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The Damascus Spears

The Damascus Spears

By Noah Carr
In the world of ancient Greece, the gods play a hand into many things, sending champions to further their own causes and arguing with one another as the Peloponnesian war nears its end. Welcome to this live recorded Dungeons & Dragons 5e podcast hosted by Dungeon Master Noah Carr and his players. Together, two parties of mercenaries under the Damascus Spears band strive to become a legendary fighter like Heracles and Achilles!
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Damascus Spears Group 2 Episode 8
The start of the tournament is at hand and apparent with the choices of champions that win these events. Split against one another and joined by a curiously problematic team member, they take on what Knossos has in store.
August 24, 2021
Group 1 Episode 7
At the doors of the Hydra's Lair the Damascus Spears enact a plan to find the artifacts while the Hydra is away. Sound and Time run against them as they race to retrieve the artifacts.
August 11, 2021
Damascus Spears Group 2 Episode 7
Testing the fates is an odd gamble. You either appear where you need to be, or you feel the consequences in motion that you had the power to affect. New blood and old flames join the crew, and the Aegean teases its control over the seafaring adventurers. An island of Doom, an Island of Dreams, and a simple quest that is not what it seems.
August 8, 2021
Damascus Spears Group 1 Episode 6
Finding themselves in a new opportunity, the party follows a secret taken to the grave. Bent on uncovering the riddled cypher, they sail to an island hidden away from mortal eyes. Danger is around every bend, but together, they can unify and repel all. Preceding their adventure, they are forced to hold faith in pirates to keep their word.
April 15, 2021
Damascus Spears Group 2 Episode 6
Moments after returning to the Siderokos, the Damascus Spears try to take advantage of the opportunity they have created. Despite their best efforts, The Performer is left wounded and with the knowledge that it's possible he knows more aboard the oncoming ship. The fastest ship in the Aegean approaches unaware that some of their crewmates were just killed on a seemingly featureless island.
March 23, 2021
Damascus Spears Group 1 Episode 5
Their trenches are set, the trap is laid, yet doubt and uncoordinated strategy surfaces at the edges of their opportunity to take on these pirates. Watch as the scales of fate tip and a new path emerges. Eris the goddess of Strife and Discord watches with increasing interest, although unbeknownst to them, her desires met with these champions.
March 7, 2021
Damascus Spears Group 2 Episode 5
After leaving Argos upon dropping off Apenlo and having a night of team bonding, the party returns to Melos to plot their next adventure. Aboard the Siderokos they move to investigate the so called bandits terrorizing the outlying Obsidian Islands. Their plan goes awry as the face of the Performer is readily recognized by an old crew mate.
February 22, 2021
Damascus Spears Group 1 Episode 4
Fate is a fickle thing, always seeming to bring heroes exactly where they need to be to face challenges the gods cannot solve themselves. The small island they landed on to simply resupply has turned out to be plagued by an increasingly dire situation. The battered and intimidated people left on this island need heroes, but are the Damascus Spears ready to take on a dilemma bigger than themselves?
February 7, 2021
Damascus Spears Group 1 Episode 3
After collecting their thoughts regarding an encounter with Eris, the goddess of discord, our party sets sail on an adventure. On their first trip however, the tides of Poseidon draw them near a deadly scourge. Watch as a they put their lives on the line for the symbols they hold dear to them.
January 15, 2021
Damascus Spears Group 2 Episode 3 & 4
Our party of adventurers discover what went on in the troubled mines of Melos. With a new direction following a dire prophecy, our party comes to terms with their destined quests. What part will they play in this history? Music: "The Story" by Alexander Nakarada
December 8, 2020
Damascus Spears Group 1 Episode 2
After the battle of Melos on the following day, our party deals with the aftermath before moving on towards another contract. However, they stumble across a bigger scheme when looking for answers at the temple. A crowd has gathered and a murder has happened.. but why are the only bodies those of the clergymen? 
November 7, 2020
Damascus Spears Group 2 Episode 2
After a successful stealth insertion and capture of the Polemarch and a high ranking captain, our party finds themselves in a struggle to glean secrets out of the silver-tongued governor of Melos. Navigating a battle of words, mind games, and a touching revelation, we jump into the aftermath of the battle of the Obsidian Islands where the ethics of mercenaries are called into question. Music: Kevin Macleod: "Evening Fall (Harp)" Alexander Nakarada: "The Story"
October 24, 2020
Damascus Spears Group 1 Episode 1.2
Picking up immediately after they storm the small harbor on the island of Melos, this vanguard group of mercenaries push forward to storm and secure the fort. However, a few things seem off as one of the escaping Athenians head towards something at the temple instead of regrouping at Fort Trypiti. A daring assault, creative maneuvers, and a perilous duel await you on this episode of The Damascus Spears.
October 22, 2020
Damascus Spears Group 1 Episode 1.1
On the night of the Spartan invasion of the Island of Melos, our members of the Damascus Spears aboard the Agripas, await the beacon lit by their mercenary counterparts. An action packed episode as our party rushes towards the harbor and clears the way for landing forces, but in doing so, catch wind of something larger happening on the scene.
October 10, 2020
Damascus Spears Group 2 Episode 1.2
After successfully deceiving their way to the command ship of the polemarch and the other half of the party stealthily infiltrating his villa, our party finds themselves caught in a moment of urgency. The guards that our deception team accidentally sent are now asking for the polemarch. Unfortunately, our stealthy rogue and druid are caught in a difficult place right as they are to enter polemarch Apenlo's chambers. Join us for the following wild ride!
September 26, 2020
Damascus Spears Group 2 Episode 1.1
In the world of ancient Greece a heroic mercenary guild adventures near the end of an adapted version of the Peloponnesian war. The legends and heroes are all true and had their part in history. Here, Legends and Myths are as much apart as history as your daily life. Our party of adventurers are newly awakened Demigods embarking on their new odyssey. They find themselves hired at the precipice of a great battle in the Spartan's island hopping theater of war. Their fleet can't take the threat head on and their intelligence has proven wrong, this party is sent to find a new way to allow for a beach landing invasion. Welcome to the Damascus Spears Podcast. This is a live recorded DnD 5e session with minor editing. We use a modified version of the Mythic Odysseys of Theros ruleset adapted to the Greek Pantheon in hopes of exploring all that this setting has to show.
September 23, 2020