think there's some pretty interesting stuff in here, including information about some famous Geminis in our culture, why I think Saul Goodman of "Better Call Saul" is probably a Gemini and my concept of mini-generations using the Saturn cycle. After the discussion of the archetype, we'll visit the park bench for the first time in a while where we'll be joined by two famous Woodstock Generation musicians to discuss the trials, tribulations and triumphs of Mercury Retrograde periods. This is pertinent now because we are in one and, well, even if you are listening to this later, they come around three times a year so it's always a pertinent topic to cover. Enjoy! Time Stamps (00:26) - Intro (03:30) - Gemini Archetype, Part I (14:20) - "Visions of Johanna," Bob Dylan (21:53) - Gemini Archetype, Part II (35:03) - "Penny Lane," The Beatles (38:09) - Chat About Mercury Retrograde with Two Famous Baby Boomer Musicians (59:48) - "Mound," Phish (Live, 1993) (1:05:41) - "Weigh," Phish (From "Slip, Stich and Pass", 1997) Media Christopher Renstrom tells the story of Mercury, aka Hermes, (at 25:40) on the Astrology Hub Podcast Reaction Video to Russell Brand Daljeet Peterson's Blog Series on Pluto Generations If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Email: Patreon:
May 22, 2022
Ep. 39: P is for Patiently Awaiting The Taurus Season Episode (The Taurus Season Episode)
In a fashion befitting Fixed Earth, this Taurus Season episode covers a lot of ground and, if nothing, else is sure to get you up and shakin' your booty. Not only will we do the usual rundown of our monthly archetype, but we'll dig into the groovy soul and funk of Taureans Stevie Wonder and James Brown, while also lightening the mood with a bittersweet ballad of requited love brought on by a lack of perceived funds from my personal mid-spring house band, the Grateful Dead, with one of their excellent covers of the standard, "Peggy-O" from their phenomenal May 1977 run. We'll also have a chat about what having the nodes of the moon in the Taurus-Scorpio axis is inviting us to pay attention to. In short, get grounded, be sensual and focus on self-sufficiency. We live in an abundant Universe says Taurus season and, if you're like me and you simply love getting out and about in these days, with all the flowers blooming and bodacious bees buzzing around, it's hard to deny that fact. I'll also read a blog from Monika Harris  titled “The Real Reason Why We’re Moving to a Cashless Society” because with Uranus conjunct this weekend's solar eclipse in Taurus while squaring Saturn, it won't be any surprise to us astrologically aware folk if we see some pretty shocking changes to our financial systems, if not in the next week or two, within the next six to 14 months. But you'll have to listen to the podcast to understand why I used that time frame. And last, just when you might think things are getting a bit heavy, we'll close the show by getting our trucker Jacques/Jock back on-line to follow up with some burning questions, such as just how does this particular Jacques/Jock spell his name, and what his predictions are for the AI truck drivers when they hear the Dead’s “Dark Star” as they are out roaming the roads. It could spell the end of civilization, folks! Fortunately, this podcast won't end civilization---at least not yet, so if you make it to the end there's one more surprise Taurean musical guest who I put on as a tribute to one of my favorite Taurean friends and also to recognize the notion of "cuspers," those people born as a sign is changing. As I said it's a packed episode, with probably more music than I've ever shared on a show, so put on your dancing shoes, or, better yet, take off your shoes and find a grassy field somewhere, and let's feel the beat of Taurus season! Media Links Essay: Monika Harris, The Real Reason We're Moving Into a Cashless Society" Home Page: The Ice Age Farmer Music: The Grateful Dead, "Peggy-O" (5/11/1977) Music: James Brown, "Superbad" (Long Version) Music: James Brown, "Funky President (People It's Bad)" Music: Stevie Wonder, "Sir Duke" Music: Stevie Wonder, "I Wish" Music: Van Halen, "Intruder/Pretty Woman" Music: Talking Heads, "Mr. Jones" Find Me Links If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Email: Patreon:
April 29, 2022
Ep. 38: P is for Phire Starter Season (The Aries Season Episode)
Yes, the topic is the archetype of Aries, the first sign in the Zodiac, and the purpose is not only to elaborate on this archetype, but to fire you up. Thus, not only will you get my distillation into the archetype, you’ll get a personal pep talk about why we are all bad asses, music from two bands that fire me up, Jane’s Addiction and the Disco Biscuits, some media about the Information War that is being waged upon our species, and then to lighten things up, a fun, improvised chat at a park with–ahem–Mr. Nughuffer himself, Disco Biscuits bass player Marc Brownstein about music that fires us up and other topics before I close the show with an epic song and an epic jam from those aforementioned bands that are sure to get you up and moving. If you’re at all like me, you’re finding that sometimes you just don’t want to get out of bed and deal with the heaviness of these times and that’s where, I hope, this episode can perhaps be an antidote to that feeling. Enjoy! Time Stamps 0:26 - Introduction 4:56 - Aries Archetype 16:24 - Embodying the Aries Archetype 20:00 - You are a Bad Ass, We are All Bad Asses 22:28 - "Mountain Song," Jane's Addiction 26:36 - Overview of the Information "Air" War 30:27 - Russell Brand Reads Bit from Matt Taibbi's "Orwell Got It Right" 31:59 - "Hunter Biden's Laptop is Back, This Time We'd Better Pay Attention" essay by Monica Harris 43:48 - Improvisational, Light-hearted Chat with Brownie about Music That Fires Us Up 1:03:34 - "Three Days" by Janes Addiction 1:14:23 - "Digital Buddha Jam" by the Disco Biscuits (Red Rocks 5/25/2019) Media Links "Orwell Was Right" by Matt Taibbi "Hunter Biden's Laptop Is Back. This Time We'd Better Pay Attention" by Monica Harris "Mountain Song" by Jane's Addiction (official video) "Three Days" by Jane's Addiction (just audio) "Digital Buddha" by the Disco Biscuits, Red Rocks 5/25/2019 (Video of whole concert, but link brings you straight to the Buddha!) "42" by The Disco Biscuits, Philadelphia, 4/18/2009 (No video but great sound) The Disco Biscuits, New Orleans, 4/27/2019, The "Naeba" jam I opened the show with is the second song Find Me Links If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Email: Patreon:
March 25, 2022
Ep 37 ... No ... It's Episode #100, Baby!: A Hodgepodge Humdinger
I can't believe it! In just over two years, I've recorded and published 100 of these suckers. Hard for me to believe. Anyway, the idea behind this episode was I would use all of the methods I’ve used in the first 99 episodes to create the show and in the process, cover what seems to be the most common topic of this show: current events and personal growth from a Big Picture perspective with some improvisational comedy, music, poetry and astrology thrown in. Thus, you’ll get: monologues a la my riverside ramblers of season 2; a return of my improvised “The Downside of” radio show from season 1 (and wait until you hear about “The Downside of Freedom!” It’s positively dreadful!); some clips from a podcast I enjoy; a written piece commenting on one of those clips; a poetic interlude from yours truly; an improvised conversation on the park bench with some of our old friends and a great tune to send us out. There’s a lot packed into just over an hour of media with perhaps only one or two wasted words or gusts of wind. I really don't want to say any more, other than I believe this one is special and speaks to the unique-ness of the B and P Realm Podcast. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it and, as always, I thank you for being a part of this journey with me. Enjoy! Media Links "Supply and Demandate: Bret Talks with Dr. Julie Ponesse" (The Dark Horse Podcast, March 11, 2022) "Trees Mend Us," a poem by your host, Bryan Winchell If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Email: Patreon:
March 19, 2022
Episode 36: P is for Passionately Pontificating During Pisces Season.
Some of the topics I cover in this episode include, but aren’t limited to: My Friday, March 11, 2011 story relating to Japan’s Great Tohoku earthquake where I talk about tedious Japanese public junior high school graduations and how the way I handled that tedium led me to an amazing experience that gives me a foundation for questioning scientific materialism’s position on consciousness; the implications of Whitley Strieber’s book “A New World” and what it means about the elasticity of consciousness among species; Dean Radin’s research on pre-cognition and the collective conscious as it relates to 9/11; more 3/11/2011 earthquake aftermath memories and how my wife and I were able to make it a fun experience for my son; why responding to care for each other during crisis is a human thing, not only a Japanese thing; asking why we can’t both express compassion for those suffering from the tragic outcomes of current events and discussing them from a more meta perspective to determine how we got here so we don’t repeat it again; feeling livid about how our more positive emotions are being used to control us; diving into Integral Theory and whether critiques that it’s too elitist are correct, and how I see a mature understanding of and using Integral Theory as being one that humbles a person and gives them great respect for everyone; why PostModern/Green/Level 6 in Integral Theory has its own form of authoritarianism; and why true Integralists can’t be authoritarians. Media Links My most recent blog post, "I Don't Know What's Going to Happen and that Scares the Shit Out of Me" "The Pursuit of Happyness," the Will Smith movie "A Paradise Built in Hell," a book by Rebecca Solnit The Daily Evolver podcast
March 13, 2022
Ep 35.22: Stand Alone Reading of "A Love Story For These Treacherous Times"
This is strictly the reading of my astrological short story, "A Love Story For These Treacherous Times." It's also included near the end of episode 35, "Pondering the Paradox of Pisces Season." In addition, you may read the story on my Medium blog here. If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Email: Patreon:
February 24, 2022
Ep 35 P is for Pondering the Paradox of Pisces Season (The Pisces Season Episode)
This episode covers: the basics of the astrological sign Pisces, including keywords; why one of those keywords is paradox and how it expresses itself in Pisces, how Pisces relates to disillusionment yet how the other side of disillusionment is new understanding, Pisces and its connection to addictions of all types; why 2022 is a big year for Pisces energy but why you should be used to it by now; the way that conspiracy theories play a role in Pisces (and why I think those in power are just as guilty of crazy conspiracy theories that harm us as us peons are); why Pisces includes both spirit and soul; why I choose the Smashing Pumpkins to embody Pisces; and then, in a riverside rambler, I yak about my theory about the breakdown of the consciousness of the Age of Pisces and evolution into the consciousness of the Age of Aquarius and how I connect this to the glyphs of both signs before riffing on how one of the key signatures of the Piscean consciousness is the drama triangle and why we should avoid Saviors of all stripes and sizes. After all of this jabber, we’ll hear a Pumpkins song before I share a reading of a recent blog post I wrote, where I don the storyteller’s robe and take you on a treacherous journey up and down and up again Mt. Capricorn with Venus and Mars. And we’ll conclude with a few more Pumpkins tunes to finish off Pisces season in style! Media Links "A Love Story for These Treacherous Times" (My astrological short story) "From a Pandemic of Control to a Paradise of Possibility" Zach Bush and Charles Eisenstein on the Aubrey Marcus Podcast Kyle Kemper, Justin Trudeau's Brother, Joins Trish Wood on the Trish Wood Is Critical Podcast Maurice Fernandez's Chat with Gemini Bret about his book, "Neptune, Pisces and The 12th House" FIND ME LINKS If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Email: Patreon:
February 24, 2022
Episode 34, P is for Pfighting For Freedom With Neil Young and Two Truckers
Yes, he’s still finding ways to zap himself to our park bench here in Japan, probably to avoid the overcrowding of his ranch because of his virile chickens, but whatever the reason, The Godfather of Grunge and the Mistress of Soul, Canada’s own Neil Tortilla Young, is back and this time he’s for freedom and he’s even writing a song about it! YYup, you’ll get a brief preview of this outstanding number which, well, you may recognize and after I briefly touch bases with our old pal, we decide to bust out my old Rolodex and get some of the truckers I used to help represent with their legal troubles on the park bench to talk about their takes on what their brethren north of the border are up to. We cover a lot of ground here, including: my mental health challenges (cyclothymia?); why truck cabs are so high up and whether that makes truckers feel superior to the rest of us, why Justin Trudeau’ sayin’ he’s heard the truckers and the protesters is nonsense, Neil’s fetish with acronyms and the latest superpower the vaccine has given him, my astrological take on what’s going on and a personal story as to why I started to buy into astrology a few years ago which relates to the US Pluto Return, a theory as to why the Grateful Dead stopped touring in the mid 1970s that very well could be misinformation but is a tragedy regardless and so much more. I really don’t know that we made any progress in our sensemaking of this rather large topic but, hey, if nothing else it’s always an adventure yakking with Neil and it’s never a bad thing to get some new voices on the podcast, as well. So strap in, get your horns ready, and let’s honk our way down the metaphorical highway, or, as Neil would put it, the M.H., as we listen to these three men chat with yours truly about these historic events. So strap in, get your horns ready, and let’s honk our way down the metaphorical highway, or, as Neil would put it, the M.H., as we listen to these two men chat with yours truly about these historic events. Media Links Andrew Sullivan blog post, "Between the World and Men" Rick Levine on The Astrology Hub Podcast, "USA Pluto Return ... Or Is it?" If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon:
February 14, 2022
Ep 33.22 (BONUS): This Ain't Sugar Mountain, Is it? (Exclusive Interview with Neil Young)
Long-time guest of the B&P Realm, the Godfather of Grunge Neil Young, has gotten himself into a kerfuffle with Spotify over what he labels vaccine misinformation being promoted by Joe Rogan. Fortunately, Neil was gracious enough to give us an exclusive interview where he discusses why he's so pro-vaccine and the answer is going to surprise you, it may delight you, or perhaps it will frighten you! Either way, it's another incredible interview with our old pal and we were happy to sit down with him to hash things out. Enjoy! Media Links "Neil Young Tells Spotify To Remove His Music over Vaccine Misinformation" (The Verge) "Spotify Seemingly Sides With Joe Rogan In Standoff with Neil Young" (HuffPost) Past Appearances from Neil on the B and P Realm and The Teacher and the Tree Man Podcasts Neil joins two others to discuss the tomfuckery in our world today In this one, we talk about Neil’s classic” Cowgirl in the Sand” and conspiracy theories! Discussing Neil’s 2020 album, “Homegrown” and Neil shares a song! And Neil’s first appearance, on my other podcast, though it got a bit cantankerous! If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon:
January 27, 2022
Ep 33: B is for Blasting Off with Aquarius! (The Aquarius Season Episode)
Yes, this is the episode where we talk about all things Aquarius! Among the topics covered are: the basics of Aquarius; differentiating between the Air signs; why the Air of Aquarius is outer space “air”; the eccentricity of Aquarius; why Aquarians like forming groups; how Aquarian Truth can hurt; the Aquarian shadow side; how Aquarius represents technology and science and how the Internet is a harbinger of the Age of Aquarius; the actual natural season--mid-winter--of Aquarius; the difference between life cycles and kinds of communication of the Air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius; where are our elders and why are they missing?; future thinking is also remembering the things that have worked in the past; accessing astrology as an evolving art; the return to Nature/archaic revival as Aquarian impulses; ideas about when is the Age of Aquarius?; 1950-2050 as the Transition Era from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius; how thinking about the evolution of humanity and human consciousness is still such a young, revolutionary concept; an Aquarian novel I’m reading; the Bob Marley test; why I chose “One Love” and “Rocket Queen” for today's songs and a few tales from my rock n roll loving past. Enjoy the show! Media Links Astrology Podcast, The Age of Aquarius Set My Heart to Five by Simon Stephenson (an Aquarian novel I'm reading) Today's music: "One Love" by Bob Marley and the Wailers "Welcome to Jungle" and "Rocket Queen" by Guns N Roses If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon:
January 22, 2022
Ep. 32: P is for Pontificating on the Past, the Present and the Future and A Few 2022 Predictions
This episode consists of two separate riverside ramblers with a similar topic: Where have we been as a collective, where are we now and where are we going. The first clip starts with the present, life here in Japan during COVID-19, the moronic response to COVID before broadening out to a discussion of the author Daniel Pinchbeck and his question: did 2012 happen? I then speak about the many cycles of time, using astrology and secular understanding such as Strauss/Howe’s generational theory and how using both we could say that our current 80-year cycle has us in late winter and then I speak some about the astrological cycles of next several years, how the short-term forecast is very intense. And finally, I talk briefly about the Jupiter/Saturn cycle and I ponder how we can prepare for spring. In the second clip, I speak about the upcoming year of 2022, a year of disillusionment, grace, delusion, miracles, overdoses, death, power being exposed and possible redemption. I base much of this talk on the astrological cycles of 2022 and I bore down a bit on the details, offering a few specific predictions. I base these thoughts on listening to/watching/reading probably 20 hours of astrology media, several other forecasts from a more secular perspective, and my own understanding of current events. And at the end, I offer a few suggestions on how to personally navigate what I expect is going to be an intense ride but I'll reward those of you who read these intros the key word: Simplify! Media links The Covid19up Main Page The Covid19up Telegram Channel My 2019 blog post about Pinchbeck and The Idea that 2012 Did Happen If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon:
January 12, 2022
Ep 31.22: B is for "Don't Look Up", An Instant Reaction Podcast
This bonus episode is my--SPOILER HEAVY--instant reaction recorded, umm, instantly after I watched the new Netflix movie "Don't Look Up." Nothing more needs to be said, except, yes, this is FULL ON SPOILERS episode so you've been warned. I do recommend this fascinating movie as I think it's not only entertaining but can be great fuel for all sorts of discussions about the times we are living in. Hell, I talked for 40 minutes straight and still had more to say! Okay, enjoy the show!
January 05, 2022
Ep 31.21, BONUS: B and P Are For Biking and Putting Nonsense Into Your Ears!
Recorded as I road slowly north on a beautiful winter day here at the start of January 2022 in Japan, this one is just me yakking about all sorts of stuff. Now, there are some sounds of wind into the mic, but folks, it's a bonus episode, which means I don't spend all that much time in post-production! Mostly, I just want to share this with you because I was in a jovial mode now that Jupiter has entered Pisces and left that asshole Saturn, which he's been stuck with for the past two years, behind in Aquarius. Anyway, on this one I talk about all sorts of stuff, including: Some positive things to come out of the Coronavirus Pandemic; literary vs genre fiction and why I prefer the latter, focusing in on my love for Stephen King and David Mitchell, who gets lumped into literary fiction but who basically writes in any damn genre he wants to and kicks ass at it; my stuffed animals and their voices and crazy biographies and, well, other shit too that I forgot's a surprise! Hopefully, it's worth your time but if not, turn the dang thing off already! Okay, as always enjoy the show and here are some media links and how to connect with me. Some Recent Blog Posts "10 Things 2021 Taught and Gave Me" (my most recent blog post) "The Two Questions I'd Ask Bill Gates" (my previous post, which you can hear on episode 31) "A Dream Deferred" (In which I tell the story of my aborted 2020 book plan and ask if I should do it in 2024) "25, err, 30 Facts About Yours Truly" (self-explanatory!) If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon:
January 03, 2022
Ep. 31: B is for Belatedly, It's Capricorn Season! (The Capricorn Season Episode)
This episode briefly touches upon some of the meanings of Capricorn Season before joining three, umm, friends, on a park bench to ramble about  how Capricorn Season relates to current events, listening to a reading of an upcoming blog post of mine titled "The Two Questions I'd Ask Bill Gates," and taking in a reading about the lack of integrity of the mainstream media coverage about Ivermectin from Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s book and then we'll end it with a classic rock song by one of the legendary artists of the genre, a band which has two members who are Capricorns. Enjoy! If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon: Media Links "The Two Questions I'd Ask Bill Gates" (my blog post which I read on this episode) Eric Francis’ Coppolino’s excellent work: Planet Waves FM and Planet Waves Net Chiron Return’s Working Draft of Coronavirus Timeline (through April 2020) One of My Favorite Disco Biscuit Shows (especially the “Digital Buddha” at 38:45) Led Zeppelin, “The Rover” My favorite band, Phish, covering “The Rover” "The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy" by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (for the low price of $2.99!)
December 31, 2021
Ep. 30: P is for Sagittarius Season, The Both/And Episode (The Sagittarius Season Episode)
This episode is a playful, rambling exploration of Sagittarius season, this episode finds me doing a deep philosophical dive into both/and, the unity behind the duality. A few details: I look at how astrology has two major schools and how we can use both lenses to understand our chart; I talk about how astrology has polarities, such as Sagittarius-Gemini; I digress into a riverside rambler of adventuring by living in all four quadrants of the Pacific Rim; I reflect upon my aborted cross-country trip to the US in 2020 and the book I was going to write (and still might); why I feel for my brothers and sisters in the Southern Hemisphere in this Northern Hemisphere-centric world; the nodes of the moon and why learning about their cycle in April 2020 helped me navigate the past 18 months; how many questions did you ask during this period and how self-righteous have you been?; some thoughts on gratitude and how it connects to American Thanksgiving, Jupiter and Sagittarius and an ending on the most Sagittarius of musicians, Jimi Hendrix with a few tunes by that cosmic spokesman of rock. If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon: Media Links for this Episode "Names and Orders of the Days of the Week" Article "Sagittarius: Jimi Hendrix" Article A Live Version of Jimi Playin' "Voodoo Child" "Drifting" by Jimi Hendrix
November 27, 2021
Ep. 29: P is for Scorpio Season and Parapolitics! (The Scorpio Season Episode)
Whoa nelly, do we have a doozy of a show for you all this week as we dive into the many meanings of Scorpio season! As a fixed water sign, I suppose it makes sense that I went so deep to penetrate the mysterious wisdom of this transformative, often misunderstood sign of the zodiac. The show begins with some prepared general thoughts on Scorpio, detours into a Scorpionic story from last fall that speaks to what I see as Scorpio’s key lesson, moves into some insights garnered from astrologers Rick Levine and Eugenia Krok while adding some of my own, goes into a long piece on the assassination of JFK and just how dark American power is, using work from Charles Eisenstein and David Fuller of Rebel Wisdom to anchor me, and, after our first musical break from a Scorpionic act, we are visited by one of rock's most famous Scorpios, Neil Young, for a deep dive into his classic "Cowgirl in the Sand" among other random topics before finishing the show by listening to that epic tune. Like I said, it's a long one---almost as long as that sentence!---but I think it's a goodie! As always, if you want to reach me, you can do so by clicking on the links below. In addition, I reference a lot of media on this episode so be sure to check out all the media links, too! Enjoy! If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon: Media Links My blog post, "How Grieving Over Trees And Facing My Addiction Gave Me New Life" Pluto Returns in History Pam Gregory on the US Pluto Return “White House further postpones disclosure of JFK Assassination documents, citing Covid” (CNN) Dark Journalist Special JFK Report: CIA Biden Block Assassination Records! Manson and the Secret War of the 60s” with Tom O’Neill (Rebel Wisdom) Truth and Reconciliation Committee to Look Into 1960s Assassinations “The America That Almost Was Yet May Be” (Charles Eisenstein) Astrology of the JFK Assassination CNN Defends Rogan Smear, Emasculates Sanjay Gupta (Breaking Points) Comedian Bill Hicks on the JFK Assassination
October 28, 2021
Ep. 28: B is for Dissecting My 2020s Mantra
Today's show is one where, on a bike path babbler, I dissect my 2020s mantra, which is, "I don’t know/we’ll see/adjust accordingly/everything is OK." I'll be telling you what this mantra means to me and why I think it can be useful for you as we navigate these stormy seas. Enjoy! Media Links Season 1, Episode 15 of this podcast, "B is For Becoming Comfortable with I Don't Know" Today's Song: "California Nights" by Best Coast If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon:
October 06, 2021
Ep 27: P is for Persephone's Descent Means Libra Season (The Libra Season Episode)
This episode is the first of a series I plan to do where, at the start of an astrological month, I'll discuss the archetypal meaning of that month and share some other thoughts about it, while perhaps sprinkling in some info about the astrology of the upcoming month. Thus, this one is about Libra season, which holds a special place in my heart concerning my dive into astrology which I'll go into in the episode. In addition, I cover the story of Persephone and how it relates to Libra season, while playing the wonderful track, "Persephone" by singer-songwriter Sidney Gish. Enjoy! Media Links "Persephone" by Sidney Gish (You Tube version) The Intro to Matt Taibbi's phenomenal "Hate, Inc." from his Substack (I'll leave it to you to find a way to buy it as I don't want to send any business to Amazon if I can avoid it) Astrologer Links Kaypacha's New Paradigm Astrology Website Astrology Hub Website Eugenia Krok's Accessible Astrology Website Pam Gregory's You Tube Channel Adam Sommer's Astrology Page If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon:
September 27, 2021
Ep 26.21 (Bonus): College Rhymes With Knowledge, Not Arrogance
A shortie, but a goodie where I challenge the "thinking" going on today among the so-called educated "elites" such as CNN's Don Lemon who are de-humanizing people and call them to raise their game by listening and empathizing with those they think are stupid (but who may actually have wisdom you've just shut yourself off from). Enjoy! If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon:
September 20, 2021
Ep. 26: D is For Diving Deep Into the Meta-Narrative Matrix
I'm going super deep on this one. You might wanna listen on 1.5 speed...but I was being very deliberate in my language because this is a very important topic, where I do my best to explain what I think the consciousness is that is behind the tomfuckery we have been seeing in our world for many decades now. Enjoy. If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon:
September 18, 2021
Ep 25: B is for Bugger Off With Your Vaccine Mandate, Biden
Why the sound of crickets is more pleasant than the sound of cicadas; discussing the dichotomy between freedom and safety; the relevance of Plato’s allegory of the cave for our times; questioning some of the vaccine narratives; why my reasonably accurate 20-year track record of predicting where things are going, even when those predictions were unpopular, gives me confidence in holding unpopular opinions now; my impetus to turn inward during the Trump years and why I wish members of Team Blue had done so as well; why untrustworthy institutions and its shoddy leaders telling us to trust and obey them is going to further divide the nation (and world); and why living in Japan has shown me some of the dangers of putting too much value into the group over the individual. Media Clips My blog post on my love of cycling in Japan PDF version of Ken Wilber’s Trump and a Post-Truth World Russell Brand’s clip on the soldier from Afghanistan who was sacked Myth of Cassandra Kim Iverson on the ACLU selling out their principles If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon:
September 12, 2021
Bonus Ep. 24.21: Walking and Waxing Poetic (?) About the Woo-Woo (Aliens, Q Anon and Bad Singing)
Recorded on a night walk with a flat tire, this episode is slightly different from the usual riverside ramblers because, well, it was recorded at night as opposed to the morning. Which means after a 15-minute opening bit about how I ignored my intuition regarding the flat tire (and how that might have been a good thing), I dive into some of the more fun things I like to think about, including: memories of bad singing in high school, the number 42, aliens and, yes, Q Anon (and why I think it may have been a plan to disarm revolution, rather than lead one). I also discuss why I call cars "egomobiles" and why I hope humanity can envision two Big Projects for its future instead of one. Anyway, since I've already released a podcast this week and this one was a bit less hinged than usual (aka unhinged) I figured I'd throw it up as a bonus episode to help you all make (non)sense out of your weekend. Media Mentioned An epic version of the Disco Biscuits "42" "The Pleaides and Our Secret Destiny" by Frederic Dodson, audiobook narrated by Thomas Miller Official site for HBO's "Q: Into the Storm" "The Archaic Revival" by Terence McKenna (PDF version) If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon:
August 27, 2021
Episode 24: Warring Worlds (On Rebel Wisdom’s Investigation of The Dark Horse Podcast, Ivermectin and Vaccine Safety)
This episode is an hour-long riverside rambler where I speak to my participation in the Rebel Wisdom community and discuss a question I asked host David Fuller about how he was coming to his conclusion that Covid-19 vaccine side effects are (quote) “typically exceedingly rare.” As you all know this is a huge topic that continues to dominate media coverage and I’ve spent a fair amount of time on it on this podcast. But I’m hoping this episode is the the last I’ll speak to it for a few months as I want to cover other things. So this is my best attempt at doing the issue justice, which means over an hour of me yakking about it from a variety of angles. Enjoy! Media Links "On Vaccine Safety, Ivermectin and the Dark Horse Podcast: An Investigation" "The Psychology of Previous Investment" If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon:
August 25, 2021
Episode 23: B and P are for Balance, Play and Work and the Usual Quantum Babbling
This episode playfully rambles through: childhood recollections about the dog days of August, the unreliability of memories, the power of the mind, hanging out at a Japanese shrine and wondering if I’ll get struck down by lightning for it, the unspoken rules of Japanese culture and how we foreigners aren’t expected to follow them, the experience of unbalance in the work/play relationship and being grateful for having balance in that in 2021, becoming comfortable in discomfort, musical memories about the Smashing Pumpkins, and musical reflections on the start of the summer 2021 Phish tour, an impromptu comedy bit referencing back to season 1 called “The Downside of Phish,” and ending with factual evidence for why I believe Phish is the greatest American rock band ever and forever more. Links My blog post, "Why Natural Time Rules and Clock Time Sucks" If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon:
August 09, 2021
Ep. 22: P is for Parenthetically Rapping About Intermittent Fasting, English Pronunciation and the Ivermectin Controversy
Recorded on a typically hot Peak Summer day with a background of chirping cicadas here in central Japan. I spend about 25 minutes detailing my detox efforts, from intermittent fasting to better discerning what to feed into my head from the media, before a few brief asides about the travails of English pronunciation, some meta commentary on why my thoughts can get lost among the parenthetical weeds and then, to close things off, a dive into the recent controversy over Ivermectin that Bret Weinstein's Dark Horse podcast is at the center of and how the Rebel Wisdom channel is covering it. I think it's a solid episode! Enjoy! If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon:
August 03, 2021
Ep 21: A TRUE Quantum Rambler, If Ever There Was One!
No show notes, suckers! Ha ha. Seriously, this is just a podcast where I catch you up on what's been going on with me for the past two months and the things I've been pondering. I had fun recording it, and think you'll have fun listening to it. Beyond that, you're just gonna have to jump into the deep end this time...if you dare! Enjoy the show! If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon:
July 21, 2021
Ep.19 B is for the Boys (And Girls) Who Cried Wolf and The Lab Leak Hypothesis (And Why My 2020 Mantra Still Works)
Topics include: Clip 1. Aesop’s Fable of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf;” who the boy is in the lab leak hypothesis media story; a dictionary definition of hypothesis and theory; should we really trust fact-checkers and social media outlets to decide what the truth is?; why the Founders were so smart to make Freedom of the Press an essential right; why the argument that Facebook and other social media companies aren’t governments so they can’t censor doesn’t make sense for the times we live in: why such arguments are similar to right-wing arguments using the Founders perspective to argue for the right to own crazy-ass guns; why the politicization of the Coronavirus crisis has been so costly; how advocacy journalism in the Trump era created the conditions to get the lab leak hypothesis story wrong; why media outlets are losing credibility; my 2020 mantra and why it’s an effective antidote to these times; the certainty is arising from the fear; why have progressives rehabilitated the “boys who cried wolf” over WMDs 20 years ago?; why that experience 20 years ago raised my suspicions this time; maybe the solution isn’t more censorship, but less crying wolf by the media. Clip 2.:  Heather Heying’s useful frame for understanding how we limit discussions such as racism and Covid-19; Bret and Heather discuss the danger of the virus of fear; “fear enhances our ability to see things in a binary way” Clip 3.: Using the cycles of the seasons as a frame o understand why we should do our best to be asking questions as though we are a child, rather than standing on the top of Mt. Self Righteous shouting “The Truth;” the evolutionary astrological lens of the cycle of the nodes of the moon and why it can help us survive the Information War;  “intellectual authoritarianism" and more! Links The distinction between hypothesis and theory page The Dark Horse Podcast, Episode 82 "Dodging the Buzz Saw" (May 30, 2021) The Dark Horse Podcast, "COVID, Ivermectin and the Crime of the Century" (June 2, 2021) Contact Me Facebook: Twitter: Patreon:
June 03, 2021
Ep. 18: P is for Storytelling To Make Sense of Our Lives and Our World
Topics include: What's the best Japanese convenience store?; Japan convenience stores and fast food vs. US ones; Rebel Wisdom community new storytelling; the buoyancy of green Nature this time of year; why Taurus season is green; what is yhe basic Purpose of storytelling; Taurus season is room temperature season; an improvised Story about Humanity’s relationship to Nature; what two qualities must exist in philosophers for me to pay attention to; the binary nature of the Science Story; Integral Theory reflections on the narratives of the major worldviews of our culture; some advice for ENFPs and how it relates to the style of this podcast; explaining the context of the improvised story and how I tie in my daily experiences into Storytelling and, for non-storytellers, we can grow from reflecting on the stories of our lives; how all of this relates to pt. 3 of my 2020 mantra, “adjust accordingly,”; an anatomical anecdote and why I want a bungalow with a gazebo. And ending with two, ahem, classic kids books! If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon:
May 24, 2021
Ep. 17: P is for Propaganda, The Pure Stuff (The CJ Hopkins Episode)
This episode is focused has three segments but it's focused on the work of one man, American playwright, novelist and fellow ex-pat CJ Hopkins who is an erudite, outspoken critic of the New Normal totalitarianism and who is someone I am very excited to share with you. The first segment is my reading of Matt Taibbi's piece "Meet The Censored: C.J. Hopkins, Critic of "The New Normal." In the piece, Taibbi introduces Hopkins to us and then conducts an interview. The second clip is my reading of Hopkins’ most recent column on his blog, Consent Factory, titled “The Criminalization of Descent.” And last, an abbreviated riverside rambler where I speak about the following topics: Describing a pleasant new spot while risking snakes on a warm evening; a great Mark Twain quote; a note from a “woo-woo” about how this week has an energy of feeling a fresh start and why it resonated; how the danger of expecting 2021 to be better may have made it harder for me; environmental conditions in Japan this time of year and how it’s all relative, man, etc. And lest I forget, here's the link to that absurd article about McDonald's promoting the vaccine agenda! All for our health, right? If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon:
May 16, 2021
Ep 16: P is for Feeling Groovy for a Few Days At Least
Topics Include: The nature of spring; comparing climate in Los Angeles to Tokyo, and how it speaks to misperceptions; how the Coronavirus crisis has chilled out Japanese culture some; why my communication seeks a balanced, holistic perspective; why there aren't many Renaissance People in Japan; why getting into Nature has kept me healthy since I was a kid; my summation of the two main camps in the COVID crisis; some very helpful advice I learned from an astrology podcast in spring 2020 and some good advice for now to let people do what they gotta do to survive; the sci-fi / cri-fi book set in 2040 I’m reading; reflecting on bipolar and how it relates to connection and disconnection; and after some strange Japanese on a discarded bottle diverts me, ending with a hilarious story about a lewd mistranslation from Google Translate. Links: Book recommendation: A sci/cri-fi book set in 2040, "Nexus"  by Rameez Naam
May 05, 2021
Ep. 15: P is for a Podcast Hodgepodge (Spring Cleaning Three Episodes Worth of Shows)
Pt. 1, April 12th: “Integrating the Masculine and Feminine Archetypes in Our Culture Wars” Topics include: Lex Fridman’s American Dream as engineering and how it relates to masculine archetypes; the positives and negatives of that archetype; do the Titans of Technology have good blueprints to engineer the New World?; the rising power of the feminine archetype; why we need both; the Sun/day as masculine, the Moon/night as feminine; why my perception of America has changed by living outside of it; why “Here Comes the Sun” expresses how lack helps us appreciate abundance; how Cancel Culture is an expression of Toxic Femininity; “Wall-E” and how it relates to the Bezos/Musk/Gates worldview; if humanity survives at the cost of the Earth’s biosphere, do we really want that?; “Ad Astra” and asking can we slow down enough to care for the planet we already live on; is humanity splitting into two or even three?; why I’ve no issues with the split as long as we don't go to war against each other; the good side of Postmodernism pushing back on how both sides fall into either/or thinking; are we experiencing a dark AI consciousness that is polarizing us? Pt 2 April 19th, “What is time and how does it impact our experience?” Topics Include: My college-era attempts to change the length of the day and the week; Jordan Peterson’s great advice on who to compare yourself to; why I feel disconnected from my family; why I’m unsure about my vocation/contribution to the world; why I use the spectrum of connection-disconnection to understand bipolar and addiction; the challenging feelings of wanting to check out; how short-term distractions don't work; how we can't judge someone from the outside; why I realized it’s hard to suddenly live off the clock on one’s own schedule; how deep my doubt goes; how simplifying one’s schedule might be a good starting point; why my natal chart suggests that structuring time is important for my growth; how the slower pace of life in Japan feels more aligned with my rhythm; why I want the Tokyo Olympics to go forward (with a caveat); why the effort is the point. Pt. 3: April 25th, “Can We Love Those in Other Camps?” Topics Include: How 2020 was about finding camps we could be comfortable with; pondering what I'm doing on social media with people hardening into their camps; humanizing folks in other camps; the importance of relating to each other as unique individuals not as caricatured members of a group; why I think Facebook may go the way of the dodo bird; Georgia mom’s plea for an end to the mask requirement, is it selfish?; what do you feel when you hear her?; what is the point of a country (or a marriage) if its people don't love each other?; did I play it too safe in 2020 by staying in Japan?; why I’m finding Facebook less engaging in 2021; an example of the closed-minded in-my-camp thinking. Links, Pt 1: Lex Fridman “Tyler Cowan” 4/11 "Day and Night" from Pixar "Here Comes the Sun" Astrology Hub “Transhumanism and the Age of Aquarius” Pt 2: Russell Brand with Jordan Peterson podcast Pt 3: Georgia mom questions masks for kids "Fantastic Fungi" UCSD mushrooms for CV19 study
April 27, 2021
Ep. 14: B and P are for Baccine Passports (And So Much More)
This is a big one, folks. It might be the last from me for a bit. Or it might not. Regardless, I have devoted a lot of time into this topic over the past week so figured I'd pour some of that effort into a podcast episode. Some of the many topics covered include: Why fact-checkers on Facebook may be only "partly true" in revealing who they work for; why these vax passports are a slippery slope; how vaccine passports are being framed as innocent when they aren't; what we are missing when we focus on "the science" regarding mask mandates; why we should be concerned over simplifying this complex topic; cognitive dissonance in how progressives view the racial justice issue and the CV19 one; the scientific materialist bias of Wikipedia; Naomi Wolf and the tiresome politicization of everything; killing the messenger; why using “may” rather than “will” to speak about the future is better; my choice as of now about whether to get vaccinated; why vaccine passports feel threatening to me; why we can't say scientifically the vaccine is “safe”; my nickname for Dr. Fauci; why vax passports are a potential gold rush for Big Pharma; why this all seems to be leading to more human division; how Human Design’s understanding of time ties into this; why I may change my mind on getting the vaccine; is this vax passport a tool for social control?; why we  need to talk about these issues. Links "Journalism's Gates Keepers" from the Columbia Journalism Review "How Vaccine Passports Might Work In the U.S." from Politifact "Anecdotes Trump Data" From the C-Realm Podcast "Why Vaccine Passports Equal Slavery Forever" by Naomi Wolf "Vaccine Passports - What It's Really About" by Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen "Covid Vaccine - Scepticism or Trust?" by Russell Brand And a newer one from Russell, which I only hinted at in this podcast but is definitely worth your time, "Vaccine Passports - A New Start or the End of Freedom?" by Russell Brand "Krystal Ball: Pharma Greed and Biden Cronyism Risking Our Lives" by Krystal Ball, The Hill Rising
April 08, 2021
Ep 13: B and P are For Being Peacemakers in a Time of (Culture) War (A chat with my pal Dan in Japan)
Yes, at long last, the B and P Realm is doing what any proper podcast should do, which is get someone else on to do some of the darn talking! All jokes aside, I had a blast connecting with a guy I've known for several years and chatting about a variety of topics. The topics (but are not limited to): the shifting sands of identity, and how living for over a decade in Japan colors the lenses we use to view the world; the fascinating cultural differences between life in Japan and the US; how those differences have impacted how Japan has handled the Coronavirus; public schools during the COVID-19 Era; how having a peacemaking personality is challenging during a time of culture wars; some thoughts on how Stoicism can help us navigate these times and last, but not least, Dan tells us how he finds solace checking out from the madness by driving virtual big rigs across the many regions of Europe. So climb on into your cab, buckle up, don’t forget your pee jug and join us for the journey!
March 29, 2021
Ep. 12: B is for Bye Bye to the B and P Realm? Not so Fast! (And Addressing Collective Trauma and the Power of Collective Healing)
Topics include: A chat about why this podcast will be evolving toward including guests; on Information Overload and why I don't want to contribute to it; why re-connecting with old friends is great and inspires me to have conversations with with regular fascinating people on this podcast; pondering Gabor Mate’s model of addiction as being a result of childhood trauma and wondering how collective trauma fits into it; reconciling my idyllic childhood and my adult addiction with this model; how learning the people’s history postmodern model tuned me into collective trauma and white guilt, leading me into drug addiction; Thomas Hubl’s work on collective trauma and how to heal it we need to slow down to allow the trauma space to heal; my experience from last summer supporting this idea of Hubl’s and the amazing, healing experience of being a part of him working with a person in the Rebel Wisdom community doing this; why we shouldn't feel shame for needing to go into a shell in order to survive life’s many challenges; the fascinating, challenging experience of doing emergence work; why being quiet in a group is hard for me as an ENFP; how hustle culture both creates trauma and makes it hard to address past trauma; the Smith College story; some final thoughts on how the economic realities many face are creating these traumas. Links: Thomas Hubl's website James Howard Kunstler's blog post about the Smith College story The Go-Fund me page (and videos from) Jodi Shaw of Smith College
March 22, 2021
Ep 11: P is for the Planet Neptune conjunct the sun in Pisces (an Astrology-heavy episode)
Topics discussed include: Sun conjunction with Neptune this week and its meaning; where I’m at in my interpretation of astrology now, how it relates to the geometry of the spheres; why I relate to Neptune, and why contentment helps keep me sober; Dr. Carl Hart’s attempts to de-stigmitize drug use; a Neptunian poem on the power of actual prayer; how I define astrology and how it connects to Nature’s cycles; some basic astrological terms and why “planet” includes the sun, moon and Pluto; why spring is the real New Year and how the Japanese school year reflects that; moon cycles and how they may impact our mood; Pisces and how it connects to the end of life and cycles; on conjunctions, focusing on last year’s challenging Saturn-Pluto and the more positive sun-Neptune conjunction this week; covering the positive aspects of Neptune; why I believe the modern mind too quickly dismisses astrology; how re-connecting to Nature and my body helped make astrology feel embodied and natural to me; what Uranus was originally named (hilarious!); and why rocks must taste like babies to gods! Links to Media Referenced in the Episode: Krystal, Kyle & Friends, Episode 10 with Dr. Carl Hart “I No Longer Pray," a poem by Chelan Harkin "The Paradoxical Happy/Sad Impermanence of Sakura," a blog post by yours truly B and P Realm, Season 1, Ep. 38: B and P are for Beyond the Pale and Into the Great Unknown, the NDE episode "The Discovery of Uranus and How It Changed Everything," Astrology Hub Podcast with Gemini Brett "Mythos," audiobook by Stephen Fry
March 15, 2021
Ep. 10: B is for Being Connected to Nature Keeps Me Connected to Humanity (And More Thoughts on Clubhouse)
Topics covered: feeling into the comfort of the Earth’s gravity; sports on other planets; a fascinating, boring gravity-on-planetary-bodies website (see link); why I find it easy to fall asleep to people chatting; how our disconnection fuels things like Q Anon and our inability to understand it; my story relating to how connecting to Nature’s metaphors guides me and makes me a better human; Alan Watts’ reflection on how we humans are a part of Nature, not apart from it; Clubhouse reflections, including gatekeepers in media and into the Clubhouse; some of the dynamics of Clubhouse and watching it evolve; the Tom Cruise Deep Fake on Tik Tok;  a fart story with a point; will we be able to use technology to connect in an embodied way? Links: How High could humans jump on other objects in the Solar System? (An interactive app!) My blog post, "How Grieving Over Trees And My Addiction Made Me Appreciate Life" The Hill Rising, “Krystal Ball: How Biden LOST the Left in a Single Day” Brief CNN video about the Tom Cruise Deep Fake Vids on Tik Tok And a bonus, Bret Weinstein's excellent "Loose the Seuss" poem If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon:
March 08, 2021
Ep 9: B is For Back to the Future? No, Back to March 2020, A One-Year Reminiscence on the Coronavirus Crisis
This episode is a look back on the experiences I’ve had and the things I’ve learned since the Coronavirus Crisis began in Japan one year ago. I focus on the personal for much of it, but tie the collective into the picture in the latter half of the episode. Among the topics covered are: becoming more in tune with the cycles of time; boundaries as a key theme of 2020; how Just Saying No can free those of us who like to say Yes; the loss of 2020; the freeing nature of the collaborative world we are moving into; finding balance between being and doing; why Bill Gates may have good intentions but bad results because he wants to be the Savior; and a few questions surrounding some of the conspiracy theories of 2020. I end with an addendum about some of the topics I missed---the pandemic itself and how it expressed itself in Japan, the social justice protests of last summer and the presidential election. To be honest, I hardly even got into all that went down, but I’m doing my best to keep these episodes relatively short so this will do. If you want to spend more time on this topic and in my thinking about it, check out some of the media below. Enjoy!  Media Links: My article on Medium from 3/2/2020, "Does Japan Need to Chill Out in Its Response to the Coronavirus?" My article, "Why Natural Time Rules and Clock Time Sucks" Season 1, Episode 16 of The B and P Realm, 3/12/2020 "P is for Pondering the Nature of Time" (where you can hear me read the above essay) The guy on Twitter, whose name is Omari Salisbury, not Omari Bradley  And Bret Weinstein and Tristan Harris on 2/26/2021 on The Dark Horse Podcast, discussing the challenges of collective sensemaking in our hyper-personalized social media world . "Journalism's Gate Keepers," the article from the Columbia Journalism Review on The Bill and Melinda Gates' Foundation's spending hundreds of millions of dollars funding journalism. "Who is Bill Gates?" the full 2-hour documentary from The Corbett Report's, published in 2020. If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon:
March 01, 2021
Ep 8: B is For Being Reborn and Being Silly (And An interview with a Rock God)
Welcome to Episode 8, Being Reborn and Being Silly (And an Interview with a Rock God) Hi folks. There are three clips to this episode: first, an opening rambler where I touch on a possible writing project, among other things;  second, a soon-to-be-published blog post titled How Grieving Over Trees And Facing My Addiction Gave Me New Life: The challenging death and rebirth cycle was at the center of 2020 for many of us. Can we grow from it?---and last, a season 2 first—a dialogue. This one is with an absolute rock legend, the one and only Neil Young. Stick around to the end, and you might even hear him sing a number! Okay, as always thanks for joining me and look in the show notes for links and ways to connect with me and support my work. Enjoy! Podcast Show Notes Regular Links If you want to connect with me, find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon:
February 22, 2021
Ep 7: B is for Breaking the Binary Grip (and Breaking Into Clubhouse)
After an intro in which I describe my initial experiences in the Clubhouse app, some topics covered in this week’s rambler include: Masculine and feminine ways of perceiving; how we break things into dichotomies; is intuition really feminine?; dichotomies are fun but the ground is One; writing--feeling past the dichotomies and into our shared humanity; how a shadow side of identity politics is a reflection of the Karpman drama triangle, yet the roles are being reversed; my 2020 St Patrick’s Day dream about that drama triangle; the more evolved version of the triangle (co-creative triangle), a win-win for all; how being vulnerable is attractive; how our survival drives our lack of vulnerability; the beauty of humility, authenticity and vulnerability; drowning in media; and last, when does the darned Age of Aquarius begin? Has it begun already? Astrologer Steven Forrest's answer. Last, the picture is from the 100-year snowstorm we had in 2014 on Valentine's Day--about 75 centimeters (almost 2 and a half feet!) in 24 hours. Nuts! Links to media: Jay Shapiro, “Be Careful In The Dark” Bret Weinstein and Heather Heyer, 67th Livestream Dark Horse Podcast, What the W.H.O.? The Guardian, Clubhouse app: What is it and how do you get an invite to the audio app Elon Musk uses?
February 15, 2021
Ep 6 : B is For Bereavement
Today’s main topic today is grief. While it is a more emotional topic than some I’ve covered, I also think if you stick to the end, you’ll find there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. To tease that a bit, I’m finding that as I try to understand this period of massive transition, I keep coming back to my conclusion that the response to our challenges is to become more human and this means, as hard as it can be, to feel more deeply and to love more openly. And my hope is based on seeing signs that we are doing this more, even in these new forms of communication on the Internet in spaces where such heart-based communications can be hard. Now, to look at all this, I share about some of my experiences of grieving over the past year—both in terms of my grieving things in my life and in terms of dealing with some of the collective grief of the human story. When the main 32-minute chat is finished, you’ll hear me read an impromptu poem I wrote today titled "The Purity of That Moment". If you want to connect with me find me at: Facebook: Twitter: Patreon:
February 09, 2021
Episode 5: B is for Between the Lines in the Liminal
This episode covers: Why my utopia isn't a cartopia; The positive side of pondering utopia; entering a world where sharing is wealth while leaving one where hoarding is wealth and how this relates to social media companies having one foot in both worlds; The future of social media: should Facebook pay us for our posts because we are the producers of content there? Should we create publicly owned social media sites where we share profits?; How the #WallStreetBets story reflects the main theme of 2021’s astrology; My history going from astrological skeptic to astrological ponderer; How to pronounce Uranus to honor its revolutionary spirit; Is astrology bullshit or is it quantum or both? Neither?; Let’s talk about Beelzebub: Saturday is Satan Day!; An anecdote on why I seek friends who are honest; Park golf plans and an anecdote about my family and Tarot cards; And how science inherited its disdain for astrology from religion. Links to media mentioned in this episode: Eileen Workman, Sacred Economics: The Currency of Life Charles Eisenstein, Sacred Economics: Money, Gift and Society in the Age of Transition (Revised in 2020) Richard Tarnas, Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View The Astrology Podcast, Episode 288: Explaining Astrology to Non-Astrologers
February 08, 2021
Ep 4: P is for a Potpourri of Paradox and Poetry
This week's episode is definitely a rambler as I had no topic in mind before I began but still managed to cover some serious ground. So, the topics covered include, but are not limited to: Loving the sound of running water, how it makes me feel both grounded and in flow; dealing with my Inner Critic about my lack of organization and sense of lack of accomplishment; appreciating my developing sense of confidence in sharing what I’ve learned; creating media out of Service to others, not to be narcissistic; the benefits of a Tech Sabbath; disconnecting from the need to be connected and how this can be explained in astrological terms relating to the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius; how the Aquarius Age means we need to learn to be comfortable with the paradox of strong communities are based on strong individuals; how the Shadow side of Aquarius is “resistance is futile” borg mental; parasites are natural but it’s not natural for them to run society; the parasitic nature of social-media game apps; why I’d like to go into counseling but why I have doubts; how our social model rewards parasites, and the pain they cause our relationships; taking responsibility for why Facebook sucks; the attention economic impulses fuel these problems; why I hate being a referee in the Culture War; trying to live comfortably in the Paradox of it All; my wacky conspiracy about the AI-motivated either/or worldview; getting cold feet on frosty ground; being more in heart-space than head-space on social media; and my recreation of my favorite scene from “The Simpsons.” Last, an impromptu poem which I suppose I'll title "Don't Be Afraid."
January 31, 2021
Ep 3: B is For The Blending Reality of Conspirituality
In this episode, I use a recent Rebel Wisdom video titled “The Q Anon Shaman and the Return of the Mythic” and my participation in a live Q and A with two of the guests in that video to dig into the topic of the rise of conspirituality in our culture.  To do this digging, I use a variety of tools, including an Integral Theory lens, and an overview of how the past twenty years of US media failures has fueled conspirituality. I also discuss why I think the notion that racism is driving things like QAnon is overstated and my frustration that people I've previous jived with such as Michael Moore are promoting this. I end with some rambling about health topics, including how I make my fruit and veggie smoothies, weather in Japan and the need for good storytelling, And last in the intro, I share some thoughts about the recent transition from President Trump to President Biden Find me on social media at: Links Mentioned in the Podcast:   Rob Bell, The Rob Cast, “Me, We, Everybody” (This is part 1, but there are 4 parts!) Rebel Wisdom, “The Q Anon Shaman and the Return of the Mythic” Jules Evans, “Conspirituality: The Overlap Between the New Age and Conspiracy Beliefs” Jules Evans, “A Closer Look at the ‘Qanon Shaman’ Leading the Mob” Jordan Hall, “Situational Assessment 2017: Trump Edition” Media Roots Radio Podcast, “The Origins of Qanon: Follow the White Rabbit into a Deeper Layer of the MAGA Cult, Pt 1 of 2” Movie: “Shock and Awe” (2017), A group of journalists of the Knight-Ridder news service covering President George W. Bush's planned invasion of Iraq in 2003 are skeptical of the President's claim that Saddam Hussein has "weapons of mass destruction." Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen (a random video of his)
January 25, 2021
B is for Burrowing Deep on Censorship and Other Bullshit.
Episode 2 finds me rambling very broadly on the topic of censorship, where I try to put into context the recent actions of social media companies deleting accounts in the wake of the January 6th Storming of the Capitol event in Washington DC. I speak about how such purges are aimed at outsiders, not just people on one side of the political spectrum or the other, and why this concerns me. While I recognize there are limits to free speech, I'm ultimately someone who feels we must err on the side of free speech and this episode explains why. In addition, you'll get my usual silly digressions because season 2 of the podcast is, after all, all about me rambling next to a river Links to media mentioned: Bob and Paul doing "Sound of Silence" (maybe not as bad as I remembered?), Jon Meacham being a douchebag without integrity,  Robert McCammon's awesome Matthew Corbett Series Book 1 (read by the great Edoardo Ballerini), "Jesus Christ and the Curveball,"  Phish performing "Camel Walk"  Rebel Wisdom episode, "Now WTF is Going On? American Meltdown Edition." (where you can see me listening in!).
January 18, 2021
Ep. 1: New Year's Resolutions, Health, Situation in the US, Astrology and Personal Growth
Welcome to season two, everyone! After an introduction to the new format for 2021, this episode goes over my main New Year's Resolution--a commitment to health---my thoughts on the situation in the U.S. (aka the "Storming of the Capitol" and the "Night of the Short Fingers," which is the name writer Cory Doctorow gave the ensuing social media crackdown/content moderation), the astrology of these events, and last, some personal health tips---unplug and get outside and absorb Nature! That advice might sound familiar to those of you who have read or heard my novel, "The Teacher and the Tree Man." You can buy the e-book on that link or listen to it for free via podcast. There are two ways, either wade through the content of each of the first 40 episodes of season one of this podcast and listen to two chapters per episode or get only the book on the  "The Teacher and the Tree Man" podcast. The first 20 chapters are up on it and I'll finish posting the rest soon! Last, I reference the excellent Fun Astrology podcast and its recent episode which goes into more depth on the astrology of these times. Great show, so check it out. Okay, enjoy the show!
January 11, 2021
Bonus: Looking at the 2020 Covid Crisis Response
Very impromptu episode recorded on a morning walk here in central Japan where I launch from a recent interview on the Joe Rogan show with a New York Times reporter about the response to COVID-19 and I discuss what I see as some of the blindspots in both our response to it as well as more broadly how these blindspots show up in current and historic events. I also use the movie "First Cow" as a discussion point. It's a movie set in the 1800s in the Oregon Territory and it's very thought-provoking on this topic of America and the darkside of rugged individualism. Last, I use an Integral Theory lens to tie these things together. I think it's a pretty interesting listen but I'll let you be the judge. A caveat: I've got several projects I want to get to on this final day of 2020 so this is unedited and I was trying to see how quickly I could turn one of these rambles into a published podcast as one of my flaws in 2020 was spending way too much time making media that no one really consumed! Ha ha. Anyway, I think it's a good listen; and at the very least, it's a window into how my ENFP mind works, how us Ne users connect many dots on the fly! Enjoy!
December 31, 2020
Bonus Ep 47 Fiction: The Synchronicity Factory
Call it a Christmas present, call it  a "we-made-it-through-this crazy-fucking-year-of-2020" present, whatever you prefer, but this is a (long) short story from yours truly called "The Synchronicity Factory." It's a magical tale with nonsensical asides, trips into speculation about the nature of reality and how the concept of synchronicity may represent that we live in a world that is much more interconnected than our modern worldview recognizes. Like "The Teacher and the Tree Man," it seems to have two protagonists with interweaving stories but to make this one work, we must visit not only places as far-flung as Roswell, New Mexico, Washington, D.C. and Takasaki, Japan but we must leave this 3D world and enter the AfterWorlds where our protagonists, umm, what, reside? Well, come along and find out the answer to that, and many other questions, the most important of which is: can our heroes save the Synchronicity Factory?
December 23, 2020
Ep 45 or 46? BONUS: Emergency Election Day 2020 Rambler
This is a true free-form rambler in all of its worst and, hopefully, best aspects. Just me uncensored from the afternoon here in Japan, after polls closed all over the U.S. and the narrative of Election Day, 2020 in the U.S.---another shocker, still too close to call, but looking good for Trump---is over. If you don't want to hear my pontificating about the results and trying to tabulate them, go ahead to about 30 minutes in for my analysis. Enjoy!
November 04, 2020
Bonus Ep. 44.666 (P is for Pre-Election Pontificating and Piss Off, Social Media!)
Yeah, it's been a while but I had to way in on the US election. It'd be a complete loss to civilization if I didn't. So I tell you why my vote went where it went, and remind you that the Iowa Caucus was a nightmare for a lot of reasons, including a really shady app and why I think that first election of the 2020 campaign foreshadows 2020's final election, I talk about some of my thoughts regarding what has been one of the worst months ever for the journalism profession, and read the public post of Matt Taibbi's look at the NY Post story on Hunter Biden that users on Twitter and Facebook were blocked from sharing. And then play a clip from the recent Dark Horse Podcast with Bret Weinstein chatting about some pretty nasty shit Facebook and Twitter have done to him, which gets me a bit riled up. And last, if you stick around, you can find out who I voted for and why and then hear my predictions for this crazy election.
October 30, 2020
Ep. 43.21: Utopia Avenue by David Mitchell Book Reflections
This is a broad overview of some thoughts "Utopia Avenue," a novel by my favorite contemporary author, David Mitchell, which was just released in mid-July 2020. The episode covers some of the basics of the book and then goes into some personal reflections on a few of the themes of the novel, including my mental health issues and struggles with addiction as well as some pondering about the role past lives may play in creating the challenges in our current lives. A note: If you are interested in hearing my novel, "The Teacher and the Tree Man," click on this link and you can check out a new podcast where it's just me reading the book with none of the frills as you got with the first 40 episodes of the B&P Realm. Or you can always buy the e-book copy here!
August 09, 2020
Bonus Ep. 42.21: P is for The Poems Of Imagined (and Real) Possibilities (Plus a Ramble at the End)
Digging through my closet of papers two days ago, I found a poetry assignment I completed as 2018 became 2019, where I had to write a poem every night on the theme of Imagine the Possibilities. I had a lot of fun reading 'em out loud that day decided to read 'em all to you for the podcast. These are whimsical poems full of metaphysical pondering with a dollop or two of heartfelt questioning, questions about the way this crazy world works (or doesn't), and what my role is in this great big potpourri called Life ... electric word, Life and I'm here to tell ya, there's something else ... Prince on the guitar. Haha. At the end of the reading, I chat about how life's been going for me and wax philosophical on keeping things real and in perspective while also remembering to laugh in times of darkness and, of course, in times of light. Enjoy!
July 08, 2020
Bonus: Adventure Cast (Universal Human Rights! Music! Re-Examining Beliefs! Free Palestine!)
Here is a sample episode of what I am dubbing an adventure cast, where basically I will go out on one of my bike rides and, depending on the experiences I have, the people I meet, the things I listen to,  etc., I'll record some snippets and make a podcast out of it. Today's episode sees me riff off an excellent conversation between Michael Moore and Pink Floyd's Roger Waters from Moore's Rumble podcast recorded in the spring of 2020, and, well, talk about all sorts of things, such as: why we must support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; why socialists are actually usually pretty darn nice people and not some evil jerks who wants to control you, how the wall between public relations and journalism has become dangerously weak, especially during the Trump era, why strangers can be nice, especially when they are old Japanese women taking shelter with you from a crazy rainy season storm, why lightning is scary as fuck, why Led Zeppelin and sprinklers are a great combo, the nostalgia of music, why I may have been wrong about Kurt Cobain, maybe he really did kill himself and how my re-examining my belief on this is a useful exercise to keep one's sanity in times where crazy shit is bound to happen, and why  we simply must support the Palestinians and think of Israel as the equivelant to South Africa of a few decades ago: an apartheid state committing crimes against humanity. Yes, it was quite an adventure and, well, I will likely release some more of these throughout the summer as I ponder possible future podcasts!
June 27, 2020
Ep 40.: B and P are for Bravo! This Podcast Has Come to an End! (Plus, Chs. 19, 20 of book 4 and the epilogue of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
That's right, folks. This is it! The last episode of this podcast! The purpose of the B&P Realm was to read my novel and to practice the art of podcasting. Well, this episode the novel, "The Teacher and the Tree Man," concludes. And by concludes, I mean not only the final two chapters and the epilogue but the acknowledgments and the About the Author page, too. Before that, in the intro, in light of current events in the U.S., I tell some tales about my run-ins with the police and authority figures, both good and bad, and why I am hoping that 2020 is the year we finally make some needed changes to our two-tiered legal system. Then, after I tell you about upcoming projects, including new podcasts, a brief song, one of the most celebratory tunes ever, and the book. Thanks again for coming along for the ride and I hope you'll join me as Mercury Media launches in June 2020 and beyond!
June 05, 2020
Ep.39: B and P are for Becoming the Police? (Plus Chs 17 and 18 of Book 4 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
Yes, this episode is about the fuzz. Events over the past week in the United States after the murder of George Lloyd by a thug police officer and his three partners have compelled me to dive into many difficult, important conversations around the topic of how a society should police itself because the way it's being done in our world, whether out on the streets of America or Hong Kong, or on-line just ain't working. The episode starts with me reading an article from the Washington Post about just how the police forces across the United States have become so militarized. Next, I try something new. I use two posts from Facebook conversations I had this morning. The first starts with me sharing from a friend who participated in a peaceful protest in Indiana only to have the police turn violent. And this leads to how discussing this topic caused a Facebook friend to de-friend me, which leads to a final discussion about how we are going to work out policing our behavior on social media platforms. And then, last, two chapters of "The Teacher and the Tree Man," where the police also play a role. This week it's chapters 17 and 18 of book 4 which means this is the penultimate episode of this podcast. Enjoy!
June 01, 2020
Ep. 38: B and P are for Beyond the Pale and Into the Great Unknown, the NDE episode (Plus Chs. 15 and 16 of book 4 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
Today's episode is on one of my favorite topics: The Near-Death Experience (NDE). After an intro, I share an NDE from a friend, and then a clip from hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon about the Life Review. Then, you get a chapter from the book The Purpose of Life, As revealed by near-death experiences around the world, which talks about how we can live in the face of concerns about a future that appears bleak. Then, I set-up a poem written by a dear friend, titled "Heaven" before a musical break, where we hear Phish's "Beneath a Sea of Stars, Pt. 1," which beautifully captures the vibe that I've felt from reading NDEs for 20 years. After the song, we return to the book for an NDE about the future which I think may surprise you and give you hope. And as always, we end with two very hefty chapters of "The Teacher and the Tree Man," chapters 15 and 16 from book 4.
May 29, 2020
Ep. 37: B and P are For To Be Pissed Off Or Not To Be Pissed Off, That Is the Question (Plus Chs 13 and 14 of Book 4 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
So much trouble in the world, how can one not be pissed about it all?  Such are the questions Silvanus Douglas ponders in chapters 13 and 14 of book 4 of "The Teacher of the Tree Man" at the end of this episode, and such are the questions I ponder in this episode. The first clip is some frustration from yours truly inspired by a rant by KMO at the end of a recent episode of the C-Realm Podcast where we both tell you why we should be angry at our heartless System. Then, we get to chill out with a short blog post I wrote about how our need, my need, to listen and be heard is important to help quell this anger. And last, a discussion triggered by an Inspired Evolution podcast interview with Charles Eisenstein where I focus on how our economic system plays such a strong role in causing some of our psychological issues and creates an unnatural animosity between us. And folks, consider hitting me up with some feedback on Facebook or Twitter!
May 25, 2020
Ep.36: B (and V) and P are for Building a Vision for the Human Project Worth Fighting For (Plus Chs. 11 and 12 of book 4 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
How did I get here? How did we get here? And where the F am I going? Where are we going? These are the questions this episode of the podcast ponders as we take the metaphor that humanity is having a mid-life crisis and can either turn inward to develop further or make the mistake of continuing to project outwards. I read an essay I wrote and set it up with a clip from the late, great Alan Watts, as well as referencing an excellent article by Dutch economist and futurist Rutger Bregman. And last, chapters 11 and 12 from book 4 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man." Last, consider supporting my work on my Patreon page!
May 22, 2020
Ep.35: B and P are for Protesting the Bullshit of Russiagate (Plus Chs. 9 and 10 from Book 4 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
We're back with another episode focusing on bullshit because, well, we are talking about American politics here. In particular, Russiagate. This episode uses two pieces of media for its focus, both featuring the indomitable rabble-rousing journalist with a ton of integrity, Matt Taibbi. First, you will hear the voice of Aaron Mate, who is also an excellent journalist, as he appears on Taibbi and Katie Halper's wonderful Useful Idiots podcast, as they discuss one of the many aspects of Russiagate that is just so laughable. In this case, Russian troll farms and memes of Jesus consoling a boy about yanking the willie too much. Then, after some of my reflections on that, we turn a bit more serious as I read Taibbi's recent piece for his Substack blog. Now, I've put the link in here, hoping that you may be able to read this one, but also hoping that if you liked it, you'd consider subscribing to it for $5 a month as I do. Then, we go back to that podcast, this time on the scary global implications of focusing on Russiagate and not on the real relationship Trump has with Putin, which could get us all into trouble. After that, I talk about why I focus on the lack of integrity in the media and end with an anecdote about how cheap-ass media owners are from my own brief career as a newspaperman. And last, as always, two chapters, in this case, chapters 9 and 10 from book 4, of my novel, "The Teacher and the Tree Man," which, as you'll hear is still on sale for the low price of $5 but not for much longer. So what are you waiting for, enjoy the podcast and as you do, buy the book already!
May 18, 2020
Ep. 34: B and P are for The Bullshit of Picking a Side (Plus Book 4, Chapters 7 and 8 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
Today’s episode is brought to you by me going outside. That’s right, this episode which focuses on environmentalism, the controversy over the Michael Moore-produced “Planet of the Humans”, and the need for our culture to move past its divisiveness, well, it was all recorded from the Great Outdoors. Not only do I touch on that movie, but I also reference an excellent episode of The C-Realm Podcast, whose name is what the B&P Realm was inspired by, as well as the book “Climate: A New Story” by Charles Eisenstein and a series of blog posts I wrote about climate change in fall 2018.  And of course, you get two more chapters from my 2015 “The Teacher and the Tree Man.” Oh, and in the middle of all that goodness, another edition of “The Downside of...” It’s another instant classic … indeed!
May 14, 2020
Ep. 33: B and P are for The Beautiful, Ugly Perfect Mess That is Humanity (Plus Chs. 5 and 6 of book 4 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
On today's episode, you'll hear a psychedelic-inspired essay where I ponder the deeper questions facing humanity today while at a Phish concert. Then, we lighten the mood with some comedy improv. That's right, it's "The Upside of Jeff Bezos." And last, as always, two more chapters from my 2015 novel, "The Teacher and the Tree Man."
May 11, 2020
Ep. 32: B is for Battling the Phearful Crackdown On Information (Plus Book 4, Chs. 3 and 4 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
This episode focuses on the dangers of increasing censorship in the COVID-19 era, why I believe this is happening and what I think the solution is. We get clips from the Astrology Hub Podcast and the Useful Idiots Podcast where Matt Taibbi references a piece he wrote about a recent article in the Atlantic arguing that China actually has handled Internet freedom correctly and the West should learn from them. Oh, brother! And to close out, as always, two chapters from "The Teacher and the Tree Man." Today, it's book 4, chapters 3 and 4. Enjoy!
May 07, 2020
Ep 31.: B is for Being Human In a Time of Technological Upgrades (Plus Book 4, Chapters 1 and 2 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
Today we ponder the importance of staying human when it seems we are becoming ever more disconnected from Nature and how some of us seem to like it that way. This episode was inspired by a talk on a recent favorite podcast, the Astrology Hub Podcast, and this particular episode but before you get to the main rap, I borrow from another episode from that excellent podcast to offer some very interesting etymology of the word "disaster" and how it ties into our disconnection from Nature as well as a reference to the book, "A Paradise Built in Hell." The big news of the week is you can now support this podcast and my work over on my page at Patreon. And last, two more chapters from my novel, "The Teacher and the Tree Man." We are onto book 4, only 20 chapters to go. If you haven't been listening you can go back to episode 1 and catch up!
May 03, 2020
Ep. 30: B is For Bereavement in the Coronavirus Era (Plus Book 3, Chs. 19 and 20 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
Today's episode is on the topic of loss. We've all lost things during the past few months, I think. So I talk about the things I've lost and how I've dealt with that. After that, we get to hear a live version of the song "Friend" by Ghosts of the Forest, along with a reference to an interview that guitarist and songwriter Trey Anastasio did, and then a poem I will be publishing on my  Medium blog about something I hope we can lose, which is our addiction to the game of Scapegoat Sweepstakes. And then, as always, two more chapters of "The Teacher and the Tree Man." This week we get the final two chapters of book 3, which means we've only one book, or 20 chapters to go. These are important chapters this week, so don't miss it!
May 01, 2020
Ep. 29: B is for Breaking on Through Heaven’s Door on A Bicycle with Uranian Love (And Book 3, Chps 17 and 18 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
This is a jam-packed episode focusing on the Uranian themes of finding liberation through revolution, where I dive into a comparison between two classic Los Angeles rock bands, Guns N Roses and The Doors, and their revolutionary influence on the music industry and American culture and then a bike ride ramble where I argue that the revolution must be guided by love, not anger. I cover everything from the astrology of Uranus, drug addiction, MBTI personality theory, Strauss-Howe Generational Theory, "Planet of the Humans," a new documentary produced by Michael Moore that's making waves, how to politely but firmly ask people to move out of the way on a bike path and so much more! If ever there was an episode that proves that the B and P Realm is as eclectic as podcasts get, this is the one!
April 28, 2020
Ep. 28: B and P are for Being Phree Means Ya Gotta Trust (Plus Book 3, Chps. 15 and 16 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
It's a fictional focused freakout about freedom on this week's episode! First, a short intro talking about how once, again, the chapters of this week's reading of "The Teacher and the Tree Man," (book 3, chapters 15 and 16), have tied into current events where people are questioning the nature of freedom as we navigate the stormy seas of the Coronavirus 19 crisis. But before that, a special treat: my short story, "The Belle Valley (Authoritarian) Fire Brigade," which is a dystopian satire set somewhere approximately in the future. And last, a song about freedom from the late, great George Michael as well as a brief quote and my response to it from the super-insightful comedian Jessa Reed and the most recent episode of her "Soberish" podcast.
April 23, 2020
Ep. 27: B and P are for Breaking Through the Psychological Narratives We Are Told to Believe (Plus Book 3, Chs. 13 and 14 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
This episode is an attempt to help us all break the grip that the narratives we hear may have on our thinking as it regards the current social and political situation. First, I play this clip from the insightful Anomaly and riff about why folks like Bill Gates may not be the experts we should be paying attention to. Second, I offer some context from my personal life about why I am quick to question any time any government tells me they are acting for our safety and health. And last, I read this article from the New York Times about how the "new normal" looks in a Danish elementary school, and share why these trouble me and then why I believe that this whole situation is as much about an evolution in human consciousness as anything else. Oh yeah, and two more chapters of "The Teacher and the Tree Man." Enjoy!
April 20, 2020
Ep 26.: B and P are for Being Perturbed by Confusion (and Book 3, Chs. 11 and 12 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
It's been a rather wild week in the collective and in my own mind, so this week's episode is another visit to mental health, and this time I use an excellent recent episode of This Jungian Life Podcast as my backbone to help me through. The focus is on some of the aspects of the dark side of this interruption to normal and how we may address them. Check that podcast out if these clips appeal to you, it's great! In addition, book 3, chapters 11 and 12 of my 2015 novel, "The Teacher and the Tree Man." Enjoy!
April 17, 2020
Ep. 25: B is for Break Time and P is for Putting Life on Hold (Plus Book 3, Chs. 9 and 10 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
Yup, folks, I didn't really realize it until several days away from quitting my 9-to-5 teaching gig, but man, I needed to allow myself to rest. That means, this is a really short podcast, with just one clip, and I've invited two old favorites of the show to help me out with it. The topic is "Let Yourself Rest," which I got from a Facebook post from a man named Jeff Foster. I read it and then share a post I put on my Facebook page, which, by the way, I invite you to join at Bryan Winchell or for this podcast. I'm not so sure the Facebook A.I. censor-bots are gonna let me stay on all that much longer, so join me soon! Only half-kidding. Anyway, after that, book 3, chapters 9 and 10 from "The Teacher and the Tree Man." Enjoy!
April 13, 2020
Ep. 24: B is for Bye, Bye Bernie and Bashing Team Biden and P is for Politics, Pizza and Pontificating the State of the US (Plus Bk 3, Chs 7 and 8 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
Sorry, folks, it had to be done eventually, a return to politics. U.S. presidential politics, in particular. But there's good news. Yes, this might be the last time this particular podcast ponders this topic. For my candidate, Bernie Sanders has dropped out and we've now got two candidates in Joe Biden and Donald Trump who seem woefully unprepared for the road ahead. So this episode finds me pontificating on why it is not only Biden, but the people around him, that make me lack any confidence in him, as I munch on some pizza next to a river, then you'll hear an essay I wrote for my blog, then a brief answer to the question: How many presidents consciously decided not to seek a second term, which I answered using this article. And last, as always, two more chapters from my novel, "The Teacher and the Tree Man." Today it is book 3, chapters 7 and 8. Enjoy!
April 10, 2020
Ep. 23: B is for The Butterfly Effect of Consciousness (Personal Growth) (And Book 3, Chs 5 and 6 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
This episode simply flows, baby. It flows from the mouth of yours truly, as I pontificate on how the Internet has a Watery nature in that it connects all of our individual mind (streams) to the ocean that is the giant collective consciousness, and how this means we should take care not to pollute those waterways. Next, I tell two anecdotes about IRL interactions and how the ripple effect works in person, too and last a humorous warning about an army of Gum Monsters commanded by your beloved host if we all don't start shaping up and loving each other and our natural world! And last, two more chapters from my novel, "The Teacher and the Tree Man." 
April 06, 2020
Ep. 22: B is for Blasting the Internet with Love and P is for Pondering 2020's Theme of Integrity (And Book 3, Chs 3 and 4 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
Two segments to this bad boy. The first is my adlibbing about how, in the late 1990s, I got an intuitive blast that the Internet could be used to share love or hate and how, by choosing love, my life has been deeply impacted and how, in the past few weeks due to the troubles of the coronavirus pandemic and the response to it, I've seen people using social media more to share love and that this seems one of the positive side effects of our situation. I also mention how a popular podcaster came to a similar conclusion about the need for us to stop hating and start loving on line in his recent episode. The second is about how Integrity is the key theme of 2020 and what we are witnessing is how many of our cultural institutions have long lacked integrity. This post was partly inspired by another great podcast and his recent episode, and I reference this excellent article, as well. ink these are two pretty important topics to ponder, so I share them with you with that intent. And last, as always, two more chapters from my 2015 novel, "The Teacher and the Tree Man." This week we get chapters 3 and 4 of book 3, which deepens our understanding of some of the characters and includes a bit of a time jump! Enjoy!
April 03, 2020
Ep. 21: P is for Phew, What Topsy Turvy Times (And Book 3, Chs. 1 and 2 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
The times they are a-changin' and I'm just tryin' to roll with the punches which means this episode is a bit less focused than the last two, but if there is a theme, it is people tryin' to adjust to the times. I read an essay by an Amazon worker that makes me shudder at just how tight-ass the Amazon bosses are about time and makes me feel guilty about using and enjoying Amazon's services.  Then, I try to appeal to you, the listener, to spend a bit of your time pondering what you can do to change the world into the kind of place you want to live in. And last, we begin book 3 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man" with chapters 1 and 2. Enjoy the show!
March 30, 2020
Ep. 20: B and P are For Bravely Facing the Paradox of Life's Grand Adventure (And Book 2, Chs 19 and 20 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
This doozy of an episode marks the halfway point of season one, so I put a lot of effort into tying current events into the final two chapters of "The Teacher and Tree Man" of book 2. What does that mean? Well, this episode has us facing some weighty questions of Life and Death with my own answer to why I can gaze upon our current situation from a Big Picture perspective and how I have a journalist's perspective on being witness to the first rough draft of history and find it "fascinating," a clip from the Joe Rogan Experience where he chats with his good pal Duncan Trussell, a reading of a classic poem, "Ozymandias," one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands and last, my favorite essay I wrote in 2019 which puts ALL of the blame for our current situation squarely on yours truly (unlike the Red King in the Oval Office, I do take responsibility!).  Plus, two epic chapters of my novel that I had to work really hard to not cry reading! This is a goodie, folks, enjoy!
March 28, 2020
Ep. 19: B is For Breezy Tunes, A Playlist of Airy Songs (And Book 2, Chs. 17 and 18 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
 Today's episode is a departing flight for the podcast, as we take a pause to listen to some songs that can perhaps help us breath a little bit in these trying times. In addition, there's a commentary about how I think music can best be shared in the "WE" economy so that everyone--that is, artists and listeners and NOT lawyers or corporations--benefits. On top of that, a fresh edition of "The Downside of..." And last, two more chapters from "The Teacher and the Tree Man," as we approach the halfway point of this book. Enjoy! Song Playlist: "Our Song," Perry Ferrell; "Im Blau," Mildlife; "Guinevere," Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young; "King of the World (jam)" Disco Biscuits; "Delirium," Case/Lang/Veirs; and "Waiting for the Day," George Michael.
March 24, 2020
Ep 18.21: BONUS P is for Podcasts, Soberish Style (A Slightly More Mellow Babbling Brook Edition)
My 3  mantras for 2020 and my meandering story relating to the 3rd; Extrovert/introvert and MBTI; the geography of Japan and the Pacific Rim; weather and climate change  (how I see it here in Japan); Charles Eisenstein, his book Climate: A  New Story, war is over Bernie!; my insecurity about self-promotion; a few comments about Soberish posts (weed!, talking foxes, Riders on the Storm!);  Jessa's post  about her DL about re-writing roles to make Trump a good guy, my response, my dream about victim/abuser/rescuer dynamic ending; my dystopian satire short story about fire departments who set fires and then blame the citizens; a bunch of gratitude; timelines of each country regarding coronavirus madness (focused on japan);, Apocalypse as revealing of our systems and ourselves and how it connects to our vulnerability. Phew! Dem sum notes!
March 23, 2020
Ep. 18: P is for Self Growth, An Explanation of How I Use the Wim Hof Method, My Gratitude Meditation and Some U.S. Political Comedy (And Chs. 15 and 16 of Book 2 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
It's about time I tell you how I keep my head on my shoulders, wear my heart on my sleeve and keep the monkeys off my back, so here it is, a full episode devoted to what I affectionately call my AM practice, which I do in the morning, of course. It starts with a description and demonstration of the Wim Hof breathing practice, goes into a short rap from the legend, Wim Hof, himself about why the method is more valuable than ever considering the global pandemic which I shall not name (Lord Voldemort told me to keep my lips sealed!), and then my discussion of the cold shower and how much it has changed my health and life since starting it last May, before veering off into another super important cure for disease, laughter, this time courtesy of the Three (or Four) Musketeers of 'Merican Decline, that is, Crazy, Babbling Bernie Sanders, Demented The Donald and the father/son team of Joe and Hunter Biden from a balcony overlooking the sea on election day eve in 2028. Can these three resolve their differences and also answer the mystery of the meaning of the "Pina Colada" song by Rupert, ahem, Murdoch? Listen and find out! And, when that's all done, you get two more chapters from my 2015 novel, "The Teacher and the Tree Man," this time it is chapters 15 and 16 as we near the halfway point of this mammoth book! Okay, this is a hefty, but I think, important--and fun--one, enjoy!
March 20, 2020
Ep -18.21: COMEDY! P is for the Pacific Palisades Preventative Home for Handicapped Presidents and Presidential Wanna-Bes, 2028 Election Eve
Join Crazy Blubbering Bernie, The Demented Donald, Dementia Joe Biden and Redneck Hunter Biden from an old person's home on election eve in 2028 as they argue over all that went, well, wrong ... that's tremendously wrong, The Donald tells me ... and all that could have gone better before dissecting the meaning of the Rupert, umm, Murdoch "Pina Colada" song. 
March 20, 2020
A Babbling Brook of an Episode for Soberish Podcast Friends
This one is funny, profound and I am self-consciously full of myself and cultural references, including impressions of Lance Reddick, Bernie Sanders and, well, a brook babbles behind this Bryan's babbling and I love you all.
March 18, 2020
Ep 17.21 BONUS: Joyfully Waiting On the Apocalypse While Dissecting the Dangers of Subjectivity
Recorded from a deserted classroom in a Japanese junior high school at the End and Beginning of Time, I ramble through thoughts I've already forgotten but know I called Paul McCartney the most musically talented Beatle but also the biggest dick of the bunch, explained why Trekkies, Deadheads and Princess Briders can be so insufferable and offering fans of ANYTHING advice on how not to create Haters and waited on (but did I ever get it?) an eerie wind sound from the famous locale "karakaze" which I love and which led into a brief Japanese lesson where I explain the relationship between the words "karate" and "karaoke" and why the American pronunciation is so ridiculous. All in all, a good time ... at least it was a good time had by me when I recorded it! Is it a good time for you, the listener? No clue, why don't you find out and then shower me with praise via 5-star reviews and dollar bills when you are done? YES! Enjoy or die trying!
March 18, 2020
Ep.17: P is for Penetrating Reality with Intuition, Dreams, Park Golf and Pinchbeck (and Book 2, Chapters 13 and 14 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
This episode dives deep and gets playful. That dive takes you into how my intuitive process works and how I can work with it and my dreams to give my life guidance and happiness, then a round of listening to me kick ass on the park golf course on a beautiful Friday the 13th afternoon and last some excerpts from the mind-blowing writer Daniel Pinchbeck and his groundbreaking e-book, "The Occult Control System: UFOs, aliens, other dimensions and future timelines." And then book 2, chapters 13 and 14 of my novel, "The Teacher and the Tree Man."
March 15, 2020
Ep 16.21 BONUS: Emergency (Coronavirus Panic Wave Hits the USA)
A message of love and slowing down from yours truly, who is two weeks down the Coronavirus Panic time stream and understands the feeling of anxiety and is still processing and pondering it, but feels there IS an end to this tunnel we are going through. I share some of my thoughts, my dog, Jelly, interrupts the podcast with her insistence on eating shit off the floor and I share (again) the Wim Hof breathing method, which you can find here, as well as a few other thoughts on how to move through this. 
March 13, 2020
Ep.16: P is for Pondering The Nature of Time (and Book 2, Chs. 11 and 12 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
Today's show is about one of my favorite topics, Time. The epsiode has two main segments, an essay from the book "The Ascent of Humanity," which you can find and read for free here, and an essay from my blog which I've yet to publish, tentatively titled "Why Natural Time Rules and Clock Time Sucks." And in the middle a special treat which you'll just have to listen to to discover what it is. Then last, chapters 11 and 12 of book 2 of  "The Teacher and the Tree Man". Enjoy!
March 12, 2020
Ep. 15: B is for Becoming Comfortable With I Don’t Know (Everybody Gets a Little Crazy Sometimes and That’s OK) (Plus Ch. 9 and 10 from book 2 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
Are you comfortable with saying "I don't know"? It can be a real challenge, I believe, especially when the world around us is throwing so many curveballs at us from so many angles. That's the topic I explore this week, as it relates to the outbreak of the Coronavirus and the way it has impacted my plans for March and April and is doing so to the world. We hear a few clips from the Corbett Report podcast and the Ram Dass Be Here Now podcast on this topic, as well. Plus, chapters 9 and 10 of book two of "The Teacher and the Tree Man"! Here is a link to the article I mentioned relating to my own "waking death" as well as the article I wrote last week about the Coronavirus and it's impact here in Japan. Enjoy!
March 08, 2020
Ep. 14: B is for Darkest Before the Dawn Or Dark Night of the Soul? (And Book 2 Chs 7 and 8 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
Well, I simply had to go over some post-Super Tuesday thoughts, so wrote an essay for my Medium blog and then read it here for you. In addition, there is some Bisco to brighten your mood and get you back in the fighting spirit and a clip from Michael Moore to help explain why the pundits don't understand the Bernie movement. And before book 2, chapters 7 and 8 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man," you hear me explain why I feel sometimes saying "I don't know" is the best we can do in such crazy times when asked about predictions for the future. Enjoy!
March 06, 2020
Ep. 13.1 BONUS: P is for Politics, the Plutocrats Strike Back Before Super Tuesday ... But Will It Be Enough?
Yup, folks, this is a super focused episode because, hey, it's Super Tuesday eve or, umm, morning. I don't freakin' know, I live in Japan! Anyway, with Coronavirus striking down my classes for the month, well, I figured I ought to listen to some political podcasts, cut out some clips and offer some of my commentary on the big news leading into the biggest day of the primary season. We focus on Mayor Pete's decision to drop out and endorse Joe Biden because, well, because he's practice the politics of cynicism he once railed against! And then some other clips about why Bernie is the best candidate to beat Trump and why we need be wary of the media coverage tomorrow. And last, I basically copy Kyle Kulinski and do some predictions! Enjoy!
March 03, 2020
Ep. 13: B is for Books, Biking on Berms, Bisco and Babbling (And Chs. 5 and 6 of book 2 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
Another out and abouter, where you get to hear me go through a range of emotions, mostly fun ones, including hearing me cry for the first time on the podcast! Told you it was coming.  Yes, with the closures of schools due to Coronavirus concerns abruptly ending my 15-year teaching career, it's been a rather emotional Leap Day weekend here in Japan. And speaking of leaping, this podcast leaps all over the place but you'll get info about a great book series by Adrian McKinity, and then a bunch of other stuff which I can't remember now except for that it's freakin' podcast gold and then, at last, a small segment about the Disco Biscuits. Oh, and two more chapters (chapters 5 and 6 from book 2) from my novel, "The Teacher and the Tree Man." Enjoy!
March 01, 2020
ep 12.21: BONUS, P is for Pandemic Panic in Japan!!!
FFS, the English-language Japanese media, at least the jerks at Japan Today, suck. But you'll hear four minutes of me on that particular topic and then a full, calmer, funnier 33 minutes of me adlibbing about the news that yesterday Japanese PM Shinzo Abe asked the public schools in Japan to close from next week until spring break and it seems most will comply, but ALL are panicking. And the theme of this episode is that "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." The panic is the problem, much more than the pandemic, IMHO. But you can hear my humble opinion, including some riffing on conspiracy theories and why my spiritual and life outlook make it so I can approach these things with a go-with-the-flow attitude. No, speaking of going, I gotta go to school! Take care and love each other, everyone!
February 27, 2020
Ep. 12: B is for Bi Polar Gratitude, Bernie!, Being Late and Being On Beaches with Crows (And Chs. 3 and 4 from Book 2 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
Yet another hodgepodge-a-roma for your listening pleasure. I was feeling groovy the days I recorded this one, so I discussed how I'm learning to be grateful for whatever this condition I have which some call bi-polar is, as it will help me grow and create meaningful art, how Linear (Clock) Time and Natural Time are different and how yakking on a riverside beach on a pleasant day with crows and small birds overhead is enjoyable. Plus, chapters 3 and 4 from book 2 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man," which upon re-listening to, I found very enjoyable and amusing in a what's-next sorta way! Enjoy!
February 27, 2020
Ep. 11: B is for Biking and Beholding New Music and P is for Pontification on Politics, Park Golf, Pspring and Money, Health and Wim Hof (+Chs 1 and 2 from BOOK 2! of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
Whoa nelly! We've made it to episode 11 and TBH, it's my favorite one yet. You get a lotta bang fer yer buck in this one: Discussion of new music I'm digging, a re-visit of Warren v Sanders after this week's Nevada debate where Warren shredded measly oligarch Michael Bloomberg, much to my delight, a rather odd interlude where a new character attempts to be both a play-by-play and a very, umm, colorful color commentary on our favorite sport of park golf, and a meandering ramble while I sat in the late winter/early pspring sun, where I talk about how I feel like an alien in regards to determining how money works, I share some health tips (Wim Hof method!) and some other shit I can't remember now! And then, chapters 1 and 2 from the second (of 4) book of my novel, "The Teacher and the Tree Man." Don't ever say I don't deliver the goods, folks! Enjoy!
February 23, 2020
Ep. 10: B and P are for Bi-Polar, Breaking the Prison of Time and Babbling About Politics (and Chs 19 and 20 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
This episode shares an inspiring moment from the Bernie Sanders campaign from my hometown and my thoughts on why #VoteBlueNoMatterWho is a disingenuous attempt to shut down Bernie supporters, a great rant by the fiery progressive podcaster Benjamin Dixon, and then a ramble-cast by bike (with a bit too much wind...sorry, edited a lot of it, did my best!) about my relationship with bi-polar disorder and my ponderings about how our economic system makes us prisoners to time, and whether we can break that. Last, the final two chapters of book 1 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man."
February 20, 2020
Ep. 9: P and B are for Putting the Brakes On and The Privilege of Peeing (and Chs. 17 and 18 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
Another hodgepodge of a messy episode, put together as I went through one of my down phases, so I shared a bit about that, including an assist from the Intuitive Astrology Podcast with Molly McCord, and then to liven things up, dived into the library to find some ramblings about privilege and a couple clips of me urinating. Seriously. You get to hear me pee. And fart. What more could you ask for? Oh, that's right, two more chapters of "The Teacher and the Tree Man," chapters 17 and 18 as we near the climax of book 1. Enjoy!
February 17, 2020
Ep 8.: P is for Personal Growth Pallindrome (The Trickster>Integrity>The Trickster) and Chs. 15 and 16 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man"
Perhaps a bit disjointed, perhaps brilliant, perhaps both, this episode covers a week of personal growth ponderings, where I look at the Jungian Archetype of the Trickster, reference a Medium blog post I wrote on the topic, share some pieces from a recent episode on The Trickster from a great podcast called This Jungian Life, make fun of the lack of integrity in the American political process and tell you why astrology is cool. Oh, and there's some Disco Biscuits stuff in there, too, including the first appearance of my Marc Brownstein voice! Last, chapters 15 and 16 from book 1 of my novel, "The Teacher and the Tree Man." That's a lot of content packed in there, so dig in!
February 14, 2020
Ep. 7.96: Announcement: Ep 8 Delayed
Ep 8 has been delayed a day or two. It's coming, just not today!
February 13, 2020
Ep.7: P is for Postponed Meeting, Parks, Phailures of Democracy, nitPicking ALT Life in Japan and Phish (and Chs 13 and 14 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
I recorded most of this episode in a park waiting for a meeting and it covers a lot of ground--a 1980s pop music quiz, birthday shout-outs, why I don't jive with opera and classical music, the immorality (and not pragmatic) policy of drone strikes, parks, kids in parks, kids in parks who get up in your grill, the various inanities of life as an English teacher in Japan and, last but not least, my excitement about getting Phish tickets for this summer at the Gorge with my buddy, Dan. Oh, and a brief interlude about what the Democrats really wanted to do last week with the botched Iowa Caucus via a clip from the great Media Roots Radio podcast. Here's the link to the article by Lee Fang I referenced. And after all that, around the 36-minute mark, chapters 13 and 14 of my 2015 novel, "The Teacher and the Tree Man."
February 09, 2020
Ep. 6: P is for Pete's a Loser In the Long Run (and Chs 11 and 12 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
Mayor Pete. Mayor Cheat. Wall Street Pete. No matter the moniker, how well do we really know this dude who none of us had heard about until less than a year ago? Answer: not very well. But, it doesn't matter. For the more you dig in, the more you realize he's smoke and mirrors. In addition, Bernie Sanders has a broad coalition of unwavering supporters; Pete doesn't. Like 2016's Republican primaries, when the media focused so closely on the events of the each day that it couldn't see the forest for the trees and thus proclaimed all sorts of winners as long as they weren't Donald Trump, this is happening with the Democrats in 2020. Bernie Sanders is your nominee, Dems. Deal with it. In the meantime, sure, I'll spend an episode explaining why Pete B. sucks. Then, you'll get chapters 11 and 12 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man" where the main plot of the book really kicks into gear as well and a historic event shakes Lucas and his world to the core.
February 06, 2020
Ep 5.69: (Bonus) More Iowa Nonsense, The Downside Of.... And Some Funnies
Ramblers from a cold windy day which prove Mayor Pete is Mayor Cheat and other fun stuff. (Apologies, quality has some wind issues but did my best due to craopy Jappy winter wind, )
February 05, 2020
Ep. 5.21 (jigawats): (Another Bonus) B is for BSing with a Guitar About Iowa Caucuses and Life
Sorry folks, but this has been a big day so I am decided to try another fun fiddling away on me guitar and just yakking about the Iowa Caucuses and other shit which I can't remember now. I'm crazy and we live in crazy times. Deal with it...or don't. Either way, you win!
February 04, 2020
Ep. 5.13: (Emergency!) P is for Profanely Telling You (Boys) To CLEAN UP YOUR SHIT!
This here episode is me going fucking nuts trying to convince y'all messy lovers to clean up your poop, your ramen wrappers and your popcorn containers and to stop expecting other mofos to do YOUR dirty work for ya, because we all got a beautiful world to build and we ain't gonna build it if we gotta waste our precious time cleaning up each other's excrement. Oh, and me also telling you "woke" folks to stop peeing on everyone's parade who are merely trying to express their humanity and often failing to do so in a "nice" way because the more you do that, the more you drive cool people into the hands of douchebags who may or not be Right wing retreads.
February 04, 2020
Ep. 5: B is for BSing about Bernie and Biden While Park Golfing (And Chs 9 and 10 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man"
This episode is a podcasting first! That's right, a host takes a stroll around a park golf course in Japan and babbles about the Democratic Primary and the generational divide between Biden (Boomers) and Sanders (Millenials) and how, in his opinion, the Boomers should defer to their grandkids because the kids are gonna have to live with the consequences of this historic 2020 US presidential election a lot longer than the elderly folks are. Plus, B is for Vandalism, and B is for a Bit of Roundtable Discussion about why roundabouts are a scourge to civilization (don't you deny it!). Oh, and two more chapters of "The Teacher and the Tree Man."
February 03, 2020
Ep. 4: P is for a Potpourri of Phreaky Phun (And Chs 7 and 8 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
A more light-hearted one where I recount a silly anecdote from a Phish concert in summer 2018, I talk about how my writing is inspired by life experiences and I make up for not being so funny in studio with a ridiculous phone call from a bedrazzled Bernie Sanders to Donald Trump in which the future of humanity may be at stake. Plus, two of my favorite chapters of the first book of "The Teacher and the Tree Man." Here is the link to the blog post I spoke about:
February 01, 2020
Ep. 3: P is for Political Malfeasance (And Ch 5 and 6 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
This episode covers: a breakdown of CNN's awful, self-serving story that Elizabeth Warren's team concocted about Bernie Sanders being a misogynist; an explanation about how the B&P Realm will use four more letters of the alphabet to come up with topic titles, and last, chapters 5 and 6 of my novel, "The Teacher and the Tree Man." (start time 28:05)
January 30, 2020
#2: B is for Bryan's Bio (And Chs. 3 and 4 of "The Teacher and the Tree Man")
A bit more about me, why I'm doing this podcast, my plan to visit the States, my politics and why when I bike, I find stoplights so annoying. Plus, count how many times I say "basically"!. And then, enjoy chapters 3 and 4 of my novel, "The Teacher and the Tree Man," which begins at 25:05.
January 28, 2020
Ep. 1: Introducing the B&P Realm Podcast (And The Teacher and the Tree Man, Book 1, Ch.1 and 2)
This introductory episode to the B&P Realm Podcast covers how this wide-ranging, broad-minded podcast will talk about how the show will cover at least six topics, three that start with the letter B (biking, the Disco Biscuits (Bisco) and books) and three with P (personal growth, Phish and podcasts). In addition, it'll cover (mostly U.S.) politics in a phun way. Last, this episode introduces my novel, "The Teacher and the Tree Man," and ends with me reading chapters 1 and 2.
January 11, 2020