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The Coliving Code Podcast

The Coliving Code Podcast

By The Coliving Code
This show is a passion project of Christine McDannell, the Co-founder of Kndrd, the first Management software platform and global directory for Coliving. She is also the Founder of Kindred Quarters in California and published the first book on Coliving in 2018: The Coliving Code.

One of the biggest problems plaguing modern society is real estate and social challenges. People are signing away their paychecks on rent and feeling increasingly isolated. Christine is on a personal mission to solve these problems through the CoLiving movement by helping redefine the term ‘housemate’.
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Chris Bledsoe, Co-Founder & CEO of Ollie
Chris is the co-founder and CEO of Ollie, leaving behind his finance career in 2011 to focus his full time and energy on his passion for the development of coliving and micro-housing communities. His prior experience as both an institutional investor and an angel investor in the consumer sector led him to re-imagine how the multi-family housing sector could, and should, be very different if only real estate developers would segment and innovate their product as a consumer category rather than as a commoditized asset class or an investment vehicle. Chris’ entrepreneurial roots pre-date Ollie. He is one of the initial seed investors in the organic baby food manufacturer, Happy Family Brands, which boasts nationwide distribution in most major grocers, including Whole Foods, Target and Wal-Mart, and was acquired by global food giant Groupe Danone in 2013. He also serves as an informal advisor to other food startups, including popsicle maker Ruby’s Naturals as well as egg substitute manufacturer Beyond Eggs. Before making the entrepreneurial leap, Chris was a consumer staples analyst with Chicago-based hedge fund Citadel Investment Group. He began his career at the investment banking firm of JPMorgan Chase & Co, which he joined following his graduation from Georgetown University, where he was enrolled in the McDonough School of Business.
March 27, 2019
Morgane Oléron - K9 (Tech Farm) Stockholm, Sweden
Marica Leone - Resident of K9 (Tech Farm) Morgane Oléron - Resident of K9 (Tech Farm) K9 was founded as a Tech Farm property in November 2016 by Lisa Renander and Fredrik Forss.Inspired by similar projects in San Fransisco, Lisa had previously open and run for 4 years a similar yet much smaller project in the Old Town of Stockholm, called Hus24. In 2016, Lisa and Fredrik took over the 4 floors of a former hotel in the heart of the Stockholm and turned it into a home for 50 people, which has been and still is an incredible and challenging journey. K9 is today completely self run and each responsibilities that need to be taken to make such a community work, is volunteer based. When moving in, everyone is invited to take part in the Community depending on their ability and time, through a system of teams taking care of different areas (Community & Culture, On-off boarding, Management & Communication, Maintenance, Beauty & Space, Economic Association). They have a monthly house meeting to address tactical and governance concerns, issues and suggestions. Finally, included in rent is a small house budget that used to buy shared supplies such as spices, tea, coffee, detergent and so forth. With the remainder of the money they try to fund Community and growth building activities, workshops, events, and more.
March 20, 2019
Kenneth Starling, Director of Community at Tribe Coliving
Kenneth Starling shares his journey with Tribe Coliving in NYC, which is committed to the mission of accelerating progress in the lives of its members by bringing people together with shared passions, interests and values. He started out with Founder House, but soon expanded and rebranded after huge demand from others wanting to join the space. Kenneth also offers his perspective on CoLiving and how people can connect with others in big cities.
March 15, 2019
Magdalena Sartori, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer at The Assemblage As a trained architect and developer, Magdalena's work managing The Assemblage is about creating and designing through the realm of feelings and the unseen; to make spaces that bring people together in community and allow them to be the highest version of themselves.
February 27, 2019
Naz Shuva, Founder of Origin Coliving
Origin is in Brooklyn, NY. Founded 2016-ish. Nav came to America from Turkey at the age of 17. He pursued a dual career in design-marketing and as an artist-musician. Nav founded the musical group PUi and toured over 23 cities globally and sold out shows in premier NYC venues such as Irving Plaza. They did this without a major record label as an artist/entrepreneur by building an event production company and developing a passionate fan-base/community. You can check out that era here: and via google searching “PUi Tribe” & “NC Shuva" Following that impactful experience in social entrepreneurship and community building, Nav consulted with startups, specifically creator platforms and social networks for human centric-growth marketing. All of this experience in bringing brands/missions/companies together with their people/tribe/community by utilizing various business models, mechanics and entrepreneurial initiatives, his interest and competency in designing systems with a community minded outcome has deepened. Coliving as expressed in the mechanics of real estate is also such process that Nav feels presents a great opportunity for developing systems that are rewarding to their stakeholders, including investors, landlords, residents and community at large. Nav is passionate about self-growth. He's currently studying an integrative approach to Psychotherapy, Neuroscience and Tibetan Buddhism at Nalanda Institute Of Contemplative Science. He tries to bring this attitude to our living spaces with habit building challenges. meditations, mornings rises and such. It would be a very fulfilling vision for him to see that living at Origin may help improve people's lives. Naz Shuva Founder - Origin
February 20, 2019
Ivan Brkljač, Founder of Mokrin House
Ivan Brkljac, CEO and founder of Mokrin House, Mokrin, Serbia. Mokrin House is a coworking and coliving space located in the north of Serbia. It is a modern and urban spot in a rural surrounding. Studies have shown that stepping out of the regular work environment increases productivity and creativity. That is why Mokrin House offers a program for both teams and individuals that want to replace the stressful and busy urban business environment with a more down to earth, nature oriented work environment.
February 20, 2019
2019 Global Proptech Panel
This week we have something VERY SPECIAL and different-- Christine hosted the first Proptech Panel full of some amazing speakers! ♥ ---- Thank you for checking out this podcast! ►► Christine and her team are currently building The comprehensive software solution that uses technology to put the LIVING into CoLIVING. ◄ ◄ *Register for a FREE account at ----►► Be sure to check out our published book, The Coliving Code, is the first comprehensive book in the COLIVING industry…. NOW AVAILABLE ON or connect with us for a free digital copy, we are happy to send one! ****** Our awesome speakers are from all corners of the world. 

We have London, the UK, the UAE, Poland, and the States: Zach Shelby San Jose, California Zach is a visionary entrepreneur and technology leader, angel investor and thought leader in the Internet of Things space. Currently he is a Vice President involved with IoT at Arm. Angel investor in CubiCasa which is a leading property technology company for the real-estate industry, designers, insurance and appraisals. Réginald Bien-Aimé Switzerland Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer and Head of Miracles at Reginald is a project manager specialised in marketing and management. Myproperty is a real estate platform designed for private owners and tenants looking to save precious time and market their property online. With Myproperty you can post and manage a listing on multiple real estate listing sites at the same time. Maciej Markowski Warsaw, Poland… Locations also in Lisbon, and Dublin His background spans 6 years within the workplace field with international experience in corporate workplace, and change issues, advising major corporations on their workplace research, strategy, and change management. CEO of SpaceOS THE TECHNOLOGY LAYER FOR THE BUILT WORLD They provide #tenantexperience for agile workspaces His recent LinkedIn blog post: I want a remote control for my office Petr Boruta London, UK The Marketing Manager at Spaceflow, an expert at providing space as a service and tenant experience. Spaceflow provides a global community platform and community management that uplift the experience for people in spaces and buildings…. A BEAUTIFUL WEBSITE, by the way. With branches in London, New York, Munich and Prague they disrupt the whole experience in real estate. Huthaifa Afanah, UAE
A highly accomplished entrepreneur, business developer, and project manager. He possesses 14+ years of experience in Hi-Tech and management consulting while directing new business development and technology project management operations for valued clients across the real estate, government, and other sectors. 
He is the founder of UnitBeat.
February 6, 2019
David Bonk, Founder of Homefree Living
Homefree Living started in Calgary with residential multi-generational co-living. They have expanded into Creston, British Columbia with the first commercial development geared towards older adult (senior) co-living.
January 30, 2019
MarcoPolo GarRa, Founder of Kahtal Coliving
Located in Cancún, México, Kahtal started as an Airbnb 3 years ago, and has been receiving digital nomads for the past 2 years. Since then, this Coliving concept has been expanded for more meaningful stays among the residents. MarcoPolo is from from Mexico City and moved to Cancún 4 years ago, where he was working remotely with clients in Mexico City. He began offering the home on AirBnb and shifted the focus to Coliving after experiencing all the benefits.
January 28, 2019
Grace Taylor, Tax Expert & Founder of Gracefully Expat
Grace Taylor is US tax professional and Enrolled Agent (EA), specialising in US tax for expats and digital nomads, as well as for nonresidents of the US. Her tax practice, Gracefully Expat LLC, is a location independent business, which she founded in 2017 following a nearly 10 year career in a Big Four accounting firm. Originally from Canada, Grace has lived in the US, South Africa, and Ireland, and is now a digital nomad spending most of her time in Europe.
January 17, 2019
Justin Arbabi, Founder of Superba House
Justin Arbabi is a film producer and Founder of Superba House, Los Angeles’ first official co-live/work incubator for filmmakers. His producing skills were honed by working below-the-line in various film departments, including camera, production sound, picture editing, and sound design. Throughout 2016-2017, Justin witnessed the growing housing problem in Los Angeles first hand as it began to take effect increasingly upon his cohorts on-set. In 2018, justin launched Superba House, a sprawling 3200 sq ft co-live/work space perched on the absolute apex of Adams Hill in East Hollywood. IG: @justin_produces_films
January 10, 2019
Josh Martin, Head of Business Development at Outsite
Like many of his peers in the co-living sector, Bay-area native Josh Martin once worked at a traditional company and dreamed of pursuing a more fulfilling career. To break out of what he began to see as a personal plateau, Martin decided to take a position at Remote Year, a program designed for digital nomads who want to travel the world while working remotely. As an employee of an earlier-stage company, he helped make decisions that built Remote Year into the company that it is today. While working at Remote Year, Martin crossed paths with many people from many walks of life, including Emmanuel Guisset, the founder of Outsite, a company that was charting its future at the intersection of co-living and digital nomads. Martin joined the company and has hitched his professional trajectory to the growth of digital nomads
January 2, 2019
Sebastian Rein, ADDAZERO Development
As the founder and driving force behind ADDAZERO Development, Sebastian has over 19 years' experience as a real estate developer, completing over $175M in transactions across multi-family, mixed-use, and luxury residential asset classes. He spoke at the RealShare Apartments 2018 conference to talk about Coliving. Sebastian lives in Los Angeles, CA with his wife, son, and daughter.
December 27, 2018
Austin Langlois, Marketing & Communications at Outpost Asia
Austin is a communications consultant, freelance writer and photographer. He's landed clients in many of the world's most sought-after publications, from The New York Times and Outside Magazine to Buzzfeed, The Boston Globe and Forbes. His editorial work has been published in Bon Appetit, DRIFT Magazine, AskMen, Time Out Miami, Grand Rapids Magazine and more. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising / Public Relations from Grand Valley State University, and is currently working on on his master's in public relations and corporate communications at Georgetown University.
December 21, 2018
Dan Jackson, Founder of UrbanShared (London)
Dan Jackson created UrbanShared in late 2016 and acquired their first property in March 2017. They now have 15 properties and over 50 units in their portfolio of high-end coliving homes in South West London England. UrbanShared’s mission is simple - to focus on delivering exceptional customer service at an affordable price. To make this happen they’ve developed their own mobile platform that they are currently rolling out across their portfolio. The app includes context sensitive messaging, incident management, house ‘how to’ videos and a whole lot more.
December 12, 2018
Adam Newman, Founder of Nova Era Coliving (Brazil)
Nova Era is a vibrant, community-based space, designed to cultivate innovation and knowledge where travelers can thrive in their professional and personal journey. Adam is a global entrepreneur, community leader, and avid backpacker with dynamic international experience in hospitality services and tourism. He graduated in 2011 from Arizona State University with a degree in International Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Through his experiences living a studying in Argentina, Peru and Mexico he chose to focus on developing high impact social businesses in Brazil and Latin America that provide long term infrastructure, education and entrepreneurial opportunity to developing economies and communities. Over the last 4 years Adam has called Rio de Janeiro home where he founded what’s now ranked the 12th best bed & breakfast in Rio de Janeiro, the Rio Palazzo. In 2014 he launched the Favela Experience hostel in Vidigal favela which later became NovaEra Coliving. Nova Era seeks to cultivate one of a kind immersive cultural travel experiences for digital nomad where they can thrive both their personal and professional journey. Presently, by way of the Favela Experience, a social impact tourism company, and a Favela Inc. an incubator and accelerator of impact entrepreneurship ecosystems Adam is working to weave these diverse interests, experiences and skills together at the intersection of immersive learning and creative community building into a platform for social impact in Rio's favela (slum) communities.
December 5, 2018
Anne Kuppens, Founder of Nine Coliving
Nine Coliving is located in La Orotava, Tenerife. The story of Nine starts with Anne, a 30 year old Dutch girl. Her whole twenties were spent working to save up money to take off for a few months each year to travel the world. Anne kept doing this until last year when she joined a group of 50 digital nomads to travel the world for a year, living and working in 12 cities over 4 continents. When traveling the world with 50 people, you instantly become a community and family. They travelled, worked, lived, ate, explored, laughed, cried, and basically did everything together. Soon they became the kind of community that let one another be exactly who they needed to be at that moment, without any judgement. Anne have never felt so much support from a group of people, which made her grow in ways she didn't think was possible. The value of a community like that is one of the reasons she started Nine. As a single world traveller, Anne always had to make concessions at money, friends, and family. Being able to be a free spirit that wants to discover the world, without losing these important aspects of life is another big reason Nine was born. After a year of moving every month, Anne was not the only one that longed for some quiet and stability. It was time to shape her life exactly the way she wanted, without any restrictions. This meant finding a place where she could still surround herself with these inspiring humans called digital nomads, but where Anne could do what she does best: making people feel at home in a beautifully designed place.
December 3, 2018
Renat & Gui, Founders of LE Bali House
Guillaume is the host and founder of the Lifestyle Engineering House, an intentional co-living space. The LE House objective is to help people to explore themselves and engineer their transformation, mostly throughout real-life experiences, events and a strong community. As a former growth marketer and accelerator co-founder, Guillaume now focusses his life on helping people find their truest alignment - while also exploring himself as a harpist, DJ and extreme runner. You can hit him up here directly: 🔥 ************ Renat is on a mission to empower transformational entrepreneurs and businesses with tools to help humanity to dream, live and do big. Equipped with marketing as his craft, he helps spread big ideas. Throughout his life he been profoundly influenced by the people he surround himself with. Being a personal development junkie, he started Lifestyle Engineering, which is a private community of life hackers, pro-athletes, entrepreneurs and change makers. They engineer environments that stimulate transformation, growth, and happiness through co-living. Currently, he is CMO @ Prometheus 🔥, the next generation growth marketing agency. They drive ROI leveraging pioneering growth hacking methods for 1m+ reach brands.
November 22, 2018
Jeremiah Adler, Founder of UP(st)ART Creative
Jeremiah Adler moved to Los Angeles in 2009, and wrote and directed three television pilots before starting a property management company. His experience in both the creative and real estate worlds came together in 2016 when he founded UP(st)ART Creative, a co-living company for artists, actors, filmmakers, musicians, and those pursuing creative careers.
November 22, 2018
Rod Cook, Founder of
Rod Cook, (Provence, France) Rod has been nomadic since the age of 19 and has visited and has lived in 47 countries. Born in Bangkok, Thailand of a Dutch/Chinese mother and an English/French father, he has been independent since the age of 19. Rod's website,, is based at his private estate in France which he rebuilt to a a thriving place of global interest for nomadic globe-trotters. Rod is also President of, a new NGO nonprofit, with the express purpose of promoting and joining together key coliving spaces around the world.
November 7, 2018
Robert Boyer, Professor of Urban Planning at UNC Charlotte
Robert Boyer, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Urban Planning in the Department of Geography and Earth Sciences at UNC Charlotte, where he teaches courses on urban planning and urban sustainability. His research focuses on experimentation in the built environment, specifically how grassroots environmental movements influence long-term plans for urban and regional development. He is interested in alternative residential development models like cohousing and ecovillages, and how these community spaces nurture innovation in construction, transportation, and other material practices. A seasoned performer of improvisational comedy, Boyer has published research on the usefulness of improvisational comedy as a metaphor for how plans work as signals in complex, multi-actor urban regions. He is also interested in how sharing can help solve long-term environmental problems in cities and the globe. He earned his PhD in 2013 from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and he is a Chicago-area native.
October 31, 2018
Jeff Laflamme, Founder of AngkorHUB
Jeff is the visionary entrepreneur behind AngkorHUB, a coworking and coliving space in Cambodia which has a strong focus on social impact. After 15 years in technology innovation, Jeff developed his coworking project in 2013 and transformed AngkorHUB into a coliving space offering unique services previously unseen for remote workers. In 2015, Jeff created a revolution in the services for lifestyle entrepreneurs and digital nomads by offering innovative all-inclusive coworking & coliving services that included food, espresso, airport pickup, sim cards and laundry! Currently seeking collaboration to expand this offer, Jeff is constantly envisioning innovative ways to meet the needs of the future of working and living. AngkorHUB Coworking & Coliving, Siem Reap, Cambodia Other projects:
October 24, 2018
Patrick Farrell, Co-Founder of Creative Collisions Tech
Patrick Farrell is an entrepreneur, software engineer and innovator based in New York City. He is originally from Virginia and went to school at Virginia Tech. He spent the first few years after school in the DC area but had a major shift happen in his life when he was offered a job in NYC in 2011. Patrick spent the next 5 years working at a startup for 2 PhD and this really jump started his career as a software engineer and entrepreneur. During those 5 years, he learned so much about software, business, product development, testing and interacting with customers that has really propelled him to where he is today. In May of 2016, Patrick quit his job in Manhattan and booked a one way ticket to Cartagena, Columbia. He boarded the Nomad Cruise that changed his life forever and taught him all the skills that allowed him to start his own business. During that first Nomad Cruise cruise, he learned more about photography, videography, social media, and building businesses from other like-minded entrepreneurs. Over the next year, he traveled Europe, Thailand, and Bali while building his photography, video and software portfolio. He has a passion for teaching others about business, taking awesome photos and how to fly drones. Patrick believes that you can live a life of passion and enjoy your career while making money doing something you love! And since then he has started leading retreats, building software platforms and attending conferences to spread his knowledge and message to others.
October 17, 2018
Kristin Wilson, Founder Of Poker Refugees And Traveling With Kristin
Kristin Wilson is an online entrepreneur who has lived in over 50 countries. After failing many middle school career inventory tests, she decided to chart her own course in life by designing a career of her own. By age 21, she had completed her MBA, lived abroad as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar in Costa Rica and studied international business in Australia. After honing her skills in real estate and development for 7 years throughout Central America, she founded the first and only global relocation company for professional online poker players and sports bettors, Poker Refugees. Kristin has since helped over 1,000 people move, retire or work abroad. Today, she dedicates her time to helping people become digital nomads, managing the Facebook Group “Long-Term Digital Nomad Success” and documenting the digital nomad lifestyle on her travel blog and YouTube channel, Traveling with Kristin. Kristin has been featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, ESPN, The New York Times, Huffpost, Yahoo Sports, HGTV’s House Hunters International and more.
October 12, 2018
Danny Kalenov, Real Estate Investor & Founder of The Diversus Fund
The Diversus Fund was founded by Danny Kalenov. Since 1999, Danny and his team have analyzed, purchased, repositioned, and managed income-producing real estate assets. Diversus was born out of Danny’s frustration with the volatility of the stock market, and the realization that relying on stocks alone for stability in retirement was largely a game of chance. After achieving years of strong double-digit returns in personal real estate holdings, Diversus was formed with the intention of bringing stability and value to like-minded investors. The firm has a global focus and we’re opportunistic, but prudent. Danny is a dynamic entrepreneur, having lead teams at 3 successful tech companies and 2 Fortune 500 Medical Device firms. He’s raised millions of dollars for numerous real estate projects across multiple countries and states. He’s a frequent contributor to popular online resources for real estate investing. His projects have been featured on the Travel Channel, ESPN Radio, The Real Estate Guys Radio Show, and numerous other podcasts. Daniel has a B.A. in Economics from Tufts University and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.
October 6, 2018
Camille Attell, Founder of More Than A Wheelin' AND Remote Work School
Camille left a successful 20-year career as a corporate trainer and coach, to pursue a lifestyle of full-time travel. She and her husband Bryce run More Than A Wheelin' a website dedicated to travel, RV life, and remote work resources. Camille is also the creator of Remote Work School, in which she leverages her extensive background in training, M.A. in counselling psychology, and coaching to help people pursue new career paths with remote work opportunities.
September 26, 2018
Nikita & Anastasia, Founders Of Smena Station
Nikita Kuimov and Anastasia Klimova-Kuimov gave up their corporate careers in Russia in 2010 and kickstarted their digital nomad lifestyle. Since then they have launched a successful seasonal retail business, a video production company and volunteered in more then a dozen projects around the world. After a trip to Burning Man they realized that the most valuable thing that can help you get to your goal faster is community - and launched Smena Station - a non-profit and peer-led collaborative network of co-living spaces around the world that's based on 10 principles of Burning Man.
September 21, 2018
Kalle Moen, Product Lead at Nomadx
Kalle Moen, Product Lead at Nomadx. Senior UI/UX designer. He has been traveling the world full-time for the last three years but loves Lisbon. Nomadx provides an incredible global coliving experience with other digital professionals in the best local neighborhoods of Portugal. It’s a free community-driven platform designed to solve the problems surrounding mid-term housing and remote working. This beta platform is currently available only in Portugal.
September 10, 2018
Sean McGregor, CEO of SWAP Loft
The SWAP Loft (Stay Work And Play) is a Coliving and Coworking community in Austin, Texas with 2 locations run by Sean and Lindsey. Lindsey came up with the idea for the SWAP Loft during her extensive travels in over 50 countries where she learned that the best solo travel experiences occur because of the people you meet along the way and adventures you share with them! The SWAP Loft aims to provide immediate community to any solo traveler or digital nomad coming to Austin, so you have new friends to explore the city with as soon as you arrive. Lindsey and Sean are currently traveling through Europe with their 9 month old Son (Baby J) while working remotely to prove that you can still be digital nomads while raising a family! Be sure to follow along on our big software launch for the Coliving Industry!
August 13, 2018
Chelsey Lake, Digital Developer, Marketer, & Designer
Chelsey is a digital marketing strategist and passionate designer & developer all-in-one. Holding a degree in Science, she has married the analytical aspects of her education with the creative freedom of design to produce effective, high-converting funnels for her clients and her own business. She is motivated by the numbers and what improves conversion rates & revenue for her clients. Chelsey has worked with over 25+ entrepreneurs to successfully improve their business and is currently working with Nutracelle, an all-natural protein powder company, as their IT and Marketing Manager. In her spare time, she runs her own company, Lake Design, travels the world, and uses her competitive edge to attempt any extreme sport that crosses her path. ****Be sure to follow along on our big software launch for the Coliving Industry!
August 13, 2018
Eric Yang, Founder of Influencer Summits
Eric Z. Yang has been living as a Digital Nomad for a few years now and has traveled the world, including growing up in Paris, France, living in Argentina for 6 months. He has also lived in California, and Bangkok, and more! Eric is the Founder of Influencer Summits and is also a previous resident of the Original Entrepreneur House in San Diego, CA.
August 13, 2018
Dan Schwartz, Founder and CEO of InvestorFuse
Dan has spent years traveling the world, first in a band, now while running a large software company. He was also a resident at Kindred Quarters: The Entourage House 2017/2018. Dan has a passion for helping the overwhelmed real estate entrepreneur work smarter and earn more by setting up effective systems. After launching InvestorFuse, a lead management workspace for real estate investing, he’s helped bring the power of automation to hundreds of happy investors and has built a strong community around the technology. When not working or investing, you’ll find Dan traveling, drumming, or helping other entrepreneurs grow their businesses. ****Be sure to follow along on our big software launch for the Coliving Industry!
August 13, 2018
Adam Andrews, Founder of Ideal Influencers
Adam Andrews takes us through his digital nomad journey where he began in a new country and culture, plus his love for meeting new people and exploring the world while operating his business.
August 13, 2018
Peter Thompson, Pioneer at Haas Living
Over at Haas in San Francisco, Peter Thompson tackles the sky-high housing costs and limited space in the Bay Area by adopting the coliving model. He discusses his tech background and affinity for living with new and exciting people by bringing techies and artists all together under one roof.
August 13, 2018
Ken Conklin, CEO of Gravel To Castle
Gravel to Castle CEO Ken Conklin lets us into his fulfilling life as a digital nomad, the risks he took to find happiness and success, and exactly why he loves circulating locations.
August 10, 2018
Rolf & Stian, Founders of Arctic Coliving Lodge in Norway
Today we're chatting with Rolf and Stian, avid outdoorsmen and founders of They started their coliving journey about 1 year ago when they realized the potential of providing a community for remote workers in awesome areas of the world. Now it's finally open, and the story continues. They cover the adventurous sides of their coliving home in Norway as well as balancing work and play!
August 10, 2018
Pip (Stephen Pippard), CEO Of Pollen Coliving in London
Pip has over 25 years’ experience within property and support services (FM) industries. He is the CEO of Pollen, a coliving home in London. We talk about the growth plan and economics side of the business, plus the real estate environment over in England. The Pollen Group of companies is his 2nd start up business, having launched his first business Liquid Property Solutions a commercial real estate services company in 2012. He is passionate about property and also serves as a NED for a charitable trust in the social housing sector.
August 10, 2018
Kyron Grosse, Futurist, FreedomCo in Bali
Kyron Gosse of FreedomCo tells us all about his coliving endeavors in Bali as well as the complex ins and outs of running a coliving home abroad. He's now taking the concept to New Zealand!
August 10, 2018
Avi Mermelstein, Co-Founder and CEO Of Here&now
As the co-founder and CEO of here&now, Avi Mermelstein has plenty to share about his coliving space in New York. He also takes us through business dealings including gym memberships and company partnerships!
August 10, 2018
Rob Birch, COO of Gravity Coliving in London
Robert Birch of Gravity Coliving joins us today for a discussion about his business, which is located in London. He also touches on their different events to enrich the surrounding community! Rob has led in recent years the growth of Hostel One, voted the 2nd best hostel chain in the world in 2016. His hands on approach quickly resulted in his promotion from Manager to Managing Director & Head of Expansion for the chain. Rob has been responsible for the guest experience strategies of the chain, the setup & operations of new locations and the continued management of the operations & service design of their 16 properties. His contribution was crucial for the improvements in their brand, philosophy and marketing over recent years.
August 10, 2018
Elaine Wong, Co-Founder of The Hatchery Place in Malaysia
As co-founder of The Hatchery Place, Elaine Wong shares with us her plans for the concept and the cool activities they host, including yoga and monthly kombucha workshops! The Hatchery Place is a cozy in-home coworking + coliving space with an unpretentious personal style that welcomes all conscious creative nomads as well as local location-independent creatives. Founders Kevin and Elaine (both corporate quitters and growth-oriented creative souls) started The Hatchery Place in February 2016 at first to escape the cubicle world, but now the space has evolved into an inspiring little community where traveling creatives share and exchange their skills, cultures and experiences with the locals. With the amazing help of volunteers, The Hatchery Place has become not just a working space. It is now a platform which meets the requirements of traveling creative professionals and art makers, and expands their opportunities. In a mixture of relaxed suburb home living atmosphere and concentrated working environment, we create room between work and privacy in which innovation and creativity of travelers can fostered, as they cowork together with the local neighborhood creativepreneurs here. A cozy, fun, homey, and creative work space and heart-centered friendship incubator for our travelers, writers, bloggers, digital-nomads, crafters, poets, makers, musicians, artists, yogis, videographers, healers and anyone else interested in stretching the boundaries of themselves to include trusting strangers.
August 10, 2018
Eduardo Herrero, Co- Founder of Sun And Co. in Spain
In this interview with Eduardo Diego Herrera, we take a look at his coliving business, Sun and Co., located in Spain. His space offers coliving and coworking amenities for the ultimate productive work-play getaway.
August 10, 2018
Daniel Beck, Founder of
Daniel Beck is the awesome founder of the website, which connects people to coliving homes all over the world! He's helping create a new movement of housing that takes Airbnb up a notch. So exciting!
August 10, 2018
Jeffrey Sweetbaum, Co-Founder of Playworking
Today we interviewed Jeffrey Sweetbaum, one of the co-founders of Playworking in Djurasevici, Montenegro. He also discusses the trajectory of coliving and coworking in Europe!
August 10, 2018
Jacob Shapiro from Outpost Coliving in New York
Jacob Shapiro from Outpost Coliving in New York by Christine McDannell
August 10, 2018
Interview With Haz, Co-Founder of Swiss Escape
Christine personally interviews leaders in the coliving space. Today, she speaks with Haz, who comes on the show to talk all about his venture, Swiss Escape. Haz was born in Dubai and has worked with leading organizations in the travel industry across the globe. He is a digital marketer by nature but has evolved into an entrepreneur by pioneering the first coliving space in Switzerland, which now has TWO locations.
August 10, 2018