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The Doorway to Magazine

The Doorway to Magazine

By Clint Listing
Interviews and Featured Releases of underground artist and music
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Consouling Sounds Artist- Alkerdeel Interview with Jeroen
Jeroen and I spoke about  Free Jazz, Difference of  Sludge and Post Metal and several other things Bandcamp-  Book  Jeroen is talking about- For More Interviews, Reviews and My Music Projects-
April 17, 2021
Pax Aeternum -Arepo & Collapse Culture- Interview with Graham
Ambient, Cinematic, Glitchy, Soundscapes and Electronic  Glory. We got to Talk to Graham about Arepo and  Collapse Culture and some upcoming things.   Bandcamp- Facebook-  For More Interviews, Reviews and My Musical Projects-
April 9, 2021
Avantgarde Music -Suicide Forest- Interview with Austin
Got to talk to Austin about a great many things, Including Type O negative and  Goth Music .. ( Bandcamp) ( Facebook)   For More  Interview, Reviews and My Musical Projects
April 5, 2021
Van Records -Wolvennest - Video Interview
Ritualistic, Psych, Retro Doom meets Post Black Metal Artists Wolvennest Spoke with Corvus ( Francois) on Underground  Music, Cinema, Art, Digital Age of  Music and many other things.  Bandcamp- For More Interviews, Reviews and My Musical Projects-
March 20, 2021
GS Productions- Rise to the Sky Interview with Sergio
Great interview with Sergio on Emotions, Creative process play Death Doom in  Chile and so much more    Bandcamp-  Facebook-  For More Interviews, Reviews and My Musical Projects-
March 19, 2021
Silent Pendulum Artist - Black Sheep Wall -Video interview
Spoke with Jackson and Juan from Black Sheep Wall on  Music, Art, Underground , Music labels and so so much more
March 6, 2021
Dalit Interview
Very Powerful and Interesting  conversation with  Members of this  Gothic, Doomy, Blackened  Musical Force 
March 6, 2021
Black Doomba Records- Gravehuffer Interview
Sludgy, Crusty Punk inspired  Doom band had a blast talking with these Gents
March 6, 2021
Lawnmower Jetpack Artist- Crawl Below Interview
Melodic Doomy  Shoegazing Post Rock Project Spoke with Crawl Below on of the underground Gems of 2021 for me 
March 6, 2021
Maudiir Interview
Spoke to this one Man musical force of  Blackened Proggy Thrash about a great many things 
March 6, 2021
The Lylat Conntiuum Interview
Spoke with Chris of the band on this episode about new records and upcoming things with band
March 6, 2021
Metal Assault Records - Sea Sleeper Interview
Had a Good talk with the Brothers of  Sea Sleeper about the band and underground music scene and how it's changed over last decade/
March 6, 2021