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The Engenius Podcast

The Engenius Podcast

By Engenius
In The Engenius Podcast, we talk with our industry experts about a wide variety of topics. We'll cover how sales and marketing can (and should!) align, metrics your marketing team should be tracking, innovative and insightful business practices, and much more! Our goal is to help you create helpful and effective marketing strategies to run your business successfully in this digital age.

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Note: A new podcast drops every 3 weeks.
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Outdated site? Let's talk updates

The Engenius Podcast

A Candid Conversation About Social Media
Everyone says social media is the place to be, but defining best practices for your organization can be difficult. What channels should you be on? What content is important? How frequently should you be posting? The questions seem endless.  In our first-ever guest podcast, Lauren Kay Humphrey, Marketing Director at Pose Wigs, brings clarity to these questions in a candid conversation about social media.  With years of experience in the social media world, LK, Samantha, and Chris talk through what channels exist today, what really matters to the user, and how you can make smart social media decisions for your organization whether you're a nonprofit, B2B group, or a B2C company. 
August 03, 2022
All About Google Ads Part II - Measuring Success
In Part I of our All About Google Ads podcast series, we took a dive into the basics of Google Ads and the overall digital advertising space. But how do you know if the ads you're running are working? How do you know if you're seeing a return on your ad investment? In our latest podcast, Engenius' Digital Marketing Specialist Arianna Henry and CEO Chris Manley, dig into the nitty gritty of measuring success and determining if the ads you're running are truly helping your business succeed. 
July 19, 2022
Mid-Year Marketing Check In
We brought you 7 trends in January covering everything from work from home to local SEO and the Metaverse, but which trends have taken off and which are declining? More importantly - which of these trends is best for your business? That's what we want to know. In our latest podcast TJ Deluccia and Samantha Wagner dig into: How 2022's marketing trends have played out in the first 6 months How you can maximize your marketing spend over the next 6 months How you can set your organization up for marketing success in 2023.
June 23, 2022
All About Google Ads
Google Ads may seem simple up front, but they've evolved into a rather complex form of advertising. It’s safe to say that anyone engaged in marketing in this day and age should have at least a basic understanding of Google Ads. In our latest podcast, Chris Manley and Engenius Digital Marketing Strategist Arianna Henry discuss what ads are, how they help B2B businesses, and what you can expect when starting a campaign.
June 01, 2022
SEO is Changing
Few things in the world stay constant and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of those things that just keeps changing. Since search engines first came about, SEO has continued to shift from one direction to another seemingly at the whim of the internet.  In our latest podcast Chris Manley interviews Ryan Soper, Engenius' very own Content & SEO Strategist, to help us unpack where SEO is and where it's going. From the prevalence of artificial intelligence to the power of long-tail key words, to what Google has up it's sleeves, this is a podcast you don't want to miss! 
May 11, 2022
Marketing Through Uncertainty
The world is upside down, crazy things are happening, and uncertainty abounds. In an age that seems “crazy town banana pants,” how do you respond and set your small business up for success in marketing, sales, and more? Listen in as, in a turn of events, TJ Deluccia, interviews our co-founder, Chris Manley, about his experience as a small business owner navigating the uncertainty of the last few years and the uncertainty of Engenius' inception in 2008. 
April 20, 2022
Your Website is a Car, Part II - Should You Trade In or Pay for Repairs?
Investing in a website is like buying a car - it's a pretty big decision for most people. Do you need a new car or can you take your current one to the shop and get it working like you need it to? No, this isn't a car podcast. Instead, it's a look into the factors that determine whether your site needs a redesign or specific updates. Join Kory Radford and Chris Manley as they talk through technological advancements, design standards, and audience changes in our latest Engenius podcast!
March 30, 2022
Greenville and the Crib Economy
A few casts ago we talked about 2022 trends in marketing - the development of the crib economy was one of them. Our habits as people have changed over the past two years and Covid-19 has served as the impetus for countless people to move states, jobs, and more. We’ve seen those changes in Greenville as more and more people move to the city from other states and even other countries! Marketing is all about communicating to people - so what does marketing look like when your audience is growing, shrinking, and moving in this post-pandemic world? Listen in as TJ Deluccia, Samantha Wagner, and Chris Manley talk through human geography, second-tier cities, and how the growth of Greenville as an upstate community impacts marketing.
March 09, 2022
Your Website, Your Car, and Routine Maintenance (Your Website Is a Car Part I)
Believe it or not, your website is like a car. If you don't keep it maintained, it will eventually break down. But what's considered routine maintenance for a website? And what should you expect from your website provider or your internal team? That's what we cover in our latest podcast with CEO Chris Manley and our wonderful Support Manager, Cassidy Krasinski.
February 18, 2022
The 7 Digital Marketing Trends to Know in 2022
Marketing continues to evolve at a rapid pace but what are the trends we need to be aware of to see success in 2022?  In our most recent podcast, TJ Deluccia and Samantha Wagner join CEO, Chris Manley, in discussing the top 7 digital marketing trends of 2022 and how each of these trends--from local SEO to short-form video to virtual reality--relate to your small business. 
January 28, 2022
The State of Marketing in 2022
Marketing has changed so much. Where is marketing today and what are some of the biggest industry shifts we've seen in the past few years?  In our first-ever solo-cast, Engenius CEO, Chris Manley, walks through how we got to where we are today... and the state of marketing in this new pandemic world.
January 05, 2022
12 Things Marketers Want for Christmas
Working with marketing agencies can sometimes feel like you're figuring out more answers to questions you never knew you had. This podcast, themed after the 12-days of Christmas, will help you anticipate those complicated questions while also helping you prepare your responses in order to set your organization and your marketing partner up for success.  Join Engenius CEO, Chris Manley, and two of our Accounts team members, Randall Stewart and Samantha Wagner as together they talk about how to make your marketing conversations more productive for everyone involved. 
December 23, 2021
Why Does Good Marketing Take Time?
Some marketing can be done overnight, but most of it takes time. Why is that? Helpful for creatives and directors alike, our newest podcast, featuring Engenius’ Director of Production Molly Willette-Green and Engenius CEO Chris Manley, delves into why good marketing takes time and why rushing the creative process may not be your best move.
December 01, 2021
Budgeting Part 2: Refining Your Marketing Budget
Building a brand new marketing budget is one thing.... but revising and refining an existing budget between years is a whole different story. In part 2 of our budget series Engenius Director of Accounts, Kory Radford, and Engenius CEO, Chris Manley, cover the intricacies of refining an already existing marketing budget so that you can invest in the efforts that make an impact on your audience, your brand, and your lead funnel.
November 10, 2021
Budgeting Part 1: Building Your Marketing Budget
Whether you do it far in advance or on the fly, every business has to have a plan for marketing. That plan involves some cost. How do you plan for those costs and how much should you spend on various marketing initiatives? That’s where building a smart marketing budget comes in. Listen in as our Director of Sales and Marketing, Kory Radford, and CEO Chris Manley discuss how you can build a smart marketing budget to help your company succeed in the new year.
October 21, 2021
Why Do SEO?
We know people are making Google searches. But should you invest in SEO for your business? Like many marketing decisions, there isn’t a straightforward answer, but there are a few things you should consider to help you make the best decision.  That's our topic in our latest podcast featuring our resident SEO expert Taylor Craig and our CEO Chris Manley. 
September 29, 2021
Experimentation in Marketing
Whether your marketing is in a rut or you think it’s going great, you’re probably missing the opportunity for new leads. To get those leads you must venture into the unknown.  Marketing experimentation is our topic in this podcast and it’s worth a listen if you want to grow the scope of your marketing initiatives, reach unreached leads, and take risks in a calculated way.
September 08, 2021
Outdated site? Let's talk updates
Updating your website may not be an option because of your budget, timeline, or any other number of reasons, but you want to make some changes now to hold you over in the interim. What do you do? How do you prioritize what changes need to be made first, which ones are worth the investment, and which ones will have the most impact on your clients?  Join us as we speak with Ellison Manley, one of our resident Web Designers, as she walks us through what things you can update on your site to feel in control of your online presence. 
August 10, 2021
Making Marketing Metrics Matter
In the field of Marketing, it's possible to find a metric for everything. But which of these metrics actually matter and how can you sift through 1,000 points of data to answer the most important question of all: "Is my marketing strategy really working?" In this episode of the Engenius Podcast, we sit down with Engenius's Chief Operations Officer, TJ Deluccia to learn a little more about marketing metrics, why they matter, and which ones you should be paying attention to amidst all the noise. 
July 22, 2021
Marketing's Connection To Sales
Are Marketing and Sales actually connected? That's an age-old question and sure, they are, but how? In this episode of the Engenius Podcast, we sit down with Engenius's own Director of Sales and Marketing, Kory Radford to learn a little more about the important connections (and potential conflicts) between these two teams.  
July 09, 2021