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The Evolving Man Podcast

The Evolving Man Podcast

By Alain Dumonceaux
The evolving man is someone who knows that to succeed in life, you must first master yourself. He boldly lives his life purpose and isn’t afraid to step into his shadow because that's where the real work is done. He is courageous in his decisions and has the sandpaper to get through life’s challenges. He’s passionate about being the best man he can be for his family and community. He is a master of his thoughts thus becomes the King of his kingdom. He's not only awakened... he continues to evolve. Music Credit: SersalStudios - Strings
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Overcoming Procrastination
Everyone procrastinates from time to time. Some make it a habit which is why they struggle to achieve the things they say they want to achieve and don’t. Procrastination is a virus of the mind that if left alone will destroy your hopes and dreams, reveal the “real” you and can lead to depression, anxiety and stress. So, what’s the cure for this virus? - Understand the procrastination cycle - How motivation factors into procrastination - Knowing what your procrastination style is - Learning a tool for overcoming procrastination. Check out my blog @ 🕸 Become a member @ 🥇
March 14, 2021
The Power of Habit
How important is a 1% improvement? Well, over a year it is quite significant.  To keep something going for more than a few days is significant for some of us. Habits are the way we reveal our character to ourselves and the world around us. In this episode of the Evolving Man Podcast, we dive into James Clear material Atomic Habits as it sets the stage for 2021, theme Reclaim-Retool-Respond and we touch on what is in store for March's Band of Brother's Men's Circle. Show Notes: - What are habits? - What makes a habit good or bad? - How habits are tied to my identity - 4 Laws of building new habits Check out my YouTube channel as well... Join the brotherhood that is The Band of Brothers @
March 6, 2021
WTF is Holding Space?
The latest catchphrase is “holding space” and while it gets thrown out a lot not many people know what it means let alone how to actually hold space. To effectively hold space requires the listener to leave their ego at the door and listening for the deeper meaning of what is being said. In today’s episode, you will learn a 3-step process for holding space, what holding space is and isn’t, what holding space looks and sounds like. To join The Band of Brothers or start your Hero's Quest. Click the link below.  🥇 To find me on the web click here👇 🕸
February 14, 2021
The Big Three - Finance-Spirituality-Sex
If you have been in a relationship for any length of time there are going to be a few hot button topics that come up that might result in some tension. Especially they haven’t been discussed at length before getting into the relationship. What are these three topics? Well, they’re the big three… Spirituality, Finances and Sex. In today’s episode, I unpack these topics looking at the trouble they can bring to your relationship and tips on what to do about them. Join The Brotherhood Here👇 Band of Brothers Visit the website here👇 🕸 The Awakened Man
February 6, 2021
Good at being a man while being a good man
Is it possible to be good at being a man and still be a good man? I guess it depends on what you believe being a man is. Are there attributes of manhood that we should remove from society and our identity as men? Finally, what are the two must-have attributes that we must own to be good men? In today’s episode, I explore these questions as we discern if it is possible to be both good at being a man while being a good man.  👉Click here to go to The Band of Brothers Men's Circle. 🕸 📷
January 28, 2021
The Importance of Understanding Impotence
In today's episode, my guest is Dr Chris Kramp DC. In this talk, we shatter the stigma around impotence or ED. As we get older we start to lose testosterone and with prostate cancer on the rise, looking after ourselves and dealing with ED as early as we can make a huge difference in how we cope with ED. Neuroscience of the body How the body and impotence connect to the nervous system How the health of the prostate relates to ED How the body can heal itself What you can do to get healthy and stay healthy As a member of The Awakened Man, I am also providing a free report for you. Can't get the report? Register at the Awakened Man Training Academy to get access to exclusive member content. Go ahead, it's free to register. To reach Dr Chris Kramp: Kramp Chiropractic - Dr Chris Kramp - Office - 204.885.3858
January 21, 2021
How to Thrive and Survive in 2021
Forget resolutions. They don’t work because they don’t have anything behind them. In this episode, we look at what you can do to ensure 2021 far surpasses 2020. What we learned. What's your 2021 motto going to be? 9 things you can do to make 2021 the best year yet. Email: Website: Band of Brothers:
January 13, 2021
How To SEE More Clearly
Once you’ve been on this planet for any length of time you are bound to encounter an event that can rock the foundations of who you are. These events will do one of two things. They will either propel you into making major changes or make you a victim....
November 18, 2020
From Codependent to Independent
We are relationship-oriented creatures. It is part of what gives life it's "juice."  But what happens when that juice transforms you into a loss of self and self-respect?In this episode, Mary Joye joins me to discuss co-dependence and it's affect with...
October 9, 2020
The Man Box
How do we define ourselves as men?This is a big question today as many of the old ideas no longer serve us or do they?  Isn't it about how we show up that matters? I think so. Being a man of strong moral character never goes out of style. To develop...
October 4, 2020
Living a Purposeful Life
The evolving man is someone who lives by a defined life purpose. A purpose that captures the six pillars of life. It is his guiding principles where all decisions stem from.  In this podcast we breakdown a life purpose is into a simple framework for you...
September 20, 2020
The Evolving Man Arrives
Everything that has ever been created started with a thought. The actions that surround those thoughts are what produce the things we enjoy today. This inaugural podcast brings forward how The Awakened Man came to be and what can be expected from The...
September 7, 2020