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Fire Pit

Fire Pit

By The Fire Pit
Listen to the Ferris State Torch’s new podcast, The Fire Pit, with Lifestyles Editor and Podcast Manager Marissa Russell, News and Special Editions Editor Noah Kurkjian and Sports Editor Brendan Sanders.

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Sports: Ep. 1- With the Sports Squad

Fire Pit

Sports: Ep. 9 - The Finale...For Now
On the final episode of the school year, the guys recap the last formal edition as well as preview the upcoming summer edition. Thanks for listening and supporting us throughout this year. Be sure follow our next season in the fall and also pick up the paper on campus or read online at!
April 27, 2022
Sports: Ep. 8 - Great Golf Stories
On this episode of the Torch sports podcast, the five guys recap their stories from the week and how they faired in Final Four predictions. To finish out, the guys share their best and worst moments on the links as the season approaches. Thanks for listening and be sure to pick up your paper on campus or read online at!
April 06, 2022
Sports: Ep. 7 - A Blue Blood Bracket
On this episode of the Torch Sports podcast, we breakdown the latest sports section of the paper and how the Final Four has shaped up. The boys make their predictions as well as discuss the possibility of expansion the classification of "blue blood" teams. Thanks for listening and make sure to read our stories online at!
March 30, 2022
Sports: Ep. 6 - A Month of Madness
On this episode of the Torch Sports podcast, 80% of the squad is back to discuss the winter sports roundup at Ferris State, a potential NFL Overtime rule change, and some predictions for the upcoming Madness of March. Thank you guys for listening and make sure to read our stories online at!
March 16, 2022
Sports: Ep. 5 - A Motivated Motown
The full squad returns to discuss the latest Ferris feature stories, rise of sports gambling, upcoming March Madness expectations, and how Detroit Sports has a lot to look forward to. Thank you guys for listening! Find many of our stories online at
February 16, 2022
Sports: Ep. 4 - Back Like We Never Left
On the first Torch Sports podcast of 2022, Brody, Brandon, Joe, Dylan, and Jeffery talk about the latest edition including how well Ferris Sports are doing this winter. Following, the boys bring back the high school memories of sports and rivalries. Thank you guys for listening! Find many of our stories online at
February 09, 2022
Lifestyles Ep. 2- Dating Apps in Modern Love
On this episode of Modern Love Marissa, Noah and Jess come together to talk about what life is like on dating apps. Listen as they discuss profiles, differences in straight and gay dating apps and success stories.
October 21, 2021
Lifestyles: Ep. 1- Mid Semester Slump
As we are leaving week 7 of the semester Marissa and Noah go through the lack of motivation a lot of students are currently feeling. Listen to hear what their tips and tricks are to combat the feeling of not being able to do anything.
October 14, 2021
Sports: Ep. 3 - New Faces, Same Roll
On this episode of the sports podcast, Brody and Brandon are joined by guests Brendan and Gavin. The boys discuss the latest in the sports section of the paper, their high school sports backgrounds, behind-the-scenes of their undefeated flag football team, and how to digest the Lions' struggle fest. Thank you guys for listening! Find many of our stories online at
October 11, 2021
Sports: Ep. 2 - Football Frenzy
On this episode of the Sports Squad, Brody is joined by Brandon and former Sports Editor, Brendan Sanders! Today, the boys discuss the latest sports stories, as well as this week's paper itself, new developments with Brody's IM flag football team, and our NFL teams' seasons so far. Thanks for listening and make sure to follow the Torch for our stories at
September 24, 2021
Sports: Ep. 1 - The Return of the Sports Squad
Welcome back everyone! The sports squad returns to discuss Ferris State sports returning, including the first round of games taking place this week. Then, the guys talk about their latest articles and the interesting viewpoints regarding COVID competition. Finally, they preview the NFL season as well as how some teams and players will do in fantasy football. Thanks for listening and make sure to follow the Torch at 
September 08, 2021
Editors Ep. 1- Welcome Back!
After a long summer some of the editors from the Torch are back and ready to talk about this upcoming school year. Join Lifestyles editor and podcast manager Marissa Russell, News editor Noah Kurkjian and Sports editor Brody Keiser as they they talk about what listeners and readers should expect from the newspaper. They also go over current COVID guidelines and what changes they expect. If you want to hear them talk about anything specific reach out! We want to know what you want to hear from us!
September 08, 2021
Editors: Ep. 2 - Introducing Dr. Stack
On this episode of the Editors Fire Pit, we are joined by Torch Advisor Garrett Stack. Join us as Cora, Marissa and Kaylin ask Stack all the questions they've been dying to know, like which famous person he would have dinner with. Apologies for the initial audio errors.
April 26, 2021
Sports: Ep. 8 - The Season Finale
The squad gives one last episode before heading into the summer. Changes are coming, Brendan is getting promoted, Brody is getting promoted, Austin is getting fired/quit/tie goes to the runner?, Brandon is just here. They talk football, they talk golf, they talk once again about Brendan's athletic ability. Finally they wrap up the year talking about their year at the Torch and how each of them can improve.
April 23, 2021
Sports: Ep. 7 - Ghosts Haunting and Terrible Takes
A long episode looks into a multitude of different topics as the squad discusses the joys of sports betting, Ferris sports success, and the upcoming NFL draft. Brendan talks about his recent critical failures as the squad heckles him over his Ohio State National Championship pick. Brody apparently died of an avalanche but I'm sure he'll come back. 
April 09, 2021
Lifestyles Ep. 4- Let's Talk About Women
To end Women's Month Lifestyles Editor and podcast Manager Marissa Russell is joined by Managing Copy Editor Kaylin Johnson, Social Media Manager Veronica Mascorro and Editor and Chief Cora Hall as they talk about their role models. Listen as they talk about awareness that should be brought to attention about sexual harassment and the wage gap. There is a trigger warning as they divulge into the topic of sexual harassment and rape.  
March 26, 2021
Sports: Ep. 6 - Where's Brendan?
The squad...well 3/4 of the back to talk the latest in Ferris Sports, including volleyball snapping their losing streak, golf starting their season well, and discussing about the possibility of seniors taking an extra year of eligibility. Following, the boys discuss the craziness of March Madness and our freezing cold takes from the beginning of the tournament. The boys also make their predictions for what teams will make it to the Elite 8. Thanks for listening and check out more of our stories at
March 26, 2021
News: Ep. 3 - Top Stories for 3/24
Join News Editor Noah, Sports Editor Brendan, Social Media Manager Veronica and Lifestyles Editor Marissa as we discuss the top stories for the week of 3/24
March 25, 2021
Politics: Ep. 4 - Stimmy final thoughts, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Trump & DC Statehood
Join News Editor Noah, Social Media Manager Veronica, Sports Editor Brendan & Lifestyles Editor Marissa as we discuss final shimmy updates, Donald Trump, Parlor, Marjorie Taylor Greene's possible ejection from the House, an Iowa House race that may be overturned, DC Statehood and the two party system. 
March 23, 2021
Sports: Ep. 5 - Begin the Madness
The squad was back for another episode after taking a spring break, with Brendan Sanders, Brody Keiser, and Austin Arquette talking about a multitude of topics. After another un-athletic Brendan Sanders story about football, the podcast talks about Ferris athletes wearing masks, the end of Ferris women's basketball's season, an equestrian story, and the end of hockey's season. After that, the squad makes their March Madness picks that would Brendan Sanders look like a clown only a few hours later. Recorded March 19th at 11 a.m.
March 23, 2021
Lifestyles: Ep. 3- Red Flags in Modern Love
When is something a deal breaker? What are red flags to the women of the Torch Staff? Join Lifestyles Editor and Podcast Manager Marissa Russell talk about red flags with Managing Copy Editor Kaylin Johnson, Social Media Manager Veronica Mascorro and Editor in Chief Cora Hall talk about what makes a man not worth our time. 
March 11, 2021
Politics: Ep. 3 - More stimmy updates, COVID-19 restrictions lifted? & 2 new house bills
Join News Editor Noah and Lifestyles Editor Marissa as they discuss the ongoing stimulus package updates, Texas and Mississippi lifting their COVID-19 restrictions and two landmark bills that were passed in the House, but will likely die in the Senate. 
March 05, 2021
News: Ep. 2 - Top Stories for 3/3
Join News Editor Noah and Lifestyles Editor Marissa as they discuss the top news stories from the Torch from the 3/3 issue.
March 05, 2021
Sports: Ep. 4 - Ferris Postseason Rundown
The fourth episode featuring the Torch Sports Squad includes reviewing Ferris Basketball's seasons ending, a highlight on Ferris Tennis and Jan Koupil, Hockey's chances of upsetting Minnesota State, and talking our favorite leisure sports during COVID. Find our stories and more on
March 05, 2021
Editors: Ep. 1 - Meet the Editors
Meet the Torch editorial staff; Lifestyles Editor and Podcast Manager Marissa Russell, Editor in Chief Cora Hall, Managing Copy Editor Kaylin Johnson, News Editor Noah Kurkjian and Sports Editor Brendan Sanders. Listen as all the editors sit at their round table and talk about how they got into journalism, what was the first real World War I, the Black History month insert and reviewing the twitter of our adviser.
February 27, 2021
Politics: Ep. 2- Texas, the next stimmy and Johnson & Johnson vaccine
Join News Editor Noah, Editor in Chief Cora and Sports Editor Brendan Sanders as we discuss Texas updates, the next stimulus package, (Trigger warning for the national news segment, sexual violence and suicide were discussed.) national news and the Johnson and Johnson one shot vaccine. 
February 26, 2021
Sports: Ep. 3- Who is the G.O.A.T of G.O.A.Ts?
Another episode with Brendan Sanders and the squad see's the team talk about the boss's article of Jasmyn Walker before going in depth on the lack of information revolving around COVID-19 protocols. The episode wraps up with the argument of who is the greatest athlete of all time.
February 26, 2021
Lifestyles: Ep. 2- Let's Fight (Country Music Edition)
Join Lifestyles Editor and Podcast Manager Marissa Russell fight for country music against Torch staff Kaylin Johnson, Noah Kurjian and Brendan Sanders. Listen as they fight not only for country music but the country life. 
February 25, 2021
Politics: Ep. 1- Immigration, party lines, Texas and Ted Cruz
Join News Editor and resident political reporter Noah Kurkjian, Lifestyles Editor and Podcast Manager Marissa Russell and Kaylin Johnson as we discuss everything from student loan forgiveness, stimulus updates, the current situation in Texas, Ted Cruz and and the general American political system.
February 19, 2021
News: Ep. 1- Top Stories for This Week
Join News Editor Noah Kurkjian go over top stories for this week in The Torch with Marissa Russell and Kaylin Johnson. Today we discussed returning to face-to-face classes in fall of 2021 and the ins and outs of Delta 8 THC. 
February 19, 2021
Sports: Ep. 2- Revisiting Our Illustrious Baseball Careers
Brendan Sanders and the squad talk about the latest Ferris sports news involving the $15 million athletic facility upgrade, sophomore cross-country  runner Ethan Hamilton's health, and freshman basketball starter Jimmy Scholler. After that, the squad breaks down their illustrious baseball careers, most notably Brendan's .000 career batting average.
February 19, 2021
Lifestyles: Ep. 1- Let's Talk About Modern Love
Join Podcast Manager and Lifestyles Editor Marissa Russell talk about modern love with Noah Kurkjian and Kaylin Johnson. Listen as we go through online dating horrors, what it is like being engaged and in a long distant relationship, and more!
February 18, 2021
Sports: Ep. 1- With the Sports Squad
The sports squad consisting of Brendan Sanders, Brody Keiser, Austin Arquette, and Brandon Wirth break down the past week of sports including Ferris State's successful football signing day and their not so successful hockey season. Then discussion over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl win, JJ Watt, and the QB carousel in the NFL breaks out for all to enjoy.
February 12, 2021