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The Creative Spirits Podcast

The Creative Spirits Podcast

By Kate Darnell&Sherrie Mccarthy
Kate Darnell of Gumboots By The Sea & Sherrie McCarthy of Creative Mermaids share the raw and the real of creative life on a spiritual path in this wounds to wisdom transformational podcast. If you are looking to join a discussion on creativity, motherhood, the messy middle and bringing Spirit (however that looks for you!) into your life, this is the podcast for you!
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Creative Spirits Season 4 Interlude 3: Kate Darnell: Ramblings to an Awakened Healer
This week’s interlude is an interview with Kate Darnell on her book of poetry:  Ramblings to an Awakened Healer Awakened Hearts - Awakened Souls - Awakened Healers… Ramblings to an Awakened Healer is the final book of a healing trilogy. It reminds us to take back the power of this moment – the moment that is love - the love that honours all of YOU, each of us.  These inspiring words encourage us all to step into a realm of love. To release fear, judgement and shame once and for all.  In each of her books, Kate Darnell’s writing empowers us to take time to come into the moment and start loving and prioritising US, by honouring our heart’s truest and deepest desires.  May Ramblings to an Awakened Healer inspire you to do just that.
May 19, 2019
Creative Spirits Season 4 Interlude 1: An Interview With Jo Jo from Tree Fox (@tree_fox_)
  We are opening season 4's interludes with an interview with JoJo from Tree Fox who offers the most decadent looking handcrafted herbal offerings from her shop. We knew she was the person to talk to about taking care of yourself in order to root to rise. Because if those roots are suffering so is the rest of the tree! Kate and Jo Jo talk about all things self care as well as one point that is so essential. When you think you have no time for self care that is the time you absolutely must do it!
May 01, 2019
Adulting is Hard & Emotions Are Real aka Podcasting As Mothers To Young People
The final episode of season 4 of Creative Spirits is a throwing down of being allowed to feel emotions as we talk through what  expectations   bring us, as well as do to us. Today we talk about what story is creating our suffering and making our life harder (and Sherrie's son pops in a few times to underline how frustrating our expecations can be while also highlighting the importance of expressing ourselves) as well as how we can have the life we want and crave while living the one we currently are in. 
April 24, 2019
Sweet Surrender
This week’s podcast is all about the ultimate and most difficult aspect of rooting to rise: sweet surrender. It is one thing to tell yourself you are exactly where you need to be. It is entirely another to believe it.  In this episode we talk about how we let go when we need to, or at the very least try to pry our fingers loose from the attempt to control everything! And Kate shares an amazing technique to help you in your surrender. 
April 11, 2019
Money Honey
Today we are talking money blocks, needs, desires and everything in between. If money makes you feel squishy or antsy then check out this week's episode!
April 06, 2019
Allowing Yourself To Be Who You Are To Become Who Are Meant To Be
 “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”  ― Ralph Waldo Emerson This week’s episode continues to look into how you root to rise and to do so we are looking at the soil that we have grown in. This means looking at both the nutrient rich (or lack of them) substance that we build our life on - both the light and the dark aspects. Too often we want to change without doing the work. We want to to stretch higher but we do so by pretending that it does not matter where are planted. It does. At Creative Spirits we believe you can change your environment and be who you want to be. But you can’t do it without first getting down and dirty with you are. And also how the people around you have helped shaped that. For better or for worse and in kindness or maliciousness.  That also means taking full responsibility for who you are right now. That often looks like kindness to the person who were who was hurt, who was made to feel small and then allowed themselves to stay small in order not to feel that hurt again. (And may have then made others feel the same way.) If you wonder how you go about growing while trying to integrate your past without being overwhelmed by it, this week’s episode is for you! Human design school that we mentioned in the podcast:
March 26, 2019
Divine Timing, Being Supported & The Bliss of Accepting The Wonder of You
  Trust in timing is what everyone recommends and yet it is so difficult to allow. How do you know if you are truly where you need to be? What is burn out and what is aligned hustle? And how do we step back in a world that just screams at us to do and be more, more MORE!! This week’s episode Kate and Sherrie dive deep into divine timing and allowing yourself to exist, how to tell the difference between pushing and allowing and some honest truths about what success is and what it takes to be it. 
March 20, 2019
Your Permission Slip To Be Fabulous
 We, the Creative Spirits podcast, hereby give you permission to drop the fear of backlash, fight against tall poppy syndrome, and live your life to the fullest.  And although saying that is easier than doing it, we, along with the divine guidance of Rebecca Campbell’s Work Your Light oracle deck, have the three step formula that will help you do so. It is: Answer The Call Share Your Voice  Align Your Life Rinse and repeat as needed.  Listen to this week’s podcast to dive deeper with Kate and Sherrie on why we struggle to step into the life we want and how to give yourself permission to do so instead!
March 12, 2019
Episode 4.2 Change, Holding Your Power & Being Able To Stand In It
 Wind and turtles have Sherrie slightly distracted in the beginning, but this episode is all about the messy glory of change and bringing in a new age! Today we are talking about some of the events that need to happen deep in the soil in order to root to rise. Or the uncomfortable fact that sometimes things have to take root in the dark before they are able to be seen. And we need to be able to sit with this and allow it to happen. If you are struggling and unable to see the changes you so wish to have or trying to bring about -  this episode is for you, as we remind you that some things not only need time, but they also need faith. Just like the turtles that refuse to let Sherrie take pictures of them, you exist outside of you public persona. Who you are as a person is so much more than your Instagram or social media feed. Do not allow others to dim your light, go deep and allow faith that you will emerge from the soil strong and reaching for that light.
March 05, 2019
4.1Using Your Own Light To Ground Yourself & Illuminate Your Way
Season 4 of Creative Spirits has begun! And we are so excited to welcome back our regular listeners and saying hello to all the new ones! We love you and we trust you are here in perfect and divine timing! With the new year turning into this year we start the newest season with an episode on how important it is that you allow your roots to go deep and your own light to be the way you illuminate your path - even if at times the light from others seems to be brighter. We have all been there. It does not matter if it is as a business owner, a creative or a mama. We begin a project with passion and it is infectious. Our light goes brighter and it attracts people who love the beam we give off. And then they begin to help us. They tell us how to grow bigger and faster and do it all better. We get excited and follow their advice but somewhere along the lines what began as something fun and full of enthusiasm has turned into an uphill battle and energy suck. Does that mean we quit?  Absolutely not. But it may mean we went from defining our happiness to being swept up into what others want, hope and expect from us and allowing that to define our happiness instead.  And chances are somewhere along the line the ego has creeped in and with it a full raging case of comparisonitis.  The solution? Not quitting. Not throwing yourself into things harder. But rather stepping back, breathing deep and feeling out your own roots. Going back to your why, going back to what you love and what lights you up, defining happiness for yourself and keeping your focus on your life.  Because it does not matter how shiny your bars glow for someone else, what matters is how happy you are in the life you experience. 
February 27, 2019
Interlude 3.3 - Magic, Self Love & Healing: A Talk With Jenna Nelson of Lucy Moon Co
Today Kate is talking with Jenna Nelson of Lucy Moon Co about witchy goodness, essential oil bliss, connecting with self and the magic of just starting. Too often we draw back in fear of competition, being one of many, or feeling like we are simply just not enough. Kate and Jenna dive deep into why self care is essential, how to be brave enough to trust yourself to jump into living the life and biz you want and crave and how to reach out to give and receive support. 
February 13, 2019
2019 Interlude 2 - Spirit Leads - We Trust - There is Magic in Doing
The Creative Spirit Code/Process Spirit Leads - We Trust - There is Magic in Doing Today’s episode is all about the Creative Spirit podcast, the hows and the whys we decided to start the podcast and why showing up and doing is so much better  than planning out a perfect - but never finished - product. If you find yourself with giant plans that you refuse to allow to come to fruition because nothing looks like it does in your head this episode is for you! Listen on anchor or on any and all of your fav podcast haunts! And as always reach out to Kate on her website or check out Sherrie's books at
January 26, 2019
Year in reflection...or NOT...
Interlude 1 of season 3 was to be a review of the last year and how much can change in a span of one circle around the sun. But once record was hit it quickly went into honoring your heart's desires wherever you are with them - in celebration or in pain. Not everyone feels the need to welcome the new year and in this episode we talk about honoring those feelings as well as those that stem from joy. And as always you can learn more about Kate and Sherrie on their websites! and   
January 09, 2019
Gumboots By The Sea Energy Forecast for 2019
Today’s episode is a special one! In honor of the New Year Kate is sharing her Gumboots By The Sea Energy Forecast for 2019! Set your goals and intentions for the new year with the aid of Kate’s energy forecast for 2019! This episode is a magic one as Kate channels from her very own almost created deck! Listen in! And for more details join Kate’s mailing list as she will be sharing the energy forecast each new moon via the Gumboots newsletter free at And as always you're invited to join Sherrie’s tribe over at
January 01, 2019
Merry Christmas Creative Spirits listeners! Today we are talking about one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself: the permission to show up in all of your glorious imperfections! We are talking about being awkward, showing up anyway and just being you! And it is MORE than enough, because you are! We hope you enjoy today's show! And as always, feel free to reach out and book a session with Kate at Or join the goodness of Sherrie’s tribe over on her new member vault site:
December 25, 2018
Episode 5 We Are Going There! The Wounded & Awakened Healer: Our Choices To Stay The Victim or Be E
So here we are Creative Spirits Listeners! That not so easy place to be or talk about, or the perceived safety of the wounded healer. And we are talking about healers today because we are all responsible for our own healing. Even when we seek out others to help us in our quest to heal, it is only ourselves who can do the actual work. Healers hold the space for us to do our own healing. And we all have wounds. Much like death and taxes, being alive is to make mistakes, to be open to the wrong people at the wrong time, to be misunderstood and shamed, to be constantly told we are not enough and why we are not so. Some of our wounds are very visible, others are deeper, some of us wear it all on our sleeves, others bury them so deep that the outside world has no idea of the tumult inside. No matter how you look at it, everyone has wounds, even those perfect people who you refuse to think could ever bleed. And those are the thoughts are those of the wounded healer! It likes for the ego to take some pride in the pain. To believe no one has pain like ours (or to flip it and tell us to deny everything because our pain is so small) but mostly it wants to keep us where we are so we do not move out of the safe zone we have fallen into. A place where our pain can cover for us. And so today the episode is all about going forward with how to know if you have been stuck in the wounded. Because to be fair, moving from an awakened place is also one where you hurt. It is not the pain that changes but rather your reaction to it. We hope you enjoy today's show! And as always, feel free to reach out and book a session with Kate at Or join the goodness of Sherrie’s tribe over on her new member vault site:
December 19, 2018
Kicking The Need For External Validation To The Curb!
Warning! We are passionate in this episode and some adult language is used! Not a lot, but some did slip out! If you need a permission slip to start living the creative and vibrant life you are born to live then this episode is the episode for you. Or if you don't know why you feel stuck in a holding place, then take a listen to see if some of the freedom jailors we mention ring true! Freedom jailors are those things, real and imagined, that keep you stuck in a place of safety. It can be a fear of failure (or of success) or the fear of what everyone will say. It can be the belief that you need childcare to start or not until you have lost 30 pounds. Whatever is holding you back from the life you deserve is a freedom jailor. And they have no place in the life you deserve to life! And as always, feel free to reach out and book a session with Kate at Or join Sherrie’s Doterra team as a builder or sharer! And as always, if you are looking for more Kate and Sherrie you can find it at the Creative & Vibrant Living Virtual Retreat
December 11, 2018
S3 E3 Creativity Through Movement & Self Care
All things are pointing towards getting in contact with yourself through music and movement in this week's podcast! We give you permission to give yourself permission to enjoy your life and your creativity to it's fullest. Stop being afraid to take up space and hit the music you want to listen to and move because you want to and because you want to celebrate your life, be more vibrant or shift a mental funk. Take up space and allow yourself to connect to your very life force! The virtual retreat can be found here: If you are craving a life that embraces your creativity but life keeps happening and you never feel like you are the one in control, this is the right place to start moving back into the driver's seat! Welcome to a weekend of creativity, healing & getting that creative restart you need to start writing that book. Sherrie gathered the amazing women who are the presenters and interviewees in this retreat because I wanted to offer a retreat that not only embraced creativity and healing, but much more important, did it in an accessible and inclusive way. I wanted this to be open to women who didn't have the ability to travel, either because of money, time, childcare or other mobility constrictions. I believe passionately in the ability for creativity to heal. And I believe that like Andre Lourde said “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” Not only can creativity heal us, it can heal the world. Creatives can imagine a world that is different from the one they are in. They create books that reflect back to us what needs to be changed and give us hope about what can be. They make pictures that change our lives when we realize what we are doing, and what we should be doing instead. They create music that can break our hearts and then mend them afterward. Creativity is not an indulgence, it is an act of self-preservation and an agent of change. And one that can heal us as it heals others. How wonderful is that! And so I gathered this diverse group of amazing women to talk about all kinds of aspects of self-care. Creativity for healing through challenge and grief, using meditation to help you cope when life gets crazy, but also as a treat to yourself. We also cover nutrition and family life, caring for yourself inside and out. And the common theme is that we can do this. even in what I like to call the "Messy Middle." "The Messy Middle" is why I created The Creative Mermaids, my creative coaching start up. The long and the short of it is, the messy middle is life. Too often we feel that we need to wait for the muse. Or that we can not be creative because it would be an act of indulgence in a world gone mad. Or we just think that we are not good enough, or the time is not right. The time will never be right. No one has it figured out. Like life creativity has cycles. And this is where the messy middle is. Learning to roll with it or learning to lick our wounds before we stand up again. There is no one size fits all. But this retreat, and the women in it, will give you the tools to start working out your own solution. One that sees you kicking writers' block to the curb! Take a weekend to complete the retreat or pull the presentations that speak to you as you need them, either way, get ready to stop putting yourself and your creativity last! And some music for your chakra healing!
December 06, 2018
Season 3 Episode 2: Learning To Enjoy The Ride As The Reward
This episode is about exploring the idea that there are no rewards. Step back, take a deep breath, and think about how freeing our world and life would be if we took away the idea that everything we do we did for some kind of external reward. We have been trained since childhood to tailor our behaviour for rewards - it made our caretakers lives easier when we would do so. In the doing so, however, we were trained to often ignore what our hearts truly wanted in exchange for what those around us needed us to be instead. Now in adulthood we often find that we still seek those external rewards but they fail to bring us the joy and satisfaction that they once did. Today Kate and Sherrie are talking giving yourself a gold star for exploring what you want and need rather than the external rewards you strive for but seem to never satisfy. If you are ready to stop putting your life on hold and make the plunge to start living your life to the fullest, talk to Kate or Sherrie! Kate offers moon mentoring and healing sessions and Sherrie offers coaching to get you writing and living the life you deserve rather than the one you accept. And both of our sessions are included in the free trial of the Creative & Vibrant Living Virtual Retreat. To book your own session with Sherrie or Kate, you can book directly with Kate here: Or reach out to Sherrie at to talk about coaching or joining her oily writer team! If you are ready to stop putting your creativity last then get the Creative &Vibrant Living Retreat and get the tools to start building your creative life & the process of returning to self!
November 27, 2018
Season 3 Time For You! Episode 1: Self Care While Still Showing Up In The World
Season 3 is here! And it is all about Time For You! In this episode Kate and Sherrie look at that ever maddening balancing act, how to know when you need to stop and rest and how to know if you are acting out in self sabatoge! It is often a hard line walk and very difficult to determine if you are "slacking off" or giving yourself a much needed rest. Or we feel guilty about the things that rejuviante us! If you ever wondered how to know which one it is, listen to today's episode! If you are ready to stop putting your life on hold and make the plunge to start living your life to the fullest, talk to Kate or Sherrie! Kate offers moon mentoring and healing sessions and Sherrie offers coaching to get you writing and living the life you deserve rather than the one you accept. And both of our sessions are included in the free trial of the Creative & Vibrant Living Virtual Retreat. To book your own session with Sherrie or Kate reach out to Sherrie at and book direct with Kate here: If you are ready to stop putting your creativity last then get the retreat and the tools to start building your creative life & the process of returning to self!
November 21, 2018
Interlude 3: Kate's Healing Session With Sherrie
Sherrie takes Kate on her own healing journey based upon The Celtic Book of the Dead: A Guide for Your Voyage to the Celtic Otherworld by Caitlín Matthews but using it with Brian Froud’s Fairy Oracle Deck. Using the framework of stories to build upon your healing journey (and your writer one!) is one of Sherrie’s passions, and Kate was kind enough to volunteer for this first session with Sherrie! To book your own session with Sherrie or Kate reach out to Sherrie at and book direct with Kate here: If you are ready to stop putting your life on hold and make the plunge to start living your life to the fullest, talk to Kate or myself! Kate offers moon mentoring and healing sessions and I offer mentoring and coaching to get you writing and living the life you deserve rather than the one you accept. And both of our sessions are included in the free trial of the Creative & Vibrant Living Virtual Retreat. If you are ready to stop putting your creativity last then get the retreat and the tools to start building your creative life & the process of returning to self! Check out the book and cards here:
November 14, 2018
Interlude 2: A healing Session With Kate
Our last 2 interludes are a real treat! First a healing session with Kate and then one with Sherrie! We wanted to take our listeners on an insiders tour of what it is to have a session with each of us - and yet we are both aware that our sessions are something private. We hold a contained space that is sacred and meant for those directly involved only. And then we realized. We could do the sessions before the episode and then jump on right afterward to share our thoughts and feelings in the immediate healing afterglow! Kate's session with Sherrie was nothing short of magic and if you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own session do listen to this episode! And you can book a session with Kate right here
November 07, 2018
Season 3 Interlude 1: Pursuing Your Passion To Write In Face Of All Fears
Today our beloved Kate is fulfilling her birthing partner duties but I still loved speaking with Mariëlle as this went beyond the usual “ra ra write interview”. Mariëlle knows the power of going deep and sitting with what issues and conflicts present themselves to you on your struggle to go from thinking about writing, to writing and then actually publishing. During the interview we talk not just about the fears of leaving a job to become a writer, but an even bigger more insidious situation, what about when you like your job and you are even good at it, but it doesn't light you up the way being an author does? This is a must listen for anyone who has ever thought about being a writer but their fears are blocking their way to their dreams! Mariëlle S. Smith is a writer, editor, and writing coach who believes in the absolute healing power of storytelling. Years of working with both fiction and nonfiction writers have taught her that most writers have similar struggles, but how these struggles play out in their day-to-day lives differs dramatically from one person to the next. Her upcoming 3-month 1:1 Coaching for Writers Programme is geared towards those writers who are ready to figure out once and for all what keeps them from writing. During the Programme, we’ll take a close look at where you are in the process, how you ended up there, and where you want to be, taking into account your daily life and what roles you have to play throughout the day. We’ll discuss and break down your needs, struggles, and goals, and reflect on your progress to create a solid game plan and writing habit that is attuned to your personal circumstances and will keep you going long after the programme ends, using: * Weekly writing deadlines * Biweekly conference calls (8 in total) * Biweekly email check-ins (7 in total) * Worksheets to dig deep * Personalised journal and/or writing prompts The above is included in the Bronze option. For those who want just that little more from the Programme, there’s also the Silver option, which includes 3 hours of editing, and the Gold option, which includes 5 hours of editing and a 2-hour brainstorm about your project. Are you ready to finally take yourself seriously as a writer? Enrolment is open to 12 November, 2018. The Programme starts between 5 and 18 November, depending on which date works best for you. Is part of you saying ‘Yes!’ while the other part is still on the fence? Send an email to to schedule a free, no-strings-attached 30-minute call to find out more about the programme and whether Mariëlle is the right coach for you.
October 30, 2018
Root To Rise: Grounding Our Energy & Coming Into Self
We are finishing season 2 of BeLiving in Self with an episode on how important it is to root into our energy to come back into self. Deep roots allow for you to reach for the sky without falling over. We also talk about the experience of putting the Creative & Vibrant Virtual Retreat together & the lessons learned from just starting. Finally, we go deeper into what happens under the surface and why we quit too soon far too often. If you are ready to stop putting your life on hold and make the plunge to start living your life to the fullest, talk to Kate or myself! Kate offers moon mentoring and healing sessions and Sherrie offers mentoring and coaching to get you writing and living the life you deserve rather than the one you accept. And both of our sessions are included in the free trial of the Creative & Vibrant Living Virtual Retreat. If you are ready to stop putting your creativity last then get the retreat and the tools to start building your creative life & the process of returning to self!
October 24, 2018
Energetic Upgrades
On this episode, we are talking law of attraction and energetic upgrades! Everyone imagines that mindset changes and abundant living are like a switch that we flip. Then when we find ourselves stalling our not calling in the abundance we expected we fall into the blame game. Which is what really stalls our calling in abundance! Kate and Sherrie go into the blocks of energetic upgrades and how to go deeper so that we can start calling in the abundance we all deserve, asking you to start from where you are and align your outer world with your inner one! If you are ready to stop putting your life on hold and make the plunge to start living your life to the fullest, talk to Kate or Sherrie! Kate offers moon mentoring and healing sessions and Sherrie offers mentoring and coaching to get you writing and living the life you deserve rather than the one you accept. And both of our sessions are included in the free trial of the Creative & Vibrant Living Virtual Retreat. If you are ready to stop putting your creativity last then get the retreat and the tools to start building your creative life & the process of returning to self!
October 16, 2018
Accepting The Now While Working Towards A Goal
This one is a windy episode! And perhaps that reflects so many of our inner experiences around the topic: How to accept the now while we work towards an outside goal! It is tumultuous and full of conflicting advice. Our advice to you is to trust yourself and spirit! So often we allow our brains to kill us while trying to keep us alive! Playing small or throwing ourselves full speed ahead without ever checking in to see if the path we are on is in the fact the one our soul is calling us through and towards. This week we talk about how we both tackle our ego on our own paths! And if you are ready to stop putting your life on hold and make the plunge to start living your life to the fullest, talk to Kate or myself! Kate offers moon mentoring and healing sessions and I offer mentoring and coaching to get you writing and living the life you deserve rather than the one you accept. And both of our sessions are included in the free trial of the Creative & Vibrant Living Virtual Retreat. If you are ready to stop putting your creativity last then get the retreat and the tools to start building your creative life & the process of returning to self!
October 09, 2018
The Guts To Create
Following up our conversation from last week’s episode we dive deeper into what self-acceptance takes and why we shouldn't be afraid of the murkier waters that accompany deeper dives! It takes guts to create something - ask any mother! Labor is not a pretty sanitized experience, but the result is nothing short of a beautiful miracle. We have begun to sanitize our lives much to our detriment. When asked to wade into darker waters to go after the things we really want we hesitate. Far worse, we think that the fact that the water is dark means we are not meant to have that wish we so desperately desire. This episode is to tell you that what you want is on the other side of that dark, murky place. That it is through the blood and the muck that you face what you need to face: not to break you, but to make you stronger. It is there that you develop the guts to create - be it a book or the life you deserve. This week’s card was pulled from the Star Child Tarot deck by Danielle Noel.
October 02, 2018
You Are Enough: Quit The Quest For Perfection & Embrace You!
Here is the thing wonderful creative spirit: accept the messy middle phase, stop fighting that time in the cocoon, stop judging your real life to someone else's social media feed! We all have good days and bad days, for that matter good YEARS and bad years. Life was never meant to be static! Today on the show we talk about this rollercoaster called life and assure you are ENOUGH! Right now, with a hot mess of a life or one to make your social media feed scream with envy, you are enough. The deck we spoke about and that we pulled our card from: Love Your Inner Goddess Cards: An Oracle to Express your Divine Feminine Spirit Cards – by Alana Fairchild & Lisa Ferrante
September 25, 2018
Taking The Lid Off!
This week’s podcast is all about taking the lid off! In more ways than one! Being unapologetic, showing up as ourselves, embracing our light and shining hard to be that lighthouse! We have some kids opening this week’s podcast and they helped to highlight the lessons we wanted to talk about this week! Mainly, to encourage us to embrace what being a child means and to unlearn some of the lessons we ourselves were taught (often with love) as children. They also brought about a lesson in the moment about embracing and letting go, when Sherrie’s daughter dropped the lid of her favourite mermaid bottle into the ocean. We kept on recording, embracing everything spirit had to teach us in that moment, as well as to drive home we need to take the lid off, BOTH in showing our messy sides for others to see as well as taking that cap off of our gratitude!
September 18, 2018
S2 E2: Knowing When To Act: Mama Intuition & Self Love
Kate & Sherrie are talking mother intuition and tuning in to know when to act and when to stay put, all in the name of self-love and living within spirit. It can often be difficult to know if you are acting from a place of fear or a place of knowing. Are our fears founded or are we letting them overrule us in our quest for a full and vibrant life where the universe has your back? We also go into “JUSTing” ourselves and how important it is to stop letting the ego take control & Kate shares a tool on how to stop justifying and downplaying our gifts. A must listen for anyone who has ever wondered "is this fear telling me not ever, or is it my intuition telling me not now."
September 11, 2018
Season 2 BeLiving In Self Episode 1: Rituals for Self Care & Returning To Self
Both Kate & Sherrie know what it is like to drown in motherhood. It can feel so good and yet you wake up wondering how things got so bad. This episode was inspired by our talk with Tarah Abrams when Kate spoke about how her daily 15 minutes meditation brought her back to self. In particular, it was the comment that her husband got his wife back that made goosebumps rise on Sherrie’s arms. Because that is exactly what happened to Sherrie and so many other mothers. We lose ourselves in the wonder of motherhood, forgetting that it is just a facet of our multifaceted lives and who we are. Rituals can bring you back to self. It helps you set those boundaries for self care and start following that thread back to self.
September 04, 2018
Interlude 3: Our Chat With Tarah Abram Of Juicy Living
The third and final interlude between season 1 & 2 of Creative Spirits has a very special guest! Tarah Abrams of Juicy Living By Design. Tarah is an author, essential oils advocate, meditation teacher and photographer who also works in interior design. She is also a mama to twin girls and a son. How does she do it all? Tarah says that “meditation and mindfulness practices also became a part of my life, I believe in the power and impact these tools have on our well-being, so much so, I again, went back to school so I could learn and share the science and philosophy behind these practices. As moms I feel we are always looking for a sense of balance and a way to bring more ease and flow into each day, and that we all deserve to live our best juiciest lifestyle however that looks to each of us!” So join us today for a conversation about meditation, mindfulness, knowing when you are on the right path and writing books! Find more about Tarah here:
August 28, 2018
Interlude 2: Sherrie talks Pen Names & Lynn Francis
In this second interlude episode Kate and Sherrie talk about Sherrie's latest release; the short story The Kitsune Wife, part of her Samurai series under the name of Lynn Francis. Sherrie talks about giving herself the permission to finally publish her work, why she needed the pen name to be able to have the permission to move forward and hit publish in the first place, and why just writing and releasing is the most freeing gift you can give your creative self. Both Sherrie’s, Kate’s and Lynn Francis’s are available on Amazon!
August 21, 2018
Season Interlude -Kate Darnell Presents Poems To A Wild Gypsy Spirit: A Dance With The Divine
Today’s podcast is a very special episode! Kate launches her second book Poems to A Wild Gypsy Spirit. As always, this podcast is not just the launching of this book into the world. We explore not only the book (Kate reads three poems that she picked for the podcast that were divinely inspired beforehand), but we also go deep into the process of publishing a book. Not just the practical work of getting the book out there, but that juicy and so scary place that is the process of being brave enough to say goodbye to ego and stepping out to put your work out there in the world. Raw and honest as always, this episode is a must listen for anyone who is called to put their work out there and yet is unable to step into their power and claim writer. And you may just find some new favorite poems to inspire you on your journey!
August 14, 2018
Episode 8 -Comparisonitis
We have all been there. Just as it is hard sometimes to stop the Bigger Faster More ego train, it can be hard to stop the comparision game. No matter how intent we are on staying in our lane, our eyes stray and we start to believe someone else has it easier, better or just has plain more. And who can blame us! In this world of social media it is no longer just celebrities we oggle and wonder how they do it as we dream of ourselves in their lives. Suddenly EVERYONE seems to have it better and easier than you. (Just one carefully cropped and the perfect filter applied away). Today Kate and Sherrie conclude season 1 of Creative Spirits with a candid talk about not just what it takes to go out and have the life of your dreams (spoiler alert: a lot of making your own luck and refusing to accept defeat!) but also the importance of recognizing that there is always a human behind the presented life.
August 09, 2018
Episode 7 -Allowing In Faith & Working With Spirit
This episode is all about the big F. FEAR. Which may explain why it begins with Kate & Sherrie in hysterical laughter. In this episode we walk our talk. You can not be a human being and not experience fear. It comes in all shapes and sizes, it lies to us about how it just wants to keep us safe and protected, and even lies about the nature of itself. This episode almost never happened. And when it finally did we lost it halfway through. And we had to go back and do it again. (See hysterical laughter). Part of both us fought it. And then we realized, this is the messy middle. This is the part where you wonder if you should just give up because nothing is working. And then you look fear in the face and you do it anyway. And you come out with something better. So whatever fear you are feeling at this moment, join us for a conversation on the nature of fear in your life and as a creative, how to deal with it, and to show up as your glorious imperfect you.
August 09, 2018
Episode 6 - Opening Up To Your Voice & Strengthening Your Throat Chakra
After Episode five's talk about boundaries Episode 6 could only have been about one topic: strengthening your throat chakra so you could find and use your voice! Boundaries are so important, but to be able to speak up for what you need and set them in place you need to have an open and strong throat chakra. Today Kate and Sherrie are talking about how to ask for what you need and empower your voice!
August 09, 2018
Episode 5 -Boundaries for Creativity and Spiritual Connection
How do we have it all? A thriving creative practice and healthy relationships with friends and loved ones? it all starts with boundaries and enforcing them. What often starts out as something that feels difficult and even counterproductive, often ends up being the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others! In this week's episode Kate and Sherrie talk about setting up boundaries, how to recognize when we don't have them in place or are even unsure if we deserve to impose our needs on others. When in fact boundaries are very much the opposite. We are telling others what we need so that they can see if they are in alignment with us or not. Book mentioned in this week's show: If The Buddha Married
August 09, 2018
Episode 4 - Life Changing Magic of Living with Intention
With a new moon just 2 days as of publication (coming up July 12th 2018!) Kate and Sherrie talk intentions, new moon rituals and going after your goals without burning yourself out. In the Creative Mermaids courses and coaching (of which Kate is a member!) Sherrie often talks about goal setting, regular check ins and intention setting. Kate also offers intention setting support using the moon in the GBTS: Moon Magic Community, set intentions at the New Moon and Check In at the Full Moon, in a live, online, spiritual supportive group. In this episode in honor the of the New Moon with a Solar Eclipse in Cancer, we wanted to talk about the importance of living life with intention. This is all about you creating your map for creativity, your business and your professional and personal life.
August 09, 2018
Episode 3 - Gratitude to Catapult us!
Too often we use gratitude to cap us instead of catapult us. Today we're talking gratitude practice as in "Thank you universe! More please!"
August 09, 2018
Episode 2 -The Regular & Spiritual Practice Of Words To Wisdom
Welcome back to episode 2 and this one is all about the regular and spiritual practice of turning our wounds into wisdom. Learning to lean in and surrender to spirit can be one of the greatest gifts our spiritual practice can give us. The Messy Middle is something that Sherrie has often worked with in the Creative Mermaids ( read all about it in the September 2017 issue of Badassery and through it she discovered the importance of a regular spiritual practice in getting through the dissolved goo of the cocoon phase. In this episode we go further in to not just the acceptance of the messy middle but also its importance in the cycles of life. Part of the wounds to wisdom growth is working through the shit and pain of our life not as a deterrent to, but rather an essential component of, becoming a woman
August 09, 2018
Kate and Sherrie met in level 1 of Harness Your Healing Brilliance by Sarah K Jones and had their relationship cemented in level 2. Both were mothers who realized they were burning their candles on both ends. Drawn by shadow integration, rising above the wounded healer archetype and striving for a life that embraced cycles that honored the light and the dark, Kate and Sherrie decided to start this podcast to share their experience in the hope to inspire others to invite spirit in and to embrace their wild messy life and selves. This podcast is as real and messy as us! So grab a cup of tea (or coffee), start your diffuser and prepare for honest talk on the journey from wounds to wisdom!
August 09, 2018