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The Empty Chair

The Empty Chair

By The Empty Chair
The Empty Chair tells the stories of addiction, from the fall to the crash, to the soaring freedom of recovery, by those who have walked the jagged path. Messages of deep despair and, ultimately, hope to light the way of those who want to end their struggles with addiction.
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E18 - Chris and Mark
A powerful episode of the Empty Chair... Join Cole Welch Caffrey and special guests, Chris Warner & Mark Moran on "The Empty Chair, for the addict that didn't make it" a LIVE podcast on the Merrimack Valley Prevention and Substance Abuse Project FACEBOOK page Chris has been completely free from the obsession to use any substance since 2017. She will share her life journey on practicing Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga for over two decades and how she combined her practices to obtain recovery for herself. Chris has been working in the field of addiction since 2018. She is a huge asset to the recovery community and will share her gifts and tools to all who have a desire to be happy, healthy, strong, and free! Mark has been sober since September 14, 1984. Mark immersed himself in 12-Step Recovery and remains where is a huge asset to the recovery community. Mark takes a holistic approach to healing and recovery through mind/body/spirit connection and integration. Seven years ago, Mark started attending yoga classes and fell in love with the grounding aspect of mindful breathing and movement. He noticed that this further enhanced his recovery and began teaching Recovery Yoga, instructing others and their loved ones on how yoga and meditation can help with their own recovery journey. This is a show you do not want to miss!!!
June 10, 2021
E17 - Keith and Jimmy
Join Cole Welch Caffrey on this very powerful and uplifting episode of "The Empty Chair ~ For the Addict That Didn't Make It" with 2 Special Guests: Keith B & Jimmy G. These long-time Methuen residents will share how they were once driven by drugs and alcohol and led a life of INSANITY. They will share how they overcame addiction and the High Cost of Low Living to create a Life second to none.  Tune in to hear these powerful stories of recovery as they share their Experience, Strength and HOPE.
April 29, 2021
E16 - Husband and Wife, Teena and Dave
Join Cole Welch on "The Empty Chair a LIVE Podcast for the Addict that didn't make it" with special guests Teena & Dave as they share the experience, strength and HOPE from addiction. They will share how as a couple they navigate through recovery "together" and speak of the importance of working their programs separately. Join Cole for a powerful episode of overcoming addiction and the agonizing pain of witnessing your partner relapsing and having to make life decisions for yourself... This is an episode you don't want to miss!! This Episode will be dedicated to: Amelia Reed Yount
April 22, 2021
E15 - Shawn and Matt
Join Cole Welch- Caffrey for another Amazing episode on “The Empty Chair, for The Addict That Didn’t Make It” with our special guest, Shawn D. & Matt D. Shawn, a recovering addict began to use drugs and alcohol at a young age. His early drug use caused him to spend years on the road of self-destruction before finding recovery. Although Shawn is in his 1st year of recovery, he has a powerful impact in the recovery community and chases his recovery like he chased his addiction. Matt has been in and out of 30 treatment centers before he finally surrendered to God and gave up the high cost of low living. Matt has 3 years of continuous sobriety is the first to put his hand out to the newcomer. Join me to hear these remarkable stories of how these men have used what was trying to take them down to be the catalyst that brought them to rise above addiction and become useful men in society.
April 1, 2021
E14 - Jesus (No, Not That One)
Join me and my co-host Louie Diaz LIVE for a remarkable episode on “The Empty Chair, for the addict that didn’t make it” with our special guest, Jesus Ruiz. Jesus Ruiz, a recovering addict of nine years and former gang leader began to use drugs and alcohol at an incredibly young age. His early use led him to many debacles, life as a gang member, and 16 years in and out of prison. While incarcerated, he accepted the gospel and began to turn his mess into a MESSAGE. Jesus has found his purpose and has been on the streets preaching to those in need. Jesus and his wife, Wanda are leaders in the Haverhill community and founders of “Leaving the Streets Ministry” a non-profit re-entry center for youths that has received notability from the Mayor of Haverhill as the “Volunteer of the Year”. Join me in his remarkable story of perseverance, and how his past allows him to serve those on the streets and offer HOPE and a bright future to our youth struggling in the community.
March 18, 2021
E13- Michelle and Marshall
After years of reading, family support, education, and counseling in prison he was able to commit to abstinence from drug and alcohol and worked towards his degree in psychology. Michelle’s recovery began on November 02, 2008, after being completed defeated by the excessive use of drugs and alcohol. She was homeless, unemployed, criminal activity, and no family. All her relationships were severed due to her substance use disorder. As a result of her addiction, she was forced to give up a government job, due to arrests and time in jail. She forfeited a mortgage, gave up custody of her children to her mother, and was living in a tent along the Merrimack River with her husband Joe. Tune in to hear how Michelle found recovery, a  healthy balance of program, family, work, and a life she could not have dreamed of. Marshall was born in Beverly Mass and lived all around the Northshore MA in his youth.  He began using and selling drugs at age 12.  This was the beginning of years spiraling in addiction that led him to a 12 1/2 year prison sentence. After years of reading, family support, education, and counseling in prison he was able to commit to abstinence from drugs and alcohol and worked towards his degree in psychology. Marshall is an asset in the recovery community and brings his experience to  Aware Recovery Care working as a  Recovery Coach. Tune in to hear how Marshall turned his life from the bondage of drugs to Freedom in Recovery. This is a show you don't want to miss!
March 5, 2021
E12 - Frank and Louie
Please join me and my Co-host, Louie Diaz for an episode of "The Empty Chair" with Special Guest, Frank Campos. Frank was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Lawrence, MA. He is a United States Army Veteran. Frank has dedicated his secular career to working in the field of Addictions, having lived the life of addiction himself for 20 years. Frank is also the Pastor at Community Christian Fellowship church in Haverhill MA. Please watch LIVE on MVPASAP Facebook page to hear how he himself has escaped addiction and helped many lives find hope and recovery.
February 19, 2021
E11 - Jesse and The Red Rooster
Join me and "2" AMAZING guests, Jessie & Jason on "The Empty Chair, the LIVE Facebook Event for the addict that didn't make it"... Jessie is a lot of things, one of which is a woman in recovery from substance use disorder. She is from the NH seacoast and came from a good family. She was given many opportunities to be successful but still fell into a life of addiction. Her disease progressed and in the end, she became an IV drug user. She overcame many obstacles along her road to recovery. Obstacles like rehab, incarcerations, broken relationships, and most painfully the loss of her boyfriend to an overdose. She was able to find a solution in the 12-steps and today work a program of recovery. She regained custody of her child, works in a recovery center, hosts a show on recovery, all while working toward getting my master’s in social work. Today she lives her purpose by connecting with others on her path and offering HOPE! Jason, also known as “SNOOKIE”, is a man in long-term recovery. Jason comes from a wonderful family and had planned to accomplish many things in his life, never imagining that addiction would be one of them. As a teen, his “first operating under the influence” took place on a Big-Wheel in NH. This situation became one of many debacles Jason had himself in before finding recovery. Jason is a United States veteran whose addiction led him to leave the service and returning home to where his addiction went to a whole other level. Jason found himself spiraling out of control and heading down the path of destruction. His addiction has taken him to many dark places, which he believes, led him to finally hit rock bottom. While incarcerated, Jason heard the message of HOPE from groups of men from the “outside” that came into jails to share their experience, strength, and HOPE. He remains forever grateful to these men as they are the catalyst that led him to recovery. Thanks to recovery, Snookie made some life-altering changes and returned to school to receive his Masters in Alcohol and Drug Counseling. He is an asset to the recovery field and assisting those struggling with addiction
February 5, 2021
E10 - Louie and Darryl
JOIN US ON "THE EMPTY CHAIR" WITH "2" AMAZING GUESTS : Louie Diaz & Darryl Buchannan Louie Diaz is a person in long-term recovery. He works as a reentry and outreach specialist at the Middlesex County Sheriff’s Department. His job takes him inside prisons and jails preparing men for release. He is a support system for returning citizens when they are released to the community. Louie is an invaluable link between the inside and outside. Because of his background as a formerly incarcerated citizen, he is able to offer unconditional support and an experiential understanding of the culture of the streets. He understands recovery and the stresses of incarceration and reentry on both a personal and a professional level. Louie has a unique style of incorporating recovery, spirituality, and love into his work. Darryl Buchannan is a person who struggled with the disease of addiction for forty-plus years; spent 28 years of his life incarcerated as a direct result of his addiction. After years of active addiction, prison, and homelessness, he surrendered his life and accepted a new way of living. Darryl is in long-term recovery and working in the field of mental health and addiction helping others find freedom and a new way of life. He is a published author about to release his next book "Scars and Broken Pieces". Along with a colleague, they formed "Haywoods Helping Hands", an outreach organization that brings basic needs and services to those living in the streets. Tune in for a POWERFUL night of RECOVERY, REDEMPTION AND HOPE !!!!
January 22, 2021
E9 - Ursel and Chelsey for Human Trafficking Awareness Month
JANUARY is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Join me on "The Empty Chair" a LIVE podcast for the Addict that didn't make it. In this episode, I have "2" Amazing Survivors that will share their experience, strength and HOPE on escaping and surviving the sex trade industry. Hear how these 2 women turned their mess into a MESSAGE of VICTORY and offer an escape to hundreds of individuals that are struggling in the human trade industry and addiction. Ursel, a woman in long-term recovery who is a survivor of human trafficking and the sex trade. Today she is a mother, a wife and a productive member of society. Ursel shares herself and hope by working with women at a residential halfway house for women with substance use disorders and mental health as a recovery specialist, she also works at the Adelante program a program for victims of trafficking as a peer specialist. In her downtime she enjoys quality with her family. Chelsey is a survivor of domestic sex trafficking and a recovering heroin addict. She fled her trafficker in March of 2011 and has been in recovery from substance abuse since 2016. She went from victim to survivor when she found Jesus at the Salvation Army drug rehabilitation center. Chelsey knows what it is like to leave the guilt and shame behind and is passionate about helping other women do the same. She is using her story of victory to give others hope and bring awareness about this current epidemic in our communities. Chelsey works at a homeless shelter as a case manager for men and women who are struggling with addiction, mental illness and homelessness. She is also the outreach worker for the Salem, MA police department.
January 8, 2021
E8 - Julie and Tiffany
A powerful episode to finish out 2020 on the Empty Chair. Here are two stories you do not want to miss. Join Cole and 2 AMAZING guests on "The Empty Chair, the LIVE Podcast for the addict that didn't make it"... Tiffany is the new Program Coordinator of The Phoenix Lowell that offers free sober activities and classes as well as a supportive community to anyone with 48 hours of sobriety. Tiffany had been homeless and in and out of treatment over 100 times but had a glimmer of hope and gave it one last shot. She has been in recovery since October 26, 2013. Julie, a 43-year-old mother of two beautiful children who has struggled with addiction since the age of 12. She grew up surrounded by addiction and experienced trauma when she was a child. She never learned healthy coping mechanisms which led her to drugs and alcohol for relief. She will share her experiences of being institutionalized by the age of 13, arrested at the age of 16, a mother at the age of 20, and an IV heroin user by 24. After several detoxes and programs, she never stayed clean or put real effort until she walked into The Phoenix three weeks out of the worse detox of her life!! Tune in to hear 2 powerful stories of overcoming addiction and beating the odds as these women share their Experience, Strength, and HOPE. #TogetherWeCan
December 18, 2020
E7 - Lori and Debbi
Lori started drinking when she was 13 and soon became a daily drinker. After her marriage ended her alcoholism reached an all-time high and brought her literally to death's door. She finally surrendered and entered the halls of Alcoholics Anonymous in 2013 and her life was reborn. Debbi had rebellious times when she was young, but put it behind her to raise her family. While her four children grew, so did her career as a Social Worker. Later on, during their teenage years, alcoholism and addiction took over Debbi's life. It took her career, home, car, children, belongings, and her soul. She entered treatment in 2017 and with God's help is rebuilding her life.
December 4, 2020
E6 - Matt Ganem, CEO of Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center
Please join me and my guest, Matt Ganem, CEO of Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center, on The Empty Chair! Matthew Ganem has been clean for 14 years, he is a father, poet, author, advocate, and CEO of Aftermath Addiction Treatment Center a new facility that’s he recently opened up in Wakefield. Matt will share his Experience, Strength, & Hope along with some Poetry and discuss how remaining clean & sober has allowed him the opportunity to turn his dreams into reality. 
November 6, 2020
E5 - Tim and Dan
Join me and "2" AMAZING guests Tim and Dan on "The Empty Chair" Tim grew up in Central Massachusetts in a loving family. He excelled in basketball throughout high school and eventually a short stint in college before his substance abuse took hold. He started abusing OxyContin at the age of 20, which then turned into a heroin habit by 22. Tim struggled for 7 years, in and out of treatment putting periods of sobriety together along the way. He eventually worked his way into his dream job of training professional basketball players in Palm Beach County. After relapsing once again, Tim found himself back in treatment. He worked a program and is now an advocate for recovery, a father and a husband. Dan was born and raised on the south shore of MA. He had an ideal childhood filled with friends and family. Dan eventually graduated from college which led to a job in the financial district in Boston, MA. It was here that Dan was introduced to the grips of addiction. Dan fought his drug addiction for 8+ years. He went to treatment several times but continued to tear his life down and hurt the ones closest to him. After his last relapse, he finally surrendered. Dan walked himself to detox and ended up in NH. Today he is a son, brother, uncle, and most of all he is useful every day to another alcohol and addict. Join us for a show of HOPE and RECOVERY!!!
October 22, 2020
E4 - Amanda and Andrew
Join me on The Empty Chair with "2" guests Amanda & Andrew for their amazing stories of overcoming addiction. Amanda was the popular, high school homecoming queen, turned hopeless heroin addict. Addiction is sometimes called a family disease, and that is exactly what she learned on her journey leading up to her sobriety. Amanda and her two sisters all shared their toxic obsession with drugs. On September 9th, 2014, Amanda and her family allowed Dr Phil's cameras to film them during their darkest moment. She walked offset that day and was faced with the reality that everyone would now know her secret- she’s an alcoholic- not knowing that secret of hers would mold her into who she is today. She found freedom by surrendering, working the steps, and clearing the path for her relationship with God. Now, with 6 years sober, she is a great wife, an amazing mother, and shares that secret of hers to help anyone and everyone she can. Andrew grew up in a loving family with every opportunity one could ask for. In adolescence, Andrew turned to substance use to deal with the plagues of humanity that disturbed his young mind. Being a musician, drugs (Andrew thought) went hand in hand with the lifestyle he associated with being in a rock band. From the age of 15-21, Andrew traveled the country playing punk rock, abusing drugs, drinking, and slowly losing himself as a person. Andrew turned to many different facets to change his life but consistently failed. Andrew turned to Satanism, crime, prostitution, and other nefarious acts of self-depreciation in the hopes of achieving a different life. After Andrew spent his twenty-third time in an inpatient treatment center, Andrew was freely given a message of depth and weight that changed his life forever. Today, Andrew celebrates six years of continuous sobriety as a recovered man. Andrew has dedicated his life to helping others recover from the seemingly hopeless illness of alcoholism, as it was shown to him.
October 8, 2020
E3 - Matty & Michael
Matty & Michael will share their experience, strength, and HOPE and how they overcome the odds and defeated active addiction. Matthew grew up watching his Mother struggle with substance use disorder and mental illness, eventually losing her battle. He too struggled with the disease of addiction for over a decade, which brought him to a point in his life where he felt there was little left to hope for. However, after entering recovery and finding a new way to live, Matthew discovered that one addict helping another truly is without parallel. His journey brought him to find joy in his own life and helping guide others to do the same while keeping his Mother’s spirit alive. Michael is a person in long-term recovery with a 10-year history of recovery advocacy work, along with four years of experience holding various roles in the mental health care industry. Michael is a proud father, avid boxing, and basketball enthusiast. Michael’s philosophy of treating and helping those suffering from SUD is one based on compassion, understanding, unconditional love, and unity. #wedorecover #recoverymonth
October 5, 2020
E2 - Christina and Gineanne
On this episode of The Empty Chair: Christina and Gineanne began their project, A Journey of Hope, in the fall of 2019. Christina has been a part of the MVPASAP team since 2019. Both of these women have a passion and hope for those struggling with addiction, homelessness, and mental health. Gineanne battled with opioid addiction and has been in recovery for 4 years (going strong). Christina and Gineanne have both lost loved ones to addiction and suicide. Through the darkness, they were able to learn how to love themself, strengthen their relationships with the ones they love the most, and truly heal from the inside out.
October 5, 2020
E1 - International Awareness Day
In honor of International Overdose Awareness Day, MVPASAP will air it's 2020 Vigil Video live. Hosted by Cole Welch Caffrey. International Overdose Awareness Day (IOAD) is a global event held on August 31st each year. It aims to raise awareness around overdose and reduce the stigma of drug-related death, while also providing the opportunity to lobby politicians about overdose and -demand better community responses. MVPASAP created a collage of pictures of those who lost their lives to overdose/addiction. This collage was shown LIVE on MVPASAP Facebook page on August 31, 2020. Here's a link to the Facebook Live video of this episode if you would like to see the collage
October 5, 2020