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Chiwi Journal

Chiwi Journal

By Camellia Yang
Conversations between global citizens on culture observation, digital transformation and self-actualisation.

Host Camellia Yang, a Chinese New Zealander, interviews people she met on her digital nomad journey who are on a unique path to creating a better future and shares the lessons and tips they learned.

Season One (1 - 111 episodes) is in Chinese.
Season Two (112 episodes - current) is in English.
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#076:和前任聊聊爱情 | 分手后做朋友是什么样的体验

Chiwi Journal

#138: Jordan Peterson, Myth & Metaphor, Embodiment Cognition and Fitness Landscape with Tom Morgan
My guest today is Tom Morgan. Tom is the return guest, and we discussed Joseph Cambell, Carl Jung, Jorden Peterson and Iain McGilchrist in episode #129. Today, we talked about… Commentary on David Fuller's article about Jordan Peterson from two people who are relatively familiar with JP's works. Revisit the Hero Journey coined by Joseph Campbell. Why is it dangerous to apply pattern recognition skills to things we don't fully understand? How shall we deconstruct myth and live between myth and metaphor? How to improve embodiment cognition to make sense of ourselves and the world? Why is the fitness landscape essential, and how can we use that to achieve our human potential? How to get along with the monologue of the voice within your head? How can we leverage the force from the heart to follow our bliss? The importance of setting up family interviews and getting memories on papers or tapes. Anecdotes about Sir John Morgan "I would not give a fig for the simplicity on this side of complexity, but I would give my life for the simplicity on the other side of complexity."   - Oliver W. Holmes Books and links mentioned in today’s episode What Happened to Jordan Peterson? Intellectual dark web Live Not By Lies Hero Journey Biblical Series XIII: Jacob’s Ladder The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Mike Hill John Vervaeke Channel McGilchrist Philosophy for life by Jules Evans Radical Wholeness by Philip Shepherd How the World Really Works by Vaclav Smil SCOTT ALEXANDER book review Sam Harris & Peterson Debate the "Truth" The Most Interesting Man in Finance The Voice Telling You It's Time To Move 21 Useful Ideas. 1 Big One. Fitness landscape Focusing by Eugene T. Gendlin The Secret Life of Plants
August 06, 2022
#137: Breaking Rules, Solitary Socialite, Future Possibility Folders, Daydreaming and How to Live with Derek Sivers
Kia Ora, Nihao and hello! Welcome to the Chiwi Journal Podcast. I’m your host Camellia Yang. My guest today is Derek Sivers.  Derek has been a musician, producer, circus performer, entrepreneur, TED speaker, and book publisher. He’s an author of four books, Anything You Want, Your Music and People, Hell Yeah or No, and How to Live. In today’s episode, we talked about… The benefit of keep moving across the world and breaking the rules. How do different cities shape one’s identity and expand one’s worldview? How to say goodbye to old identities that no longer serve you? The pros and cons of being a solitary socialite. Why shouldn’t you wait for inspiration to come? How to be a considerate content creator? The good side of daydreaming and building future possibility folders How to approach our life? How do physical locations matter to your morale? Why do people like to use stereotypes to pre-judge others, and why is it so hard to break? Learning Mandarin and Portuguese. Books/links mentioned in this episode You don’t have to be local Moving for good Solitary socialite Daydreaming is my favorite pastime Possible futures Anything You Want Derek Sivers TED Talks Your Music and People Hell year or no How to Live Cities and Ambition - Paul Graham The Michel Thomas Method to learn language Practice Portuguese: Learn European Portuguese Fernando Pessoa Philosophy: a Complete Introduction - by Sharon Kaye Mark Manson - Life Advice That Doesn't Suck The Subtle Art NFT Collection - BookCoin™ Check out Derek Sivers' website and introduce yourself :) 
July 27, 2022
#136: Bilingual Content Creator, Picking English Names, Publish Consistent Content and Live A Productive Life with Bear Liu
My guest today is Bear Liu. Bear is a product designer and design mentor. He hosts an award-winning podcast show called BearTalk, focused on sharing his learnings and ideas in design and personal experiences in reading and parenting. In this episode, we talked about: How do Chinese people pick up their English names? From working at a ‘tier 18’ city in China as a designer and building a business in web2 to migrant to New Zealand to raise a family —- Bear’s story as an immigrant. How to navigate life while moving to a new country, finding a new job and welcoming a newborn at the same time? Why is it essential to have a role model to learn and mimic, especially in difficult life moments? What does it feel like to start a tech podcast in 2012 and win an award from Apple? What motivates Chinese speakers to create content in English? What emotional journey did we go through? How create content online can change people’s life? Two tips on being a productive content creator that can keep publishing content consistently. What tools do we use as bilingual content creators? How to find our audiences, and how to measure success? How to start a content creator journey while still working full-time and having a family to look after? What’s the NO.1 lesson to pass on to the next generation? Books/links and creators tools mentioned in this episode: Bear’s website New Zealand Silver Fern Visa Les Mills: Taking Fitness to the Next Level Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story by Arnold Schwarzenegger Grammarly: Free Online Writing Assistant Notion Readwise Libby App Drafts | Where Text Starts Dao De Jing: A Philosophical Translation I Ching Conversation with Bear Liu in Chinese
June 23, 2022
#135: Global Natives, Nomad Passport, Subscription Living and Plumia Country with Lauren Razavi
My guest today is Lauren Razavi. Lauren is a writer, speaker and strategist working at the intersection of technology, business, policy, and human behaviour. She is the author of the book Global Natives and writes the Counterflows newsletter about borderless living. Lauren was an early adopter of remote work and has lived as a digital nomad since 2013. Currently, she is Executive Director of Plumia, the mission to build an internet country for digital nomads, at the Y Combinator alumni company  SafetyWing. In this episode, we discussed: Lauren’s digital nomad journey as an early adopter since 2013. Who coined the term a digital nomad? How digital nomad lifestyle has evolved from subculture to mainstream? How do individuals design lifestyles based on the remote working trend? Why we should rethink global mobility? How policymakers should adjust their strategy to build up a remote working and digital nomads friendly environment? A brief introduction of Plumia and Nomad Border Pass (Nomad Passport)? The history of Leagues of Nations and our current passport system. What makes a good nomad hub? What are the biggest challenges facing digital nomads? How to make new friends with fellow nomads and locals in a new city? The rise of subscription living and slow travel. Why we should read Global Natives book and advocate for global mobility for our human progression’s sake? Books/links mentioned in this episode: Global Natives The Digital Nomad by Tsugio Makimoto The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss by Pieter Levels Tony Blair Institute for Global Change Plumia: building a borderless future through a country on the internet SafetyWing - Insurance for Nomads, by Nomads Plumia 10-Year Roadmap League of Nations DIGITAL NOMADS Madeira Islands Gonçalo Hall, a person behind the First Digital Nomad Village in Ponta do Sol, Madeira Hacker Paradise So you want to be a Sovereign Individual? 2022 State of Digital Nomads Subscription Living: Zoku Counterflows Newsletter
May 29, 2022
#134: Sustainable Travel, Writing Books, Spiritual Growth, Energy Healing and Meditation with Bianca Caruana
My guest today is Bianca Caruana. Bianca is a storyteller, podcast host, sustainability & equality advocate and writer at The Altruistic Traveller. Bianca and I had a serendipitous encounter in Aveiro (Thanks to Pieter Levels’, and we immediately clicked because we shared similar backgrounds and spiritual growth journeys. In this episode, we discussed... How to be a sustainable traveller and leverage your skillsets to travel around the world without costing a big fortune? What’s the wake-up call for us to trust and surrender to the universe instead of trying to control our life? How to do our own personal reverse engineering to find out who we are NOT in order to know who we really are on a deeper level? How to overcome the fear of judgment, transform from our old identities and embrace a new life? How does adapting to be a digital nomad lifestyle help us find a sense of belonging and feel seen? Why should you write books and poetries to keep a record of your life and express your feelings? A couple of serendipitous stories on life is only making sense when you look back and connect the dots What’s the Vipassana meditation? What could you get from it? How to find the meditation method that suits you? The benefits of sacred plant medicine and what to pay attention to when experiencing psychedelic trips? How to cultivate empathy? Books/links mentioned in this episode: Bianca’s blog The Altruistic Traveller Bianca's Podcast The Altruistic Traveller instagram Workaway Trusted House Sitters (get 25% off) The Invisible Third Culture Adult: A book about meaning and identity Chiwi Journal Vol 1&2 The Rookery Nook and Brontë Parsonage Vipassana Meditation National Anthem: Malta - L-Innu Malti Qigong Tao Te Ching I Ching Transcendental Meditation® Technique Understand Myself
April 07, 2022
#133: Bitcoin Use Case in El Salvador, 1729 Network State, Become a Global Citizen, Speak Foreign Languages in 6 months with Antoine Dusséaux
My guest today is Antoine Dusséaux. Antoine is a legaltech entrepreneur based in London and co-founded Doctrine, the first legal information platform. He’s passionate about law, economics, geopolitics, and languages. In this episode, we discussed: How to describe 1729 and Network State to children to help them understand this progressive technical concept? What are the fundamental values that bonded the 1729 community? What 1729 community members in common? What's so special about El Salvador? Will the World's First Bitcoin City be the protocol that other countries can learn from? Share the first-hand experience of exploring bitcoin's daily user case in El Salvador. How to be a responsible global citizen and make sense of our world? What's the secret of learning foreign languages as an adult (Antoine is a native French speaker who learned to speak Chinese, Russian and Arabic)? What others hold a stereotype about China is wrong based on your first-hand experience working in a Chinese factory? What's the underground church in China? The relationship between languages and ideologies Why should you start to write online and build connections? Books/links mentioned in this episode The Network State: How To Start a New Country book by Balaji Srinivasan Real Bitcoin use cases in El Salvador Antoine’s Newsletter on Product, Law, Economics, Geopolitics, and Languages Underground church Bitcoin is now ‘legal tender’ in El Salvador How to be fluent in 6 months? Story of Your Life by Ted Chiang Handan, City in China Cultural intelligence: Become a global citizen Linguistic relativity Debate on traditional and simplified Chinese characters What do Taiwanese think of simplified Chinese? Transcript: Vladimir Putin’s Televised Address on Ukraine Learning new languages with Pimsleur Build a Personal Monopoly How to Increase Your Luck Surface Area 1729 Writers Collection
April 02, 2022
SPECIAL EPISODE OVER DRINKS | Chinese migrants’ real experience & perspectives in English speaking countries with Vicci Fu
My guest today is Vicci. She is an experienced video producer and digital marketer and hosts a podcast Big Little Screens commenting about British/American TV shows to Chinese audiences. Vicci and I had a girl's chat and recorded this special episode while drinking a bottle of Italian wine and Japanese Umeshu. Cheers, and enjoy 😊 Why do many Chinese people born in the 1980s/90s have the American dream? Our first trip to English speaking counties — Australia and New Zealand. “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life...” what does London mean to us? What’s so special about London’s blue plaques? What biggest TV hits from Britain influenced Chinese people a lot? The comparison of American and British genres on small screens. Let’s talk about class, race, war, dating, stereotypes and diversity in the British context What are the challenges of cross-cultural communications? Why is there always a media bias between east and west? How to learn a second/third language as an adult? Why it’s so hard to be a female fan in male’s dominant area, e.g. sports and entertainment industry What do we learn about turning 30? Shows/movies/links mentioned in this episode: Vicci’s Podcast Tour in England: National Trust The Rookery Nook and Brontë Parsonage - Haworth Chatsworth House Blue Plaques | English Heritage George Orwell’s London Map Sherlock Holmes Museum Paddington Downton Abbey Years and Years Sex Education Fleabag Bridgerton Comedian Daniel Sloss After Life Inside No. 9 Brit(ish): On Race, Identity and Belonging The Surprising Origins of the Fortune Cookie Public dating profile template tick, tick...BOOM! Dark | Netflix Official Site Ted Lasso David Bowie - The Boy From Brixton Gaga: Five Foot Two
March 08, 2022
#131: Conversation with David Senra: Lessons Learned from Reading 200+ Biographies on Founders
My guest today is David Senra. David is the host of podcast shows Founders. Every week, he reads a biography of an entrepreneur so listeners can learn the lessons from those greatest history and modern figures. In this episode, we discussed: What motivated David to start this niche show to share his learnings of biography and autobiography? How many founders were influenced by those who came before (e.g. Jobs influenced by Edwin Land, Bezos influenced by Sam Walton etc.)? And what’s so special about Benjamin Franklin? What’s the most inspiring story among 200+ founders stories David read? And what’s one unbelievable story from listeners that drove David jumped out of bed every morning? What are the top THREE lessons previous founders can teach and impact current founders? Where do founders like Micheal Jordan and Larry Ellison’s drive come from? What are some intriguing individual connections among founders that surprised us? What creators can learn from Ernest Hemingway, George Lucas and Stephen King? What essential mindset should founders have to turn problems into opportunities? Why shouldn’t current founders follow the formula but focus on the lessons provided by the previous founders? What’s the ONE thing that founders regret on their deathbed? What would David’s biography be? What legacy does he want to leave to his children based on his learnings? Books/links mentioned in this episode: Dan Carlin Hardcore History Kevin Rose interviewing Elon Musk Jocko Podcast The Almanack of Naval Ravikant by ERIC JORGENSON Founders Podcast Books List Insisting On the Impossible : The Life of Edwin Land Hard Drive: Bill Gates and the Making of the Microsoft Empire Indie Hackers Interviewing Pieter Levels Enzo Ferrari: Power, Politics and the Making of an Automobile Empire Born of This Land: My Life Story by Chung Ju-Yung Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike Most Recommended Books by Richard Reis Made in Japan: Akio Morita and Sony by Akio Morita Dru Riley 100 Rules — Personal Philosophy Coco Chanel: The Legend and the Life Driven From Within by Michael Jordan and Mark Vancil Full shownote
January 26, 2022
#130: Digital Nomads, Remote Working, Founders Mental Health, Niche Fame and Nomads Dating with Pieter Levels
My guest today is Pieter Levels. Pieter is a serial founder of multiple products, such as, and In this episode, we discussed: How did Pieter start his digital nomad life and create 12 startups in 12 months? The original story of the birth of What are the common traits of digital nomads based on the 2022 State of Digital Nomads that might surprise people? Why do people need to switch their stereotypes about remote working and adapt to the new way of living? Why has Portugal becomes the indie hacker/nomad / remote worker/entrepreneur hub? What is so good about moving here? The story behind Immigration as a service product: How to overcome depression and anxiety as a serial founder? Why find a therapist speaking a language different from your native language that can work better in therapy sessions? Cliche question: how to balance time and energy as a serial founder? What does it feel like to be a niche famous, and why should people be unreachable? The story about Pieter’s early music career on YouTube channel. What are the future trends of remote working and nomad lifestyles? What’s the current dating market for digital nomads? Books/links mentioned in this episode: 2022 State of Digital Nomads I'm Launching 12 Startups in 12 Months How is Making Friends Changing? Moving to Portugal with Rebase Cognitive behavioural therapy Why I'm unreachable and maybe you should be too The next frontier after remote work is async How to optimise your 24 hours? Fans and Haters 11 Reasons Not to Become Famous (or “A Few Lessons Learned Since 2007”)
January 21, 2022
#129: Hero's journey, Morphic Resonance, Global Phase Change and Jordan B. Peterson with Tom Morgan
My guest today is Tom Morgan. Tom is the Director of Communications & Content at The KCP Group and writes a newsletter called The Attention Span. Tom has spent the last 16 years on Wall Street in research and data sales and focuses on consuming content and tries to extract actionable insights for busy people. In this episode, we discussed: What’s a trend of modernist holism? What’s the global phase change? What’s Morphic Resonance? Do we have a solid explanation about coincidence and luck? How to avoid falling into your echo chamber and be a mindful reader/listener in today’s world? What do Joseph Cambell and Carl Jung’s mean about ‘follow your bliss’ or ‘follow your interests? How do we calculate our own hero journey? The three stages of life on ego and surrender. Jordan B. Peterson’s transition from books to books and the hemispheric breakdown from his book Maps of Meanings. Why does ‘Hero Journey’ grips our attention all the time? When you revisit fairy tales as a grow-up, there is always a new meaning behind them. What’s the symbolic meaning behind horned god? The concept of the dragon as a symbol in western and eastern society The hidden meanings behind Pinocchio Why is it so important to calculate the emotional granularity for educating the next generation? What’s the one thing that didn’t make sense to you before, but when you look back and it all connected? Books & links mentioned in this episode The Matter With Things by Iain McGilchrist Infinite Loop Podcast | Curation in the Age of Information Abundance (EP.61) All you Need is Love? (EP.74) Insights from “The Matter with Things.” | KCP Morphic Resonance - Rupert Sheldrake Does Nature Have A Hidden Memory? - Rupert Sheldrake | Modern Wisdom Podcast 379 The World’s Hidden Harmony This is Water by David Foster Wallace (Full Transcript and Audio) Joseph Campbell -- Follow Your Bliss Marie-Louise von Franz  The Dragon as a symbol finally explained - Jordan Peterson Beyond Order: Twelve More Rules for Life Maps Of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief Biblical Series II: Genesis 1: Chaos & Order Nu Wa, Chinese Mythology Figure Emotional granularity The Midlife Unraveling by Brené Brown
January 12, 2022
#128: Learning Chinese, Future of Education, Reading and Writing with Will Mannon
My guest today is Will Mannon 马晓伟. Will is the Course Director of Write of Passage and passionate about online education. In his free time, Will enjoys exploring language, literature, history, and philosophy. He lived in China for six months and is a comfortable Mandarin speaker. We discussed: The motivation behind learning Chinese and how to learn a foreign language in adult year The difference between the Chinese and American education system What's the uncommon fire that motivates you to keep going? A brief introduction of Write of Passage and how writing online can accelerate personal and career development? What's the future of online learning? Three advantages of building up the cohort-based online course Four common traits and challenges from online writing How to find your online writing process? How to navigate in the age of information abundance? How to form a reading habit and some book recommendations? How does reading biography permit us to pursue our bliss? Chat about Fernando Pessoa and Ralph Waldo Emerson What is the wisdom you learned from your favourite writers? Books and links mentioned in this episode: Will Learns Chinese The National College Entrance Examination (Gaokao, 高考) itakie: 1-on-1 lessons in more than 150 languages An Uncommon Fire Mimetic theory by René Girard Write of Passage – An online course by David Perell Building a Second Brain Paul Graham The Man with 73 Masks The Social Dilemma Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life by William Finnegan Self Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson I. Asimov: A Memoir by Isaac Asimov Founders Podcast Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa 读书会分享 | 葡萄牙作家费尔南多·佩索阿 Existentialism is a Humanism by Jean-Paul Sartre The The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus The Stranger by Albert Camus Flowism: My Philosophy of Living Follow Will Mannon on Twitter and check out his website
December 18, 2021
Human/Computer Language, Rationality vs. Intuition, Women in Tech and Job Interview Tips with Xuan
Kia Ora, Nihao and hello! Welcome to the Chiwi Journal Podcast. My guest today is Xuan. Xuan's footprints covered from a small village in China to the capital city Beijing then moved to DC and NYC and now settled in LDN. She studied English lit, Linguistics and Philosophy at university, trained herself in programming, and currently works as a software engineer. We discussed: How does exchanging poetry every day help us find beauty and truth during a lockdown? The encounter of divided brain theory and how we have become enslaved to an account of things dominated by the brain’s left hemisphere? The journey from studying human language and philosophy to computer language and machine learning Will get rid of emotion help us to deliver information in a more accurate way like computer code? The relationship between time and language Have you ever used your rational mind to structure your intuitional decision? Are humans doomed to be misunderstood due to the nature of language and communications? How does writing online generate the serendipity for people to meet IRL? How have women in tech evolved in those years? How can an individual do to help get more girls into technology? How to prepare for a job interview? A story of finding a tech job without any working experience during lockdown Books and links mentioned in this episode: A Paradise of Poems Infinite Loop Podcast with Tom Morgan — All you Need is Love? (EP.74) The Matter With Things by Iain McGilchrist Responsive Web Design Neuralink San Pedro Retreat Self Authoring Flowism Yi Jing (易经) Dao De Jing (道德经)
December 11, 2021
#126 SPECIAL EPISODE | Life is VIC NIC with Hugo Branco and Jorge Loura
Welcome to the special episode of the Chiwi Journal Podcast. I'm sitting with two artists in Aveiro, Portugal to record this episode. Hugo Branco, musician and artistic director of VIC // Aveiro Arts House Jorge Loura, musician and guitarist from Troll's Toy We share the behind-scene stories of the 1st Unclassifiable Music Festival of Aveiro and introduce the difficult labelled artists who will perform on 26th and 27th November at VAGA Festival! Come and join us if you can! We talked about: Portuguese treasure artist Vasco Branco and his residence Vic Art House in a glance VIC NIC, a sanctuary for wild artists, thinkers and technicians, aiming to stimulate togetherness, experimentation and co-creation via sound, visual and literary works. The story of music band Troll's Toy The new trend of undefined music VAGA Music Festival 2021 The artist way of living There is much beauty and inspiration everywhere in life. The vision of VIC NIC and the digital transformation facing musicians What's #ATERELINCHAS Introduction of the featured artists 【BGM】 Troll's Toy (Rock | Jazz | Improvisation | Exploratory) 【Troll's Toy - Inibicao Da Ira】 Azia (Psychedelic Rap | Hip Pop) 【Azia - Foque-o! (ft. DEL)】 LÄGRIMA (Folk | Exploratory | Visual Art) 【Lägrima - live at VIC Aveiro Arts House】 Santi Lesca (Exploratory | Electronica | Rock | World) 【Santi Lesca - Simultaneidad】 Skier and Yeti (Original | Humor | Electronica) 【Skier_and_Yeti】 DJ: OMLET JD & FREIMATIC DJS JOIN US FOR THE FIRST-EVER UNCLASSIFIED MUSIC FESTIVAL IN AVEIRO!
November 24, 2021
#125: Asian in Western World, Buddhism and Neuroscience, Stay True to Yourself with Christin Chong
My guest today is Christin Chong. She is a neuroscientist at heart and enjoys investigating consciousness through the Buddhist lens. Christin's work history continues to evolve—from research in the lab to biotech marketing, to creating a delicious self-care tea for physical + mental health, to establish a community for accelerator compassion. In today's episode, we discussed: Our experience with Write of Passage Cohort 7 online writing course led by David Perell. What's it feel like to be the Third Culture Kids/Adults? How to deal with a multi-culture identity crisis? The journey of moving to the US and a serendipitous chance to study neuroscience under a strict apprenticeship model How does intuition help us make decisions? What's your hero's journey? What's the difference between western and eastern Buddhism? What's the connection between Buddhism and neuroscience? What's Alliance for Bhikkhunis? And what's Theravadan Buddhist tradition (e.g. four noble truths and noble eightfold path)? The San Pedro psychedelic experience. How does psychedelic help us to have different perspectives about the world and clarify life purpose? Why is meditation not the cure for every your problems? What's the future of online courses to build the community? Introduction to Compassion Accelerator and Honeyritual Tea Books/Links mentioned in this episode: Write of Passage Third culture kid Third Culture Adult Book American Born Chinese (ABC) Trainspotting Why Buddhism Is True by Robert Wright Buddha's Brain by Rick Hanson Jiro Dreams of Sushi Antonio Damasio The Hero's Journey: Joseph Campbell on His Life and Work Infinite Loops Podcast: Tom Morgan — All you Need is Love? (EP.74) Theravada 南传佛教 Four Noble Truths Noble Eightfold Path The San Pedro psychedelic retreat experience Flowism: My Philosophy of Living Connect with Christin: Christin's website Christin's Twitter Compassion Accelerator Honeyritual Tea - CHIWI20 for 20% off (US customers only)
November 19, 2021
#124: Unschooling, Innovating Education, Intuitive Learning and Startup Cities with Zach Caceres
My guest today is Zach Caceres. He is an experienced software engineer and focuses on modern web technologies. He is interested in education and ##StartupCities and initiated a couple of cool projects in the relevant areas. In today's episode, we discussed: Zach's unschooling experiences at a young age and his way of learning. Why choose to go back to university later on? Hilarious stories on the arbitrary bureaucracy of our modern education What's the essence of education? Case study of innovating education from within Guatemala's top university Sneak peek of The Intuitive Programmer project, learning how to learn What's community technology? What's Startup City? Stories on informal entrepreneurs and almost dead experience in Africa and South America. How does technology power up the city building and enhance people's living conditions? Brief introduction of Benjamin Blooms's two sigma problems What's 'The Great Fact' raised by Deirdre McCloskey What get you most excited about the future? Books and links mentioned in this episode: Zach's super cool website Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential Innovating Education from Within Guatemala's Top University Professor Barbara Oakley Polymath Michael Polanyi The Intuitive Programmer: Learning How to Learn Programming Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) Learning how to learn | Barbara Oakley | TEDxOaklandUniversity Focused vs. diffuse thinking: which is better for learning? Pathological Altruism The Start Of Startup Cities Culdesac Tempe: The first car-free neighborhood built from scratch in the US! CityDAO: Blockchain Cities IRL Informal Entrepreneurship Stealth of Nations by Robert Neuwirth City of God movie Amazing video shows 10-story high-rise built in a day Maybe the Coronavirus Was Lower-Hanging Fruit Benjamin Blooms's two sigma problems Khan Academy Duolingo Ad Astra Academy The Great Fact- the humongous increase in humans' standard of living that began about 200 years ago.
October 31, 2021
#123: Kiwi returning home, Global talent relocation, NZ working culture and TCK with Bridget Romanes
My guest today is Bridget Romanes. She is the Founder of Mobile Relocation Ltd, helping Kiwis returning to work and live at homeland, assisting migrants and expats relocating to New Zealand, and offering a tailored program for businesses to recruit and retain international talent throughout Aotearoa. We discussed: From expat herself to founding the company to help expats, Bridget's cross-culture career journey The motivation behind starting a business solving talents relocation challenges. What are the top three struggles facing returning home Kiwis? How to overcome the reverse culture shock and mentally prepare well for returning home? How will children get affected by moving around? What's The Third Culture Kid (TCK)? What's the MIQ system? How can we better assist global talent to relocate to New Zealand? Thoughts on future work. Will remote working become mainstream in New Zealand? What's unique about the Kiwi working culture? What's the top three factors of NZ that will appeal to global talent to come? How to deal with the negative attitudes from locals toward migrants? If you could change one policy that will make your job easier, what would that be? What do you get most excited about future? Books and links mentioned in the episode: Bridget Romanes LinkedIn Free Move to NZ Checklist Tall poppy syndrome 30 Kiwi Slang Terms you need to know before you visit Third culture kids (TCK) The Third Culture Adult Book New Zealand MIQ System Are we returning to the office? Or is the future remote? Christchurch mosque shootings New Zealand Offers One-Off Resident Visa to 165,000 Migrants Mobile Relocation— Impacts of Reverse Culture Shock for Returning Kiwis (
October 27, 2021
#122: Digital Nomad, Self-actualization, Chinese Buddhism and Love with Allison Wang
My guest today is Allison Wang. She is a founder of a yoga brand, Awake. She is currently living a digital nomad life and writing a blog, and running a podcast channel. Allison and I used to be online friends, but we finally met in Madeira and recorded this podcast sitting in front of the Atlantic Ocean. The sound quality might not be perfect, but you’ll be able to hear the sound of waves and feel the zen vibes while we were talking about meditation, self-realisation and love. We discussed: Our random meetup in Madeira and some highlights at this digital nomad village. How to support yourself while living a digital nomad life? The journey of becoming a content creator Why the late 20s is the most painful period for the majority of people? Why do people never get satisfied even though they’ve achieved so-called successful life? Which four parts contribute to Self-actualization? Brief intro of Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi and Daoism What Chinese writer Su Shi taught us about life? How did early Chinese education on reciting poetry help us understand life better? The experience of egoless, can we hold this status forever? Why is love inconsistent, and how do you know he/she is your soulmate? Is there a cure for our modern loneliness? Books and links mentioned in this episode: Digital Nomads Madeira Islands Tim Ferriss 4-Hour Workweek Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu 煽风点火 Shan Feng Dian Huo Podcast Rumi American neuroendocrinology researcher and author Robert Morris Sapolsky Yoga With Adriene Transcendental Meditation Zen Buddhism 101 - The Power of Zen Meditation Henry Shukman — Zen, Tools for Awakening, Ayahuasca vs Meditation, Intro to Koans, and Using Wounds as the Doorway "Memento Mori": The Reminder We All Desperately Need Ryan Holiday Seneca Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi Chinese writer Su Shi Zhuangzi loses his wife Prelude to Water Melody by Su Shi Qingyuan Weixin three stages of life
September 21, 2021
#121: Chinese Philosophy, Traditional Festivals, 4 Character Idioms and Podcast Lessons with Jay Yow
My guest today is Jay Yow. Jay is a recording and mixing engineer and a gamer. He was born in Malaysia and immigrated to America in his adults year. Jay is currently the producer of one of my favourite podcasts James Altucher Show. We discussed: What's it like to be a bilingual writer producing two newsletters to two different audiences? How James Altucher adopted Jay and trained him to be his sound engineer? What are the top three lessons learnt from James Altucher Show that interviewed 700+ guests? How does playing games teach us about life and learn a new language and business strategy? What's the traditional Chinese education role in the Malaysian education system? What's the origin story of famous Chinese festivals such as the Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-autumn Festival? Who are the most famous poets in ancient China? Why there are so many different versions of history? What's the TRUTH? What's the fundamental difference between Chinese philosophy and western philosophy? Share some four-character idioms that are valuable: Wo Xin Chang Dan and Sai Weng Shi Ma Books/Links mentioned in this episodes: David Perell Write of Passage Jesse Itzler: The $160,000 Lesson How to connect with the greatest network in the world with AJ Jacobs How to Have Impossible Conversations when facts don't matter with Peter Boghossian How to start a conversation with Strangers? with Joe Keohane Fantasy Premier League 20/21 Review One Hundred Thousand Whys A story of Sima Guang Three Character Classic China’s Shakespeare - Du Fu Li Bai and Du Fu Dragon Boat Festival Mid-Autumn Festival Dynasties in Chinese history Qin Shi Huang Burning of books and burying of scholars Legalism (Chinese philosophy) Opium Wars Journey to the West Black Myth: Wukong Full version
September 13, 2021
#120: Sovereign Individual, Digital Age, Multi-incomes/citizenships with Doug Antin
Kia Ora, Nihao and hello! Welcome to the Chiwi Journal Podcast. I’m your host Camellia Yang. My guest today is Doug Antin. He is the Founder and Author of TSI Global Media, a company covering the Digital Age and how the current digital transformation creates a new class of people. Doug is also writing The Sovereign Individual Weekly Newsletter, providing insights, analysis, and actionable advice helping you become a Sovereign Individual and make the most of the digital transformation. We discussed: What’s the definition of the Sovereign Individual? Why should you care? How does a book written 20 years ago perfectly predict our current world? What digital trends support sovereign individual lifestyles? How do we deal with information abundance as a content creator? What role does blockchain and bitcoin play in this Sovereign Individual movement? Is there a conflict between becoming a sovereign individual vs be part of the community? Why should you have multiple citizenships? What stops people from becoming sovereign individuals? What’s the reason behind that? How to cultivate multiple income streams? If you can live and work anywhere, where would you go, and what criteria to consider? What’s the difference between a sovereign individual and an anarchist? How to build the system to run a weekly newsletter? Which three books to read when consider being a sovereign individual? Books and links mentioned in this episode: The Sovereign Individual: Mastering the Transition to the Information Age by James Dale Davidson and William Rees-Mogg How to Start a New Country by Balaji Srinivasan Neo-medievalism The Sovereign Individual Weekly Important Things About the Digital Age Future Shock by Alvin Toffler Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely Night as Frontier: Colonizing the World After Dark by Murray Melbin Thanks for listening to this episode.  Remember that you can join my monthly newsletter email list at, where I spend 140+ hours digging valuable insights from books, articles and podcasts and share them in a 6-min easy-to-read email. Please rate or leave a review on Apple Podcasts to help others discover this podcast if you like the show.
September 03, 2021
#119: Born as a Girl, Chinese Higher Education System, Stereotypes and Migrant Entrepreneurship with Royal Reed
Kia Ora, Nihao and hello! Welcome to the Chiwi Journal Podcast. I’m your host Camellia Yang. My guest today is Royal Reed. Royal has 20 years of experience in the NZ legal profession. She is also well respected in the Chinese community as a TV and Radio presenter and for her legal education programs for the community. Her legal practice and excellent cross-cultural dispute resolution have received recognition in New Zealand and Greater China. We discussed: What’s it like of being a girl born in a traditional Chinese family that parents favour boys over girls? What’s the bias that the old generation hold of giving birth to a girl? The decision making process behind picking up a career and move abroad. Why do Chinese people consider the National College Entrance examination as the only way to lead to a bright future? Does it contribute to many competitive Chinese students? What’s the difference between the New Zealand education system and the Chinese education system? How many stereotypes have Asian women received overseas? What’s bamboo plus glass ceiling facing Asian migrants in career? How to skin in the game and achieve a career breakthrough? Does local working experience still matter that much in today’s digital world? What internal and external factors drive Royal to start her own business? How to cultivate business culture as a female migrant leader? A brief introduction about On Being Bold organisation? Books and links mentioned in this episode Qingming Festival One-child policy The National College Entrance Examination (aka Gaokao) Empowering Women | On Being Bold Conference Bamboo ceiling Royal's interview on OBB (*Correct: The year I attended Gaokao was with 10 million people, not 20 million)
August 18, 2021
#118: Zen Meditation, Most Recommended Books, Competitiveness and Know Thyself with Richard Reis
My guest today is Richard Reis. He is the co-founder of Most Recommended Books, a voracious reader and a blogger. Richard also enjoys finance and building stuff. We discussed: Richard recently has done a three-month Zen Meditation retreat and shared his experience. What’s so unique about Zen Meditation compared with other meditation (e.g. mindfulness and TM)? Why should we focus on cultivating our intuition? What’s the motivation to build the Most Recommended Books? What’re the most recommended books in common? What’s Tim Ferriss’s effect? How to deal with self-doubt when building something new or running a startup? What traits of Larry Ellison worthy learning? Where does people’s competitiveness come from? What are the benefits of speaking multiple languages? Do people change personalities while speaking different languages? How to deal with loneliness and lack of community support while moving around very often? Is personality test the way to help Know Thyself? Books and links mentioned in this episode: Mountain Cloud Zen Centre A conversation between Sam Harris and Henry Shukman The Mysterious/Unsolvable Zen Koans - Henry Shukman, Associate Master of Sanbo Zen Japanese Zen Buddhist Philosophy 10% Happier by Dan Harris Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio Mind for Numbers: How to Excel at Math and Science by Barbara Oakley Steve Jobs on Intuition Most Recommended Books The Tim Ferriss Show Derek Sivers The Facebook Effect by David Kirkpatrick If it's not a hit, switch The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss Softwar: An Intimate Portrait of Larry Ellison and Oracle by Larry Ellison and Matthew Symonds The Billionaire and the Mechanic: How Larry Ellison and a Car Mechanic Teamed Up to Win Sailing’s Greatest Race, The America’s Cup by Julian Guthrie Founders Podcast (Highly recommend!) How to think like a programmer — lessons in problem solving Full version of shownote
August 14, 2021
#117: Revolution, Ideology, Cyber Anarchism and Nation/Network State with Nick Lee
Kia Ora, Nihao and hello! Welcome to the Chiwi Journal Podcast. I’m your host Camellia Yang. My guest today is Nick Lee. He is a university instructor of Sociology and Humanities and Co-Host of the Revolution and Ideology program. We discussed: Nick’s combined background of finance, technology, sociology and phycology Brief introduction of the Revolution and Ideology podcast How do we judge whether a revolution is successful or not? What’s Cyber Anarchism? What’re the responses to Balaji’s Network State/Union essays on Are we conditioned to be settlers or nomads? What’s the definition of a state? What’s the rule of violence? How do ideologies and -isms affect people’s life and behaviour? Can we escape from ideologies? What misunderstanding from the mass about anarchism? How can we challenge the status quo and build the Network State? What are technology debt and ideology debt? Is China a real Communism country? What about Russia? Books and links mentioned in this episode: Revolution and Ideology podcast French Revolution American Revolution Cyber Anarchism Network State/Union by Balaji Srinivasan The Art of Not Being Governed by James C. Scott Max Weber's definition on Nation State Rogers M. Smith Antonio Gramsci's theory of hegemony Cultural Revolution The End of History and the Last Man by Francis Fukuyama Werner Herzog's films Anarchism as a philosophy Lenin’s Conception of Socialism Thanks for listening to this episode. Remember that you can join my monthly newsletter email list at, where I spend 140+ hours digging valuable insights from books, articles and podcasts and share them in a 6-min easy-to-read email. If you like the show, please rate or leave a review on Apple Podcasts to help others discover this podcast.
August 08, 2021
#116: Artistic journey, Self-realisation and Life philosophy with Monica Tong
Kia ora, Nihao and hello! Welcome to the Chiwi Journal Podcast. I’m your host Camellia Yang. My guest today is Monica Tong. Monica was born in Nanjing, China, and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. She spent eight years in the finance industry in New Zealand and Australia before she turned to her passion for art and design. She studied and practised as a multi-media artist in Los Angeles and currently lives in London. We talked about: What's Chiwi (Chiwi Kiwi)? And What traits of Chiwi have? What’s so good about New Zealand’s working-life balance environment and career break policy? The journey of giving up a highly paid banking job to pursue a passion in the art world. How does work with clay can bring a time-travelling experience? Why does making ceramics artworks can bring you mindfulness and joy? How to deal with self-doubt that and gain back confidence while shifting your career path? How to cope with peer pressures and traditional Chinese family’s values when choosing to be an artist? Brief intro about egg-frozen experience and women in 30s dilemma Success means have a single impact on individual life and let the ripple effect brings on positive changes. Bring ceramics to elders and children to see the world through different lenses. Books and Links Mentioned: Wabi-sabi philosophy Dao De Jing The Third Cultural Adults Ralph Waldo Emerson - To laugh often and much; to win respect; to earn appreciation; to find the beauty in others; to leave the world better; one life has breathed easier because you lived here. Get in touch with Monica Instagram: @momo_production @studio.m.ceramics Monica's website Royal Colleague of Arts profile Thanks for listening to this episode. Remember that you can join my monthly newsletter email list at, where I spend 140+ hours digging valuable insights from books, articles and podcasts and share them in a 6-min easy-to-read email. If you like the show, please rate or leave a review on Apple Podcasts to help others discover this podcast.
August 02, 2021
#115: Home-schooling, Writing in Bilingual, Future of Education and GenZ with Gabriele Pizzi
My guest today is Gabriele Pizzi. He is 18 years old Italian and currently lives in northeastern Italy. He has been homeschooling since 2020 and now exploring the art of sculpture, bio-design, and digital fabrication. We discussed: What made Gabriele quit public school and homeschooling? Why are education systems around the world very similar? How to cope with peer pressure while choosing the unusual path? How to find your interests and have the discipline to run the self-learning program? The challenges facing bilingual writers? Why writing is the best way to test your learnings? Why apprenticeship is a great way to make friends and learn skills? How to build your networking and setting up your career goal while homeschooling? What GenZ wish other generations to know them better? What get Gabriele most excited about the future? Books and links mentioned in this episode: Education Tim Ferriss Show with Balaji Jean Paul Sartre: NO EXIT The Start Of Startup Cities Waldorf School (Steiner School) Free Private Cities: Making Governments Compete For You by Titus Gebel Get in touch with Gabriele! Twitter @gabrielepizzi, Linkedin, Email
July 22, 2021
#114 Linguistics History, Latin America, Sino-U.S. Relations, and Global Mindsets with Jim
Kia Ora, Nihao and hello! Welcome to the Chiwi Journal Podcast. I’m your host Camellia Yang. On the show, I interview global citizens who follow a unique path to build a better future and share stories and tips they learned along the way. Our conversations are focus on cultural observations, technology trends, career development and philosophy. My guest today is Jim. He is an experienced digital nomad and worked in consulting, strategy & marketing, agribusiness and education. Jim is a 1.5 generation Chinese-American who has studied, lived and worked across four continents and speaks multiple languages. I hope you enjoy this episode. We discussed: Jim's early childhood memory of moving to America as a young kid and growing up experiencing three different cultures (Latino, American and Chinese cultures) Comparing three different languages (Chinese, English and Spanish) and giving a brief history of the Chinese language Why do modern Chinese speak Mandarin? What is the professional and social life like in Brazil for a North American Asian? The stories of the Japanese diaspora in Brazil and the Chinese diaspora in Panama Perspectives on melting pots as well as Chinese, Asian and Asian American experiences in America How to define one's identity as a Third Culture Kid? Jim's three points on the current state of Sino-U.S. relations How to cultivate a global mindset? 1729ers community, tech progressives, and network unions What get Jim most excited about the future? Books and links mentioned in this episode: Classic Chinese Novels Zi Zhi Tong Jian What Old Chinese may have sound like (around time of Confucius) What Middle Chinese (around 6th - 13th centuries) sounded like based on rhyme tables What Ming Dynasty early Mandarin (circa 16th - early 17th century) sounded like based on Jesuit missionaries’ recordings Exclusive video of Emperor Puyi's Testimoy At The Tokyo Trials Japanese Brazilians German Oktoberfest of Blumenau, Brazil Third Culture Kids and Third Culture Adults 1729ers Community Shownotes web version Thanks for listening to this episode of “Chiwi Journal”. Remember that you can join my monthly newsletter email list at, where I spend 140+ hours digging valuable insights from books, articles and podcasts and share them in a 6-min easy-to-read email.
July 16, 2021
#113: E-residency Program, SDZ Alliance, China-US Relation, Chartered Cities with Joel Burke
Kia Ora, Nihao and hello! Welcome to the Chiwi Journal Podcast. I’m your host Camellia Yang. On the show, I interview global citizens who follow a unique path to build a better future and share stories and tips they learned along the way. Our conversations are focus on cultural observations, technology trends, career development and philosophy. My guest today is Joel Burke. He is the partner at Tribe AI, MA Candidate at Georgetown’sGeorgetown’s International Business & Policy program. He leads the e-Residency program at the Republic of Estonia and has been a mentor to a startup accelerator focused on defence solutions in the US. He has been to over 50 countries, lived and worked on 3.5 continents and helped with many remote work visa and city-building projects. We discussed: How Joel started his career and showed interest in the intersection between tech and policy? A summary of the E-residency program at Estonia that Balaji mentioned What the advantages for small countries leveraging digitalisation? What’s the opportunity for startups in the public service sector? Share some other initiatives, e.g. Columbia remote work visa and SDZ Alliance (Ethiopia city-building project) Response on the “Cloud-first, Land second” concept of building the future. A thought experiment on uploading minds online and downloading on any form of a body. With the increasing tense between China and the US, what Joel’s views on current geopolitics based on his experiences? China has tremendously invested in Africa’s infrastructure. What local people’s perspective towards China? Among all 50 countries Joel travelled and lived in, what’s the most interesting culture shock? Top three tips for people who choose to live a nomadic lifestyle and do remote works in the future What gets Joel most excited about the future? A brief overview of chartered cities Books and Links Mentioned: The Sovereign Individual: Mastering the Transition to the Information Age by James Dale Davidson and William Rees-Mogg E-residency Estonia SDZ ALLIANCE Stand on Zanzibar by John Brunner The Three-Body Problem by Liu Cixin. Connect with Joel on LinkedIn Remember that you can join my monthly newsletter email list at, where I spend 140+ hours digging valuable insights from books, articles and podcasts and share them in a 6-min easy-to-read email. If you like the show, please rate or leave a review on Apple Podcasts to help others discover this podcast.
July 04, 2021
#112: Digital Nomad, Community Building and 1729 Discord Community with Chance Taken
Kia Ora, Nihao and hello! Welcome to the Chiwi Journal Podcast. I’m your host Camellia Yang. On the show, I interview global citizens who follow a unique path to build a better future and share stories and tips they learned along the way. Our conversations are focus on cultural observations, technology trends, career development and philosophy. My guest today is Chance Taken. Chance is currently remote-working @On Deck. He is also a co-founder @Chingu.  We discussed: Chance's digital nomad lifestyle How to cope with loneliness? What tools to use while relocating? Will remote working dominate the employment market? What's Chingu, and what problem is it going to solve? What's On Deck? Will the cohort model be the future? When people from all over the world working together, how do you create an environment for a nice cross-cultural? What's the motivation to create the 1729 Discord Community (note: it's not an official 1729 community)? What's the purpose of the 1729 Discord Community? Why 1729 encourage people to build up a decentralised media platform? How to deal with the reverse culture shock as a global citizen when back to your motherland? The technology and infrastructure progress of Asian countries What's advice for becoming a digital nomad and adapt to remote working? Top three tips for community building Linked mentioned from this episode: Balaji Srinivasan on Tim Ferriss Show 1729 Discord Community The Start Of Startup Cities The Pseudonymous Economy - Balaji Srinivasan  Badass: making users awesome by Kathy Sierra If you like the show, please rate or leave a review on Apple Podcasts or subscribe to any podcasts platforms to help others discover this show. Your support makes all the difference! 
June 28, 2021
#111: 再见,是为了更好的相见
理想屯播客今天迎来了大结局!从2017年堵车无聊时突发奇想开通了这档聊天节目,到现在身居地球两地,这档节目已经走过了四个年头。主播们在成长,陪我们一路走来的你,又经历了哪些变化呢?本期播客并没有什么寻常,还是我和LJ@李谐说 的一次远程电话沟通,你将听到: - 从开始到现在,我们的录播客感悟 - 你想为世界留下点什么?你会选择永生吗? - 对元宇宙的探索,物质世界 vs 虚拟世界;理性 vs 动物性 - Memes或者表情包会如何影响我们的文化?语言 vs memes - 印象最深刻的播客单集, 发现对方有了哪些变化?(好像大家还是最喜欢前任聊天的单集哈哈) - 聊点创作者经济和未来趋势 - 吐槽资本主义这打不死的小强 - “如果再也不能见到你,祝你早安,午安,晚安。” Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website:
June 01, 2021
#110: 48小时说拜拜!欧超联赛的前世今生
有着「两日维新」的欧超联赛最近占据了国内外各大体育媒体的头版头条,本期节目球姐请来了两位文娱产业观察者,同时也是资深球迷的@安若谷 @柏亚舟 老师,和大家分享一下我们对于现代足球改革的一些看法。 什么是欧超联赛?为什么豪门集体选择在此时推出欧超联赛? 评析欧超涉及的利益相关方(国际足联、欧足联和英超等) 从产业角度、足球运动角度、和球迷身份角度分析欧超的核心争议在哪里? 欧洲足球社区模式 vs 美国运动商业联盟模式 传统产业面临全球化和数字化冲击时,难免需要与时俱进做出改变 本土和海外球迷、球队本身和ZF官方对于欧超的反应和态度 英超诞生的历史背景,为什么相似的强强对决概念在当时能顺利通过? 震惊足坛的「海塞尔球场」惨案对英国足球产生的影响 从欧冠的诞生过程,以及当年的G14,看当代足坛利益竞争的历史重演 你如何定义足球俱乐部?是属于球迷的胜地,还是金主眼中的赚钱机器? 聊聊切尔西、阿森纳、曼联、曼城和利物浦背后的老板们 体育产业三大版块:赛事、平台和版权。赛事改变牵一发而动全身 两位阿森纳球迷对温格早年采访时预测未来的分析,以及吐槽克伦克 展望中国足球发展,以及中国球迷对于欧超的看法 (备注:节目中所述具体数字和具体人物名称可进一步查询确认) 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang Instagram:@camelliayang Website:
April 22, 2021
#109:对话孙小社 | 子时极阴则转阳,给社会点时间和耐心吧
本期节目请来了@新西兰冷百科孙小社 做客理想屯,和大家分享他在海外生活的经历,从社会学的角度探讨年轻人的内卷生活和生活变革,以及小社在新西兰的育儿经验。你将听到: 1. 全网通行的「孙小社」名称大起底 2. 当年新西兰留学圈熟知的「文聚合」的前世今生 3. 每个人都有「文艺时刻」,有没有一个平台和社区能让我们畅所欲言治愈孤独? 4. 留学潮时代下诞生的「新西兰青年联合会」 5. 为什么当代年轻人总是被上一代吐槽说「你们不行」,背后的社会学原因是什么? 6. 「邓巴数目」解释当今「社恐」的普遍存在性 7. 为什么我们既害怕孤独又害怕打破孤独主动交流 8. 因兴趣结缘的社交关系为何如此脆弱? 9. 你会怀念当年热情的邻里文化吗?我们要社会效率还是要人情味? 10. 小社对孩子的五项价值观培养:知宇宙之浩渺,知自然之繁盛,知生死之坦然,知科学之无垠,知历史之可鉴。 11. 让球姐目瞪口呆的「科学早恋」和「鸡娃」概念 12. 「直升机式家长」真的是开明的吗?孩子也需要理解父母的「降级焦虑」 13. 新西兰的毛利文化如何促进新西兰的民族融合性? 14. 从「电梯问题」讲起,我们为什么应该对人类社会发展充满信心 15. 「崔杼弑其君」的故事启发我们树立宏大的宇宙观,摆脱生活小问题的困扰 🎙️  收听方式:可在其他各大播客平台/app搜索「理想屯」或者「The CJ Show」进行收听。 如果你喜欢我们的节目,别忘了在苹果播客给我们五星好评哟! 👋🏻  理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang Instagram:@camelliayang Website:
April 14, 2021
#108:对话Joan| 两个十几年社交媒体从业人的漫谈
本期节目球姐请来了新西兰旅游局全球社交媒体负责人Joan Zhang,和大家聊聊她的留学和海外求职经历,你将听到: 1. 疫情下的新西兰如何通过社交媒体推动旅游 2. 你知道新西兰旅游局在Spotify出过专辑吗?全球第一家哟!​ 3. 分享几个有意思的新西兰社交媒体营销活动 4. 两个从事社交媒体十几年的人因战胜算法沾沾自喜 5. Joan从欧洲到新西兰的留学移民之路分享 6. Joan非洲义工经历 7. 初来乍到新西兰时,我们遇到的文化冲击 8. 在新西兰找工作最重要的事情! 9. 新西兰航空靠自黑本国口音,在圣诞营销中脱颖而出 10. 留学生们经常被问到的问题:请问你是哪里口音?你从哪里来? 11. 如何看待亚裔和女性在职场上的身份问题 12. 浅谈如今火热的Creator Economy 13. 为什么社交媒体从业人士本身的粉丝都不多? 14. 我们对海明威和伍尔夫选择自杀的好奇 嘉宾推荐阅读: - Anthony Bourdain旅游美食节目 - 弗吉尼亚·伍尔夫作品 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang Instagram:@camelliayang Clubhouse: @camelliayang Website:  ​
April 05, 2021
【理想屯播客】本期节目球姐和LJ继续闲聊,你将听到: 1. LJ拍摄南极光之旅 2. 新富们纷纷逃离城市建自己的农场,数字革命之后的大城市还会那么有吸引力吗? 3. 创作者经济了解一下呀 4. Sam Altman《万物摩尔定律》:人工智能取代机械劳动力后的社会什么样? 5. 还记着软件游戏都是放在盒子里邮寄到家的日子吗? 6. 现在很火的NTF会成为下一个风口吗? 7. Elon Musk引领NTF套娃拍卖,后悔当年玩网游的我们怎么没靠卖皮肤和装备发家 8. 什么是真实?虚拟现实(VR)真的是虚假的吗? 9. 人类社会的进步离不开好的故事 10. 一个幻化出80多个身份的作家:费尔南多·佩索阿《不安之书》 11. Enneagram Type人格测试,了解不同维度的自我 12. 你用身份和头衔定义自己,当有一天它们都离你而去,那你是谁呢? 14. 斯多葛派的人生教义:人固有一死 15. 球姐自创的Flowism哲学,加会员吗? 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
March 23, 2021
#106:对话后方| 和命运打交道时,我学会拥抱脆弱并坚定自我
本期节目球姐请来了在新西兰航空工作时的同事搭档后方Knight,和大家分享他的职场和创业经验,以及在疫情时期如何重整旗鼓走出阴霾的经历,你将听到: - Knight从留学生选专业到拿到新西兰国企公司offer的经历 - 如何把握先机从技术部门跳到市场部门实现职场飞跃? - 回忆在老东家新西兰航空的点滴,缅怀疫情前抬头就有飞机看的时光 - 对区块链着迷时期曾从新西兰飞到美国西海岸疯狂参加meetups - 为什么选择创业?如何定义一位好的创业者?如何与联合创始人沟通共事? - 如何建立人脉和维系关系网络? - 运气在人生道路上扮演的角色 - 2020年疫情迎期间遭遇人生低谷时如何走出阴霾? - 意识世界的奇妙之处 - 男人也应该有MeToo运动,那就是分享脆弱感,聚焦精神和心理健康 - 人生是学会做减法的过程,找到你享受的’苦难’ 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
March 12, 2021
#105:3.8特别节目| 无关性别 浅谈对抗焦虑和抑郁并庆祝无意义
本期国际女人节特别节目,球姐和好朋友Ellen聊聊我们作为人类逃不出的焦虑和抑郁问题,从生理健康如何影响心理健康说起,最后谈到人生的意义,你将听到: 1. 什么是FOMO,为什么人们会有害怕错过的焦虑感? 2. 焦虑和抑郁的两种表现形式:情绪问题和病理问题 3. 从《社交困境》纪录片谈起,我们的情绪问题应该都怪罪社交媒体吗? 4. 儿童和青少年多动易怒和大脑前额叶皮质的关系 5. 如何通过改变生活方式来减轻焦虑? 6. 你知道肠道健康也会影响情绪吗?营养精神学了解一下呀 7. 脑肠轴的发现带来治疗抑郁症的新方向 8. 肠道健康的四大重点:膳食纤维、OMG-3、微量元素和色氨酸 9. 癌症和压力的关系,以及乳糖不耐受需要注意事宜 10. 地中海式饮食国家的人民为什么天天好开心? 11. 如何合理膳食保持健康抗衰老? 12. 低中高强度运动和力量训练对于改善心情和大脑的影响 13. 通过正念饮食法和暴饮暴食说拜拜 14. 为什么不应该把追求幸福快乐当做人生目标? 15. 有压力为什么也是一件好事儿? 16. 人生的意义是什么? 17. 双向情感障碍女孩的离世让我们想朗读米兰昆德拉和Lex Fridman 18. 如何对抗虚无主义? 推荐阅读: 1. 丹尼尔·卡尼曼《思考快与慢》 2. 米兰·昆德拉《庆祝无意义》 3. 赫胥黎《美丽新世界》 4. Lex Fridman播客 5. Andrew Huberman播客 6. SapiensClub 知乎 7. David Eagleman 《Livewired: The Inside Story of the Ever-Changing Brain》 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
March 05, 2021
Mental Models(心智/思维模型)是人类做决策的基本配方。如果你的意识是操作系统的话,思维模型就是apps,帮助你根据环境做出决策。本期节目球姐和LJ就来分享下我们经常使用的思维模型,你将听到: - 什么是思维模型?做决策时为什么需要思维模型? - 芒格和巴菲特的投资之道 - 逆向思维模型:PR届祖师爷的香烟营销宣传 - 第一原则思维:这可不是埃隆·马斯克专利 - 奥卡姆剃刀和汉隆剃刀:如无必要,勿增实体;宁信其愚,不信其恶。 - 个人辩护思维:人们为什么喜欢双标? - 系统和目标思维:玩一个无限的游戏吧 - 方向和速度思维:忙碌是借口,方向才是出口 - 不对称思考方式:多做低风险高回报的事情 - 游戏思维:一起来打怪升级吧 - 绝对所有权思维:现场翻车打脸为什么怪别人没用 - 每个人身上都有闪光点,三人行必有我师 - 环境决定论:不要用意志力去抗衡实现目标 - 二阶思维:好的用意往往导致坏的结果 - 找到人生底层意义来完善自己的思维模型 - 屁股决定脑袋,做一个理性思考的人有多难? 推荐阅读: - 彼得·考夫曼 《穷查理宝典》 - 丹尼尔·卡尼曼 《思考,快与慢》 - 雷·达里奥 《原则》 - The Great Mental Models: General Thinking Concepts by Rhiannon Beaubien and Shane Parrish - The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel - 公众号理想屯《助你决策的24大思维模型》文章  👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
February 27, 2021
#103:对话Kylie Liu | 单身妈妈带娃创业两不误,女性更值得呵护关爱自己
本期节目球姐请来了当时在新西兰供职时的第一位老板Kylie,和大家聊聊她所创办的女性私密品牌LUVGOOD ,以及她的创业心得和体会。你将听到: 1. 从留学新西兰聊起,到现在的创业项目 2. 互联网创业1.0到现在惊喜的创业3.0项目 3. 为什么创办女性为主的品牌?想在女性呵护行业上做出什么样的改变? 4. 从客户成为合伙人,机缘巧合一拍即合开始涉足女性关爱品牌 5. Sex健康产品也能美感和环保兼具 6. 创办女性私密品牌面临的困难?以及如何选择创业伙伴和团队? 7. 女性Sex健康的老旧观念你中招了吗? 8. 女人如何取悦自我?方法对了,身心皆愉快。 9. 单身带娃13年并连续创业的心路历程 10. Kylie人生中的三大里程碑 11. 分享连续创业需要避免的大坑 详情参见品牌官网:  👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
February 25, 2021
球姐和LJ给理想屯的听众朋友们拜年啦!祝大家牛年大吉!万事如意!牛年第一期节目就聊聊新年升级生活的小妙招吧,你将听到: - 如何克服赖床? - 如何做好精力和时间管理? - 最能舒缓压力又放松的方法? - 洗澡听音乐没有音响怎么办? - 简单的思慕雪配方为你补充一天所需绿叶菜和维生素(Kefir/Skyr酸奶) - 有哪些能带来欢愉感的厨房小用品? - 花小钱买一些可以帮助你形成良好习惯的东西,比如说拉伸架,弹力带、跳绳、笔记本和彩笔等等 - 每天常用的东西值得投资,比如站立式办公桌,符合人体工学的椅子,以及质量好的床垫和枕头。 - 告诉朋友和家人不要再送自己占空件又无用的礼物。体验类型和消耗品类型的礼物也许更适合 - 经常对着电脑屏幕的小伙伴们可以试试:20-20-20法则 - 如何过滤信息?如何养成阅读的好习惯? - 关于社交媒体使用和职场高效工作的妙招 - 做一个决定,可以帮助你省去做一百个决定。 - 生活中一些小小的瞬间可以帮你提升幸福感。 - 任何不是针对个人的建议,看看就可以了,每个人生活方式不同,人最终都要摸索出自己的道路。可以选择每年生日总结自己的生活原则 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
February 12, 2021
#101:对话安洳谊 | 从足球到电影,文化产业参与者的观察之道
欢迎新朋友安洳谊老师做客理想屯,聊聊他作为文化产业从业者有趣的经历和深刻的观察。你将听到: - 从海归后参与电影制作的故事说起,浅谈中国电影产业的发展 - 西方电影产业何以在不到百年的时间发展如此迅猛?我们可以从中借鉴的经验? - 英国文化产业的观察:Cool Britain的全球品牌形象 - 英国如何将传统和现代文化有机结合树立国家品牌?中国如何的打造软文化实力? - 英国名人故居保护计划:伦敦随处可见的蓝色牌匾有什么来头? - 从英格兰球迷到阿森纳球迷,偶遇温格并见证现役一线球员的成长 - 聊聊对于温格和阿森纳球队的情怀,选主队也要和自己的性格相合 - 如何定义文化?如何做一名合格的文化参与式观察者? - 文化就是故事,为什么说人类民族由故事产生? - 播客和Clubhouse的体验和观察,语音类型的内容会成为我们信息传播的主导吗? - 资本如何影响文化产业?中国电影产业的发展前瞻以及对内容创造者的寄语 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
February 08, 2021
你听说过思想实验吗?本期节目球姐和LJ就来讨论下我们很感兴趣的那些看似不着边际,但却实用又有趣的思想实验。你将听到: - 伦理学领域最为知名的思想实验之一电车难题 (Trolley Problem) - 无人驾驶汽车遇到事故时该如何决策符合人伦道德? - 困扰人们的忒休斯之船(The Ship of Theseus)问题,究竟如何定义「我」? - 身体决定论 vs 记忆决定论 vs 锁子甲理论 - 演员和特工的身份认同问题 - 当10年后的Ta不再遵守10年前Ta立下誓言,你该怪罪Ta吗? - 维特根斯坦的盒子,你怎么知道我在想什么?说什么? - 爱的五种语言 - 《三体》中的黑暗森林法则 - 柏拉图的山洞思想实验 - 我们为什么要做思想实验? - 人的逻辑从何而来?你是宿命论者吗? - 随机性 vs 确定性,其实都要看相对论 - 拉普拉斯的恶魔(Laplace's demon) - 串联各种小事情,在随机性中发现生活的美妙之处 - 思考哲学问题如何带来平静的心情? - 运气在我们生命中扮演怎么样的角色? 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
January 27, 2021
一切要从老妈不理解国外的约会文化(Dating culture)说起,本期节目球姐和LJ就来分享下我们使用Dating app的经验和趣闻,你将听到: 1. 国外的Dating更像是一场大型自主相亲过程 2. 国内外约会软件体验分享(Tinder、Hinge、Join、Soul、探探、陌陌、The League、Coffee Meets Bagel) 3. 你认同不以结婚为目的的谈恋爱都是耍流氓吗? 4. 约会中有没有遇到过ghosting这个现象? 5. 以看脸为主导的约会软件有什么弊端? 6. 球姐如何把约会软件用成学习工具? 7. 根据X癖好的小众约会软件有多大的市场? 8.  男女在约会时的倾向和诉求有什么不同? 9. 约会软件中的二八法则 10. 你会选择完全懂你的AI当伴侣吗? 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
January 19, 2021
童心未泯的球姐和LJ今天来聊聊伴我们成长的动画片们以及它们对我们三观塑造产生的影响,你将听到: 1.  动画片为什么比真人电视电影更有表现力? 2. 有没有哪部动画片像《火影忍者》一样让你持续鸡血状态到现在? 3. 小时候看得时候觉得好玩,现在却细思极恐的动画片 4. 伴我们从懵懂走向成熟的《名侦探柯南》什么时候才能完结 5. 上海美术电影制片厂给我们带来的国漫美好回忆 6. 《辛普森》这类型的动画长片逃不开的问题 7. 《圣斗士星矢》带我了解北欧和希腊神话,《魂斗罗》给我特别记忆,《大富翁》普及资本知识,《武林群侠传》《金庸群侠传》教我地理和文化... 小时候看得动画和玩得游戏对你影响有多大? 8. 教导主任突袭网吧的经历你有吗? 9. 故事主旨都一致,只不过不同时代的人换种媒介和讲述方式来表达 10. 值得好好推敲玩味的《狮子王》 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
January 14, 2021
理想屯播客本期节目请来了拥有多国工作经验的Harriet,和大家聊聊新西兰和女性在职场的二三事儿。你将听到: 从《哈利波特》说起,Harriet如何和新西兰结缘? 第一次出国留学的感触?以及十年新西兰生活经历的最大收获? 骑马上班、间谍同事,Harriet不一样的新西兰工作体验 为什么选择回国发展? 谈谈当前的加班文化和女生在职场的生育歧视 独自旅行欧洲时的奇遇,你是旅行攻略派 还是随机行动派? 自我提升的方式以及推荐的读物 给年轻女性初入职场的建议 自我复盘和记日记的好处 对生育和婚姻的看法 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
January 11, 2021
2021年第一期节目,球姐和LJ分享过去一年的收获以及新的一年的计划,你将听到: 1. 为什么需要建立系统,而不是单纯地设置目标? 2. LJ分享如何一年内减掉27kg? 3. 球姐分享如何为新年做规划? 4. 如何做好情绪管理? 5. 约瑟夫·坎贝尔《千面英雄》,什么是普世的英雄之旅? 6. 神话和典故存在的意义是什么? 7. 拿走身边必不可少的东西后,你会习以为常还是越发觉得珍惜? 8. 环境塑造人格,谨慎选择你的城市和朋友(推荐阅读Paul Graham: City and Ambitions) 9. 2020年最大的收获是什么? 10. Kapil和Naval的对话推进了我们2020年的改变 11. 问题从来不是被解决而是被消除 12. 展望未来,赛博朋克的生活离我们有多远? 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
January 05, 2021
【理想屯播客】2020年最后一期节目球姐请来了新西兰@SapiensSuperfoods 健康品牌创始人@Summer__Jin 。Summer作为运动视频自媒体达人一年内在抖音收获50多万粉丝,带领一万多名女生实现科学减脂变美的过程。Summer也是一位儿女双全的逆龄辣妈,更是球姐欣赏的独立女性,本期节目你将听到: 1. 球姐体验过的新西兰Sapiens Club减脂营背后的故事 2. 减脂的原理是什么?如何科学减脂不反弹?四字核心「能量缺口」要记牢 3. 如何创业带娃儿两不误?建立优先事务列表实现时间和精力管理 4. 通过直播和开办减脂营,一手信息发现中国女性的减肥误区和心理焦虑 5. 如何找到适合自己的减脂方法?不靠意志力的可持续方法才是最好的 6. 如何改善饮食结构达到减脂目标? 7. Summer12年健身生涯,尝试过一切之后为大家开发了减脂营的运动视频 8. Summer对于美的定义?如何应对社会对女性外表和身材的压力?如何成为一名会独立思考的女性? 9. 做直播的心路历程,如何应对不善的评论和指点? 10. 开办减脂营最大的收获:压力越大,责任越大,用理想帮助更多女性健康生活 11. Summer送给女生的三条建议 新的一年想要健康减脂增肌的姐妹们欢迎在微博和抖音给Summer留言哟! 抖音:新西兰Summer 小🍠:SapiensSuperfoods 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
December 31, 2020
每年的12月20日,球姐都会在生日的这一天总结过去一年的生活体验和学习成果。 今年疫情席卷全球,伦敦大部分时间都处于封城状态,也让我有了更多的时间和自己相处。一个人必须要在那看似痛苦的独处中完成自我修行,找到并拥有自己,在这之外没有什么属于我们,也没有什么我们能够给予。 下面就来分享一下这一年的32条生活感悟。 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
December 20, 2020
你有没有发生过记忆偏差?或者时常抱怨自己的记忆力?本期节目球姐和LJ就来聊聊困惑我们的记忆问题,你将听到: 1. 如何确定记忆是真实的? 2. 记忆是如何形成的? 3. 我们如何增强记忆? 4. 人类的记忆如何被外界事物影响和扭曲? 指认罪犯的例子  5. 小时候的记忆都去哪里了?大脑为了保护你会随机做出许多事情 6. 我们可以人为更改记忆吗? 7. 你的人生最早记忆是什么? 8. 如何记人名?如何记密码?记忆宫殿是什么? 9. 大脑真奇妙!多重人格的人拥有互不干涉的记忆 10. 人类记忆如此混乱,我们因为错误的记忆丧失了多少关系? 11. 如果有一天我得了阿兹海默症… 12. 你想给后代留下什么样的记忆? 提及影视作品: 《恋恋笔记本》《50次初恋》《记忆碎片》《黑镜:你的人生》《24个比利》《特德姜:呼吸》 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
December 17, 2020
#092:对话JAY | 美国最受欢迎播客背后的录音师和制作人
好奇国外的播客是如何制作的吗?本期节目球姐请来了美国最受欢迎播客节目之一‎The James Altucher Show的录音师和制作人饶武俊(Jay Yow)和大家聊聊背后的故事。你将听到: 1. 从取英文名字说起,第一次出国留学怎么给自己取英文名字 2. Jay如何因缘巧合加入The James Altucher Show播客 3. 起底2014年早期的播客市场以及和James Altucher录播客的体验 4. James Altucher选择嘉宾的宗旨以及备受褒奖的提问方式 5. 一万小时定律 VS. 一万个实践方式  6. James Altucher的神奇人生:经历多次破产却总能崛地而起,《Choose Yourself》揭秘人生成功密码 7. Jay分享马来西亚人如何学中文,竟然是看中央电视台和《喜洋洋和灰太狼》? 8. 一波回忆杀,80后末期的我们身居异国却都是《流星花园》《还珠格格》《薰衣草》的拥簇,顺便吐槽西方化的《西游记》和《花木兰》 9. James Altucher纽约文章事件,被网曝甚至收到死亡威胁 10. 做过近700期的播客后,James Altucher学到的经验 推荐阅读: James altucher网站: Choose Yourself: The James Altucher Story on Amazon Prime Choose Yourself! by James Altucher  联系方式: Instagram: @jay_yow07 Twitter: @jay_yow07 @James Altucher 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
December 14, 2020
#091:与其苟延残喘,不如燃烧殆尽 | 聊聊生命中那些打动人心的音乐
音乐滋养了我们的生命,本期节目球姐和LJ就来分享下彼此喜欢的音乐,你将听到: 1. 我们为什么总觉得老歌好听? 2. 听音乐的品味和类型为什么总是在变? 3. 平克弗洛伊德演唱会和剑桥寻根 4. 伦敦随处可见的蓝色牌匾有何讲究? 5. 音乐带来的画面感,你会听歌入戏吗? 6. 你的KTV必点曲目是什么? 8. 海内外演唱会现场对比,印象最深刻的演唱会片段。 9. 摇滚明星为什么总是愤世嫉俗? 10. 不得不谈的27岁俱乐部 本期歌单: 巴赫BWV639 Cold Little Heart by Michael Kiwanuka Comfortable numb by Pink Floyd The sound of silence by Disturbed The Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel  Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley Morning Hollow by Sparklehorse Hurt by Jonny Cash Godfather by Slash Untitled by Sigur Rós  Beyond乐队 Shape of My Heart by Sting Between The Bars by Elliot Smith 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
December 10, 2020
#090:对话李梓新 |文化传播观察者的创业、写作、足球和播客故事
【理想屯播客】今天请来了资深媒体人李梓新老师,他同时也是创意写作孵化平台三明治的创始人,还有一档播客节目「新气集ThinkAge」。球姐和李老师因为足球和写作结缘,在伦敦有幸面基谈天说地后,感觉意犹未尽,索性一起做一期节目,继续侃大山。你将听到: 李老师的两次创业经历:第一次创业就为周星驰《功夫》电影做宣传 30岁之后第二次创业的心路历程分享 李老师在传统媒体从业时发现了哪些问题? 创业伊始初为人父,如何应对双重压力? 李老师的球迷之路分享,猜猜看他是哪队的拥簇? 回忆91年开始的中国联赛,李老师为爱发电手动统计球员出场次数 第一次在英国看主队的比赛是什么样的心情? 疫情之下足球对于英国民众的重要性,推荐观看足球纪录片《Take Us Home: Leeds United》《Sunderland 'Til I Die》 印象最深刻的足球比赛,还记得儿时半夜起床偷偷看球的你嘛? 开设「新气集ThinkAge」播客的故事,恭喜获得苹果年度编辑推荐播客称号! 中国播客的现状和商业化前景观察 播客的文字描述可以二次利用吗? 创建三明治写作平台的故事,业余写作者如何分享自己的故事? 李老师平常获取知识的渠道,是否会有知识焦虑? 欢迎关注李老师的公众号:故事公园 微博:@李梓新 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
December 08, 2020
Fantasy Premier League(简称FPL,中文译名:梦幻英超/范特西英超),这款可以自建球队,自组联赛,还有英超官方提供超值奖品的游戏,令世界各地的球迷为之疯狂。本期节目球姐请来了中国区的资深玩家@蛋蛋 和@Future 一起聊聊这个依附英超联赛的有趣游戏。你将听到: 1. FPL的游戏规则和卡片使用 2. 为什么FPL玩家都声称自己为股民 3. 中国玩家的让让群社群 4. 日本和英国的足球文化和足球氛围 5. 如何收集FPL资讯以及制胜法宝? 6. 如何才能玩好FPL?以及成功和失败经验分享 7. 20/21赛季英超预测和值得关注的球员推荐 资讯网站: 1. Scout: 2. Fix: 3. 让让群公主号ID:letletme_fpl 4. 微博@让让群梦幻英超 @FPL_Future 5. Future个人游戏经验归档总结: 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
December 05, 2020
理想屯播客迎来100期的里程碑啦!感谢大家的陪伴!本期节目球姐和LJ就来聊聊这三年做播客的感悟和学习心得,你将听到: 1. 平行时间学习和自我反思的好工具:播客 2. 为什么说哲学不是高深莫测的学科,而与我们生活息息相关? 3. 哲学的三大议题,用东北话给你解释清楚 4. 是谁制定了道德标准?人们为什么又自主遵循? 5. 圣人不死,大道不止 6. 柏拉图地穴寓言 7. 人类命运的随机性和社会归属感 8. 人之初性本善还是性本恶? 9. 天地不仁以万物为刍狗 10. 在虚无主义和存在主义之间摇摆 11. 分享几个思想实验,你想放弃身体成为缸中之脑吗? 12. 为什么说每个人都生活在自己的现实中,高山流水知音难觅? 13. 好的出发点 vs 坏的结果 14. 婚恋和孩子教育 提及资料+推荐阅读: 理查德·道金斯《自私的基因》 刘慈欣《三体》 柏拉图《理想国》 弗兰克·赫伯特《沙丘》 纳西姆·塔勒布:《黑天鹅》《随机漫步的傻瓜》《反脆弱》 思想实验:忒休斯之船、电车困境、猴子与莎士比亚、中文房间、缸中之脑 电影《异形 1》《银翼杀手》《心灵捕手》 动画片《瑞克和莫蒂》 电视剧《暗黑Dark》 Esther Perel《The State of Affairs:Rethinking Infidelity》《Mating in Captivity: Reconciling the Erotic and the Domestic 》 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
November 22, 2020
你有没有想过无论是国家、公司还是金钱,都不是大自然与生俱来却是人类自己创造的概念,本期节目球姐和LJ就聊聊虚构的概念,你将听到: 1. 虚构的概念为什么让我们着魔? 2. 个体结合为群体为什么更容易作恶? 3. 宗教瓦解后人类的精神寄托 4. LGBTQ是一个大整体还是分离的个体 5. 那些人类虚构却信以为真的故事 6. 人类作为整体应该把精力放在什么地方? 7. 如何在源头解决问题 8. 尤瓦尔赫拉利的人类灭绝说 9. 你会选择永生吗? 10.  真正穿越回记忆中的童年,你会快乐吗? 11. 为什么知道这么多道理还过不好一生 推荐读物: 勒庞《乌合之众》 《The Madness of Crowds》 by Douglas Murray 尤瓦尔·赫拉利 《人类简史》《未来简史》《今日简史》 《Upstream: How to Solve Problems Before They Happen》by Dan Heath 《瑞克和莫蒂》 《午夜巴黎》 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
November 12, 2020
LJ八个月成功减重23公斤,奶茶火锅烧烤也照吃不误,还十分享受他的减肥过程,今天就邀请到成功帮助他减重的Adrian,来和大家分享关于减肥的二三事儿,你将听到: 1. 生酮饮食和低碳饮食减肥原理 2. 什么才是最有效最健康的减肥方法? 3. 减肥 vs. 意志力 4. 如何做到不天天泡在健身房也可以成功减脂? 5. 健身增肌为什么需要补充蛋白? 6. 新陈代谢和减肥的关系 7. 女生减肥误区:举铁真会长大块儿吗?节食减肥对身体的危害? 8. 男女理想体脂是多少?脂肪细胞的工作原理 9. 糖对于身体的危害 10. 吐槽Vegan以及高喊xx天减xx的健身大V们 免责声明:本集纯属个人经验分享,请酌情参考。 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
October 30, 2020
最近,昆汀·塔伦蒂诺(Quentin Tarantino)拍摄的经典电影《低俗小说》迎来了上映26周年的纪念日,球姐和LJ作为昆汀大神的迷弟迷妹,这会儿就来聊聊这位电影鬼才,你将听到: - 《八恶人》新西兰首映上第一次亲密邂逅昆汀 - 《杀死比尔》《好莱坞往事》简评 - 毕加索曾说过,好的艺术家借鉴,伟大的艺术家偷窃。这句话完美刻画昆汀的电影。 - 昆汀电影的拍摄方式以及对话和结构 - 昆汀的电影宇宙以及给影迷的彩蛋 - 什么是真实?什么是拟像? - 超人和其他超级英雄有什么不同? - 当PC文化在电影圈生根发芽...  “The day I don't want to give everything to movies is the day I want to quit. It's not a part-time thing. It's my life. ” “When I make a movie, I want it to be everything to me; like I would die for it.” Quentin Tarantino 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
October 18, 2020
#084:对话小茜 | 媒体人眼中静待你解锁的美好世界
本期播客球姐请来了媒体人Janet小茜,和大家聊聊海归女性的艺术生活,你将听到: 1. 小茜因何与媒体结缘,又是如何入行? 2. 培养艺术涵养的信息来源和渠道 3. 在海外收集瓷器和逛复古店/二手店的经历 4. 世界知名的Napier Art Deco Festival 5. 为什么选择回国发展? 6. 军区大院生活对小茜人格的影响,以及如何养成独立自主的个性? 7. 海归女性如何面对来自社会的年龄和生育压力? 8. 小茜对于「美」的定义(外加如何选演员趣事) 9. 荷兰文化气息浓郁的Biu!Tea别样美茶(INS:@biutea) 10. 活到老学到老,小茜对于刚入行艺术和媒体领域新人的建议 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
October 10, 2020
#083:三个球迷一台戏 | 足球不仅仅是竞技,更是一种哲理
球姐作为20多年的资深球迷,此次有幸和《从球说起》的两位球迷主播一起聊聊足球,你将听到: 1. 女球迷遭遇的刻板印象 2. 在新西兰当个足球迷真的会被鄙视吗? 3. 在伦敦作为女球迷的经历分析 4. 球迷约会对家球迷和非球迷是什么样的体验? 5. 《从球说起》播客的起源和目的 6. 足球不仅仅是单纯的竞技运动,赛场之外还有更多民生和文化关注点 7. 中国足球不争气,为什么还有如此广大的球迷基础? 8. 足球 vs. 政治:意大利南北对战和加泰罗尼亚对抗佛朗哥遗留问题 9. 足球对于我们的人生产生了如何的影响? 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
October 08, 2020
人固有一死,本期节目球姐和LJ就来聊聊死亡这个我们不可逃避的话题,你将听到: 1. 为什么推荐你现在就立遗嘱 2. 斯多葛派两大最重要的生活哲学 3. 如何找到个人存在的意义? 4. 为什么需要学习哲学? 5. 如何让生活变得简单? 6. 濒死体验和亲人离世对我们的影响 7. 如何从虚无主义当中走出来? 8. 建立什么样的世界观才能更好地处理情绪? 9. 如何对待社会中的「坏人」? 10. 如何处理至亲去世带给你的影响 延伸阅读: 1. 《Monty Python's The Meaning of Life 人生七部曲》电影 2. 《Rick and Morty and the Meaning of Life 从瑞克和莫蒂探讨人生意义》  3. 《How to Pick a Career (That Actually Fits You) 如何选择职业》by Tim Urban  4. 《The Man from Earth 来自地球的人》电影 5. 《The Outsider局外人》by Albert Camus 6. 《Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End 最好的告别》by Atul Gawande 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
October 07, 2020
#081:对话大西 | 伦敦佛系的读书会了解一下呀
本期播客球姐请来了伦敦半亩方塘读书会的会长大西(《想东想西》播客主播),聊聊读书会的活动和我们的海外生活。你将听到: 1. 我们如何由《得意忘形》播客结缘 2. 伦敦半亩方塘读书会的起源和发展 3. 大西佛性经营图书会的经历 4. 大西的特别中秋节活动以及印象最深的读书会活动 5. 留学英美和在英美生活工作有什么相似和不同之处(衣食住行) 6. 球姐在英国的日常和出书经验分享 7. 每个人的经历都很特别都值得分享,去创作吧
October 06, 2020
【理想屯播客】本期球姐和LJ开启随机闲聊模式,你将听到: * 你有多久没哭过了?你的哭点在哪里? * 当你的认知没有达到一定境界时,给你一个真理也被当做垃圾 * 人生本就是苦旅,选择你的苦难 * 基于真实事件改编的电影有多真实? * 好的故事的构成是什么?什么样的故事才可以流传千古? * 不责怪系统,而是承担责任,培养从源头解决问题的能力 * 人的道德标准是如何产生的? * 个人行为是社会环境的镜像 * 研究哲学的目的是什么? * 为什么说人生是一场孤独的苦旅? 提及电影/电视剧: 《摔角王》《指环王》《八百》《孤独的幸存者》《恐袭波士顿》《冰血暴》《亮剑》《三国演义》《维京》《无耻混蛋》《少年派的奇幻漂流》 《Factfulness: Ten Reasons We're Wrong About the World--and Why Things Are Better Than You Think》by Hans Rosling 《Upstream: How to Solve Problems Before They Happen》by Dan Heath 《The Selfish Gene》by Richard Dawkins 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
September 25, 2020
球姐今天请来了之前做客过理想屯节目的嘉宾陶瓷艺术家Monica和Sapiens健康品牌创始人Ellen来聊聊新时代女性群体关注的话题,你将听到: 女人一定要忍受痛经吗?痛一定要治呀! 什么是子宫内膜异位症? 避孕药和宫颈糜烂等妇科相关名字的误解 生理期与激素的关系,使用激素调节的副作用和误区 在美国进急诊室是怎么样的体验?为什么去美国一定要买保险! 女性了解自己身体的重要性 接种HPV疫苗的经验分享,为什么推荐所有女性都要打 宫颈涂片检查的必要性 Monica冻卵全过程分享以及心路历程 女性如何主动掌握人生的选择权? 社会结构对女性发展的影响,以及新时代女性如何应对不公? 声明:以上所有内容不提供任何医学建议,纯属个人经验分享,请酌情采纳建议。 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
September 15, 2020
#078:解析电影大师诺兰 | 感受比理解更重要
球姐和LJ的第一期播客就是看完克里斯托弗·诺兰的《敦刻尔克》后录制的影评。近日看完《信条》后,又想聊聊这位我们都很钟爱的电影大神。你将听到: - 诺兰的电影哲学和电影特色 - 主观现实 vs 客观现实 - 梦与现实的关系 - 好的电影就是给观众讲一个好的故事并提出问题,让观众去思考 - 《蝙蝠侠系列》的拟态概念 - 为什么总能在各种作品中见到《圣经》故事的影子 - 从《信条》解析诺兰对于时空穿梭的理解 提及的影片: 《记忆碎片》《盗梦空间》《信条》《蝙蝠侠系列》《星际穿越》《致命魔术》《失眠》《敦刻尔克》 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
September 08, 2020
【理想屯播客】本期请来了新西兰葡萄酒爱好者钱老师(Evan Qian)和大家分享他从葡萄酒小白进化为葡萄酒百事通的故事。你将听到: Evan从程序员进阶为葡萄酒达人的经历 新西兰葡萄酒市场概览,长相思和黑皮诺概述。 被判死刑的土地如何产出新世界颇具代表的黑皮诺? 如何建立自己的品酒体系? 如何鉴赏葡萄酒?业余和专业鉴赏的区别? Evan最难忘的品酒经历以及新西兰葡萄酒推荐 为什么新西兰的葡萄酒大多使用螺旋塞? 中国消费者对于新西兰葡萄酒的看法? 最后,对新西兰葡萄酒感兴趣的朋友们可以点击网站了解详情,或者关注公众号:悠砾庄园。新西兰的小伙伴们也可以添加Evan的微信号一起参与品酒会(even8690),感受新世界最佳黑皮诺的绵滑口感和诱人果香! 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Camellia 公众号:理想屯 Website: 交流信箱
September 03, 2020
#076:和前任聊聊爱情 | 分手后做朋友是什么样的体验
【理想屯播客】本期节目球姐和LJ隔空对话敞开心扉聊聊爱情这个话题,你将听到: 1. 理想屯播客的起源 2. 我们对于亲密关系的理解 3. 在亲密关系中想获得的什么? 4. 什么是感情四要素?怎么利用这个概念促成恋爱关系? 5. 分手后如何做朋友? 6. 首次分享分手的原因 7. 人与人的相处方式无需被社会定义 8. 在恋情中的最大收获? 9. 他人意见对你恋情有影响吗? 10. 你相信一见钟情吗? 欢迎大家在@小宇宙播客App 和我们留言互动哟!分享下你在一段恋情中的最大收获是什么呢?精选评论将送出球姐的新书或者英国新西兰特产哈哈哈! 👋🏻 理想屯是一档聚焦海外文化和哲学思考的播客节目。主播们生活在英国和新西兰,通过一手生活体验和观察,展现留学生和新移民的生活,也会不定期邀请有海外生活背景的嘉宾,和大家分享学术见解和海外求职创业经验。 Twitter:@camelliayang 微博:@翊瑄Cam