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The Future is Bilingual

The Future is Bilingual

By Heather Koziol
Are you bilingual or hoping to be? Wondering if you could teach your child another language? In this show, we discuss all things related to languages and multilingualism. Some episodes are interviews with people and parents about their experiences becoming bi/multilingual and raising their children in more than one language. Other episodes offer you tips and resources to improve your own language learning or that of your children. We hope to inspire you to join us in making the future more multilingual and multicultural.
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Raising multilingual kids while learning the languages yourself - Interview with Heidi
Episode 48 - Today's guest is Heidi, an American expat raising her two young children first in Italy and now in Germany.  She tells us about her experience learning languages later in life and recounts some of the struggles of raising multilingual kids when you're still learning the language yourself.  She shares how she dealt with expectations related to her kids' and her own language learning and how her relationship to language learning has transformed over the years.  Despite being a busy mom, she tracks her language learning progress and shares with us how she decides what counts as studying. Heidi recently launched her own podcast called Love, Joy, & Languages so go check out the amazing content she is publishing there plus on her blog and Instagram page. Instagram - Podcast - Website and blog -
April 22, 2022
10 Tips for Language Learning Success in 2022
Episode 47 - The New Year is almost here and many of us are reflecting on what we'd like to improve in our language learning and/or family language plan.  In today's episode, Heather and Marcin discuss 10 things you can try doing more of in 2022 to have more success passing on and/or learning one or more languages.  No matter which tips you decide to try in 2022, remember that success comes from starting small, celebrating each win, and being consistent.  Happy New Year!  Bonne année !  ¡Feliz año nuevo!  Buon anno!  Szczęśliwego nowego roku!  Frohes neues Jahr!
December 27, 2021
1 year as a published author - Interview with Inna
Episode 46 - In this episode, Inna and Heather talk about what's been happening since Inna published her bilingual children's book "Trilingual Me! Moi, trilingue!" last year.  We discuss how she's been promoting her book, highlights from the year, workshops she's done for teachers, and an after-school program she ran at her local library.  She also does virtual classroom visits so reach out to her if you're a teacher and interested in that. We also get into different ways to read a bilingual book depending on the child or children's level, and Inna reads us a page in both languages.  The episode ends with some fun, rapid-fire questions. There's still time to order the book and get it before Christmas!  Consider buying one for friends and/or family too.  Readers do NOT have to be bilingual/multilingual to appreciate this inspirational story of overcoming obstacles.  Visit Inna's website to see all the ways you can order a copy: Link's to Inna's pages: * Facebook - * Instagram - * Website -  Links to Instagram pages mentioned in the episode: * Charlotte / The Bilingual Club - * Marcela / Lion and Archer Books - * Yoshito / Multilingual Dad - * The Future Is Bilingual -
December 15, 2021
It's never too late - Interview with Sandra la Peruanita
Episode 45 - Today's guest, Sandra, is a multilingual mom from Peru.  She tells us how she started teaching her daughter Spanish at 4 years old and why she creates her own materials about Peruvian culture.  She takes us on a trip around the world as she recounts how learned her multiple languages, how she met her husband, and how they're blending their two languages, cultures, and religions.  You can find out more about Sandra, her Spanish lessons, and her Peruvian materials by visiting her website and Instagram page below: Sandra's website - (courses, blog, etc.) Sandra's instagram -
December 10, 2021
Quick Update - Ma vie au Canada
Episode 44 - This episode is a brief update about Heather's new life in Canada.  She talks about some expressions she's noticed used a lot in Quebec, which courses she's taking at the University of Ottawa, and how her language studies are going.
October 13, 2021
La chica espanglish - Interview with Natalia
Episode 43 - Today's guest, Natalia Simons, is the author of two bilingual children's books and the founder of Bilingo Books.  Her first book is called "The Spanglish Girl/La Chica Espanglish" and her second book is "The Mexiglish Girl/La Chica Mexiglish".  We talk about her motivation to write these books, how she was able to publish them on her own within the same year, and what other books she'd like to publish in the future.  She tells us about growing up bilingual and why she believes her case was successful.   Find out all about Natalia and her books on her website BilingoBooks  Follow Natalia on Instagram @BilingoBooks Links to order the books @BilingoBooks Linktree Self Publishing on Amazon
October 03, 2021
Raising 4 kids in 5 languages - Interview with Tetsu
Episode 42 - In this first episode of season 3, Heather speaks with Tetsu Yung, a well-known polyglot and multilingual father in the bi/multilingual parenting community.  Tetsu himself grew up multilingual and is now raising his four children to speak five languages (Mandarin, Japanese, French, English and Spanish).  We first talk about his journey learning languages and all the places it took him before focusing on his family and multilingual parenting.  How does his family balance five languages?  One method they use for one language in particular is having an au pair.  Our discussion covers the joys, struggles, and complexities of multilingual parenting, and Tetsu gives us his best parenting tips.    Make sure to check out Tetsu on all of his social media platforms.  In addition to his website and YouTube channel, he hosts a language conference in Montreal called LangFest and has collaborated with Richard Simcott who hosts the Polyglot Conference.  He also co-hosts Raising Multilinguals Live with Rita Rosenback and Ute Limacher-Riebold. These bi-weekly interviews with experts focus on specific topics or issues in multilingual parenting.  You can follow them on Facebook or YouTube. Quick links: LangFest Conference Instagram: @asktetsu Raising Multilinguals Live Facebook Raising Multilinguals Live Instagram Raising Multilinguals Live YouTube Twitter: @asktetsu Website: YouTube: Multilingual Kids - Ask Tetsu
September 18, 2021
Creating an immersive environment at home
Episode 41 - Marcin and Heather tackle the topic of language immersion.  What is it?  Why is it important?  How can we as parents and language learners create an immersive environment for ourselves and our children?  We tell you about all that and more from the perspective of a language learner and a parent raising multilingual kids.  We end the episode with an ideal immersion day for each of us.  We'd love to hear from you about how you're using immersion for yourself and/or your kids. --- Join the Bilingual Connect Club to meet other parents raising multilingual kids.  --- You can find Heather on Instagram @TheFutureIsBilingual and you can write her an email at --- If you're enjoying this podcast, consider leaving a rating and review --- Visit The Future is Bilingual website here
July 02, 2021
MLM #6 - TV shows in your TL
Episode 40 - This Multilingual Motivation (MLM) episode is all about watching TV in your target language (TL).  Why should you watch TV shows or series in your TL?  What if you're a beginner?  We will answer these questions and discuss what you can do to get the most out of this "study" time. --- I'd love to hear what shows you're watching or have already watched in your TL.   Are there any you've heard about and are planning to start watching soon?  Find me on Instagram @TheFutureIsBilingual and comment on this episode's post to keep the conversation going.  If you share this episode or podcast on your social media please remember to tag me so I can see it
June 14, 2021
Multilingual kids with OPOL - Interview with Marisol
Episode 39 - In today's episode, Heather speaks with Marisol, a multilingual mom originally from Mexico but raised in the U.S.  She tells us how she and her husband are raising their daughters in three languages using the OPOL (one parent, one language) method. We discuss the role their daughters' international school plays in their multilingual upbringing and how much exposure they get to all of their languages daily.  Marisol reminds us that each child is an individual with their own personality type and strengths, and that we shouldn't force a language on them as it may lead to resentment.  As a child of immigrants, Marisol reflects on the changes in the way bilingualism is seen in the United States and possibly around the globe as well.  Now as a parent herself, Marisol and her family are about to move abroad so she talks about how they're planning for that change linguistically.  Lastly, Marisol gives us some great tips to keep the minority languages and cultures alive and thriving.
May 31, 2021
MLM #5: Duolingo Events
Episode 38 - This Multilingual Motivation episode is all about Duolingo Events.  No idea what those are?  You're not alone.  Whether you use the app for language learning and/or dabbling or not, these events are a great way to practice all 4 language skills and broaden your cultural knowledge.  Click the link to see the upcoming Duolingo Events on their website. --- Listen to Erin's podcast "Exhaling Words" and her recent episode about Duolingo here.  Follow her on Instagram and other social media @PolyglotErin --- Check out to Simone's podcast "Simple Italian Podcast" and follow him on Instagram @SimonePols --- You can follow me on Instagram @TheFutureIsBilingual, on Duolingo @HKozi, visit my website, or write me an email at 
May 17, 2021
Interview with Guillaume, Part 2
Episode 37 - Part 2 of my conversation with Guillaume, a polyglot and language teacher from Belgium.  We kick off this part of our discussion with a quick recap of his 9 languages IN those languages.  I challenge you to not skip ahead and to use your knowledge of other languages to try to understand what he's saying.  Click here to read the transcript and translation on my website. Guillaume is not a parent, but so much of our conversation related to teaching can be applied to raising multilingual children.  Listen to the end to hear what language learning and love have in common as well as which words Guillaume decided to teach us.  Here are the people and resources we mentioned during our discussion: --- HYPIA: The International Association of Hyperpolyglots and Guillaume's interview on HYPIA's website --- Polyglot/Language YouTubers that Guillaume mentions: Evildea (for Esperanto) Benny Lewis Luca Lampariello Moses/Laoshu 505000 Richard Simcott Steve Kaufman --- Link to the Middlebury Language School --- Click here to leave a rating and review.  We'd love to hear from you.  Find me on Instagram at TheFutureIsBilingual or write to me at
May 09, 2021
From Polynot to Polyglot - Interview with Guillaume, Part 1
Episode 36 - Today's episode is part one of my interview with Guillaume, a polyglot and language teacher from Belgium.  In the first few minutes, you'll hear Guillaume speak two of Belgium's official languages (read the transcript and transliteration here), but don't worry, we switch back to English for the rest of the interview.  We talk about the complex linguistic situation in Belgium and what it was like growing up as a French-speaker in the Flemish-speaking part of Belgium.  Guillaume recounts how he struggled for years to learn Flemish, and what finally changed when he was learning English. Can you guess which of his nine languages is his least favorite? Listen to find out. He also tells us about his website which has resources for 15 languages including hundreds of free resources. --- Visitez son site-web ici.  His website is available in English here. --- Watch Guillaume's YouTube videos here. --- Follow Guillaume on Instagram @cameleondeslangues 
May 03, 2021
Raising multilingual readers and writers - Interview with Yoshito
Episode 35 - In this episode, I talk with Yoshito, a fellow French and Spanish teacher and multilingual parent.  Yoshito, who is half French and half Japanese, is raising two multilingual boys with his Korean wife in the UK.  We discuss how he learned and uses his various languages, how he became a teacher, and what the linguistic situation looks like in his house and community. --- Yoshito has written a book for parents of multilingual children to help make learning to read and write in their home languages more fun.  If you are interested in reading the first chapter of his book, please write to Yoshito on Instagram @Multilingual_Dad or by email at  The book is due to be released in early May 2021. --- A virtual book release party is happening Friday, April 30th, 2021 at 6:00 P.M. UK time.  Please contact Yoshito for information about how to sign up. --- Follow me on Instagram @TheFutureIsBilingual or write to me at --- If you enjoy this podcast, please share it on your social media page and leave a rating and review.  It really helps other people find out about the show.  Click here to rate the show.  Thank you so much!
April 26, 2021
MLM #4 - Social Media
Episode 34 - Today's Multilingual Motivation is all about social media - one of my favorite topics!  If you have a social media account (FB, IG, Snapchat, TikTok, etc.), you know how addicting they can be.  That's good news for us because we are going to take advantage of the time we're already spending on social media to engage more with content in our target language(s).  Listen to hear the 5 easy steps you should take to practice your target language more through social media. --- During the episode, I mentioned @yoonssam_kr --- Follow me @TheFutureIsBilingual or write to me at
April 19, 2021
Mama's a linguist - Interview with Lera
Episode 33 - Today's interview is with Lera, a multilingual mom, linguist, and investment banker.  Lera and I cover a wide range of topics during our talk.  We start with how she learned her many languages (Russian, English, German, Korean, Polish and Dutch) and touch on some similarities and differences between languages that we've noticed.  We also dive into her family's goals and plans for their multilingual and multicultural children, and why their plan has changed.  Lera is full of linguistic knowledge and answers some burning questions that many multilingual parents have such as: - Is code-switching a good idea? - Should I speak the minority language out in public? - What percentage of input needs to be in the minority language to raise a bilingual child? - What is the difference between active and passive engagement with a language? Immigration, assimilation and white privilege come up during our talk (we recorded this episode right after the killing of 8 people in Atlanta, GA).  Lera shares with us how she keeps their minority language alive and strong as well as some common phrases you'd hear in her house in Russian and Dutch. --- You can follow Lera on Instagram @growing_up_inbetween as well as @futurelingual Stay tuned for an exciting project she's been working on which should launch in May 2021. --- Follow @TheFutureIsBilingual on Instagram and be sure to tag us if you share this or any episode.  We really appreciate your support
April 12, 2021
MLM #3 - Mindset
Episode 32 - This week, we dive into identity and growth mindset. How do you see yourself as a language learner? What words do you identify with?  Do you have a growth or a fixed mindset? Tune in to find out! --- Sources:
April 05, 2021
MLM #2 - Music in your TL
Episode 31 - Week two of Multilingual Motivation is all about music!  Do you listen to music in your target language?  Whether you already do or you don't yet, you will find useful tips to actively engage with music in your target language and improve your skills.  ---  Please share this episode as well as any songs, groups, playlists, etc. that you find on social media and tag @TheFutureIsBilingual  ---  You can also write to Heather at
March 29, 2021
MLM #1 - International Day of Multilingualism
Episode 30 - Welcome to the first episode of Multilingual Motivation!  In these short episodes, Heather will talk about a resource or idea you can use to increase your exposure to your target language(s) during the week. This first episode is special as it's coming out on the Monday before International Day of Multilingualism, which takes place on March 27th. You will learn more about this day and how you can get involved in the celebration.  If you decide to take part and post on social media, please remember to use the hashtags #MultilingualIsNormal , #MultilingualismDay , #MultilingualMonday , #MultilingualMotivation , #TheFutureIsBilingual and #TheFutureIsMultilingual .  You can follow the podcast on Instagram @TheFutureIsBilingual or write to Heather at --- International Day of Multilingualism Website --- Richard Simcott's blog post and video interview with Thomas Bak --- Richard Simcott's Instagram @SpeakingFluently --- Thomas Bak's Twitter @thbaketal --- Thomas Bak's Instagram @thbaketal
March 22, 2021
How To Turn Goals Into Habits
Episode 29 - Do you have a goal you'd like to make into a habit?  In this episode, Heather gives you the 5 steps you need to take if you want to instill a new habit into your life.  She offers multiple examples from her own life and explains how she finds time to study and maintain her languages while being a busy mom of two toddlers.  You can follow Heather and the podcast on Instagram @thefutureisbilingual or write her an email at --- In this episode, Heather mentions Kendra Adachi's podcast The Lazy Genius (Kenda's book is also a New York Times bestseller), the Routines and Things podcast by Ashely Brown, and the classes she takes with Polski Daily. You can also find Kendra, Ashley, and Paulina on Instagram.
March 12, 2021
Polyglot Relearning Her Native Language - Interview with Marissa
Episode 28 - Marissa is a Polish-American polyglot whose latest project is relearning her native language.  We talk about learning languages at school vs. on your own, making your target language part of your everyday life, and maintaining multiple languages.  Immigration and questions about identity come up before we dive deep into heritage languages and what it means to be a heritage language speaker.  Marissa is an expert at summing up all the scholarly articles and making them understandable so you don't want to miss this explanation.  She also shares her language learning tip and her favorite Catalan expression, plus a bonus book recommendation if you're learning Polish or would like to. --- Want to know more?  Check out Marissa's blog post about the 9 Most Asked Questions about Heritage Languages --- Follow Marissa's journey on her website Relearn A Language, on her YouTube channel Relearn A Language, and on Instagram @multilingualmarissa --- You can follow us on Instagram @thefutureisbilingual and write to us at --- If you enjoy this podcast, please leave us a rating and a review!  It would really help us grow our community and reach more people.
February 23, 2021
How different languages express love
Episode 27 - Marcin and Heather bring you a wealth of different terms of endearment from around the world in celebration of Valentine's Day this weekend. While this is in no way an extensive list, we hope you will learn something new and laugh along with us (not at us!)  We do want to apologize for any mispronunciations or misrepresentations.  Thank you so much Etai (@justetai), Yoshito (@multilingual_dad), Eliza (@eli.kutty) and Arjun for contributing to this episode.  We really appreciate the time and effort you took to send us those messages.  ---  Follow the podcast on Instagram @thefutureisbilingual or email us at
February 12, 2021
Mali's experience raising trilingual kids abroad
Episode 26 - My guest, Mali, is a French-Lao mom of three who has been living in Spain for over twenty years. We talk about how she is raising her three children to speak three languages fluently. She gives us a lot of practical tips and things we can start implementing today to support our children's minority language(s). We talk about being a multicultural family and how to blend traditions. We touch on her journey learning languages, and go on a few tangets related to our experiences in the classroom as both the teacher and a student. We hope you will walk away from this episode more inspired to speak, play, and read with your children in their minority language(s). We encourage you to join a group of multilingual parents for support and ideas. You can find many on Facebook and Instagram. --- If you enjoy this podcast, a rating is the best compliemnt you can give us as it helps others find the podcast. Please share the podcast with your friends and on your social media accounts and make sure to tag me. And don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss any epsiodes! --- You can follow Mali on Instagram @malichanh and @ludolingua and find her Lindolingua group on Facebook. You can follow me @thefutureisbilingual on Instagram and write to us at We love to hear from you!
February 09, 2021
Apps vs. Writing for Language Learning
Episode 25 - In this episode, Heather and Marcin discuss the advantages and disadvantages of studying languages with apps versus taking notes and writing things down.  We do not believe that there is one best way to study.  Rather, we hope that this episode will provide you some food for thought when considering how you learn best.  Our discussion touches on fitting learning into a busy schedule, knowing yourself and what motivates you, gamification of learning, language proficiency, memory and recall, and much more.  ---  You can always reach out to us on Instagram @thefutureisbilingual or by email at  We love to hear from you! --- We mentioned a lot of language learning apps in this episode.  Here's what we had in our notes: Babbel Busuu Conjuu Drops Duolingo DW Falou FreeRice HelloTalk LingQ Lingodeer Lirica Mango Memrise Muzzy (for kids) Quizlet Pimsleur Rosetta Stone SuperMemo Tandem Utalk
January 30, 2021
Interview with Etai, Part 2
Episode 24 - In the second half of my interview with Etai, we discuss many interesting topics including how languages can help you learn another one, language attrition, how and why he learned some Hungarian, interpreting, how to study two languages at the same time, grammar and cases, and lots more.  We play a little language game near the end and talk about some of our favorite Youtubers and language games. --- **Important: There are one or two swears in this episode which is why I have marked it as "explicit". ** --- We mentioned Fifty na pol, Dave z Ameryki, Ecolinguist, Bahador Alast, Dating Across Borders, Easy Languages and more.  We briefly referenced these language guessing games: Language Squad, Ling Your Language, and Name That Language, but I'm seeing more out there now if you search "language guessing game".  You can get in touch with Etai on Facebook or email him at
January 26, 2021
Connecting through Languages, Interview with Etai, Part 1
Episode 23 - Part 1 of my discussion with Etai about all things related to language and culture.  Etai is a polyglot who was born in Israel and moved to the U.S. as a toddler to receive better care for his CP (Cerebral Palsy).  He loves learning new languages and has studied 10+ and counting.  We talk about the importance of having an emotional connection to the languages we study and why we find learning languages so worthwhile.  Both of us see languages as the best way to understand other people and to foster a sense of connection.  Maintaining many languages can prove challenging, but Etai gives us his favorite ways to stay connected to his various languages.  We also discuss active versus passive learning and maintenance.  Part 2 will be out soon so stay tuned!
January 20, 2021
Why our family language policy changed
Episode 22 - This short episode was inspired by a blog post Heather wrote on her new website.  In it, she talks about why her family language policy has changed since last year and why we should all remain flexible and open to change as our families grow and our lives change.   ----   Link to the website:  ----  Link to the specific post:  ---- To take the Listener Survey: ---- Form to be a guest on the Podcast: ----  Find me on Instagram @thefutureisbilingual  ----  Write me an email at
January 08, 2021
Planning for baby - Interview with Carly & Michal
Episode 21 - In this interview, Heather talks with her good friends Carly and Michal who are expecting their first child.  They are both children of immigrants, however, their experiences with heritage language maintenance differs.  They discuss their own journeys learning different languages and what they hope their little one's bilingual future will look like.  We hope that this episode provides all listeners with a sense of new beginnings and inspiration to take on a new challenge this year.   ----   Listener survey  ----  Be a guest form  ---- IG @thefutureisbilingual ---- Email:
January 01, 2021
2020 Wrap Up & News
Episode 20 - A quick wrap up of 2020 with some statistics, survey announcements, personal news, and messages from previous guests.  ---  Take the Listener Survey at  --- Fill out the Guest on Podcast Form at  --- Please write to me at with any questions, comments or feedback.  Happy New Year! :D
December 28, 2020
Radio in your TL (target language)
Episode 19 - This episode is about why you should listen to the radio in your target language.  Heather, the host, briefly explains Krashen's theory of comprehensible input and how it relates to listening to the radio in another language.  She goes through the various advantages for all learners, from complete beginners to fluent speakers.  She uses examples from her own life and 3 different languages she studies at different levels to further illustrate her points .  The app she suggests downloading is MyTunerFree as it has radio stations from all over the world.  You can find more @thefutureisbilingual on Instagram or email Heather at
December 18, 2020
Language Update & Goals
Episode 18 - Part 2 of a 3-part series reflecting on the past year.  In this episode, Heather talks about the different languages she and her two toddlers have been speaking and learning since last December.  She also shares some personal language goals that she has for herself and her family going forward. She will share more about this on Instagram @thefutureisbilingual in the coming weeks. You can write to her at  ------ Here are a few of the resources she mentions during this episode: @polski_daily, @go.polish, @ttmik, @duolingo, @utalk_app, @horizontetrilingue, @musique_en_bulle, Pathways for Parents on Facebook, La Clef and Ville de Sherbrooke on YouTube.
December 11, 2020
What I've learned about podcasting
Episode 17 - This is the first episode in a 3-part series looking back on the past year.  I share what I've learned about myself and podcasting as well as my podcasting goals for next year.  Episodes 2 and 3 of this series will drop before the end of 2020.   Write to me at or find me on Instagram @thefutureisbilingual.  Please remember to tag me if you share so I can see it and thank you :)
December 04, 2020
Cognates & False Friends
Episode 16 - Marcin and Heather discuss the topic of cognates and false friends, focusing mostly on false friends as they're more interesting and memorable. We give examples from Polish, German, French, Romanian, Swedish, Indonesian, Malay, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Czech, Georgian, Arabic, Portuguese, Catalan, and Hungarian. Most of our examples came from our friends from the Polyglot Conference and our Instagram page.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to make this episode possible.  We apologize for any misinterpretations or errors in pronunciation.  Please let us know what you think of today's episode and the podcast in general by writing to us at or finding us on Instagram @thefutureisbilingual.  We love to hear from you. 
November 27, 2020
"Trilingual Me" Interview with Inna
Episode 15 - Today's interview is with Inna, the author of the bilingual book "Trilingual Me/Moi, Trilingue" (@trilingualme.moitrilingue).  She talks openly about the joys and struggles she faced on her journey becoming trilingual.  Her story is very motivational and inspiring. This episode addresses speech delays, fluency, maintaining and balancing languages, and of course her new book!  We discuss some of our personal language goals (we both want to maintain our French) which lead us to the idea of starting a monthly, laid-back zoom call in French.  All are welcome to join us, from beginners to natives.  Our first meeting will be Sunday, November 29th at 1 P.M. (EST).  Please follow @thefutureisbilingual on Instagram to get the code and password or email me at ---  Follow Inna @trilingualme.moitrilingue on Instagram and on Facebook at
November 20, 2020
"Don't give up!" Interview with Amy
Episode 14 - My guest, Amy, is a trilingual Mom who blogs about raising her daughters to be trilingual as well.  She shares a wealth of knowledge and experience about all things related to multilingual parenting.  We discuss balancing three languages, priorities, travel, sibling interactions, code-switching, our role as parents, and so much more!  We  had a lot to talk about and we hope you enjoy our conversation.   Find out more about Amy on her blogs and Instagram account listed below. --- Amy's blog in English : Amy's blog in French : Amy's Instagram : @amy_ourmlhome or --- Polyglot Conference : Polyglot Conference on YouTube : LangFest Videos on YouTube : --- Please follow @thefutureisbilingual on Instagram for updates and tag if you share on social media. --- If you're enjoying the podcast, please share it with a friend and/or leave a review on Apple or at  You can also always write to me at  I love to hear from you!  
October 30, 2020
"Be proud of who you are" Interview with Tommy
Episode 13 - My guest, Tommy Bradford, is a British-Hungarian English teacher living in Germany.  He shares with us all his wisdom from both perspectives of being raised bilingually himself and now raising his own children multilingually.  We cover a range of different topics including heritage speakers, minority languages, fate and language learning, teaching, parenting, COVID, and more! --- You can get in touch with Tommy on his website or on Instagram @tamasbradfordteaching --- Please share with a friend and/or on social media!  Tag us @thefutureisbilingual --- You can also leave us a review at or write to us at ---- We really appreciate your support and love to hear from you
October 09, 2020
What is language attrition?
Episode 12 - Have you ever forgotten a word or phrase in your native language?  Maybe you've lost some skills you previously had in a language?  If so, you're familiar with language attrition.  In this episode, my new co-host, Marcin, and I explain what language attrition is, why it happens, and what you can do to prevent or reverse it .  We'd love to meet you and stay in touch! Please follow us on Instagram @thefutureisbilingual If you post about the podcast, please use #thefutureisbilingual so we can see it Please consider sharing with a friend or leaving us a review at  Comments, questions or feedback you can send to We love to hear from you! 
September 26, 2020
Marcin's story, part 2
Episode 11 - Part 2 of my interview with my good friend Marcin.  We discuss the benefits and challenges of learning a language in a classroom with a teacher versus learning it on your own. He tells us how he uses his languages in a typical day and his secret to staying motivated.  Lastly, he reveals what he's gained from learning other languages and our discussion turns to more serious topics such as inclusion, diversity, and open-mindedness.  If you have comments you'd like to share or if you're interested in being a guest on the podcast, please contact Heather at or on Instagram @thefutureisbilingual Marcin's YouTube Channel:
August 28, 2020
Marcin's story, part 1
Episode 10 - Part 1 of a two-part interview with my good friend Marcin about being bilingual and all the ways it enriches his life.  He talks about his family's history with immigration, how he used and learned different languages growing up, the impact music had on his language learning, and more. We discuss the importance of teaching children languages young, how common it is to get bogged down by grammar, and the advantages and disadvantages between formal lessons and self study. Check out his YouTube channel for Polish/English bilingual story time :
August 25, 2020
Plurilingualism, translanguaging, and more
Episode 9 - This episode explains and distinguishes the terms bilingualism, multilingualism, plurilingualism, code switching and translanguaging.
August 03, 2020
ml@h (minority language at home) success story with Dominika
Episode 8 - In this episode, I chat with my good friend Dominika who is also raising her children in Polish.  She takes us back to her childhood in Poland to tell us how she learned French and English.  We discuss the different registers of language we learned (e.g. business English) and how they can impact our decisions when raising bilingual children.  Dominika shares her insights when it comes to trips, TV, daycare, and neighborhood friends.  Stick around to the end to hear some proud moments and some potentially embarrassing ones too, plus Dominika's easy Polish phrase for you!
July 09, 2020
How to become fluent?
Episode 7 - In this episdoe, we define bilingualism and fluency before providing you with 7 tips on how to become fluent yourself or raise your children to become fluent speakers of another language. Follow me on Instagram @thefutureisbilingual or contact me at I'm always looking for more guests to share their story.
June 17, 2020
The Benefits of Bilingualism
Episdoe 6 - 13 benefits of bilingualism you may or may not have already thought about. Let me know if you agree with me or if you thought of another advantage to being bilingual. What's your favorite part of being bilingual? Let me know on Instagram @thefutureisbilingual or write to me at Stay safe and well!
May 28, 2020
Raised in Arabic and English - Interview with Emily
Episode 5 - Emily shares her story of learning Arabic from her immigrant parents, family, and church community. She tells us about her recent trip to Egypt and how her intimate knowledge of the language and culture enriched her stay and her ability to connect with the locals.
March 14, 2020
Challenges and Solutions when raising bilingual children
Episode 4 - Five common challenges we may face when trying to raise bilingual children and some simple solutions to help you succeed and persevere.
February 25, 2020
What's your plan? How to raise a bilingual child
Episode 3 - Discussion of 8 different bilingual policies or strategies that you can use to raise bilingual children. Real life examples from our family and our imperfect mix of methods.
January 10, 2020
Mon histoire (My story)
Episode 2 - The host, Heather, talks about her personal experience learning languages and how she and her husband decided to raise their kids in Polish.
December 03, 2019
Intro: Tell me more
Episode 1 - A brief introduction to this podcast, the host, and what future episodes will be about.
November 17, 2019