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Caught Looking

Caught Looking

By Caught Looking Baseball
The only baseball podcast that will tell you what you need to hear. By real fans, for real fans. Do you care about the play by play baseball coverage you get from everyone else? We don't either. Plug your headphones in and get ready, because this show is on the path to #MakeBaseballFunAgain. Hosted and produced by four lifelong friends who were never good enough to play real baseball.
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Episode 3: God Hates The Mets

Caught Looking

Episode 3: God Hates The Mets

Caught Looking

#33: Craziest Game Ever?
In this episode, discuss the one of the craziest games of all time, the crew spotlights the Boston Red Sox, debate the top 10 shortstops in the MLB, rule changes and more. Follow us on Twitter/Instagram @caughtlookinpod. Call the Voicemail 203-936-9165. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
July 19, 2019
#32: Proclamations
In this episode, the crew makes bold statements for the second half, discuss power rankings of the top teams in the league, first half awards and LIVE phone calls. Follow us on Twitter/Instagram @caughtlookinpod. Call the Voicemail 203-936-9165. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
July 4, 2019
#31: Baseball and Inventions
In this episode, the crew talks about the goddamn Mets, fan incidents, fantasy baseball and then a HUGE 1 minute opinion. Follow us on Twitter/Instagram @caughtlookinpod. Call the Voicemail 203-936-9165. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
June 30, 2019
#30: Let the Kids Play
In this episode, the crew talks about the greatest pitchers of our generation, up and coming rookies around the league and a new segment called Graveyard followed by a spotlight on the Minnesota Twins. Follow us on Twitter/Instagram @caughtlookinpod. Call the Voicemail 203-936-9165. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
May 23, 2019
#29: Sliding into DMs
In this weeks episode, the crew answers DMs and voicemails, as well as a 30 team, round up for the month of April. Follow us on Twitter/Instagram @caughtlookinpod. Call the Voicemail 203-936-9165. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
April 29, 2019
#28: Extendo (Contracts)
  The crew talks about the extensions handed out to several players, draft their 2019 pitching staffs, and highlight the Colorado Rockies. Follow us on Twitter/Instagram @caughtlookinpod. Call the Voicemail 203-936-9165. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
March 25, 2019
#27: Winter is Over
In this weeks episode, the crew debates Machado vs Harper contracts, the Japan Series, MLB 2019 Top 5 players debate and more offseason moves. Follow us on Twitter/Instagram @caughtlookinpod. Call the Voicemail 203-936-9165. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor
March 19, 2019
#26: Spring Training Bound
In this weeks episode, the crew talks about Pitchers & Catchers reporting, the Hall of Fame inductees, the Phillies trading for JT Realmuto, the crazy Unsigned Free Agent market, and the antics of Baseball reporters on Twitter. Follow us on twitter/instagram @caughtlookinpod. Call the Voicemail 203-936-9165. 
February 13, 2019
#25: Kyler Murray + Fantasy Talk
Back for another episode, the crew breaks down the news about Kyler Murray, Brian Dozier, Grandal, plus a voicemail from our newest sponsor @wristrope. New segments of Fantasy Baseball include Back from the Dead, Someone You Don't Know, and more. Finally, we answer questions from our Twitter and Instagram DM's. Follow us on Twitter/Instagram @caughtlookinpod, call the Voicemail (203)-936-9165.  
January 16, 2019
#24: A Moment of Silence
A SPECIAL EPISODE of Caught Looking. We breakdown every move of the offseason since the last episode. Every. Single. Move. A new format just for this week, going division by division and deciding who made the best moves. Follow us on Instagram/Twitter @caughtlookinpod
December 27, 2018
#23: Free Agent Frenzy
Somebody left the stove on because this baseball free agency season is just getting started. We break down past moves so far, potential future moves, and have a heated debate about the future of some former playoff teams. Follow Twitter/Insta @caughtlookinpod
December 3, 2018
#22: Damage Done
In the final episode of the season, the crew breaks down everything World Series. A congratulations is in order for the Boston Red Sox, David Price, Alex Cora, and everyone else part of this historic team. In addition, the crew hears two voicemails. One from a long time listener, and one from our good friend Buckets. Finally, a reflection on the past season, and some sentimental one-minute opinions. Episodes will continue once a month over the Off-Season, and as always there will be new content on Leave a voicemail: (203)-936-9165. Follow Twitter/Insta @caughtlookinpod
October 30, 2018
#21: Chasing (Belly Button) Rings
This week the crew breaks down the Chris Sale belly button ring conspiracy, a Game 1 Kershaw vs Sale preview, Mookie Betts moving to 2nd base for games 3,4, and 5, Manny Machado is an asshole, and finally a full breakdown of the upcoming World Series. Follow Twitter/Instagram @caughtlookinpod. Leave a voicemail (203)-936-9165.
October 23, 2018
#20: The Price Is Wrong
The crew talks about each Championship series, the sympathy card is issued for David Price, the question of whether David Freeze has any October magic left is asked, and some of the best World Series in recent memory are discussed with the fall classic right around the corner. Follow Twitter/Insta @caughtlookinpod. Leave a Voicemail (203)-936-9165.
October 16, 2018
#19: Octoberfest
The very first full playoff episode from the Caught Looking crew. First, they hear a voicemail from "buckets" who wants to know if its time for Terry Francona to leave. They also take a deep dive into every series, and name series MVP for each one. Also, Mark avoids his catastrophic bet for the Playoffs this year. Follow Twitter/Insta @caughtlookinshow and leave a voicemail (203)-936-9165.
October 9, 2018
Episode 18: Game 163
This week the crew talks about the ultimate game 163's, the now wild-card matchups, a sunflower seed debate is unleashed, and we put out the first picks for the upcoming divisional series. Follow Twitter/Insta @caughtlookinpod. Leave a Voicemail (203)-936-9165. Leave a review if you enjoyed so others can find us!
October 2, 2018
Episode 17: MVP (Most Valuable Podcast)
This week the crew breaks down the Addison Russell allegations, the Didi injury news, we answer a listener voicemail about potential landing spots for Bryce Harper, we make our official final picks for MVP, and a Spotlight is shined on the Brewers. Follow Twitter/Insta @caughtlookinpod
September 24, 2018
Episode 16: The Great Cy Young Debate
This week of the Caught Looking Show the crew talks about David Wright returning then retiring, a Mike Trout possible lifetime contract, a passionate fight about who should win the Cy Young award, and Spotlight on the Tampa Bay Rays. Follow Twitter/Insta @caughtlookinpod
September 17, 2018
Episode 15 includes a Voicemail asking us about MLB stifling social media growth and what rule changes we would make if we were in charge, we talk about the John Gibbons "firing," Ohtani & Kopech UCL tears, a Spotlight on the surging Atlanta Braves, and a mid-show fire drill. Follow Twitter/Insta @caughtlookinpod. #MakeBaseballFunAgain
September 10, 2018
Episode 14: Rain In Cleveland
This episode of The Caught Looking Show includes wavier deadline talk about Josh Donaldson, Andrew McCutchen, and Gio Gonzalez. Also, Aaron Boone's suspension and a Spotlight on the entire NL West. Follow Twitter/Insta @caughtlookinpod
September 3, 2018
Episode 13: Gotta Be The Salsa
This week the crew answers a voicemail about the Yankees injury problems, Daniel Murphy gets traded (Nats Are Dead), a new segment called "Overrated/Underrated", Spotlight on St. Louis Cardinals.
August 27, 2018
Episode 12: Playoff Push
This week the crew drops the huge news about the new Voicemail line (203-936-9165), and the new website ( They ask if the Phillies are the real deal, Chris Davis approaches the worst season ever, the Little League World Series kicks off, Soto vs Acuna for Rookie of the Year, and they shine a spotlight on the Houston Astros. Follow on all social medias @caughtlookinpod
August 20, 2018
Episode 11: The Trading Extravaganza
This episode the crew breaks down the final week of the trade deadline and our official winners and losers overall. Another week of the spotlight is shined a new team: The Pittsburgh Pirates. Tune in this week to hear a "special guest" Jake Tantorski.
August 6, 2018
Episode 10: Moneyball
This week the crew introduces a new segment called "spotlight" where they highlight the resurgence of the Oakland A's. Also, they talk all of the trade madness, and Mark faces off against Joe & Scaf in the biggest argument of the show so far. Follow Twitter/Insta @caughtlookinpod
July 30, 2018
Episode 9: Trade Szn
The crew talks about the recent trades of Brad Hand, Manny Machado, and Familia. Also, a debate about the most clutch players of all time arises. Follow Twitter & Instagram @caughtlookinpod. Don't forget to leave a review if you loved the show!
July 23, 2018
Mound Visit: All Star Weekend
The Caught Looking crew is coming at you with a special All-Star weekend episode where we talk about the Derby, All-Star Game, and the Machado controversy. Follow Twitter & Instagram @caughtlookinpod
July 19, 2018
Episode 8: Mail Time!
This week we answer voicemails & Twitter questions, Mark makes an unforgivable bet, Philly eats shit, #GirardiToStLouis, and Kyle makes a full-throated defense of the Nationals.
July 16, 2018
Episode 7: Three Guys In A Basement
This week we talk about Machado/Harper trade rumors, our top 5 pitching staffs of all time, and Trevor Bauer's paintball gun problem. Follow Twitter & Instagram @caughtlookinpod
July 9, 2018
Mound Visit: Mid-Season Awards
The first Caught Looking Short, a quick edition of the show. Follow Twitter/Instagram @CaughtLookingPod. Happy Independence Day!
July 4, 2018
Episode 6: "Can We Please Move On?"
This week we the Caught Looking crew talks about the All-Star Voting update, Cole Hamels trade spots, National League DH, Steroid users in the HOF, and a reverse Power Rankings. Follow our Instagram & Twitter @Caughtlookinpod
July 2, 2018
Episode 5: MLB's Strikeout Problem
In this episode, we talk about MLB's strikeout problem, Juan Soto's rookie of the year bid, our dream homerun derby lineups, top 5 shortstops, and Power Rankings. Follow us on twitter & insta @caughtlookinpod.
June 24, 2018
Episode 4: Joes Gets Abducted By Aliens
In Episode 4 we talk about the All-Star game vote leaders, the Cubs are back, National League DH, Is Bryce overrated, Power Rankings, and Mark makes a formal apology to Paul Goldschmidt.
June 17, 2018
Episode 3: God Hates The Mets
On this episode, the crew talks the MLB Draft, the Mets inevitable losing season, the Dodgers resurgence, the Trade Deadline, and our iconic one-minute opinions. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @caughtlookinpod
June 10, 2018
Episode 2: Joe vs Robot Umpires
The crew talks Fantasy heroes, Contenders/Pretenders, Robot Umpires, and much more. Follow our Twitter & Instagram for more content: @caughtlookinpod
June 3, 2018
Episode 1: The Crew Gets Started
The Caught Looking guys talk Max Scherzer, Vlad Jr, recent PED suspensions, power rankings, and more.
May 27, 2018
The Caught Looking Show: Coming Soon
An introduction to the Caught Looking Show. Meet one of your hosts, Kyle Scaf, and hear what the show is all about. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @caughtlookinpod
May 24, 2018