Growing with The Bullock Garden Project, Inc.

Episode 3 - The Wizards Unite!

An episode of Growing with The Bullock Garden Project, Inc.

By The Bullock Garden Inc
The Bullock Garden Project, Inc. (or BGP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping schools and organizations grow gardens & garden-based learning programs for children. We’ll be chatting about our journey from non-gardeners to nonprofit & having tons of laughs while we do it!
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More places to listen

Episode 8 - The Mexican Gherkin
Our hosts, Mer and Sonya, are pleased to host Teresa Brown during this episode. Teresa is the Environmental Specialist for the Bullock Garden Project, Inc. and is involved with many great projects! The ladies chat about Teresa's front yard garden (be sure to check out the BGP social media accounts for pictures) and also the exciting plans Teresa has in regard for BGP full sensory learning. Something special to listen for is an idea the Bullock Garden Project is really excited about: WORKSHOPS for those who are local (or those who want to travel). Coming up in late 2019, early 2020, we're looking to share the full sensory learning with the masses. The episode rounds out with our hosts and Teresa chatting about some of the elements from her job and also the National Geographic Bee, or GeoBee for short. Enjoy!
August 16, 2019
Episode 7 - The $4 Louboutin's
Lucky episode 7 finds Mer and Sonya wishing they were in the mountains of Colorado with their guest, Jenn Perez. (Although they'd be chugging water to stave off the altitude sickness.) Jenn lives in the mountains and her yard is often visited by moose, bears, and other critters so you won't find a garden outside of her home (there are plans in the works to chat about indoor gardening). She is a Sustainability Coordinator at Ball Aerospace and while things might seem a bit daunting in the world we live in today, Jenn breaks things down and shares some great tips with listeners including fashion, food sources, car choices, and being aware of local and state environmental issues. Bolder Boulder - Jenn's 2014 recap Rocky Mountain Elk Double - Mer's 2018 recap
August 9, 2019
Episode 6 - The Kia Ora
In Episode 6 Sonya & Mer say "Kia Ora!" (Hello! in Maori) to Paul Dickson.  Paul is the incredible founder of the Oke Charity in Auckland, New Zealand.  Paul's not only passionate about being a philanthropist; he's an amazing Dad to an adorable four-year old & husband to his beautiful wife.  In this episode, they talk with Paul about all those things & more!    Check out the INCREDIBLE work the Oke Charity is doing in New Zealand!  Catch Paul & Oke through the following links and on his NEW podcast, Dad's Patch!   Instagram  @oke_charity & @DadsPatch  Twitter @OkeCharity & @DadsPatch
August 1, 2019
Episode 5 - The First Guest
During episode 5, Meridith and Sonya invited Ana Soley to join them at the BGP Studios to discuss what life was like going from apartment living in North Jersey to 1/4 acre to 16 acres in South Jersey over the past 10 years.  Whether it’s raising children or chickens (Ana does both these days) it was such a treat to talk to her and discuss her homesteading movement. Also discussed: the differences between North and South Jersey... and does Central Jersey truly exist? (The answer is yes, it does.) Fast Response Plumbing  Find Ana on social media - Twitter/Instagram
July 26, 2019
Episode 4 - The Jetlagged Episode
This episode finds Sonya & Mer discussing Sonya's recent trip to the National Children & Youth Gardening Symposium, which took place at the University of Wisconsin in Madison (NO, she didn't bring back cheese OR Badger gear), where she presented on ways to integrate garden education into the general education curriculum.  This way teachers can have an easier time incorporating garden-based learning through literature, while teaching across the curriculum.  The two also dig deep into their health journeys which heavily influenced their passion for helping children across the globe live healthier lives through gardening. Our website is ALMOST THERE!  Visit us at!  You'll still find some glitches, but you know what's better?  Finding the Hamilton references in this podcast!  Speaking of musicals, how many song references can you find? Keep up with us on Twitter and Instagram  @bullockgarden on Twitter & Instagram & on Facebook @bullockgardenproject. Follow Sonya on Twitter and Instagram @NJGardenTeacher.  Follow Mer on Twitter & Instagram @scootadoot! Fit 4 Mom - RunningCo. of Haddonfield, Moorestown, Mullica Hill, Medford - 
July 19, 2019
Episode 3 - The Wizards Unite!
It's our third episode!  Sonya & Mer dig deeper into what's happening in the BGP world, speaking a little about what's going on with their community service, partnering with nonprofits, and discover that Mer is actually the Headmaster of the South Jersey Hogwarts Campus! Our website is under construction, but feel free to visit! Keep up with us on Twitter & Instagram @bullockgarden & on Facebook @bullockgardenproject. Want to unite with us wizards?   Sonya's Friend Code:  7036 1195 8795 Mer's Friend Code: 1027 6759 1641
July 12, 2019
Episode 2 - The Summer Cold
In this episode we talk about summer colds, the need to start a non-profit, and podders (not potties).
July 5, 2019
Episode 1 - The Jersey Tomato
Listen to Sonya & Meridith describe the beginning of their nonprofit The Bullock Garden Project Inc. You’ll meet them during this “babycast” and have a chance to name their podcast!
June 21, 2019
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