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The Grind Club Podcast

The Grind Club Podcast

By Muyiwa Lagos
The Grind Club podcast is for young Entrepreneurs & Corporate executives. We dissect the problems young people face today in business & career and discuss creative ways to solve it and help them grow. The Grind Club Podcast is hosted by Muyiwa Lagos, an experienced Marketing Communications & Business Growth consultant. He is Founder of the Grind Club Community for ambitious & smart young business owners & corporate executives from all around the world. Join The Grind Club at 👉 https// or Contact the host 👉
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5 benefits of joining a tribe / online community

The Grind Club Podcast

Episode 21: Here’s why you procrastinate & what to about it
In this episode, Muyiwa Lagos talks about why people procrastinate, the consequence of procrastination & how to stop procrastinating. Listen, Subscribe & share. Join our newsletter ==> follow @muyiwalagos
October 12, 2020
Episode 20: How to go from 9-5 to full time Instagram Boss with Odunayo Adams Oyebolu
On this episode of theGrind Club podcast, host Muyiwa Lagos speaks with Odunayo Adams Oyebolu, a Nigerian female entrepreneur & mum of 2 kids who has successfully transitioned from a 9-5 worker into a full time Instagram boss. Odunayo, who runs the Instagram store @everythingfashionitem with close to 75,000 followers reveals all she knows about building a profitable business on Instagram. She shared the hidden secrets about Instagram plus the exact steps she used to grow from a mere 90 followers to almost 75,000 in a short period and how she turned these followers into  loyal buyers and great customers. Odunayo who calls herself Madam Everything Fashion Item shared great advice to 9-5 employees who currently have side hustles with dreams to soon turn their side hustle into a full time business. We also cover brand building and positioning in a crowded market and what business she thinks is hot right now that anyone can go into.  This has to be one of the most insightful episodes of theGrind Club podcast and is a must listen for present & current internet entrepreneurs. If you enjoyed listening to this episode, you should sign up to the grind club to receive great advice on Entrepreneurship, Brand Building & Business Growth. Also subscribe to this podcast, share and give us a great review. Signup here ==> Follow The Grind Club: on Twitter & Instagram Follow Odunayo Oyebolu Adams on Instagram @everythingfashionitem ============= Follow @MuyiwaLagos on Twitter & Instagram
September 13, 2020
5 benefits of joining a tribe / online community
In this episode Muyiwa Lagos highlights five benefit of joining an online community. Some of the benefit include:  1. No geographical restrictions  2. Making useful connections.  3. Validation of idea  4. Opportunities for collaboration  5. More learning opportunities.  Kindly subscribe to the Grind club podcast & leave us a review.  Follow The Grind Club:  Twitter @thegrindclub   Instagram @thegrindclub_  visit our website at Connect with the host: 
August 16, 2020
The problem with e-commerce in Africa
In this episode, Muyiwa Lagos analyzes the problem of e-commerce in Africa using Nigeria as a reference point. He fingers Jumia and Konga as the reason why e-commerce is performing below expectation and suggest action plans for all e-commerce players in Africa (the vendors, the buyers and the platforms) can take e-commerce on the continent to its expected place of glory.  Follow theGrind Club on Twitter:  On Instagram  On our website at  contact the host via
August 2, 2020
Why you should start that dream today
Why you should start that dream today. Muyiwa Lagos talks about the reason why most people delay to start projects & why it is of great benefit to start today.
July 19, 2020
How to find your voice as a new Entrepreneur, Coach or Digital Creator
In this episode, targeted at new Coaches & Digital Entrepreneurs, Muyiwa Lagos stresses the importance of storytelling in order to attract your tribe or ideal audience. He also gives tips on how to find your voice if you’re just starting, how to build expertise and how to calm your anxieties. Subscribe & share this podcast if you found it interesting. Join The Grind Club. Website: Twitter: @TheGrindClub Instagram: @thegrindclub_
July 12, 2020
Getting personal with Adaeze Eche: On Writing & the challenges of young African writers and more...
Adaeze Eche, a young writer talks to us on her journey to becoming a published writer, her body care business & more. Follow Ada here 👉 Follow us @TheGrindClub and visit our website at
May 15, 2020
Covid 19: Surviving during the Corona Virus Pandemic and Positioning for opportunities of the future
On this episode, we share simple and practical actions to take in order to survive Covid-19 and the Corona Virus Pandemic. We also share how to prepare and position yourself for success in the remote jobs and opportunities of the future. The host talks about a wide range of topics from self care, taking care of your mental health and the Key industries and areas where remote jobs will be in great demand. If you found any area interesting and would like to further explore and unlock the opportunities in that area, please reach out to the host via email on you can also check his website at and follow him on Twitter @delurge1. This episode is brought to you by The Grind Club a Millennial focused Business, Culture & Trends newsletter. Follow @TheGrindClub on Twitter & on Instagram. Visit their website at to join.
May 3, 2020
Vlogging: The new way to build a personal brand. How to start a YouTube channel the easy way.
In this episode, I talk about how to build a personal brand via vlogging through YouTube. I list the new way to build an audience for free using the power of YouTube. Got any questions? Contact me via and follow me on Twitter @Delurge and on Instagram @Delurge1
March 6, 2020
3 Scary things about entrepreneurship that no one tells you
In this episode of the Naija Biz Review, our host and founder talks about 3 scary things about entrepreneurship no one talks about and how to mitigate the negative effects of being an entrepreneur. The theme of this episode focuses on work life balance while the topics he discusses on are: 1. Managing your time better as an entrepreneur 2. Dealing with loneliness as an entrepreneur. 3. Managing anxiety as an entrepreneur
January 12, 2020
3 ways to start a business without money
In this episode, I outline 3 ways entrepreneurs can start a business without capital in the form of money. If you enjoyed the podcast, please share and subscribe. Connect with me on
October 17, 2019
Episode 10: 7 most powerful people in Nigerian music
Nigerian music and Afrobeats is going global. In this episode, we profile the 7 most powerful people. The guys who are not musicians but who work behind the scenes to ensure the artists strikes a deal with the right executive at the right label and the music reaches a global audience.
August 31, 2019
Episode 9: The Effects of Sedentary Lifestyle on the body - a conversation with Coach Panda
On this episode of Naija Biz Review Podcast, my guest is fitness trainer Yemi Fatima aka Coach Panda and we discuss the effect of a sedentary Lifestyle on the body. The podcast is unedited so you get to see firsthand how people struggle with poor internet connection. I’m keeping it real on Naija Biz review. Follow me on Twitter @Delurge and send me an email for feedback and other inquiries.
July 11, 2019
Episode 8: 5 Nigerian Entrepreneurs to follow on Social Media.
Featuring Victor Asemota, Muyiwa Folorunsho, Glory Osei, Nelly Agbogu (Naija Brandchick) and Subomi Plumptre. Naija Biz Review is hosted by Olumuyiwa George. Follow me on Twitter @Delurge
June 11, 2019
Episode 7: How to build a successful brand in Nigeria
We talk about what makes a brand successful and the elements that give a positive brand impression in the Nigerian market. Whether you’re an Entrepreneur, a small business or a large company in Nigeria, there’s something to be learnt in this episode. We’re also available for training in brand management for both organizations and small businesses in Nigeria. Visit us at or to reach us. Kindly subscribe to Naija Biz review and share.
June 2, 2019
Episode 6: Entrepreneurship & Starting a Digital Business with little capital featuring Diamond Okoh
On Episode 6 of Naija Biz review podcast, our guest is Diamond Okoh and we discuss various topics including Entrepreneurship, Starting a Digital Business and Growing it using social media and a lot more. Listen, subscribe and share the Naija Biz Review Podcast. Follow me on Instagram @DelurgeConsulting
May 19, 2019
Episode 5: How to survive as a fresh and young graduate without a job
Today’s episode on Naija Biz Review talks about what you can do as a fresh graduate to either get a job or make money from your unique skill set. Subscribe and share. Find more episode on http://Delurge
May 5, 2019
Episode 4: How to gain experience before starting a business feat. Ebuka Nwabueze
In episode 4 of Naija Biz review podcast, my guest is Ebuka Nwabueze, an entrepreneur I respect. We look at how newbies can gain business experience before starting their own business. Topics we talked about include: Identifying industry leaders, volunteering and interning with them. You can find all episode of Naija biz review podcast on don’t forget to subscribe and share.
April 22, 2019
Episode 3: Business Partnerships; All you need to know plus a funny personal story
This episode talks about how not to go into a business partnership and the right way to go into a business partnership.  Join theGrind Club Follow The Grind Club On Twitter: Follow The Grind Club on Instagram: Subscribe to The Grind Club on Youtube:
April 14, 2019
Episode 2: 5 online resources I consume to keep me in perspective
I share with you some of my favourite online platforms as a millennial entrepreneur and business man. Enjoy, subscribe, share and connect with us on Social Media.
April 6, 2019
Naija Biz Review: Episode 1 - Introduction
Welcome to Naija Biz review: Episode 1 the intro: This is the first episode of our weekly podcast on Sales, Business, Marketing, Startups & Entrepreneurship in Nigeria.
August 13, 2018