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The Change Show - Getting Motivated To Change

The Change Show - Getting Motivated To Change

By Shirvington Hannays
This show and podcast will weekly explore issues related to Mental illness Wellness and addictive behaviours challenges to get Motivated to change when needed. Addressing issues about depression, anxiety, bipolars, OCD and personality disorders. Also addressing and exploring substance recreational use as against misuse, abuse and dependency etc.
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Discipline - Dealing with Life's opportunities to Grow.
Making conscious and deliberate efforts to make behavioural change. According to M. Scott Peak coins that life is a series of problems to be solved.
November 4, 2020
The 10 Processes of Change
Exploring the importance of integrating the appropriate process of change with the stage of change for which it can most effectively enable intentional movement between stages.
October 21, 2020
Stages of Change
This episode explores the Stages of Change, looking at the significance of each stage. Why becoming motivated to change and change readiness is critical for sustainable longer term behavioural change.
October 21, 2020
Getting ready and becoming motivated to make behavioural change
Getting ready and becoming motivated to make behavioural change starts with a readiness, wellness and a desire to embrace change. All of which can only and will only be considered if the person or persons concern think and accept that there is an issue or something needing to change. There are different schools of thought about the number of stages in the cycle of change. I would like to put forward that it is understanding the difference between stages of change and processes of change that is critical for sustainable moving from pre-contemplation to contemplation stage.
September 10, 2020
The Change Show - Getting motivated to Change.
This first episode is of series of Mental wellness and addictive behavioural change coaching to explore and address the wide spectrum of Mental illnesses either as disabilities, diseases or disorders. We will also explore and endeavor to promote awareness and edu-therapy to contribute to the efforts to educate while seeking to address stigma around Mental illnesses, Addictions and Substance Abuse or dependence.
September 7, 2020