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Positive Disturbance - A podcast by The Humblebrag

Positive Disturbance - A podcast by The Humblebrag

By The Humblebrag
The Humblebrag is an impact-driven thought leadership agency with a commitment to business as a force for good. Dedicated to amplifying the voices of changemakers, game-changers and creative innovators, this podcast features bold and brave leaders driving forward social, cultural and environmental change!
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Kate Nelson: Mermaid Activism, Feminine Power & Plastic-free Living
Kate Nelson, aka Plastic Free Mermaid, has grown her influence to more than 100,000 followers - giving her serious weight and authority when it comes to shifting consumer behaviour and challenging brands to reject plastic manufacturing in their supply chains. In this conversation, Kate talks about playful activism, environmental science, feminine power, and her mission to eliminate plastic from our oceans, and our world.
October 6, 2020
Kafui Awoonor: Decolonizing The Wellness Industry
Kafui Awoonor, founder of Kafui Naturals and Holding Space, is on a mission to decolonize the wellness industry. In this conversation, she reflects on her journey of stepping into her power and finding her voice, she reflects on cultural appropriation and the commodification of “wellness”, and tell us how she’s working to “reclaim” her practice by connecting to indigenous wisdom and knowledge.
August 12, 2020
Danny Tawiah: Courageous Conversations & Speaking Truth to Power
We speak to former Vice President of Brand and Innovation at Nike about his mission to reimagine corporate America as a safe and inclusive place for all, raising his voice to fight systemic racism, personal and brand bravery, the need for courageous conversations, and the fight for truth in 2020.
July 15, 2020
Karla Morales-Lee: Vulnerable Leadership, Warrior Women & Social Impact
What kind of leadership qualities can help you accelerate your social impact, and what is the power of community in helping change-makers to thrive - not just survive!? Karla Morales-Lee, Founder of The Warrior Women Network, shares her lessons on building an impact-driven community, and the power of being an 'imperfect' - and very human - leader.
June 29, 2020
Jason Fulton - The Future of Insight in Political Times
With two global pandemics disproportionately affecting people of colour, what does the future look like for a black business owner and father?  And what does a future look like for informing a brand's intuition, when people's beliefs are reshaping themselves at such speed?  A conversation with the legendary Jason Fulton, founder of This Memento, covering everything from Black Lives Matter - to how brands can react in these political times - to fatherhood – to working with Rihanna.
June 21, 2020
Harald Friedl: The promise of the circular economy to build back better
Harald Friedl shares with us his hopes to "build back, better" in a post COVID-19 world and his personal lessons as a sustainability leader at the forefront of this movement. With Kate Raworth's doughnut economics hitting the mainstream, we learn more about what - as citizens here in Amsterdam - we can expect to see when this theory is applied, and if the circular economic holds the promise to a better future.
May 28, 2020
Rixt Herklots: Female entrepreneurship in the time of COVI-19.
One crisis must not lead to another, and female empowerment is key to societal progress. So, how are women-led businesses being affected in the time of COVID-19, what support exists, and how can we all play a part in ensuring a diverse and equal future for all. Rixt Herklots from The Next Women entrepreneur network fills us in.
May 4, 2020
Mark Aink: Systems-change and what it means for business?
At climate marches, at conferences, in government buildings, and in our living rooms, we are hearing a demand for system change. This sounds important and critical to our times. However, system change is … what? Speaking with Brand Activist Mark Aink we unpacked the concept and explored what this means for the world of business.
April 30, 2020