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The GovX Show is a UK-focused public sector transformation podcast - featuring conversations with senior executives from all tiers of local, devolved and central government.
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#60 - Sustainable and Accessible: the future of public infrastructure
Jeremy Goldberg, Worldwide Director of Critical Infrastructure at Microsoft, joins us on the show to look at the major forces set to shape the way public digital infrastructure develops in the coming years. As government agencies emerge from crisis mode into the post-pandemic world, where are the biggest challenges and opportunities around accessibility, sustainability and security?
February 25, 2022
#59 - Experience-driven government transformation
The public sector has become increasingly focused on concepts like citizen experience and user-centred design to improve the design and delivery of services. But those are only part of the equation - the broader concept of experience-driven transformation captures the ideas and desires of all stakeholders, including employees, to drive cultural and operational change that delivers better outcomes for citizens. Christina Butterfield from experience management experts Qualtrics joins us on this episode to explain how government can harness the power of experience-driven transformation.
February 21, 2022
How to overcome the 6 challenges of digitising government services
Across government organisations, many of the same technical, cultural and operational challenges hold back the effectiveness of digital transformation programmes. But how can they be avoided? Mark Williams and Lipi Sarkar from digital transformation partners CloudSource join us on this episode to share their insights on how to avoid 6 of the most common issues.    Ensuring the organisation understands its disruption tolerances    Changing stakeholders’ mindsets    Building a strategic vision to align data   Creating partnerships to bridges the skills and technology gap   Establishing a continuous, adaptive improvement plan   Balancing governance with an agile approach Catch up with the on-demand panel session Government Digital Transformation featuring Mark and public sector colleagues from Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, HM Land Registry and Innovate UK.
February 11, 2022
GovX Show #57 - Scalable and accessible: the future of digital government
How can public sector digital teams improve the ways they work to deliver life-changing services for citizens and end users? Made Tech's South West Market Principal Robin Wyles joins us on The GovX Show to explore what the processes and outcomes of effective digital government look like. What cultural, operational and technical principles do we need to see more of in the sector to deliver and even exceed ambitious goals? To watch the on-demand session 'Digitalising Government' featuring the CIOs of the Ministry of Justice, BEIS and the Government of Ireland just CLICK HERE Explore the future of digital and data-enabled government at the forthcoming Government Data Show
February 03, 2022
#56 - Leading through change in the public sector - Susan Clews, CEO of Acas
Susan Clews, Chief Executive at Acas, joins us to explore the continued evolution of leadership in the public sector. Remote working, changing employee expectations and digital transformation are among the forces impacting the way leaders need to support their teams and develop organisational culture.   Susan shares her thoughts on leadership during these times of change, and explains how Acas is supporting other public sector organisations on their transformation journeys. Hear more from Susan when she joins us as a panellist at the Government People Show (15-24 March 2022) The online conference focuses on attracting, enabling and managing Civil Service talent - bringing together HR, OD and learning professionals to transform the employee experience and build high performance teams. It's free to register for public sector colleagues.
January 25, 2022
#55 - What's next for digital public services - Harry Trimble
Partly accelerated by the pandemic, many government organisations say their relationship with citizens is changing - but how is that playing out in the design and execution of digital services?    Made Tech's Head of Design, Harry Scott-Trimble, joins us on the show to explore new delivery channels and changing expectations for service delivery in the public sector. Catch the on-demand replay of the panel discussion 'Citizen Experience Management' to learn from the experiences of Norfolk County Council, the London Borough of Haringey, and Cornwall County Council.
January 18, 2022
#54 - The Foundations of data-driven Government organisations
Before charging into data-driven projects, public sector organisations need to ensure they have the right technical, operational and cultural foundations in place.   In this episode of The GovX Show, Made Tech's Principal Technologist, Jim Stamp, shares his take on those key foundations - what they are, why they matter and how to get them right.
January 06, 2022
#53 - Designing for All: User-Centric Public Services - Rachel Nixon, DfT
Modern public service design has to successfully balance the needs of varied stakeholders - from technically-savvy digital natives, to at-risk users without internet access or mobile device access whose needs can never be neglected.   Rachel Nixon, Deputy Director for Digital Project Delivery at the Department for Transport, joins us on this episode to explain how the organisations digital teams are managing the challenges of accessible, inclusive innovation.   Explore these issues in more detail by watching the panel Session 'Inclusive by Design: Building Better Government Services' at the Citizen Experience Show, which features practical design advice from digital leaders from the Department for Transport and HM Courts & Tribunals Services. Sign up HERE
November 04, 2021
#52 The 8 Golden Rules of Data-Driven Public Services
As public sector organisations accelerate the use of data to drive new insights and services, it's vital they build on the right foundations in processes, governance, culture and technology. Glen Ocskó, Made Tech's Head of Local Government, joins us to share his Golden Rules for Data-Driven Services - eight practical ideas that will set public organisations on the right path in their digital projects. Learn more from Glen and experts from The Welsh Local Government Association, Oxfordshire County Council and the London Borough of Camden in the panel discussion 'Data-Driven Services' at the LocalGov Transformation show:
October 31, 2021
GovX Show #51: Unlocking the potential of digital workplaces
Across the UK public sector, remote and hybrid work patterns are becoming the norm as organisations look to embrace the changes of the past 18 months. Lyndon Fraser from Google Chrome Enterprise joins us on this episode to explain the technical and cultural opportunities and challenges of digital workplaces. 💡 Lyndon will join a panel of public sector leaders at the upcoming LocalGov Transformation Show for the session 'Digital Workplaces'. Register free HERE and learn how the remote and hybrid working challenge is being met by the London Boroughs of Harrow and Haringey.
October 25, 2021
Innovation and Automation in Government Services - Jeremy Edwards, DWP Digital
The Department for work and Pensions is a true 'cradle to grave' government agency, interacting with citizens at countless points in their lives. With an annual spend of £190 billion and so many services to deliver, identifying opportunities to use innovative digital solutions is a game-changer for DWP.   In this episode, Jeremy Edwards, Deputy Director, Head of Digital Channels, at DWP Digital explains how his team harnesses the opportunities of digital automation, all while maintaining focus on the end user's experience.   Learn more from Jeremy and DWP Digital when he joins us at the Citizen Experience Show for the panel session 'Service Automation: The Future of Self-Service' on 11 November. Register free here:
October 18, 2021
#49 How to succeed in digital transformation
Building a robust, repeatable methodology for public sector digital projects is a foundation of their success. In this episode, Mark Williams and Azeem Huda from digital transformation experts CloudSource join us to drill into what that recipe for success looks like. They'll share their top tips drawn from working with multiple public sector organisations to help you get the technical and cultural aspects of transformation right. 📺 Catch the on-demand replay of the Government Data Show panel discussion 'Data-Driven Government Services' HERE
October 12, 2021
#48: Unlocking the value of government data
Ed Pikett and Andrew Sadler join us to explore how public sector organisations are using the myriad datasets they possess to drive new levels of performance in services.   Working with Hitachi Solutions, Andrew and Ed have helped numerous government agencies to crack the data challenge, and in this conversation they share some of the secrets they've picked up along the way.   You can catch the on-demand replay of the Government data Show panel discussion 'Data-Driven Government Productivity' here.
September 30, 2021
#47 - Public Sector Transformation Priorities for Q4
As the UK emerges from Covid restrictions and looks to rebuild economically and socially, how are those efforts shaping strategic priorities for government and public sector organisations?    GovX Digital's GM for Government, David Wilde, shares his thoughts on the future of programme delivery, digital innovation, citizen-centric services and placemaking.
September 02, 2021
#46 Lord Francis Maude - Where Next for Civil Service Reform?
A decade ago, Lord Francis Maude led a ground-breaking review of government efficiency that delivered £52 billion in savings and created the Government Digital Service. In autumn last year, he was asked by the current administration to revisit that work to gauge current Civil Service capability and performance in critical operational functions like finance, procurement, HR, IT and digital.    Lord Maude's recently published findings - Review of the Cross-Cutting Functions and the Operation of Spend Controls - have again played a key role in setting the direction of Civil Service reform. He joins us on this episode to drill into those recommendations and discuss how public sector reform will play out in the coming years.
August 05, 2021
#45: IoT and the Future of Place-Making in Town and Cities
How is technology helping to transform the future of the places in which we live work and play? The Covid pandemic has radically altered the future of the public-sector placemaking agenda, forcing central and local government to reimagine the future of planning, the High Street economy, public sector real estate, transport provision and public services.   Lalita Nair and Simon Williams from IoT and digital connectivity pioneers Microland join us on The GovX Show to discuss the future of place, connected town and cities, and how technology can enable those changes. EPISODE RESOURCES: Discover how DDaT leaders are using data to transform public service delivery at The Government Data Show Explore place-making and the future of connected cities in our on-demand panel session 'The Future of Place' 
August 03, 2021
#44 How to improve digital capability in government - David Wilde
The historical lack of digital capability in senior government is repeatedly identified as a cause failure in digital transformation programmes.  Despite numerous reviews and reports into this ongoing challenge, cultural, technical, behavioural and governance issues remain. In this episode of the GovX Show, our GM for Government David Wilde explore what needs to change and how. Episode Resources: Read: How to lead successful government transformation programmes Report: The Challenges in Implementing Digital Change (National Audit Office)
July 28, 2021
#43 Open Innovation in GovTech - Roy Zaban
It's no longer enough for government simply to 'buy-in' innovation and new technology. Instead, there's a growing trend for the public sector to work in partnership with start-ups and emerging suppliers to collaboratively develop new solutions.   Roy Zaban joins Tim Coulthard to explain how public sector organisations can tap into the GovTech and start-up ecosystem. Until recently Roy was Head of Govtech at the Israeli NGO CREATORS, and helped to create the Israeli government's open innovation strategy.   In this episode you'll learn how to:  Co-develop new solutions to digital challenges with GovTech partners  Foster an internal culture of innovation  Learn from other public sector organisations by sharing best practice  Get started on innovation and collaboration in your own government organisation EPISODE RESOURCES: Check out the on-demand version of our conference session 'How can Start-Ups Drive Innovation in the Public Sector?' Read CREATORS' GovTech Report: Public Sector Meets Innovation
July 22, 2021
#42 Creating a digital-first local authority - Matt Prosser, Dorset Council
Matt Prosser, Chief Executive of Dorset Council, joins GovX Digital's Community Director Tim Coulthard to explore the fundamentals of local government transformation and digital-first public services.    He explains how the senior leadership team has tackled major challenges and areas of transformation:    Creating a culture of innovation in the organisation    How Covid forced Dorset to change both the way it operates as an organisation and the transformation in delivering services for citizens. Building on the acceleration of change moving into the future.    What the future working model for Dorset's teams looks like.   Tackling the biggest social and economic challenges to support recovery and growth.    Using inter-agency collaboration and partnerships with suppliers to deliver more effective outcomes in public services. Matt joined a panel of local government CEOs for the discussion session 'The Future of Local Government' at GovX Digital 2021. Check out the talk in our on demand viewing library HERE
July 14, 2021
#41 Customer-driven public service transformation - Sarah Whitehead, IPO
Welcome to another episode of The GovX Show. Joining us today is Sarah Whitehead who is the Deputy Director of Customer Experience at the Intellectual Property Office. IPO are on a really exciting transformation journey, that is still ongoing. We are talking with Sarah about how they maintain focus on the customer, and build a customer experience into their user journey, user mapping, service design and delivery, and how they keep that feedback going so they always have a customer-centric view across the business.  Watch the session from our last event 'Government CX', also featuring Sarah plus other speakers from HM Courts & Tribunals Service, DWP Digital and Crown Commercial Service. Get it free on demand now:
July 01, 2021
#40 Creating Accessible & Inclusive Public Sector Information - Carsten Heiermann, Foxit
Today's topic is about accessibility - accessibility of information and inclusion in the public sector: Do our citizens have access to the information that they need and deserve? We deep-dive into these topics, and what we can do around best practice, what the guidelines and legislation are that can help and how we can deliver better results and better inclusion with our citizens. Joining us today is Carsten Heiermann, the Chief Evangelist at the PDF software company Foxit, and our own GM for Government, David Wilde who has extensive experience in the public sector as CIO and Executive Director of both central and local government agencies.    📄 Download our research report with Foxit, "Document Accessibility in Local Government" here: 📺 Watch the fireside chat with Carsten's colleague Deedee Kato at our most recent conference, on demand:
June 25, 2021
#39 - How to Create Smarter, Safer Cities
Connected Cities are harnessing the power of technology to create places fit for the future, in which commercial, residential and leisure activities happily co-exist. Underpinning those elements is security and resilience - so how do local government organisations create safe, secure, smart cities where people want to live, work and play?    Daniel Bloodworth, Director of Emerging Technologies at resilience software company Everbridge, joins us on The GovX Show to explain how security's role in public sector place-making has been transformed in recent years, to become an enabler that can encourage investment and build community cohesion.   Hear how leading towns and cities are creating connected places by watching the on-demand video of the GovX Digital 2021 panel session 'Connected Cities'. Alongside Daniel, you'll hear from:   Tracey Crews, Director of Planning - Place & Growth, Cheltenham Borough Council  Jenny Nelson, Programme Manager, Digital Newcastle, Newcastle City Council  Liz St Louis, Assistant Director of Smart Cities, Sunderland City Council
June 14, 2021
#38 Co-Designing Public Services with Citizens - Kevan Gilbert, Domain7
One outcome of the Covid pandemic has been the reconnection between government service delivery and the communities they serve. Public sector bodies are looking to build on that rekindled relationship by bringing citizens into the design process - but what's the right way to approach co-creation so that it delivers meaningful inputs, rather than just window-dressing the process?  In this episode of the GovX Show, Kevan Gilbert, Facilitation Practice Lead at the organisational change agency Domain7, explain the fundamentals of co-designing public services - how to run workshops, tackling common challenges, and how to deliver results even in a virtual environment. Episode resources:  Watch On Demand: How to Build a Better Citizen Experience? Domain7's Co-design workshop pocket guide  The Remote Facilitation Guide
June 07, 2021
#37 Courage and Community: Leading Wigan Council's Transformation Journey - Alison McKenzie-Folan
Like many local authorities across the UK, Wigan Council has been forced to tackle huge challenges in the last year - pivoting service delivery from face-to-face to digital, supporting vulnerable citizens and rebuilding the High Street - all with staff largely working remotely. Wigan's Chief Executive Alison McKenzie-Folan joins us on this episode of The GovX Show to share insights on how they're reimagining the future of local government.
May 07, 2021
#36 Need for Speed: How to Accelerate Public Sector Delivery
How can government organisations design, develop and deploy digital solutions at pace in a time of unprecedented pressure on public services? Made Tech's CTO Luke Morton joins us on The GovX Show to share his insights gained working with public sector organisations across the UK - how to get started, what works, common challenges - and how to overcome them. Hear more from Luke when he joins us at GovX Digital 2021 for the panel session 'Accelerating Delivery' (13 May 2021, 3:30 pm BST). Register free HERE 
May 05, 2021
#35 The CX Factor: How to be a Customer Experience Superstar
CX - two letters that define modern government, but what do they really mean? Forrester's David Wheable joins us on the latest episode of the The GovX Show to dive into how public sector organisations should approach Citizen Experience. Join David and leaders from HM Courts & Tribunals Service, DWP Digital, Crown Commercial Service and The Intellectual Property Office for the live panel discussion 'Government CX' (19 May 2021, 8:30 am BST). Register free:
April 28, 2021
#34 - Creating user-centric digital services - Sandra Taylor
Sandra Taylor, Assistant Director of IT and Digital at Worcestershire County Council joins us on the show to share ideas on digital transformation in local government and delivering services that promote inclusion and accessibility. We're delighted that Sandra is also joining our panel session The Future of Local Government Services at GovX Digital 2021. Catch that discussion panel on 12 May 2021, 8:30am BST.
April 21, 2021
#33 Pioneering Digital Transformation in Local Government - Kurt Frary
Our guest is Kurt Frary, CTO of Norfolk County Council, one of the most innovative and technologically focused local authorities in the UK. Kurt shares his thoughts on all things digital: IoT rollout, running succesful pilot projects, getting senior buy-in for innovation, and how to create a culture that supports risk taking. We're excited to reveal Kurt will share even more about Norfolk's digital journey when he joins our panel session 'The Future of Programme Delivery' (13 May 2021, 8:30 am BST) as part of GovX Digital 2021, the UK's biggest public sector transformation conference.  Free to register for public sector execs!
April 13, 2021
#32 - Designing the future of public digital services
The Covid pandemic has fundamentally altered the ways citizens interact with local authorities, so what’s next for local government service delivery? Made Tech’s Head of Local Government, Glen Ocsko, joins us on The GovX Show to look at the big challenges and opportunities for the digital delivery of local government services. You can hear more from Glen on how to successfully transform local government service delivery at the GovX Digital virtual conference on 11-20 May 2021. It brings together the UK's biggest line-up of public sector speakers, including presentations and 'Ask Me Anything' sessions from government leaders in the UK and beyond. Check out the latest speakers and topics here: We’re delighted that Made Tech is a Stream Partner at GovX Digital 2021, where their experts will be sharing their insights on service excellence.
April 06, 2021
#31 - Planet GovX: Taking the Great Innovation Leap
Planet GovX is our regular review of the most significant stories and insights that we’ve spotted in government and public sector transformation. This week GovX Digital's Tim Coulthard and David Wilde take a look at: 01:10 How data is transforming public sector performance 05:50 New York City unveils its first IoT strategy 08:35 Mayor of London wants innovation to drive post-Covid recovery 13:00 What role should agile play in government? 18:35 Moving the Civil Service out of Whitehall - how to make it work 24:50 Civil Service reform - will it be more efficient?
March 21, 2021
#30 - What does Systems Thinking actually mean?
Systems thinking is a widely used term in the debate around the skillsets of public sector leaders, but what does it really mean? Leadership coach Alexandra Salamis joins us on the GovX Show to unpack the concept of systems thinking. We get to grips with: When systems thinking is used effectively, what benefits can be delivered in a public sector organisation? What kind of challenges is it particularly useful in tackling? What are the first practical steps should take in trying to gain the knowledge and ability to bring systems thinking to their roles?
March 16, 2021
#29 - Planet GovX: Trust and Data - Building Back Better
Planet GovX is our regular review of the biggest stories of the week in government and public sector transformation. From GovTech and data to CX Design and leadership skills, we look at what's making an impact in the UK and beyond. This week GovX Digital's Tim Coulthard and David Wilde take a look at: (00:56) The UK's new guidelines for digital IDs (03:50) The future of unitary vs county authorities in local government (08:16) Rebuilding public trust in our government (12:06) New digital transformation training for non-technical Civil Servants (16:12) The UK Census goes digital - is it still relevant? (22:03) The Budget 2021 - what it means for the public sector.
March 07, 2021
#28 - Putting Customer Experience at the Heart of Public Services
Organisations that put Customer Experience ((CX) at the heart of their service design perform better deliver better results for their users - and yet so many public sector bodies are still falling short. To understand why, we invited Forrester's Consulting Director David Wheable onto The GovX Show to discuss public sector CX: what it is, who should own it and how to embed it effectively in services.
February 20, 2021
#27 - Bringing Private Sector Skills into Government
Public sector organisations are increasingly looking to the private sector to fill senior leadership positions - but how do both sides benefit from the trend? Executive recruitment expert Suzie Walker joins GovX Digital’s David Wilde and Tim Coulthard to explore the motivation of leaders moving from private to Government roles, and what they bring to those organisations.
February 16, 2021
8 Skills to Help You Rule the World
Welcome to Planet GovX - the new podcast where our team explores the public sector transformation stories shaping the world around us. In this episode, GovX Digital’s Tim Coulthard, James Smith and David Wilde take a look at: 00:01:25: The new digital skills syllabus that’s setting out a bold new vision for the skills required to be effective in the era of digital government. With input from experts around the world and coordinated by Harvard Kennedy School’s Professor David Eaves, it’s been published under a Creative Commons licence to maximise its reach. 00:09:35: The bold vision for public services released by BCP (Bournemouth Christchurch Poole) that’ll see a one-off investment of £38m but aims to recoup savings of more than £40m a year. Can a more effective digital front door deliver real transformation for residents? 00:14:40 The working hours survey by the FDA union reveals that 97% of public servants want to continue some remote working post-Covid. It’s time to rethink the future of public sector working. 00:30:00: The moving Civil Service event for Holocaust Memorial Day - why it matters to come together virtually during these challenging times.
February 02, 2021
#25 - What Makes a Successful Local Government CIO?
The role of the public sector CIO has been transformed, reflecting the ever-growing importance of data and technology in government transformation. GovX Digital’s GM for Government, David Wilde, has held multiple public sector CIO roles, and in this episode of the GovX Show, he outlines the skills and capabilities needed to succeed in this critical role. GovX Digital is the UK's biggest, most dynamic public sector transformation event, running virtually from 11-21 May. We're bringing together 1,000 government and health executives, with 130 speakers from 20 countries. Get the latest news about the 2021 conference here:
January 27, 2021
#24 - Transforming Public Sector Capability
Sam Higgins, Principal Analyst at Forrester, joins us in this episode to assess the state of Government Transformation in 2020. Which skills and capabilities are well developed, and where is more work needed? We'll explore these ideas in more depth when Sam joins us for the session 'Government Transformation: All Change?' at GovX Digital 2020. We're delighted that Forrester is our official Partner for that session, which takes place at 8.55am on 17 November. Find out more and sign up here: Also speaking and joining the online panel are Lord Francis Maude, former Paymaster General and Cabinet Minister, and Katrine Winding, Director-General of the Danish Business Authority.
November 13, 2020
#23 - Growing Government Revenue
James Brown, UK Managing Partner at the global strategy and pricing consultants Simon-Kucher & Partners joins us to explore growing government revenue and specifically how price plays a part in that. As you’ll hear from James, pricing can be a blind spot in public sector organisations for a variety of reasons, so this was an opportunity to assess why, and what can be done in response. We’ll explore this topic in even greater detail at GovX Digital 2020 when James and his colleague Rosalind Hunter will be joining the panel to talk about pricing and government revenues in these challenging times. Join the Session - Growing Government Revenue at 11:40 pm GMT on 19 November 2020.
November 12, 2020
#22 - 'Future-ready' Government
Today we are speaking with Jackie Smith, from Sopra Steria - The government transformation experts. We are looking at what it means for governments to be ‘future-ready’. Whether that’s in terms of their skill sets, or the cultural changes needed, and how they can make decisions in an agile way to respond to the fast-moving world around them. Sopra Steria is the Local Government Stream Partner for GovX Digital 2020, and you can join Jackie in the Getting Government Future-Ready session at 1:00 pm GMT on 17 November 2020:
November 10, 2020
#21 - Reimagining Local Service Delivery
Chris Chubb and Becky David from Sopra Steria join us on this episode to discuss their work supporting local government transformation in the UK. They share insights on how technology and cultural change work in tandem to transform the organisation itself and deliver far better experiences for citizens using public services. Sopra Steria is the Local Government Stream Partner for GovX Digital 2020, and you can join Chris and Becky in the Local Government Transformation session at 3.45pm on 18 November:
November 08, 2020
#20 - The Remote Leadership Challenge
Mark Gray, Director of Digital, Operations & Commercial at the Crown Prosecution Service, joins James Smith to talk about the challenges of leading remote-working teams in 2020. Balancing technology, working culture and staff wellbeing have been high on many leaders' agendas in the Covid-19 crisis, and Mark shares thoughts on how his organisation has manages to deliver results in such trying circumstances. We're delighted that Mark is also joining us at GovX Digital 2020 for our session on 'Leading in Crisis'. You can register free if you're a public sector executive to join us on 17 November at 11:00 am GMT:
November 07, 2020
#19 - Unleashing the Power of Government Data
In this episode we welcomed Brett Gibson from cloud experts Domo to lift the lid on Government Data. There's a lot of buzz about the public sector using the huge amounts of data it collects to achieve better results. But how does that happen? Brett shares his thoughts on where the public sector should focus its efforts to deliver data-driven outcomes for citizens. Domo is the Partner for the Government Data Stream at GovX Digital 2020. They'll be sharing their expertise in two key session that are free to join for public sector executives. Data-Driven Government on 17 November: Agile Government on 18 November: Brett’s Recommended Resources Graphic Methods for Presenting Facts - Willard C. Brinton Curiosity: Do Data Differently, a podcast series by Domo
November 04, 2020
#18 Customer-Centric Digital Services
In this episode we're joined by Thomas Moore, London Market Principal at public sector technology experts Made Tech. We explore the present and future of digital service delivery that prioritises outcomes for citizens. Thomas explains how the future of digital public services can be built with multi-organisational rainbow teams where smaller, agile players help to uncover innovative new methods of delivery. Made Tech is our Digital Services Session Partner for GovX Digital 2020. Thomas Moore joins the online session at 9am on 18 November, alongside Philippa Manley, Digital Services & Project Director at HM Passport Office. In this invaluable knowledge-sharing session, they'll explore best practice in citizen-centric digital service design, roll-out and development. It's free to register for the session if you're a public sector executive:
October 28, 2020
S1:E17 - Making Digital Government Work
Elizabeth Rhodenizer, Chief Information Officer at the Public Service Commission of Canada, joins us in this episode to explore how digital can transform how government functions. We talked about how tech can create better outcomes for citizens, more effective service delivery, what skills will be needed in the government of the future, and the changing role of the public sector CIO. We're excited that Elizabeth is sharing her insights in more depth at GovX Digital 2020 in the session 'Getting Government Future-Ready' on 17 November. Register for free to discover what tools and skill sets will be needed for the journey ahead:
October 26, 2020
S1:E16 - Successful and secure remote working
This episode sticks with the remote working theme as Matt Stevens from Google Chrome Enterprise reveals how the public sector is meeting the technical challenges of 2020's WFH culture. He explains where systems and behaviours meet, what the 2020 threat landscape looks like, and how public sector CIOs and CTOs can respond to them. Matt will be sharing more insights at GovX Digital 2020 (17-19 November) in the session Out of Office: Making a Success of Remote Working which we’re delighted is supported by Google Chrome Enterprise.
October 19, 2020
S1:E15 - Remote Government Working
In this episode we’re joined by Maria Farres, Head of Organisational Development & Talent at Essex County Council to explore how the public sector has adapted to the remote working challenge in 2020. Maria has helped Essex develop a hybrid working model that blends remote working and re-imagined office spaces to maximise service delivery and efficiency, while supporting staff well-being. It’s essential viewing for any public sector leaders wrestling with the same issues in 2020. The GovX Show is a public sector transformation podcast, interviewing senior officials from the all tiers of government, NHS Trusts, academia and solutions providers as we count down to the GovX Digital 2020 conference on 17-19 November. Register for free (public sector/academia only) - This episode is supported by Forrester. Central and local government executives are reshaping the public sector. Success depends on how fast they can respond to a fast-changing world. Forrester gives you insights and frameworks aligned to your role to shorten the time between a great idea and a great outcome. Visit to learn more.
October 15, 2020
S1:E14 - The Upload - Mike Pence's Fly Lives On Mars
The Upload this week digs into the rows about Civil Service skills and competence. Behind the media briefings and posturing, there needs to be a real dialogue and plan of action. GovX Digital's Marketing Director, Tim Coulthard, and Content Director, James Smith, talk skills, thrills and the fly that upstaged the US Vice Presidential Debate.
October 08, 2020
S1:E13 - UK Government Commercial Function: Money for Something
Marco Salzedo, Director of Commercial and Contract Management Capability at The Cabinet Office, joins us to share the inside story of how 2020 has shaken up public sector procurement. As the Covid-19 pandemic forced governments globally to accelerate change and adopt new ways of working, that gear change was critical in procurement functions to ensure ambitious programmes like the Ventilator Challenge could happen. Marco spoke to GovX Digital's James Smith to explain what changed and what it means for the future. We're delighted that Marco is one of our headline speakers for GovX Digital 2020, where public sector execs can find out more from him about embedding change at pace. The GovX Show is a public sector transformation podcast, interviewing senior officials from the all tiers of government, NHS Trusts, academia and solutions providers as we count down to the GovX Digital 2020 conference on 17-19 November. Register for free (public sector/academia only) -
October 08, 2020
S1:E12 - Celebrating Diversity in Events
A slight change in direction in this episode as we welcome Amy Kean, one of the founders of DICE - Diversity and Inclusion at Conferences an Events. DICE recognises and certifies events like GovX Digital that have truly diverse speaker line-ups. Amy joined us to talk about the origins of the projects, the battle to call out events that fail to be truly inclusive, and why a diverse event is truly a better event. At GovX Digital we're proud to have DICE certification, so this was a chance to tell our story too as we count down to the event on 17-19 November. GovX Digital 2020 (17-19 November) is the UK’s biggest public sector transformation conference, featuring 130 expert speakers from over 20 countries, across all tiers of government, and healthcare, and over 1000 delegates. Public sector execs can register free for the virtual event here: Find out more about the great work DICE is doing at:
October 05, 2020
S1:E11 - The Upload - AI, Apps and Adidas Tennis Shoes
Our new offshoot podcast takes an informal look at what's been happening this week in the world public sector transformation. In this episode of The Upload, GovX Digital's Marketing Director, Tim Coulthard, and Content Director, James Smith, talk GovTech and its growing impact on society. Does the NHS Test and Trace app mark a shift in the public's awareness of GovTech? Should the datasets and assumptions that underpin AI be publicly available? And can James successfully pronounce Hydrographic? GovX Digital 2020 (17-19 November) is the UK’s biggest public sector transformation conference, featuring 130 expert speakers from over 20 countries, across all tiers of government, and healthcare, and over 1000 delegates. Public Sector Execs can register free at
October 02, 2020
S1:E10 - Inclusive Government
This episode features a fascinating conversation with Bernadette Thompson, Deputy Director for Inclusion, Wellbeing & Employee Engagement at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. In these challenging times, when the Civil Service is working largely remotely, how can we maintain focus on inclusion and diversity in every tier of Government? Bernadette's book recommendation is The Power of Staff Networks - Bernadette will be joining the GovX Digital 2020 virtual conference for a panel discussion on Culture Change, and drawing upon her experience in the civil service, which includes co-chairing the multi award-winning Race to the Top G6/7 network, a community network of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) G6/7 employees across all Government departments and agencies. The Network actively supports members by helping to increase preparedness for leadership. Chek out the session at GovX Digital 2020 (17-19 November) is the UK’s biggest public sector transformation conference, featuring 130 expert speakers from over 20 countries, across all tiers of government, and healthcare, and over 1000 delegates. Public Sector Execs can register free at
September 30, 2020
S1:E9 - 500 Reasons to be Cheerful
A bonus episode of the show as our Content Director James Smith joins us to share some exciting updates from GovX Digital Land. With delegate numbers flying high and some outstanding global speakers confirmed this week to share their public sector transformation stories, it's shaping up to be an amazing event in November. The GovX Show is a public sector transformation podcast, interviewing senior officials from the all tiers of government, NHS Trusts, academia and solutions providers as we count down to the GovX Digital 2020 conference on 17-19 November. Register for free (public sector/academia only) -
September 29, 2020
S1:E8 - The Future of Digital Government in Wales
In this episode of The GovX Show we're delighted to welcome Sally Meecham Chair of the Centre for Digital Public Services Wales. In this role and as previous holder of numerous senior public sector transformation positions, Sally brings tremendous firsthand knowledge on public sector delivery and transformation. She tells us how Wales is transforming digital capabilities in the public sector, and how the Covid pandemic has demanded new agile ways of operating. At GovX Digital 2020 on 17-19 November, Sally will unpack some of the biggest questions around Government digital transformation - what does agile Government really mean, how can the public sector embrace iterative change, and how can digital management deliver better outcomes? You can join the discussion with Sally by registering for free if you're a public sector exec: GovX Digital is the UK's biggest, most dynamic public sector transformation event, running virtually from 17-19 November. We're bringing together 1,000 government and health executives, with 130 speakers from 20 countries.
September 28, 2020
S1:E7 - Valuing Public Sector Data
In this week’s episode we welcomed Miranda Sharp, Member of the Mayor of London’s Smart London board, to talk about the present and future of public sector data. What really is public and private any more? Who owns it, and how can better use of data deliver results that positively impact citizens’ lives?
September 18, 2020
S1:E6 Risky Business
In this week’s GovX Show, we welcome Liz McKeown, Lecturer at the Digital Academy at the Canada School of Public Service, to share her insights gained from a career spanning senior roles in the public and private sectors. As a former CIO of Shared Services Canada, she knows what it takes to deliver digital transformation projects in public agencies. Ahead of her appearance at GovX Digital 2020 she discussed the changing attitude of public sector organisations to risk, and how more innovation can deliver better services for citizens. The GovX Show is a public sector transformation podcast, interviewing senior officials from the all tiers of government, NHS Trusts, academia and solutions providers as we count down to the GovX Digital 2020 conference on 17-19 November. Register for free (public sector/academia only) -
September 14, 2020
S1:E5 - Lord Francis Maude - The £52 Billion Man
Lord Francis Maude joins us on the GovX Show to share the inside story from one of the most significant programmes of public sector reform in the history of UK Government.
September 08, 2020
S1:E4 - Accelerating Government delivery
In the latest episode of the GovX Show, we spoke to Lynda Rawsthorne, Director of Prison Infrastructure at The Ministry of Justice, where she’s delivering new approaches to the building of prisons in the UK. At a time when the Government is calling for faster, more innovative delivery in the public sector, Lynda is at the forefront of that culture. In her conversation with James Smith, she explains what’s changing and how in terms of culture and process.
September 01, 2020
S1:E3 - All delivery is local
In this episode, our Content Director, James Smith, caught up with the hugely experienced government and healthcare leader David Wilde. With his track record of delivering policy and service implementation in central and local government, David is well qualified to talk about what’s needed to make a real impact in communities. The GovX Show is a public sector transformation podcast, interviewing senior officials from the all tiers of government, NHS Trusts, academia and solutions providers as we count down to the GovX Digital 2020 conference on 17-19 November. Register for free (public sector/academia only) -
August 17, 2020
S1:E2 - This time it’s different
GovX Digital Content Director James Smith takes a closer look at the UK government's transformation agenda, as parsed from two recent high-level speeches. TL;DR - it's going to be distributed, digital, and more risky. The GovX Show is a public sector transformation podcast, interviewing senior officials from the all tiers of government, NHS Trusts, academia and solutions providers as we count down to the GovX Digital 2020 conference on 17-19 November. Register for free (public sector/academia only) -
August 17, 2020
S1:E1 - Introducing the show
GovX Digital's Content Director, James Smith, looks at the who and the what we’ve got in store for you over the coming months.
August 15, 2020