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The Week in Identity

The Week in Identity

By The Cyber Hut
"The Week in Identity" is focused on providing a weekly analyst briefing on the latest identity and access management news events, funding rounds, conference updates and more. Identity is now foundational for all employee, consumer and device based security and usability projects and is changing rapidly. Hosts Simon Moffatt (Founder at The Cyber Hut) and David Mahdi (ex-Gartner Analyst and CISO Advisor) provide impartial analyst comment and opinion on some of the most exciting trends within the IAM landscape.

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E4 - Blog review: 1Kosmos, Ubisecure, Trulioo / Palo Alto Unit 42 Cloud Threats / Ping + Microsoft + Workday / Series B funding
This week Simon (David's on holiday!) took a quick peek at some interesting blog entries that appeared.  Ubisecure provided some insight into hybrid cloud deployments, 1Kosmos told us more about "Identity Based Authentication" as a pillar of zero trust and Trulioo discussed how risk assessment should be a part of identity onboarding.  In other news Ping Identity announced a partnership with Microsoft and Workday to work on a profile for verifiable credentials and JWT and identity based access control startup announced a $60 million series B round.  Finally an April article by Palo Alto's Unit 42 on cloud based threats also caught Simon's eye.
July 04, 2022
E3 - Identiverse 2022 / Infosec Europe 2022 / Identity for the Hybrid Cloud / Immutable Who & What / Behaviour Management / Proofing + Authentication become One?
In this episode, Simon and David review the recent Identiverse conference from Denver and the Infosec Europe event that happened simultaneously in London.  They cover the rise of identity for the hybrid cloud, how authentication and proofing are becoming one, the use of blockchain technology to provide an immutable record of the who and the what and how employees are our first firewall of defence.
June 24, 2022
E2 - RSA 2022 Review / Machine Identities / Cloud Native Security / Cyber Insurance / Business Outcomes
This week Simon and David discuss the recent RSA 2022 conference in San Francisco, and how the topics of identity and access management filtered into areas such as Machine Identity, the rise of Cloud Native Security solutions, how the world of Cyber Insurance is evolving and how vendors, providers and conferences...must start to align security solutions back to business outcomes if they are to provide real long term value. 
June 17, 2022
E1 - Intro / Gartner London IAM / CIAM / ITDR / Privacy
Episode 1 - Hosts Simon Moffatt and David Mahdi launch the brand new podcast "The Week in Identity", focused on providing a weekly briefing on the latest and greatest identity and access management news events, funding rounds, conference updates and more. This week, they discuss the Gartner London IAM event, the rise of consumer identity, how privacy is a new differentiator and how Identity Threat Detection and Response is on the rise.
June 04, 2022