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The Content Bot

The Content Bot

By Saranya Narayana Moorthy
We are Glad we Existed way before COVID 👑
From Branding Until Lead Generation 💥
Websites | SMM | SEO | Content | Graphics | Leads 🧲 #digitalpartner
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How to Plan your Product Launch?

The Content Bot

Why do Marketing Fail?
With just a difference of three ounces there is a famous story of a mechanic who sends a bill for $1000 just to tighten three screws. When asked for a quantitative invoice, he says, "Tightening the screws: $1. Knowing where to: $9999" Do you know what all screws you need to tighten up?
July 04, 2022
How to Plan your Product Launch?
With every product, there goes a diverse planning and brand communication that is established. To get it with ease Product Launch is planned with three consecutive campaigns.  Wanna know more and identify the How? Listen to this episode for more!
November 15, 2021
Designing the right market channel- The Content Bot
We all know how important a marketing channel is for a business. But do we know what are the important factors that contribute to designing a marketing channel?
July 06, 2021
Do you think all your customers are Same? If you think So, you are one step away from closing off!
Just like how one basket of income isn't sufficient, one target audience is never the right thing to go about. Every company has different levels of customers. Customers who buy in bulk, customers who buy it for themselves, customers who buy it for their customers etc. Depending on this, we have our own unique customer persona which abides the respective customer segments. Do you have your own segment of customer persona? If you don't DM us now and let us book a strategic call to devise our signature 9 step customer persona.
June 30, 2021
Things to look out for- Before you choose your Marketing Channel | The Content Bot
Before you choose a marketing channel, what are the different criteria that you should consider under which you should take the decisions number
June 23, 2021
B2B Marketing! What do you choose? LinkedIn or Email?
Answering your questions one after one, in today's episode you can listen to The Content Bot's recommendation of whether to choose LinkedIn or Email Marketing for B2B businesses.
June 19, 2021
With Whom Should you Start your Business?
When we speak about business, the major point of concern is the ownership. Who runs the business? In other words, who are the leaders of it? So, when this point arises, there are multiple choices of the same. If you feel you can deal with all the business talks and the processes on your own, you can very well go for sole-proprietorship which requires and adapts with only you on the lead. If you feel like you need support, then we have alternates. So now let’s dive in to get to know about each term in elaborate.
September 03, 2020
Are you Interested in Business?
The Word Business might be fancy and sometime have a lot of responsibilities inside it. But if we say “we wanna be a Business Tycoon” we visualise ourself being on the thirty eighth floor or a sky scrapper attending corporate meeting in my blazers on and racing across lots of appointments. But in reality, it takes a lot of time a really lot of time to actually achieve such fancy luxuries. In a Business man’s language the first mantra to be registered deep in the mind is, “nothing is impossible” With this being said, first let’s understand what it takes to get started. Your Host for this Session - Saranya Narayana Moorthy
September 02, 2020