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The Carolina Line

The Carolina Line

By The Riot Network
Former Carolina Panthers Al Wallace and Kevin Donnalley go in-depth on the Carolina Panthers as only two players with 23 years of NFL experience between them can. They'll break down the games and what they're seeing - not just what's happening when the ball is in Cam's hands.
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It's Been A While: Offseason Check-In And How To Rebuild The Panthers Roster
Yes! Your favorite podcast is back to talk the draft, where the Panthers roster stands, why the Trai Turner trade may have made more sense than you think - and it doesn't have to do with cap space - and what it's like to go through a rebuild from the point of view of a player. Both Al Wallace and Kevin Donnalley have been through a rebuild and they know what the Panthers are in for - but that doesn't mean they won't take some time to talk about where they stand on Cam Newton, Christian McCaffrey, the rest of the Panthers positional groups and if the Panthers are going to nail the NFL Draft, which positions they should be going with as they go round-by-round without player names to talk where they think the team needs help. Oh, and does Greg Little fit inside at guard now that Russell Okung is on the roster? That and much more on this edition of The Carolina Line! The Carolina Line is a proud part of The Riot Network, powered by OrthoCarolina - be sure to rate, review and subscribe to get all of your Panthers podcast fix throughout the offseason!
March 6, 2020
Nose To Nose: Let's Head Into The Panthers Offseason
What do NFL players do in the offseason? Kevin Donnalley and Al Wallace talk about what it means to get better in the offseason, how the Panthers can change the culture in their locker room and be playing for the love of the game, trying to get some wins instead of just going for likes and thumbsups on the field. They'll also talk about which coach they prefer, who the Panthers need to keep and examine the Cam Newton situation. They'll also trade stories about what it was like during coaching changes and rebuilding efforts during their combined 23 years on the NFL field, including stories of beating Jordan Gross in a race, LOSING to Julius Peppers in a race and you do not want to try and take Al Wallace's seat, especially not after he's just driven 15 hours to get to Spartanburg. The Carolina Line is a proud part of The Riot Network, powered by OrthoCarolina. Make sure to rate, review and SUBSCRIBE so that you don't miss any new episodes in the offseason!
December 31, 2019
Week 16: A Christmas Miracle
After a week in the Bahamas, Al, Kevin & Kelli are BACK to talk about who's been naughty and nice this season - it ain't hard to figure out which side of the line Vernon Butler falls on, but where does Dennis Daley land? Will Grier? Donte Jackson? What do the Panthers need to do on the long road to rebuilding - which players do you want to keep around next season? Is Greg Olsen worth his cap hit next year? Is there anything that Christian McCaffrey can't do?  Plus, they'll weigh in on whether or not Greg Roman is a good fit for the Panthers, whether Mike McCarthy would be a good leader for this team after politicking for this job and why the Panthers should be looking for someone who knows how to use the tight ends. And then, of course, Kevin has a CHRISTMAS SURPRISE for all of the listeners - you're welcome and happy holidays to all! The Carolina Line is a proud part of The Riot Network, powered by OrthoCarolina. Be sure to rate, review and subscribe as we head into the offseason so you don't miss an episode!
December 24, 2019
The Carolina Line: Donte Jackson, Ron Rivera and Playing In The Interim
Al Wallace and Kevin Donnalley take you into an NFL locker room with an interim head coach, with a losing record and the fanbase chanting for you to lose games for better draft picks - they'll talk about why tanking isn't a possibility in football, when they're ready to see Will Grier and their memories of former Panthers coach Ron Rivera. They'll also weigh in on Donte Jackson's decision to take his thoughts on the playcalling to the public, why it's so hard to be an interim head coach and much, much more.  REMINDER: The Carolina Line is off next week as both Al & Kevin travel to the Bahamas --- although they may record a minisode from the beach with pina coladas in their hands. The Carolina Line is a proud part of The Riot Network, powered by OrthoCarolina - make sure to rate, review and subscribe to share the love!
December 10, 2019
Shove Missed Opportunities Up Their Bunghole: Everything Falls Apart in Week 13
Al & Kevin are FIRED up this week talking about how the Panthers' sacks don't do anything for them because they don't have the right personnel up front on the defensive line, how their stats are filled with trash sacks and they try to explain where it went wrong and where it all fell apart - they'll start with the offensive line and wonder where the old Daryl Williams went, why the defense can't get the job done and how the Panthers made a non-athlete like Dwayne Haskins look better than he actually is. They'll talk about how the playcalling wasn't  to Kevin's liking as the team lacked misdirection, how if you let a team hanging around long enough, they'll believe they can get it done and why when the Panthers aren't playing complementary football, they can't trust their teammates. The Panthers are lacking a spark and how their former teammates provided it for them in their experiences, Al & Kevin will talk about what it's like to be in a locker room during a lost season when fans are piling out of the stadium mid-game, how empty stadiums hurt the players and how the new scheme has hurt Luke Kuechly and the rest of the Panthers defense.  Not to mention shower pills, holding on the goalline and much more, including a preview of the Falcons game featuring slaps in the tunnel guaranteed to fire you up - if you haven't listened to an episode of The Carolina Line, this is a great place to start - be sure to rate, review and subscribe if you're enjoying the show!  The Carolina Line is a proud part of The Riot Network, powered by OrthoCarolina. 
December 3, 2019
Time To Go, Buddy: Talking Rashaan Gaulden, A Disappointing Loss in New Orleans and Where The Panthers Go From Here
Al, Kelli and Kevin say bye bye to Rashaan Gaulden and discuss a heartbreaking loss in New Orleans and how to deal with it when things go wrong  in the NFL - they'll use their experience to discuss the issues the team has had on the offensive line, how to - AGAIN - fix the issues in the run game, seeing an impressive performance from Kyle Allen and why he's so much better indoors than outside and how quickly they can get the dome up in Charlotte. What was up with the Cam Jordan punch? How can you put Curtis Samuel into the game plan? Did Al pull guys down by the hair? Is Kevin the dirtiest player in the game?  Those questions and more answered in this week's episode of The Carolina Line, proud part of The Riot Network, powered by OrthoCarolina.
November 26, 2019
Got My Mad On: Dissecting An Embarrassing Week 11 Loss To The Falcons
With Kelli Bartik attending to other duties, Al and Kevin aren't happy with the Panthers performance against the Atlanta Falcons and they're ready to spread the blame around.....Kyle Allen's Happy Feet, the offensive line getting consistently bullrushed and how practices turn into a dance class - which is why the Panthers have been so susceptible to it, and where players find their motivation.  It's not shocking to see that three interceptions in the first half crippled the offense, sacks put them into third-and-impossibles and how the crossing routes killed the Panthers throughout the day. Donte Jackson was out of sorts against Calvin Ridley, how to drop a ball into a trash can behind the goalposts and how they're not sure the pass protection can be fixed this season unless four out of five guys up front can step up - it ain't easy to be a rookie on the offensive line. The Carolina Line is a proud part of The Riot Network, powered by OrthoCarolina - be sure to rate, review and subscribe to share the love!
November 19, 2019
Fuel To The Fire: Disappointing Panthers/Packers Recap
Kevin, Kelli & Al talk through how a defense thinks when you're running the ball near the goalline, why Kevin doesn't necessarily agree with "Analytical Ron" and his decision to go for two in the fourth quarter after he and the 2003 Panthers were chasing points in the Super Bowl, how using your gut vs. analytics isn't always an easy decision, why Aaron Rodgers is so tough to stop and more. Plus, more talk about the run defense, what it means to actually "pin your ears back" on a pass rush, playing in snowy conditions and where the Panthers go from here.  And you know they'll share experiences from their time in the league and talk about how they were impressed with the growth of Kyle Allen - and especially his chemistry with his pass catchers is improving. OH, and you know they have some thoughts about how to fix the run defense and what roughing the passer exactly means. The Carolina Line is a proud part of The Riot Network, powered by OrthoCarolina. Be sure to rate, review and subscribe!  
November 12, 2019
Escort Him Into The End Zone
Kevin, Al, & Kelli are back this week to talk about a big bounceback win for the Panthers, how Christian McCaffrey is on his way to being MVP, how Curtis Samuel and DJ Moore are leveling up and how the defense - including the Flavor Flav of the NFL - doesn't care about yardage, only about points. They'll also spend some time discussing the Cam Newton situation that's on everyone's mind and why injured reserve is the loneliest place to be - plus how the team can still win with Kyle Allen under center. Plus, you know there's some offensive and defensive line talk. Due to audio difficulties, this episode is cut short at 41 minutes and omits the guys previewing the game in Green Bay. We apologize for the inconvenience, but rest assured that everything they said was absolutely correct. The Carolina Line is a proud part of The Riot Network, which is powered by OrthoCarolina - be sure to rate, review and subscribe!
November 5, 2019
Exhausted From Awesomeness: Panthers/49ers Review And How To Get Better
Al Wallace & Kevin Donnalley are joined by Kelli Bartik to talk about a blowout loss in San Francisco and how the Panthers can't let this define their season like the game they had in Pittsburgh last season did - they'll talk about how to mitigate disaster when the defensive line is as INSANE as the 49ers is. They'll also talk about how unbelievable Nick Bosa is and how the Panthers are still trying to find the five guys that they can go to war with on the offensive line.  Kevin Donnalley uses his experience on the offensive line to talk about why Ron Rivera may have wanted to go with Daryl Williams instead of Dennis Daley, but ultimately went back to the rookie - then Al will talk about what Ron meant when he said that the defense was playing "behind the ball" and why it ultimately cost them the game in San Francisco. They'll also discuss when they got to 5,000 reps as players, what it means to be an enforcer and why when it's time to eat, it's hard to pull people away from the table. The Carolina Line is a proud part of The Riot Network, powered by OrthoCarolina - don't forget to rate, review & subscribe to share the love with your friends!
October 29, 2019
The Catbird Seat: Previewing the Panthers & 49ers Week 8
Kelli, Al and Kevin are back this week from the bye to talk about the Panthers' unbelievable performance in London, how to keep up with the Jones' - or the Brees' - in New Orleans and why they'll face their toughest task of the season when they head west to take on the undefeated 49ers. But the strength of this defense, how their able to turn mistake into opportunities and why they're succeeding at the only stat that matters is why they think they can go out to San Fran and come back with the win and the attention of the rest of the NFC. They'll talk Kevin's neck roll, why depth matters, why Luke didn't go for a score, lifting weight as an eight year old and you'll want to hear which former teammate got fined EVERY SINGLE WEEK for being overweight.   The Carolina Line is a proud part of The Riot Network, powered by OrthoCarolina - be sure to rate, review and subscribe wherever your local podcasts are sold!
October 22, 2019
Take Some Of That: Sour Patch Kids
Al Wallace and Kevin Donnalley are back to celebrate the Panthers first home win in almost a year - they'll talk about how having a guy like CMC MVP running can motivate an offensive line and demoralize a defensive line, Kevin gives a lesson in zone blocking and then takes a look at how Dennis Daley performed in his first start. Al talks how Brian Burns is heading towards being an award winner himself, how Mario Addison put Andrew Norwell on skates and what it meant to him to be around the four guys being inducted into the Hall of Honor on Sunday at Bank of America Stadium - with a special look at who Steve Smith was through the lens of a former teammate. And then Kevin Donnalley tells a hilarious story about what happens when two kids - including Smitty's son - start to rumble in the locker room after Fan Fest.....Lil' Smitty vs. Lil' Donnalley is NOT a story you want to miss.  Oh, and the Twister. Always the Twister.  The Carolina Line is a proud part of The Riot Network, powered by OrthoCarolina. Be sure to rate, review and subscribe wherever you get your local podcasts.
October 8, 2019
The Fish: He Had A Nice Set
Al, Kelli and Kevin  are back again this week to break down the Panthers second win in a row, why you shouldn't panic about Kyle Allen's tendency to fumble, but maybe his tendency to get to deep in the pocket because some of those sack-fumbles can't go on the offensive line. Kevin will use his experience and expertise to break down Greg Little's first start and what he liked from Daryl Williams on the inside.  Then Al Wallace will tell you how he went from a 185-pound wide receiver to a 250-pound defensive end in the span of a year and wearing #86 to wearing #56 in the span of 24 hours - Kevin talks greased pigs and protecting Chris Chandler while he couldn't even see. And they can't leave out Mario Addison and this incredibly efficient and effective Panthers defensive line after the past two weeks of racking up 14 sacks. Plus Eric Reid, Christian McCaffrey and much more on this episode of The Carolina Line! The Carolina Line is a proud part of The Riot Network, powered by OrthoCarolina - don't forget to rate, review and subscribe wherever podcasts are sold!
October 1, 2019
Rappers & Trappers: Let's Play a Game of Chicken
Al Wallace and Kevin Donnalley are back this week to celebrate a VICTORY MONDAY for the first time in over 250 days!  They'll talk why it wasn't just Kyle Allen, Curtis Samuel, and Greg Olsen that won them the game in Arizona - it was the lines on both sides of the ball that won them the game. Why will a tackle rotation allow Greg Little to get better faster? Why did Daryl Williams throw himself on the sword on the left side of the line? How did a defensive line rotation make it easier for guys like Al to get sacks when he was in the league? Where do eight sacks come from? Then the guys will talk about power, counter, Van Roten, Turner, Moton and how they moved the bodies around to make things easier for Kyle Allen and - of course - Christian McCaffrey and exactly what Norv Turner is setting up for later in the season. They'll also look ahead to the problems that Deshaun Foster - we mean Watson - will create for the Panthers and how they can take this win streak from one to two.  The Carolina Line is a proud part of The Riot Network, powered by OrthoCarolina - be sure to rate, review and subscribe wherever your local podcasts are sold!
September 24, 2019
Don't Get Reached: They Literally Get To Coach You
Al Wallace and Kevin Donnalley are here to talk you off the ledge - the season is not over only two weeks into the NFL season. But they'll talk about why it's hard to coach superstars, what the difference between practice and game reps are like and how to mentor the young folks.  Al will detail why - from a defensive linemen's perspective - Cam Newton isn't quite as hard to prepare for as he used to be and why guys like Shaq Barrett were able to come screaming off the edge with ease. If the Panthers are going to be successful, it's going to start with Cam's legs; and no one is going to be sad to see "Happy Cam" in the huddle. They'll talk Greg Little vs. Daryl Williams vs. Taylor Moton, what the keys to the Cards matchup is on Sunday and how the Panthers can make Cam's life easier. Then Kevin will talk about how he kicked another player in the jaw on the field, how a sewing needle worked it's way into an NFL pileup - for real, and what it looks like when the league is going to fine you --- oh, and Al Wallace choking people out on special teams.  The Carolina Line is a proud part of The Riot Network powered by OrthoCarolina. Please rate, review and subscribe wherever your local podcasts are sold.
September 17, 2019
Hip To Hip: I Was Looking For Kneecaps
Al Wallace and Kevin Donnalley are back this week to talk some in-depth breakdowns of the Panthers 30-27 loss to the Rams and what exactly happened on the offensive line to allow those clean sacks and why Al could tell what was about to happen before it happened. They'll talk about why their encouraged about the big guys up front, how they expect Cam to bounce back - even after a little bit of kryptonite - and why they expect the Panthers to win in a big way on Thursday night over the Bucs. And Kevin Donnalley reveals why Bill Romanowski doesn't want to see him at the airport - and exactly what kind of player he was when he was still in the league. The Carolina Line is a proud part of The Riot Network, Powered by OrthoCarolina - be sure to rate, review and subscribe to The Carolina Line wherever your local podcasts are sold!
September 11, 2019
Don't Worry About Where To Line Up: The Tuck and Dunk
Al and Kevin are here to talk about who should have made the 53-man roster, whether they agree with the moves -- and what it's actually like to get cut by an NFL team. They'll talk Gano vs. Slye, why a year on the practice squad might actually be BETTER for Elijah Holyfield than being buried on the depth chart and who's going to return punts come next Sunday - here's a hint, it's someone who just joined the team in the past 48 hours. When you're getting younger and faster, you're going to end up cutting some veterans and that's exactly what happened in Carolina. They'll also talk about how you can stop Todd Gurley (Kevin has some dirty ideas), whether they'll need to steal from New England and you won't like what the phrase 'tuck and dunk' means when you hear it. You know they'll do some reminiscing about their 23 years of NFL experience, too - why running 60 yards on a kickoff required oxygen afterwards, what it was like giving up a sack in your first game and they'll announce a change to The Carolina Line that's both exciting and sad at the same time. The Carolina Line is a proud part of The Riot Network, powered by OrthoCarolina. Please make sure to rate, review and subscribe on Apple Podcasts!
September 3, 2019
Baby Gate: I Want To Be The Hammer, Not The Nail
Kevin Donnalley and Al Wallace are here to talk the Panthers performance in New England, what it's like to suffer through injuries and their thoughts on  Andrew Luck's shocking retirement. Then they'll talk roster battles and why Kevin thinks Reggie Bonnafon is going to make the team as the third running back. Why was the timing and execution off? Al has some thoughts on why the pass rush isn't quite there aside from Spider-Man and Kevin thinks the offense can crank their play to ten once the regular season rolls around - but tries to tamper the fans' expectations in terms of jumping out of the gate undefeated. All that, plus Baby Gate in Houston, why Kevin was on the sidelines in a towel - seriously - and your vocab lesson this week is the nine parts of the wide receiver route tree. Plus, what happened when 6-5, 276 pound Al Wallace ran his one and only pass route in the NFL and then Tedy Bruschi made him paid for it. The Carolina Line is a Proud Part of The Riot Network, Powered By Orthocarolina. Be sure to subscribe, rate and review to help spread the word about your new favorite podcast!
August 27, 2019
Ten Bodies That Land On You: Tape Those Two Fingers Together And Get Back Out There
Kevin Donnalley and Al Wallace are back to talk about why the Panthers weren't focused enough against the Bills and what the repercussions might be for the entirety of the team - not just the quarterbacks. Is it time to bring in a vet to help? While most of the starters on the offensive line had a good showing, Donnalley uses his experience to tell you why Taylor Moton struggled, then Al Wallace tells you how challenging it can be as a defender when the coaches bring you a vanilla defensive gameplan.  That, plus a Patriots preview, why the third game is the most important of the preseason, two gruesome injury stories from their playing days that will have Stormy thinking twice about every complaining again and your first Vocabulary Lesson of the season where Al and Kevin go in-depth on stunts, twists, turns, nuts and more - let's get smarter together and make your friends feel dumb at the bar on Sundays. Be sure to rate, review and subscribe to The Carolina Line, which is a proud part of The Riot Network, Powered by OrthoCarolina.
August 20, 2019
Stacking Good Days: I Swear There Was Green Grass
Al Wallace and Kevin Donnalley are back to discuss what they did and didn't like up front in the Panthers 23-13 Preseason win in Chicago, why the barstool technique doesn't work if the guys up front don't have the right bodies, how impressed they were with the confidence and instincts of Brian Burns, and how much they can tell from a vanilla scheme in the first preseason game against backups. Then, they'll flip over to the offensive line and talk about whether or not Dennis Daley and Greg Little look like they're ready for the NFL - they won't forget about the skill positions, Al reveals that he might be a #Bonnafan and Kevin Donnalley takes you inside the Panthers halftime locker room and reveals the message that Norv Turner instilled in his position players - and why it worked. Plus, Terry Godwin's gut, 6-5, 276 pound Al Wallace's kick returning skills, and why you should never try to advance a fumble if you're an offensive lineman. The Carolina Line is a proud part of The Riot Network, which is powered by OrthoCarolina - don't forget to rate, review and subscribe to share the love!
August 13, 2019
Good Luck, Rookie: Marlboro Reds and Hot Dog Memories
Welcome to the Carolina Line! Al Wallace and Kevin Donnalley talk their first preseason game memories, what the Panthers need to show this Thursday in Chicago, what it's like to be a rookie in your first game, what they saw from Curtis Samuel & DJ Moore and why they're excited for the 2019 Panthers offense. Not to mention the line play.....of course, you know they had to get into that! Why Kevin may have screwed up with Coach Matsko - and maybe his wife - the unofficial depth chart, multiple fronts on the defense and the impact of Tre Boston. Plus, Kevin reveals why he was such a dirty player, Al talks about his "Welcome to the NFL" moment and you're going to want to hear the hot dog story. The Carolina Line is a Proud Part of The Riot Network, Powered by OrthoCarolina - Don't forget to rate, review & subscribe!
August 6, 2019
Subscribe Now To The Carolina Line!
The newest addition to The Riot Network for 2019 is a doozy! Former Panthers Al Wallace and Kevin Donnalley are joined by Stormy  Buonantony weekly to take a harder look at what's happening to the Carolina Panthers the way that only two former players can with a focus on their specialty -- what's happening in the trenches.  With over 23 years of NFL experience between the two of them, Al and Kevin will not only tell you what they're seeing on the field but try to educate you on the finer points of football, from explaining what pattern matching is to the best way to keep a bull rushing defensive tackle off the field. The first episode drops August 6th, so be sure to subscribe before then so you don't miss a moment of your new favorite Panthers podcast! The Carolina Line is a proud member of The Riot Network, which is Powered by OrthoCarolina.
July 16, 2019