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Claudia Merandi is the President and Bev Schechtman the VP of The Doctor Patient Forum, also known as Don’t Punish Pain Rally. We are bringing awareness to the war on pain patients and their prescribers. We explain how our country got into this mess and what needs to happen to fix it. Join us as weekly as we bring you different aspects of this fight. We give you tools you need to advocate, educate, and legislate. Check out our website at
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Interview with attorney Ron Chapman about the targeting of doctors by the DEA.

The Doctor Patient Forum

Part 2 - Tips for your pain dr. appt. from a provider’s point of view.
Claudia and Bev speak with a pain provider, Kelly. Kelly gives tips for interacting with your pain provider. What to do. What not to do.  UDT's are discussed. Spinal Cord Stimulators. ESI's.  Kelly is a nurse practitioner. Links from the episode: Opioid Induced Hyperalgesia - from our debunking lies section  Disclaimer: The information in this episode is not to be considered medical or legal advice
September 19, 2022
Part 1 - Tips for preparing for an appt. with a new pain doctor…what to say, what not to say...
So many chronic pain patients are left without a provider for a variety of reasons. A doctor retires, a patient moves, a doctor is investigated, etc. If a patient is fortunate enough to find a new provider, it's difficult to know what to say or what not to say during the initial appointment. This is one of the most common questions we get from CPP's. We give you tips on how to prepare, what to say, what not to say, what the doctor may consider red flags, and more.    Topics we discussed in this episode:   Electronic Health Records (EHR's) - everything you need to know   One party recording consent states - as of 2022    Claudia's main Tik Tok account   The Doctor Patient Forum's other Tik Tok account   Disclaimer: The information that has been provided to you in this podcast is not to be considered medical advice.
September 13, 2022
Suicide due to untreated pain. CaSonya Richardson-Slone bravely speaks about her husband, Brent
Brent Slone had been in a horrific car accident where he became paralyzed. He was receiving pain management. In 2017, his clinic cut his pain medicine by more than half at one time. Although both Brent and Sonya did everything they could to fix the situation, they repeatedly were met with no help. Sonya knew Brent was waiting to hear from his pharmacy about a new prescription. Sadly, when she left work and looked at her phone, she saw this text from Brent - "they denied script im done love you."  He died by suicide. Sonya successfully sued the doctors and the clinic, and was awarded seven million dollars.  Sonya is using her voice to tell Brent's powerful story and plans to open a non profit in his name to bring awareness to the plight of chronic pain patients. We will update the notes here to include the information of the organization when we have it.   From the show:  Kolodny's quote about suicide due to pain being bogus  Maia Szalavitz's article about Brent  Link to the article about Brent Slone on our website Alabama suicide study Physician Liability for Suicide after Negligent Tapering of Opioids | Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics | Cambridge Core The following is link to a Fundraiser created by Casonya Richardson-Slone : People with chronic pain need your support!  As Sonya stated in the podcast, her hope is to set up a non profit to bring awareness to this cause. From Sonya's fundraiser: "Moving’s my honor to share Brent’s story, and it’s my mission to make sure that those that need it most get the help, love, and support they need and deserve. This is Brent’s story. We finally have justice for Brent!!!"    Disclaimer: The donations to this fundraiser will go to Sonya and not to The Doctor Patient Forum. Thank you for supporting Sonya and helping her honor Brent's life! Suicide hotline: 988 or 911 Disclaimer: The information that has been provided to you in this podcast is not to be considered legal or medical advice.
September 05, 2022
Predators in the pain community - how to protect yourself
Many are well aware of "drama" in the pain community. What we are addressing isn't drama. It is predators preying on vulnerable people. If you think you have been a victim of the same individuals or organizations we have, please contact your local authorities.
September 01, 2022
Interview with attorney Ron Chapman about the targeting of doctors by the DEA.
Listen to Ron Chapman discuss how prescribers and pharmacists are being targeted by the DEA. He explains how they do it and what a doctor should do if the DEA shows up at their office. He talks about whether or not CPP's can sue the DEA or the CDC. He discusses what the pain community can do to fight back. He explains the RUAN SCOTUS ruling and what it means for prescribers and patients. Also, he touches on whether or not a patient can sue a doctor. Ron has successfully defended many doctors including a recent case, which he mentions. He also runs a compliance company that can protect doctors and pharmacists. This episode is a great resource for prescribers and pharmacists to learn how to protect themselves from being the DEA's next target.   Ron has achieved more acquittals of physicians facing federal indictment than any other lawyer in the country. Recently his client was acquitted of a $540 million healthcare fraud indictment in the Eastern District of Michigan. He also achieved a trial acquittal on behalf of a prominent Mayo Clinic physician and secured the return of $6 million in assets. In West Virginia he secured the acquittal of an addiction medicine provider in a federal indictment against a suboxone clinic. Ron has also achieved great success as an appellate litigator, the United States Supreme Court recently granted certiorari and vacated the conviction of his client, a physician accused of unlawfully dispensing opioid medications in Naum v. United States.  Here are some links of things mentioned in this episode:  Ron Chapman's compliance firm, The Suntree Petition  Disclaimer: The information that has been provided to you in this podcast is not to be considered medical advice.
August 30, 2022
"Drug-seeking behavior." What is it? What isn't it? What to do if it's in your medical records?
We've all heard of the term "drug-seeking behavior." But, what is it really? What are the red flags doctors and pharmacists look for and where did these red flags come from? Is the term "drug-seeking behavior" even a helpful term? We break it down for you and explain how to find out if this term is in your medical records, and what to do if you find it there. Please check out our website Links for information we mentioned in this episode:  DEA "Don't Be Scammed by a Drug Abuser    Bev's story of the horrible hospital experience     Electronic Health Record Information    Legislative Efforts    SCOTUS Ruan Ruling    Harm Reduction/Narcan   Frontier Article Disclaimer: The information that has been provided to you in this podcast is not to be considered medical advice.
August 23, 2022
Who are we and how did we become advocates? What will we discuss on our podcast?
Listen to how Claudia got the idea to start Don't Punish Pain Rally on Facebook. Claudia and Bev discuss the war on pain patients and prescribers. They discuss an overview of what the podcast will be about. They mention a wide variety of topics that will be covered. The information they discuss can also be found on their website   Links to topics covered during this introduction episode: The Opioid Rapid Response Program (ORRP), Legislative Efforts, 2016 CDC Guidelines and those who expressed concern, Ruan SCOTUS ruling, Harm Reduction, Table of accurate statistics, Debunking Lies, PROP Disclaimer: The information that has been provided to you in this podcast is not to be considered medical advice.
August 14, 2022
August 13, 2022
August 13, 2022