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The DART Bullseye

The DART Bullseye

By The DART Bullseye
A podcast on innovators, entrepreneurs and investors. AKA people familiar with the matter.
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009 | Wrap-Up | Matthieu & Federico
That's the end of Season 1 of The DART Bullseye and... time for a wrap-up! In this short bonus episode, Matthieu and Federico recap some of the most interesting themes that emerged during the previous eight episodes and provide some insights about the future of this podcast. We are looking for your feedback at Alternatively, reach out on Twitter (@originalmatth | @cupfeder)! Song: Sacrifice by vygg
March 17, 2021
008 | Entrepreneurs | Matthias Puls - Managing Director @ Kenkou
Shall you pivot? Matthieu speaks with Matthias Puls, Managing Director @ Kenkou. Kenkou has the mission to create accessible and effective solutions for vital-data and mobile health measurement. Website: In this episode of The DART Bullseye we talk about pivots, not only of business model, but career too. Why to consider it? What to expect from it? How to better execute it? In the process we say a thing or two about software medical products and the European regulation. We are looking for your feedback at
March 08, 2021
007 | Entrepreneurs | Manuel Opitz - Co-Founder & COO @ Mecuris
How is EU regulation helping the launch of medical products? Matthieu speaks with Manuel Opitz, Co-Founder and COO @ Mecuris. Mecuris is a medtech startup that offers a digital workshop to medical professionals so they can co-create customised prosthetics and orthotics with and for patients. Website: In the last episode of The DART Bullseye we talk about AI and additive manufacturing applied to orthotics and prosthetics and discuss standardization of certification and processes in the EU. Which country is best for launching a medical product and the global markets that have the best balance between size and entry barrier. Europe has more… challenges than one might think. We are looking for your feedback at Wanna know more about Mecuris and Manuel's entrepreneurial story? 👇 Mecuris - Your partner for the digitization of orthotics & prosthetics [link] Manuel’s moment that paid off for the effort nr1 - “Little dancing queen”  Manuel’s moment that paid off for the effort nr2 - “Emma’s pink princess foot” TEDx Talk by Manuel about the founding story of Mecuris [link]
March 01, 2021
006 | Innovators | Enrico Costanzo - Innovation Manager
How to transform research into impactful innovation? Federico speaks with Enrico Costanzo, Innovation Manager in the biotech sector. In this episode of The DART Bullseye we talk about the relationship between research - both public and private - and innovation. We also dive into some interesting characteristics of open innovation programs, exploring how they can be a useful resource to foster process innovation for large corporations. We are looking for your feedback at
February 22, 2021
005 | Entrepreneurs | Niccolò Lapini - Co-Founder & CEO @ Bella & Bona
How do I raise my pre-seed round? Matthieu speaks with Niccolò Lapini, Co-Founder and CEO @ Bella & Bona. Bella & Bona is a B2B foodtech digital cantine as a service that delivers meals to companies’ employees. The startup is backed by Plug and Play. Website: In this episode of The DART Bullseye we talk about fundraising. In particular we discuss some of the key aspects that a founder must consider to successfully start a new business. Finally we explore the preparation ahead of the first investment rounds, the key role played by healthy unit economics and the importance of smart money. We are looking for your feedback at
February 15, 2021
004 | Entrepreneurs | Simone Maggi - Co-Founder & CEO @ Lanieri
What are the main challenges that an entrepreneur has to face when building ventures in partnership with a corporate sponsor? Federico speaks with Simone Maggi, Co-Founder & CEO @ Lanieri. Lanieri is an e-commerce startup specialized in Made in Italy, made-to-measure men's clothing that was recently acquired by Reda. Website: In this episode of The DART Bullseye we talk about open innovation opportunities in Europe and how to manage the relationship between a startup and its corporate sponsors. Moreover, we explore some of the most relevant trends in the fashion tech industry, from deep learning for product design to blockchain for traceability. We are looking for your feedback at
February 08, 2021
003 | Entrepreneurs | Salvatore Di Dio - Founder @ MUV B Corp
Is it possible to take applied research outside the university walls? Matthieu speaks with Salvatore Di Dio, Founder @ MUV B Corp. MUV is an alternative gaming app that seeks to encourage safe and sustainable mobility. Website: In this episode of The DART Bullseye we discuss about applied research and entrepreneurship. How to shape a game starting from people’s intrinsic motivation. Whom to focus on when developing a new service/product for the masses. Finally paving the way to the century-old dilemma: can people change their habits? Peer pressure is somehow involved. We are looking for your feedback at
February 01, 2021
002 | Investors | Siddharth Choksi - Venture Partner @ Kaiku
To fundraise, or to exit? This is no question. Matthieu speaks with Siddharth Choksi, Venture Partner @ Kaiku. Kaiku connects founders and investors during early stage funding, by using AI to improve investor leads and close deals faster. Website: In this episode of The DART Bullseye we dive into the challenges of fundraising, the importance for the founders to experience it and the life at a student-focused VC fund. Since there is no fundraising without exit, we look at this topic from the fund’s perspective, eventually talking A LOT about SPACs. A thrilling topic. If you want to know more about this form of exit, here comes an article of the Harvard Law School: We are looking for your feedback at
January 25, 2021
001 | Entrepreneurs | Pung Worathiti Manosroi - Founder & CPO @ Betterfront
What is the best product? Matthieu speaks with Pung Worathiti Manosroi, Founder and Chief of Product @ Betterfront. Betterfront is a fundraising and data analytics platform that helps fund managers attract, engage and retain LPs. Website: In this episode of The DART Bullseye we touch base on being a cofounder during Corona time and dive into all things product. How to shape your product starting from assumptions, feedback and a clear strategy. Eventually building up to the question: what is the best product? The answer is… unexpected. We are looking for your feedback at
January 18, 2021
000 | A few words | Matthieu & Federico
The DART Bullseye? Is that a podcast about pubs? Not quite so. Here come a few words from our hosts: Federico & Matthieu. Federico works at the intersection between innovation and finance, he is also the author of Reshaped. Matthieu is a Product Owner, and in his free time he meddles with startups and writes for The DART. Reshaped: The DART: In this episode of The DART Bullseye we share the themes of this podcast, give a hint of the guests we are going to chat with and share our intention for this podcast. Beware, if you are looking for answers, you ain’t getting any! We are looking for your feedback at Song: Sacrifice by vygg
January 11, 2021