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The Graceful Exit Podcast: Helping Women Navigate Divorce with Grace

The Graceful Exit Podcast: Helping Women Navigate Divorce with Grace

By The Graceful Exit
The Graceful Exit was designed to help eliminate the shame, fear, and guilt of divorce. We want to help put a stop to the embarrassing divorce stigma and have meaningful conversations about the trials that women have had to endure. We will be sharing our own personal stories and interviewing other women who have experienced pain and suffering yet have felt the pure sense of empowerment and joy on the other side of their divorce journey. We are here to present real-life stories and the many ways that women have made a Graceful Exit in their own lives and opened the door to the next chapter.
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Divorce Help Through Collaboration
“Don't use a wrecking ball when all you need is a hammer!” In today’s episode, JoAnn C. Little, a trusted partner with The Graceful Exit and owner of Divorce Help shares that because of her own divorce, she realized how broken the divorce process was. As a result, JoAnn became certified in Collaborative Divorce and High Conflict Divorce. In addition, she received her Certified Divorce Financial Analyst designation in 2008. JoAnn is also the owner of Second Saturday. Those interested can virtually learn everything they need to know about the divorce procedure from specialists such as real estate agents, post-divorce financial planning services, family law attorneys, spousal support, child support, and how to file for divorce. Parties intimately familiar with the divorce process, preparations, and repercussions present to the group every second Saturday of the month providing truth, resources, and support during a difficult moment in the attendees' lives. [2:05] How her divorce process illuminated the broken process and influenced her to assemble a support system for all who face this difficult life-stage [7:05] To ensure all clients receive the level of expertise they require, JoAnn works on a modified flat fee for each individual case [19:36] Her approach to working with clients and knowing what stage they’re at in life Education can reduce fear of the unknown, especially when it comes to the divorce process.  Going through a divorce might cause us to feel differently but it’s important you don’t perceive a loss of power. In fact, some say you gain it back through resources, independence, and a support network. For more information, Visit her website: Second Saturday, San Diego: Join Our Community: Instagram @The.Graceful.Exit Facebook @TheGracefulExit Pinterest @TheGracefulExitOfficial
June 07, 2022
Love Strength and Grace
“We all get to the other side of the divorce. But it’s how we get there and how quickly we get there.” Divorce for her was “indescribable” as it was one of the most challenging situations she’s had to face. Recounting her divorce, Shannon reveals she could have stayed stuck in sadness and resentment but instead moved forward to accept the reality of the situation. During the journey of her own divorce and therapy sessions, she felt compelled to help other women going through the same situation. In this episode, Shannon McGorry, a Certified Professional Coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and a graduate of I Heart Coaching, shares how her powerful coaching skills lead women toward lives of purpose, fulfillment, and joy! The power of accepting what is requires moving down the path of acceptance and forgiveness. After a divorce, there’s a lot to dig up about yourself. Forgiveness isn’t just for yourself; it’s for someone else, too. Deliberate decision-making and taking charge of your own life will benefit you in the long term. [5:00] Her faith, a loving family, and a team of professionals all had a role in her success. This has helped her get to a better state of recovery. [11:23] She strives to empower women to have them realize divorce doesn’t have to define them [17:54] Reconnect with your identity to understand your worth to understand your value, and choices Life presents you with its beauty, but are you capable of acknowledging the truth and moving on to write a new chapter? Join Our Community: Instagram @The.Graceful.Exit Facebook @TheGracefulExit Pinterest @TheGracefulExitOfficial
May 24, 2022
Breaking Money Silence
57% of women who have gone through a divorce report back that it was a financial wake up call  post divorce. In this episode, we’ll hear from Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, a wealth psychology specialist who focuses on women and wealth, in terms of helping women understand how they think and feel about money. Whether it's before, during, or post-divorce, she helps women have a better connection with their money. Dissolving your marriage can be emotionally and physically draining even in the best-case scenario. So, not only does Kathleen help ensure women have access to information about how to build wealth, but also focuses on restoring their confidence in the financial system following their divorce. [1:26] The questions to ask yourself while obtaining pre-divorce information [7:57] Detail about what it's like working with Kathleen and the packages she creates for her clients [13:30] You may be apprehensive about negotiating money at first, but knowing it’s done in our lives day to day, you can gain the confidence and do it well Self-advocacy and working with a coach can help you discover your true worth. Many women who have divorced share that through the process, there were feelings of lost self-identity. Let go of your fear of money and reclaim the self-assurance you deserve. Follow and Connect with Kathleen Burns Kingsbury: Podcast: Twitter: Breaking Money Silence Book: Join Our Community: Instagram @The.Graceful.Exit Facebook @TheGracefulExit Pinterest @TheGracefulExitOfficial
May 10, 2022
Available: Memoir For Women About Sex, Dating, and Divorce
Life after a long marriage does not mean your post-marriage existence would consist of nothing but parenthood. Following a 22-year marriage that ended in divorce because of adultery, Laura felt the need to reawaken the Phoenix within her. In this episode, Kim Hoertz introduces the author of Available, she recounts her narrative of sexual liberation and the freedom to discover one’s own sexual identity. The post-divorce lifestyle and a woman’s sexual appetite are topics that are often shunned and avoided as conversation starters, therefore she’s sharing her experience to show other women that they, too, can talk openly about tough issues while still pursuing the lives they envision for themselves. Not having to feel shame about opening up about sex and dating in mid-life after a long marriage [5:02] You have a chance to do something different with your life after divorce [11:26] The empowerment women get when they find their voice and themselves [12:07] You can take action by becoming a vehicle for your own journey. Divorcees should honor themselves. You need to be conscious of your own desires and know you can achieve them for the life you want. Being a parent doesn't have to define your identity; explore who you are as a person outside of parenthood and your past. Follow Laura Williams: Join Our Community: Instagram @The.Graceful.Exit Facebook @TheGracefulExit Pinterest @TheGracefulExitOfficial
April 19, 2022
Divorce Coach for Men
When Hayley became a divorce coach, she had already been through two divorces with a son, one of which involved a husband with mental health issues and the other with alcoholism. She wanted to help others who didn’t have the means to do so. It’s part of her purpose to serve as a “thinking partner” for men going through divorce and helping them reconstruct their lives. In this episode, Kim Hoertz introduces Hayley Lisa who is a Divorce Coach for men. She understands men also need resources, guidance, and someone to help them stay aware, compassionate, and level-headed through the divorce process. She knows that as she helps men in this way, the woman on the other side of the divorce is benefitting as well. Don't let fear rule your choices or your life [7:06] The healing process that both Hayley and her son went through to rise above [10:01] Taking the high road and show your children the respect you have for their mother or father [19:23] For those who doubt their ability to fight for their children after a divorce and have no one to lean on, their paternal instincts may kick in and provide them the strength they need. Take time to heal so that you can avoid repeating the cycle Reach out to Hayley Lisa: Join Our Community: Instagram @The.Graceful.Exit Facebook @TheGracefulExit Pinterest @TheGracefulExitOfficial
April 05, 2022
Former Wife Life
“You have to heal that inner child before you can function correctly as an adult.” Christina knew after her second divorce that it was time to heal and break free from her past so that she could create the life she’d always wanted and expected. Through that process, she began to let go of the “strong woman” front, reveal some vulnerability, and be honest with herself about the mismatches that had occurred. In this episode, Kim Hoertz introduces Christian Parish, who is a former divorcee who turned her past into her passion for becoming a Divorce Coach who helps other women heal and gain clarity about what they want their lives to look like post-divorce. Christina expresses the hardest part was navigating why she was going through divorce (again) and how she began to dig deep [7:18] Others’ lack of respect for your boundaries and your decision to pursue divorce is not being  supportive [10:04] Christina’s program MOVE assists women in navigating their way through and after divorce to ensure they’re equipped for what lies ahead [10:03] You need to avoid repeating the cycle in order to develop clarity and find yourself; not only for yourself but for your children. An important aspect of self-confidence is being able to stand on your own two feet without interference from others. Join Our Community: Instagram @The.Graceful.Exit Facebook @TheGracefulExit Pinterest @TheGracefulExitOfficial
March 22, 2022
The Divorce Recovery
In this episode, Kim Hoertz introduces India Kern, who shares her journey through divorce and her reasons why she became a Divorce Coach. Her book, Surviving Unwanted Divorce, reveals her transition from feeling underwater, through the mourning period(s), and how she turned her heartache into a passionate career helping others. In her role as a divorce coach, she helps women overcome the crippling effects of divorce, make a game plan, and find purpose. “Pain is never in vain…..It gave me incredible purpose in my life that I didn't have before.” In order to acknowledge everything, we need to grieve (6:10) The difference between a coach and a therapist (8:35) Finding yourself in the fight or flight mode, not helping yourself out of fear (10:31) A clear understanding of who you are, what you stand for, and what you hope for (17:13) Based out of San Diego, California, India serves clients both in-office and virtually. Reach out to her for a free consultation if you are contemplating or in the process of divorce. You don’t have to go through this alone. Join Our Community: Instagram @The.Graceful.Exit Facebook @TheGracefulExit Pinterest @TheGracefulExitOfficial
February 22, 2022
My Divorce Solution
After experiencing divorce and realizing what was missing from the divorce process, Catharine Baldwin and Karen Chalou collaboratively formed My Divorce Solution. Divorce has a long-term effect on individuals, second only to the death of a spouse. Catherine and Karen are available as liaisons to step in and bridge the gap between legal representation and financial clarity. My Divorce Solution offers divorcees education, resources, and guidance through the financial portion of divorce. Their flagship offer, The MDS Financial Portrait ™ consists of the information needed to assess which assets are marital and non-marital, what possible division scenarios might look like, what financial factors will be used in support calculations, and what the financial basis to your independent financial structure will entail. Financial division can be the toughest, most emotionally fuelled portion of the divorce process. This is especially difficult if you don’t have access to information, or don’t understand the information you have. Working with My Divorce Solutions gives you back your power. Not knowing everything about your finances is completely normal (12:05) The length of the process is generally a minimum of 3 months, but typically longer (13:28) How financial clarity can assist in determining if divorce is the right decision (14:05) Encouragement to ask questions and take a pause when making decisions (23:03) Having been through the process of divorce, Cathrine and Karen knew it was time to use their expertise to help others gain financial clarity through the divorce process. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions. My Divorce Solutions: Join Our Community: Instagram @The.Graceful.Exit Facebook @TheGracefulExit Pinterest @TheGracefulExitOfficial
February 08, 2022
The Divorce Reporter
In this episode, Kim Hoertz introduces the only Divorce Journalist/Columnist committed to helping others navigate this major life transition. Meet Ilyssa Panitz, the author of “5 Things You Need to Know How to Survive and Thrive During & After A Divorce” for Authority Magazine on Medium, a daily column in which she covers every angle and explores every topic when it comes to a divorce. How she discovered a gap in journalism coverage and what she did about it (01:07) The goal of her content and how it supports divorcees through the process (03:39) What her experience has been like in writing about something that’s still considered taboo and shameful to many (06:48) A bit more about Ilyssa’s journey through her own divorce - from feeling lost and like there’s no way out to surviving to thriving (11:39) Where you can find her and her words of encouragement that you can and will make it through the muddiest waters (15:37) She serves as the Content/Editorial Producer for The National Association of Divorce Professionals and Ilyssa enjoys her role as creator and host of a national radio show called, “The Divorce Hour with Ilyssa Panitz.” Simply search online to discover your local radio station that airs her show via CRN Digital Talk Radio. You can also find Ilyssa on Clubhouse as the Co-Host of “All Things Divorce.” Join Our Community: Instagram @The.Graceful.Exit Facebook @TheGracefulExit Pinterest @TheGracefulExitOfficial
January 25, 2022
The Importance of Estate Planning
As Principal of AHAVA Law, Sheila-Marie works directly with women to understand their goals and wishes, educate them on their options, and develop strategic solutions to meet their needs. She helps clients understand the important relationship between family law and estate law, and how estate planning impacts family law matters, because no two estate plans, administrations, or probate proceedings are the same. Women benefit from Sheila-Marie’s services because they love someone. She honors that love and treats each client as the important individual that they are, and not just a number on the bottom line. As one of few California State Bar Board Certified Specialists in Estates, Trusts, and Probate Law, Sheila-Marie can address all matters involving life, incapacity, and death from planning through administration. How she got started in estate planning - preparing 30 plans in just two weeks for those being deployed (01:40) The difference between a will, an estate plan, and a trust (02:45) When you should set up or begin the process of an estate plan (06:26) A few examples of estate planning and beneficiaries not being adjusted pre-divorce filing (09:34) Why she stands out as unique and what she cares about throughout the planning process with each client (15:20) Ahava Law focuses on Mischpah (Family), Ahava (Love) and Mitzvot (Good Deeds). It is important to engage in Tzedakah (Justice). Through her work in estate planning, Sheila-Marie makes the world a better place by supporting those who support our country and community. Join Our Community: Instagram @The.Graceful.Exit Facebook @TheGracefulExit Pinterest @TheGracefulExitOfficial
January 11, 2022
Better Apart: The Radically Positive Way To Separate
Meet Gabrielle Hartley, Esq., Co-Chair of the American Bar Association Mediation Committee, is a nationally recognized divorce attorney, online mediator, divorce strategy coach, and author of Better Apart; The Radically Positive Way to Separate. Her parents split when she and her brother were children in the 1980s. Even when the road was bumpy, they resolved their differences out of court and modeled positive co-parenting. When she clerked for Judge Sunshine in the divorce court in New York City both in private practice and clerking for a judge, she realized that her parents were onto something. Gabrielle created The Better Apart® Blitz Mediation to help people move through and beyond the divorce process with minimal stress and maximum ease. Her experience as an attorney helped her realize how smooth her parents’ divorce really was (01:30) How to take better care of yourself so you can navigate the divorce process well (03:30) Notice the neutral because those are actually positives (05:05) About her mediation and family law services (08:56) Her closing advice - slowest is often fastest and a step back is the best way forward (13:20) Gabrielle is known for her unique, non-toxic approach to divorce that she has developed over her twenty-five years in family law service. She keeps 99% of her cases out of the courtroom and at the negotiating table, as she effectively supports her clients to create a healthy, uplifted post-divorce life for them. Join Our Community: Instagram @The.Graceful.Exit Facebook @TheGracefulExit Pinterest @TheGracefulExitOfficial
December 28, 2021
Benefits of Using Mediation Through a Divorce with Leann Kaufman
It's safe to say that divorce is not easy, cheap, or fast, but what if you could make the process less stressful and more affordable? The key may be mediation. In today’s episode, Founder and Host, Kimberlee Hoertz talks with Certified Family Law Specialist (state of California), Leann Kaufman about how mediation can provide a cost-friendly alternative solution for couples who are seeking to end their marriage. How Leann’s experience in litigation nudged her toward becoming a mediator (02:15) Why you’d choose mediation over going to court (3:50) How long it takes to go the mediation route and what the process looks like(06:45) What payment arrangement(s) are generally made for mediation (14:05) Leann’s pieces of advice include assembling your support system of friends, professionals, and family members. You need people in your life who can listen well, share resources, and lend a shoulder - some paid and some free. Another way to relieve some stress of divorce is to not be afraid to ask for help. Let the laundry pile up just one more day or bow out of carpool duty this week - It’s okay. Find Leann Kaufman and a host of other vetted, trusted professionals so you can assemble your divorce support system easily at Join Our Community: Instagram @The.Graceful.Exit Facebook @TheGracefulExit Pinterest @TheGracefulExitOfficial
December 14, 2021
How Divorce Can Affect the Body with Holly Horikawa
In this episode, Founder and Host, Kimberlee Hoertz, joins Holly Horikawa with Lokahi Physical Therapy to talk about women's health, the importance of exercising the pelvic floor, and the most common physical symptoms women may feel after going through divorce.  Show Highlights Founding Lokahi Physical Therapy and more about Holly (1:11) How Holly became who she is today (1:44) Focusing on health after divorce (2:42) How physical therapy can help with PTSD through pelvic floor work (5:34) What is the pelvic floor and the benefits of exercising it appropriately (8:40) Physical pain symptoms post-divorce (10:43) What treatment may look like for a woman with pain post-divorce (12:28) Advice for the community (14:00) What services are offered at Lokahi Physical Therapy (16:13) Join Our Community: Instagram @The.Graceful.Exit Facebook @TheGracefulExit Pinterest @TheGracefulExitOfficial
October 19, 2021
Healing After Divorce with The Divorce Rehab
In this episode, Founder and Host Kimberlee Hoertz sits down with Collaborative Partner and the Founder of The Divorce Rehab, Wendy Sterling, to talk all about Wendy's divorce journey and how she has created her business as a result of that experience. Show Highlights Wendy's story and divorce journey (0:50) Losing yourself within your marriage (4:55) Wendy's personal healing journey (7:53) How The Divorce Rehab came about (8:49) Setting boundaries with friends and family during divorce (10:48) Creating joy with self care (16:52) A little bit about the business (18:49) All about ThetaHealing (21:57) Advice to the community (27:22) What about the kids? (29:35) Being a Collaborative Partner at The Graceful Exit (31:00) Join Our Community: Instagram @The.Graceful.Exit Facebook @TheGracefulExit Pinterest @TheGracefulExitOfficial
October 05, 2021
Finding Love Again After Divorce with Shana Clemence
In this episode, Founder and Host, Kimberlee Hoertz meets with Shana Clemence to talk about her divorce journey after 16 years of marriage and how she has since transformed her like and found love again. Show Highlights Introduction to Shana and her journey (1:15) Shana's divorce journey (5:39) The joyful part of divorce (10:28) Finding community amongst those that have gone through a divorce (14:22) Finding trusted professionals during her divorce (17:31) What does grace mean to Shana (18:40) Why you should be patience with yourself and non-judgmental (21:34) Finding your next partner after divorce (24:18) Learning to trust again after divorce (29:12) How connecting with other women during your divorce journey can help you (34:50) Join Our Community: Instagram @The.Graceful.Exit Facebook @TheGracefulExit Pinterest @TheGracefulExitOfficial
September 21, 2021
How Divorce Promotes Independence with See The Upside
In this episode, Host and Founder Kimberlee Hoertz meets with the Founder of See The Upside, Nina Blaicher, to talk about Nina's story and how she got to be where she is today.  Story Highlights Nina's professional background (1:10) Nina's divorce journey (2:36) Where to find support while navigating divorce (5:47) Putting yourself first before your kids for a change (8:00) Advice offered to women going through divorce (12:13) The most joyful part of divorce for Nina (18:15) Learning to be independent and no longer relying on another person (23:48) What does grace mean to Nina (25:43) Tangible advice for The Graceful Exit community (28:36) Join Our Community: Instagram @The.Graceful.Exit Facebook @TheGracefulExit Pinterest @TheGracefulExitOfficial
September 07, 2021
How Having a Realtor with Divorce Experience Can Help You with Tony Janowicz
In this episode, Host and Founder Kimberlee Hoertz sits down with Trusted Professional Tony Janowicz to talk about his experience going through a divorce and how that plays a role in his differentiation factor as a Realtor at Impact Properties. Tony Janowicz is a Realtor with Impact Properties and also a Zillow Premier Agent. His business is about service and client satisfaction because he is not happy until his client are happy. As a professional real estate advisor, he focuses on serving the needs and preferences of the client. His years in business have provided him the experience to assist anyone with nearly every real estate need.   Show Highlights A quick look into Tony's personal life (00:48) What makes Tony different than other real estate agents (3:52) Navigating divorce and how Tony incorporates that experience in his work (9:01) Being a Trusted Professional at the Graceful Exit (13:16) Tangible pieces of advice for our community (15:13) Join Our Community: Instagram @The.Graceful.Exit Facebook @TheGracefulExit Pinterest @TheGracefulExitOfficial
August 10, 2021
Using Your Local Self Help Desk to Save Money with Yolanda Sanchez
In this episode, Host and Founder Kimberlee Hoertz sits down with Real Estate Agent and Trusted Professional Yolanda Sanchez to talk about her journey through divorce. After 10 years of marriage and having 2 children, Yolanda saw her marriage in a new way. In her words, things were magnetized, and she decided that it was time for a divorce. By talking through her journey and the process of it all, Yolanda successfully shares with our community what the divorce process may look like and how she saved money through the self-help desk at her local courthouse. As a Trusted Professional, Yolanda Sanchez services the following counties- Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego. As a Californian native, she grew up in Los Angeles County and currently resides in Orange County. She provides her clients with useful firsthand information, from schools and neighborhood to the most current pertinent information in each local real estate market. Yolanda has been recognized as a top producer consistently throughout her career. Because she is well diversified offering Commercial, Residential, Property Management and Investment opportunities. Helping everyone she works with to build short- and long-term wealth. To give back to her community Yolanda contributes regularly to Veteran charities. Her late father was a Vietnam Veteran recipient of 3 purple hearts. Marine Corps served 1967-1976. She enjoys serving Veterans going above and beyond to be a resource of information. Show Highlights How having children magnetized the issues in the marriage (1:16) The cost of divorce and using the self-help desk (2:16) Yolanda's divorce journey (4:02) How the self-help desk works (5:26) Asking for child support (7:51) The 2 year long divorce process (10:20) Having a sense of community (12:19) More on self-help (13:22) Life after divorce as a single mom (16:30) Being a Trusted Professional at The Graceful Exit (19:35) Yolanda's area of expertise in the real estate industry (21:10) Visit our website to learn more about The Graceful Exit, and website links Join Our Community Instagram @The.Graceful.Exit Facebook @TheGracefulExit Pinterest @TheGracefulExitOfficial
July 27, 2021
Ivy's Story: Divorce through a child's eyes
In this episode, Founder and Host Kimberlee Hoertz sits down, once again, with Social Media Manager, Ivy Magruder, to talk about her story regarding her parent's divorce. Just as she was entering middle school, Ivy's parents started their divorce journey which left her with trauma and a story that she has come forward to share with The Graceful Exit community as she enters her 20s.  Show Highlights About the divorce (1:16) The hardest part of the divorce as a child (3:49) Getting diagnosed with PTSD post-divorce (5:39) Is it better to keep the house for stability or get a new house for a fresh start? From a child's perspective (10:01) Realizing divorce and addiction wasn't normal (11:40) Reconnecting with her father after nearly 10 years (14:57) Still believing in marriage after experiencing divorce (20:25) Advice for parents going through divorce, from a child of divorced parents (24:50) Carrying the weight of the parents on the child's shoulders (27:06) Advice for young adults whose parents have gotten divorced (28:41) Why boundaries are important (30:30) Being inspired by The Graceful Exit (31:28) Join Our Community: Instagram @The.Graceful.Exit Facebook @TheGracefulExit Pinterest @TheGracefulExitOfficial
July 12, 2021
What is a QDRO Lawyer?
In this episode, Founder and host Kimberlee Hoertz sits down with The Graceful Exit's Trusted Professional, Willie Peacock, to talk about what a QDRO lawyer is and how they can help during the divorce process.  Show Highlights Who is Willie and what does he do (00:54) What exactly is a QDRO lawyer (2:40) When would a woman contact a QDRO lawyer (3:58) What is a subpoena and when would they be used (5:06) Neutral third parties versus using your family law lawyer (7:23) Willie's differentiation factor- constant communication and comfort (9:34) Opening his own virtual law firm (11:41) Providing trusted resources and a sense of community through The Graceful Exit (13:04)  The importance of getting ahold of the assets before the divorce begins (15:11) Consulting with a QDRO attorney during the divorce process (15:57) Payment structures for QDRO lawyers (17:43) Join Our Community: Instagram @The.Graceful.Exit Facebook @TheGracefulExit Pinterest @TheGracefulExitOfficial
July 05, 2021
Shanda's Story
In this episode, Founder and Host, Kimberlee Hoertz, sits down with The Graceful Exit's Director of Communications, Shanda Bunker, to talk about her divorce journey.    Without anyone to go through the journey with her and not knowing of anyone who had been through a divorce, Shanda found her divorce journey very tough. Through a lot of trial and error, Shanda came out of the other side of divorce with tons of support from her friends and family. Although her divorce process wasn't as smooth as it could have been, she fought hard and practiced gratitude often for the sake of herself and her children.    Show Highlights Shanda's divorce journey including role models and past relationships (1:12) How worrying about her kids became the most difficult part of the divorce process (6:17) Finding love again and getting remarried (9:38) How adversity can be beautiful (11:51) Gaining the tools necessary to navigate the divorce journey (12:57) Defining grace and leading with grace (16:05) Using gratitude to find hope for a better tomorrow (20:53) Having more relevant conversations often (23:22) Vulnerability, transparency, and having it all together (25:52) Shanda's journey to The Graceful Exit (26:38) How community and connections can help strengthen us (29:50) Join Our Community  Instagram @The.Graceful.Exit Facebook @TheGracefulExit Pinterest @TheGracefulExitOfficial
June 28, 2021
Kim's Story
In this episode, Founder, Kimberlee Hoertz, sits down to share the powerful journey that she went through when she got divorced a few years ago. After being diagnosed with PTSD, intense counseling, over $200,000 in lawyers’ fees and many hours defending herself in court, Kim has decided to persevere and remain as strong as possible for herself and her 4 children.   Show Highlights  What sparked Kim's divorce and more about her divorce experience (00:32) What inspired Kim to create The Graceful Exit (04:19)  The hardest part of the divorce process (05:55)  Where to find support during divorce (08:59)  The most joyful experience during this entire process (10:43) Advice given to Kim's past self  (11:33)  What grace means to Kim (12:48)  Tangible pieces of advice that are available during the divorce process (14:21) Join Our Community: Instagram @The.Graceful.Exit Facebook @TheGracefulExit Pinterest @TheGracefulExitOfficial
June 22, 2021
All About The Graceful Exit
Social Media Manager, Ivy Magruder, sits down with Founder, Kimberlee Hoertz, to talk all about The Graceful Exit.  After going through her own divorce, Founder Kimberlee Hoertz was determined to create a free resource for women to help them navigate divorce. Created with these women in mind, The Graceful Exit includes trusted professionals in each region of Southern California, with the goal to go national, that can help women on their own divorce journey. It also includes additional resources needed to be as graceful as possible during the divorce process.  Today's episode includes topics such as: What is The Graceful Exit? Who is The Graceful Exit for? What is a Trusted Professional? What resources are included at The Graceful Exit? For more information about The Graceful Exit and episode links, visit our website Join Our Community: Instagram @The.Graceful.Exit Facebook @TheGracefulExit Pinterest @TheGracefulExitOfficial
June 16, 2021
Introducing The Graceful Exit Podcast
Built on compassion, integrity, transparency and empowerment, The Graceful Exit is a safe space for women to have a voice. With a divorce rate of 72% in Orange County, California alone, we felt that something needed to be done to help our society be more accepting of the idea of divorce. Founder and host Kimberlee Hoertz does so by inviting both women and trusted professionals to share their story and help normalize this conversation around divorce. The Graceful Exit Podcast: Launching June 15th, 2021. Visit our website Join Our Community: Instagram @The.Graceful.Exit Facebook @TheGracefulExit Pinterest @TheGracefulExitOfficial
June 12, 2021