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Rob Lipsett - Building A YouTube Empire

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Lessons Learned From A $10,000 Mastermind
We went to a $10,000 mastermind and here are our key takeaways. YouTube video that Lauren referred to: RESOURCES MENTIONED: FREE Email Training: Impact Your Niche - 50% Off: Active Campaign FREE Trial: Shopify FREE Trial: Online Fitness Business School - MASS: FOLLOW US: Lauren: @laurentickner James: @coach_james_smith
September 27, 2018
Is 'Fitness' A Niche? Why You NEED A Specific Niche To Skyrocket Your Fitness Business & How To Gain Extreme Clarity
This episode breaks down why you need an extremely clear niche, and how you can create one for yourself... PLUS, a special discount on a game-changing program for The Business Meets Fitness Podcast listeners. RESOURCES MENTIONED: Impact Your Niche - 50% Off: Active Campaign FREE Trial: Shopify FREE Trial: Online Fitness Business School - MASS: FOLLOW US: Lauren: @laurentickner James: @coach_james_smith
September 20, 2018
How To Create A Location Independent Business + Travel Where You Want, When You Want
Coming at you from a road trip from LA to Vegas, Lauren and James break down how you can create a geographically independent business for yourself. RESOURCES MENTIONED: FREE Email Training: Active Campaign FREE Trial: Shopify FREE Trial: Online Fitness Business School - MASS: FOLLOW US: Lauren: @laurentickner James: @coach_james_smith
September 13, 2018
Body Confidence: How To Become More Body Confident & How To Deal With Clients Who Have None
James & Lauren discuss their issues with body confidence & they discuss how to become more body confident, how to deal with clients who have limited body confidence, and more. RESOURCES MENTIONED: Online Fitness Business School - Free email training to start an online fitness business - Free 4 part video course: Free e-book (how to transition from in person PT to online fitness coaching): MASS: FOLLOW US: Lauren: @laurentickner James: @coach_james_smith
August 30, 2018
Alcohol, Fitness, And Business: Can You Do Them All? | Social Pressure To Drink Booze
Can you drink alcohol and get fit, and can you drink alcohol and run a business? Lauren & James discuss this today... RESOURCES MENTIONED: Online Fitness Business School - Free email training to start an online fitness business - Free 4 part video course: Free e-book (how to transition from in person PT to online fitness coaching): MASS: FOLLOW US: Lauren: @laurentickner James: @coach_james_smith
August 21, 2018
Zanna Van Dijk: Adidas Global Ambassador & #GirlGains Founder
This episode is taken from The Millennialaire Podcast 🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️ 🚀 Listen to The Millennialaire Podcast iPhone Users: Android Users: 🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️🎙️ FREE four part video training:
August 16, 2018
Bodybuilding: Is It Necessary To Compete To "Make It" In The Fitness Industry | Should You Coach Physique Competitors?
Have you ever considered competing in a bikini competition or men's physique competition because you think it will help your career in the fitness industry? Or perhaps you've had a client who wants to compete...? This podcast is an interesting discussion because Lauren has competed 4x and James has prepped bikini competitors for shows. ...What are your views on this topic? Take a screenshot and tag us @laurentickner and @coach_james_smith. RESOURCES: Online Fitness Business School - Free email training to start an online fitness business - Free e-book (how to transition from in person PT to online fitness coaching): MASS: FOLLOW US: Lauren: @laurentickner James: @coach_james_smith
August 2, 2018
Supplements: Are You Getting Conned? | How To Know Which To Use & Why
Which supplements are worth it and which aren't? How do you know whether the price you are paying is necessary? In this episode, Lauren & James break down what you should look for in a supplement and why. This episode will be valuable for anyone who's wanting to improve their fitness, or any fitness coaches. Take a screenshot and tag us @laurentickner and @coach_james_smith and post to your Instagram story! RESOURCES: Online Fitness Business School - Free email training to start an online fitness business - Free e-book (how to transition from in person PT to online fitness coaching): MASS: FOLLOW US: Lauren: @laurentickner James: @coach_james_smith
July 26, 2018
How To Balance A Relationship & Fitness | Is Your Partner Making You Fat?
How to stop your boyfriend/girlfriend from making you fat or losing all your gains... In this episode, Lauren and James (girlfriend and boyfriend) discuss how to balance being in a relationship and staying on track with your fitness goals. They break it down by: -Training -Nutrition -Mindset ...What are your views on this topic? Take a screenshot and tag us @laurentickner and @coach_james_smith and post to your Instagram story or in a caption... very interested to hear! RESOURCES: Online Fitness Business School - Free email training to start an online fitness business - Free e-book (how to transition from in person PT to online fitness coaching): MASS: FOLLOW US: Lauren: @laurentickner James: @coach_james_smith
July 19, 2018
3 Things That Will Make You A Better Fitness Coach
Lauren & James break down the three most critical things that you NEED to be doing in order to become a better fitness coach. Remember: it's all about becoming the best version of yourself. Don't compare yourself to other people. It's all about the results that YOU can get YOUR clients. You tell your clients to invest in their health (aka in your coaching), but why are you not investing in your business/education... Just some food for thought. :) RESOURCES: Online Fitness Business School - Free email training to start an online fitness business - MASS: FOLLOW US: Lauren: @laurentickner James: @coach_james_smith
July 12, 2018
Rob Lipsett - Building A YouTube Empire
Lauren Tickner interviews Rob Lipsett on how he build his empire. Free email training on how to build your online fitness business: Follow Lauren: Follow Business Meets Fitness: Follow Rob: 🚀 Listen to The Millennialaire Podcast iPhone Users: Android Users:
July 8, 2018
Taking Your Business As Seriously As Your Fitness
As a fitness professional, you likely got into the industry because you are passionate about training/nutrition... however, that may mean that you don't necessarily have the business skills necessary in order to build a successful coaching empire. BUT it doesn't need to stay that way! This podcast aims to motivate you to get real with yourself and start taking your business as seriously as you take your fitness.... aka cut the 2x gym session days and increase the time you spend on your business education and implementation. Your future will thank you for it! RESOURCES: Online Fitness Business School - Free email training to start an online fitness business - MASS: FOLLOW US: Lauren: @laurentickner James: @coach_james_smith
July 5, 2018
Designing The Life YOU Want Through Intention, Clarity, and ACTION with Professional Storyteller, Influencer, Author & Forbes Writer Celinne Da Costa
When you act, life reacts... Do you want to travel the world when you want and live life on your own terms? That's what today's guest is doing! Celinne Da Costa works for herself. She travels when she wants and lives the life of her dreams. How did she do it? Through building her personal brand and taking the action steps we discuss in today's podcast. We discuss: Celinne's background (which is an awesome story) (1:00) Why Celinne quit her corporate job (02:30) Celinne's corporate job vs her life now (04:30) How to create a life of total freedom (06:00) Reverse engineering to get to where you want to be (08:00) How to quit your job to do what you love (09:00) Storytelling (11:00) Why Celinne's opinion of personal branding has changed (18:30) Bringing to life the best version of yourself (19:00) Personal bra
March 25, 2018
Productivity Hacks For Working At Home
Learn my strategies for working at home: this episode will teach you the steps you need to take in order to optimize the way you work from home and your home-working environment.   This episode is the introduction to a new freebie feature for The Business Meets Fitness Podcasts, as well! I want to provide even more value to you so that it is even easier for you to level up your life. Simply click the link below and fill out the form in order to get the freebie sent directly to you:   Please make sure to share this podcast if you enjoy it! Instagram: @businessmeetsfitness My Instagram: @laurentickner
March 22, 2018
Women In Fitness & Business …And How To Succeed In BOTH with Adrienne Herbert (Fitness Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker & Mummy)
Adrienne Herbert is my guest today. She's a female entrepreneur & fit mum! In this episode, Adrienne and I speak about a wide variety of topics centring around women in business and fitness. Here's a rough breakdown about what we speak about: (7:00): Tips for women who are getting into fitness (8:20): Focusing on what you body can do & why it is amazing (9:20): Social media's impact on body image (13:30): Adrienne's new business for women in business (17:00): Biggest struggles women have when they're first starting out in business (confidence and committement issues) (20:00): How Adrienne got into fitness (23:00): How Adrienne's personal brand has helped her become successful (29:00): Why collaboration is KEY Please share this podcast and tag @businessmeet
March 11, 2018
Why I Quit My £100k Corporate Job At 18 & What I’ve Learned Since I Quit (Quitting A Job At A FTSE 250 Fund Management Company)
Money or happiness? At the age of 18, I quit a corporate job at a FTSE 250 company that manages over £50 billion. I was on the path to a multiple six figure salary before I even had the chance to consider what I wanted to do in life... It was too easy.   But, I quit. And in this episode I share why.    I also share the things I've learned since I quit working, and the things you need to consider before you quit your job.   This episode is raw, unplanned... and I only finished filming it 10 minutes ago. I'm a bit nervous to post this, but I hope you enjoy hearing this raw and uncut side to me.   Sign up to Impact Through Influence, my personal branding course, here:
March 9, 2018
5 Steps To Overcoming & Understanding Your Anxiety | Tips For A Calmer Mind & How To Prevent Panic Attacks ft Chloe Brotheridge
Do you suffer from anxiety? This podcast will help you understand your anxiety and how to overcome it. I have suffered from anxiety my whole life, which is why I wanted to make this podcast today, to help those who are also suffering. My guest today is Chloe Brotheridge - she is an anxiety expert  and author of The Anxiety Solution.  In this podcast, Chloe gives 5 tips to overcoming anxiety, and I also share the biggest thing that helped me overcome my anxiety. This podcast needs to be shared with anybody who is suffering. Here's Chloe's free meditation track: Our Instagram: @businessmeetsfitness @laurentickner
March 4, 2018
Taking Control Of Your Life & Turning Struggle Into Strength ft Jamie Alderton (Grenadejay) Author, Business Owner + Fitness Model
"Your biggest asset is your business's biggest weakness." Jamie Alderton is a bestselling author, multiple business owner, and well known personality in the fitness industry. In this podcast, we discuss: Jamie's journey from being in the military to now owning a gym Starting your own business & becoming self employed Turning struggle into strength Oucome vs process based goals Taking control of your life Having a well established personal brand Raising money for charity Standing out from the crowd Using The Feynman Technique Writing a book Becoming a father ...And many more things! Jamie drops some MAJOR knowledge bombs in this episode, I know you are going to love it!   Share with a friend or your followers if you think they'd like it! :)
February 25, 2018
Fitness, Social Media & Being A Girl Boss | Amanda Bucci | Business Meets Fitness Podcast
This is my interview with fitness entrepreneur Amanda Bucci! In this podcast, we discuss Amanda's journey from doing a nursing degree, to competing in 8 bikini competitions and sharing her journey on social media (primarily YouTube), to now being a young female entrepreneur in the fitness industry! We also discuss:-Masterminds-Mentoring-Social Media Growth-Bikini competitions-Facing challenges-Investing in yourself-Connecting with YOUR people My 6 Figure Personal Branding Course:   (PS lol at the end of this one #TechnologyStruggles)   AMANDA'S INSTAGRAM: @amandabucci Amanda's YouTube: My Instagram: 
February 18, 2018
Nutrition For Long Term Results | What Is Important & What Is Not - #TicknersTips
#TicknersTips is where I answer important questions I have been asked on my Instagram page. In this episode, I discuss nutrition for long term results. I cover what is important and what is not, macronutrients, vegetables, fibre, protein, and more! MY INSTAGRAM @laurentickner - make sure to ask your questions here if you want to see your question be answered! The Ultimate Guide To Tracking Macros:
February 14, 2018
Bikini Bodybuilding vs Powerlifting | THE FACTS: Pros & Cons, Training, Nutrition, Cardio, Mindset - My Honest Opinion
In this episode of #TicknersTips, I discuss bikini bodybuilding competitions vs powerlifting competitions. I discuss the true facts which incude the differences and similarities within: The Training The Nutrition The Mindset The Cardio Enjoyment Levels Social Life ...And I also discuss my honest and perhaps controversion opinion.   MY INSTAGRAM: @laurentickner MY WEBSITE: MY EMAIL: @businessmeetsfitness Please do share!
February 7, 2018
Gut Health Doctor: Bloating, Food Intolerances, Irritable Bowel Disorder (IBS) vs Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), The Low FODMAP Diet, Prebiotics vs Probiotics ft Megan Rossi
In this episode, I interview The Gut Health Doctor, Megan Rossi. Megan has a PhD in gut health, so she helps clarify many misconceptions regarding gut health and disorders. We discuss: IBS (Irritable Bowel Disorder) IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) The low FODMAP diet Food Intolerances Prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes Megan's Instagram: @theguthealthdoctor My Instagram: @laurentickner My Website: 10% off = SAVE10
February 3, 2018
Ben Coomber - Lessons Learned Through Interviewing 200 Experts | Fitness, Training, Nutrition, Business & Mindset
Imagine how much you'd learn if you could interview just one expert in every field of life... You would become a genius! And Ben Coomber is certainly on his way to doing just that! Since 2012, Ben has hosted Ben Coomber Radio, a podcast about health, fitness, nutrition, and mindset. He is a 3x business owner on a quest to better the lives of millions of people through his 'real' means of practicing and teaching all things fitness. In this podcast, we talk about the biggest things Ben has learned over the years through interviewing all these people, and through his own journey. I think anyone and everyone will learn a huge amount from this podcast, so I can't wait for you to hear it! Ben's Website: My Website:
January 28, 2018
How & Why To Journal (PLUS Free Daily Journal Template)
Today, my topic is JOURNALING. Journaling has truly changed my life for the better. Since I started journaling, I have become SO much more productive and therefore successful. It has helped my mindset and my business, as well as helping me continue to progress each and every day. If it weren't for journaling, I truly believe that I would not be as successful as I am today. It has improved my mental health, clarity, and overall work-life balance. If you like this episode and the free journalling template (below), please do make sure to share it with a friend! Free Journal Template: The Business Meets Fitness Podcast is now available on Spotify!
January 26, 2018
How To Record & Monitor Your Workouts For Optimal Progress | Exercise Programming, RPE, Enjoyment | #TicknersTips
Today's episode of #TicknersTips discusses how to monitor and log your workouts.   Here are the things I recommend you log: 1. The Exercise 2. Number of Sets 3. Number of Reps 4. Weight You're Lifting 5. RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) 6. Level of Enjoyment   Lauren's Instagram: @laurentickner Lauren's Website (& Training Guide, The Tone Up In 10 Guide): 
January 21, 2018
Building A Business From The Ground, Up | Business Growth, Development, Marketing, SEO, and More! Tickner’s Tips
In this episode, I discuss how to grow your business and ensure it is scalable in the long term. I distinguish between those who have already built a social media following, and those who have not yet built the following, but who have the business or the business idea. Topics discussed include:-Freelancing (eg as a videographer/plumber)-SEO-The Most Cost Effective Way(s) Of Advertising & Marketing-Social Media: The best type of influencers to use, building a social media following-Running The Business-Working In The Business-Long Term Business Development-Trends-Taking Action   If you like this podcast, please do make sure to share! Business Meets Fitness Instagram: @businessmeetsfitness Lauren Tickner's Instagram: @laurentickner
January 10, 2018
How Bitcoin Will Change The World: Rules, Misconceptions About Cryptocurrency, Government Impact, Blockchain Technology, Hacking
In this podcast, Brandon is back! And we are discussing SO MANY THINGS CRYPTO RELATED. Seriously, this podcast has got me so excited. I'm particularly excited to listen to it back in 5 years time, because it's so exciting seeing where the future is going right now. Along with How Bitcoin Will Change The World, Misconceptions About Cryptocurrency, Government Impact, Blockchain Technology and Hacking, we discuss Storing Your Cryptocurrency, Mining, Forking, Which To Invest In and so many more things! Make sure to share and subscribe! @businessmeetsfitness @laurentickner Brandon's Twitter: @BrandonLee5464  Brand
January 7, 2018
Overcoming Fitness, Mental + Business Plateaus: What To Do When You Stop Progressing | #TicknersTips
In this episode of #TicknersTips, you will learn the most effective ways of overcoming both fitness/weight loss/muscle gain plateaus, as well as those in your business or career. I break the episode up to firstly focus on fitness progression (3.50), and then I move to discuss business progression (12.20). You will learn that there is a common myth regarding fitness plateaus which almost always interpreted wrongly, and with the content of this podcast you'll be better equipped to prevent ever even hitting a fitness plateau in the first place. I discuss training, nutrition, sleep, hydration, stress, constructive criticism, working environment, and a number of other factors. Ripl: MY TRAINING GUIDE: TRACKING/CALCULATING MACROS GUIDE: 
January 3, 2018
Setting New Years Resolutions You’ll Actually Stick To | #TicknersTips
You need to listen to this episode before January 1st. This #TicknersTips teaches you HOW to set resolutions that you'll actually stick to & thus achieve. I help you channel your focus in order to reach your desired outcome. Set yourself up to win, and re-envision your 2018. Instagram: @businessemeetsfitness Hosted by Lauren Tickner @laurentickner @businessmeetsfitness Ripl 7 Day Free Trial:
December 30, 2017
Setting New Years Resolutions You’ll Actually Stick To | #TicknersTips
You need to listen to this episode before January 1st. This #TicknersTips teaches you HOW to set resolutions that you'll actually stick to & thus achieve. I help you channel your focus in order to reach your desired outcome. Set yourself up to win, and re-envision your 2018. Instagram: @businessemeetsfitness Hosted by Lauren Tickner @laurentickner
December 29, 2017
Cryptocurrency For Beginners | Bitcoin, Blockchain, Mining, Investing, Crashes, Digital Currency Need To Know
Cryptocurrencies and, in particular, bitcoin have become very popular in the past few weeks. So, I got Brandon Marquez on the show to discuss the very basics and 'must knows' before investing. Brandon mined bitcoin etc in around 2009, way before the general public spoke about cryptocurrency. He has become extremely interested in it, and this podcast will help you learn much more about the whole thing. Brandon's podcast: The Two Americans @BrandonLee5464   Lauren Tickner @laurentickner
December 25, 2017
What Are You Waiting For? How To Get Faster Progress #TicknersTips
This #TicknersTips highlights the benefits of starting NOW rather than waiting for the 'perfect' time. It also highlights the importance of setting yourself up to WIN.   If you are enjoying The Business Meets Fitness Podcast, please do share it with your friends and/or on social media, tagging @businessmeetsfitness.   Lauren Tickner is the host of The Business Meets Fitness Podcast @laurentickner.
December 23, 2017
How To Calculate Your Macros - #TicknersTips
This episode is a special one, taken from my guide about tracking macros 'The Ultimate Guide To Tracking Macros'. You will learn the right way to calculate your macros! Aaaand there is even a special gift inside! The Ultimate Guide To Tracking Macros: The Business Meets Fitness Podcast is hosted by Lauren Tickner, a renowned health and fitness expert. @laurentickner.
December 14, 2017
Living A Life Ever Forward & The Importance Of Accountability | Chase Chewning (Fitness Coach)
Have you ever thought about the impact you want to make on the people around you? Chase Chewning is a fitness coach, military veteran and the host of the podcast Ever Forward Radio. He has an incredibly inspiring story, with his past experiences (his time in the military and losing his father) shaping his outlook on life today. In this episode, Chase and I discuss a number of topics which I know will leave you feeling refreshed, positive, and ready to conquer the day. Chase's website: Chase's Instagram: @chewningtheelder - The Business Meets Fitness Podcast is hosted by Lauren Tickner @laurentickner
December 10, 2017
The ONLY Way To Make Progress #TicknersTips
There is only ONE way to make progress, despite there being so much information out there. This #TicknersTips episode of The Business Meets Fitness Podcast is going to teach you exactly what it is, and how to free your mind from constantly being so confused about what to do. Please share this podcast with your friends and on your social media. We now have an instagram account @businessmeetsfitness. This podcast is hosted by Lauren Tickner @laurentickner
December 8, 2017
Business, Fitness, and Flexible Dieting | One Lesson That Changed My Life ft Zach Rocheleau (The Flexible Dieting Lifestyle)
Some of the things Zach said in this episode changed the way I think... Zach Rocheleau is commonly known as @TheFlexibleDietingLifestyle. He is a business owner and has gained a serious Instagram following, thanks to his INCREDIBLE recipes. Seriously, I have tried them and WOW. Zach is one of the most inspirational people I know, and interviewing him in this episode was so insightful: I know everybody will gain something through listening to this. Zach's website & 10% off code: Code: Tickner The Business Meets Fitness Podcast is brought to you by Lauren Tickner.
December 3, 2017
TT04 - SIDE HUSTLE: The Smart Way
This week's episode of #TicknersTips is the perfect resource for somebody who is wanting to start a side hustle and do it right. In this podcast, I speak about the fundamental things to have success with any side hustle. I talk about the steps before quitting your job, and the critical things it takes to become self employed and have a successful business. INSTAGRAM: @businessmeetsfitness Please share this if you like it, and please do leave an iTunes review!
November 30, 2017
TT03: 8 Ways To Make Money Online NOW (Fast and Simple)
This week's episode of #TicknersTips, I tell you 8 easy ways to start making money online right now. You can do it quickly and easily thanks to the internet. This podcast will give you inspiration on what you could do to start earning imminently. The Business Meets Fitness Podcast is by Lauren Tickner: @laurenfitness @businessmeetsfitness
November 24, 2017
TT02: 3 Steps To Getting More Sh1t Done #TicknersTips
In this episode of #TicknersTips (TT), I share my three biggest hacks to getting MORE sh1t done, and getting it done better, AND faster.   I speak about: The Powerful Morning Routine (and why you NEED one one), Scheduling Your Time (and time slotting your tasks), and FOCUSING. Please do share if you enjoy this episode of The Business Meets Fitness Podcast! Instagram: @laurenfitness Twitter: lauren_tickner
November 19, 2017
BMF NEW FEATURE: #TicknersTips | TT01: The Powerful Morning Routine
In today's episode, I introduce a new feature to The Business Meets Fitness Podcast: #TicknersTips. #TicknersTips is a highly popular feature on my Instagram (@laurenfitness), so I wanted to bring it over here so my Podcast listeners could enjoy it, too!   In this episode, I speak about The Powerful Morning Routine. Creating a daily morning routine that works for YOU. Setting your day up for success. What we must eliminate in the morning. What works amazingly in the morning. (Tips to avoid time wasting, etc...)
November 16, 2017
BMF 013: Earn 6 Figures Online: Personal Branding For ANYONE | Iman Gadzhi
In this episode, Iman Gadzhi is my guest. Iman is 17 years old and CRUSHING it. TOPICS DISCUSSED: Dropping out of school, starting a personal brand/business, overcoming struggles, digital marketing, the benefits of getting a mentor, investing in yourself, and money + happiness. IMAN'S INGLUENCER COURSE: Iman's Instagram: @imangadzhi Iman's Youtube = Iman Gadzhi
November 4, 2017
BMF 012: How To Make Money From Your Hobby & Finding A Job You Love, Quitting Your Job, Following Your Passion
This is a solo episode where I speak about HOW TO earn money from your HOBBY: from doing something you LOVE, and turning it into your full time job.   I give you tips which will open your eyes about: how you can find something that you totally enjoy doing how you can monetise it how to go about quitting your full time job to pursue your dream career what you need to do in order to take the first steps taking ACTION prioritising your time
October 29, 2017
Is Sugar Bad For You? Carbohydrates, Fitness and Diabetes: Enjoy Your Diet ft Phil Graham
We don't eat macronutrients on their own, we eat FOOD.  In this episode, my guest is someone I have been a big fan of for a long time! Phil Graham is an author, coach, and diabetes expert. Here's what we speak about: What happens when we eat sugar Carbohydrates Glycemic index Glycemic load Fitness and diabetes Alcohol and diabetes
October 22, 2017
Opening Up: Periods, Amenorrhea, Birth Control, Sex, Depression, Hormones & PCOS | ft Clare Goodwin
YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE! We speak about everything in the title and WHAT TO DO if you are suffering. I also speak about my own personal experiences with PCOS and using birth control. Please share this with a friend who may have lost their period or is suffering from issues with their periods. Instagram: @laurenfitness Twitter: @lauren_tickner YouTube: Lauren Tickner
October 15, 2017
Reaching Your Goals: 2 Simple Things You NEED To Start Doing NOW To Get Better Results
People constantly struggle to reach their goals. Sure, they may START progressing... but then they stop, or they give up. These two simple hacks will help you reach ANY goal you may have. This podcast is an awesome one: you can literally relate it to anything, whether it be a fitness goal, or a goal of achieving certain grades at school/University... And I am so excited to share this message with you! Please do share the Business Meets Fitness podcast across social media/with a friend. Instagram: @laurenfitness Twitter: @lauren_tickner YouTube: Lauren Tickner
October 11, 2017
Finding What Works For YOU, Making Use Of Resources | Train Smart, Not Hard ft University Student Tom Pabani
Are you training smart? This episode is EPIC. Tom and I speak about so much, and hearing Tom's outlook is so refreshing. He speaks about finding what works for you, after having a pretty significant body and life transformation himself.    
October 1, 2017
Losing Stubborn Fat, Hormones & Healing A ‘Broken Metabolism’ With Expert Nutritionist Clare Goodwin
Is the answer always just calories in vs calories out?   In this episode, Clare and I speak mainly about the hormonal issues surrounding fat loss, and why some people find it hard to lose fat and keep it off. We also speak about insulin resistance, and why there is more to it than just eating in a calorie deficit.
September 17, 2017
3 Steps To Grow Your Social Media For Individuals and Brands, and Converting Followers Into Cash and Sales
This is a solo episode where I uncover the 3 KEY THINGS needed in order to grow your social media. I was asked what the tipping point was to get me from 1,000 followers to 100,000 followers on Instagram, so I give you my simple answer.   I also dive deep into how to convert those followers into CASH and SALES.   I talk about the importance of social media for businesses also.   Please subscribe and SHARE this podcast if you enjoy it!   My Instagram: @laurenfitness My YouTube: Lauren Tickner  
September 10, 2017
Training & Eating For Performance, Recovering From Injuries, Balancing University And Fitness - With Guest Charlotte Ogden, Competitive Athlete
This week, I brought my best friend Charlotte Ogden (@charlotteogdenn) onto the show! She is a competitive triple jumper and has a different experience with training as many of us do, because her focus is not aesthetics: it is performance. We speak about: Training and eating for performance Different styles of training for athletes Finding motivation Injuries & recovering from injuries Balancing university and fitness Sacrifices athletes have to make
September 3, 2017
Bodybuilding: Everything It Takes, Deciding To Compete, Staying Natural vs Taking Steroids - AJ Morris Champion Natural Bodybuilder
This episode is for anyone who competes, has considered competing, or who just wants to know how to be productive AF in general.   We discuss a number of topics, including (but not only): -The decision to compete -What it takes to compete -Steroids -Dirty bulking -Rates of muscle gain -Training for bodybuilding vs everyday life   My Instagram: @laurenfitness My YouTube: Lauren Tickner   AJ's Instagram: @ajmorris_ AJ's YouTube: AJ Morris AJ's Podcast: The Natty Scene
August 27, 2017
6 Tips For Motivation: Get Motivated & Stay Motivated
This episode is my six biggest pieces of advice for becoming and remaining motivated. I talk about the fundamental things when it comes to goal setting, journalling and getting things done. Please do share this episode if you like it!   Lauren Tickner is a fitness entrepreneur aged only 20 years old. She has sold hundreds of copies of both of her training guide and her macronutrient guide. Get the #StrengthFeed Training Guide + The Ultimate Guide To Tracking Macros HERE: AND JOIN THE EMAIL LIST WHILE YOU'RE THERE 😁   My Instagram: My Snapchat: My Facebook Page:     BUSINESS ENQUIRIES ONLY:
August 20, 2017
02: Structuring Your Training - Lawrence Judd from Shredded By Science
This week, my guest is Lawrence Judd from Shredded By Science. Lawrence is an extremely intelligent man, and we talk about all things training. -Training Within a Session -Your Training Split -Glute Activation -Sugar, Insulin and Your Metabolism
August 13, 2017
Introduction To The Business Meets Fitness Podcast
Welcome to The Business Meets Fitness Podcast! This podcast will be interviews with the most inspiring, successful and educational individuals from both the world of fitness, and the world of fitness (or perhaps the two combined).
August 13, 2017
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