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The Equal Group's Podcast

The Equal Group's Podcast

By The Equal Group
This podcast brings you the latest conversations around equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We host interesting guests that provide a unique insight into their unique experiences and the work that they do to further equality, diversity and inclusion. Episodes will cover career journeys, case studies and interviews, as well as diversity and inclusion best practice.
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021: Representation Matters - Terri Rodriguez-Hong

The Equal Group's Podcast

028: Representation Matters - Miss Menopause
Sharon MacArthur is the founder of Miss Menopause, which works with employers to support anyone who is going through menopause. From group awareness training to HR-specific sessions, Sharon helps both public and private organisations to become better employers by educating workplaces to be menopause inclusive. In this episode of ‘Representation Matters’, Sharon discusses the story behind Miss Menopause, the impact of menopause and how to manage it, as well as the reasons why menopause needs to urgently become part of workplace wellbeing agendas.  Episode Highlights: 1) Sharon’s career journey: from senior business leader to the founder of Miss Menopause. 2) Making the menopause business as usual: demystifying myths about menopause. 3) How to support colleagues who are going through menopause.
June 30, 2022
027: Representation Matters - Cherron Inko-Tariah MBE
Cherron Inko-Tariah MBE is a former civil servant and has undertaken various leadership roles in policy and strategic positions across Whitehall. In 2012, Cherron left the Civil Service to follow what she is passionate about: staff networks and the positive impact these can have on individuals and organisations.  After publishing her book: The Incredible Power of Staff Networks, Cherron founded The Power of Staff Networks consultancy where she provides a wide range of services. Cherron also founded the National Day for Staff Networks in 2017– the first of its kind celebrating the added value of networks.  In this episode of ‘Representation Matters’, Cherron shares her insights on the benefits staff networks bring to organisations and discusses her top tips for successfully establishing a staff network. Podcast Highlights: How Cherron turned her passion for staff networks into a specialist career. Staff Networks: what they are and how they can benefit an organisation. How to make staff networks a success for your company. Twitter: LinkedIn:
April 07, 2022
026: Representation Matters - Suzy Levy
Suzy is the Managing Director of The Red Plate. She is a great Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) advocate and has decades of experience in helping leaders and leadership teams make complex changes in the way EDI is embedded in their organisations. Suzy worked for Accenture until 2015 and led the strategy and implementation of progressive inclusion and diversity, employee engagement and talent initiatives in the UK.  Suzy has also recently written a book about inclusion called ‘Mind the Inclusion Gap’, with a view of getting self-proclaimed “nice people” to be more active in EDI.  In this episode of ‘Representation Matters’, Suzy shares her thoughts and experiences of working in the EDI space.  Podcast highlights: How Diversity and Inclusion became a career for Suzy. Why being just “nice” isn’t enough when it comes to inclusion. Navigating diversity in the workplace. Turning intention into action The importance of diversity and inclusion as a skill set.
February 03, 2022
025: Representation Matters - Kiran Everix
Kiran Everix is a public speaker and a Diversity, Inclusion and Equity advocate. Kiran is currently working as a consultant, but they are passionate campaigner for Transgender and Non-binary equality. Kiran is the founder of QnityNetwork, an LGBTQ+ network promoting networks, organisations, creatives and resources. Qnity aims to unite communities, build meaningful connections and promote mental health and wellbeing. In this episode of ‘Representation Matters’, Kiran shares their story and gender identity journey. Podcast Highlights: Kiran’s journey exploring their non-binary identity. The challenges transgender and gender non-conforming individuals face. How to create a culture of authentic allyship. Gender rhetoric in British media. Healthcare inequalities for Transgender and Non-binary people. Twitter and Instagram:  @kiraneverix Resources: The Transgender Issue by Shon Faye
January 06, 2022
024: Representation Matters - Shannon Crossland
Shannon Crossland is a limb difference awareness influencer and activist. Born with a limb difference called Ectrodactyly, it was not until last year that she began to truly accept her body with full confidence. Today Shannon has 13,000 Instagram followers and she is also an ambassador for the I Am Possible foundation. In this episode of ‘Representation Matters’, Shannon discusses her experiences of living with a limb difference, the media’s portrayal of those with physical differences and her journey to self- love.   Podcast Highlights:  Shannon’s experience of living with a limb difference  Shannon’s journey towards self-love  How to be a better ally to the limb difference community  The media’s portrayal of disability. Socials:  @crosslandshannon  @theiampossiblefoundation  
December 01, 2021
023: Representation Matters - Ewan Corlett
Ewan Corlett is a fully qualified person-centred, integrative counsellor and a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. As a transformational men’s coach and therapist, Ewan has a wealth of experience working with issues predominantly around trauma and addiction. As well as sharing his own mental health journey, in this episode of ‘Representation Matters’, Ewan also discusses his mission to help other men heal and step into their full potential and purpose. Episode highlights: Navigating struggle and overcoming addiction. Finding direction, healing and living as your most authentic self. Toxic musicality, men and mental health stigmas. The concept of Body Wisdom. How to be a good support network for others. Ewan’s website: Ewan’s Instagram:  @ewan_corlett
November 18, 2021
022: Representation Matters - The Job Share Pair
Rachel Maguire and Hannah Hall-Turner are the founders of @TheJobSharePair. As Great friends and work colleagues, Hannah and Rachel sought to balance their careers with their family lives too, and so they became the first ever job share duo in the UK arm of that Fortune 500 firm. Passionate about making flexible working options accessible to all, Hannah and Rachel’s ambition is for more people to have access to meaningful, progressive, senior roles through Job sharing, inspiring a truly diverse workforce through flexibility. In this episode of ‘Representation Matters’, Hannah and Rachel demystify the myths around job-sharing and discuss:   The benefits of Job-sharing for organisations and employees. The practicalities of job-sharing. Tips for successful job-sharing. How employers can begin to implement job-sharing. Website:
November 11, 2021
021: Representation Matters - Terri Rodriguez-Hong
Terri Rodriguez-Hong is a UX/UI designer from Silicon Valley, bridging the gap with products to be accessible by all users. As a mother of two, with a hidden disability, Terri pivoted her mindset and made a huge career change into the UX/UI realm. She is also an accessibility advocate and mindset mentor, who wholeheartedly believes that we have to identify the barriers to our success and learn to recognise them when they pop up. Terri has made it her mission to advocate for change and help others who face the same stigma about hidden disabilities.  In this episode of ‘Representation Matters’, Terri shares her thoughts and experiences on hidden disabilities and accessibility. The free online course website Terri recommended: Episode Highlights: Terri’s journey of getting into UX/UI design Accessibility and what it means to Terri. The personal and professional challenges of living with a hidden disability. How to create a personal connection with someone you don’t know. How to turn a negative into a positive.
October 05, 2021
020: Representation Matters - Fiona Hathorn
Fiona Hathorn is the CEO of Women on Boards UK (WOB), an organisation committed to accelerating women into non-executive director roles. She is also an expert in the areas of Governance, Regulation and Talent Management who has sat on marketing, audit and finance committees. Fiona is an advisory panel member for the Financial Reporting Council (FRC), an advisory board member of a gender pay gap technology company called Spktral, advisor to Peel Hunt (mid-cap stockbroker) and Chair of Hanx’s Nominations Committee (a relatively new FMCG sexual health start-up). In this episode of ‘Representation Matters’, Fiona discusses her decision to launch WOB UK, the leadership and company culture issues that hinder diversity in the boardroom and why data is so important in achieving greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Episode Highlights: Fiona’s upbringing and her career journey so far. How Fiona was inspired to found Women on Boards UK. Why companies need to openly and transparently publicise Board roles to increase diversity. What makes an effective C-Suite leader? Fostering conscious inclusion in the workplace. Quotes from the podcast: ‘Most boards want diversity, they want inclusion, but they don’t want anybody they don’t know…so they fish in the same ponds.’ (9:52) ‘If you really want to make a difference you need to fix the top, but you also need to fix the bottom and inspire people in society, no matter who they are, to make them understand that the boardroom matters, and that there is a boardroom position out there for everyone no matter what age you are.’ (7:43) ‘Diverse teams better, but they only perform better if you have the right leadership in place.’ (16:20)
July 16, 2021
019: Representation Matters - Allan Reid: Diversity in the Workplace
Allan Reid is an experienced Equality, Diversity and Inclusion professional who is currently working as an EDI consultant here at The Equal Group. Allan has a wealth of experience in different roles and fields, most recently coming from the Rail Industry where they worked as a Signal Maintenance Operative and a Diversity & Inclusion Officer. Allan is part of the LGBTQ+ Movement and Queer Community, they have a strong belief that intersectional and empathetic EDI is the way forward. As well as being the membership lead for the Alba Alliance in Scotland, Allan has also presented on a number of topics for various groups, including the BI-Umbrella for Scottish Power and the Queer Community for Network Rail. In this episode of ‘Representation Matters’, Allan Reid shares their thoughts on Pride month, the expanding Queer terminology and the steps that organisations can take to create LGBTQ+ inclusive workplaces. Here is a link to the Islamic group that Allan was talking about in the podcast: Allan's list of resources Episode Highlights: - Allan’s upbringing and their professional journey so far. - Allan’s experience exploring gender identity, sexuality and their mental health. - Whether LGBTQ+ labels are helpful or harmful. - A brief history of the word ‘Queer’. - 5 strategies organisations can follow to help create a safe and inclusive environment for LGBTQ+ employees.
June 30, 2021
018: Representation Matters - Claud Williams: Diversity in the Workplace
Claud Williams is an award-winning entrepreneur, executive coach, board member and public speaker. He is the founder of Dream Nation, the personal development start-up company fit for the 21st century, which has had a huge impact on the lives of thousands of young people all over the UK. As an advocate for neurodiversity and mental health, Claud is also a board member of the NHS and an ambassador for the British Dyslexic Association. In this episode of ‘Representation Matters’ Claud discusses his journey as an entrepreneur, what it was like growing up with dyslexia and how employers can support neurodiversity in the workplace. You can find out more about Dream Nation by clicking on the following links:  Twitter- Instagram- You can also find out more about Claud Williams here: Episode Highlights: Claud Williams career: his journey to becoming an entrepreneur. His motivation and Dream Nation. Claud’s experience of growing up with a learning disability. Dealing with dyslexia: how to become more confident in your neurodiversity. What employers can do to attract and accommodate neurodiverse talent.
May 24, 2021
017: Representation Matters - Niall Simpson: Diversity in the Workplace
Niall is a Senior Recruitment consultant with WISER elite working for the company over the last four years and being acknowledged in the industry with awards in 2018/2019. It is a specialist tech/software sales recruitment agency working exclusively on mid-senior appointments across EMEA and North America. With a degree and masters in Sports Science, falling into sales was definitely not on the cards originally. However, he has excelled and wants to see change in it. In June 2020 he founded Black Tech Sales network to increase the representation of black commercial professionals working in the technology industry. Alongside helping black professionals and young people, it works with companies to generate tangible changes to their ethnic makeup. Episode highlights - Brought  up in a very strong loving family with parents and grandparents - Hard work was always instilled and he enjoyed it! - Has a sports science degree and masters - Good to know people - Challenge has to be made to Managing Directors/CEOs - Black Tech Sales Network will change the diverse landscape of the industry
April 29, 2021
016: Representation Matters - Zoe Banks Gross: Diversity in the Outdoors
Zoe Banks Gross is the Sustainable Neighbourhoods Programme Manager at Knowle West Media Centre. After working as an environmental scientist for a number of years, Zoe shifted to working in the community sector, where for the past 6 years she has worked on engaging and empowering local communities across Bristol, to help promote sustainability and inclusion. Zoe’s passion for social justice, health, sustainability, and how these issues interconnect, is not only reflected in her community development work, but also within her role as a local health champion in Bristol, teaching cycling and running to ethnic minorities. In this episode of ‘Representation Matters’ Zoe discusses the unequal impact of the pandemic on certain communities, and the positive changes that she is trying to bring to the people of Bristol. Episode Highlights - Zoe Banks Gross’ career journey as an environmental scientist and Sustainable Neighbourhoods Programme Manager. - The importance of connecting people and communities to green spaces. - How Zoe and her team are bridging the health and digital inequalities that exist across communities in Bristol. - What government and policymakers need to do to prevent BAME communities from suffering disproportionally again during any future pandemics.
March 31, 2021
015: Representation Matters - Sarah Pinch: Diversity in the Workplace
Sarah Pinch is the managing director of a reputation management agency called Pinch Point Communications and she is also the vice-chair of an organisation: Manx Care. In 2015 Sarah was the president of the CIPR, and in 2018 she was listed in the financial Times and HERoes Top 100 Female Champions which celebrates and supports women in business. Passionate about diversity and inclusion, Sarah is also the chair of the Taylor Bennet Foundation, a diversity charity which supports young BAME people into Communication and Public Relations careers.  In this episode of ‘Representation Matters’ Sarah discusses her journey into Public Relations and Communications, the diversity issues that exist within industry, and the actions organisations can to take to improve the number of women in senior leadership positions. The two books recommended by Sarah: ‘Mrs Moneypenny: Survival in the City’ by Heather McGregor ‘Why Do So Many Incompetent Men Become Leaders? (And How to Fix it)’ by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic. Hosted by Zakiya Ilyas @zakiyailyas3 For The Equal Group @theequalgroup #diversity #representation #equality 
March 10, 2021
014: Representation Matters - Shakil Butt: Diversity in the Workplace
Shakil Butt (FCIPD, FCCA) is an award-winning HR professional that led an award-winning global HR team in the UK, Middle East, Asia and Africa working in a multi-ethnic, multi-faith and multi-cultural background. With over 30 years of experience, Shakil now works as an independent consultant, supporting organisations and individuals with their HR and organisational development. Shakil is also the non-executive director of the CIPD and a public speaker who has spoken at various HR conferences on topics such as company values, strategic direction, as well as diversity and inclusion. In this episode of ‘Representation Matters’ Shakil discusses his journey into HR, the diversity problems that exist within the profession and what he thinks HR practitioners can do to tackle organisational issues. Hosted by Zakiya Ilyas @zakiyailyas3 For The Equal Group @theequalgroup #diversity #representation #equality
February 24, 2021
013: Representation Matters - Isabelle Jani-Friend: Invisible Disability Discrimination in the Workforce
Isabelle Jani-friend is a freelance journalist and campaigner focusing on health and disability. Determined not to let her Cystic Fibrosis hold her back, Isabelle has used her disability to help build a career for herself and raise awareness about important issues such as equal access to healthcare and medication. She is also passionate about giving underrepresented groups a voice, and has written a number of articles on invisible illnesses and workplace discrimination which have been published across media outlets such as the Guardian, Independent and Lucuna Voices. In this episode of ‘Representation Matters’ Isabelle Jani-Friend discusses her experiences of living with an invisible disability, the challenges that people with protected characteristics face when it comes to entering the world of work, and what employers working with underrepresented individuals need to be more aware of. You can take a look at Isabelle’s health and lifestyle blog here: Hosted by Zakiya Ilyas @zakiyailyas3 For The Equal Group @theequalgroup #diversity #representation #equality
January 06, 2021
012: Representation Matters - Oge Ejizu: Diversity in the Workplace and beyond
Oge Ejizu is an experienced project manager in Prince2 and Agile, who has over 10 years of experience in the charity sector holding various roles. She is also the London regional leader for Black Girls Hike, a charity organisation set-up by Rhiane Fatinkun in 2019 as a response to the lack of diversity and representation of black women in the outdoors. Black Girls Hike provides a safe walking community for black women, empowering and encouraging them to enjoy the outdoors and nature without feeling intimidated or judged. In this episode of ‘Representation Matters’ Oge Ejizu shares her passion for hiking, how she got involved with Black Girls Hike and the importance of diversifying the outdoors. You can find out more about Black Girls Hike via Facebook: bghmcr, Instagram: @bgh_uk and Twitter: @UkBgh Hosted by Zakiya Ilyas @zakiyailyas3 For The Equal Group @theequalgroup #diversity #representation #equality 
December 09, 2020
011: Representation Matters - Denise Massey: Diversity in the Energy Sector
Denise Massey has been Managing Director of the Energy Innovation Centre since the company's foundation in 2008. Denise led the company from start-up to successful not for profit business, and now heads a highly successful and growing team of technical and commercial specialists. In the UK, Denise fosters collaboration and partnerships across many stakeholders, and supports both gas and electricity energy networks with their innovation challenges. She also works closely with the energy network operators Ofgem and BEIS, and is actively involved in redefining the innovation ambition of the UK’s energy sector. Beyond her home territory, Denise has proven ability in opening up new markets. Working with regulators, governments, energy companies and innovators internationally, her networking capabilities are unsurpassed. She is at the forefront of developing a collaborative and cooperative global innovation community for the benefit of all. To date, Denise has brokered energy investments of over £14m, in addition to building an exclusive global energy innovation community of more than 2,000 SMEs. A highly successful communicator, leader and businesswoman. Denise's key strengths lie in organisational leadership, cross sector collaboration, strategic planning and development, and employee mentoring. Also, Denise sits on the The Equal Group Board as a member. Denise joined our host Nikki Tapper on The Equal Group’s podcast ‘Representation Matters’ to share her insights and opinions on equality, diversity and inclusion within the energy. #theequalgroup #representationmatters #diversityandinclusion 
November 30, 2020
010: Representation Matters - Martha Awojobi: Diversity in the Charity Sector
Martha Awojobi is a management consultant for non-profits specialising in event curation, anti-racism, POC recruitment and income generation. She is also the treasurer and an organiser at #CharitySoWhite – an organisation that speaks about institutional racism in the charity sector. She comments “it is not personal; it’s the systems and structures making up the sector that reinforce racism. So, we need to stop asking if racism exists in our organisations and start asking how?”. Martha is the curator of #BAMEOnline, a series of online events that centre fundraisers of colour, showcase new talent, and get to the heart of how to dismantle structural racism in fundraising and in the wider charity sector. Her mission is to support Black and Brown led organisations who are critically underfunded and resourced to do brilliant work in their communities and to ensure that Black and Brown fundraisers are able to thrive in their organisations. She is also the winner of Charity Times Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement 2020 and Civil Society Fundraising Magazines 25 Under 35 2020. #theequalgroup #representationmatters #diversityandinclusion
November 02, 2020
009: Representation Matters - Nick Ellins: Diversity in the Energy and Utilities Sector
Nick Ellins took over leadership of the Energy & Utility Skills Group in October 2015. He has over 30 years’ experience in the utilities and rail industries, working in a variety of management roles across commercial, operational, and UK and European policy areas. His previous roles include Deputy Chief Executive of the Consumer Council for Water, Head of Consumer Strategy at Water UK, senior management roles in contracting and manufacturing, Director of Policy for the Rail Delivery Group strategy body and Director of Policy for the Association of Train Operating Companies. Nick is one of the industry leaders working through the Energy & Utilities Skills Partnership to ensure a safe, resilient and sustainable workforce across the sector. Nick is a Freeman of the City of London, a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Plumbers, Fellow and twice Past National President of the Institute of Water; Honorary Fellow of the Institution of Primary Engineers; Member of the Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers; Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers; Ambassador for Design and Technology; Member of Aston University Industrial Advisory Board - School of Engineering & Applied Science; A Supporting Partner of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards; Member of the Energy Industries Club; and former Trustee and Board Member of the Federation of Industry Sector Skills & Standards. #theequalgroup #representationmatters #diversityandinclusion
July 31, 2020
008: Representation Matters - Joel Blake OBE: Diversity in FinTech
Joel is a multi-award-winning businessman and public speaker, with a passion for driving business growth, through financial technology and entrepreneurial leadership. Joel is the Founder & CEO of an award-winning B2B FinTech company, that uses machine learning to benchmark, rate and monitor the portfolio of financial lenders. He is the former Executive for Access to Finance and Growing Business for the GBSLEP, and advises professional and public sector bodies, on business support models and strategies. Joel is also the Vice-President of the Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce, National Ambassador for the Institute of Leadership and Management, and a Fellow of the National Centre for Entrepreneurs. He was awarded an OBE for Services to Business Support and Enterprise in 2016.
July 13, 2020
007: Representation Matters - David Thorne: Diversity in Energy and Utilities
David is an experienced business leader and executive board member. David has spent the last 30 years working within the energy and utilities sector, with the last 10 years as a board level executive. In 2010 he became Chief Executive at Gemserv - an energy and environmental consultancy focusing on governance, assurance and information security. Today, David is the Chair of The Equal Group, an organisation dedicated to optimising equality, diversity and inclusion efforts within the workplace. The Equal Group specialises in creating EDI focused technological platforms as well as providing innovative consulting solutions to help organisations get to grips with their EDI activities. David firmly believes that addressing equality, diversity and inclusion where we work will bring wider societal benefits, as equality must be at the heart of any successful, productive and inclusive society. He continues to say that ‘companies that cannot rapidly evolve or do not draw on knowledge and experience from many perspectives will fall behind or fail’. As a previous Chief Executive of an energy and data consultancy, David knows the importance of encouraging differing views to challenge the status quo, and how being more inclusive can stimulate growth. Our Podcast Host Nikki Tapper interviews him to discover more about what led him to being involved with The Equal Group and how he believes diversity can resolve the issues for the much wider community, especially within typically ‘pale and male’ industries such as water and utilities. #theequalgroup #representationmatters #diversityandinclusion
April 01, 2020
006: Representation Matters - Genelle Aldred: Diversity in Broadcast Journalism
Genelle has over a decade worth of experience in broadcast journalism, creative content creation and digital marketing. She is a woman of great communication skills who has worked at many of the UK’s largest broadcasting organisations including BBC, ITV and TBN.  She has taken on various roles such as Weather Presenter, Newsreader, Documentary Researcher and Producer. She since worked within the charity sector for Tearfund, and is now consulting other brands about their communication and creative strategies. She is passionate about diversity in comms and believes in taking brands on the journey of broader appeal by using a creative strategy.She joined our host Nikki Tapper on The Equal Group’s podcast show ‘Representation Matters’ to share her stories and expertise. #theequalgroup #representationmatters #diversityandinclusion
March 19, 2020
005: Representation Matters - Gary Rayneau: Diversity in the Media Industry
Gary Rayneau is the co-founder of Project 23. After 15 years of experience in the media and advertising industry at Dennis Publishing, Gary grouped together with work colleague Elaine Dela Cruz to form Project 23. This was as a result of the progression towards a more diverse and inclusive workplace in the media industry. Gary is passionate about the power culture has to affect business performance and increase staff happiness.  He believes culture by definition only works if it's genuinely inclusive, however in today’s workplace that is not always as easy as it sounds. Pace of change, unconscious biases and ‘the way we used to do things’ are issues that we all face that can hinder as well as help. He also believes that with right the intent and a data-led strategy guiding the way, a high performing inclusive culture will soon be the expected norm for all. Our host Max caught up with Gary to get his thoughts on how Project 23 is impacting business culture for good. #theequalgroup #representationmatters #diversityandinclusion
March 02, 2020
004: Representation Matters - Chris Clyde-Green: Diversity in educational leadership
Chris is a Teacher, Workshop Leader, School Team Visitor, Curriculum Writer and Journalist.He has worked in three different continents and taught four different educational programmes. He is a self-confessed life-long learner, UK-born/Swiss-living, citizen of the world. Chris shares some great insights on why we are all citizen’s of the world; why knowledge and education is key to understanding each other and becoming more inclusive. Episode Highlights His career journey in education How he was influenced to become a teacher Why education and business need to see diversity as a positive How communication is key for those in leadership to have a better understanding of their workforce/teams His successes both in his work and life experiences #theequalgroup #representationmatters #diversityandinclusion
February 01, 2020
003: Representation Matters - Sophie Smallwood of RoleShare: implementing flexible and inclusive working arrangements
Sophie has worked for big corporates such as Facebook and Ebay and so she knows first hand about these kind of pressures. For women, who are often the main carers in their family, balancing work pressures along with running the home and taking care of the family – can become very frustrating. Sophie has seen this need for flexibility in the workplace, and has decided to do something about it. A year after leaving Facebook she went back to record a video segment for Facebook for Business in London talking about about her startup - the smart matching site for shared roles. Sophie believes in equal opportunity for flexibility. Where all people are encouraged to do what they love, aligned to their strengths. With fulfilling flexible careers, in a diverse workforce. Free to have balanced lives and personal time, with career growth. Regardless of the reason. She wants to enable people to get full-time balance in life and at work, by helping them connect and combine their collective skills, strengths, and experiences for fulfilling shared roles. And so, along with her founding team of future-of-work visionaries, she is bringing Roleshare - the smart matching site for shared roles. Sophie is also modelling a healthy work-life balance. Nikki Tapper caught up with her to find out more about her journey and what we can learn from her passion for creating more flexible working solutions. #theequalgroup #representationmatters #diversityandinclusion
January 12, 2020
002: Representation in the Workplace - Increasing Gender Diversity on Boards with Carol Rosati OBE
Carol is a non-executive director, qualified Coach, diversity campaigner & advocate for more inclusive workplaces. She has championed women in senior leadership for the last decade. #TEGPodcasts
May 03, 2019
001: Representation Matters - Disability in the Workplace with Iyanu Onalaja
Iyanu Onalaja is a Commercial Property Solicitor at national law firm, Shoo-smiths LLP. As a bright eyed young student, she wasn’t going to let her wheelchair hold her back. E: #TEGPodcasts
April 30, 2019