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The DEEP Show

The DEEP Show

By Jericho Bulaun
A show where we take a deeper look at life through introspective discussion.
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S3E10: You Look Okay To Me ft. Jameisha Prescod
In the Final episode of Season Three, I had the pleasure of speaking with Jameisha Prescod - a young woman who's work (@youlookokaytome) aims to raise awareness and hold space for people with Chronic illnesses (and for all) to come together, to learn and support each other through experience and community.  I talk with Jameisha about her own experience with her diagnosis of Lupus in 2014 and her life with this auto-immune disease thereafter. Again, another insightful conversation. If you'd like to see more on Jameisha: Instagram - @youlookokaytome Patreon I'm Okay...and other lies Podcast  Enjoy!
December 30, 2020
S3E9: The Trap of Freedom ft. Brad J
Today we explore how Brad, a musician found freedom through living the Van Life but fell more deeply into the trap of what came with it and how he emerged through the other side. The story Brad shares with us here is that even with our freedom and dreams we can still be trapped and feel lost on the inside. Freedom is something that I've been working on in my personal and professional life in the last few years which has brought to light so many more things for me in my journey. For more on Brad and his work: @bradinthevan Enjoy!
December 23, 2020
S3E8: Healthy Masculinity ft. Dominick Quartuccio
This week, we speak to Dominick Quartuccio who is a leader of men in their journey to emerging into healthy masculinity in all its forms. We talk about what masculinity has been defined as and the transformation that is happening now behind his (and many others) leadership. He walks us through a useful exercise at the end which I encourage you all to take part in for yourselves too! For more on Dominick and his work: @dominickq Enjoy!
December 16, 2020
S3E7: Gender Fluid History of the Philippines ft. France Villarta
This week I have another insightful exchange with France Villarta who teaches us about the gender fluid history of the Philippines. In his TEDx Talk (where the title of this episode was taken from) - he explores the ways in which the Philippines has previously had a particular fluidity when it comes to the ways in which we have collectively perceived and defined the roles of genders in society... before the Spanish and Americans came and...changed.. things. To find more on France: As linked above: TEDx Talk  @fxvillarta @metromanilagaymenssalon Enjoy!
December 09, 2020
S3E6: Religion & Faith ft. Tiwa King
The way this conversation together was nothing less than Divine! Tiwa - mother, TEDx speaker, singer and soul-uplifter - shared with us her story and relationship with her faith. We explore what it means to be so tightly bound by and attached to an organised religion and then, how she navigated her way to a place now where she has a bigger, better, stronger relationship with God and herself. I always enjoy talking about God and I'm always intrigued to hear other peoples journeys. For more on Tiwa: @tiwaking TEDx Talk Enjoy!
December 02, 2020
S3E5: Collective Identity through Community ft. Kip
This week, I talk to Kip who I met through the London Vegan community. In this episode, we explore his journey and experiences with different communities throughout his life. It's a story that has some powerful turns which, at the time, made him question himself and who he was. This is the impact that our identities can have on us. For more on Kip: @kipfits Enjoy!
November 25, 2020
S3E4: Unique Expression & Confidence ft. Daniel Navetta aka The AIR Vegan
When I first reached out to Daniel, I had the idea of talking to him about how his love for sneakers formed part of his identity through culture, fashion, music etc. I thought it was going to be a fun and interesting spin on part of the external things we as people identify with. But what Daniel opened and allowed us to explore was so much more! The many levels of his identity as defined through his "roles" were solidly supported by his unshakable confidence in who he is. It was insightful to speak to someone who has had this feeling for pretty much their whole life. For more on Daniel: @theairvegan Business of Hype Podcast Enjoy!
November 18, 2020
S3E3: Breathwork for Mindfulness ft. Michiel De Vogeleer
This week I talk to Michiel De Vogeleer who is a Breathwork facilitator and coach. Breathwork is something that I have discovered to be super powerful for me personally in recent months. The reason why I found this discussion so interesting is because I've always heard that our breath is our life force. Breathwork has been popularised recently but is an ancient practice that has been used to connect us all as beings - without a label or identity. To find more about Michiel: @michiel.devogeleer Michiel's Course with 50% off Code applied!! -  Functional Breath: Better Life. Better Performance. Promotion runs until 6th December 2020. Enjoy!
November 11, 2020
S3E2: The Friendly Vegan ft Michelle Cehn
In this episode, I talk to Michelle Cehn - founder of World of Vegan, which has a huge online following and community, and co-author of multiple cookbooks - about what it means to be vegan. As vegan living has now become more "commercialised", we explore all the ways in which this label, this word, this identity has had an impact on us and the world. To learn more about Michelle: @vegan @Michellecehn Enjoy!
November 04, 2020
S3E1: Inner Identity ft. Jordan Candlish
Season Three is here! And what a better way to welcome this in than to have a super deep conversation with a great friend of mine Jordan Candlish - Transformational Life Coach and Entrepreneur in the Health & Wellness industry. In today's episode, we explore the theme of Identity as an inner construct that we externally attach too. This can cause us so much trouble in many different ways. We get into Jordan's personal story and the insights he has come to through his work. Find Jordan here: @stateshifters State Shifters Podcast
October 28, 2020
BONUS: Using lockdown to create a deeper connection with yourself (Authentic Dating Series Episode)
I was recently invited onto The Authentic Dating Series to talk about the current world situation and how we can all use this time to create a deeper connection with ourselves and why this is important. We talk about some practical things we do to create calm such as meditation and also discuss some branching topics. To find more of Ahmad & David, find them at: @authenticdatingseries on instagram and all the links to their content will be there too. Hope you're all staying safe. Jericho.
April 03, 2020
S2E8: Spirituality feat. Jezz Ink
In this Episode, I talk to Jezz Ink @jezzink, a London based tattoo artist who focuses on conscious and spiritual tattooing. We discuss his relationship with his own spirituality and how he was drawn to explore it. We talk about religion and our experiences with Christianity.  A take away from this episode is how we are all spiritual and if we take the time to explore this then we will understand better how we relate and connect to each other. Enjoy! @jezzink @thedeepshow @jerichobulaun
March 25, 2020
S2E7: Losing everything & Creating More feat. Cristiano (Picky Wops)
In this episode, I talk to Cristiano - Co-founder and Owner of Vegan Pizzeria "Picky Wops". We get into his journey from a small humble town in Italy to the Big Smoke here in London and how his relationship with Pizza and love of food became one of the driving forces in his life. This episode is really about how passion paired with persistence will always lead you to the place you need to be.   Enjoy! @pickywops @thedeephow @jerichobulaun
March 18, 2020
S2E6: The Philosophy of Becoming a Better Man feat. Sage Conscious
In this episode, Sage talks about how his interest in philosophy began, how this mixes with his faith and how this has driven him to be the person that he is today. There are some useful insights that we can take from this around the unapologetic focus on our own growth and the confidence and conviction to stand by these things in a world where it's easy to hide behind something. Let me know what you think. Enjoy! Jericho.
March 11, 2020
S2E5: Re-emergence and the Power of Therapy feat. Damir
In this episode, I speak with Damir who shares his story of how he found himself, and the tools he discovered to help him come to certain realisations. We talk about therapy and how this gave him the space to uncover and rediscover things about his past and eventually how it has helped him grow into who he is today.   I hope you enjoy the episode. Thanks, Jericho
March 04, 2020
S2E4: The bigger picture of a failed relationship feat. Paul Chapman
In this episode, I talk to dancer, teacher, videographer Paul Chapman, about how his relationship failed and what affect this had on him. I feel like this story is relatable to many and it shows us the one of many ways we can handle this pain.   Paul is a great guy and you can follow all of his projects: @itspac_ @wespillthetea @theprojectpac   Enjoy the episode and let me know what you think! Jericho
February 26, 2020
S2E3: Losing yourself to find your passion feat. Lewis Paris
In this episode, I talk to Lewis Paris - personal trainer extraodinaire. He tells us about his journey to finding his passion and how it may not always look like what we think it does. Although not discussed explicitly, we get into how becoming a victim to your circumstances always leads to suffering. Follow Lewis @lewisparisfitness Enjoy!Jericho@jerichobulaun@thedeepshow
February 19, 2020
S2E2: Growth through Grief feat. Elizabeth
In this episode, Elizabeth shares her story of how she and her family received and dealt with the news of her younger brothers suicide. We explore everything from the physical and mental "symptoms" to how she has found emotional healing day by day. Thanks to Elizabeth for coming on the show and sharing this with me - It was an insightful conversation and I hope we can all learn something about how we can help those who are dealing with a loss. Follow her @thelouloulife Thanks for listening. Jericho.
February 12, 2020
S2E1: Coming out, self-doubt and self-acceptance. feat Lou-Andrew Rodriguez
In this episode, I talk to one of my closest friends about his experiences as a young boy realising he was attracted to boys, how this affected his view of himself and eventually his story of coming out to his family.  This story is one of self-acceptance and I think we all suffer from this thought of "we are not good enough as we are". In the circumstances that Lou found himself in, he explores what it meant to really accept ourselves and through this he has found, not only happiness but a new confidence for life itself. Follow Lou on Instagram: @louandrewrodriguez Enjoy! Jericho. @jerichobulaun @thedeepshow
February 05, 2020
Ep 15: Collect your L's feat. Jam
In this weeks episode, I bring back my brother Jamaine to discuss creativity from various different angles and explore some topics that come up in between. We talk about his interest and passion in creating things in general and how this also comes in the form of "fixing" people too.  To keep up with what Jamaine is working on, keep an eye on his blog (which he says he will be updating soon):
September 04, 2019
Ep 14: D.E.E.P - Drive, Security & Change
In this episode, I speak about the ways in which we have always looked at drive, security & change and how we can challenge this to revitalise our creative energy and take control back! @jerichobulaun   Enjoy!
August 28, 2019
Ep 13: Life at 300+lbs feat. Alex MacDonald
In this episode, I talk to Alex MacDonald who took back his life after he found himself battling with obesity and alcoholism. He tells us about his journey through this time in his life and how his relationship with himself changed over the years. Being someone who was there with him physically helping him with his weight loss journey, this conversation for me was super insightful as he shares some more personal aspects of the journey that we'd never spoken about before.  Alex now has a much healthier relationship with the things that crippled him previously and his story is one of success, happiness and - probably most important of all - a better sense of himself. Enjoy! Jericho.
August 21, 2019
Ep 12: Being truthful, helpful & useful feat. JP McCormack
In this episode, I talk JP aka Portobello Vegan about his journey and experiences of starting and running vegan events. We talk briefly about his drivers to move away from the corporate world and how his, now rapidly growing, plant based events company came to be. When I met JP last year, he was one of the true lights in the community, always shining and spreading pure love which definitely translates into his events. To keep up with JP and his events, find him online here: @portobello_vegan @plantbasedeventsco   Enjoy! Jericho
August 14, 2019
Ep 11: Self-awareness gets us women! feat. AJ & Dave
In this episode, I talk to AJ & Dave from The Authentic Dating Series - A podcast that aims to help men have better all round relationships from understanding their emotions, the ability to communicate better to having better sex! With a background of actual being dating coaches, these men have a vision of empowering other men to be authentically themselves and teach them how to use this to create more meaningful relationships. This topic has been one that I've been asked to talk about for a while and I feel like this conversation is a great insight from a unique perspective that I could not have given on my own. Find their podcast here: Follow them on instagram: @authenticdatingseries Enjoy! Jericho
August 07, 2019
Ep 10: D.E.E.P - Live as you are...No Pressure!
In this episode, I speak about how to live as you are.  Nowadays, there seems to be a lot of pressure around being better, being successful and being happy with yourself. But where does this come from? Why do we feel like if we become better we will be happier? My perspective on this is that if we are able to accept ourselves for everything that we are, rather than telling ourselves or being told that we need to be better or fit certain ways of life, we can be more impactful with with creating our own realities and we can be more effective in whatever situations we find ourselves in. Jericho.
July 31, 2019
Ep 9: Empowering women through sport feat Asma Elbadawi & Ezdihar Abdulmula
In this episode, I am joined by Asma - & Ezzy - two basketball players from Bradford who successfully campaigned for FIBA to lift their ban and allow Muslim women to wear their Hijab while playing basketball.  Asma & Ezzy now deliver workshops around the country to empower women (of all ages, races and religions) through sport. Their focus is to create platforms and spaces to speak on the challenges they faced and to use their experiences to help other women feel comfortable, confident and empowered. Find them online: Asma: @asmaelbadawi Ezzy: @ezdiharabdulmula   To get tickets to their next workshop:
July 24, 2019
Ep 8: Life as 2nd Generation Filipinos in London feat. Rachel G
In this episode, I talk to the Founder of The Filipino Collective - a podcast and community focused on discovering and promoting 2nd Generation Filipinos here in London. Rachel wants to create a stronger presence of the Filipino culture and aims to rid the stereotypes that are attached to Filipinos. Find The Filipino Collective online: Instagram: @thefilipinocollective
July 17, 2019
Ep 7: Destroy Ego. Emphasise Perspective.
In this weeks Episode, I give my view and breakdown of a dictionary definition of the term "Self-awareness" and how I've approached it from a spiritual perpspective. If you enjoy these episodes where I am on my own, let me know and send me topics you'd like me to talk about! Thanks for listening, don't forget to share with a friend if you like the show. Jericho
July 10, 2019
Ep 6: Veganism, White-Splaining & other social issues feat. Laura Callan
In this episode, I had the honour of talking with a woman who has been an inspiration to many (including myself) in the vegan community. Laura is the Owner & Founder of Bright - a company that started as a Vegan ethical lifestyle magazine, "Brightzine" back in 2016. It has since grown into an ethical lifestyle store and event space 'The Bright Store' which also doubles as Londons first all vegan members club! We get into Laura's vegan story then discuss how veganism is more than just a diet and how it links to many more issues, which Bright are aiming to be more active in raising awareness to through their upcoming events and magazine issues. Follow Bright on instagram: @brightzine @thebrightstoreldn @thebrightclubldn Visit online and subscribe to their quarterly magazine:
July 03, 2019
Ep 5: Studying Medicine changed me feat. Jamal Ross
In this episode, I talk to Jamal Ross - a talented musician and a Doctor currently undergoing Surgical training. He tells me about his life experiences and how his creative process has grown and changed with him. He opens up about how crisis in his life has lead him to his current success and how he uses it to map further goals in life. Find Jamal on Instagram: @antonrossmusic
June 26, 2019
Ep 4: Oh My Gulay! Brainwashed Vegans feat. Drew & Steph Torio
In this episode, I talk with my two business partners where we discuss our vegan journey's as individuals and as a business. Oh My Gulay! is the UK's first 100% Vegan Filipino Street Food Stall. We opened in April of 2018 and are paving our own way in the London Vegan Scene, where we have met many inspiring and compassionate people. Follow on Instagram: @ohmygulayldn @steph_ohmygulay @drewboid
June 19, 2019
Ep 3: Witchcraft helped me connect with God! feat. Morgan
In this episode, Morgan talks about some of her passions and how being put in a box got in the way of her creative journey. Along with some insights into her life, we discuss how she handled being called a "witch" and what that means in reality - Her new found respect for natural healing and alternative medicine along with spiritual practices such as meditation. Follow Morgan on Instagram: @shethethrone She will be releasing details of her new projects in the near future.
June 12, 2019
Ep 2: Martial Arts for Mental Health feat. Paul Dee
In this episode, I talk to Paul Dee who shares with me some of his philosophy of movement and how creating a martial art/movement method has helped him deal with his mental health issues. Paul is the founder of Fluid Tactics - a martial art focused on reactive movements in high pressure situations. Find him on Instagram @fluid.tactics. Visit his website and book training sessions with him via
June 05, 2019
Ep 1: We're all IMPOSTERS feat. Jamaine & Jason
In this episode of the show, I talk to two of my good friends who share some of their experiences and insights on their creative journey's. Follow Jason:Twitter: @jasonercInstagram: @jay.erc Follow Jamaine:all social platforms @jamislikeMusic (iTunes, Spotify et.c) @musicbyjam
May 28, 2019
Ep 0: The Pre-Show - How I got here
Here, I talk about a few examples of the significant events that started, triggered and pulled me back into the Spiritual Journey that I was always meant to be on. I talk about my previous religious experiences, one example of how travelling and meeting new people opened my eyes and I tell my vegan story. Thanks for listening and follow for more episodes with guests! Jericho.
May 18, 2019