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Your ticket to the District.
A podcast that highlights stories of creatives, entrepreneurs, and much more in the Washington Metropolitan area. We believe in giving visionaries a platform to inspire the community. Follow us on Instagram @thedistrictchannel.
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Celebrate Earth Day with National Geographic Explorer, Gabrielle Corradino
HAPPY EARTH DAY! 🌎 What better way to celebrate Earth Day than with none other than National Geographic Explorer 🤿, Gabrielle Corradino—who lives right here in Washington DC. Ecologist Gabrielle has received funding from the National Geographic Society for her important work studying plankton in the Anacostia River including phytoplankton that produce more than 50% of our oxygen in our atmosphere. So, the next time you take a deep breath—thank plankton! 🙏 Gabrielle is also a former 5th grade science teacher and joined one of Nat Geo’s recent Virtual Field Trips and showed D.C. kids how to capture and study plankton in their own backyards using just a mason jar and coffee ☕ filter. #earthday #plankton #natgeo #educational #education 
April 22, 2021
The Art of Photography ft. Nayssa Ines, Founder of 40TWENTYSIX
Nayssa Ines is a portrait photographer based out of the DC, Maryland and Virginia area. Nayssa specializes in documenting love and passion. Her portfolio ranges from families to artists/models, and to businesses owners. Nayssa founded "40TWENTYSIX Photography" in 2019 but has been doing photography for over 10 years. Her team consists of just herself but has occasional help from her partner and daughter. #creatives/artist #creatives #artists |  Instagram, Facebook: @40TWENTYSIX
March 31, 2021
How to Glow Up ft. Tanning with Jenny
Jennifer Flores (Hernandez), owner/operator of Tanning with Jenny and Sunless Supply. Tanning with Jenny is a private custom airbrush studio (spray tans) with the added benefit of on site, mobile, appointments meaning Jenny comes to your house, office, hotel etc. She also offers lash extensions and will be adding teeth whitening and other services very soon. The studio is now located in College Park, MD but services all of DC, NoVa and many parts of MD. Sunless Supply is an online supply store for other airbrush tanning artists. #beauty/fashion #beauty IG + FB: @tanningwithjenny/@sunlesssupply /
March 29, 2021
Authenticity on Social Media ft. Content Creator Vanesa Chavez
By definition, authenticity is being real, or genuine. Even though everyone plays the whole keeping-up-appearances game on social media, authenticity comes naturally to a lot of people on their personal profiles—that is exactly what Vanesa Chavez does. Vanesa talks about how to keep it real on social media and shares her wisdom on how to create content that lines up with who you are.  #business #education #business/education 
March 19, 2021
Vilma Parrilla, Founder of Beautiful Warrior Ministry and Vilms Films
Vilma Parrilla, a 27 years old, lover of Jesus, and Wife to the love of her life, Jonathan Parrilla. Vilma is the Founder and Owner of both,  Beautiful Warrior Ministry/ Podcast and Vilms Films (Photography Business). She is also a Certified Interpreter and an Educator in Prince George's County. #faith-based  Check her out: BEAUTIFUL WARRIOR PODCAST   Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Apple Podcasts:   Spotify:  VILMA PARRILLA  Instagram: VILMS FILMS Instagram:
March 16, 2021
Welcome to Womanhood: Valiant, Insecurities, Success & More
March is Women's History Month--an annual declared month that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. The District Channel's Yeny and Jahnae discuss their journey of womanhood, insecurities, successes, and much more. What woman or women inspire you? This month we will bring you interviews of local women who are killing it--and hope to inspire you with their story. #inspiration #motivation  IG & FB: @thedistrictchannel Twitter: @DistrictChannel
March 06, 2021
Black History Month
Black History Month is celebrated every February. From a celebration of black culture to black excellence and the continuing fight for social justice, we all have different views of BHM. Join us as we discuss our points of view and we ask you to join us on the conversation on our page, what is your view on black history month? #inspiration #motivation
February 20, 2021
Your Circumstances & Overcoming Them
We have to admit sometimes we don't go through the greatest circumstances, COVID-19 is a great example of this. Sometimes all our efforts seem to run dry and we lose hope. In those moments are when we become our greatest and we adapt to overcome whatever our circumstances or challenges are. Join us as we discuss ways to overcome those dark days and see the other side.  #motivation #inspiration
February 04, 2021
What is your Vision for 2021?
At the start of the year we like to ask, what is your vision for the year? Maybe you have goals for this year, or 5 years ahead. Let us know what your vision is on our Instagram @thedistrictchannel #inspiration #motivation 
January 29, 2021
What defines a friendship?
Ahh Friends, no not the 90's show, we mean like your actual friends. But what defines a friend? To everyone the definition of a friend can be very different and very drastic. To kick off our new season and new year we dive deep into what a "friend" means to us, so tell us what defines a friendship? #inspiration #motivation
January 22, 2021
Goodbye 2020!
Oh 2020, what a year it has been. From a worldwide pandemic to losing loved ones, from marches and protests for social injustice, 2020 was a hectic year. In the midst of all that though many found ways to deal with it all or to stay positive and hopeful for all of humanity. Join us as we reflect on how 2020 was for us.  #inspiration #motivation 
December 28, 2020
From One Story to the Next with Elizabeth Espinal
Elizabeth Espinal is an acclaimed author of 2 novels: Entre Dos Reyes (Between two Kings) and the most recent, Arome, the first book of an upcoming series. Elizabeth is an Advertising and Marketing Professional who gained multiple international creativity awards while working as a Creative Director in ad agencies in the Dominican Republic and the USA. After moving to America, Elizabeth was diagnosed with Lupus, and by 2010 she started writing her first novel as a way to cope with isolation while undergoing a severe treatment. That's how the Spanish version of Entre Dos Reyes was released in 2011 and praised by readers. The captivating novel tells of a story between a divorced immigrant mother who's facing many challenges, and a successful American man, who's lives and characters collide. The drama combines family issues, immigration challenges, temptations, betrayals, and strong faith values, to tell a story that, once hooked, will cost several sleepless nights to finish. Elizabeth works both as an author and as CEO of her own Digital Marketing Business. This multitasker mother of two artists has involved her own daughter as the graphic designer for the Arome series, and her musician son, to create an original soundtrack for the soon to be released audiobook version of Arome. As a Christian, Elizabeth is always grateful to GOD for every day of life, which she embraces as a gift from heaven. Elizabeth defines herself as a "Romantic, that likes to share good stories and strong values of resilience with all readers." #faith-based LINKS: Personal Facebook Facebook page Instagram 2 WEBSITES Link to Amazon for the books
December 07, 2020
Fibs and Fables with Shakita Tucker
Shakita Tucker, founder and creator of the Washington, D.C.-based hair accessory line, Fibs and Fables. When it comes to embracing inclusivity and the power of women, one thing comes to mind = hair. For Shakita Tucker, Fibs and Fables is more than just turning heads with its glamorous lineup of hair clips and gilded headbands. Shakita, a former art history college dropout, now full-time entrepreneur, says her business idea stems from the natural hair movement, hoping to reinvigorate how Black women can find beauty in their hair — no matter how curly, textured or “ugly” our society depicts it to be. The trendy statement-driven accessory brand recently unveiled its second collection since its inception in 2019. The emerging statement-driven brand is inspired by mythology, fables and folklore – each piece emanating and evoking the story of the untold, or a powerful woman like their popular collection here. #beauty #fashion Instagram: @fibsandfables Facebook: @ShopFibsandFables
December 03, 2020
Kombucha & Tea with Sergio Malarin
Ever had kombucha? Or Yerba Mate Tea? No? Well get ready to try some especially some Wild Kombucha & Icaro Tea. Yes, more specifically from Mobtown Fermentation. In comes Sergio Malarin. Meet Sergio, the co-founder of Mobtown Fermentation. Mobtown Fermentation is a cause-driven beverage company located in Baltimore, MD where they make Wild Kombucha and Icaro Tea. Website: Facebook: WILD Kombucha Instagram: wild_kombucha / Facebook: Icaro Tea / Instagram: icarotea #food #drink
November 11, 2020
Venture into Healthtech with Laura Gomez Cadena
Laura, a native Colombian, is a current MBA and MS in Information Systems Candidate at the Robert H. Smith School of Business of the University of Maryland. She has a double major in Economics and International Affairs with a concentration in Latin America from The George Washington University. Before attending graduate school, Laura worked at the World Bank Group in the IFC's Corporate Information and Technology department. During her first year at UMD, Laura started a healthtech venture, Viita, which aims to revolutionize the way that patients suffering from chronic disease navigate their patient journey through the use of artificial intelligence. #business #education  Website: LinkedIn: Twitter: @lauragomezcd
November 06, 2020
Equity in Dance Arts with Carla Camargo
Carla Camargo, originally from Mexico, is a dance professional, advocate and marketer, currently residing in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area. Carla is currently the Marketing & Communications Manager at the Dance Institute of Washington, a nonprofit organization that increases inclusive and diverse representation at every level of the professional ballet and dance industries locally in DC, and through that exemplary effort, impacts racial and economic equity in dance nationally and globally. In her position, Carla leads the Marketing Department and ensures the organization's story is accurately told in order to gain the correct perception and support from different audiences. Outside of DIW, Carla is a passionate dancer, dance instructor, coach and mentor. She enjoys teaching dance to all ages because she strongly believes in the positive impact dance arts can have in lives. Carla is also an activist for equality, underrepresented youth, and immigrant rights. As a Latina immigrant woman, she is extremely passionate about her work and all efforts leading to positive progress of the BIPOC community. Across all aspects of her life, Carla is an enthusiastic, open-minded, and determined individual that is always seeking learning opportunities and fulfilling life experiences. @creatives #artists Website and Handles: IG: @danceinstituteofwa Facebook: @danceinstitute Twitter: @DIW_DC Youtube: Carla's: IG: @__carlacamargo
October 28, 2020
Together We Learn with District Futbol Academy
District Futbol Academy is  a youth soccer academy based in Silver Spring. Their academy was built on the pillars of unity, inclusiveness and respect. It is their hope to be an academy where soccer players from our community can grow on and off the field to be the best versions of themselves. At DFA, “We” always comes before “I”. They believe in mutual learning – coach to pupil – and back again. Together, We Learn. Juntos, Aprendemos. #sports IG: @districtfutbolacademy Facebook: Website:
October 20, 2020
Stay Golden with Emely Gutierrez
Saf + Aiden, an accessories brand by the fashionista Emely Gutierrez, showing her passion through handmade accessories and quality hand picked items. Bringing style to you one accessory at a time! Learn more about how Emely started her business while being a mother and soon-to-be wife in the midst of COVID. We hope you enjoy and make sure to support! #beauty #fashion  Business IG: @safandaiden Personal IG: @patvixia Website:
October 15, 2020
Give it Your All with Sisters Give
Sisters Give is composed of two sisters, Estefany Escoto and Jamaira Escoto who organize non-profit charity events to raise money for families in need. We sell food and in return, all proceeds go to various families who reach out to us. #food #drink Our social platforms are: Instagram: @sistersgive_ ( Facebook: (
October 12, 2020
Beauty From the Heart with Patricia Hernandez
Patricia Hernandez, is a makeup artist with over 7 years of experience specializing in bridal makeup. Learn more about how she went from working a regular 9-5 job to her starting her own beauty line, PatryyciahCosmetics, a vegan and cruelty free Latina owned beauty brand.  Personal Instagram: @patryyciah Business Instagram: @patryyciahcosmetics Website: #beauty #fashion
October 07, 2020
Keeping it Natural with Nadia Constanza
Keeping it natural is always best, according to Nadia. Nadia Constanza is a 22 year old, proud Afro-Latina from Lanham, MD. She is a senior ECED/ SPED major at Bowie State. Apart from being a sister, friend, feminist, leader, and activist, she also is an entrepreneur. Nadia is the founder of Pelo Natural, a hair company that provides homemade hair masks using natural ingredients. These masks can be used to restore, hydrate, nourish and moisturize natural hair for both women and men. They are affordable, effective, and durable for all hair types. Masks are available for pick-up and delivery. #beauty #fashion
October 05, 2020
The Student Engagement Agent with Stephen Boyd
Stephen Boyd is a veteran educator and student engagement agent, sharing ways the community can help ensure youth are engaged this school year. Stephen Boyd has over 20 years of experience in the classroom and as an administrator. He’s documented what has worked and what hasn’t worked in the classroom to design professional development that addresses the needs of students no matter what they bring to the classroom. He meets students where they are and through humor and love, he’s discovered the secret sauce to increase engagement and lessen student boredom. #business #eduation
September 24, 2020
My Fight, My Future with Morelys Urbano
Moving to a new town is hard, now imagine moving to a new country? Thats a life changing experience. We appreciate our intern Morelys Urbano sharing her experiences of living in a new country and chasing her dreams. Morelys works with the "Mi Espacio" (My Space) program from Casa De Maryland, a Latino and immigration advocacy-and-assistance organization based in Maryland. Morely's is our intern helping in our marketing and community building. Tune in to hear about her experience and how she's playing a vital role in creating her own future but also creating the space for future Latinos and Ethnic Groups to fight for their dreams. #inspiration #motivation
September 04, 2020
Meet The "Life of the Party" with Jay Simms
Combining both passions of planning events and helping others, Jay Simms founded J. Simms Events and J. Simms Public Relations + Marketing. Now, with over 10 years of professional event planning and communication experience, she's branched out to share her story of motherhood, entrepreneurship, and navigating corporate America while creating interactive experiences with other entrepreneurs and organizations. Her work has been featured on Fox 5 DC, Let's Talk Live DC, Wake Up Washington, Great Day Washington, and more! Check out more at and #business #education
August 26, 2020
Sprinkle Some Sugar with Raven Jenkins
Raven Jenkins is the founder of Sugar by Wallflower. From sweets to empowerment, Sugar by Wallflower has all you need to uplift your soul. Raven Jenkins is on a mission to empower her community and others by any means necessary. In these trying times this is what we need. #food #drink
August 20, 2020
Have A Cup of La Coop with Juan Luis
Juan Luis Salazar Cano, Founder and CEO of the social enterprise La Coop Coffee Company, has deep roots in the Guatemalan Coffee Industry. An agronomist and the son of a coffee farmer from Union Cantinil, Huehuetenango, Guatemala, Juan Luis brought together a group of coffee farmers from his hometown in 2006 to form the Asociacion de Caficultores de Union Cantinil (Association of Coffee Growers of Union Cantinil or ASOCUC), with the goal of empowering farmers to earn a fair price for their specialty coffee. #food #drink
August 17, 2020
Behind SFA: From Vision to Reality- Episode 2
We continue our series Behind SFA, where we will take you behind the scenes to one of the DMV's upcoming brands, Strength From Above. We sat down with founders Arvin Reyes and Ricky Garcia for Episode 2 on their rise to success.  #inspiration #motivation
July 20, 2020
Meet Your New Stylist: Lucy Bedewi
Hey everyone! What a crazy last few months it has been, but we hope you are all well! We wrapped up our last Season in sudden with COVID-19 changing things up but now we are launching Season 3! With that our first guest is an amazing stylist. Meet your new stylist, Lucy Bedewi. Lucy is a Personal Stylist, Copywriter, Blogger & Traveler. She founded Wanderlust Wardrobe with the inspiration to style others. Check out more about Lucy and her transition to styling people online. Instagram: lucy.bedewi #beauty #fashion
July 10, 2020
Behind SFA: From Vision to Reality
Our new series Behind SFA, will take you behind the scenes to one of the DMV's upcoming brands, Strength From Above. We sat down with founders Arvin Reyes and Ricky Garcia to know more about how Strength From Above came to be.  #inspiration #motivation 
June 30, 2020
It's Change We Want & Need
Last week, legislation action was taken to invest into police trainings, banning chokeholds and a national system to track police misconduct. The voices on the street are not pushing for investment but for change, for a system to be redesigned. A system that was built on oppression is not a system we need in our country, in our community nor for our people. People are demanding change, they want it, not only that but black lives need this system and many others that fail them, to change.  #inspiration #motivation 
June 24, 2020
It's Not A Debate, It's Taking A Stand
Protests after protests we see that Black Lives is turning into a debate. It shouldn't. We are talking about human beings just like you and me, why is this a debate? Join us as we discuss about the ongoing push to end racism, police brutality and the fight for justice. Send in your opinions to our social media: Instagram - @thedistrictchannel |  Facebook- @thedistrictchannel #inspiration #motivation 
June 16, 2020
We Stand With You.
As a platform for the community we are here for the community. In these times of hurting we stand for Black Lives because they DO MATTER. As a team we will be releasing some episodes on the current climate in our nation and ways we can be the catalyst for change. Change starts with you, speak up, let your voice be heard, enough is enough, we. cannot stand on the sidelines watching our Black brothers and sisters and children suffer. Use your voice to push for change, it starts with you. #blacklivesmatter #enoughisenough #Inspiration #motivation 
June 05, 2020
Vulnerability Is Power with Carolina Rodriguez
NOTE: Full Spanish Episode. Today we have Carolina Rodriguez, joining us. Carolina has a bachelor's degree in education, is a Life Coach, Family Counselor, and Associate Pastor of Casa Del Alfarero in Silver Spring, MD. She is also the founder of Shine, an annual women's conference in our area and one of the directors of the Save the Family Conference movement in Washington, D.C. She is currently developing a training for anxiety management and awareness. Tune in to hear more from her and get in contact. Instagram: @Carolinarodh. Facebook: Carolina Rodriguez Herreno. #faith-based 
May 07, 2020
Love For D.C. with Heather Leah
If there is someone who loves D.C. it's for sure, Heather. Heather Leah is a wanderlust-filled traveler, raised in New England, who has planted roots in Washington, DC. She loves to watch her breath move in and out of her body and she loves how her muscles feels when she stretches them. She loves to play with words and paint and friends and trees. The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron is her Bible. The question, "so, what do you do?" gives her constant pause. She is a published poet and children's book author, community organizer, and teacher. Founder of the WithLoveDC community, she has organized hundreds of free and donation-based yoga classes in the city, three local yoga festivals, and five Women of the Wild gatherings. Her favorite activity is exploring nature with her dog, Snoop. Her aim every day is to practice gratitude that she is awake, alive, and able to keep expanding. #entrepreneurs
May 04, 2020
Protect Your Investment with Tom Bassolino
Bass Patent Law, LLC is a patent law firm in Frederick, MD that specializes in a broad range of patent-related services across a variety of technology areas including mechanical, electrical, software, and designs. In particular, Bass Patent Law’s practice includes the drafting, filing, and prosecuting U.S., PCT, national stage, and international patent applications. Bass Patent Law’s founder, Tom Bassolino (UMD ’04), was an engineer before becoming a patent attorney, and he has worked in both large law firm (aka “biglaw”) and boutique law firm settings. Tom’s experience has taught him that the product/service is what matters to clients. As such, Bass Patent Law aims to provide polished, detailed (yet broadly claimed), and intelligent patent applications to advance clients’ intellectual property needs and to enhance this critical facet of their business. #business. #education  Links Website -- My LinkedIn -- Business LinkedIn -- Twitter -- @BassPatent (
May 02, 2020
The Spirit Within You with Stacy Fuentes Perez
"Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me" - Psalms 51:10. This is the Bible verse that fuels WITHIN started by Stacy Fuentes Perez. A brand build on the foundation to remind everyone who they need to seek. Even this crazy times many people are turning to their faith, Stacy connected with us to give us more insight on how these moments are the most crucial moments to connect with God.  #faith-based 
April 30, 2020
Get Business Booming with OVALZ
Ready to run your business better in 2020? Well let Albee and Marvin help you. They founded Ovalz,  a web platform for retail business owners that answers inventory accuracy questions w/o the labor costs. They help you know what you have, how much to have and when to have it all-in-one place. Marvin has spent his professional career building software and consulting businesses to help save money, improve operations and grow revenue. Albee is a hybrid of technical and business mixed into a startup Exec w a strong focus on growth - both organizational and personal. Entrepreneur at heart and anything to help the underdog. Also, on the side, play the role of inspirational leader with people of disabilities ie anyone with the chronic, challenging condition as chronic nerve pain and multi-brain surgery survivor. For more info: FOLLOW THEM on LinkedIn LINKED HASHTAG #1MStrong → campaign to help strengthen 1 Small Businesses Instagram Facebook Twitter @ovalz_io #business #education 
April 22, 2020
Spreading Positivity with Dara & Dave Feldman
Dara is a passionate educator, speaker, coach and consultant. She is the author of The Heart of Education: Bringing Joy, Meaning and Purpose Back to Teaching and Learning and was honored as Disney's 2005 Outstanding Elementary Teacher of the Year and Maryland's 2015 Mother of the Year. Dave is a social entrepreneur, community builder, thought leader and international speaker on a range of topics including sustainable communities, entrepreneurship and leadership development. Dave is perhaps best known for his groundbreaking work as co-founder of Livability Project and founding director of  Bethesda Green, a nationally recognized 'best practice' community hub and green business incubator designed to promote sustainable living practices, build a green economy and reduce our collective impact in Bethesda, Maryland. In 2019, Dara and Dave decided to launch Virtues Matter, working together full-time to positively changing as many lives as possible. There aim was to bring an entrepreneurial mindset to bringing others joy, meaning, and purpose. #inspiration #motivation 
April 20, 2020
Staying Motivated with Kassy Sunshine
DISCLAIMER: Due to the limitations we are relying on technology and not all the time it works out to our benefit. Our internet was not the greatest in this episode so please bear with us. We are always pushing to bring you quality audio, thank you for your patience.   Today we talked to Kassy Sunshine and how she is staying motivated during these times. Kassy Sunshine is a certified Life Mastery Coach, Speaker and Trainer on a mission to create a generation of women never looking back on life with regret or wondering what if. With 3 coaching certifications, an MS degree, proven and reliable coaching programs, and years of experience helping millennial women transform their lives -  Kassy is the coach that won't just talk to you about what you want, she will help you actually create it! Tune in more to hear from Kassy!  Facebook Personal: Facebook Business: Facebook Group: Instagram: website #inspiration #motivation 
April 16, 2020
Ways to Self-Care with David Shar
Selfcare is so crucial right now with the worldwide pandemic and everyone on lockdown. These moments can stress and overload people, but how can you stay sane at these times? David Shar took the time to talk to us on ways to avoid burnout at home and in general. David is also to hearing from anyone during these times that need someone to talk to. Take a listen and reach out. We are here for you.  #motivation #inspiration 
April 13, 2020
Be Glamorous with Milani and Kay
Hope everyone is staying safe, here at the District Channel we are keeping you all in prayers! Today we have a special duo in the likes of Milani founder of Makeup by Milani and Kay founder of Lashyou Studio. The duo have come together and right before the pandemic really hit hard they had just opened up their own space. We talk to them about dealing with the quarantine at home and how they are working to ensure they can get to officially open their business as soon as this is over. Tune in!  #beauty fashion
April 08, 2020
Quarantine 101 with Lulu
Hope you are all washing your hands, and getting ready for a new episode! Yes we have been practicing social distancing and today we bring you a special guest. Lulu herself is practicing social distancing and today we will talk about what you can do during these times at home and how you can reflect on your year so far.  #inspiration #motivation 
April 02, 2020
Update of COVID-19 with The District channel
COVID-19 is upon us and we want to give you our updates and our stance on the whole situation. Tune in to hear what we have to say, also stay safe! #motivation #inspiration 
March 28, 2020
The Miracle Baby with Glenda Reyes
Miracles do happen, most of them surprise us too. For Glenda Reyes its been all but too real of a miracle. Wife of our very own Arvin Reyes, and Youth Pastor at Casa Del Alfarero, Glenda had her daughter Miabelle Reyes in the Summer 2019, it was at 6 months. As a premature baby Mia is a miracle from God in all that she has endured at such an early stage in her life, as for Glenda the experience has not been easy at all. Now, she is on a mission to help other mothers and encourage them that miracles are possible, that these experiences are tough but that they are not alone. Tune in to find out more about the Miracle Baby.  #faith-based 
March 25, 2020
Giving Your Seoul Some Spice with Danielle Wilt
Hey everyone we hope you are all safe in these crazy times, we are keeping you all in mind and please take care of yourself! Stay Home so we can fight this off. To help you with being home we got episodes coming your way starting with Danielle Wilt, Vice President of SEOULSPICE a Korean barbecue fast-casual DC-based restaurant. Danielle joined the team in 2016, elevating the brand with sharp eyes on service and growth. She was quickly promoted to Vice President and personally oversaw the opening of the last two locations of SEOULSPICE. Her passion for excellent service and skill for streamlining operations has brought a polished dining experience to SEOULSPICE. Prior to her work in the restaurant world, Danielle had traversed a different path,  tune in to find out on what!  #food #drink
March 20, 2020
Sister, Sister with Doris & Alice
On this episode, we brought back Doris Varillas but she is not alone, her sister Alice Perry founder of Modern Ester is joining her. Tune in to hear these powerful sisters share their story of faith, empowerment, and business. You don’t want to miss this special episode! #faith-based 
March 17, 2020
10 for TEN: Mike Luzio , founder of the LVE Group
In partnership with the 2020 EnTERPreneur Conference we sat down with Mike Luzio, founder of the marketing team called the LVE Group and a Millionaire Motivator, Entrepreneur, Forbes Contributor, and Investor, with 20+  years’  experience  connecting  people  and  companies  to  the  right  partnerships, strategies and opportunities that rapidly scale them into multi-million-dollar global brands. # entrepreneur 
March 11, 2020
10 for TEN: Cate Luzio, Founder and CEO of Luminary
In partnership with the 2020 EnTERPreneur Conference we sat down with Cate Luzio. Cate is the Founder and CEO of Luminary based in NYC, it is more than a co-working space but also a community dedicated to women entrepreneurs. #entrepreneur 
March 11, 2020
10 for TEN: Scott Nash, Owner & Founder of MOM's Organic Market
In partnership with the 2020 EnTERPreneur Conference we sat down with Scott Nash, Owner and Founder of MOM's Organic Market. Scott Nash started MOM’s at the age of 22 with an initial investment of $100 as a home delivery business out of his mom’s garage. On July 2nd 1987, MOM’s made its first sale delivering to a customer who lived in Rockville, MD. Today, after 3 decades, MOM’s has stores in four states and DC, employs 1,000+ people, and has created a culture centered on protecting and restoring the environment. #entrepreneur 
March 11, 2020
10 for TEN: Amy Eichorst, Assistant Vice President for Alumni Relations at UMD
In partnership with the 2020 EnTERPreneur Conference we sat down with Amy Eichorst, Assistant Vice President for Alumni Relations at UMD. #entrepreneur 
March 11, 2020
10 for TEN: Nikhil Balakumar, President of the Terrapin Entrepreneur Network
In partnership with the 2020 EnTERPreneur Conference we sat down with Nikhil Balakumar is the co-founder and CEO of Greentel, as well as the President of the Terrapin Entrepreneur Network (TEN). #entrepreneur 
March 11, 2020
10 for TEN: Julie Lenzer, Chief Innovation Officer of UMD
In partnership with the 2020 EnTERPreneur Conference we sat down with Julie Lenzer, Chief Innovation Officer of UMD. Lenzer fosters and supports UMD's innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology commercialization enterprise, including the development of the UMD's Research Park, the Discovery District, and the Greater College Park initiative.  #entrepreneur 
March 11, 2020
10 for TEN: Haroon Mokhtarzada, co-founder and CEO of TrueBill
In partnership with the 2020 EnTERPreneur Conference we sat down with Haroon Mokhtarzada, co-founder and CEO of TrueBill, a money-saving startup app that makes it easy to optimize your spending, manage subscriptions, lower your bills, and stay on top of your financial life. Haroon is a Harvard Law grad turned serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He was the CEO and Chief Product Officer of, a popular website creation platform that grew to 50 million users before being acquired by Vistaprint where Haroon led digital product strategy.
March 11, 2020
10 for TEN: Brandon Howard, Founder at ResEssential, LLC.
In partnership with the 2020 EnTERPreneur Conference we sat down with Brandon Howard, Founder at ResEssential, LLC., Experiential Marketing & Brand Activation for Real Estate. ResEssential is pioneering the connection of lifestyle brands to consumers through engaging experiences at home i.e luxury apartment, condo and single family communities. #entrepreneur 
March 11, 2020
10 for TEN: Nelson Young, Strategic Financier at Uber
In partnership with the 2020 EnTERPreneur Conference we sat down with Nelson Young, Strategic Financier at Uber. His role is to be driving and supporting Uber's company-wide financial planning, forecasting, reporting, and analysis efforts; with input on every single area of the business.
March 11, 2020
10 for TEN: Shyon Parsadoust, Founder & CEO of Toucan
In partnership with the 2020 EnTERPreneur Conference we sat down with Shyon Parsadoust, Founder & CEO of Toucan (Economics major, Technology Entrepreneurship Minor), Toucan is a digital catalog of student talent with the mission of helping student creators make money doing what they love. #entrepreneur 
March 11, 2020
10 for TEN: Mohil Gupta, founder of Spacers
In partnership with the 2020 EnTERPreneur Conference we sat down with Mohil Gupta, Product Manager and founder of Spacers (name will change) an eyewear attachment which alleviates discomfort from associated usage of over/on-ear headphones and helmets. #entrepreneur 
March 11, 2020
10 for TEN: Pramod Raheja, CEO of Airgility
In partnership with the 2020 EnTERPreneur Conference we sat down with Pramod Raheja. Pramod is the CEO of Airgility and an Aerospace Engineering graduate from UMCP with over 30 years of aviation/aerospace operations experience. Airgility is an early-stage unmanned aerial systems. At Airgility, they build autonomous systems that solve real world problems. #entrepreneur 
March 11, 2020
10 for TEN: Jasmine Snead, Co-Founder and CFO of Aurora Tights
In partnership with the 2020 EnTERPreneur Conference we sat down with Jasmine Snead, Co-Founder and CFO of Aurora Tights, an athletic brand that designs performance sports gear in an array of tones for all complexions and sizes. Currently, all performance athletes, especially those of darker skin tones, do not have appropriate gear to fit their tones and sizes. #entrepreneur 
March 11, 2020
10 for TEN: Aubrey Awasom, founder of Noble Uprising
In partnership with the 2020 EnTERPreneur Conference we sat down with Aubrey Awasom, founder of Noble Uprising, a social venture for helping homeless and unemployed battered women get the skills, training, and housing to start over. What started as a school project, ended up becoming an impactful business. #entrepreneur
March 11, 2020
10 for TEN: Sarah Dwyer CEO at Chouquette Chocolates
In partnership with the 2020 EnTERPreneur Conference we sat down with Sarah Dwyer CEO at Chouquette Chocolates. Chouquette is a Bethesda-based chocolate shop, owned by Sarah Dwyer (a Paris-trained chocolatier). This place is known for their small batch of chocolate-covered caramels and are popular for weddings, hostess gifts, thank you gifts, birthday parties, etc. #entrepreneur 
March 11, 2020
10 for TEN: Kelsey Abernathy and Dan Fucich, Co-founders of AlgenAir
In partnership with the 2020 EnTERPreneur Conference we sat down with Kelsey Abernathy and Dan Fucich. Kelsey  and Dan are leading this charge to bring the capabilities and benefits of algae to the public. AlgenAir released the Aerium, an air purifier that uses algae to clean the air in a home or office. #entrepreneur 
March 11, 2020
10 for TEN: Veeraj Shah , Co-founder of Chat Health
In partnership with the 2020 EnTERPreneur Conference we sat down with Veeraj Shah. Chat Health is developing an SMS-based artificial intelligence chatbot platform to improve information and access to preventative health services among college student populations #entrepreneur 
March 11, 2020
Making The Difference with Pastor Ana Arce
From El Salvador to the United States, the journey has not been easy for Ana Arce. From a young age noticing the injustice in Central America she stood to try to make a difference. Things were not as they seemed and after years of not finding her purpose she encountered who would transform her way of viewing life. Today, she is Senior Pastor of Casa Del Alfarero alongside her husband Pastor Jose Arce Jr. The journey has not been easy but she found her purpose and now is making a difference for many generations to come. Tune in to hear more of her journey.  #faith-based 
March 09, 2020
Time for A Landscape Lesson with Kelley Oklesson
Kelley Oklesson is the founder and principal of Groundsmith Collective, a local design studio based in Hyattsville, Maryland.  Her studio provides conscientious landscape design services with a focus on promoting responsible social and environmental change.  Kelley has twelve years of experience in the landscape architecture field focused on identifying, facilitating, designing, and managing and inspiring assortment of sustainable projects.   The design studio lives by the words of though leader Mickey Fearn, "innovation, creativity, and systemic solutions grow in the gaps between the disciplines."  Kelley's true passion is to discover and reveal opportunities for supporting environmental kinship while building relationships between people through the design experience. #entrepreneur 
March 04, 2020
Always Go Higher with Hameed Idowu & Wazy Family
Believe in something higher than yourself, thats the motto of Hameed Idowu and the Wazy family. Hameed is a fast-rising afrobeat artist who resides in the DMV area. He is known for his widely successful hit single 'Wazy'. On Jan 14th he released his highly anticipated LP titled 'Middle Ground'.  Along with his team the Wazy Family they are a movement in the way of a lifestyle. They are involved in music, technology and fashion. Check out more on what Hameed and the Wazy Family are about.  #creatives # artists 
February 27, 2020
The Smoothest Duo with Ryan and Shawn
Smoothie's are treat for anyone. For our next guests there more than treats, its their multi mullion dollar franchises. As many people are beginning to start more businesses, Ryan and Shawn, owners of six Smoothie King locations and authors of Now Open: How We Built A Multi-Million Dollar Franchise Business In 12 Months, stopped by to talk to us about their journey to success. Starting from trying out for the same basketball team in junior high, to working with 50 Cent and G-Unit, to now owning 6 Smoothie King locations and opening up their own franchise, Burnbox in Spring 2020. You do not want to miss out on this special episode!  # business #education 
February 26, 2020
Started from The Suburbs Now We Here with Frailboys
Frailboys are a duo of Damian and Casper. Coming out of Maryland, repping Takoma Park.  Frailboys are two rockstars with the charisma to capture the world! The youth would say their clever rap flows and unforgettable melodies are only bettered by their individuality. Damian a professional model that quit to control his image. His bravado and baby face charm is matched by the star power of Casper, the guitar playing, witty rapping, bad boy with a soft heart. He captures the attention of the hardest rap fan while stealing the hearts of girls that listens. Pushing boundaries in music, fashion, and overall media creation Frailboys are headed to the peak of the music industry. #creatives # artists 
February 24, 2020
It's Been A Long Road with Papa Joe Aviance
FROM L.A. TO D.C. ! Yes our next guest flew in just to be on our show and we are forever grateful to have such an honor of having Papa Joe Aviance do just that. Hollywood's Papa Joe Aviance has done it all, from being a successful entrepreneur to recording artist, and a two-time Amazon Best-Selling author. His journey began after his song was #6 on Billboard’s Dance Chart. The music video was being played round the clock on MTV and VH-1 and that’s when he realized he was dissatisfied with his 450 pound body. In 18 months he lost 250 pounds! His transformation was so extreme that he was asked to be on several talk shows such as Rachael Ray, The Doctors, The Hallmark Channel, and many more. Now Papa Joe has announced his latest project, an animated black super-hero series entitled Electric Negro. The show is making headlines while in the final stages of distribution with letters of intent from AJ McLean (Backstreet Boys), Denzel Whitaker (Black Panther), and many more who have already signed on as voice actors for the main characters. So tune in to hear how amazing this journey has been but what a long road it was to get here.  #creatives # artists 
February 17, 2020
Q&A with The District Channel Team
Tune in as we answered live some questions that you all provided! We are excited for all the new and exciting ideas we have in store for The District Channel!  #inspiration #motivation 
February 13, 2020
Tell Me All About It with KZMIBLZF
KZMIBLZF is the musical duo made of Ahmed & Obi; two musicians from the DMV who try to combine the elements of both natural and synthetic instrumentation in order to push the boundaries of sound and create Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop. They recently released their latest song entitled, "Tell Me" on all streaming platforms. The track is about the bouts of self doubt that we all go through. In these moments of doubt we find that it is common for us to look externally for validation as opposed to looking in the mirror and addressing these issue head on. Tune in to hear more about how this unique duo came to be.  #creative. #artist 
February 08, 2020
4th Annual APLD Event featuring Jo Thompson
We had an amazing time at the APLD Winter Landscape Design Lecture and got the chance to talk with award winning designer Jo Thompson & Adrian Higgins from the Washington Post. Tune in to hear about innovative ways changing the world of garden design.  #business #education 
February 05, 2020
On The Way to the Top with Maryland Bobcats FC
It's only to the top from here for Maryland Bobcats FC. Based out of Montgomery County, Maryland Bobcats FC is a men's semi-professional soccer team  that plays in the United Premier Soccer League and will be starting play in the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) this summer. They have a lot of former local college players, former professional players (including ex-MLS players and players who played in Europe) on the roster. They have won their conference now 2 seasons in a row, winning their conference again this Fall to get into the National Tournament once again and now are heading down to Miami the first weekend in February for the National Championship weekend with only 2 games between them and a National Championship. With their "one family" mentality they look to go beyond soccer they want to be a part of the community in more than just a soccer team. They want to help, inspire, give back, and support the local community that supports them, comes to games, and cheers them on.  #sports 
January 31, 2020
Until All Have Heard with IMMV Band
SEASON 2 IS HERE! Yes, yell at the top of your lungs as we are as well! Finally, we are officially back on track with more exciting guests to come. to kick off the Season 2 premiere of The District Channel we have special guests IMMV Band. Coming off a kick off concert for their X album, their 10th anniversary album, we sat down with the worship band on how they came to be and what their journey has been like. From starting from scratch to now their X album, its been a trip for the band. Tune in to find out why their mission makes this band one of the most unique ones you will find and why their music has impacted so many.  #faith-based 
January 27, 2020
What "New Year, New Me" Should Be
Ah, New Year New Me. We have all heard it and we have all done it, but why do our resolutions never really work out? Tune in to hear some helpful tips and signs that will help you make sure you stick to your new year goals in 2020 #inspiration #motivation 
January 10, 2020
Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020 with The District Channel Team
2020 is here, but before we say hello we want to say goodbye to 2019! 2019 was a great year for us and in this episode we reflect over our highs of the year and goals for 2020. We have accomplished a lot but we still have a long way to go, we have exciting news to share so tune in. Also, we have THE ENTIRE TEAM on this episode, so it definitely has its jokes in store, so tune in now and find out more about us and what we have coming for you and from all of us , HAPPY NEW YEAR! May 2020 bring you many blessings!  #inspiration #motivation 
December 30, 2019
GEW 2019 Part II
Continuing from Part I in this episode we sat down with some panelists from GEW about their experiences building their business and deep diving into their minds on what are their visions moving forward. Tune in to hear the people themselves making a difference everyday. We had the honor to be part of the inaugural Global Entrepreneurship Week College Park 2019! Along with Operation A.R.T.S and many others we had an amazing time interviewing people making a vital change to the community but also to the world around them. Tune in to hear all the amazing inspiring stories and ideas flowing in the DMV area. #creatives #artists 
December 27, 2019
GEW 2019 Part I
We had the honor to be part of the inaugural Global Entrepreneurship Week College Park 2019! Along with Operation A.R.T.S and many others we had an amazing time interviewing people making a vital change to the community but also to the world around them. Tune in to hear all the amazing inspiring stories and ideas flowing in the DMV area.  #creative #artist 
December 27, 2019
Ep 13: Let the People Hear It with Kasaundra Bryant
Want to hear someone with killer vocals then turn to Kasaundra Bryant. She currently serves as minister of music at Destiny’s Door Global Ministries, under the leadership of Pastor Gil and Prophet Jorah Kiah in Baltimore, Maryland. Her unique approach to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ, has broken barriers both culturally, visually and musically making the gospel accessible to the everyday person.  Aside from being committed to her personal destiny, she is happily married to the love her life, Devin Bryant. She is a graduate of Morgan State University where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture and Environmental Design, a graphic designer and the visionary of DrawN Outreach Collective LLC. With all she has accomplished and has still set out to do, she hopes that her ministries bring people to receive salvation, inspire people to be all that God has created them to be and encourage creatives to seek eternal inspiration from the Lord. #faith-based
December 19, 2019
Innov8MD 2019 Part II
If you haven't tune in to Part 1 first! Continuing our coverage from Innov8MD earlier in November and tune in to hear all the guests present that night featuring Venture for America founded by Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang, and an amazing close out from Sammy Popat from UMD's Discovery District and Innov8MD's Executive Team. Go ahead and check it out so you won't miss out next year!  #entrepreneur
December 17, 2019
Innov8MD 2019 Part I
We had a blast covering Innov8MD earlier in November and now you get a chance to hear all the amazing people that were able to create a unique atmosphere that Friday evening in Baltimore. Tune in to hear all the entrepreneurs present featuring the likes of Pava LaPere CEO of Innov8MD & Evan Lutz founder of Hungry Harvest and many more!  #entrepreneur
December 17, 2019
DMV Night Mercado 11/7/19 at La Casita Pupuseria
Hey everyone tune in to our recap of our first event we did at La Casita Pupuseria in Gaithersburg,MD. We had an amazing night trying out new food and checking out local vendors and artist in all hopes to give back to the community. Listen in to hear from the artists themselves what a wonderful time we had. Let's hope you join us next time!  #food #drink
December 12, 2019
Ep 12: It Always Has Been that Way with HSBN
Ever heard someone say "because it always has been that way" before? Well to everything that HAS BEEN; and to everything that will be, you are their focus. By their we mean the crew of HSBN. HSBN is a brand that strives to express moments that have influenced us as individuals and creatives. Run by Sujel, Marco & Will, the crew of HSBN is busy developing a culture built for individuals not afraid to be themselves. Already making a name for themselves in the DMV area, they officially sell their merchandise from local shop Homecourt DMV. From being on the couch a year ago to now being in a shop, many great things are coming ahead for HSBN. Listen in to learn the backbone of this movement and what are friends what to achieve next, because it always has been that way.  #beauty #fashion
December 10, 2019
Ep. 11: Where There's a Will, There's a Way with musical artist Will
When you have will there is always a way. Literally, that defines our next guest. From ripping Lil Wayne music off Limewire to quitting his daytime job to go full time on his business, Will knows all about having will power. Growing up Will used to write poetry and leading into middle school he got introduced to hip hop with Lil Wayne and Tupac for the first time. After high school he transitioned into taking music more seriously, and it wasn’t until he got his diploma in business management where he started a business a few years later in apparel merchandising along with partnering up with a brand; HSBN. Now, going full time in his business and music ventures, he is continuing this journey in pursuing his passions. Check out his newly released debut album this year called Free Will, along with many visuals to portray his artistry. #creatives #artist 
December 03, 2019
Ep. 10: Waiting for the "One" with Doris Varillas
Ah, the "one". We all spend time hearing about it, searching about it and wondering and most importantly waiting to know who that truly special someone in our life is. Sometimes we believe to have found them and it can lead to heartbreaks and disappointments. Our next guest knows how hard that can be but waiting for that special someone paid off so much, they made their brand all about it. Doris Varillas, founder of Heavenly Tale, took her own personal experience of finding her husband and now has turn it into a brand motivating other single women to be patient and trust that the man who will be their special someone, God will bring them together at His perfect timing. Tune in to hear this great journey of love and patience and how you too will come to have the "one". Waiting doesn't sound so bad after all.  #faith-based
November 26, 2019
Ep. 9: Getting Conditioned with Coach Sergio Quisquinay
Coach Sergio , founder of Limitless Performance, has a passion for coaching and athletic performance which stems from a successful soccer career and years of studying how to make an athlete better. He believes everyone is Limitless, with no bounds, and he strives to help all of his athletes and clients realize that every day is a chance to improve on anything they choose. Sergio is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and received his Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science from Towson University. He was a two-year starter for the Montgomery College Men’s Soccer team and holds a U.S. Soccer Federation National D coaching license. Tune in now to hear how this successful soccer star turned his eyes and attention to giving back to the community and helping them improve a part of their life.  #sports
November 21, 2019
GEW CP Panelist : Amani Walker, Founder of sincerely, KARMA!
2019 WNBA Champion Shatori Walker-Kimbrough has worn the clothing designed by our guest on this episode. Along with NFL Player Ty Johnson , sincerely, KARMA! has gained traction with each release. Amani Walker from @karmabymajin is a recent college graduate from the University of Maryland (Go Terps!), where he attained his B.A in Communications and Public Relations. He currently works as a marketing and design specialist for computer software company GoTab Inc. In his free time, Amani is a prolific entrepreneur and art director for his lifestyle brand: sincerely, KARMA!  In his four years of experience, Amani has designed everything from advertising campaigns to immersive and responsive websites. He believes that design is a practice in problem-solving, an art that shapes our lives every day. His goal is to create timeless projects through design while making a positive change in our society, no matter the inspiration. #creatives #artist #fashion #beauty
November 20, 2019
GEW CP Panelist : Tony Drake , Founder & Creator of Blue Geek Music and The Indies
Imagine you could create your own show, your own ideas, and make it a hit for everyone. Tony Drake did exactly that, the founder and creative director of Blue Geek Music, created his own ideas into an animation show called The Indies. With no knowledge of animation Tony did not let that get in the way, determined to make his ideas a reality. From the music to the animation, Tony Drake is behind it all. Even to releasing his show on the Diddy owned network Revolt TV, now currently running reruns of the show. Tune in to hear more on how this creative entrepreneur made his dreams a reality.  #creatives #artist 
November 14, 2019
GEW CP Panelist : Aqila "Mimi" Benjamin , Founder of Network Your A** Off
Tell you what, pitch me an idea in 20 seconds, GO! Hard to be put on the spot right? Well what if that pitch was your major shot of networking to a huge potential sponsor or client, you need to be ready to do so at any given time. Networking is not something that should be anxiety driven instead it should be empowering. Thats exactly what our next guest does. With an infectious spirit that lights up a room and a keen sense of what it means to mobilize others, Aqila "Mimi" Benjamin shoots for the starts in her roles all while empowering everyone to be the best version of themselves. Founder of #Advocate4You, an anti-bullying campaign. She gives her backing to any cause with the objective of empowering others; and puts her money where her mouth is with sponsorship of various community organizations. Through these initiatives, she puts her pumps to pavement to spread body positivity, self-love, and mental health awareness. You can catch her traveling city to city Unifying, Mentoring, & Inspiring others through her latest venture, Netwerq Your Ass Off. Netwerq Your Ass Off is a brand building seminar teaching the fundamentals of networking through masterclasses. Mimi will be at Global Entrepreneurship Week College Park November 19 -21st.  #creatives #artist
November 11, 2019
Ep. 8: Running the Ronin Way with Kian Kelley-Chung
Think of a platform that would help artists create art in any way they could possibly imagine. If it can be done, then why not try? That's exactly what Kian Kelley-Chung is doing. The University of Maryland Senior is opening up the realms of creativity and challenging the way we express creativity. From writing an upcoming graphic novel, to producing and making music, to co-directing a virtual reality ( yes, you read that right) called HUMANO, Kian's main goal in life is to inspire others to make whatever reality they want, become what they have, never limit yourself. Find out more as we sit down with the young creative and more on his business ventures and future goals.  #creatives #artist
November 07, 2019
GEW CP Panelist : Gina DeLuca , Multi-media Artist
Gina DeLuca is a self-taught, multi-media artist from Baltimore. Her love for the arts was evident at a very young age. Primarily a musician, Gina also makes jewelry, stained glass and after an injury left her temporarily unable to play guitar, she took up painting. Within one month of creating her first watercolor painting, she sold 9 commissioned paintings. Gina has since added acrylics to her palette and is enjoying experimenting with the techniques the medium has to offer. From photo-realism watercolors to abstract acrylic pours, Gina is an artist who creates from a place of passion and is in constant pursuit of the joy that creating art has to offer. #creatives #artist
November 04, 2019
GEW CP Panelist : Josh Griffith , Professional DJ + UMD Student
Student DJ? Sounds crazy right, well not really. Not when it comes to Josh Griffith, also known as DJ Griff. In partnership with Global Entrepreneurship Week College Park 2019 , we are introducing a new series featuring the panelists that will speaking at the November event. We want to thank Discovery District UMD , WeWork & Operation A.R.T.S. for this partnership.  Today's episode features Josh Griffith. From starting his DJ company Griff Productions & Entertainment to double majoring at The Robert H. Smith School of Business, to closing out the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware. this young man has done it all. By pursuing his passion and making it his business Josh Griffith Is the definition of a student "making it". Tune in to find out how he juggles it all and his future plans.  #creatives #artist For more of his music check out his closing set at Firefly Music Festival:
November 01, 2019
Ep. 7: One Cup at a Time with Chris Vigilante
They say to always do what you love, what you're passionate about. Well what if that passion comes after so much self exploring and testing the waters out, that's what exactly Chris Vigilante did. The founder of the local staple coffee shop, Vigilante Coffee Co. had to go through whirlwinds of experiences to finally touch upon what he was passionate about, coffee. From going to the coffee farms to brewing and roasting right here at home, Chris and his team take the term of "coffee lovers" to a whole new meaning. In a wild journey of persistence, Chris stops by to talk about his journey to finding his passion, why he loves it and the most important advice to anyone pushing to chase their passion. This episode is just the cup of coffee you need.  #food #drink
October 28, 2019
Ep. 6: Faith + Rap - Live Performance by Theycallmereggie, Johny Locus & Michael Cocita
What do you get when you mix your faith with your talents? In this case you get the lifestyle of Theycallmereggie, Johny Locus & Michael Cocita, three rappers that are not ashamed to express their beliefs in their music. Instead they use it as a platform to connect with others the way the Christian Rap genre did with them. Over the years the landscape of Christian Rap has drastically changed, now in an era of social media and content on demand, we see what it takes to push out music that connects with people on a whole other level. Listen as we sit down and chat with the rappers on their journey and after tune in to an exclusive live performance with unreleased tracks included.  #faith-based #artist #creatives
October 22, 2019
GEW CP Panelist : Camila Tapia , Founder - Living Artists & Co.
In partnership with Global Entrepreneurship Week College Park 2019 , we are introducing a new series featuring the panelists that will speaking at the November event. We want to thank Discovery District UMD , WeWork & Operation A.R.T.S. for this partnership.  Today's episode features Camila Tapia. Camila is a recent graduate of the University of Maryland, having studied Studio Art, as well as Innovation and Entrepreneurship. They are an interdisciplinary artist, with a focus on mixed media visual art. Surreal, experimental, and playful, Camila dabbles in anything creative that piques their curiosity, such as fire dancing, music-making, hair cutting, and event organizing. Their artistic vision is to make the world a more engaging and fantastic environment for everyone to exist in through whatever mediums possible. Camila founded and manages Living Artists & Co., an organization which supports artists with entrepreneurial resources and opportunities to enable them to engage in more sustainable business practices. #creatives #artist
October 19, 2019
Ep. 5: Your Finances 101 with Xavier Epps
Saving for that new car or that dream house? Is saving money the tough part? Trust us we know, but it doesn't have to be. Thats what we dive deep into this episode along side Financial Advisor Xavier Epps. With a ridiculous background and years of experience in finances, we talk about the misconceptions of budgeting, the way to close the racial wealth gap and educating yourself to save for your future. From great tips to real truths today's episode goes deep into your finances. For more information on how you can get great support and budgeting plans visit or follow @xnefinacial on Facebook and Twitter. Follow Xavier Epps on Facebook or Instagram @financeguyx  #business #education
October 07, 2019
Ep. 4: Calling All Creatives with Operation A.R.T.S
What you create is worth a lot and it should always be. In comes Operation A.R.T.S, a program designed by creatives for creatives to help distribute your work and get paid as well! Operation A.R.T.S is designed to help creatives advocate for themselves and their work to make sure they are getting whats worth for all their hard work. the program founded by Renee Taylor and Chyna Mae allow for artists to make a name for themselves while guiding them in the process. Started in the community for the community. Check them out at and on Instagram or Facebook : @operationarts #creatives #artist
September 30, 2019
Ep. 3: From One Story to the Next with Leora Lihach
Ukrainian and Lithuanian yet writing on a Latin American country's civil war. Meet Leora Lihach, a local screenwriter that is bringing to the stage the destructive Salvadorian Civil War. In this episode we deep dive the ways she came to create this play and the navigation within the creative minds of playwrights. A lot to unpack , take a listen.  #creatives #artist 
September 23, 2019
Ep. 2: Food, Persistency & Mental Health with Chef Roro
"Changing someone's world is changing a world." - Chef Roro. On this episode we have special guest Chef Roro, a local DMV chef and entrepreneur and mental health advocate for the community. From giving back to the community through his passion of cooking up great Lebanese food in his Chef Roro food truck to being an open advocate for mental health issues to the youth, today we take a deep dive into chasing your passion, the  persistency to it and the reality of mental health awareness. We also talk about the bomb Lebanese food being served and future plans for Roro's business.  #food #drink
September 16, 2019
Ep. 1: Comeback Season
The District Channel is here! We start off a new season of our show with exciting news. Over our break The District Channel partnered up with Strength From Above, or SFA , from the DC Maryland Area to cohost. On this episode we discuss about our future projects with Arvin Reyes and Ricky Garcia from SFA. Check us out and tune in for more ! #inspiration #motivation
September 01, 2019