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The Elephant In The Room

The Elephant In The Room

By mphilo
The Elephant in the Room is a new podcast created and hosted by mphilo. TEITR follows the mental goings-on of a twenty something African-Canadian woman living and growing in Nairobi. Come, explore and discuss the elephants that exist in most of our rooms.
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O N E : C H I L D H O O D
The Elephant In The Room that we will be addressing this season is R A C E.  This week my guests and I, my little sisters, will be discussing Race but in the context of childhood. Specifically our own childhoods and the struggles growing up in middle-class suburban Ontario, Canada. The story goes  further in our discussion surrounding the contrasts of living as teenagers in Nairobi, Kenya.  We delve into our experiences with various microaggressions and how those have affected us as we've aged. This episode hopes to deconstruct the realities of growing up in a world where we were far removed from the typical black experience.  Enjoy as we share our perspectives, hopefully you can learn something new, or even just find solace in our childhood struggles. 
August 26, 2020
Welcome to The Elephant In the Room, this episode serves as a tiny introduction into the big wide world of the elephants. Get to know mphilo as she embarks on this journey of discovery. The first full episode of the podcast comes out August 26th. Stay tuned, and enjoy! 
August 2, 2020