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The Cul De Sac

The Cul De Sac

By Miles
4 Intelligent minds, 4 Different perspectives, informing the public on current events and other opinions, encouraging open mindedness and conversation.
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The Cul De Sac: Addiction and Patriotism!

The Cul De Sac

The Cul De Sac: Addiction and Patriotism!

The Cul De Sac

The Cul De Sac: Financial Health and Lessons Learned
Listen in while we speak about our interactions with financial health and how the past, can make very clear how to conduct ourselves and yourself in the future! 
October 11, 2020
The Cul De Sac: Good vs. Evil
This week we are missing our buddy and co-host gray, but we had the privilege to take a deep dive into the topic of Good Vs. Evil, join us as we discuss our "favorite worst person" and the true meanings of evil and good in our minds, and how these factors interact with society!
October 2, 2020
The Cul De Sac: Relationships and Community
Lets speak about our most important relationships and what those meant to us. As well as how humans need this community and type of relationships right now, as we move quickly towards a more individualized digital age. 
September 25, 2020
The Cul De Sac: Addiction and Patriotism!
Follow us as we go in depth about the intricacies of addiction and patriotism!
September 18, 2020
MotivatedME-Frank Sinclair and dream again llc
Going in depth about the hard topics, black youth, motivation, drive let’s speak more!
May 28, 2020
MotivateME-Gilbert Smith Jr UFC and VIctory MMA
We go in depth about the topic of time and how it relates to motivation, as well as Gilbert’s experience with the UFC, Ultimate Fighter, and Ballator!
May 21, 2020
MotivateME-Rob Decker and Kingdom Fit
Miles sits down with Rob Decker if Kingdom Fit to speak about his journey and the topic of “drive”.
May 16, 2020